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#non blacks don't interact
fluoresensitive · 4 days ago
i do think its funny that there are TONS of posts about hate crimes and disasters in other countries that aren’t anti-Black, but non-Black people just flock to the ones that call us niggers wow
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bakuyonce · a month ago
Tumblr media
I don’t care how valid his point is or how accurate the video, a white person has no business making this video, especially with a thumbnail like this.
King Bach is a complete coon but non black people need to stay and their lane and call out non black people for their anti blackness.
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bartruto · a month ago
it’s jiggaboo time
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jonskory · 2 months ago
remembering how a stan used maya angelou's 'i rise' on a gifset for dragon barbie and when ppl were rightfully offended and outraged, a black man stepped in to defend the op who was white.
nigga was really doing the dance for a fandom who blatantly showed their ignorance and racism, all to defend a character who, if she were real, would be calling him a slur behind his back.
that shit was really peak comedy looking back on it.
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jonskory · 2 months ago
i'm gonna need non black people, especially non black poc, to keep us outta y'all mouths because you fuckers don't know how to act. take care of your shit yourselves and leave us the fuck alone. i've got no patience anymore because every fucking time y'all bring up your issues it's always, always laced in antiblackness and when we tell you all about it, you bitches call us racist like y'all ain't the same fucks calling us niggers and coons in your parents' house.
until y'all deal with your communities' antiblackness, and unpack why the fuck the sight of us fighting for our own rights bothers you so much, don't have nothing to say to us, don't have nothing to do with us, and stay the motherfuck away from our culture.
black history month and every tom, dick and harry couldn't wait to show their asses because we got a month to ourselves - the shortest fucking month in the year by the way. i am sick and tired of having to be polite and nice with y'all. i not about that life anymore. we should not be demanded or forced to perform labour for y'all asses like we your house niggas.
i will not be apologizing for this post because it's about goddamn time someone told y'all where to get the fuck out with that bullshit.
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bakuyonce · 3 months ago
They should have never gave y’all Negros clubhouse.
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bakuyonce · 3 months ago
Good Morning
Tumblr media
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panamanianturkeyfighting · 3 months ago
white baby calls u a nigga wyd
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prince-of-legba · 3 months ago
I understand education is needed to stop perpetuating systemic oppression, but talking to other black men about their role in systems of oppression, as the oppressed and oppressors, really is infuriating.
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whatissleepadream · 3 months ago
Question for Black people ONLY
Y'all niggas put ranch in y'all spaghetti?
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elfyourmother · 3 months ago
imma be real, it’s a lot of BW out here living their whole lives in fear. and I get why. we live in a terrifying world and it’s easy to be overwhelmed. but at the end of the day there has to be a balance between healthy skepticism wrt relationships/guarding your heart and shutting down and cutting yourself off from the entire world out of fear, even if the fears are justified
cuz tbqh we live in emotional prisons of our own making way too much of the time
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jonskory · 3 months ago
non black people log onto, go 'who's gonna be antiblack today?' then do that shit themselves.
if you use the words 'race card', 'say americans are dumb' when we damn well know your ass is talking about black people, use the same bullshit white europeans use aka 'racism is different here', and my all time favourite 'i'm not racist but...' then you're being racist and antiblack.
a whole fucking year of 2020 talking to y'all dumbass motherfuckers have taught you people nothing. and it's always the same shit of when we call you out and aren't nice about it - because why the fuck should we be when y'all make harassing niggas a fucking personality trait - the cycle of racial abuse continues. and then when your own problems arise, it's demanding black people open our mouths to support you when y'all are the same assholes who trashed our movements in the same fucking place.
it's so goddamn tiring. one day y'all will run into the wrong one in your lives and they won't be as patient as we've tried to be and will just bitchslap your ignorant ass and you will have deserved it.
plain talk, bad fucking manners.
