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#not an au
makomaruku · a minute ago
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cococookiedraws · 3 minutes ago
Update on A Second Chance (the fanfic)
So I was GONNA make that into a comic, ya know, where Gabriel dies? (link to that outline)
But, I also like to write. So since I'm already working on 2 comic series (Coco Comics and The Agrestes) and drawing a bunch of fanart and stuff, I've decided to make it a fanfic instead, to practice my writing skills (cause' I love to write too).
I'll probably release A Second Chance once a week until it's over, and last I checked it had 5 parts.
You'll get the first part soon :)
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sweetvoicepudding · 3 minutes ago
please draw phantom thief flower and detective fukase
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sorry this isn't the best, i really do love phantom thief au's, ive written a fic about it once.
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razzle-zazzle · 3 minutes ago
I want some royal au Cole and Lloyd interactions. Him discovering the truth first sounds fun.
Literally wrote this whole thing just now, but here you are!
1295 Words; Royal AU, s1
“C’mon, where is it…” Lloyd muttered, shoving various boxes to the side. “It’s gotta be in here somewhere.”
He kept his voice quiet, not wanting to be caught digging through Cole’s stuff. Most of the others were out, currently, but Wu was still lurking around on the Bounty being all mysterious, so Lloyd had to be careful.
But he pretty much had to dig through it, if he wanted to find Cole’s chocolate stash. And he knew Cole had a stash somewhere, he had to. The guy had a sweet tooth almost as big as Lloyd’s and more than enough allowance to indulge it (and how unfair was that, that Cole got such a big allowance while Lloyd’s own mother had abandoned him?), there was no way that Cole wouldn’t have a secret candy stash when he almost always had one sweet or another on him.
So here Lloyd was, perched precariously upon a stack of books atop a stool he’d dragged into the room, searching the top shelf of the closet for Cole’s supposed stash of sweets. But no such stash had revealed itself, and the frustration was getting to him.
Carelessly, Lloyd shoved a shoebox full of letters aside. But he shoved a little too hard, and it sent the box and its contents tumbling to the floor.
“Damn it.” Lloyd muttered, carefully climbing down his tower to start picking up the letters. Rule Number One of going through someone else’s stuff: leave it as you found it.
Of course, normally that would mean looking at the dates on the letters to put them back in the correct order. But Lloyd was in a hurry, so he just put them in the box as neatly as he could.
Or, well, he would have, but one of the letters had unfolded while fluttering to the floor. And because it was partially unfolded, Lloyd just barely noticed the sender’s address in the top right corner, stamped over with the royal insignia.
Since when was Cole getting letters from the Emperor?
“No way…” Lloyd unfolded the letter fully and started reading. His eyes only widened further as he read.
The search for sugary goodness forgotten, Lloyd sat down more comfortably and grabbed another letter to read. This was a Big Secret Cole was hiding, and Lloyd wanted all the details.
He was on his fifth or sixth letter when—and he really should have expected this—Cole entered the room, catching Lloyd red-handed.
“Uh… whatcha got there, squirt?” Cole asked, making Lloyd jump in surprise. Cole was standing in the doorway, face halfway between stern and surprised.
Hurriedly, though he already knew it was futile, Lloyd shoved the letter he was currently on behind his back. “Nothing.” He asserted, though his wobbly voice would have most certainly given him away had the cat stayed in the bag.
Cole frowned, unimpressed. “Lloyd,” he started, stepping closer, “I’m not stupid.” Cole closed the distance easily, and Lloyd shrunk back a bit. Why did Cole have to be so tall and imposing?
Lloyd considered his options. He could continue to lie, but he’d already been found out. There was no sense in digging himself deeper. He could try to redirect Cole’s attention, but that was just as likely to work as continuing to lie. So Lloyd took a breath, prepared to be yelled at, and brought the letter out in front of him.
“Here,” he handed the letter to Cole, and, after a second of thought, sneered and added, “your highness.”
The change was immediate. Cole’s eyes widened, his hand clenching around the letter. “Lloyd,” he hissed, “That’s supposed to be a secret!”
“Wasn’t a very well-kept secret.” Lloyd muttered. And then flinched as Cole glared at him.
Cole stooped down, sorting through the letters still on the floor and shoving them into the box with less care than Lloyd expected. “Well, normally,” Cole began, through gritted teeth, “people have the decency not to dig through other people’s mail.”
