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#no one i related to more than usagi
sailormoonandme · 15 days ago
Checking Out other Magical Girls shows Part 4: Miraculous
Of all the Magical Girls shows I’ve been researching this was one of the ones I was most hotly anticipating. See, in addition to Sailor Moon, American superheroes are a big passion of mine and Spider-Man is my all time fav. So a show that ostensibly combines the two was fascinating to me.*
I checked out three episodes from the first season, ‘Stormy Weather’ and the two part ‘Origins’ episodes. I was initially recommended the former as the best place to start but honestly I kind of regret doing that. Every ‘watch list’ I consulted recommended I NOT start with the origin episodes and I do not know why, they were a perfectly natural jumping on point and a far better introduction than ‘Stormy Weather’ was. Not that ‘Stormy Weather’ was bad, but I was a little lost.
Let me get some negatives out of the way before I move onto positives.
So the origins episodes I think at times dropped the ball as far as laying out the ‘rules’ of how Ladybug and Cat Noire’s powers work.  
-The five minute time limit comes out of nowhere and I don’t understand if it applies just to Cat Noire or to both of them, when the timer begins (from the moment they transform or from when they use their unique powers).  
-I’m uncertain if Ladybug has some kind of special visionary power because in 2 episodes items are lit up in a ladybug pattern in sequence and this is how she deduces how to use her Lucky Charm. But I don’t know if that’s a power of if it’s just an artistic representation of her figuring out what to do herself
-I also think the show should’ve clarified that when they refer to their ‘super powers’ they mean their special unique abilities, because obviously they both get enhanced reflexes and whatnot.  
-I guess also they seemed to know their the special phrases to activate their abilities without anyone telling them, but that’s standard Magical Girl fare I won’t hold that against the show. Same thing with how intuitive the characters seem to be with their powers, although I don’t know why Adrienne seems better with his powers off the bat than Marinette did?
-Finally, I’m very much in two minds about Ladybug’s unique powers. It’s certainly novel as super powers go and I guess works with the magical aspect of the characters. But…she gets a random item that will somehow help her resolve the issue? So…are things just predestined here? Her powers just know  what will happen because she clearly needs to make certain events happen for the Lucky Charm to help her, and even then it doesn’t seem to just fix the problem outright. I can see that power being problematic from a creative POV and possibly overpowered. I hope the sow addresses that going forward. The same applies to her ability to essentially undo all the damage caused, including restoring a collapsed building. I mean…does this apply to anyone who’s died too?
One other issues I noted were how Hawk Moth seems to know Cat Noire and Ladybug’s names when he wouldn’t, especially the latter since Marinette had yet to even label herself as Ladybug.  
I know that sounds like I’m really down on this show but the opposite is true. I think those are issues with it but I nevertheless REALLY LOVED THIS!
Marinette is charming and relatable and even Adrienne, in a more abstract way, can be understoof by his desire to feel normal whilst also feeling like an outsider. These might not be brand new teen hero archetypes but they’re classic, and the classics stick around for a reason. Marinette reminds me of Usagi and Adrienne is vaguely Bruce Wayne esque, although given this show’s influences perhaps Tuxedo Mask would be a better comparison.
The show also built up a decent supporting cast in it’s origin episodes, giving both characters a best friend, a rival/possible romantic interest in Chloe and decent tertiary characters ripe for expansion in their parents and body guards. Plus the school setting is a great story engine for the show, capable of giving us emotional drama but also a possibly endless supply of super villains for Hawk Moth to exploit. I also love the Parisian setting if for no other reason than t is refreshing to see a superhero story set outside of New York, Tokyo or an fictional American city like Metropolis or Gotham.  
Hawk Moth himself, whilst perhaps standard, worked for me. He sort of reminded me of Professor Tomoe, but with a little extra spice since he’s drawing upon the same powers as our heroes. And of course…he’s clearly Adrienne’s father (unless the show is setting me up for a huge twist). Again, MAYBE that’s nothing new but…it’s still a fun trope to play. And if I’m right I think I also know his motivation but that’s probably me having consumed super hero media all my life. Aeshetically he’s cool and the moth motif works well for his character.
In fact the look of the show over all works very well. It is a sad fact that the CGI in this show will look dated sooner rather than later since that’s the nature of CGI. But the animation style also allows for dynamic camera movements and action set pieces so I don’t mind. And frankly, this is the closest I’ve ever seen CGI come to evoking anime style animation so I’d be happy to see this style continue/evolve over time in other shows (honestly, a Spider-Man show might look really good in this style).  
