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#not choices
hoteltea3 hours ago
dream and sapnap playing dbh ;-; dream wanting to comfort alice vs sapnap just not caring, somehow managing to get the best ending for the notoriously hard interrogation scene??, sapnap and dream immediately murdering that abusive dad no questions asked, dream predicting a decent amount of plot points, sapnap asking dream for help with every action, sapnap insistently reading the sex magazine while dream tells him to stop, dream calling connor their boy-immediate comfort stream 100%
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robintora5 hours ago
hugo went grey lmao bye </3
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dirtygfconfessions9 hours ago
Kin kill kiss stan ford bill. If you don't know what kinning is you are a better human than i am.
you've already got me in a box here because I could never kill Stan OR Ford so uhh
Kin Ford, kill Bill, kiss Stan
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hoziersgf11 hours ago
i like how rikki and zane, and cleo and lewis, respectively were Fated from the beginning. like there are extensive parallels set up between them and the former mermaids throughout the course of the first two seasons to show that they were Destined To Be Together. and then there's emma's love interest ash who is just Some Guy
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buttercupbuck12 hours ago
Also they could have just...mentioned Ana. For once. In an episode where she isn't physically present (Not that they make a habit of out of actually aknowledging her in those episodes where she is. Isn't it weird that up to now, she has only been referred to by her full name by Eddie?) They could have had her meet Buck and him approving of them as a couple, close that door on buddie. But they didn't.
no fr it鈥檚 like they鈥檙e allergic to heterosexuality or something idk ahhaha like they鈥檝e made so many choices and they all kinda scream lgbt behavior
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utterlyinevitable15 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Aria Universe
Canon divergent where Becca tries to move on with Bryce. Pain. Heartbreak. Misplaced Trusts. And a LT after LT after LT (more often than not it鈥檚 a tug of war between their own feelings)聽馃憖
Post Coital
Trials & Tribulations
Not A Choice
Narcissus Sent a Package
Echo of Nemesis
> complete masterlist <
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robintora18 hours ago
Tumblr media
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endlesschoices919 hours ago
Not Choices, just wanted to advertise a specific book. The app is called Romantic Club. No other book is interesting except this one: Heaven's Secret. SO, if Choices bores you, at least try this book.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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robintora19 hours ago
Tumblr media
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homeformyheart19 hours ago
Tumblr media
poppy: morgan聽- from the wayhaven chronicles (by @seraphinitegames)
Our favorite grumpy vampire against a sunny backdrop of poppies from the wonderful @commander-sarahs-art! Pretty sure she鈥檚 not very happy to be out in the sunlight.
Unit Bravo flower portraits: [Adam] [Ava] [Nate] [Nat] [Mason] [Felix] [Farah]
*goes without saying, but do not repost.
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