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support · 2 years ago
Everything okay?
If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, you are not alone.  
If you are located in the U.S., contact the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) Helpline at 1-800-931-2237 for support, resources, and treatment options.
If you are located in the United Kingdom, The Beat UK is here to support people who have or are worried they have an eating disorder.  You can find all of the support services they provided by clicking here.
If you are located anywhere in the European Union, you can find support resources in your area at Mental Health Europe.
If you need some inspiration and comfort on your dashboard, follow Post It Forward on Tumblr.
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daintydaydreamzzzz · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Day 1
Height 5'0"
Hw: 135lb ish
Cw: 122.2lb
Lw: 99lb
Gw1: 120lb
Gw2: 110lb
Gw3: 100lb
Gw4: 90lb
Ugw: 80lb
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skinnydreamsbabe · 12 minutes ago
these two pics (not mine) really are my holy grail of motivation rn
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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felixbu · 57 minutes ago
15th June, 2021
Tumblr media
Y’all I am so fucking tired. Like I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Two jobs 😭😭😭 it’s killing me. I’m working nearly 60hrs in total this week 🥲 god. I just want to. Like. Sleep in. And then go to sleep early. And idk just vibe essentially??? I’m so tired. At least I don’t have to eat at work but like. Today?? Some guy came into the cafe. And as I give him his coffee?? He says. Are you a mother. And I’m like no?? He goes. Then what’s all this?? And gestures to my upper arm fat. If I don’t post tmrw it’s bc I’ve killed myself and that fucking comment was the final straw <3
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sxmford · an hour ago
hey hey!!  today i overate a little, but it’s still in the 1200 range so it shouldn’t do too much ^^  i decided not to fast because i don’t want me to think that binging is alright if i just fast and exercise after.  it’ll hopefully cement a better schedule in my head.  also today was my dad’s birthday so i wanted SOME ice cream lolol
-Target Platter Sandwich x 1 1/2 (250) -Nutella Toast (410) (I have gotta get over eating this but it’s so good..) -Oreo Blizzard x3/4 (600)
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rottinginmysoul · 2 hours ago
for me school ends in 10 days which I'm happy abt cause it definitely played a factor in my mental health declining but I'm losing my biggest distraction from eating which is scary too.
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skelecow · 2 hours ago
If eating disorders arent a competition why do i feel like im in a pokemon battle with other anas
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starry-sage · 2 hours ago
Wish i wasn’t so insecure
I’m glad my bf is comfortable enough to admit other girls are pretty but something abt joking around abt him only using my body and he just went
“If that was true, there are a lot of other bodies out there.”
Makes it seem like not only is my body not good enough to use but also that others have a better body than me
And when he agreed to that… damn… he even knows abt my ED and body dysmorphia
I know I’m just being overly sensitive but I can’t help but dwell on this
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xxzxxzxno · 3 hours ago
i just want to say fuck it and eat
but then i remember skinny
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donotreplyy · 3 hours ago
This account is triggering!
If you don't feel comfortable with ed posts, don't follow me!
(I do not post about any other triggers).
Just making sure everyone knows, I'm pro-recovery, and would never support any form of self-harm!
This account is for me and myself only, it's my safe place where I can share my deepest thoughts.
Anyone else that doesn't feel offended by my posts is welcome!
So please, just block me if you want, but don't report.
And be safe! 🖤
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donotreplyy · 4 hours ago
standing close to someone you know in a silent room, and hoping your stomach doesn't growl...
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yourskinnyusualbitch · 4 hours ago
not me googling my bmr qnd the amount of cals I burn with walking to feel better about myself😩 there is a 30 cal difference on the walking from the app i use. I will use the lowest one to be fair🤗
also hunger started kicking in. I am invincible lessgo❗❗
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juvenilemayhem · 4 hours ago
Daily Login #3
250 -smoothie
307 -soups
60 -shrimp and grits
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you-sweet-thing · 4 hours ago
so the post breakup massive weight loss did Not happen
basically because this other boy started to take interest (i think) and so we're spending a lot of time together, but like. I forgot how much boys eat???? like he's always hungry
and he also is a really really good person. so he's always making sure I'm eating. On one hand this is sweet. On the other hand its terrifying.
anyway if anyone's ever been in this situation... let me know please... i love you...
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insulttears · 4 hours ago
I'm at 46.2kg - not too bad but I won't eat today! I'll reblog this post tonight
Also a friendly reminder to drink enough water!
If smn won't eat /enough / today , pls drink enough! ♡
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xxskinny-alienxx · 4 hours ago
Just completed my morning workout, so proud, I will be restricting so well today.
I will also workout after school and in the evening again, love you guys and I'll keep you updated.(Thinspo possibly coming later today)
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