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#no spoilers here just doodles!
shelovesaku49 minutes ago
Weakness 鈽嗗健
Tumblr media
Gender neutral reader x Geto Suguru (Fluff and Angst)
鈿狅笍 Major Spoilers for Gojo鈥檚 Backstory Arc/ Mature Language/ Death 鈿狅笍
Disclaimer! All characters used belong to Gege Akutami (Just here to write short fanfics馃槴馃)
First POV
To be honest, Shoko was the only one that I respected in our grade. Geto and Gojo were constantly teasing/messing around. Apparently I was just the perfect victim for that- However that didn鈥檛 mean that I would let it slide. I also joined in to mess around with each of them. Such a shame though, you thought, they鈥檙e both very handsome. I would obviously never tell them that since it鈥檒l only boost Gojo鈥檚 fucking massive ego.
鈥淵o Y/N, are you listening?鈥 Gojo said as he waves his hand in front of my face
鈥淵es gojo鈥 You sighed 鈥淲hat do you want?鈥
鈥淗and Geto this note for me鈥 Gojo said while pointing at Geto
鈥淲ill that get you to leave me alone for a minute?鈥 I questioned
鈥淵eah yeah鈥 He said while rolling his eyes 鈥測ou鈥檙e no funnnn鈥
The audacity of this hoe- I thought as I raised my hand to slap him
鈥淧shhh take a joke Y/N鈥 Gojo laughed as he turned on his infinity
I rolled my eyes and took the note that was on my desk. I turned around and faced Geto. I took a small peak at the note before handing it to him and of course it was a small drawing of a dick. I handed Geto the note and watched as Geto wrote something else on the note. He gave me the note and motioned for me to look at it. 鈥淒on鈥檛 give this back to Gojo! Lets just put a bunch of sticky notes on his back鈥 I suppressed my giggles as I put an 鈥渙kay!鈥 motion. Geto pulled out a bunch of stick notes and started to draw small doodles of dicks and shitty drawings of Gojo鈥檚 face. Unfortunately, Yaga had told me to pay attention after turning around to see my back facing him. I heard Gojo and Geto giggle for a bit when he did which made my face burn up a bit. Thank god the class ended though- Geto grabbed my arm as I got up from my seat. He handed me two sticky notes to put on Gojo鈥檚 back. I looked back at him and he smiled at me while motioning to Gojo鈥檚 back. Quickly at once, Geto and I slapped the sticky notes on Gojo鈥檚 back and ran out of the class. Geto grabbed my hand as we both laughed through the hallways.
鈥淵/N, is he after us?鈥 Geto laughed as he asked
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think so!鈥 I laughed back
After laughing for a bit, I realized that Geto was still holding your hand. I looked up at Geto who was staring back at me. His other hand reached out towards my face as he brought it closer to his. I closed my eyes showing Geto that I was allowing him to kiss me. His face was really closed now- I felt the heat between our faces as his face came closer. His lips were soft and filled with love as our lips continue to crash against each other. It felt like we were kissing for over a year, didn鈥檛 mean that I didn鈥檛 enjoy it. Soon he moved his face away so that he could meet my eyes again. I looked back at him as I felt my ears become red. I covered my face before Geto could tease me.
鈥淎hhh you don鈥檛 know how long I鈥檝e been waiting for that鈥 Geto laughed nervously as he rubbed his neck
鈥淪uch a simp鈥 I managed to respond
鈥淥nly for you~鈥 Geto leaned in and whispered in my ear
God he鈥檚 so cheesy 鈥 you thought as you heard him laugh as your ears become more warm.
鈥淓w stop fucking in the corner of the hallways鈥 Gojo said as he looked at you guys
鈥淵ou just don鈥檛 know when to shut it, do you Satoru?鈥 Geto said while holding up his fist
You watched those two fool around and pretended fight one another. You laughed and threw your arms around the both of them while they made faces towards each other.
Tumblr media
Although me and Geto shad a good relationship, it fell apart after the incident. 鈥淭he incident鈥 meaning the mission of protecting the star plasma vessel 鈥淩iko鈥. Geto had started distancing himself from me after the mission. I tried to communicate with him and asked him 鈥渨hat was wrong鈥 many times. All ended with him ignoring me or brushing me off. He kept that up until he had enough of me. I won鈥檛 ever forget when he left his life with us for his belief. I was walking with Gojo that day when we saw Geto in front of us. All the words are a blur to me now except when he grabbed my face and told me that he was sick of hearing me ask him constantly if he was alright. He dropped my face and walked passed me and Gojo. Apart of me believed that it was our last time meeting but of course destiny brought us back again. I was watching over Yuuta and Maki while siting with Inumaki and Panda. Geto had simply popped out of nowhere with a group behind him. He started approaching Yuuta when I stopped him.
