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#no we did not
ch3rry-flavoured · 30 minutes ago
can i just say as a fan of fnaf that the lore is fucking ridiculous and absolutely the product of a man trying to see how many shocking twists he can fit into a story to keep a fanbase interested when in fact the story has no real concrete foundation and 99% of the "lore" is solely created by the fanbase and not actually any of his own work and regarding cawthon as a "genius" for creating the fnaf lore is stupid because this man has not written a single bit of lore for fnaf himself since its conception
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teddy06 · 31 minutes ago
*in waiting room, waiting to go into escape room*
Friend #1: oh god wait-
Friend #1: this is an escape room- and we’re all add
Friend #2: *laughing* who thought this was a good idea?
Friend #1: eight add and adhd kids plus a dyslexic kid in a god damn escape room- this isn’t gonna be good
Me: *from the floor where I was arm wrestling dyslexic friend*: if it makes you feel better I’m closer to autism than add
Friend #3: oh dear god!
*proceeds to fail escape room*
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vote2 · 40 minutes ago
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georgelore · 52 minutes ago
About Dream editing videos (which I'm thinking there might be a high chance he will edit George's again lol) I feel like Sapnap mentioned (during the editing talk during that MCC practice) that Dream was editing one of his videos? Idk, I may have heard it wrong but I'd have to go pull up to VOD to check.
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Yeah i rewatched most of the vod and the video editing conversation yesterday and i completely forgot dream said he would edit sapnap's next video. When i first watched it i thought it sounded like a joke dream made because "the video idea is so good he won't let sapnap's editing ruin it" but it did seem genuine hearing it again.
I just love how they all help each other all the time, both with content but also personally. I know they are all best friends and are considered a content trio but it's still so heartwarming being reminded of that. Both the video editing thing but also the video idea conversation on sapnap's alt a few days ago are perfect examples. They really are just 3 best friends playing minecraft together and sharing it with all of us.
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vespertine-legacy · 56 minutes ago
Some fun moments from last night while progging Apex...
Vi, sometime around like... 4th pull: [surreptitiously drops legacy bank] rest of the raid: whatcha doin’ there, Vi? Vi: oh, nothin... just... you know... grabbing my gear... rest of the raid: VI???? me, who has healed Vi naked through two bosses without letting her die: pffft, gear just slows you down Vi: Right??? Pol (other healer): Doubt
On the pull where we tried having Frenzy also run for stims during voltinator “because Apex doesn’t move during voltinator anyway”
Ash: oh that’s not good (because Apex moved while Frenzy was out of position and started dropping acid puddles in Very Bad Spots) me: [throwing hots on Ash, Princess, Frenzy, and myself, popping a defensive and hydraulics, and running through the acid puddle to get back into position] it’s fine Ash and Princess: [go the long way to get back into position to avoid the acid puddles] Ash: oh no, oh no, oh no Princess’s HP: [plummeting] me: it’s fine
I don’t remember when this exchange happened but:
me: [with tears streaming down my face from too many pulls without blinking] can someone please remind me to blink at like, any point during this fight? because when it starts getting hairy, I don’t, and this fight is entirely too long for that Princess: OH MY GOD, SAME
Anyway, on our last pull, we got him down to like 25% and then the entire server lagged so hard that Apex just straight up froze for all of us but Frenzy for like 10 straight seconds, so Frenzy was just like “voltinator,” expecting us to, you know, do our jobs for voltinator, but no one could do anything, so Frenzy was like “um, voltinator,” with a little more feeling, but we still couldn’t do anything, and then he insta-killed us.
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enygma · 57 minutes ago
“hey chey if eddie has brown hair why do you use ginger icons sometimes when we all know u could easily edit them?” please dont look at his roots
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yuleneverwalkalone · an hour ago
i have so much love for the dutch team and maybe my obsession with dutch men comes from the insane crush i had as a child on a dutch boy who’s family had a vacation home in my village
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