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#not a theory
soniccrazygal · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Meet Gary, Filry, and Fory aka the theorist channels. So on gt live they mentioned someone did a personification of the channels so I decided to do my own take on them. 
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team-rowoby · 18 minutes ago
I had a dream last night where Emerald became the Summer Maiden. Cinder and Emerald had been fighting and Emerald was down, and Cinder was ranting about the power not going to her, and out of focus in the foreground, you see Emerald sit up. Cinder looks over, then there's a slow zoom shot of Emerald's back with the maiden theme soft in the background, before she looks over her shoulder with the eye flames lighting up, and then I woke up. Rooster teeth hire me.
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vinyls-and-valentines · 23 minutes ago
Between the two of them, Cherri Cola and NewsAGoGo share a station. It's easier that way, with both constantly off doing something or the other thanks to the same itch in their brain, but it also means that when they started sharing, for a good few months, their only way of communicating was complaining about each other through notes they passed back and forward (including one epic game of tick-tack-toe as well).
It became routine after a while and Newsie would always expect to find some snarky reply or shitty poetry line when they returned, but what they didn't expect was Cherri Cola turning up one night about halfway through Newsie's stay, more or less covered in his and other people's blood, giving them a nod and then promptly passing out on the floor
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jasoncanty01 · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Rodney Orpheus
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orange-applesause · 28 minutes ago
Quick Theory:
Dr. P on the book Marcy found is Dr. Planter, or Sprig and Polly’s mom, assuming the frog in Andrias’s flash back was their mom.
Tumblr media
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knights-unwelcommentary · 28 minutes ago
Aradia pranking all of the trolls by being a poltergeist and messing with their stuff to keep the timeline in track but not realizing she did that until some time after she goes god tier
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knights-unwelcommentary · 39 minutes ago
Dave probably has ceramic knives in his kitchen since he’s fucked up from all the blades Bro had hanging around theirs
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nuttydragonbird · 47 minutes ago
Guess what guys, I just did the math and assuming roughly 1/6 people is queer, I will have the pleasure of not being the only gay cousin🙃
Can't wait for the other three to come out!
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misfitmccoward · 55 minutes ago
tipsy opinion: tell me how you feel about dramione
Eeeeh, neutral LMAO. I like "villain"/main girl ships BUT I'm not a big fan of Draco in the later books. IMHO teenaged!Draco in canon is not the suave bad boy he is in fanon, so if I want to enjoy Dramione it either has to be REALLY GOOD or I have to be in a mood where I can ignore that characters are OOC. ;)
But I'm not, you know, opposed to the concept?
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howclayisformed · 56 minutes ago
please remember the following dog whistles for anti-Blackness:
human rights/humanity
collective liberation
Black and brown communities
working class
colonized ppl
Black and indigenous
first world
saying ‘racist’ instead of ‘anti-Black’
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canonheadcanons · 57 minutes ago
Me and Peter Parker (Played by one Tom Holland) have secretly been in a committed relationship for a year now, according to Stan Lee himself guys I swear I'm not making this up
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embraceyourdestiny · 58 minutes ago
Random thought that isn’t canon but fun to imagine: we know that Xemnas visited the Chamber of Repose/Waking to go over Terra’s memories of his friends. Remember this what one of the first things Xemnas says to Roxas is?” I’ve been to see him, he looks a lot like you.” Most people probably assume he means Sora and while that’s probably what he actually does mean in canon, imagine if he was talking about Ven. That’s a BBS reference at the very beginning of KH2 and since the secret ending and linger will all have to do with the Wayfinder trio, it’s kind of fun to imagine that’s what Xemnas meant and Ven was alluded to from the very beginning.
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theboombutton · 58 minutes ago
Here's a theory: TMA Vampires are Web, not Hunt.
