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#nonbinary writers
writing-with-olive · 9 hours ago
im writing a book where you can either be a prince princess or witch. princes as male princesses as female and witch is someone who has potential to become evil/some1 who isn’t a damsel. mc is a cis girl + lesbian who wants be a "prince" to save ppl. the whole thing is to be a commentary on gender roles and deconstruction of fairytales i wanna include trans and nb ppl but how can i do that without it being offensive esp in a world like this
Hey anon!
So first thing, I'm going to write what I think you've worldbuilt here to make sure that I'm accurate in my understanding/if I'm not, then to see my suggestions with that context.
Prince: male, not a damsel (based on your character wanting to be a prince)
Princess: female, a damsel
Witch: genderless, has the potential to be evil, not a damsel like a princess
Okay so. Including characters respectfully. My personal opinion is that a trans-inclusive/trans-supportive world is ideal because the ratio of fictional transphobic worlds to trans-inclusive worlds is WAY too high. Also, we live in a largely transphobic world (just take a look at what the United States is doing - it's horrific) and a chance to actually have some escapism, instead of just being reminded that we're not included the same way everyone else is, is kinda nice. 
With this in mind, how you structure your worldbuilding is going to look a few different ways. (Note that these are not the limit, but just some ways I might think about worldbuilding to help give you a starting place)
Option 1: There's a certain period of time before people are seperated out into being princes, princesses, or witches. During their youth, gender is pretty fluid and open. It's only after a certain milestone that characters have to decide what they want to call themselves and then they are slotted into the appropriate social role. This would mean that it is completely natural to have trans princes/princesses/witches. This does open up the plot hole of "well then why didn't MC just say she was male so she could become a prince?" Though I imagine this can be circumvented with an explanation such as "she didn't realize"
Option 2: Just.... don't explain it. There are trans princesses and trans princes and that's just how it is. This has the benifit of not being too complicated and focusing the story on the gender roles themselves rather than the mechanics of how they work. This also opens up a ton of plotholes so.... have fun with that :D
Option 3: Given that there's witches in this, I'm assuming that there's magic, so maybe there's a way that people could tell what gender characters are based on that, as opposed to what they look like physically. This changes out some of the identity that comes with discovering that you don't quite fit into the established gender roles, but it also reinforces that people's gender isn't just what kinda package they were born with, which is a win. 
The one thing to keep in mind is that under no circumstances should you make all the trans characters (or if there's only one trans character) witches. If you have witch trans characters, fine. But you gotta have trans princes/princesses too. 
This leads us to nonbinary people. Basically the concept is that if someone's nonbinary, it means they don't fit into society's gender roles. In this case, the gender roles are pretty strict -- you're either a prince, princess, or a witch. Like with binary trans characters, we have a few options here as well (feel free to mix and match options that I give for nb/trans characters how you want it's your book).
Option 1: If it's set up like a monarchy system almost, you can have nonbinary characters being neither princes or princesses (the witch comment from above applies here as well), but rather other high-ranking positions like advisors or religious leaders or emissaries. Basically, you're not forcing them into lower ranks because they don't fit with the binary system that's been set up
Option 2: There are nonbinary princes/princesses. Basically, they've been slotted into being a prince or princess just like everyone else, but within their role as prince or princess, they're still nonbinary, meaning they might use more gender neutral language to talk about themselves, and they fit into the role as required but in every other respect, they don't. 
So I guess to sum up, my thoughts are to make your world trans-inclusive/trans-supportive as this is both nice to read as someone who is trans, and also adds to the overall commentary on gender roles, and within this, you have options to play with to make your worldbuilding support this.
Happy writing!
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liaroslyn · a day ago
My MCU Character’s LGBTQIA+ Headcanons
Steve: Transgender + Bisexual
Bucky: Genderqueer + Omnisexual
Natasha: Bi-romantic + Demisexual
Sam: Bisexual
Tony: Pansexual + Demi-romantic
Peter P: Transgender + Bisexual
Clint: Bisexual + Grey-romantic
Loki: Gender-fluid + Homosexual
Thor: Gender-fluid + Pansexual
Bruce: Asexual + Homo-romantic
Wanda: Pansexual
Carol: Lesbian
Stephen: Demisexual + Bi-romantic
MJ: Bisexual + Non-Binary 
Shuri: Lesbian 
Ned: Homosexual
Harley: Homosexual + Non-Binary
Rhodey: Bisexual
Pepper: Bisexual
Peggy: Bisexual
Scott: Pansexual
Valkyrie: Lesbian
Hope: Bisexual
T’Challa: Bisexual
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alibiuniverse · 2 days ago
WIP Intro: Crown of Asters
Tumblr media
Genre: High Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Themes: Found Family | LGBTQ+ Characters | POC Characters | Tournament Fighting | Enemies to Friends | Self-Worth/Living Your Truth
Synopsis: Amira Ravez, kingdom ecologist, exemplary student, Niokan rider, and heir to the Maikronian throne, vows to one day leave her homeland and see the world. But when a nightly scouting mission goes awry, Amira is forced to marry in order to keep peace between the six kingdoms of Oradell. The kingdoms send their respective heirs to participate in a contest for Amira's hand. At first, the princess wants nothing more than to hide away, but when she finds herself growing attached to the heir of her kingdom's enemy, Amira unearths secrets that threaten to tear her world apart. That is, unless she does something about it.
