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prince-kags · 4 minutes ago
AH! i heard your wrist hurts! if it’s still hurting alot it could be arthritis! i have it in both my hands and i have given up on trying to treat it, so you should get help before it gets serious!
~worried nonnie🎐
u know what that. that actually might be. yeah. i have chronic pain in my arms, shoulder, knees, shins (prob not arthritis), and occasionally my wrists and hands?? also my neck?? and not all of those may be from the same thing but why the hell did i not consider that it might be smth that i should go get checked for arthritis when a lot of those are joints and other people in my family have it im-
also yeah nonnie thank u for saying that bc i am notoriously terrible at getting medical help,,, and ur concern is v appreciated im :((( im making this face but like in a happy way?? ily <3
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brainsanalysis · 6 minutes ago
Hello My Beloved! How was your night? Did ypu get enough sleep? Hope you have a superb day amd don't forget to drink some water!
Aww thank you nonnie! My night was great, I could do for a little more sleep but couldn’t we all >w< Thank you for the reminder!! Take care of yourself too <3
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savagelee-little · 6 minutes ago
Little butterfly.. you deserve me in your life so much more than you know. I’m here to help you with whatever you need, reassure you when you can see things clearly, give you love and adoration when it’s the only thing you crave. Like I told you last night: Your baggage is now also my baggage, and I’ll help you carry it for as long as you need me to.
You’re the only one in my thoughts, the only one I truly want to explore things with. I want to go on those dates, I want to kiss those lips, and I just want to prove to you just how much you truly mean to me. And one day I’ll have that chance, and it’ll be the greatest day of my life. Because you’re incredibly special to me, Princess. You truly are.
oh 🥺🥺🥺
I love you so much and I appreciate you more than you realise 😭🤍 I'm so lucky to know you, and I can't wait for the day when I can finally meet you 🥺 I know that I'm difficult sometimes but this just made me feel so much better, thankyou 🥺🥺🥺 you know im always here for you too right? no matter what ❤ you mean so fucking much to me, I can't explain it
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cerise-jolie-jennie · 8 minutes ago
The nonnie sent you Meghan the stallion lyrics
yeah they told me aksj I never heard that song
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cerise-jolie-jennie · 9 minutes ago
Boyfriend cheated on me so I’m listening to Crybaby by Megan Thee Stallion
I know how that feels....
I'm sorry hun, its hellish
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cerise-jolie-jennie · 11 minutes ago
Jordan, Tommy, Timothy, Daniel, might let Jonathan bring in Sarah. B*tch tryna brag about taking my man? Ha! I need me a man off of my hands.
nonnie honey what happened
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prince-kags · 11 minutes ago
good evening, i hope yourリ day has been good so far!
im answering this in the morning but yes!! my day was good yesterday <3 how are you doing nonnie?
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hvnlydmn · 13 minutes ago
Is your party thing over? I’m sorry idk what’s it call :(
hi love ! yea it’s closed now unfortunately <3
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cerise-jolie-jennie · 14 minutes ago
I don’t mean to be rude but can swearing-in-rose put the smaller font when sending things to the inbox? It kind of clutters things up. I’m sorry.
hey arin?
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nekodzu · 23 minutes ago
The key to writing smut is to just have no shame. Everytime I write some I spend 80% of the time cringing at how weird it sounds but it always works out fine anyway -🧡
i say shameful shit irl but once i see it written down i just . . .
Tumblr media
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awkweirdtato · 33 minutes ago
Tato you’re great! I would like to cuddles with you and have snuggles and hang out and watch movies and have tickles and all the good stuffs yaknow? Ye :)
All the good stuuuuuffs
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nsfwsebbie · 34 minutes ago
What’s your favorite things to do when you feel little? For comfort or...?
ooh i like cuddling and talking to others! especially rach and daddy 🥺
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awkweirdtato · 34 minutes ago
happy birthday tato!
Not my birthmasssss
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nsfwsebbie · 54 minutes ago
i just wanted to say i reallyyy love ur writing and i love getting the taglist notifs when you post a new fic 💞💞💞
awe thank you so much baby!! ily!! 🥺😭💕💓
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Hi! I just saw the post you reblogged about likes... and while I definitely don't disagree, I feel like there's more to it for some people (or maybe just me). I personally have 0 followers. Well, I have some but they're all bots and I need to block them but haven't gotten around to it. Because of this, I usually only like things--because what's the point? No one else will see it. If I had followers I'd reblog, but I don't. So I don't.
hi nonnie! reblogs don't just widen the scope of people who see our stuff! they tell the tumblr algorithm which posts to boost onto other people's dashes with the tagging system. the more reblogs the post has, the more tumblr will promote it to the people following the tags we use. and also! it adds another note! it's like a double kudos! and why wouldn't you do that for your fav content creators?
so reblog stuff! it still helps us whether you have 300 followers or 3!
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barnesplums · an hour ago
*wraps the warmed towel around you, kissing you softly* feeling better baby?
- bucky
*cuddle into the towel and kiss you back* yes much better, thank you
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saintchrollo · an hour ago
Hmmm.. chrollo with a beard or a mustache 🤔. What do you think?
chrollo stays clean shaven for a reason ..... he might be a murderer but the one thing he saves is kitty cats 😩
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cerise-jolie-jennie · an hour ago
JENNIE I'm so sorry I need to do a short vent- I saw purple-haired Jin because I was on the "jin edit" hashtag on Tiktok... And it doesn't help that he's my bias and I already think he's so handsome- but when I saw him with purple hair I started CRYING- Wtf... I never thought I'd find someone this attractive to the point that I'd cry.. But I did. I feel so flustered rn... I've been rocking back n forth for the last 5 minutes.. Is this normal
I feel like they're trying to give us a heart attack
for army it is, yes
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psycho-mocha · an hour ago
when you call people bb i just juroiewurowiulkjgskskskskdsdjdjjsfjdjfd
You know it bb
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m-mortimer · an hour ago
Does stripper sukuna have all his tattoos and the black nails as well?
So in short yes - he’s based off this ✨tiktok✨ don’t @ me
But yeah he has the tattoos nd black nails n shit cause that’s his image, his style, his carefully built facade but obviously he wouldn’t have the extra eyes or the extra arms or the mouth on his hand or his an ideal world yes yes he would but for sake of the AU - just the tattoos n edgy nails nd a tongue piercing too I think.
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