Lloyd cringed. He hadn’t originally intended to read through Cole’s mail, but that didn’t stop the fact that that was exactly what he ended up doing. But he wasn’t a total jerk—he’d keep Cole’s secret.
That didn’t mean he was against using his knowledge to leverage the occasional sweet out of Cole, though.
“Why were you even looking through my stuff in the first place?” Cole asked, setting the box back up on the shelf where it belonged.
Lloyd couldn’t think of a convincing excuse fast enough, so he went with the truth. “I was looking for your candy stash.”
“My… what?” Cole was staring at Lloyd now, confusion written all across his face.
“Don’t deny it!” Lloyd accused, “You always have chocolate on you, you’ve got to have some kind of stash squirreled away somewhere!”
“Okay, first off,” Cole closed the closet door, “I don’t have a candy stash. Second,” he stooped down and poked Lloyd in the chest, “even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you where it was, you gremlin.”
Lloyd growled. “Then how do you always have sweets on you?”
“I don’t?” Cole stood up, and, before Lloyd could make any attempt to leave, grabbed Lloyd’s arm and dragged him out of the room. “C’mon. Let’s find you something to do that isn’t completely disregarding someone’s privacy.”
Lloyd stuck out his tongue, but allowed himself to be dragged out onto the deck. Once they were at the bow (and Lloyd’s arm had been freed), he had to ask—
“Why do you keep it a secret?”
Cole paused, giving Lloyd an appraising look. “Because I don’t want people to know that I’m the crown prince?” He said it like it was obvious. But Lloyd didn’t get it.
“But why wouldn’t you want people to know? Being the prince is awesome! And they’d just like you better.”
Cole sighed and sat down. “Well, yeah, there are upsides to being royalty, but it’s not as great as you seem to think it is.”
“But everyone would like you better.” Lloyd pointed out.
“I don’t want them liking me based on something so superficial!” Cole pinched the bridge of his nose.
Lloyd frowned.
Cole sighed, leaning his head back. “Look, kid,” he began, “Everyone judges you based on who your father is, right?” He cringed, “Heck, even we did, at first. I’m not shitty enough to not admit to that hypocrisy. But the point I’m trying to make here is that people assume who you are based on your father, right?”
Lloyd nodded, understanding slowly dawning.
“It’s basically that.” Cole continued, “I don’t want people making assumptions based on my title.” He fixed Lloyd with a look that Lloyd couldn’t decipher. “I’d rather they know me as Cole first. Just Cole.”
“Oh.” The more Lloyd thought about it, the more it made sense. People probably expected a lot from Cole because he was the crown prince, and Cole didn’t want to deal with that. Lloyd understood that—everyone expected him to be some great evil in the making, and he’d always hated that.
How he had missed that Cole’s situation was pretty much the same, he didn’t know.
Lloyd curled up where he was sitting, wrapping his arms around his knees. “Sorry I dug through your mail.” He offered.
“Eh, you’re forgiven.” Cole shrugged, “Just don’t go telling anyone what you found out, okay?”
Lloyd nodded. “Of course not!” He was good at keeping secrets, and it was exciting, being privy to something so big. But now he had questions. So many questions. He scooted forwards, shifting so he was sitting criss-cross applesauce, and grinned. “Okay, but what was growing up in the palace even like?”
Cole fixed Lloyd with an appraising look, then shrugged. “Let’s take this conversation somewhere more private, okay?”
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brutal-nemesis · 4 minutes ago
Stealing the blep <3
Hehehe :P
I honestly don't remember when I decided to cut off his tongue tbh. But once I settled on how the experiment was going to proceed, I knew I wanted to, uh, give a little foretaste of what was to come. Both to Erebus and to all of y'all ;) And since the tongue was part of my plans and pretty easy to just...chop off, I went for it.
Mute Erebus was so fun in answering asks, I miss that a little bit...
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the-sassiest-trixster · 4 minutes ago
Sass hoarding au prompts like a dragon hoarding gold, and we love and appreciate u for that
Hehehe, I have said I am a greedy dragon when it comes to writing prompts, so you not fucking wrong anon. Literally, anytime I see a notification for my ask box, I'm like
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askwyattbenjamin · 5 minutes ago
What's your annoying habit?
