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#not tbz
youngjae-z · a day ago
onlyoneof capitalizes all of the Os in their song titles so its libidO
oh okay, now i know thank you!! libidO was the first video and/or song I've heard and seen by them but i should look more into them i think
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haknew · a day ago
YES WE'LL BE HAKNYEON HYPE SQUAD 😤 also pLEASE his Kingdom outfit I- 😭 I haven't even watched Kingdom yet or participated too much because all the stuff on competition & voting stresses me out (does that make me a bad deobi/multi?) but I saw that & I WAS YELLIN... ok also seeing that other anon's origin story was so cute & it really makes me look back on mine & just be like 👁👄👁 anyway FDGSCDSBH this ask was a whole mess can I blame being sick 😂- much love from 🦝
aww it doesn’t make you a bad anything T^T ! i think i have also thought about it that way too but at the end of the day being a fan of someone shouldn’t stress you out or affect you negatively and if it does it’s okay to step back ! at least that’s what i’ve been telling myself ! (i haven’t been keeping up either bc it makes me nervous ahhh) tho i will 309% agree, someone sent me that pic and i lost it LOL he’snotwearingashirthahahahahahaha  it’s not a mess no worries T_T i hope you feel better soon ! and yea anon’s story really was cute :,)) i’m sure yours is too pleeease u.u it’s been making me think of mine too tbh :,)) time isn’t real looool
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haknew · a day ago
Yayyy OP seemed to awkward I’m glad you agree with that at least a little 😄
YES our boy is a whole sweetheart AND A COMEDIAN & yet people still sleep on him I swear -🦝
yea it is a little :o ! i just try to avoid it most times bc it feels a little impersonal 😅 but idk what moots / ccs are comfy with ! i always try to say smth nice tho think a lot of ccs read tags haha
not to perpetuate the “best boy” mantra but haknyeonnie really is best boy 🤧💖 waiting for all the new derbys to stan him 😤💗 all we can do is keep hyping him and hope for the best for all of tbz ^^ ✨
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haknew · a day ago
zbdkdkssb hi it’s kub anon! it’s been over a month lol i’m so sorry for going mia... there’s been a lot going on in my personal life, so i’m finally back!
i didn’t realize how many song recs you got, so i’m so sorry if you were overwhelmed. but i’m so glad you liked the songs i recommended! i love recommending people songs and especially making playlists for people ;; it’s my favorite thing 🥺
anyways, i hope you’ve been well 💕💕
- kub anon
aww you’re all good i think i get it ;-;/ you can take all the time that you need ! just hope you’ve been taking care of yourself ! ^^ i cycle through periods of inactivity and too much activity depending on my mood so u.u you’re valid ! i hope everything’s been going okay T-T ✨
and that’s so cute of you please 😭✨ i’ve recently been trying to make more mood specific playlists but i’m so used to just playing certain albums on repeat haha :,) i appreciated all the recs ! truly 🤧✨ it’s really really cute of you i think music speaks a lot for us when you can’t find the right words so making playlists or recommending songs is a little like sharing a piece of yourself with others (omg i’m so cheesy) so i appreciated it a lot actually ☺️💗
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haknew · a day ago
i just wanted to share my nonsense with you after seeing that cobie set and reading your tags ğŸ¥ºğŸ’ž im mostly leaning towards hakcob bias but changmin & sunwoo make the cut at times although i love all of them a whole whole lot 💖 anyways ! i remember my sis was watching this compilation of tbz english line speaking in of course, english and it was back when they were still kinda new so i think around giddy up/right here era and i was trying to study but this one dude’s voice kept popping up like ever few seconds and i was so annoyed that the video wouldn’t end anytime soon so i went: ‘who’s this chatterbox omg please lower the volume or watch it later’ (keep in mind i was like super exasperated at the time too lol) and then she was like: ‘cHATTERBOX? HOW DARE YOU bae jacob is more than just a chatterbox, and btw that’s one of his endearing traits’ etc 😭 and then after a few days i found out about their music and when i watched a guide vid i was so surprised because cmon, ‘oh, it’s the chatterbox dude !’ and then i saw hak and ‘oh ! it’s that cute and talented fake-evil trainee from pd101’ (also by mean i mean according to msnake mean, on the contrary i quite liked haknyeon but never knew what happened to him after the show 😅) and voilà ! that’s when i stanned tbz 💘 sorry to bother you i just felt like telling you that hehe hope you’re doing good !
