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angel-derangement · 9 hours ago
human au fics are WILD when it comes to cas. pinballing drastically between characterisations from fic to fic - oh he’s angry. oh he’s gentle. oh he’s nervous. oh he’s confident. oh he’s emotional. oh he’s repressed. goddamn I mean I love it. I read them. but it’s so fascinating to me that being an angel is such a core part of who cas is that if you remove that it’s like well... what do we do now?? he’s gotta be weird, right? I’ll just pick a specific way to make him “weird.” he’s queer. he’s neurodivergent. he’s got religious trauma. he was in a cult. he’s into kink. he’s older. he’s blind. he’s deaf. he’s got a deep dark secret. he’s weird, he’s a weirdo, he doesn’t fit in and he doesn’t want to fit in. and I love all of them!! But they’re not really cas are they? Truly the only Castiel that is actually Castiel is one that’s an angel because without that he never could have been taught to feel the way he did, never could have fallen like he did, and never could have learned so much from knowing so little.
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I know I’m working on a zoo AU rn but a mha pet store AU????? Someone take this idea before I do 😩
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samwys · 11 hours ago
✿       @richgreenleaf​      …      sc.
Tumblr media
❛     he's  come  once  too  often  for  me,  &  i'm  going  to  have  a  WORD  with  him,  if  i  can.     ❜
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toysoldiers-rwby · 12 hours ago
*looks at Jaune sketch*
*looks at multiple HH illustrations, doodles, and other crap*
I mean.... i guess. Jaune’s a main character, he’s been around since the show started and I knew the HH is a smaller crowd but I guess I didn’t realize just HOW small it was.... :/
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anna-scribbles · a day ago
something about the lovesquare and taylor swift can be so personal
also epiphany but make it final battle w the all left au 🧍‍♀️ i live for pain
Tumblr media
@sabertoothwalrus the grip u have on my emotional state..
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rivendell101 · a day ago
I took a quiz almost two years ago that told me my His Dark Materials daemon would be a raccoon and I’ve haven’t stopped thinking about it since.
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agentsnickers · a day ago
So... we’ve heard David’s take on him leaving Naboo. How accurate was his discussion with Charlie compared to his actual feeling (realized or unconscious)? And, by comparison, how does Sarah feel about her actions and the consequences they may have had post-formation of the Empire? What are their regrets? Are they similar? Are they different? How have they affected their decision?
I feel like the conversation that Jack had with Charlie was a lot more telling about how David is actually feeling than the one David has with him later. He's... a little bit disconnected from it, mostly because he feels like he needs to be to function. He has a number of regrets, some that have their roots before he even left.
David misses his home and his family deeply - not just his blood family but also the handful of other people he'd had deep, meaningful connections with when he was young - but he feels like he cannot go back without potentially endangering them. (He is correct.) And the way he copes with that is by being aggressively Naboo in all the ways that don't really matter while pointedly avoiding thinking about the things that do.
Sarah, as an adult, regrets saying no when David asked her to come with him. But she knows that she couldn't have, really, and that she's just imagining a might-have-been to cope with other hurts. When David left, she was still a handmaiden to the Queen, and since then she's done her best to keep herself and her loved ones safe while trying to stay true to her principles. She has a few of the same regrets as David, particularly some of the oldest ones, but I shall not tell you what those regrets are.
I'll leave off with this: both of their decisions, David's to leave Naboo and Sarah's to stay, were motivated by the exact same thought:
"I can't lose anybody else."
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milfcodeddean · a day ago
I feel like Lisa had a yoga blog that occasionally she posted about parenting on and then when Dean gets Bobby-John he reads mommyblogs sometimes for tips or advice bc hes trying and then he makes his own account to ask questions sometimes but also he’s always a little bitter bc he can’t share the real details and like “Carol you think your baby makes messes and is gross to clean up after???? When my baby sneezes his entire epidermis splatters off!”
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saclarclay · 2 days ago
K k imma be honest here but if you ever wanna make one of my plot as an inspiration or even continue it I’m honestly fine with it, I’m amazed that there are actual people who actually reads the shitty text I made in a broken english like— wow—you survived that horrible text post I’m amazed
Even turning it into a better fic with a better translation?? w o w
Writing is one of my weaknesses so yee, if there is someone better than me on tht field wanting to explore more about the plot I made then feel free to do it, hell you might even get a better idea
Send me link if you write the fic—make me cry—make me roll around in bed in glee as kick my leg—mke me angry mke me surprised with plot twist n stuff
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mothtrrash · 2 days ago
like whats weird is that the time travel is (somehow) restricted to one area and not everywhere else.
whats extra weird to outside-sodor engines and people is the fact that somehow everything stays the same with every visit but in a time period way and everyone’s kinda just bamboozled by this.
and somehow whenever you try bringing in anything from the modern time they just disappear, and when you exit Sodor they reappear. and also the fact that somehow time goes on regularly
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Ohohoho let’s see
Janus - The Web, but The Dark could also be neat
Remus - The Corruption, I think he’d be cool with The Distortion too, though
Logan - The Eye
Patton - The Lonely
Roman - The Hunt maybe?