鈥淎h Y/N! Great to see you again鈥 Geto smiled
鈥淎re you kidding me, Geto? You鈥檙e just going to disappear and pop back up as if nothing happened?鈥 I managed to choke out
鈥淚 was expecting a friendly welcoming? Guess not... Any who I鈥檓 only here to talk to Yuuta so no need to drag on this conversation anymore.鈥 Geto said in a joking tone
鈥淵ou think I鈥檓 gonna let you get near my students? You鈥檙e smarter than that, Geto鈥 I replied coldly
It was awful. Even if I did move on from Geto, the memories of our time together kept playing over and over. I knew that the man in front of me wasn鈥檛 Geto even though it really was him. However there wasn鈥檛 any time to think about that since I had to protect my students. I closed my eyes for a bit to focus my cursed energy. I opened my eyes again and there he was. Geto鈥檚 face just centimeters away from mine. My students all got ready to fight if Geto made any moves. The world had its eyes on me right now. I felt that this was my last view of the world. Geto wrapped his hand around my head and whispered something in my ear.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry but I can鈥檛 go on and cleanse this world if my biggest weakness was still walking around. If only you shared my beliefs then maybe we could鈥檝e gotten married.鈥
A sharp pain hit my chest as my vision went blurry. I heard the yelling of Inumaki鈥檚 cursed speech as I saw that Gojo finally got here. Yuuta hurried to my side as he struggled to stop the bleeding. Judging by the look on his face, it meant that the small knife had hit a vital area. I slowly reached up and grabbed Yuuta鈥檚 hand. I told him that it鈥檚 was okay and to not waste anymore energy on you. Part of me wishes that things were different but known this cruel world; it was never going to happen.
Tumblr media
I miss Geto鈥 Not Kenjaku inside of Geto 馃鈥嶁檧锔
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barudoodles21 hours ago
Update on Polls
Hello Everyone,
I got recent questions about whether聽or not I will do more polls in the future, and the short answer is yes I will. I enjoyed the reactions from ya'll and want to do more as a fun way to get the twst聽community together. Here are some updates you guys wanna think about:
1) I don't want to do it so often that it becomes my main thing, as I have doodles and quoted memes on my top list. But once a week I will post a poll on Saturday (CDT for me) with a random fun poll.聽
2) Polls will be up for no more then two days, as this prevents people from spamming one poll over and over (Guys I can see your responses 馃槄 .) This also gives me time to doodle and stuff (Don鈥檛 wanna overload my page).
3) Since I am bad at creating polls, ya鈥檒l are free to send me questions that can be made into polls (your credit is always tagged). Even if I am busy, polls, take me little time to make, and are fun ways to practice my editing skills.聽
4) If you do send me poll requests, understand that I can only choose one person. Therefore, if the poll is offensive to anybody, I will delete that request聽(there are no exceptions).聽
5) Polls should be twst related, gotta stick to one topic otherwise we gonna have a complicated poll.
6) And remember, these polls are for fun not for serious talk. So no major spoilers on the game, nor just saying聽鈥渋f you had to pick this or this character鈥 because those aren鈥檛 fun to edit.
7) Any other updates, I鈥檒l edit in. And remember we support others choice regardless of ours, were here to make friends not fight.聽
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seadradoodles3 days ago
Tumblr media
Some doodles of Red and Enigma. I鈥檝e been messing with Red鈥檚 design a bit more and decided to give them a fluffy cake wolf tail instead of the dragon-like one.聽
Notes below the cut for this au/fic version of Red contains some spoilers for the Cake Tower event.
-Instead of just being given a new arm, DE found Red almost dead after she chased off the Witches. With the new knowledge that a Cookie could be rebaked, she took pieces from dead cake monsters and put them on Red before rebaking them. This saved Red鈥檚 life, but turned them half Cake Monster in the process
-They normally wear gloves over both arms to protect them from the heat of the constantly working oven. Even now that they are no longer making Cake Monsters for DE they wear the gloves
-Yes, their tail wags when they鈥檙e happy or excited. No, they cannot really stop it from doing this. Their eyes dilate, too
-Fangs! Not pictured here, but their teeth are sharp and they will use them if they feel it鈥檚 necessary. Don鈥檛 like to, though. Don鈥檛 really like starting fights in general, honestly
-Insecure about their Cake Monster parts. Wears their gloves all the time, now, and hides their mouth with their hand when they laugh so no one sees their fangs clearly. Hides the tail with their hair when they can
-Fully able to understand all Cake Monsters, though whether its because they鈥檙e part Cake Monster themself or because they grew up surrounded by them is unknown. Will growl and whine like a Cake Hound sometimes, and becomes incredibly embarrassed if someone catches them doing it
-Has a sharper sense of smell than the average Cookie, but not quite as strong as a cake hound鈥檚
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offortis8 days ago
Tumblr media
Look who just woke up- is that KATHRYN NEWTON? No, I must have been mistaken, that鈥檚 STEPHANIE BROWN from DC. I heard she is 24 and stuck here just like everyone else. Even in the 20鈥檚, they still give off a PURPLE BAT DOODLES IN NOTEBOOKS, A PIANO COVERED IN DUST, LOUD INNER MONOLOGUES impression. They鈥檙e known to be quite OPTIMISTIC, but have a tendency to be IMPULSIVE on their bad days.
Cis female, she/her pronouns
How long have they been in Sydney?
Stephanie has been here for a year now, and she had no memories of her real life at first. They slowly came to her in the form of nightmares over time.
