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#not this year either...
bubmyg · an hour ago
i think if u compile every yoongi centric bangtan bomb in eight years there’s maybe thirty seconds of him actually speaking in them
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spiderweb-bf · 3 hours ago
i know I'm gonna hate myself in a few months for saying this but... i miss school 😭😭😭 i need structure!!! I'm wasting my life just listening to podcasts and playing mobile games because, for some reason, without something to do consistently every day I have no energy to start doing other things
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brennanyx · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
#when is it my turn to be happy. i'm starting to hate you and i hate that. just fucking be honest with me and tell me you don't want to talk#to me and you don't care anymore and you don't want to be friends. instead i keep getting my hopes up and pray that you'll respond or#interact with me at all. even a stupid like. it never happens. and it just feels worse and worse to watch everyone else receive love. i just#what did i do to lose it. i can feel your hatred for me through your posts and your texts and i get scared to like anything or send in asks#or be me because i don't want to be reminded that you got bored at around a year of us being friends. i expected it but it never hurts less#and i hate being so full of hate and anger and hurt. i don't fucking care if you want to stop being my friend just tell me point blank and g#ive me a reason so i don't spend my day wondering what i did again. and i thought you were different. i thought i was finally going to be#enough and that i would finally have a friendship that would lost longer than a year and i finally thought someone wouldn't get bored of me#and i. i thought i could be happy. i know it's not true but god i fucking wish.#i thought i would have someone who would put in equal effort and care about any little thing i have to say and come up with excuses to talk#to me the same way i did for them because they loved me just as much but i'm putting in all the effort again i pour in my soul and i express#all of my hurt and insecurities and past as best as i can to be honest but not blaming and now i get one word replies and excuses i just#fuck. just tell me you hate me so i can mourn you forever and move on. because i know i won't heal. i never do. i was so convinced#i really believed you. i believed that you cared and loved me but i guess i'm just naive#and too trusting and dumb#i really should be more jaded now#and i guess i will be. what else can i do. i'm never enough and when i try to be vulnerable and open and honest and when i try to mask and#regulate and be normal and try to match their energy and form myself into the person they'd want it doesn't work them either#so the natural me isn't enough and the me that should work for everyone isn't enough either. i can't win. i'm just destined to be alone#the pity friend who you tolerate for a year and then just move on because it won't hurt as much as it does for me because you never cared#and i can't even tell you this because i'm scared of you. happy almost birthday to me. you're going to be alone and friendless and the only#people who will care or do anything will be your family and your mother is emotionally abusive. so. happy almost 17th to be#a reminder that i'll never be enough.
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unopenablebox · 5 hours ago
giving up completely on using a set of name/pronoun/relationship identifiers that will be coherent to work friends
like, i said im gay, you’ve heard one person they/them me once and i exclusively refer to myself as male rhetorically, and i both use he/him for my partner and describe them as “my girlfriend”, figure it out and then don’t tell me what you think you’ve decoded
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emerald-amidst-gold · 5 hours ago
I am once again asking for more Fane x Solas fluff <3
71. Waking up and just laying in bed, admiring how calm and cute they look when they're sleeping in your arms.
AH! AHHH! Friend, you have chosen my bread and butter! My ultimate, favorite thing to write Fane and Solas because it's so tender and cute to my soul! Fluff for you! Fluff for ALL! *dances while throwing around flowers*
Fane was a dominating force. Immovable as a wall upon the field of battle, inherent madness and Veil-born rage mixing to create an indomitable force as it crashed and sliced with spectral claw and stagnant blade alike. Cool and collected when faced with the chessboard of war, commands concise and pragmatism deemed heretical and callous to some. Emerald and gold orbs baring down upon the enemies of an organization he had never wished to be apart of, but found himself leading, ancient ideology and phantasmal gavel knocking against the familiar stone, echoing to the Fade and back with the verdict of, 'Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.'. The dragon was feared by many, even as they knew not of his true identity, but Solas knew the truth. A truth so interwoven with complexity that it was misunderstood.
And that was that Fane, deep down inside, in blessed hours of solitude, was no more than a person who desired to be cherished, to be cared for, and that was what Solas saw now, as he lay on his side, just...watching a normally hard, scowling, but most of all, ethereal face born of love and devotion find respite amid a tumultuous storm, lips lax and brows unfurrowed.
"It is rare that I wake up before you, my dragon..", Solas whispered to the morning air, keeping his tone hushed enough so as not to wake a sleeping dragon. It was far earlier than normal for him, the sun just slightly peeking up over the lofty mountains of the Frostbacks, but he found, for once, he didn't mind being vaulted from his dreams and the Fade if he got to see this view.
Fane's face was calm, peaceful, ivory, but inked visage free of a sneer. Snowy hair was mussed more so than usual, making Solas reach up tentatively to try and tame an errant, short lock, but only let out a quiet chuckle refused to yield. Every aspect of his heart was tenacious it would seem.
