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#nonna my beloved
heyimboredtalktome10 hours ago
Random ask time: do you think the main riordanverse characters are good with children?
HIIII NONNA! Let's make a list:
Percy: He likes kids, he thinks they're fun and he enjoys making them laugh and hanging out with them
Annabeth: She's alright with them as long as they don't interfere with her work or something, if she's working on something important she throws them out (affectionate)
Will: He likes kids, doesn't understand that they're fragile tho, he'll pick them up and throw and catch them and swing them out to make them laugh, but never lets them get hurt, so basically kids have loads of fun with him
Nico: Absolutely adores children, he always carries candy and stuff in his pockets for them, he also shows them magic tricks and tells little campers about myths and random stories and the gods that he's met while he's travels
Jason: He's like that one rich uncle, he'll buy them whatever they want (Jason: What do you mean I can't buy them a trampoline) and hangs out and vibes with them, so he's fun
Frank: He cannot say no to children, he just can't, they will set the house on the fire and all he's gonna say is, let's do something. More fun.
Reyna: What is a child
Piper: Doesn't really like children, they irritate her, she's not mean or anything, she's just like "hello why are you so loud pls stop screaming"
Hazel: Do I even need to say it, Hazel loves kids and kids love her back, who wouldn't love Hazel
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heyimboredtalktome5 days ago
spanish, engineering, ancient-ness
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heyimboredtalktome7 days ago
38, 39, 40 for the handwriting ask game?
Tumblr media
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heyimboredtalktome9 days ago
Top 5 most embarrassing things you鈥檝e witnessed (not yours if you don鈥檛 want to, just embarrassing things you鈥檝e seen)?
KSJKAKS I was thinking about this at random times and
The one time this girl's skirt fell down during this important ceremony at school, when she was on the stage馃拃
That one time the teacher started crying in class and stuff because of an argument with a student (was I the student? 馃) And I was cringing so hard
This one time my leg got stuck in one of those drainage thingy holes during morning assembly 馃拃馃ぇ
And that one time when I topped maths and failed computer science 馃(coding sucks okay? I hate it)
And that one time I fell off my chair while fighting my partner and laid on the floor for 10 minutes straight, unaware that the teacher was there the whole time馃ぁ
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heyimboredtalktome9 days ago
馃崜 for the cute emoji ask if you want?
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heyimboredtalktome9 days ago
馃巰 for the cute ask?
I think Mulan, but Belle is pretty pog too
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heyimboredtalktome9 days ago
馃専 for the cute ask if you want?
馃専 - HMM, see where I live, you can't really see a lot of stars and stuff and so whenever I can I'm like sad because I wanna visit places that have loads of stars because stars are so pretty, and I wanna travel and stuff but sometimes I feel so trapped and stars remind me of that so it's bittersweet
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heyimboredtalktome10 days ago
Sorry for asking so much, top 5 favourite accents (in whichever language)?
Spanish accents jeez, I've got this friend and sometimes she sings for me and mmmmmmmm I listen to those audio recordings so many times, so yeah Spanish accents are on the top 馃槫
Russian accents are really nice馃槍
Italian accents, they remind me almost of an Indian accent? Idk they're pog
those are all the accents that I know馃槶馃槶
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heyimboredtalktome10 days ago
Top 5 AUs you wish you had time/inspiration to write? (Riordanverse or otherwise)
Figure skater Nico, from where he started to the Olympics, a full on detailed multi chapter fic, I would give anything for it
Figure skater Reyna, like this is sort of the prequel to Nico's arc and I've got literally everything figured out and I'm always thinking about it but I've got no motivation to write it
Model Nico maybe 馃憖
Rich kid Will and his struggles because of his homophobic family
Reyna joining the Amazons instead of the Hunters so that she can be with her sister馃槍
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beelspillowpet11 days ago
You had me at "I love JJBA". Instant follow for me.