Steph works as a nurse and also does some private piano lessons on the side for kids.
Which suburb do they live in?
She lives in King鈥檚 Cross where she rents a small apartment, part of her always wanted to be close to the darker side of town in order to stop whatever she could.
Memories of their real life :
It took months for Steph to realize her nightmares were actually real memories after just seeing flashes of horrifying clowns, a long-haired blonde man in orange, and a man with a black skull mask on. Now that she does remember everything, she feels guilty for wishing she never got her memories back at all. Or at least, not the ones of all the trauma. She finally remembers her entire journey in Gotham from making her own Spoiler suit in order to stop her criminal father, to working with Batman and Robin, to becoming Robin herself and finally feeling like she was accepted. Then the memories of her near-death experience came up, her return to Gotham, and her upgrade to Batgirl despite all those who told her she wasn鈥檛 good enough. The main thing that makes her wish she could go back to her real life is to make sure the daughter she gave up at 15 is still being taken care of.
What was their fake life like?
Stephanie鈥檚 fake life was like the dream she鈥檇 always wished for as a child. She had two wonderful, loving parents who cared about her and had honest jobs, she grew up in a modest house where she didn鈥檛 have to worry about criminals storming in, and she actually had friends who cared about her. It was the type of hazy dream life that could tempt anyone to let go of reality.聽
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heyquxxns10 days ago
Tumblr media
The semester is nearly over! I just have a few projects to turn in but I no longer have to wake up early until I start work. Usually, I take questions for this series all the time but I hope on doing a giant session form now and until I move out on Monday. So you can ask me anything like:
聽certain parts you liked
my plans for future chapters ( without spoilers of course )聽
聽head canons
literally anything, doesn鈥檛 even have to be a question
I鈥檓 also an illustration major so I don鈥檛 mind make a few doodles here and there. I鈥檓 more than willing to ignore my homework XD
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darbiebot11 days ago
Darlain鈥檚 Photodex Entry One
((Hello! This will be the first post of many of an AU of Darlain in the Pokemon world. If you鈥檙e worried about spoilers for the Pokemon Snap Game, or just aren鈥檛 into pokemon and want to avoid spam, please blacklist the Darbiesnaps tag! ICly she鈥檚 posting these pics into an in-world instagram/tumblr social media site, so if you鈥檇 like to join in, feel free to reblog or reply. It鈥檚 all in good fun!))
Tumblr media
鈥淚 was feelin a different calling on the tail end o鈥 my Pokemon Journey, especially with聽鈥榚nii shooting聽鈥榚rself straight tae the top and becoming the Galar Champion. I knew I was always going to be that simple girl from Wedgehurst. So while a lot o鈥 my friends went the Gym career route, or ended up as big researches at Sylph co and the like... I felt a little stuck. Didn鈥檛 really take to battling. I loved my team more than winning, and spent too much time doodling in my notebooks, watching them play.聽
I鈥檝e come across a unique opportunity, a little research job I found in my internship at the pokedex lab, a professor with very little funds heading to the Lental region for a Ecological survey, a series of islands surrounding a nature reserve, mostly uninhabited, aside from the campgrounds within the main island鈥檚 park.聽 My boss thought it鈥檇 be a great opportunity to capture data to sell to the dex cataloguers, and I had a pretty hefty portfolio as an amateur photographer from my Journey.
So... here we go, i鈥檓 abandoning my trusty pokedex, and coming out with my camera, an old fashioned journal, and the ability to fake the confidence I need to impress Professor Mirror! I鈥檒l be keeping updates on my pokegram!
Tumblr media
鈥淧rofessor Mirror鈥檚 a bit younger than I expected, only a few years older than me. Seems to be just a handful of us on the team, so i鈥檓 guessing he鈥檚 fresh out of university, this is probably a passion project he hopes leads to grants. It鈥檚 hard not to enjoy his enthusiasm, which is only magnified a thousand times over by his assistant, Rita. Rita reminds me a bit of myself when I was younger, passionate, excitable, and very naive. She makes for a good assistant though, wish my parents had sent me to one of these when I was her age, it鈥檚 a heck of an opportunity!鈥
Tumblr media
鈥淛ust finished putting away my things and the research center鈥檚 local denizen came right on up to say hi! Figured i鈥檇 test out my new camera and get a shot. Not the best start, but he was quite the personable little guy. Pikachus are what i鈥檇 classify as a personable pokemon type. Where it鈥檚 fellow Pokemon or people, they鈥檙e fairly fearless and prone to play behavior. Even predators know not to mess with them, so they tend to make playmates with all sorts of unusual species. Professor Mirror says he鈥檚 pretty famous on the campgrounds, and has taken to just... being around the Lab. I鈥檓 not complaining!
Tomorrow morning i鈥檒l be heading out to the nature park for my first survey. Not sure how to organize my shots yet, but I think it鈥檒l be a mix of focused behavioral surveys of specific Pokemon, and general photo sets of entire surveys. I鈥檓 pretty thorough, so hopeful you all will enjoy all the pictures!
Wish me Luck!
