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scoutdoodles · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hope y'all are ready for a Gil-Galad onslaught...
Starting with this face study I'd thought I'd share.
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(I just realized how funny your header and username are together and now am just thinking about the idea of a physical Feanorians ethics department)-outofangband
hey just because our ethical principles have specific contingencies for murder doesn’t mean we don’t have any
(thanks! the fëanorian ethics department, as i imagine it, is this one elf with a shop in thargelion. her actual job is managing some small part of caranthir’s civil bureaucracy - signing off the forms people fill out after a campwide brawl, kind of thing - but her noldorin Craft™ is getting into really long arguments about ethical philosophy, something she does with as much alacrity in beleriand as in valinor)
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nurantarenendurath · a day ago
Bitches be like: "Hey I know a spot" And then proceed to drag you all across the Helcaraxe. ... Anyway, I'm bitches
Fingolfin (definitely)
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"...the Noldor did not yet comprehend the fullness of the power of Morgoth..."
Morgoth was a GOD who INVENTED EVIL and weaved it into the CREATION OF THE WORLD! How could you underestimate that?
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Art by @bellabergolts
Tumblr media
“Tell me, Ainu, what Theme created us? What do Valar know about it? What does Melkor know? What do we know?”
Morifinwe grinned, Macalaure's catguts sounded as music of rain. Ambarussar broke into laughter.
“For us Ainur it’is enough to know about ourselves, about our Theme, Curufinwe,” Maya Eonwe smiled meaningfully, “and so you do about ours. The Lords have voiced a necessary Melody to elves and this’s more than all we should know.”
“And how are we, Noldor, inscribed in your polyphony?” Sliding his gaze over his father and sons, an exile became even more serious and his voice sounded menacing. “Probably other words were used but I know essence:
“Feanaro. Miriel’s son.
Nolofinwe. Noldor King’s son.
Arafinwe. Indis’ son.
One nation. One blood. One family.
One is the exile.
Another is the king.
Third is nobody.”
Tyelko who didn’t even show signs of life laughed, Eonwe narrowed his eyes, he say, okay, Curufinwe, be it your way.
“The exile-king-nobody, the exile-king-nobody-exile,” Maya spoke slowly at first but his speech gradually began to sound faster and faster. “The wheel of Doom spun picking up speed, and flew down a slope which with each turn is steeper, there’re more and more sharp stones on its paths, blows and crackle of breaking spokes are more and more harder but it is already impossible to stop. Now there’re only two possible ends: the wheel will withstand a frantic descent and stop at the bottom broken and miserable but having overcome everything, and thus proud, or it’ll crumble into chips on the slope and get stuck with the terrible reminder of a cruel retribution for too high opinion of oneself.
Maitimo sighingly rested his forehead on his hand.
“Trun,” Macalaure commented plucking the catgut.
“We’re who we’re,” Feanaro wasn’t absolutely embarrassed glaring at Ainu.
“I’m very glad for you,” Manwe’s servant smiled. “Can I go? I agree to exile, just leave me alone.”
“Ainur divided Noldor,” ignoring Eonwe’s words Curufinwe continued, “into a fortress-prison lost among rocks, which one day is destined to lose its owner, a luxurious palace that has already lost its owner and doesn’t want to receive a governor in its halls, and chambers of sideslips’ mother where the owner never was.”
“Feanaro,” Finwe tensed, “have you forgotten that I’m here and support you? I don't deserve even the smallest gratitude for not mentioning Indis in a bad way?”
The look of exiled Noldoran’s son said expressively that the second queen couldn’t claim different attitude, that heir’s love to his father didn’t cancel understanding of what was happening and insults from the betrayal of those closest, however, a request was performed and the words weren’t spoken.
“We’re who we’re,” Morifinwe Carnistir picked suddenly up raising Palantir over a table, “and separated by three we repeat each his own:
“We’ll be great again! Troubles will join us!”
“I’ll prove that I can be the first! The main thing is to retain power.”
“We’ll avenge a shame! Our time will come!”
And anyone will repeat:
“We’re who we’re!”
“I’m who I’m”.
“We’re who we’re”.
“The smooth, serene melody of Aman bliss,” Eonwe said thoughtfully as if being afraid to blur out too much, “retaining initially disturbing notes in its memory, it crashed for some of them with gong beats and drum rolls, turning into a march more like funeral than victorious one depriving forever tormented hearts of an opportunity to be happy.
Feanaro's burning eyes flashed but the First House head kept fire that was raging in his soul.