Virgil - Not really sure, The Stranger? Kinda hard to choose an entity for the personification of anxiety lmao
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Decided to make a character design for James.
Tumblr media
Not colored version underneath:
Tumblr media
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thewangshuinn · 2 days ago
Hi, glad to see you're doing well! For the gamer!Xiao hcs, how about him being a Genshin streamer or just a regular gamer, and genshin!reader is his favorite character?
alright going to scream with this one
I have to update my masterlist with these soon
he's probably one to focus more on weapons and strategy than characters, imo
he's not a metaslave, I think, because he's quick to figure it out on his own
he doesn't really follow the pity system, but sometimes he'll wish on the limited banners if he wants specific constellations
i'm not going to automatically assume you're a five star in case you're like me and preferring to be a much-beloved four star (think benny) instead
you're worth all the stars in my heart, reader
if you are a five star, you're likely one of his first
either way, he really likes your kit
if it's something like polearm or sword or anything like his in-game kit, he'll enjoy playing it because it feels like you're helping him out
rather than feeling like he's controlling you, he feels like you're working together
if it's something else, he'll like it because it gives him a chance to learn your skills and work with you
the challenge helps get him closer to you
he doesn't like to talk about it but he's really really attached to you and you only
he could honestly stare at you for hours
sometimes he'd take a party of just you to your favorite spot in-game (or perhaps his) and just kinda gaze at you
he has gotten teary-eyed because you don't really exist and can't give him that cute smile or put crystalflies in his hair with a soft and loving touch yea im projecting what are you going to do? cry about it?
he loves your voice in every dub but most likely uses that of his native language solely so that he can agree with you or react to your weather lines
he thinks your idles are really cute and he hates accidentally interrupting you
he loves listening to your voicelines
he wants to learn everything about you
literally he raced up friendship ranks
he got sad once he unlocked all your lines
he uses your namecard and pfp
he absolutely swooned when you said ascension and friendship lines aloud
is constantly promising to never leave you benched ever
literally mentally apologizes when he has to take you off the team
when you die he fights harder to avenge you with the other characters
you've managed to worm your way into his heart, and eventually you're constantly on his mind
he initially thought it was for strategy
now it's just lore stuff
when he's upset, he thinks of you and how you might react
he's constantly searching for you x reader fics because he wants to feel close to you
hes also constantly getting frustrated because he disagrees with others' characterization because his idea of you is so specific
eventually he'll take a step back and realize that his specific idea of you might not have been right? hes a lil stubborn we know this
his friends tend to tease him about it and he hates it
whatever the case, he loves you a lot and he hates to go anywhere without you
he's grateful every day that he was able to get you and start this journey
and perhaps, somewhere in the world of the game, you are too
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novelconcepts · 2 days ago
Hi Novel! Love your work. So I've noticed that in a lot of fics where there's smut included, you write Dani as unable and/or uninterested in getting off unless it's with Jamie. Since it's a theme that runs through so many of your fics, I'm curious as to where that came from?
Generally, I headcanon that if Dani isn't actually demisexual (which is possible), she's spent so much time repressing her own feelings toward women that it's easiest to engage with that part of herself because she has Jamie--someone she trusts and loves, who selflessly loves her in return. Not to say she couldn't find enjoyment on her own or elsewhere, but the version of her that often turns up in the stories you're referencing is one who largely learned about that part of herself (in detailed practice, not the abstract certainty of her own queerness) because of Jamie. So even if she's capable of indulging those impulses on her own, it's one of those "but it's so much more fulfilling/fun with this person I love--why not get her involved as much as possible" concepts.
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reallybadfeeling · 2 days ago
QuiObi Omegaverse Week - DAY 2
DAY 2: A/o instincts affecting a mission │ Omega in peril (+ Floating prompt: feral alpha/omega)
Song: Undercover - Kehlani
Going in the complete opposite direction of yesterday's post but still keeping the "I can fit both of this prompt in one idea" kinda mood, this time the Council does everything that's in their power to keep Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon on opposites sides of the Galaxy. Like, Qui-Gon is saving whomever in the Outer Rim? SURE, let's keep Obi-Wan on Coruscant to parlay with whatever politician is complaining about whatever! And neither of them outright complains about it. They just slightly manipulate the truth and "ops! I came back yesterday, but I wanted to check something out before reporting to the Council and after that I was so tired I just went to bed" or something like "well, I suggested to random politician that it would be a good idea to take a vacation on this rock in the middle of fucking nowhere where it snows like 98% of the year! It's absolutely lovely, perfect for getting a fresh new perspective!" Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon do this all the time, especially if they think one of the two is doing something very dangerous or even if they just miss each other's scent after being apart for more than one week.