God we just talked about jojos in the discord for like 3 hrs LMFAO YEAH i love JJBA but no one knows it from looking at this dumb blog ffff
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heyimboredtalktome11 days ago
You鈥檙e definitely down by the bay and slinky
Nonna I would never say no to stories by you KSKKSKSKSJSJKSKSKSLS I can listen to you talk for ages, also I'm not babie 馃槶I'm a bad bitch, also no sleep馃ぁ馃馃敨
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heyimboredtalktomea month ago
may I ask you random questions too? I feel like you post a lot of stuff so it might be a bother.. in case of you wanting to answer random shit, what do you think esperanza valdez's relationship with her family was like?
YES please you can ask me anything 馃槶馃槶also nope you'll never be a bother djsjsjsjjsjs
Hmmm I think we saw in the Mark of Athena that her relationship with her grandfather was pretty good, so the way I see it, she had a strained relationship with her mom but with her dad it was alright, and I think she also had a sister, because didn't Leo have an aunt or something? And like the way Leo was treated by her makes it seem like the aunt and Leo's mom weren't on good terms at all, and we don't know about any other siblings and so in her family she had a good relationship with her grandfather and dad, her mom and sister didn't really care all that about her, imo, it's a lot of speculating tho
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heyimboredtalktomea month ago
What you look like... I always imagined you had brown hair but perhaps it鈥檚 bc I have brown hair and I鈥檓 narcissistic and assume everyone else does? You wear glasses and you can raise an eyebrow I鈥檓 so good at describing people, clearly
OOOOOO my hair's black, yes I wear glasses and no I can't raise an eyebrow and I'm jealous of people who can馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
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etcaditya month ago
I am gonna say few things and you have to guess is whom I am talking about..
Kind, caring, adorable, has a different fragrance without even using perfume, an angel, most lovable person, our beloved, sometimes her cruelty is beyond words, sometimes her sacrifice is beyond words, sometimes her caring is beyond words. Yes, you are right. I am talking about mother. My mother, your mother, I am talking about every mother in this world. Happy mother's day, beautiful Ladies.
Let's talk about my mother now. Every mother has few categories which matches. Yes, that's why they are called MOTHER.
My mother is the best so far. I said so far bcz I am not sure if she would let me study abroad. Sorry maa. And she fought for both of us. Both means I have an elder brother. My mom is so establish in a city called Dhaka even having two kids like us. Yeah, we are really supportive. So, what I was saying.... Yeah so I saw my mom building up her career, shifting, finding a comfortable place. And this comfortable means;
Please note: My dad lives 6hrs away from us for his profession. He visits us every weekend. Wait for his story until father's day.
Maa has to finish cooking for entire day in the morning. Enough for 2 people. And if my dad is in town, boy, my dad is a foodie. The rest is up to you.
Maa has to be home within 7pm or 7:30pm, either, we all have hubby restrictions,right?
And many more guys but these two were important. So this is how my mom helped us grow. To be honest my childhood was off from parents bcz my dad stays different, visits weekends, mom has so many private job shits to deal with so yeah me and my brother grow kinda alone. Bcz if u deal with shits entire day obvio you have no strength to play with your kids. Still she somehow managed to give us some time. We went through hard times in the early age. Obviously without hard time I couldn't even post this or even write this on a smartphone. I used to cry for barbie doll but I didn't know that my family was going thru a hard time still mom somehow managed to get me exactly that barbie doll. When the world was normal even now I would say, I HAVE TO tell maa everything what I did when she was not with me. I mean I have to. If not I can't digest food, I can't breathe air. But yes, she ignores me. Sad life, peeps. She does that for fun deffo. Or does she?馃樁 But still, she ignores me, she claims I am annoying. How come she expected me to be not-annoying after all the stories I've heard from Nonna? I am her daughter after all. Every single mother in this planet is THE BEST. If she is being not nice, bruh that's for you not for her.I can proudly say I've never shouted on my mother if we are not counting when she have earplugs on and she can't hear me. If I misbehave with her only Allah and my heart knows what I go thru for the next 10 minutes. As she is so hardworking and fighter and supportive so yeah after my grandmothers she is my inspiration.
So take my respect if any mother is reading this and give my respect to your mother if any offspring is reading this.