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heliopauseentertainments11 days ago
I can鈥檛 think of anything specific but I am craving fluff featuring the OT3 UltraMegaRod if you feel up to it 馃憖馃挋
I don鈥檛 know that I came up with anything particularly fluffy, but here we go!
Under the cut for length, just shy of 900 words
Summary: It鈥檚 hard to plan a birthday present.
Warnings: Suggestive themes, nothing remotely explicit just implied
Rating: Teen
"Rodimus, he doesn't particularly care for surprises," Minimus said, having clambered up into chair at the desk normally meant for Ultra Magnus. Meanwhile, Rodimus doodled on the wall's built-in light-board with a pen under the heading "The Big Guy's Creation Day." It would be easier to participate in the planning if he could actually see the board without having to either stand on something or lean around a race-car. Several ideas鈥攕uggestions such as 鈥渃andy鈥 or 鈥渉andcuffs鈥 or 鈥渕ovie night鈥濃攚ere already scrawled across the surface, most already crossed out from before Minimus had arrived. 鈥淵ou ought to know that by now.鈥
"Are you kidding? This'll be great. He's gonna love it." Rodimus emphasized the point by hopping once in place, spoiler fins twitching up.
"I hardly think hiding under his desk and jumping out to startle him is an appropriate way to provide him a creation day present." It certainly wasn't a way to say "we love and cherish you." Not that Minimus was an expert in expressing that anyway.
"Okay, okay, maybe not. You'd think he'd be less jumpy at his age," Rodimus said, as though Minimus weren't even older than Megatron. It wasn't as though Rodimus was quite that young either, despite how he tended to act. Minimus crossed his arms as he sat down on the books piled into Ultra Magnus鈥 chair.
The speedster tapped his chin in thought, clearly trying to come up with something else. Minimus could only hope it would be something rather less likely to result in furniture getting broken in the chaos of a giant tank's exaggerated startle response or that wouldn't result in a call to the medical bay from said tank potentially experiencing sudden spark failure. Either could happen depending.
"What if,鈥 Rodimus began, a wide, less-than-innocent grin stretching across his face, 鈥渨e tied ribbons into cute little bows around ourselves and waited in the habsuite for him to come home from his command shift?"
Minimus was sorely tempted to tell the exuberant speedster to put that naughty smirk away, but he knew that would only encourage him.
"That seems unnecessarily risqu茅 and, most importantly, doesn't include actually giving him the present." Besides, Minimus felt like perhaps that was not the best way to set the tone, at least not upfront. Rodimus pouted and crossed out some more鈥 private suggestions that really shouldn't have been on the board in the first place, not as a gift anyway.
Minimus cleared his vocalizer with a cough.
"Furthermore, we haven't even gotten him anything yet. Did you even ask what he would want?" You know, like a thoughtful person would have already done before trying to plan a surprise.
Rodimus pshawed and waved a dismissive hand at the smallest member of their relationship.
"Of course not. He'd just say something like 'don't get me anything' or 'it's not important.' So we'll just have to intuit what we wants." The red speedster paused, like he doubted himself. "Somehow. We'll figure it out. It's gotta be something flashy, you know?"
"Flashy" was a word that didn't really apply where their largest conjunx was concerned. "Opinionated" and "loud," though in a different way than Rodimus was, were better descriptors, but despite that Megatron tended towards subtlety in aesthetic taste. Well, minimalism and utilitarianism were more accurate. The only possessions he owned tended to be whatever Rodimus and Minimus had given him over the years, with the exception of his surgical kit. That made selecting an appropriate gift all the more important.
"You gave him a rock last year." Minimus tutted, waving an admonishing finger. Never mind the fact that the rock now lived on Megatron鈥檚 desk in the captain鈥檚 office as a paperweight. It was a rock and Minimus felt certain the only reason it remained was because Megatron didn鈥檛 want to hurt Rodimus鈥 feelings by being rid of it.
"Yeah, but it was shiny and cool鈥"
"鈥擜nd the year before that was the Rodimus Star for 'not putting Whirl in the brig'."
Which was ridiculous.
Megatron should have just done it. Whirl had been playing tag in the hallways with Misfire and getting too carried away with the foam-dart guns. A brief stay in the brig was the most appropriate response but Megatron had overruled Minimus in the guise of Ultra Magnus while in the middle of making the arrest.
"That wasn't his creation day present. That was just convenient timing. I gave him his actual present later." Which Minimus had the misfortune of walking in on after work.
Rodimus stopped doodling and pointed the writing utensil in his hand the green minibot.
"And last year you got a new light-pen." He mockingly waggled the pen pinched between his fingers.
"He goes through so many, Rodimus! It was practical." All that writing Megatron did in his spare time, it was a thoughtful gift to get him something he would actually need and use. 鈥淚t was an exceptionally sturdy one.鈥 Because someone was a heavy-handed writer.
Still, this discussion and planning session was getting them absolutely nowhere.
"Why don't we simply ask him what he wants and just do that? We can't go wrong that way."
"Fine, you ask him what boring thing he thinks he wants and I'll surprise him with something awesome."
How many ways could that plan go wrong?
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3, 7, 8, 10, 12, 19?
7) Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you didn鈥檛 put on a public site
I have quite few things I haven鈥檛 posted, but most of them contain spoilers for things I鈥檓 working on, or I have pre existing plans to upload, or, I just hate them they鈥檒l never see the light of day
So take this little doodle of my birbsona
Tumblr media
As well as some Duckworth sketches from an AU I鈥檓 working on
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
8) What鈥檚 your favourite piece you鈥檝e ever done
Oh god, that ones hard. My current favourite piece I can鈥檛 post right now because Lauren Spoilers, so here are my top three close seconds -
O don鈥檛 know why, but I just love this piece lmao.it鈥檚 been my discord profile picture for ages, I love how the flash turned out and the lighting, and the eyes. I just really like idk what to tell you JDCNJDC
Tumblr media
I fucking love this one I won鈥檛 lie to you, I love the painterly style, I love how the hair turned out, I love the lighting, I just love everything about it honestly, I wish I could replicate something like this again
Tumblr media
This one I鈥檓 proud of because of how closely it resembles the Hilda style, and because I鈥檓 happy with how I humanised Winnie lol. The hands were hard for me to get right, I always struggle with them, like one of the reasons I hate Lauren鈥檚 reference sheet is because I just gave up on the hands lol, they don鈥檛 match the shows style at all. But this one I think I got them just about right
Tumblr media
10) What do you like most about your art?
Uh...I...I don鈥檛 know JBDJCBS
As much as I stand by 鈥渘o art is really bad鈥 I鈥檓 hyper critical of my own art so I kinda struggle to find things I like about it lol. But, I guess, I like the colours I use and the way I do lighting sometimes, and I鈥檓 starting to enjoy my overall style a lot more
19) what medium/program do you use the most in your art?
I鈥檓 a digital artist! I use my iPad and Apple Pencil to draw, and I use pro create mostly. It鈥檚 just so good as it鈥檚 hyped up to be, honestly, it鈥檚 packed with so many features you don鈥檛 notice initially and it鈥檚 just 馃憣馃憣馃憣
I occasionally use ibis paint, and before I got my iPad I used Krita and an x-pen drawing tablet. But my laptop is really slow so it didn鈥檛 work very well, so I haven鈥檛 used it since like, December when I got my iPad djdbfjsfbdjfb
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heyemilyyeh28 days ago
Tumblr media
Moments later: "...My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined."
Somebody asked me to doodle Ningguang before she got her vision after I drew Beidou before she got her vision. So... here we are!
Minor spoilers ahead...!
I just thought it was hilarious that Ningguang wanted to sell the Vision but accidentally became its user instead. She might be the only person in the universe who would get tilted about gaining a Vision??
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valuvrblog28 days ago
More Marigolds doodles bc i have better things to do but my brain is like: "hey, what if we just waste precious time of our life???" And what can i say? Is very convincing
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Akira ended up forgiving Akechi for saying that he hates him.
(I may or may not have took my creative permissions and made Akira a living melodrama)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wait, was it all Sojiro's idea?
Always has been.
Tumblr media
Some Yu x Yosuke. I'd like to state that i don't know shit about Persona 4 but in the fic is canon (or at least the discord consider it canon, blame them not me)
Tumblr media
Context! @noname-nonartist did a shippet related to Marigolds fic universe. Idk if she is comfortable sharing it here but basically everything exploded and Akechi was there and i just wanted to make fun of it bc otherwise i would cry
Tumblr media
......This is.......obviously marigolds related....
Tumblr media
This a dumb headcannon that i did and nobody liked in discord so i'm posting it on tumblr :D
After Marigolds (if he lives), Akechi is in a relationship with Akira and adopts child. It was a not wanted son from a relative. He just took it until he was adopted at first but then fell in love with the bebbeh and doesn't want to be apart from him.
The bby name is Minato Akechi (bc of plot reasons that may or may not be spoilers if you haven't read chapter 1 &2 at least)
Tumblr media
This is very old tho. Akechi with his family!
(Can't explain either bc spoilers >:/)
Tumblr media
Takaki put them down, you're breaking your bones...
(He is not THAT big in the fic i just used some creativity lol)
And that's all i have i'll proceed to disapear...
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ohpleaseiwillendyoua month ago
My Rules and Masterlist
Hello everyone, my name is Camila and my pronouns are They/Them. I write for BNHA and mostly the pro heroes like the Top Five, which is what I mainly write I guess. I am older than 13 and in school, that's all I'm telling you about my age
I mostly post headcanons/small posts but I do have some running stories. I take suggestions too, anon or not, and I mostly reply fast unless I'm asleep or life gave me something to do.
Minors are allowed here, I do not post anything that wouldn't allow you guys here, but please do keep in mind I do write angst and injury along with some death, but I do but TWs before it and put them under a cut so you may skip it.
Asks/DMs/Interaction rules
Warning for those who are new in following me, I have weird stuff on my blog (not like that). Like references of The Microwave. You'll catch on eventually or just send an ask and I'll try to summarize it as I can.
Disclaimer: Not a manga reader nor have I really watched Season Five, I'm okay with spoilers though. So if I get something wrong then sorry?