Main Characters:
Amira- Princess of Maikron and accomplished Niok rider. She is a biologist/ecologist who is focused on detailing all flora and fauna of her kingdom. She is training to develop her light magic skills (includes harnessing pure light as energy, healing, and simple alteration spells). While Amira tends to brush off royal formalities and work, she cares deeply for her people and would do anything to keep them safe.
Colette-Student at the University of Maikron, she is working to become an official kingdom engineer. As an immigrant, Colette struggles with wanting to conform with Maikronian lifestyles while also wanting to be the person she wants to be.
Leah- Princess and Warrior of Nevaerie, Leah is strong-willed, stubborn, and blind to the needs of outsiders. She strikes first and asks questions later, unless she wants to toy with her victim. Underneath her rigid and almost barbaric exterior, Leah struggles with her relationship with her father and how she is now her own person. In her free time, the princess of Nevaerie likes to paint.
Leon- Prince and heir to the Nevaerian throne, Leon is Leah's brother. He's been trained in the art of royal formalities and international affairs, however, he would rather swim out to the private island where he and his cadre train. Despite his skill with daggers, he shines in the art of war and subterfuge. Although he teases and prods his twin sister, Leon genuinely cares for her and worries that she's slowly heading down the wrong path. One of his favorite party tricks is his magical ability of forgery, in which he can write anything in the hand of those he meets.
Zephyr- Princex of Paradin, Zephyr is a quiet and collected soul. With a passion for history and secrets, they do whatever they can to find the long-forgotten stories of their people. They struggle with their family's legacy of cruelty and are torn with restoring their name or leaving it to ruin. Servants in the Paradin palace whisper rumors that the princex has an ability to see in complete darkness due to their unnaturally green eyes. When Zephyr isn't being forced to wear a tailored suit and bow to ladies, they write a story based on the adventures of their ancestors.
Koschel- A man of the people, Koschel is technically the king of Bowlis, a southern continent covered in snow, mountains, and dense forests. Yet, he rarely uses his title to lord over his people. Instead, Koschel merely acts as an advisor to keep his people from waging war on one another (although that rarely happens). Yet, he is sworn to keep the peace not just in his own land, but throughout the world. Koschel works alongside his scouts, Glenys and Lirio to keep his eyes on the people of Oradell, and is disturbed by what he sees. When he isn't training with his hatchets, Koschel works in the castle bakery.
Silvan-Silvan is a true patron of the arts and decorates his palace with the works of many local artists that he comes across. The king of Styke, Silvan is a skilled healer and musician who works to promote his people's freedom, as well as their protection. He knows all too well that where there is light, there is darkness, especially in the sands of his kingdom. Silvan uses his time to heal hunters and scouts while also teaching his students to wield spears and longbows.
Cyrah- Confident, optimistic, and a bit of an ass, Cyrah spends her days dancing on the deck of her ship with her crew. As the naval commander and princess of Alicondri, Cyrah maintains her iron grip on the international trade routes by sinking pirate ships, fighting occasional sea monsters, and bedding fleeting love interests. With her water manipulation magic and her uncanny amount of luck, Cyrah flies through life with little regrets. Even though Alicondri sits in the middle of countries on the brink of war, she knows that every kingdom will be begging for her fleet, and that she is the key to winning wars. It's just a matter of who is willing to pay more for her skills.