noooooo don’t be sorry it’s not nonsense, i absolutely love stan / biasing origin stories 😭😭😭 it’s so cute to me thank you for sharing 🥺💖✨ yea jacob has always been most comfy in english so he tends to talk a lot with kevin 🤧✨ reminds me of when he said that whenever he’s bored he goes looking for kevin to bother him 🤣 it really is one of his endearing qualities :,)) and the members have said he’s been opening up a lot more and i think that’s endearing ☺️💗 and yeaaaa i hate mnet with my whole being T-T but especially for that ;-; i could go on a whole rant about that specific case of evil editing but then we’d be here all day 💔 but hakcob your impeccable taste is showing anon 🥺💖 and sunkyu too the babies 🤧💖 thank you again for sharing lovely ! you made me smile omg :,)) i hope you’re doing well too !
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haknew · 2 days ago
OMG YOU MADE ME A GIFSET TIME TO CRY 😭you're the best Jess (if we're on a first name basis lol) & of course I always welcome Sangyeon too 😄 also unrelated to you being sweet n wonderful bUT those respect your cheese gifs that makes me laugh every time lol -🦝
oh yea go ahead :p ! i’d actually prefer jess to “op” LOL (i use op ironically usually with frens :D) idk i’m just a humble derby you can call me by name haha ^v^ 
and ! of course :,))) ! i’m glad you like it i didn’t even know they did a vlive together ;-; made me really happie to get to see a little bit of it ! AND YEAAA haknyeon is hilarious i think his humor is also not talked enough about JDFSDKJ i love him LMAO he’s a funny guy u.u 
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haknew · 3 days ago
could you gif Eric in the breaking dawn jacket shoot? i know he doesn't have a lot of screen time but he looked sooo good :(
I AGREEEEE ANON and of course ^^ ! ask and you shall receive heh  here !   hope you like it :)) !
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haknew · 3 days ago
Ok cool! Last one for today, I won't overdo it but it's really cool to see a tbz blog supporting Haknyeon so I just wanted to say thanks because I love him & think he needs much more content 🥺 -🦝
hdskjfkddjd you’ll make me cry anon please T-T i will lit rally go make you at least one set of him in a little bit 😭😭😭 i’ve been kind of on a semi-hiatus for personal reasons + school so i feel really guilty for not having made stuff for him in a bit but ;-; hearing you say this really warms my heart ! tysm 🥺💖✨ !
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haknew · 3 days ago
It was kinda funny 😄
Yay 🥳😊 can I be 🦝 then?
it was i appreciate the clarification 🤣 and of course ! ☺️✨
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haknew · 3 days ago
Not @ that last person somehow thinking you don’t know Kevin 😭💀
Also, do you do emoji anon on this blog or no?
HDKFJDJDKSND i mean 😭 anyway it was a funny ask it made me laugh i appreciate the effort :3
and yes of course ! 🥺✨ welcome welcome haha ^~^
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haknew · 3 days ago
the bilingual kid is kevin
i’m literally kevin biased ...
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haknew · 7 days ago
Hey, I take your uquizes and they are cool. You do a great job btw!
~~~~~ yours truly Pizza 😋~~~
oh thenks thenks ! 🥺✨ that was my first uquiz actually ... and probably my last 😅 but i was really happy knowing people found it entertaining! that was the whole point so ^^
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haknew · 10 days ago
hey jess someone in the uquiz asked about what songs you're currently unhealthily obsessed with <3 you should link them here u.u
wow thanks person who asked me in the uquiz and jess for bringing this to my attention here they are: 
the “ 1am and you can't sleep, you're caught up in your own thoughts of a different time, and if you can only get through this dreamy night, maybe it'll all be okay” song is dreamy night by lilypichu
 “there's flashing lights, loud music you don't like, and this party where you don't know anyone, you know you don't quite belong” is don’t quite belong by dodie clark
 “wandering in flashing lights, you can barely walk straight, the world spinning how long has it been, as you try to run after the one you love, trying to catch them” IS TBH how long ... BUT !!! specifically jeon woong’s cover of it okay don’t laugh at me 
“a butterfly flies across a meadow, soft grass tickling your bare feet as you sit, sunshine welcoming you, a breeze whispering ‘i really love you"’ is jacob’s cover of ifly 
“the clock ticks time away, each sound echoes in the emptiness, you sit alone at a table glancing at the empty place across from you, wondering what kind of future could have been” is what kind of future by woozi
 “you have fallen down the rabbit hole, trapped in an alice in wonderland type tea party when you spot someone familiar across the room, trying to get away...” is get away ... by ... verivery ....
