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#not au
water-draws-gals · 2 minutes ago
I want to draw & tell a story with my Fantasy AU, but don’t have the stamina for continual comics, so... I’m thinking I could draw what I’m enthusiastic about, and have writing paired with it!
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kissjane · 2 minutes ago
When do you think you Will post the office au?🤩🤩😍🤩😍🥰
It's only very tangentially an office AU, precious (though I can come up with fifty proper office AU ideas... only my WIP folder is on a diet). Nobody's ever at an office in it so far...
But, to answer your question, this weekend at the latest!
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lovethatmakingcoffee · 3 minutes ago
Just One Yesterday- Chapter 75 -Cucked
Oof! Oof! Does this boy have a harem or what?
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pia-verliebt · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Beichte von Unbeka... 25J m neue bekanntschaft - partnersuche24 Zur Beicht-App →
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ohhmydyosfics · 5 minutes ago
(Markhyuck) a study on the neighbor
Donghyuck has problems with his neighbour. This is how he solves them.
Alternatively, Donghyuck's neighbors are noisy and in doing his best to solve his problem, Donghyuck finds himself babysitting.
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archangeldraws · 6 minutes ago
Hey Jira!
If Ichi,Ni and San only had one body for each of them who would you choose?
Jira: I-.... That is a very unfair question!! I can't just pick one!! D'X I love them equally, choosing one would make it seem like I favor one more than the others.... <.<
I prefer them how they are
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ohhmydyosfics · 7 minutes ago
(Markhyuck) salt rose, topaz
Donghyuck was stuck under a big, sweaty, annoying weight, and he didn’t like it at all.
He knew he didn’t have a right to complain. Mark has been subjected to Donghyuck’s own clinginess before heats lots of times in the past.
But right now. Right now, Donghyuck was caught chewing on his lip in consternation. He should be used to it by now, yet it’s always the same thing that punched out all the air in his lungs.
Mark was splayed out on top of him, nose pressed into the crook of his neck, his breaths coming out in soft even puffs against his skin. His legs shifted where they were tangled between his, and his nose pressed deeper, into the crook of Donghyuck’s shoulder. Where a mating bite would go, his traitorous mind supplied.
Donghyuck tried not to think. If he thought too much, he might cry. Or worse, get hard.
Six years was a long time to harbor an unrequited crush.
Sequel/interlude to All That's Good is Doubly Good .
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twisted-desires · 7 minutes ago
Honey Farms
Tumblr media
This post is based on this AU by @zackcarrion-key so all credit for the AU goes to her!
These are basically some headcanons/some brainrot about how honey farms would work and how certain types of pollinic honey would be cultivated. Also small note: I use the term 'babes' as a gender neutral word
(also small note: I've got a little headcanon that every pollen has slaiva that has some level of aphrodisiac properties to make their chosen partners more amicable to their affections)
The blow content is 18+ - minors DNI - spice below
Tumblr media
Honey farms have two main ways of procuring their goods from the pollinic babes: hand-milking and machine milking.
Imagine more difficult pollen such as apple blossom pollen/Epel being hooked up to machines that tease all of their weak spots, bringing a pretty red blush to their skin as they tremble with yet another orgasm in the pleasure-induced haze, half-lidded eyes tiredly seeking you out as they repeatedly as for more and more, its a wonder how much stamina pollen can have!
Or perhaps the shyer spider lily/Idia also being hooked up to all manner of machines, vibrators and milkers making them spill their precious aphrodasiac-laced saliva from their lips, as they may simply prefer the ministrations from the machines rather than the farmhands who would work to wring them dry instead.
As for hand-milking, it can be seen with the pollen that would be more cooperative with such treatment, such as the Gerbera Daisy/Cater, content to have their mouths stuffed with fingers covered in pheromones that aid in the production of their sweet honey, the bitterness of the administered pheromones doing nothing to deter their eager mouths. Its also somewhat common for some farms to record sessions with Gerbera Daisies, be it for documentaries, training videos, or adult entertainment. Either way, their lovely pollen can often be more excitable with a camera around, even increasing output!