I can sometimes be overly optimistic, at times. Now, you might be asking yourself, 'Wyatt, how is that an annoying habit?' well, let me tell you how most people I know have a tendency to find the glass half empty, or they're waiting for the other shoe to drop, and I look at it all as though you still have half a glass of something to quench your thirst with! -- or if you're waiting for the other shoe, that means you still have one on to help you get to a place where no shoes are needed. And no shoes being needed is the place where you want to be; trust me.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MY BLOOD Episode 2 is out (well first 3 pages..)
Villain Fuyumi enter stage left!! (I am not good at backgrounds but I trying my best pls be patient)
I know shit is spelled wrong trust me I know
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mollypollykinz · 5 minutes ago
I have a new chapter of wtw while i question whether or not i will actually listen to the voting results for the pbp poll. 
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writhingbeneathyou · 6 minutes ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Naruto Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Senju Tobirama/Uchiha Madara Characters: Senju Tobirama, Uchiha Madara, Uchiha Kagami, Senju Hashirama Additional Tags: greek god AU meets coffeeshop AU, Madara has no people skills Summary:
Guided by the Fates' hand, Madara scours the globe in search of his misplaced husband.
This is a gift for @good-grievance as part of the @madatobigiftexchange on Tumblr. <3 I hope you like it!
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metalbuckaroo · 6 minutes ago
could you maybe do #24 and #40 of the smut prompts where the reader has a praise kink? as always no pressure <3
Warnings: smut, cursing, praise kink
AU: Biker!Bucky x Reader
AN: This turned out a little shorter than I originally intended it to be. Prompt from this list, requests always open so feel free to send one in.
Tumblr media
Just when things had gotten started earlier that day, Bucky got a call from Steve needing his help at the bar. So, his ride home he'd been thinking over how he was going to repay you.
The smell of cooking food filled his nose when he stepped into your shared apartment and he toed his boots off at the door, making a b-line for the kitchen.
Seeing you in one of his shirts and a pair of underwear made his dick twitch in his jeans as he moved the pan from the burner and turned it off.
"What are you doing? I'm cooking." You giggled as he lifted you onto the counter in one swift motion, dipping his hand into the front of your underwear.
His pupils were blown, eyes nearly black as he pressed a hasty kiss to your lips. "Thanking you for earlier. Food can wait, I can't. Now, behave." He breathed, sinking two fingers into you.
A gasp passed through your lips from the sudden intrusion and your hands flew to hold his shoulders. "Such a good girl, so wet and tight." He hummed, leaning to pepper kisses to your collarbone.
His mumbled praises and soft kisses added to the fire burning in your lower stomach as his fingers slid in and out of you, coaxing soft whimpers and pants from you.
"Whose are you, pretty girl?"
"Yo-" You couldn't finish your sentence when he pressed his thumb to your clit, eliciting a strained moan from your throat.
"Whose are you?" He repeated, curling his fingers up. "Yours." You whimpered, clawing his shoulder. "That's right. All mine. My good girl." He murmured, nipping at your jaw.
"James," You barely whispered as you gripped his wrist, trying to get to your high.
"Cum for me, Sugar. Want you to feel good." He said softly between warm, wet kisses to your neck.
Screwing your eyes shut, you rocked your hips along with the movement of his fingers, tangling your fingers in the back of his hair.
"Fuck-" You hissed as your orgasm washed over you, feeling Bucky's teeth graze your jaw.
He pressed a soft kiss between your eyebrows as you came down from your high, stars flickering in your vision and the ringing in your ears getting quieter.
You whimpered when Bucky removed his fingers and brought them to his lips to suck them clean. "You taste like fucking candy." He moaned, tugging your underwear down tour legs and dropping them to the floor.
Your mouth fell open when he slammed into you and he took the opportunity to slot his mouth over yours, tongues tangling together.
He slid against your hot walls at a feverish pace, hitting every sweet spot in the most delicious way, making it hard to do anything other than pant and moan his name as his pleasured sounds reached your ears.
"So fucking good. Love how you feel around me." He grunted, tingles spreading down his neck when you tugged the back of his hair.
The familiar tightening in your lower belly formed again and you bit your lip into your mouth to muffle your filthy sounds.
He pinched your chin in between his thumb and fingers, lifting your head to look at him; his face flush and small beads of sweat forming at his hairline.
"Let go, can feel you milking me, sweetheart. Want you to let go for me, so I can fill you up."
His low voice raised goosebumps on your skin as a second orgasm tensed your body, tightening your legs around his waist to pull him deeper.
"Shit-" He hissed, the grip on your thighs bruising as he spilled into you, hot release painting your walls.
"Fucking perfect."