Current Status: First Draft in Progress
Follow for updates! (Insta: akat.37 Tiktok: akat37)
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zire-in-space · 2 days ago
Some Helpful Stuff
Shoutout to women. Shoutout to asians. Shoutout to blacks. Shoutout to hispanics. Shoutout to latinos/as. Shoutout to muslims. Shoutout to Jewish people. Shoutout to lgbtqa+ members. Shoutout to you all. Every one of you. Don't let anyone, not even a person with an identity I just shouted out, tell you you're not suffering, or that your suffering is anything less than other marginalized groups. Don't let anyone tell you your issues are not worth using certain phrases or tags in. Don't let anyone bring you down with hateful rhetoric. Never let it bring your consious lower and make you quieter, never. Keep being kind - never stop being the person who sees others hurt and has a desire and will to help. Never.
Thats it. Thats da post.
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enbyramblings · 3 days ago
My Mind is My Worst Enemy
(TW: Suicidal Thoughts and Idealization)
My mind tried to kill me last night
She held the pill bottle up to the light and said
"One swallow is all it would take"
She dragged a knife across my wrist as I told my best friend that I wanted her to have my cat
My mind reminded me of the bleach under the kitchen sink
And how much I love the burn of alcohol
She dragged me to the roof, put my arms out, and said
"If you feel like you're flying, then jump and find out"
My fingers hovered over the call button
Knowing my lifeline was asleep
So I took a pill and drifted off
Into a very temporary slumber
I arose the next morning with my mind
Wrapping her dark hands around my throat
"You should be dead"
She spat in my face as I rose to feed the cat
My mind tried to kill me last night
But I live to see another day
And as the sun sets and the day turns dim
I know that she will try again
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courting-jesters · 3 days ago
The Body - poem
when you were thirteen they called it a crying shame,  that your beauty would never grace the eyes of some other.  that the femininity they bestowed upon you  like a gift was being returned without the receipt.  the tragedy of your hypothetical barrenness drowned out the joy of self discovery,  your rebirth fell on deaf ears. 
the Body doesn’t care what you want.
your scars would be the making of a monster, your body would scare away any future lovers,  bright red letters spelling “WARNING: FREAK OF NATURE”.  you’d become a killer, a nightmare, a terror to behold. keep your misery, they don’t care as long as it’s pretty.  how can a body carved with a chisel of your own making possibly be commodified for the masses?  no, better to keep it quiet, keep the pretty face and the tiny waist. keep the long hair and the longing stares, wouldn’t want them to go to waste. 
the Body doesn’t care who you are. 
but listen to me now,  there’s an act of divinity in creation,  but beauty doesn’t exist solely in the creation of another. in the making of your own identity, in the carving of your own space,  in the clawing tooth and nail, there lies a gift of your own unique and holy artistry. 
the Body welcomes you home. 
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pridewrite2021 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
It’s time to take a little Pride in your work!
Throughout the month of June, we here at Pridewrite will be running a prompt-based creative challenge to help bring back a small part of something we’ve been missing for the last two years: Gay Pride!
There will be 58 prompts, to be released 25th May 2021. We will accept entries in all mediums, including (but not limited to) flash fiction, character studies, drawing, comics, fan works, poems, animation, photography, true-life and audio edits. If you’re interested, be sure to follow us so you never miss an announcement.
For more info, check out our [Rules & FAQ] and [Tagging Guidelines]! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an ask!
(Image ID below read more.)
[Image ID: a square graphic with a yellow background. A wavy rainbow sweeps from the top right corner to the bottom left. ‘Pridewrite!’ is written in a swoopy white text over the top of the rainbow. Dark yellow text in the bottom right corner reads ‘a selection of queer prompts for you to create to this June - for a month full of pride!’ End ID]
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eden-from-now-on · 4 days ago
mandatory (??) intro post:
hey there! i’m eden . my pronouns are they/them (im in a state of constant gender crises though, so those might be subject to change), i’m a minor, i’m from canada and i do art. a lot.
if you’d be so kind, i’d prefer that under 12s and over 21s do not interact w my blog.
also i’m absolutely gonna info dump abt my ocs and, like, fantasy worlds, i love worldbuilding and developing characters. i hate writing though. pffff
i may be what the kids call a gamer 😎😎; i play genshin impact and some other fantasy action games on occasion.
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pridewrite2021 · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
It’s time to take a little Pride in your work!
Throughout the month of June, we here at Pridewrite will be running a prompt-based creative challenge to help bring back a small part of something we’ve been missing for the last two years: Gay Pride!
There will be 58 prompts, to be released 25th May 2021. We will accept entries in all mediums (e.g. fanfic, fanart, podfic, etc), as well as both fanworks and original content. If you’re interested, be sure to follow us so you never miss an announcement. 
For more info, check out our [Rules & FAQ] and [Tagging Guidelines]! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an ask! 
(Image ID below read more.)