Happy mother's day to the beautiful, lovely, and beloved mother out there.
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witchybitchy-x2 months ago
Tumblr media
鉁 Happy Aphrodite April 鉁
My alter includes:
- Red Roses
- My offering bowl with my Witches Runes cast in it and gemstones that i want to focus on this month
- Red heart tea-lights
- Bayleaf (because they really are that bitch)
- Sea shells that i collected from the coast last time i visited
- A bottle spell that i am charging for my beloved Nonnas save passage onto the other side. I included lots of Aphrodites favourite ingredients because it turns out Myrrh is an offering to her and for life/death spells and my Nonna loved roses and cinnamon too!
- A pink pilar candle that i light while researching and thinking of Aphrodite/Venus or just my Nonna 馃挒 it symbolises a purer love than that of the red tea lights.
- Cinnamon because apparently Aphrodite lovees it and would always smell of it
- I also have my incense briquette burner that looks like an offering chalice i burn Myrrh, rose petals, bay, cinnamon and occasionally mugwort/wormwood
- I like to also keep my writing pad on my altar as i am a writer and never know when i may need to make a note !
I would love to know how you have decorated your altar or how you are celebrating 馃鈥嶁檧锔
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asterioll2 months ago
Tagged by: the lovely @kiaya 馃グ
Rules:聽Tag 8 people you want to get to know better!
Favourite Colour:聽burgundy
Three Favourite Foods:聽pizza, sushi (i know the sushi we eat in western countries are not the the real sushi, but I love western fake sushi), torta della nonna (granny's cake?!?)
Time:聽19:25 PM (UTC+2)
Dream Trip:聽Malta with my beloved immortal family. But I'd love to go back to Myanmar, too 馃様
Anything I Really Want:聽that my and my husband's dream comes true 馃か
Tagging: @nnica @kikibluemay @alona-marinelli @missadler221 @0psique1099 @nemicoamatomio @firefliesintheskyline @bluegiulia
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oldguardbigbang20213 months ago
Chapters: 9/9 Fandom: The Old Guard (Movie 2020) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Joe | Yusuf Al-Kaysani/Nicky | Nicol貌 di Genova
Characters: Joe | Yusuf Al-Kaysani, Nicky | Nicol貌 di Genova, Nile Freeman, Booker | Sebastien le Livre, Andy | Andromache of Scythia, Quynh | Noriko, Lykon (The Old Guard), Original Female Character(s)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Bakery, Bakery and Coffee Shop, Friends With Benefits, Idiots in Love, Fluff, Fluff and Smut, Angst with a Happy Ending, Pining, POV Alternating, Blow Jobs, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, Switching, Top Joe | Yusuf Al-Kaysani, Top Nicky | Nicol貌 di Genova, Bottom Joe | Yusuf Al-Kaysani, Bottom Nicky | Nicol貌 di Genova, Canon Queer Character of Color, Canon Queer Relationship, brief mentions of homophobia, Embedded Images, They are both really soft for each other, but they're also idiots, bless their hearts, Found Family, Flirting, Dirty Talk, Flirting Via Dirty Talk
鈥淐an I help you find something?鈥 Nicky hears, not bothering to look up.
鈥淚鈥檇 like to pick up something for my Nonna,鈥 he replies.
鈥淵ou must be Nicol貌! I recognize your voice.鈥
Nicky looks up, and the most gorgeous man he has ever seen in person is smiling widely at him from behind the counter, causing deep dimples to show through the scruff of his tightly cropped beard. He has freckles dotting his sharp cheekbones and his nose, his eyes are the glossiest, shining brown, his hair is a riot of stunning dark, tight curls, and all Nicky can do is stare at him and think OH.
** On the first day of his summer break, Nicky gets a dreaded phone call about his beloved Nonna: she鈥檚 taken a fall in her favorite bakery in Malta and broken her hip. Nicky takes a sabbatical from his job as a professor and heads to Valletta to help with her recovery. He goes to the bakery to thank the owner, Joe, for helping his Nonna and finds himself instantly drawn to the man. The feeling is mutual, but both of them agree that since Nicky will only be in town for six months, it would be best if they kept things casual. After all, neither of them wants to get their heart broken when Nicky goes back home to Genoa.