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o-th-er · 3 months ago
The 'non blacks dont interact' tag is my favorite part of tumblr
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tropicallygrowngrandma · 4 months ago
I just feel like (from personal experience) fat darkskin women always gotta change the way they are/look for someone to appreciate them.
Ive been told im ghetto, mean, etc just bc I dont take shit from anyone, especially from non-black people, and its like?? Well what the fuck am I supposed to do?
I try to be more “soft” and “feminine” but then I just got walked all over or abused and then Im an “angry black woman” again or a “fat black bitch”.
I cant be soft and feminine and dainty when I dont get treated as such, as long as you disrespect me im gonna call you out on it, and eventually im not even gonna waste my fucking breath.
I deserve to be spoiled.
I deserve to be treated with respect.
I deserve to be loved for who I am, I shouldn’t have to change my entire personality to be loved.
Dating black men has brought me nothing but physical trauma. Dating nb men has brought verbal trauma, constant micro-aggressions and blatant racism lmao. My body has been physically and emotionally destroyed by men and then they expect me to respect them?? If you cant respect my body you dont deserve a woman at all.
Like (fat) black women can never catch a fucking break and I don’t understand it. We’re nothing but a fucking fetish to yall.
Like I know for a fact that If I was skinnier or lighter or BOTH, I would get nothing but repsect and more. I know I would. I just dont fucking understand WHY.
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jonskory · 4 months ago
if you pride your show on its diversity but there are no black people, i don't want it
if you pride your show on diversity but the only black people getting screentime are light skinned, i don't want it
if you pride your show on diversity but its black people are there to dote on white people with black women in the background, and dark skinned women no where to be found, i don't want it
i honestly don't care if i make people feel bad for this. why the hell should i have to sit through a series and not find one person who looks like me but see all these light skinned people get screentime whilst watching black men dote on white women, something they already do irl unprompted.
i deserve better than that. dark skinned people deserve better than that. black panther did it, these shows have no excuse.
[if you're not black, don't reblog]
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okayysophia · 4 months ago
So umm... none of you niggas got actual powers today, right???
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coquitocowboy · 4 months ago
Black people, rise up!!!There will be no hateration, holleration in this niggatry!
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xmagnet-o · 4 months ago
Non Blacks are just mad because they can’t delete my tags 😂
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xmagnet-o · 4 months ago
Anyway country music was made by Black Folk. 🙌🏾
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kouhaiofcolor · 4 months ago
I can't even be like “ion know who needs to hear this” cus frankly a lot of y'all do. anyway, STOP FUCKIN W & ALLOWING YOURSELVES TO BE FUCKED BY NIGGAS WHO ARE OPPOSED TO HAVING DARK SKINNED CHILDREN OR BEING W DARK SKINNED WOMEN. that shit is not cute at fucking all every time I hear a ashy ass black man say that shit i be wanting to slap the taste out his mouth. Women need to take that shit more seriously bc to me there is no clearer indication of antiblackness & self hate in a black male (aside from having fucked up generalized opinions ab Black Women they're always way too eager to share w ppl who don't even ask). Niggas (esp dark skinned ones, for what irony's worth) be open af ab this typa shit & it's so fucking ugly to me. It's sad cus a lot of y'all non blacks will let these niggas hit you anyway even after they make this shit perfectly clear unsolicited af. Learn to look at this shit for what it is: self hate & coonery. I'm tired af of ppl feeling like antiblackness is a preference matter instead of just straight up discriminatory & hateful. Esp when it comes — & a lot of the time it does consistently — from black men. Antiblackness in black men shouldn't be looked at as a flex or something tolerable. Its toxic af. Stop letting mfs who hate themselves & their own damn culture climb on top of you & self-victimize their mistreatment of black women in the meanwhile. He hates the way he looks. He hates black children. He takes it out on black women he doesn't even know; black women he's never even met before. His MOTHER is Black! He's a whole shit sandwich gurl wtf are you doing? You need to be validated like that?? ..... Ok then.
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