[Image ID: a square graphic with a bright green background. A wavy rainbow sweeps from the top right corner to the bottom left. ‘Pridewrite!’ is written in a swoopy white text over the top of the rainbow. Dark green text in the bottom right corner reads ‘a selection of queer prompts for you to create to this June - for a month full of pride!’ End ID]
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trans-writes · 6 days ago
when I chose a name for myself Rook was the first to spring to my lips Rook like the bird Rook like the liar Rook like the chess piece there must be some irony in the pawn naming themself after the castle i chose the rook, and yet, i’m the one getting moved here and there to suit the needs of the people pulling the strings pawn to C3, they tell me and off I go maybe it’s a little fantasy of mine the servant daydreaming about a day as a king the pet toying with the idea of being the master for the day maybe I’m just higher up on the food chain in my mind for now i’ll just say the name sounded nice --r.a.b.
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aceilux · 6 days ago
Erva: *Is a shapeshifting alien 
          *Extremely Chaotic 
          *Just wants to blow things up
          *Is never referred to with gendered pronouns 
Me: I diagnose you with enby.
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pridewrite2021 · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
It’s time to take a little Pride in your work! 
Throughout the month of June, we here at Pridewrite will be running a prompt-based creative challenge to help bring back a small part of something we’ve been missing for the last two years: Gay Pride! 
There will be 58 prompts, to be released at the end of May 2021. We will accept entries in all mediums (e.g. fanfic, fanart, podfic, etc), as well as both fanworks and original content. If you’re interested, be sure to follow us so you never miss an announcement. 
For more info, check out our [Rules & FAQ] and [Tagging Guidelines]! 
(Image ID below read more.)
[Image ID: a square graphic with a sky blue background. A wavy rainbow sweeps from the top right corner to the bottom left. ‘Pridewrite!’ is written in a swoopy white text over the top of the rainbow. Dark blue text in the bottom right corner reads ‘a selection of queer prompts for you to create to this June - for a month full of pride!’ End ID]
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deanmekel · 7 days ago
Respecting me
i try to tell myself
that the use of the wrong words is okay
but if you don’t respect my pronouns
do you even respect me?
you might not understand
the way they work
but still, you can be kind
i’m just trying to live my life
it’s already hard enough
without your ignorance
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sausagenoose · 8 days ago
I'm writing a book (again)
Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read this! My name's Brittany (or Renee) and I've been writing since I was seven. My dream is to become an author, and I'm trying to build my platform. Recently, I found this old story that I was working on and thought was decent when I reread it, and I published it on WebNovel, which is my preferred writing social media thingy right now. It's a wlw romance set in a fantasy world, and if you want to check it out, that would be so amazing! Anyway, yeah, thanks for reading! Oh, and if you want to give me feedback or anything, please do! It keeps me motivated!
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mollythomas · 12 days ago
"You don't know someone
Until you've walked a mile in their shoes."
When judgement came easy, this tempered me
I would meet people and quickly decide,
My life is easier.
Rarely did I meet an exception, for I had my mind made up for me, I was clothed and fed
I was told how to feel, and I felt...
My shoes were well kept, my soles smooth and laces clean
For I was not the one cleaning them, yet still, I believed I was better off,
It nearly felt like it was my fault, these characters I met and heard of were suffering, and I was not
But I was, beneath the surface. I saw that other people had it worse, and I ignored my worn insoles,
I wanted to be charitable, but I didn't have the money to clean my laces,
When I began wondering if I was who I was told I was, I started to see the damage.
I wanted the pain to stop so badly, I didn't realise how hard the miles I walked became,
Now my sole is tarnished, the holes let in the cold rain from the storm above,
Still I walked, for I had it easier,
Until I finally felt, and I understood what was done to me,
I met the person inside myself, and they dried my feet,
We now walk together barefoot in the emerald fields, over soft grass and sharp stones,
I still care for the shoes,
I walk for the day I can fix them. And someday my own.
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writing-with-olive · 15 days ago
is it okay for me, a nonbinary person, to write about one of my characters discovering that they're genderfluid? Even though they fall under the same umbrella, I didn't know if it'd be inappropriate to write about an experience like that. I would also appreciate any tips regarding writing a genderfluid character if you're willing. Thank you very much for any sort of help
Hey anon!
Moral questions like that don’t really have a definitive answer, and in the end it’s going to be up to you whether you think it’s within your space to write. I think it’s something that also comes with nuance, so I would keep that in mind. 