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icecreamandknishes4 months ago
Tumblr media
I am聽 currently working on a project for my photography group that includes - no surprise - food photography. The theme is taking raw ingredients and transforming them into something delicious.
聽This week鈥檚 project is to make gnocchi from scratch.
Most pastas are made with flour, eggs and water, but gnocchi are traditionally made with the addition of potatoes. The potatoes can make the gnocchi heavy and stodgy, especially if you are not a Nonna who has decades of experience in making them.
There is a different style of gnocchi which uses ricotta cheese instead of potatoes and that is what I made. And I sped up the mixing process by combining the ingredients in a food processor, not by hand which is the traditional way.
Tumblr media
I had a jar of sun dried cherry tomatoes in oil that I used as a base to make a pesto for the sauce.
I whizzed them up (also in my beloved food processor) with garlic, parsley, green onions and a pinch of salt. I added parmesan to the pesto when I cooked it with the gnocchi.
Tumblr media
The finished product created a delicious pasta dish. The gnocchi came out light and fluffy and the sauce was easy to make and went perfectly with the pasta.
Tumblr media
Try something different. Get cooking.聽
Gnocchi Recipe (click here)
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Tumblr media
@rpwithjayn鈥 asked聽 Touching on that "contentment" post/drabble/ask you did not too long ago, does Tony want kids or a spouse? Is he denying himself that because he doesn't think he deserves a family/home life with others?
Tumblr media
This delves into a lot of issues for Tony that I haven鈥檛 really touched on before. So buckle up kids. We鈥檙e going to metaville.
Tony鈥檚 been alone for the majority of his life. Both as an adult and as a child. His nonna died when he was seven, taking away the most loving person in his life, and a year later his mother was taken from him in a car accident that almost cost Tony his own life. As soon as Tony was healed enough from that car accident, Senior was shuffling him off to boarding school, tucking him away like that forgotten pair of shoes in the back of the closet. Tony went from being his nonna鈥檚 beloved grandson, who had all of her attention and affection, her constant doting and love, to being left behind at a New Jersey boarding school in less than a year and a half. It was jarring for a little boy, and it did serious emotional damage to his psyche, damage that Tony, as a person, has never recovered from, but has instead buried deep down.
Even when Senior didn鈥檛 have him locked away in his ivory tower of a boarding school, the man forgot him. Let us not forget that Senior leaving Tony in Hawaii when he was 12 is not my headcanon, but actual NCIS canon. I can鈥檛 find the specific episode that gives us this fun fact right now, but it isn鈥檛 something that I made up. Senior forgot Tony in Hawaii while there on a聽鈥榖usiness trip鈥 (read con) and only noticed when Tony started racking up room service bills. What kind of man forgets his own son? Forgets he has a son? A piece of shit, that鈥檚 what. But think about what kind of thing that reinforced for a 12 year old Tony, who already felt like his only remaining parent didn鈥檛 want him around.
Then when he was ready for high school, Senior shuffled him off, yet again, and sent him to military school, yet another place where Tony was forgotten about. Only this time, it came with a side of self esteem crippling treatment in the form of former military sergeants treating children like actual soldiers. In Cadence (Season 12 Episode 14) we see exactly what kind of military school Tony attended when he was a teenager. It was not a healthy environment. It was run exactly like a boot camp, which, let me tell you, is not a good thing. Boot camp, basic training, etc- they鈥檙e meant to beat down the people attending them. They鈥檙e meant to psychologically wear you down. And Tony was enduring all of this from the age of 14 (his birthday is in July) to the age of 17. Imagine what kind of psychological damage that does to a teenage whose brain is still forming, especially one who already suffers from abandonment issues.
Now that we鈥檝e established that Tony has abandonment issues, and other psychological issues stemming from his childhood, let鈥檚 talk about his adulthood, and how he鈥檚 been alone for most of his adulthood too.