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delicatedragons-ao3 · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yeah, her hair is more spikey but I'll give her a makeover soon, once I get gems to do so. I hope you like the reference!
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askisabella · 6 minutes ago
What do you think of werewolves? What would you do if you learned that a werewolf was working for the school?
As long as said werewolf doesn't try to turn me I could careless. I may look good wearing faux fur but I certainly don’t want it to be real and my own.
Tumblr media
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lazy-bumdraws · 7 minutes ago
lost boys au -
yknow how im going to introduce skeppy?
bad is baking muffins, it's actually pretty early in the morning, and he is preparing more than a dozen muffins for an event that will happening tonight. he's wearing a white with pink muffins and pink frills apron, courtesy of captain puffy of course.
he's taking out his first batch and he hears the door open and he must be thinking it's either punz or antfrost coming in from a late night out.
"dont forget to close the doors you muffinheads, I've been having to close it so much that mosquitos starting nesting in here! we may be blood-sucking but we're not as vicious as those suckers" bad says to practically thin air. his confusion grows as he didnt hear the usual grumble or snide remark.
he looks around the corner from the kitchen and looks to the living room to see some random stranger chilling on the floral couch. He sees an outline of a human body covered in a bright blue windbreaker that made so much noise as the person shifted on the couch, and he can see some dark floofy hair peak over their shoulder as they lay down on their side.
Bad started blubbering before he made a coherent "HEY" and was about to start heading over to scold or shoo away till he started hearing snoring.
Bad's anger has left to become more of a curious "oh..." and he figured since it's a human, they won't be able to do any harm in the face of a vampire. So bad did what any good samaritan did and shrugged and continied baking the dozens of muffins he needs to prepare for tonight.
two hours pass and the human is still on the couch as antfrost walks into the living room and could hear the clanking of dishes in the kitchen and the snoring of a person on the couch. he stops in the doorway and just looks between the couch and kitchen.
"uhhhh, bad? who is this?" ant asked.
"hmm?" was the only thing bad asked as he peaked his head out of the kitchen to look at antfrost.
antfrost pointed to the couch a little worried that bad might be going senile. bad trailed his eyes to wear ant was pointing and sees the human.
"oh!" bad said as he fully steps out of the kitchen in his pink and white apron, dusting of flour and glances at the human as his stance takes on a questioning one.
after a few moments of silence bad says, "yeah, i dont know, but he's been here for quite a bit"
"what the fuck bad" ant said as he pinches the bridge of his nose.
skeppy's role in the lost boys au, he will be a private investigator to locate the missing people of Santa Carla. since cases of new missing persons have dropped significantly, he has been tasked to investigate more aboit Santa Carla.
there isn't a reason why he dresses up locally, its his way to blend in more and to help him gather more information as he's seen more as a curious tourist then a prying cop. plus it's more of his style lmao
he's always tired cause honestly, there is too many missing cases and he's constantly searching and since his job literally hates him for being a good P.I, they tasked to do an "impossible" case all on his own to either waste his time or get yim demoted. little do they know, he finds 78% of the missing people out of hundreds of them.
anyway, when he does eventually wake him, he's surrounded by all three of them - punz, ant and bad all argue on what to do with the intruder as skeppy sits there and asks for a cup of coffee. bad of couse accomodates him and punz and ant just sit there flabbergasted as they witness this encounter
skeppy gets sus vibes from the trio and decides to hang around to figure out who they are as bad just finds that hanging with this particular human isnt bad and just lets skeppy does whatever he wants while ant and punz just decide to ignore bad's infatuation.
you didnt expect skephalo huh? welp it's part of the plot no take backs
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symphonic-scream · 7 minutes ago
Zoo au: Riley has a weird obsession with trying to find a “twin” and tried to force her friends to dress like her. She also sneaks into the zoo and leaves creepy clown dolls laying around
I adore the creepy clown doll thing, that's very on point
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askisabella · 8 minutes ago
Do you think the house you were sorted into is the best fit? Why or why not?
The sorting hat has been doing it's job for decades. We may not agree with the ultimate decision but, apparently, it knows best. That's all I'm going to say on the matter.
Tumblr media
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reginaldthelazyfuckwad · 8 minutes ago
When Kiyonari joins the class, the teachers of Hope's Peak get a new sense of despair.
HIEFJFLSREHIJFELHIJFSDFLFJ Originally, i imagined Nari and Junko being friends but i don't think Nari or Junko would go that low
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