Reblogs: I am perfectly okay with any reblogs of my stuff unless I put it in the tags of no reblogging. If you really want to you can ask, but its probably not likely I'll let you.
Reposting: No reposting unless you ask and I give my permission. The only place any of these are posted are on my Ao3 link below, anywhere else please notify me so I can check it out. So far nobody has asked or been given permission to post it anywhere else
Fanart: I am very okay with it, just please tag me so I can see it.
Using my headcanons: As long as you reblog the headcanon post and give me credits on your new post, I am perfectly fine. I wanna see what weird headcanons you use. Or you may let me know
Mutuals: If we interact enough, there is a good chance I will follow you back
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icehotenginea month ago
What鈥檚 up bnha fandom I鈥檓 here to vibe for a bit test the waters maybe idk
I鈥檓 going to maybe post some doodles sometimes and reblog stuff I like and maybe liveblog a bit as I watch the anime/read the manga... (I鈥檝e only read the first 2 volumes of the manga and watched up till the overhaul arc so no spoilers please if you interact with me)
Uhhh I have some ships I like and some characters I鈥檓 fond of too I might talk about those... I鈥檒l probably put some of them in the tags
basically hi I鈥檓 new here I hope this isn鈥檛 weird! also the header and icon are probably temporary I just didn鈥檛 have anything decent and bnha related to use at the moment so here we are
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avaniismsa month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
avani ryan was spotted in the fashion district adorning black and white checkered combat boots, with some airpod pros on. they鈥檙e most likely listening to daisy by ashnikko. you may know them as @avani or as that olivia o'brien lookalike. their twenty-first birthday just passed. while living in tribeca, they鈥檝e gained a bit of a reputation. they鈥檙e known to be self-destructive but on the other hand persistent. wonder if they鈥檒l be the next person to hit the headlines.
Hello all ! I鈥檓 Katie, an overworked 22-year-old in the EST timezone that uses she/her pronouns and I鈥檓 mad excited for this to be back again ! Avani here is a pretty fresh, new-new muse so I鈥檓 still trying to flesh her out and get all the details down but I鈥檒l try my best here to introduce you ( spoiler: it鈥檚 a mess ). If you鈥檇 like to plot, feel free to hit the lil鈥 heart & I鈥檒l try to kick my anxiety to the curb and message you or feel free to throw a message my way here or over on d!scord @ katie#7666, whichever you prefer !
Basic Information
Full Name: Avani聽Liliane Ryan.
Nickname(s): Vani, Ani.
Age: Twenty-one.
Date of Birth: November 26, 1999.
Hometown: New York.
Gender: Cis-Female.
Pronouns: She/Her.
Orientation: Pansexual and Panromantic.
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter.
Living Arrangements: Currently lives alone in a two-bedroom penthoue. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom loft apartment features a private roof terrace, and built-in closets. The unit is in a luxury doorman building.
Language(s) Spoken: English and Spanish.
Physical Appearance
Face Claim: Olivia O鈥檅rien.
Hair Color: Naturally dark brown, but she often dyes it different colors.
Eye Color: Green.
Height: 5'8".
Build: Slim.
Tattoos: Canon Olivia tattoos.
Piercings: Canon Olivia tattoos.
Clothing Style: Pretty much every tank top she wears is a men鈥檚 fruit of the loom or hanes tank top that she cuts with kitchen scissors. Frequently seen in cargo pants and boots.
Usual Expression: Resting b*tch face is simply, the expression she was born with.
Positive Traits: Adventurous, charming, confident, determined, charismatic, reliable, passionate, imaginative, helpful, hard-working, enthusiastic, creative, ambitious.
Negative Traits: Blunt, sarcastic, stubborn, withdrawn, workaholic, self-destructive, argumentative.
Fears: Spiders.
Hobbies: Collecting knick knacks, writing, writing songs, hiking, cooking, and reading.
Habits: Snacking between meals, chewing the ends of pens, swearing, eye rolling, gesturing while talking, doodling, running hands through hair, shrugging, rubbing temples.
Weather: Sunny days.
Color: Dark red.
Beverage: Doesn鈥檛 have one.
Animal: Dogs and elephants.
Father: Sawyer James Ryan. (聽incarcerated )
Mother: Claudia Margaret Ryan. (聽deceased聽)
trigger warnings: mentions of death, abandonment,聽incarceration,聽
From the outside, you would believe the Ryan family to be the聽鈥榩erfect family鈥. It was the mask the family put on for years聽鈥 one that was ripped away and thrown down a drain the night of Claudia鈥檚 death.
The discovery of multiple affairs, an out of control argument, and years of secret regret led to the tragic loss of a beloved mother and an anger-filled father finding himself behind bars. Though the most tragic loss of all was a young Avani Ryan, finding herself in a system that would only fail her.
Tossed from one toxic home to another, the young girl faced nothing but brick walls, tall hills to climb, and some of the worst cases possible throughout her years of attempting to find a family. But all hope was eventually lost and she found herself giving up, deciding to go at life all on her own at the bright-eyed age of seventeen.