Tony only has one friend remaining from college, a man by the name of Steve. In the show, all we know about him is that his name is Steve, he鈥檚 a lawyer, and he was Tony鈥檚 frat brother. That鈥檚 it. That鈥檚 all we鈥檙e told. I鈥檝e expounded on that briefly, and added on that Steve is the guy who helped Tony become a better person, his support system when he decided he could no longer live the life he was living, when he decided he needed to make a personal change. Steve鈥檚 the only guy who stuck with Tony through it all. Steve鈥檚 it, as far as Tony鈥檚 support system goes.聽
Tony鈥檚 only real relationship, prior to joining NCIS, was a woman named Wendy. She鈥檚 a reporter. They met in Baltimore. I headcanon, due to my Tony鈥檚 nature and personality, that Tony and Wendy鈥檚 relationship was one of convenience. A聽鈥淵ou scratch my back and I鈥檒l scratch yours鈥 arrangement. They were friends, and they were close, but they did not love each other the way lovers do, despite getting engaged. Still, when Wendy (canonically) left Tony standing at the altar, it shattered something in him, reinforced that Tony was unlovable, that he wasn鈥檛 someone deserving of affection and love. Shortly thereafter, he received a job offer from Gibbs (more like an order) and he joined NCIS, while he was in a personal spiral of self destruction.聽
Let鈥檚 talk NCIS. There鈥檚 so much I could talk about within NCIS itself that reinforces Tony鈥檚 belief that he doesn鈥檛 deserve any love and affection, that he deserves to be alone, that he doesn鈥檛 deserve anything good in his life, but I鈥檓 only going to touch on one thing and one person, because this meta is already long, and we all know that I could go on for days about what NCIS has done to my boy.
So. We鈥檙e going to talk about Jeanne Benoit. I鈥檝e metaed about Jeanne before, and you can find it here. But we鈥檙e going to talk about the aftermath of Jeanne leaving Tony. Because, while Tony is homosexual, and therefore not physically attracted to women, he is demiromantic, and perfectly capable of falling in love emotionally with a woman. Such is the case with Jeanne Benoit. Tony loved her. She was the first person he ever truly felt romantic love for. And when she, rightfully -even in his mind-, left Tony after discovering that everything he had told her was a lie, he crashed and burnt. He was heartbroken. This was yet another case of a person who he had cared about, who he had loved, abandoning him, telling him that he didn鈥檛 deserve love. Then, mere months later, she was framing him for murder, trying to get him arrested for a crime that he didn鈥檛 commit. That goes beyond anger at being lied at. That鈥檚 betrayal, pure and simple. But Tony felt that he deserved it, because he鈥檇 done something so terrible (lied to her) and if she felt that he should belong in prison, then obviously he did.
Tony鈥檚 been told, shown, and demonstrated to, for his entire life, that he doesn鈥檛 deserve nice things. Everyone around him, with the exception of Steven Stone and his nonna, has shown him unequivocally that he doesn鈥檛 deserve to be loved, that he doesn鈥檛 deserve happiness. They鈥檝e proven to him with their actions that he鈥檚 such a piece of shit that no one should care about him. He鈥檚 taken those words and actions to heart, because they started when he was a child, long before his nonna died when he was 7.聽
So it doesn鈥檛 matter what Tony may want in his heart. Because he does want a family, someone to love him, to be there for him. He has so much love in his heart, so much that he鈥檚 willing to give to another person. We can see that in how much he gives to his team, how much he sacrifices over and over again to make sure that his team is taken care of. Tony has so much love he鈥檚 willing to give. But, does he believe he deserves love? No. Does he believe he鈥檚 ever going to get love? Also no. History has told him that no one will ever love a man like Anthony D. DiNozzo Jr. And he鈥檚 made peace with that because he鈥檚 had no choice but to make peace with it. If he wanted to find any shred of happiness, he was going to have to make peace with the fact that he was going to be alone forever. So he did.
TLDR; Yes he wants a family. No, he doesn鈥檛 think he deserves a family.
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