"I wonder..", Solas murmured, shifting a bit to lay on his stomach, propping himself up with an elbow and resting his chin in his hand to peer down with quiet serenity at his slumbering heart. "..was it your love, you desire for me that shaped you, or was it your spirit? One so tenacious and bright as to bend the laws of magic and life?", he asked the air, shivering lightly from where the furs fell from his bare shoulders, but it only had him feeling warm as it reminded him of the snowy creature below.
A regal, sharp pointed nose twitch a bit, a quiet sniffle following it as a minor irritation invaded it, but it soon passed to allow a weary visage to find shelter once more, smooth and calm. Solas smiled tenderly, unable to resist the desire of lightly stroking the backs of his fingers against that very face he so adored, so cherished.
"Mm..", Fane hummed out gruffly, but showed no signs of actually rousing. Solas chuckled at that, taking his hand away to delicately trace along faded green ink, a pinch in his heart nearly ruining the blessed atmosphere of this chilly, dewy morning.
"You should never have known the weight of these shackles, my heart.", Solas whispered, voice tinged with soft sorrow as he continued to trace the vallaslin of Sylaise, the bearer having chosen them to hide his face, to hide his pain. "If I had only done things differently, then perhaps..", he trailed off with a sigh, stopping his path of painful memories harnessed in ink and snow. There was no use mourning what he could not change. His dragon was here, alive, and that was what mattered.
Even as the rest of the bore but a fraction of that life to him, to them.
A sudden warm grip against one of his forearms had Solas startling a bit, blinking as he tore from his typical musings to see two glittering, but still slightly hazy emerald pools gazing up at him, the gold that was normally prevalent like ebbing fireflies masked from sleep and quiet emotions.
Solas smiled a bit, sour mood slowly ebbing away like the sleep in draconic eyes. "Good morning, ma'isenatha.", he murmured in greeting, humming fondly as a lightly calloused thumb stroked his forearm. "Sleep well?"
Fane nuzzled into the pillow a bit, a semblance of a nod. "Sorta..", he muttered out, voice deeper than usual and rough, pleasantly, pleasantly rough. Solas began to card through snowy, short locks, worrying a tip between his fingers and smiling fondly as a content sigh slipped from pale lips.
"Every victory counts, vhenan.", he assured, leaning down to press a light kiss to a lax temple, holding the side of Fane's head reverently and using a minor, minor bit of magic to soothe a headache he knew was always there first thing in the morning. "Even if that victory is small; it is worthwhile."
It hurt sometimes that he could not do more for Fane's night terrors and trauma born memories, but the ward on his mind was potent and even Dreamer abilities made it oddly difficult to pierce that particular veil. Even so, they would find a way to dispel it and he would give his dragon the freedom that he deserved.
"Mm..", Fane hummed out again, slowly starting to doze off again as his deep breathing began to slow once more, broad, scarred shoulders rising and falling with the action. Solas chuckled, but allowed the man before him to sleep. It was still early after all. They did not have to be up for a few hours yet.
"Go back to sleep, ma lath.", Solas encouraged with a tender whisper, slowly guiding himself back down and resituating the covers over both him and Fane, the latter letting out a lazy, but grateful grunt. He made sure they were perfectly nestled before shifting closer to the beacon of heat, chuckling as a muscled arm instinctively wound around him, shutting his eyes to greet the call of sleep with willing consent. "I am not going anywhere without you. I promise.", he murmured as he laid a soft kiss against relaxed lips, smiling a bit as the gesture was lightly reciprocated before burrowing into a warm neck.
That was his vow; to never abandon the one that had broken barriers, real and imaginable, to reach him, to connect, to support him again. The path would be long, they could die, but not without seeing each other's face one last time as painful and as bitterly sweet it could be for they would both be lax, calm, and accepting as neither one found themselves alone at blackness' siren call.
Fluff and angst! *froths at the mouth* I AM SLAVE TO IT.
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so-you-melted-22 · 10 hours ago
i might just teach myself how to sew, just so i can sew my own damn star trek uniform!
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alexanderiiiofmacedon · 12 hours ago
oh my god you have no idea how happy that i am that i’ve gotten a hold of frantz fanon’s “black skin, white masks.” now if someone could help me out with a pdf of edward said’s “orientalism” that would be really great 🥺😭
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aimeelouart · 12 hours ago
Are there any other places of fanfiction I can find a purring Cloud? Because I’m hooked, this is the most fun fan thing I’ve seen and it’s super adorable.
You know, I don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere else. I do take requests, though!