“a warm cup of coffee and a fading smile, the bittersweet taste of not just the drink, but also knowing this is the last cup of coffee you'll ever share with them” is last cup of coffee also by lilypichu ! but it’s unreleased so i listen to the longer cover version by natsumiii and valkyrae ! 
“imagine a sad emo jazz bar, you're drunk and alone and all you want is for someone to take you home” is take me home by ateez !
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haknew · 11 days ago
Interview Tag!! ♡
tagged by: @moonshineboyz (tysm for the tag !) rules: answer the questions and tag blogs you'd like to know better
name/nickname: jess (it’s not my full name but it’s what everyone refers to me as !)
star sign: aquarius 
height: 5'4 (i think 165 cm ?)
time: rn it’s 12:43am (pst) 
birthday: it’s a bit before kev’s bday 
nationality: american 
fav bands/groups: i like a lot of music groups but for kpop my favs are seventeen and the boyz ^^ (i follow / listen to many groups tho !)
fav solo artists: many here too but i’d say chungha for kpop fav ! 
song stuck in your head: ... g- you know what i’m not even going to say which song 
last movie you watched: literally don’t have time for movies anymore T-T so i don’t remember ... 
last show you binged: bridgerton ? probably, haven’t been watching shows either ;-;
when you created your blog: for this blog it’s been since march 2020 
last thing you googled: it was probably smth about veriv-
other blogs: i have my main @/hearttoshu but i’m most active here (and a multi blog that is basically all veriv-)
why i chose my url: haknew wasn’t taken at the time ^^ and at the time i was just biasing haknyeon and chanhee so it was perfect ! and now it’s just my brand lol 
number following: i’m following like ... 400 blogs (most are inactive moots tho...) and then 2.5 people are following me 
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haknew · 14 days ago
jess thank you for always leaving such nice tags under my gifsets u make me smile everytime 💖
jkdffvdjfhlhd T^T of course ! it's honestly so deserved imma shower you with all the compliments !!! your gifs are some of the prettiest on this site i stand by that statement U.U ! i'm so happy they could make you smile 😭😭😭 (since most of the time i'm just rambling about other random things i'm so sorry LOL) truly the best provider of tbz (+ more !) content and you always do so much for deobiblr :,,))) thank you so much for all your beautiful creations natali ! 🥺 truly ^^
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haknew · 19 days ago
hi beloved mutual 🌹 here’s a friendly reminder that your original content is incredible!!! let’s spread some support by sharing this message to 10 other blogs whose creations you love, and don’t break the chain ❤️✨ have a great day/night and remember that you’re loved!!!
alex 🥺🥺🥺✨ thank you so much lovely 😭💖✨ i think content creating can be really discouraging for me but asks like this are always a nice reminder that i try my best to make content for other people to enjoy and it’s why i do it ^^ ! so thank you again so much 🥺🤧💗💖😭
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haknew · 22 days ago
congrats on finishing your finals 🥳✨💖!!! proud of you for doing so well ğŸ¥ºğŸ’•ğŸ’žğŸ’“ğŸ’—ğŸ’–ğŸ’˜ğŸ’â£ï¸
“congrats on finishing your finals!!!”
thenk you thenk you both omg ;-; this quarter has been so tough idk i know it might not seem like it but T-T i’m really appreciative for these asks ! i did it i survived ^.^ ! :,))) lil bit of validation made me so happie haha thanks a bunch ! 
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