They prevent you from noticing that they're not talking
They don't stalk or chase down their prey like you'd expect from a Hunter
Instead they invite you to their parlor(s)
And trap you there until they're ready to eat
They push impulses/ideas into your head
In MAG 56 Children of the Night Trevor Herbert explicitly compares the spider husk's compulsion to vampire compulsions
Perhaps because of all the statements about manipulation and mind control that use spider/web imagery, we've gotten lazy about identifying other sorts of manipulation and mind control as belonging to the Web.
And perhaps that's all according to plan.
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sketchingtons · an hour ago
Anyway I’m definitely still thinking about how Tim told Bernard to hide and just ran straight at the chaos monster to fight them as a civilian
And like, we know Bernard was taken by the monster but how scared do you think he was to see his friend/date just run at that thing like?? They straight up just saw it kill a waiter at the restaurant and then Tim tells him to hide and launches himself at it???
So just imagine Bernard hiding under the table, worried out of his mind for Tim, and then the chaos monster rips the table away and snatches him-and as the monster takes him away he just sees Tim’s body crumpled on the floor, limp. Like, we as the audience know Tim was just taken out by chloroform powder and is merely knocked out-but I assume Bernard missed all that and, even if he did see it, would have no idea what the powder was or what it did: it could have easily just been poison or something!
So anyway, Bernard struggling in the chaos monsters hold, fighting for all he’s worth and screaming Tim’s name, trying to reach him as the monster takes him away-not even sure if Tim is still alive, but fighting to get to him.
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alliluyevas · an hour ago
my favorite asoiaf theory is actually the one about the mean old black cat that arya chases in agot being rhaenys’s kitten balerion all grown up
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A very excited Eddie Redmayne interviewed right after winning his Tony Awards for playing Ken in John Logan's play Red. "Amazing! Amazing!" he said .....( look how he spins the pinnacle of the award) 😀😀😀!! The incredible is that he won the Tony on his mother Patricia's birthday !! It was June 13, 2010.
Happy Birthday Patricia!
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ninjawarrior100 · an hour ago
Luna’s achieved goal and the aftermath with Tanner? (Fiction Theory)
Luna got the file with the information about the Blueblood Killer from Tanner who seemed to be very impressed with her hard work and determination. 
It’s a bit pity that we don’t know what happens after Tanner injected her again. All in all, there’s a cliffhanger with an open end of “Scrutinized”.
I’m really asking myself if there could be any DLC or a concrete sequel where we would know the real ending of Luna’s tale in the WTTG universe.Though this might be answered in “Welcome to the Game: Online” where everyone is included besides Luna and Tanner like Clint, the Doll Maker, the Noir or (for sure) Adam himself aswell. 
It would be interesting to know who the BBK is and also how Luna will find him and if there would be any dialogue between Luna and him about his victims and her cousin. 
Nevertheless, it’s also a remained mystery if the BBK is a man or a woman because no one know his or her face. I personally think it would be somehow unsettling and suprising at once if it would be a female and also to know if there is a proper background story or another explanation of his or her motive.
Tanner is also someone who wouldn’t leave Luna on her own because in the very end his last words were:  “Until next time ... Luna.” which contain surely an aftermath in the future between these both important characters. 
This now may sound like a fanfiction-theory but what if Luna and Tanner must cooperate with each other because of an more important win-win situation?
At first, I thought that Luna and Tanner would work together to find the BBK like Katara and Zuko did to find the murderer of her mother. Somehow this might be interesting but I’m not fully convinced that Tanner would change his whole attitude because of Luna and become somehow really caring instead always being ... just Tanner from “Scrutinized”.
We don’t know if Adam really cared that much achieving the information of the BBK or not but if he might care a lot and asks Tanner about his task to find the information which he might denies or tries to explain that Luna was quicker than him. A much worser scenario would be if Adam finds out that Tanner was the one who gave Luna the file and didn’t fulfill his task and that could Adam judge as a betrayal and because of that Tanner could be kicked out of Adam’s organisation.