“You never answered, an envoy,” Curufinwe's hands squeezed a tabletop. “What do you, Ainur, know about Eldar tribe? What do you know about Aim? What do you know about Good? What do you know about Evil? You always claim that Eru hasn’t revealed much to you but this’s lie! You have chosen blind’s path but what will you do if tomorrow horror unknown hitherto falls on us? Suppose the same trouble repeats? What will you do?”
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deepspace-vulture · 3 days ago
Damn Feanor’s gonna be rolling in his grave when he learns the Noldor sailed back to Valinor, there’s no way Namo would not tell him
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edhellin · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Grey Havens by Paul Lasaine
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ten-summoners-fails · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
aaand another quick painting(ish) thing for my WIP, The Seven Gates ^^
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sakasakiii · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
some feanerdanel doodles from a few weeks back 😗 i like to think feanor is like a cat when it comes to getting nerdanel’s attention lmao 
finally exams are over and its summer holiday time so hopefully i can post more and catch up! hopefully i can also finish reading morgoth’s ring... heheh... 
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foxleycrow · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Caranthir, Son of Fëanor. This is how he appears in my fic. However, if you aren’t interested in my fic, which is perfectly cool, then here’s Caranthir with an eyepatch.
For @aspecardaweek — as my portrayal of Caranthir is grey-ace, in keeping with the idea of Elves not really having sexual thoughts or feelings until they marry/soulbond with a single individual. 
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that-feanturi-bitch · 4 days ago
Did Finarfin ever feel regret about turning back and going back to Valinor, instead of continuing on and following Fëanor?
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elvcnson · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
@tharanduil​ said:  " When does a joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent. "
TIMES WERE THERE STILL WHEN LEGOLAS  FOUND ASTONISHMENT AT THE EVER ELOQUENT ELVENKING’S ABILITY TO SO SKILLFULLY OFFER SUCH GHASTLY AND PAINFUL WIT WHEN THE RARE MOOD STRIKES.  And despite the many thousand years practice, GREENLEAF was never quite prepared for the unforeseen and disarmingly terrible quips. Thus GENUINE does confusion play over fair features for the briefest of moments. Blonde head CANTING to the side with a genuine note of  q u e s t i o n i n g ...before realization dawns heavily. Sliding into place.
Tumblr media
Legolas’ habitually PLACID and softly stoic visage shifts. Features instead making home to the animated ROLLING of cutting blue hues, gifted to the ancient ruler  with not even a fractional attempt at veiling on the youngers part. The son flashing a SCATHING gaze unto the father. Chin coming to rest upon curled knuckles as an elbow is balanced atop a smooth table. ‘ I wonder, can a King be subject to banishment for HARM inflicted by grievous atrocities of jest, adar? For I feel my fëa weakening with each word.... ’
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rohirra · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Argon || Arakáno
Arakáno was the youngest child of Ñolofinwë and Anairë and often overshadowed by his older siblings many talents. He himself was the tallest of all members of the House of Finwë, quite hot-headed and a great athlete.
Instead of the palace, where he would only became involved in his family's escapades, he preferred to spend his time outside in the streets of Tirion or travelling through the surrounding lands.
He felt no desire for love or marriage nor did he wish to have any children of his own. So he remained unmarried but gave all of his love to his close family and friends.
Arakáno met his end at the Battle of Lammoth, only shortly after setting foot on the shores of Beleriand. Historical records remember little about him.
aro/ace Argon for @aspecardaweek
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emeraldskulblaka · 5 days ago
Jenny Dolfen's Inktober prints arrived today!
Can you identify all twelve elves? I'll admit it took me a while to get them right, but I think I've finally got it!
Tumblr media
Jenny's art was an integral part of my early Tolkien fandom days and I'm so happy to finally own prints, postcards, and pins!
I'd love to hear your guesses as to who is who!
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Tumblr media
@commandermollyobrien requested visibly brown noldor, which works perfectly with my headcanon of them with Romani traits :D so here's Fëanor and Nerdanel before everything goes Batshit
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misswhalie · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Best be careful in Nan Dungortheb, else your brothers-in-arms will be attempting field surgery to close up the giant gash in your thigh.
Egalmoth, Ecthelion, Glorfindel
I recently endured an extremely painful medical procedure - I suppose this drawing was my way of processing it lol 😦 Sorry Glorfindel.
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mairons-hope · 6 days ago
Turgon crossing the ice alongside his family and followers.
Elenwë slipps and falls into the icy water, not being able to swim.
Tumblr media
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