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#not surprised just happy
nonchalanity · 5 hours ago
so we all know im queer yes? the only people irl who actually know this are my friends and i remember when we went out a few days ago we saw this teddy bear that had a rainbow hat on and i went "oh! i wanna buy this!" and then one of them said "oh right, happy pride month!" and that was honestly my first time being greeted like that personally
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personinthepalace · a day ago
Happy Birthday from Mischief!!
Share this with your Mischief friend or queue this to be surprised with Jonathan Sayer wishing you a happy birthday (and regretting his life choices haha)
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thestarmaker · 2 days ago
ok I now understand why a lot of adults don't like to celebrate their birthday for no real reason
#misc#it's not today it's in a week but like#idk maybe it's due to some sort of trauma or smthn but. don't make a spectacle of me.#not for i-don't-deserve-it reasons but for it-makes-me-uncomfortable reasons#and idk why! like friends wishing me a happy bday over text is fine but like in person??? when I'm expected to react??? pls no#one of my friends is taking me out to late lunch/early dinner and then we're gonna go wander a nature trail for several hours w some weed#and that sounds amazing esp bc the weather will be perfect#but now they said they wanna think of a gift to surprise me w and uhhhh. i mean go for it but also pls don't make it a big deal#and it's not like i don't like Getting Gifts but. really it's the reaction i don't like to do. idk why#is it some sort of trauma? is it my neurodivergence? is it just me bc I'm shy and introverted?#like i would much rather have someone like mail me something and i respond when it arrives than give it to me in person#and it's ironic bc I'm v much the type of person to see smthn a friend would like and get it for them#i got one of my friends a rainbow flask for Christmas and left it on their bed so they'd see it after i left and i enjoyed that#idk just like. don't make a spectacle of me don't praise me for something deep don't acknowledge me#is... is it from emotional neglect? could that be it? it makes me uncomfy bc i didn't have it for a while?#but that still... my parents were always chill abt it and dad was still fine abt it after mom died#so maybe not due to anything w my family/parents. idk maybe I'm thinking too deep abt this.#did my toxic high school friend group pavlov me into thinking that acknowledgement = ridicule or smthn like that?#bc that seems more likely. if only i could remember how far back this feeling goes.#anyway. woof this got long
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fullmetalscullyy · 2 days ago
EMMA. EMMA. I WILL LEAVE A MORE COHERENT COMMENT WHEN I AM CAPABLE OF FORMING A SENTENCE BUT??? PART TWO OF UR QUEEN/KING'S GAMBIT FIC WAS SO FREAKING SOFT AND I ABSOLUTELY ADORED IT!!! not to yell in ur inbox in caps like a madman but that really was what went on in my head the entire time I was reading it. I love the fact that roy was just simping for riza all the way and going out of his way to ensure her comfort and wellness like. :c cooking for her without burning down the kitchen and just doing everything to make her feel comfortable and safe ;v; MY HEART. (I also cackled at the bit where she forced herself to eat all his failed cookies bcs that was what my bf did when I made pasta that one (1) time LMAO)
also the fact that roy was just so enthusiastic and insistent about everything (in contrast to her sh*tty father) just tugged at all my heartstrings in the right way like. this line: "a gentle glow of warm light in a cold and lonely childhood" Emma really said our girl Riza is gonna get all the love she deserves AND U DELIVERED, LIKE EVERY SINGLE TIME. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH **YOU** ARE THE GENTLE GLOW OF WARM LIGHT AND ONE OF THE BEST DANG WRITERS EVER MWAHMWAHMWAH TY FOR SHARING UR TALENT WITH US T_T <3 I WEEP EVERY TIME
eri. do u know how much i love u. do u. bc it's. so much. i'm gonna SOB. i'm -
Tumblr media
riza DOES deserve all the love and i'm going to try my best to give it to her 😤😤 i just want her to be happy and loved and cared for adfsghf it's a simping for riza life 💖 it's her world we're just living in it 😌
ty so so much friend i'm at a loss for words lmaooo ilysm. this was so sweet of you to do and send <33333 it made my day!! ALL MY LOVE FOR U <333
king's gambit - part 2
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generaltano · 2 days ago
shoutout to people who pull up to family events in pride gear. almost cried because i bought a shirt as a joke since i'm not out yet and my fam was very hesitant about everything. y'all are doing gods work.
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scintillatea · 2 days ago
sometimes it astounds me how people actually care for me and want me to be a meaningful part of their lovely life
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unbearablylight · 2 days ago
not to be ungrateful (and yeah i shouldn’t judge so early), but botw2 looks more like a sequel to skyward sword than it does botw. and like, i know that they’ve said they wanted skyward sword to be open world and connected like botw is but they couldn’t manage it at the time so this makes sense but
idk i don’t really want to “explore the skies above hyrule” i guess?? i’ve already explored hyrule. i would much rather they just plucked link and dropped him somewhere entirely new
also not them being all “whoops bye zelda lol” in the first ten seconds. if actual game plot is like that i’m gonna be >:(
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iwasumi · 2 days ago
not to be all traditional but i love baking for people so i would totally spoil iwa with food and sweets 24/7 whenever he comes home from work. even better with dad iwa bc if i made like cookies or smth id let the kid decorate a few 😢😢😢
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7tsumurai · 4 days ago
i came to personally thank you for your tags on my calling them by their first name prank, they were amazing thank you 😭💗💗
Ahh you're so kind thanks for stopping by 💖^💖 NO! YOUR WORKS ARE AMAZING I'm glad I've found your blog and your yummy fics <3 they always me smile ヘ(=^・ω・^= )ノ
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