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ifthejemfitz · 13 hours ago
Reasons why you should stan North:
First point she’s hot asf. Those doey brown eyes, all that red hair down to her bum. That first mission when they go to the warehouse in the pouring rain - No thoughts, head empty. Just tiddies
She’s infinitely selfless. Countless times we see she’s willing to give her life for Markus and the cause. Being willing to give your life, something you’ve fought for, for a cause bigger than yourself and for others knowing that you won’t be around to enjoy the very rights you’re fighting for, but it means that others will is imo completely admirable
She’s actually a strong and caring leader. Someone who’s willing to pick up the mantel and continue the cause whilst others may prefer to hide away. Yes, she leads a revolution and yes, she can never be victorious in her crusade. But she refuses to back down, and refuses to let her people be the target of an out and out genocide
She’s compassionate. She certainly makes brash recommendations but imo they always come from a place of protection and self-defence. We see with Connor that she never once holds his past against him, besides in jest, even if he’s potentially hunted down other deviants at that point. In fact she withholds judgement on any deviants’ past, because I’m sure that she’d hate for own to held against her
Controversial point (though it shouldn’t be) but her anger is justified. She’s been systematically abused in one of the most violent and horrendous ways for a prolonged period of time with no access to therapy. I’m not trying to justify her approach but I really don’t see any other way a person who has only witnessed violence, only been able to escape using violence and then seeing other deviants in hiding also been victims of violence how she wouldn’t respond using that exact same force. She’s a fighter plain and simple, and victims have no obligation to be tolerable of their oppressors or be the “perfect victim” and respond to their personal trauma in ways that are palatable to others
That being said I’m so glad that certain scenes show that she can be vulnerable. Sometimes bad bitches are also soft bitches and regardless of how you feel on shipping I’m glad that we see a side of her that can emotionally open up to others, talk about her trauma openly, openly sob on multiple occasions and clearly demonstrate the ability to love/receive love/be emotionally intimate (side point which could be its own post but I am so grateful we don’t ever see flashbacks to said abuse. Far too many pieces of media have opted for “realism” by showing unnecessary sexual violence and personally I don’t need to see it graphically displayed in order to believe her. Also props for not making it an “empowering feminist moment!!!” either. Abuse is not something women need to undergo to make them “stronger” and it’s abundantly obvious she’s furious about it and struggling with what is essentially ptsd)
She has a super unique role in the story. When Kara is killed and Connor permanently decommissioned that’s it for their stories. However, even if Markus is still alive but is removed as leader the narrative chooses to follow her. Yes, it’s more to do with the revolution by that point but it’s still surprising that she essentially fills in his role in his absence, even persuading Connor to deviate. And the fact they only made slight changes to the dialogue (conscious changes rather than completely rewriting or having them say the exact same lines) that her and Markus share in those scenes only proves how similar they are in that role. I’m just bummed she can’t be victorious (even with Connor on their side) because the success of a revolution should not be built entirely on the role of one person but alas.
Lastly she’s a bad bish, she takes no shit, she serves cunt, she kills her own r*pist and riot police, she’s bi because she can never sit properly and I say so, she leads a whole revolution with painted nails, her 5ft 3 ass literally hauls Markus out of danger multiple times and personally I’d let her break my face
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perkynurples · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
before and after of me splitting my hive for the first time, and installing a new fancy floor to boot. the bees were so polite, so patient while I messed with them 😭
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louislyrics · 16 hours ago
@ rant anon
#so basically… i’m going to respond to one part more so than the others simply bc you brought it up and it bothers me#everyone acts like louis is some badass who is going to overthrow the industry singlehandedly and i just… don’t see why?#because where i’m sitting he continues being fucked over and continues getting the shit end of the stick#like maybe he’s negotiated for some things i.e not having to be present for bg but like……… when literally every single other person involved#in that mess continues dragging him into it (including his family and i don’t believe they think they’re helping him when it always comes at#a time that seems to best serve them —lottie is launching new projects or the twins have been called out for shitty behavior)#but like once promo time comes around he’s still going to be asked the same line of questioning that doesn’t involve his career at all??#i guess i could Wait and See what happens with his new deal he signed but as someone who has been around for years and years and has waited#and seen through every deal he’s made and signed like…. it continues to suck?#as for everything else you said i’ve spoken on this before and much of this fandom thinks they’re one dimensional characters instead of#multifaceted human beings… and they’ve chosen the characters they want them to be and if you don’t agree with them they WILL bully you and#call you names and get their followers to do so as well and everyone else either agrees or doesn’t want to get bullied next so they don’t#say anything at all. so i agree with you but also i’m tired of talking abt it when it’s done nothing but bring me grief lol#feel free to rant any time tho bc i agree with what you’re saying
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so1987 · 16 hours ago
i wish it was normalized to repeat a grade of school without the stigma of stupidity, delinquency, or failure. many people don’t learn the concepts that build on each other at an early age and might appreciate it more if they were allowed to learn later. many teens and adults i know have low levels of usable literacy compared to what they can actually learn.
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