If the overall story is ABOUT that character discovering they’re genderfluid, I’d be a little iffy about it. Genderfluidity and being nonbinary are similar experiences, but the fact that genderfluidness is inherantly wiggly whereas being nonbinary is often a little bit more sturdy (if that makes any sense) means that the accompanying experiences are not the same. In a story about a character being/discovering they’re x, the nuances of x make a huge difference, and they end up being the nuances that just kind of are - you have to live them, rather than just research them.
If your story is about something else, and a character happens to be discovering they’re genderfluid along the way, I personally wouldn’t have a problem with it. Obviously, make sure you do your research and get sensitivity readers once you’ve written the character, but you should be fine. 
And if this character is a side character/secondary character who doesn’t have a POV, I would say that the idea of “you have to be x to write x” falls away - DEFINITELY write them. I would love to see more genderfluid characters, and as long as you make sure to portray them respectfully and all that, GO FOR IT.
As for some tips about writing genderfluid characters:
- (my pronouns are incorrect in this post by now, but the content is fairly good still I think)
- find genderfluid tiktok compilations - they can give you a sense of what it’s like being genderfluid in a more natural, not textbook-y way
- I will probably be doing more genderfluid-based posts in the future because I am still lacking with what I have on my blog lol, so if you search #genderfluid on my blog, you’ll see any new ones that I post
Happy writing!
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automated-author · 16 days ago
My characters are very hot and dorks. Liam and Nathaniel are both dumb aces.
Ren is also very hot, and they are my favorite
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valeriia-a · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌷 heres me w a lit mag w one of my andrew oc vignettes in it 🌷 they/them
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writing-with-olive · 18 days ago
How to do LGBTQ+ rep in fantasy/sci-fi
Alrighty so a lot of people talk about when you are representing marginalized groups, it’s often best to go with the appropriate label - it’s unambiguous that they are a member of that community, and there’s a sense of validation and being seen by members of the community IRL. And this is amazing advice that I stand by.
Except sometimes you can’t.
See, explicit representation is good, but if you’re writing, say, a Tolkein-esque fantasy, a lot of the words are different. Most common nouns and adjectives are going to stay the same, but many labels and concepts that we have today just don’t exist. This means that randomly including said terms will break immersion and honestly feels kind of awkward regardless of whether the reader is a member of the community or not.
The first thing to remember is that we have labels because they sum up a common experience between many people. The label is used as a way of communicating that common experience succinctly. In many ways, this is the same for most concepts. Don’t want to say “item that gets sent in an envelope or a cardboard box and is often something that is meaningful in some way to the recipiant?” try instead: “package”
Including LGBTQ+ rep in your fantasy/sci-fi world is pretty much akin to reverse-engineering the language. You’re starting out with a single unit of information, and because that unit doesn’t fit into the story as is, you need to break it down into it’s component parts. Aka, describe the experience. If it is prominant in your story, you can also reassemble the experience into a new word that does fit. This is the equivilant of just switching the word bisexual or trans or lesbian with another word that better matches the narrative tone. (Note that this is not always necessary, and the default is to not do this, but is an option that is open to you)
You can pretty much include information about who a character is but spelled out anywhere you’d include the same information but using a label, or even bake it in somewhere a label simply wouldn’t fit. Honestly, the options are pretty much endless.
-  “Nalia? She was... that was flirtin -- she’s into me? She likes women?” 
-  Krion knew introducing Roald and Lillian could be dangerous; the only thing they had in common was the fact they were both former lovers to Malcom. But he had been captured and now Krion was desperate for anyone who might be willing to help get him back. 
-  “I’ve only been beaten once in a sparring match - a young woman from the Theta Legion, and she was damn good. You, sir, don’t stand a chance.” The commanding officer crossed his arms. So he hadn’t realized. It wasn’t that hard to beat him before, not when he was so smug and confidant and left his left side completely open. I forced my smile down. I’ll smile once I’ve thoroughly kicked his ass tomorrow.
- “That is Emrys. No they do not with anyone, and no they do not want to be. They will probably turn you into a beetle if you start flirting, so don’t get any ideas.”
And in a nutshell, that is how you tell your audience a character is queer. Have fun with it and don’t forget to get a sensitivity reader if you’re not a part of the LGBT community :D
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azula-is-writing · 19 days ago
Why are the love poems never for me?
Why are the love songs never for me?
Why it always need to be a "boy" or a "girl"? Why it can't be a "person"?
I am in love with romanticism, with poems, with those words so good planned and wrapped in musical notes. Oh, they fit so perfectly with each... But why isn't romanticism in love with me?
Why it always need to be "he" or "she"?...
Why it can't be "they"?
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