It was once she was on her own when her love of music was able to flourish. Allowing herself to fall into the passion she had always had to put on the back burner for years. Music came easily; letting people in didn鈥檛. It was the one thing she felt she could rely on after all the stumbles and troubles she had faced.
Now, as a young 21-year-old, she finds herself settled in her own apartment, able to release the music she pulls from her own mind, though still questioning when everything will come apart at the seams.
Personality wise, she鈥檚 a pretty chill person while also being full of energy. She can either be hard to love or hard to hate, your best friend or someone you never want around. Really, it all depends on how she聽鈥榲ibes鈥 with you personally. All about letting things go but never forgetting the things people have done, can absolutely hold a grudge in that sense, has no problems with cutting you completely out of her life if you wrong her in the wrong way.
click here for her musings tag.
Here you can find posts that relate to the innerworkings of Avani Ryan.
click here for my connections page.
Here you鈥檒l find not only current connections but connection ideas that range from basic, template-like plots to specific plots.
click here for my wanted connections tag.
Here you鈥檒l find the link to my 鈥榳anted connections tag鈥 on my sideblog for Avani.
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fandom-sheepa month ago
Please check out the things below for navigation and information!
Things to know!
Be Nice: If you don鈥檛 have anything nice to say don鈥檛 say anything at all.
No NSFW: I and many others are uncomfortable with it so this is not the place.
Reblogs of anything I make are a-ok: But so are likes. I don鈥檛 care much about reach.
Check out the original creators of the things I reblog: They are probably awesome!
If I do anything outside a content creators boundaries: Let me know so I can fix it!
If I don鈥檛 tag a trigger or forget to tag spoilers: Let me know so I can fix it!
If you know me in real life: no you don鈥檛
Feel free to leave: if you don鈥檛 like me or my content you can leave and block me as you wish. I just want everyone to have a safe journey here even if it doesn鈥檛 include me.
General Information
I USE THE MOBILE APP: 99% of the time I鈥檓 using tumblr on my phone so formatting might be funky.
I love anons dearly: Never be afraid to send me things just remember to be nice. And feel free to claim an anon name.
All my posts are in some Masterlist or tag: that means everything I reblog is in the wilds of my blog.
Tagging Reblogs: when I reblog something I say random things in the tags and don鈥檛 usually echo original tags.
Main: @girlofthefandom if you are wondering there鈥檚 nothing really Minecraft over there, but ya know.
Friend Tracking: @friendfan I love Friend more than anyone else.
Streamers I Watch the Most list
Anon List
Look at all the pretty emojis and cool nicknames!
Delayed Liveblogs Masterlist
This happens often
When I watch a thing I type all my thoughts into a post or two then post it after the fact.
Fanart Masterlist
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Sometimes I find myself really wanted to doodle. It鈥檚 not much but it鈥檚 honest work.
Fanfiction Masterlist
This happens rarely
I don鈥檛 usually have motivation but if I write here it will be. I usually only write 鈥渪 reader鈥 type stuff if I do.
Yells to the Void
Tag for the random thought that cross my head outside of streams.
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orchid-oscar-daya month ago
Re-Organization Time!
Hello, I am re-organizing my tumblr so that it ain鈥檛 filled with shit nobody wants to see 24/7 (+ I am deleting my @definitelynotorchid-oscar-day blog because I want a redo so just make sure to follow the new one I will be making... one day)
Edit: currently making that 2nd/shitpost account, (RIP 100%notme). Make sure to check at the bottom for updates on my Re-Organization Plan.
Double Edit:
Please REBLOG my art, thanks.
another edit:聽I deleted the TAGS section, this will be for updates of what I鈥檓 doing only until I鈥檓 done/satisfied, I made a new page on my website,, to host my tags
UPDATE v1.0:
Deleted previous tags
UPDATE v1.1:
We are up to date with my new tags
UPDATE v2.0:
Here鈥檚 my shitpost blog,聽@potatos-treasure
+++ UPDATE v3.0:
Added a new page to my site聽and removed the TAGS section from this post
UPDATE v3.1:
Re-adding the TAGS section for mobile (located underneath the UPDATES section)
UPDATE v4.0:
Starting to promote reblogs but only on posts like this, my bio, & finished art work (paper & computer)
Re-Organization: #pre-RO
Art: #Orchid/OscarDoodles, #Doodles
Txt: #potato_typing
Reblogs: #potato鈥檚_treasure
Asks: #[PERSON WHO ASKED/anon]_asked_smth
Spoilers: #spoils, #{ONE OF MY COMICS/STORIES}_spoils
Me being lazy:
#fuck_tags -I鈥檒l add them later
#yeah_nope -I鈥檓 not looking this one over for more tags
#fuck_march -March had over 100 posts, I deleted enough to get less than 100, it鈥檚 still a lot tho, so fuck_march and its stupid ass
Additional Tags:
#among us sona
#Daisy the Dog
More tags are yet to be added.