After all, Tanner stated to Luna that he has indebted himself to Adam which means he did (maybe never) want to work for him voluntarly. Like I’ve assumed in my previous theory post about Tanner role he might have indebted himself to him because he might had one single victim and Adam was the help he needed to escape, although the police is looking out for him. 
Because of the betrayal conspiracy Adam will want to punish Tanner and there could be different options such as sending the whole information about Tanner to the police so he might get caught. 
An another thought might be that Adam wants to see Tanner’s anxiety and slow process of self-control if he set a bounty on him, so every antagonist would hunt him. Yes, this might remind you of “John Wick: Chapters 2 & 3″. 
Anyways, Tanner could easily become the quarry himself among his former colleagues and even if he always seems so cheerful, this might change him into a serious and strained person aka his other characteristic side.
What role would Luna take in this whole situation which is basically about him and his former decision to help her?
I personally think that they both have nothing in common in a romantic way (if the developers confirm so, it would be a bit strange but I’m neither against this). There could be a new win-win situation or better to say “a deal”.
I don’t know if Luna would find out about the bounty of Tanner or he would tell her personally again within a tensed atmosphere (like kidnapping her again if his hideout is still save or he might get in her house again). This might lead to an intensive talk between the pro- and antagonist of the previous plot. 
Luna might be also a target for the hunters if Adam would find out about her or he would know that there is a person who got the information from Tanner. 
So both,Luna and Tanner, would become the hunted.
There, my second thought was a “deal” which they could arrange. Luna must help Tanner but I’m not sure in which way (to beat Adam and his whole squad or to find a save place for him with her computer skills). In return, Tanner might promise to somehow distract Adam and the hunters ... But that’s a point which I can’t tell for sure. 
I think we all are interested to find more about the characters of this universe which we might will in the future game or never will, but Tanner is somehow a vibing and a very popular anatgonist like Eddie Gluskin from “Outlast Whistleblower” in 2014 was. It would be great if the developers would some day release his personal information beside his surname “Grayton” like age, height, the truth about the asumption if he’s a cannibal or not  and the most important: his background story. 
Tanner is a young man who is in his late 20′s or in his 30′s and beside his good looking appearance, it remains unknown if he’s an actual doctor or chemist because of his former quote “I’m no master chemist”. 
It’s also somehow funny and unsettling at once how fast Tanner is. If you look closer, Tanner isn’t running ordinary but doing jump steps and he seems to have a great stamina although he’s smoking. This might mean he was in the army or he’s just good sports man. And we might (never) know his motives or reasons for his psycho character (he might have been like that since his birth or some event changed him dramatically which I assume is not the case). And we might (never) know his feelings towards Luna besides high respect. 
It would be ineteresting to see Tanner and Luna cooperate and becoming closer and develop a (small) friendship. They might travel through the country to find more evidences or trying to hide. Sometimes there were car sounds and plane sounds aswell during the game. I assume that the kidnapper did use the plan and Tranner the car ... So he might have one.
Adam might could have the idea to get Luna to let her decide ... like Clint from WTTG 2 had to ...
 A decision which is all about deciding if she wants to save her life by telling where Tanner is or worser taking the decision in front of Tanner to sacrafice him. The other decision might be that she must pass so Tanner would be free and he would be out of his debt and Adam might use her like Amelia. Somehow, Tanner would want that Luna should decide against him because “he likes her that much”, but Luna might also feel for him pity because of  the developed “friendship” or “sympathy” because of his former aware decision to risk his work for her giving her the BBK file. 
Well, this is only my theory which is more fictional, yes I know, but I do hope that the future game would have answers about the BBK, not only Tanner’s but about the other’s lores and a clear ending (if it’ll be the last game of this universe).
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thoughtportal · an hour ago
Do they realize how crazy it really is out there these days? Do they realize how the tendrils of crazy now instantly connect with what they’re doing—or not doing—in Washington with the crazy at the local level?
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