Lily of the Valley/Hyacinth/Kalim is also commonly found on some of the more traditional farms, and may often be milked similarly to Gerbia Daisies. It's been found that they can have their honey production increased when a particularly high amount of attention is paid to their erogenous zones around the neck, chest, and thighs - aphrodasiac gels proving effective with stimulating these areas and increasing their pleasure (and output) tenfold. Paired with the sweet praise and compliments that the farmhands murmur to them, this treatment may just bring the sweet pollen to tears with pleasure-filled overstimulation. Even so, they'll be begging for more!
Of course, once the pollen has been milked enough, there are pastures on the farm filled with gardens of lush green grass and well maintained flowers where the tired particles may rest, the cool grass against their skin as the warm sun lulls them into a state of rest.
The honey farms care very much for the pollen and flowers that they look after, and they're are often some of the most beautiful spots for tourism with their large public gardens full of various plants and even some more private, hidden areas so that some guests can have fun if they so please~
Tumblr media
I hope this was good, I'm still getting used to writing stuff like this! Again, this is inspired by this post of this AU by this writer! All credit for the AU goes to her, I'm just brainrotting, hehe.
Tumblr media
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andyy-crazy · 8 minutes ago
Hola, aquí les traigo el personaje principal del Au.
Jenrry 💕
Este pequeño de 10 años es el niño 98 que a caído al sudsuelo. Tiene la decisión de perdonar o matar.
Jenrry tendrá que pasar por todo el sudsuelo perdonando o matando a los moustros que se tope, pero el decide perdonarlo, y avanzar, aunque le cuesta trabajo y obviamente muere muchas veces para tratar de perdonar a todos los moustros que solo quieren venganza acia los humanos, por lo que isieron ase años.
El color de su Alma es naranja.
Como vaya avanzando la historia se revelará más cosas de su pasado como el de los moustros jefes UwU
Tumblr media
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arbrealettres · 11 minutes ago
LA DANSEUSE DE CORDE (Harry Martinson)
LA DANSEUSE DE CORDE (Harry Martinson)
       LA DANSEUSE DE CORDE L’essentiel était de ne pas se lasser, de changer joliment de pied au-dessus du vide et s’efforcer de garder fière allure. Amis et ennemis devaient être pesés et répartis en contrepoids invisibles autour des bords du parasol. Le chagrin au milieu du coeur. La ligne médiane du plaisir soudée à celle de la pensée. Le sourire au-dessus de l’abîme. (Harry…
Tumblr media
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aria-bones · 11 minutes ago
I texted the wrong number and we accidentally fell in love
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the-egginator · 14 minutes ago
lumen really would listen to owl city’s vanilla twilight and think of adran the whole time... get a handle on yourself girl
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adhdfutaba · 14 minutes ago
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stevenuniversewerewolfau · 16 minutes ago
Connie, as was typical for her, was a bit early. Ten minutes to be exact. She loathed being late, mainly sense it usually meant that she got left out. She disliked being left out as well, even when it actually helped her. She'd board the bus if it meant going on the field trip, even if she knew it had a broken brake line. She knew it was stupid, she knew it was unwise, but that was just the type of person she ended up being.
Cautious enough to know something was wrong, observant enough to find the tripwire, smart enough to know exactly what will happen if she trips the tripwire, and moronic enough to choose to walk into the trap anyway.
Of course, Pearl actually praised her for that, mainly because risk taking was such a big part of fighting. If you have to choose between doing nothing and being stabbed for certain, or making a move that will get you stabbed ninety percent of the time, you are going to want to make the move.
Walking up the hill, the stars seemed brighter. Beach City had some light pollution, but it wasn't that bad, it got worse recently due to the nearby Little Homeworld, but on a new moon like tonight you could still see some of the dimmer stars.
A chill ran through her suddenly, putting her on edge. It was late summers night, so it shouldn't really be chilly. It was Delmerva though, so things like that did happen. She looked around, but she couldn't hear or see anything that might imply corrupted Gem activity, so it was likely just a breeze.
