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#not all americans like that
terventhotcrime · 42 minutes ago
i know americans have a lot of internal racial issues but to the rest of the world, most of yall are the same ignorant,  obnoxious breed of westerner and i think that’s beautiful <3
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judiejodia · 20 hours ago
There was this post going around a couple of days ago about how herodotus barely describes the battle of marathon because there were likely a lot of veterans around who could give eyewitness accounts which I LOVE, herodotus offering up his place on the stage to show respect to his elders, the ones who defended greece, and i'm reading the battle of thermopylae now and that is where we DO get a detailed account, day by day, of its defense and the specifics of the battle/siege, because. Well. Barely any survivors, so his audience DID need that detailed account there, did need a reconstruction of the event there because the few survivors that did remain were from thessaly, booetia and PERHAPS lacedaemonia, and herodotus wrote in athens for athenians (and maybe magna graecia)
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extraordinaryisadumbword · 22 hours ago
Can we get over the whole concept of treating politicians with so much praise and shit im so sick of it. Like sure "they're people too!" And whatever the fuck but they are also rich and old and have worked to get into a position where they are RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LIVES OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE.
If they fuck up and apologize, you shouldn't be saying "oh it's ok they said they're sorry!" You should be saying "you should be sorry. Now fucking fix it." If they FINALLY fix an issue that's been plaguing us for fucking ages, you shouldn't praise them like a God, you should be saying fucking FINALLY, now work on this major long lasting issue next!
They are not your favorite youtuber who made a wittle mistake and said something they didn't realize was bad, they are in a position of power over people's LIVES. They WILLINGLY put themselves there. They have more than enough resources to deal with shit, and they can easily afford a therapist. Don't fucking worry about them.
Also, not liking a politician does not mean you like the opposite side. I feel like so fucking many people praise biden because they feel like if they don't then conservatives will hop on their ass if they criticize him. Hating biden doesn't mean you like trump. The world is so much bigger than Republicans and democrats. Grow up and just say what you actually fucking believe.
You don't gotta cut them any slack. When they mess up its not a tiny mistake that might offend some people, it has massive effects on people's entire fucking lives. It can kill people, make them homeless, trap them financially, drive them to suicide, whatever the fuck else. These are REAL PEOPLE being affected, not just a number or statistic on a graph.
Hold politicians accountable. Don't cut them any slack. Of course they're never going to be perfect, but because of the position they're in, you should NEVER back down and forgive them. If they make a mistake, you point that out and you do not let go of it until it's fucking fixed properly. And even then, do not forget about it. Loyalty isn't gonna solve police brutality or trans suicide rates or domestic violence or immigrant kids living in camps or ethnic cleansing overseas or any other issue that involves other human beings actual fucking lives. Don't be a pussy.
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Some of the hot takes I've heard from my parents ever since my doctor recommended I get an ADHD assessment:
this is just like the time you got misdiagnosed with depression
even if you don't have it they'll tell you that you do so they can sell you pills to make profit
you don't have adhd your personality is just like that
you don't have adhd you're just lazy
adhd is a modern invention
you're like this because you go on your phone too much
you've never had mental problems in your life
everyone has mental problems in their life
you're making things up because you're just bored
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thylaa · a day ago
hi!!! ive been reading the goldenrod revisions and i love it so far <333 i think you mentioned once that you don’t mind people pointing out mistakes because i’m reading chapter 1 and i stumbled upon this, “Dean and moves away, shuffling out of the library towards the garage.” not sure what ‘and’ is supposed to replace but i could be reading it wrong. anyways thank you for writing it!!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ugh I keep making minor typo corrections or edits (literally in the middle of re-read and re-edit to update a couple of lore continuity errors pointed out by another helpful anon) but it's so hard to keep spelling and grammar straight when I'm writing on a code editor not a word processor. I SUPER appreciate this lmk if you find any others! ❤️
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sarahbela · a day ago
took my 24 hour juneteenth leave from this app and i have to say. it’s refreshing to just ignore everything and eat sleep and breath knowing the significance of the day and remembering that i’m here today bc my ancestors got thru what they did. thanks
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funkiing · a day ago
about to head of for the night because i'm not feeling the emotional best rn smhsmh and hnhngg tired
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sea-anon · a day ago
Me 99% of the time: head empty, feral, lowkey stupid
Me any time someone wants to talk about a book/literary analysis: genius, knows several words, a gentleman
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paranatural · a day ago
senior year...terminale...why do they make it sound so dramatic😭 we're not going to die we're just going to graduate
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dreamofspaceboy · a day ago
since im half deliriously bitching about things anyways, i would like all non-latino people to stop. just stop! stop talking about latino culture. stop having weird takes about latino characters. stop acting like we're either flamboyant af or vicious. stop pretending u are an authority on our culture. leave us aloneeeeee.
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aro-aizawa · a day ago
i don’t watch tv shows often (like, non cartoon shows) but one of my ultimate favourite kind of episodes in those shows are always the bottle episodes. where the crew is trapped somewhere and they either have to wait it out together or work together to get out. they’re always always fascinating and i have a huge soft spot for them.
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killingjarz · a day ago
i went to london with my mom and grandma in 2006 and since my memory is so shit the only things i remember with any clarity are music related and SO 2006 like. louder now by tbs had just come out and that's pretty much al i listened to EXCEPT. when we visited tower bridge which most of the world thinks is london bridge and i got out my little black ipod nano and played london bridge bc how could i NOT i was 14 <3
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