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taiblogcomics2 months ago
Begin Again With Season Ten
Hey there, visual glitches. I guess since that last Ravagers issue was actually on the good side, we broke the curse. That shipment of comics I was waiting for finally came in, and we can review something relatively new for once. Remember that? When we used to review My Little Pony comics? Wow, it's been a while, huh? Is this preamble long enough? Let's get to it~
Here's the cover:
Tumblr media
Ah, this cover is pretty good. At the very least, I mean, it does what a cover is supposed to do: grab your attention. It's very bright, and it calls out exactly what the next arc of comics is going to be. Yes, this is a continuation of the series following its finale. Which is a great place to jump back in, don't you think? There's really only one thing from the final season you need to know, and we'll cover it, but good cover. Also puts all the major characters on the cover, just to let readers know they exist~
So we open in Canterlot, since Twilight Sparkle doesn't live in Ponyville anymore. She's become ruler of Equestria and Celestia and Luna have retired. That's it, that's your spoilers. She's put out a call to all the most relevant characters: her friends, the Pillars, the movie-only characters, and even a few fan favourites. The comic even confirms that Lyra and Bon Bon are getting married, which is nice for all you shippers out there. Zecora's last to arrive, via the Rainbow Dash express, and with that, Twilight calls this meeting to order.
Well, you see, with Twilight now in an active position of power, she can't go galavanting all over the world solving friendship problems anymore. It just wouldn't be responsible. And the world has expanded quite a lot. The Crystal Empire popped up during season 3, for example. A whole bunch of new races appeared during the movie and season 7... So while we're now on good terms with yaks, griffons, dragons, and the like, there's still other places out there to extend the hoof of friendship toward. And thusly, she'll be sending out teams helmed by her closest friends to explore these lands.
Rainbow Dash, Captain Celaeno, Spitfire, and Lyra and Bon Bon are headed to the home of Celaeno's parrot people. Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are pairing up together with Capper, Discord, and Trixie to where the catfolk live. Rarity is taking herself, Big Macintosh, Mage Meadowbrook, and Maud Pie to find the Diamond Dogs' lost kingdom. (Try looking between Pin-Ups and Young Americans.) And, most relevant to this first story arc, Applejack, Tempest Shadow, Rockhoof, and Zecora are off to the Farasian Shores, where the zebras live. At least, they are until Zecora hears where they're going.
For some reason, Zecora is very reluctant to return to her homelands. Sorry, Zecora, you had nine seasons to develop anything about your backstory and your people. Now you have no choice! She's so upset about the idea of returning home that she even stops rhyming to explain her feelings. Zecora explains that she prefers her life to be private, and that she has some bad blood back home. Applejack apologises, and Zecora reluctantly agrees to go with the group anyway. As she walks off, Applejack notices Zecora stopped rhyming for a moment there, and Zecora be's mysterious about that as well~
So, how to get to the Farasian coast? Well, on a boat, naturally. Did you know Cranky Doodle is a boat captain? Because I didn't. Also on his crew is a Gilligan-looking fellow named Ragamuffin and a surprise cameo by Steven Magnet. Tempest spends most of the journey being grumpy, though she does use her magic to fend off a storm. They also face down pirates, narwhals swimmin' in the ocean, and Rockhoof's restlessness in not having a use for his shovel on the sea. Finally, they set sights on Farasi, which causes Zecora's anxieties to rise again.
On the shore, they part with the crew for now. Get out of here, ancilliary characters! We're about to introduce a half-dozen more, and we need to keep the cast down as much as we can. Say, speaking of, the group meets their welcoming committee: a zebra named Marini with purple stripes. She greets Zecora warmly, but Zecora pulls away. Rockhoof takes her up on those offered hugs, though. Marini takes them on a tour, which includes a reference to Casablanca, and she's surprised Zecora has never explained anything about their home to them.
After mentioning that this is the home of Abraxas, one of Farasi's four princes, Applejack is kind of reluctant to meet with a full prince. Fortunately, she's got a different welcome wagon to meet first: Marini's friends! In addition to her, there are two lanky, two-horned ponies called Dust Devil and Cactus Rose. They don't tell you until next issue, but they're abadas, roughly the zebra equivalent of unicorns. The other two, Crystal and Medley Brook, are kelpies, which are ponies with control over water. They're all old friends with Zecora, who panics and runs away when confronted with her past. Who knew zebras had such anxiety problems?
Well, let鈥檚 start with the notion of season 10. It鈥檚 a neat premise and a good direction to take the series. No more sitting around in Ponyville! It鈥檚 a bit more of an ongoing adventure series than an episodic slice-of-life. I鈥檓 not sure they could have actually done this in the show, particularly with Twilight and Spike essentially retiring from main character status. But it definitely works for comics. Additionally, I鈥檓 glad they decided to do it as part of the main ongoing series instead of a 鈥淪eason 10鈥 miniseries like the Adventure Time comics tried. It didn鈥檛 work out so good there~
As for the story itself, I鈥檓 very intrigued. Zecora鈥檚 status as a zebra was always the biggest mystery that the series had left by the end, so it鈥檒l be neat to explore that in some depth. We鈥檒l get to know her friends more next issue, trust me, but I like them. And speaking of friends, splitting up the main cast is something that also might not have worked in the TV series, but here it works just fine. It鈥檚 the Marvel Team-Up rules: pair some characters who normally don鈥檛 interact together and see what happens. It鈥檚 good for development~
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