Looking toward the top of the lighthouse, she saw something that made her rethink that. Black smoke, rising from thr grass. She couldn't see a fire, and the air began to chill as she moved toward it.
This wasn't natural, but it didn't look like a corrupted Gem, though White Topaz hadn't either, so it might be a similar situation.
The black smoke began to concentrate into an odd, humanoid, figure. It floated in mid air, and looked as if it was wearing a cloak. When it turned around, Connie saw two circles glowing bright red in what looked like the creatures head, which she assumed to be it's eyes.
Connie drew her sword, she probably should call the Crystal Gems, especially sense she was pretty much standing above their heads, but she wasn't thinking of that. The thing didn't look harmful, but if it was a corrupted Gem, she should see about poofing it and getting it into a bubble.
According to the few Gems that remembered being corrupted, the only peace they really had was when they were bubbled. It was just cruel to keep them like this.
She charged forward and leaped into a slash, move that usually meant a fairly painless poos if done right. The thing didn't even attempt to evade, just staring at her. It was an odd response from a corrupted Gem to say the least.
When Connie proceeded to pass right through it, it hit her, the ground that is.
Her strike did absolutely nothing, and due to her jump she couldn't just stop, continuing forward to crash into the ground. Normally, she'd have went into a roll, but as she passed though the shadowy figure, she began to feel very tired. That, plus the shock of doing nothing, turned her intended graceful roll, into a pathetically clumsy tumblr.
There was a loud, beastial roar from behind her, and Connie began to seriously regret her past four or five decisions.
(To those of you curious, no, that is not a corrupted Gem. It's a... well, you'll find out shortly 😁)
(Also, White Topaz is the name of the Lighthouse Gem, it was revealed in the book "Steven Universe: The End of an Era" by Chris McDonnell).
(Last, first, next)
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archangeldraws · 16 minutes ago
Hey Ghidorah!
Did Jira liked it?
If u know what I mean~
Ni: Well, I don't want to brag-
Ichi: Then don't!! This is private!!
Ni:..... Now I DO want to brag-
Ichi: NO!!
San: Please stop....
Ni: ........................... she loved it! >:D
Ichi proceeds to hit Ni with their tails
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daydreambts · 17 minutes ago
SeokJin looks at you softly, when you braced your palms on his chest and leaned closer for a kiss he closed his eyes waiting for the contact. He liked how gentle it was before allowing your tongue to tangle with his. He watches you when pulled back, out of breath and leaned on his chest, arms secure around him. He could sense your hesitation, him knowing what you're going to bring up before it's out of your mouth. You want to talk about having pups with him, he doesn't know why but it bothers him. Maybe the fact his employees were talking about wanting kids I the fact it was up to the both of them were in charge of repopulating for their species but it bothered him making him wonder if that's the only reason they're together; to repopulate...
I slowly stroked Seokjin's chest as I leaned against him. Pups... when will we have them? Our families had always made it clear that it's important we have as many as we could, but I couldn't care less about that. I wanted them because I wanted my own family with Seokjin. Slipping my hand under his top, I stroked his firm abs, feeling his warm skin and flexing muscles. Gazing up at him, I leaned in for another kiss, my nails scratching lightly against his skin, under his top. "Do you just want to sleep?" I asked, pressing more soft kisses against his lips.
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fyrecatpickles · 18 minutes ago
Chapters: 2/? Fandom: One Piece Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Roronoa Zoro/Vinsmoke Sanji Characters: Vinsmoke Sanji, Vinsmoke Reiju, Roronoa Zoro, Kuina (One Piece) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Slow Burn, Other Additional Tags to Be Added Summary:
Soulmates were rare whispers on the sea. Not everyone had them, in fact, it was such a phenomenon that most people feared having one. Because a soulmate was more than your other half, they were your greatest weakness along with your greatest strength, if you knew how to work together and work the bond. Because it was a bond that tethered you to another, so strongly that it drove most to the brink of insanity.
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