And then there's this one time where for some reason they are actually closer than usual without their own plotting. Like, they are maybe in the same system, just on two different planets because the people from planet A are lording over the people on the planet B and there's this whole fight about to explode between the two, and the Council thought that they were the best people that could deal with that mess (or the only two available, that's not really important). So, since they are so close they can talk to each other pretty easily through the bond. And there's this one time Obi-Wan is maybe complaining with a passion that someone he has to deal with on planet A was rude to him from day one because Obi-Wan's an unmated Omega, but that day in particular they're being especially nasty about it. Meanwhile, Qui-Gon is stuck in some kind of negotiation meeting on planet B, and at Obi-Wan's complaints he can't help but start to growl or something every time someone from planet A talks (and honestly, they are being unreasonable assholes, anyway, so it's perfectly understandable). And it kind of becomes an issue, because asshole from planet A starts to complain that the Jedi are siding with the planet B and that they purposefully sent the Omega to deal with them and basically shit talking Obi-Wan straight to Qui-Gon's face. Which of course ends up being a huge mistake, because Qui-Gon punches them in the face and he gets put into jail by the people of planet B just to please the ones from the planet A because they are planet B is fucking trying to avoid a war, to solve the situation in a less violent manner. And apparently putting in jail Qui-Gon makes planet's A asshole happy, so they do that and contact the Jedi once again because "why the fuck did you send these people?! They are making things worse!" Which is of course when the Council contacts Obi-Wan, which is already worried about Qui-Gon still in jail, annoyed because of the way he was being berated by the politicians of planet A... Being scolded by the Council is the last straw: everything put together trigger a stress heat, and Obi-Wan kind of hides somewhere on the planet, building a nest with whatever he finds and then he basically starts to call Qui-Gon through their bond so loudly and in pain, that Qui-Gon can't stand it even for 5 minutes before he stops being complaint and goes absolutely berserker! And it's kind of a blur how exactly he gets to Obi-Wan, but the proof of his rampage are still left behind (like there's the cell basically blasted into bits, but also maybe a couple of dozens of guards being stunned and he stole a ship to get to Obi-Wan, shit like that). After a couple of days finally Obi-Wan feels better, and they go together back to wherever Obi-Wan was supposed to stay on planet A. There waiting for them is Mace Windu, absolutely fuming at them, but forced to be polite with random politician from planet A, reassuring them that Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are leaving and that he will deal with the peace negotiations with his own Padawan and that the Jedi will pay for any damage caused by both Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, and shit like that. He also forces them to apologize. Which of course Obi-Wan does because yeah, the politician was being super rude, but Obi-Wan's also ashamed of what he did. Qui-Gon instead basically insults the politician very subtly while "apologizing" (Mace stares daggers at him even if the politician doesn't realize the double meaning of Qui-Gon's words and as soon as they are alone he chews him out for the best part of the next 20 minutes). SO, after this whole ordeal, the Council actually decides to force them to stay on Coruscant for a while, out of any delicate situation and maybe meditating or some shit like that. Which isn't a punishment at all, because at least they don't have to come up with excuses for why they are once again together.
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earthendandinbetween · 3 days ago
After Covet Hiss and Sonarchy had commanded Buzzcrave and Slogturtle to kill Madfang, The wolf-like Dark Hero had only barely escaped with his life from the scuffle.
He was written off as good as dead by Covet due to the wounds he had sustained, and Sonarchy refused to let Buzzcrave go off insearch of Ragewolf due to the brutality of the attack done to him as well. The prince was more than a bit worried of another retaliation that would result in the fly’s death.
Barely surviving and nursing his wounds (with the help of Naughtyfins), Madfang grew more bitter, with a vengeful anger bubbling up within him. He had helped those four with all the power he could muster, despite not wanting to harm the tribes his memory knew as good people. He tried to belong with them when he felt he was no longer worthy of love back home.
Only to be betrayed for his restoration of his original identity.
The rage of the mask was brought out more, merging with the ultimate hurt that Aiton was facing inside over everything that had occurred since arriving over the bridge.
The wish for revenge was strong, stronger than it had ever been before. If the Dark Heroes thought he was weak, he would show them.
Returning to where he had once powered Superweapon Org, Madfang intended to free it from its tomb and bring it to the surface. With it and his own strength, he could crush those traitors to pieces. End it for good.
But yet, the remainder of guilt, pain remained from his true self. Aiton would never go this far. Not ever.
Would he have done this to his own tribe back home if he let his anger get ahold of him like this? Due to this mask? Would any slight against him result in a rage induced blood-fueled revenge?
He couldn’t. No matter how bad he thought of the other four. He couldn’t.
They were trapped behind masks as well. Tricked by demons stronger than any of them.
And he wanted to squash them under the force of this weapon.
This, in the end, helped fuel Madfang’s wish to keep running away from all. He could not face his rage. He did not wish to ever again.
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