In particular I was surprised that the show allowed for decent facial expressions and body language, which I was concerned about since I know the show plays in some romance and that might’ve been hard to watch if the animation wasn’t up to snuff. Thankfully it was and I’m invested in seeing their relationship evolve. I particularly like the dynamic in play here. In Sailor Moon you had 2 people who disliked one another as civilians but were very much attracted to each other as superheroes. There they get on in both identities, but whilst Marinette tries (and funbles) to initiate things with Adrienne, Cat Noire is the one coming onto Ladybug who seems to rebuff his charms (even though she seems to like him). That’s at least relatively unique for this genre and I’m here for it!
So overall, I really liked this and would watch more if I got the chance.  
*Cat Noir is even named similarly to Spidey’s girlfriend the Black Cat.  
P.S. I enjoyed the reference to Wonder Woman/Captain Marvel in the comic book Alya’s comic book.  
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ask-the-junjou-cast · 18 days ago
usagi do you know anyone named masamune takano or ritsu onodera cause they work at marukawa books and ritsu is your apparently but then who then who the hell is aikawa
Usagi: Onodera...ah, yes. I do know him. He was one of my editors a couple years ago. Nice guy, great editor. Though I know his father more than I know him to be honest. He edited a few of my books before he left. As for a Masamune, I may have heard the name but I don’t know anyone personally. I’m not involved in the agency itself. You’ll have to ask Isaka about that.
Tumblr media
Usagi: As for who Aikawa is in relation to me, she’s my main editor and has been for a while. I like her work the most and she’s the only one who can stand me when it comes to writing. Even if she can be a bit annoying about deadlines.
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steelblaidd · 26 days ago
Based on the WIP ask game, can you please post a snippet of your newest Spirals essay and tag me? I love that series!
Absolutely 😁 @sing-in-me-oh-muse Though I might change direction and do something else first as I think Episodes 7 and 8 are going to be very relevant. 
Spirals CH 5(?):  We are Family (WiP)  Adults. Are. Useless!
Let's begin there.
If you've ever watched any series with child to mid teen heroes you have run across this trope. Grown ups are either absent or if they are present you wonder how they make it across the street much less hold down whatever putative job that supposedly pays the bills. From the disembodied sad trombones of old Charlie Brown cartoons to Ranma and Akane’s anti-productive parents to the decidedly demented Dr. Doofenshmirtz, (who at least is there, Phineas and Ferb’s folks are mostly of screen).  
Always and everywhere Adults Are Useless.
Or our heroes are just that much more powerful, or the adults are evil (I’m looking at you Gendo Ikari).
All of these exist as ways to make teenagers (or younger) running around saving the world on the regular sort of make sense.
Sort of.
Some stories just put their characters in the right place at the right time or make them the target of the Big Bad (Harry Potter). Some actually develop a whole social structure that justifies kids wielding Phenomenal Cosmic Power and digging into the consequences (My Hero Academia).
One of the things shows often do to make the situation less likely to break one's suspension of disbelief is keep the number of on screen responsible adults to a minimum.
Other than Usagi’s parents and Rei’s Grandpa, what non-hero/villain adults are there in Sailor Moon? Are there any adults in Power Rangers?
Miraculous does not.
By my count we have about 25 named kids in the show including the class, their siblings and other students (Aurore, Mireiie and Marc). On the other hand there are at least 32 recurring Adults with enough screen time and a close enough relation to the kids to have some sort of responsibility for them.
Consider that in the typical high school comedy you may know one or two teachers and the parents of the main character and that's it. 
Boy Meets World had FOUR adults (five if you include Shawn’s excuse for a dad), over seven seasons, that appear regularly enough to make an impression much less develop relationships with the kids. 
In contrast, over the course of three seasons we have met parents or siblings for eleven out of the fifteen kids in the main cast. Most of them with enough screen time to establish a solid character concept, if not always a full personality, and certainly enough to look into and think about how they operate as families.
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the-septic-maniac · a month ago
A Rant on the Captives
So in the recent year since the 10th anniversary of Danganronpa, the fandom has seen an increase of people finding out about Ultra Despair Girls and the respective novel that follows Ultra Despair Hagakure. This means that more and more people are figuring out who the captives are. But it feels like there are a lot of misconceptions about them. In more particular, people seem to misunderstand the main reason for these captives being chosen. The main two that are argued over are Kanon Nakajima, Leon Kuwata’s Cousin, and Takaaki Ishimaru, Kiyotaka Ishimaru’s Dad. I’m not here to discuss them tho. I’m here about the captives in general,
So who are the captives? The captives are a group of 12 people, a cat, and a stinkbug. This group were the loved ones of the people of the killing school life. Junko specifically chose them because of their extremely close relationship with each other, and not for any other reason. These weren’t some schmuck that they chose to be a characters captive that just so happened to be related to them in any way. These were people that the percipient truly loved and cared for. The captives themselves we don’t know a lot about outside of maybe 4 to 5. And unfortunately two of them were killed in Ultra Despair Girls. Before I move on I feel like I should list out the captives. Spoilers ahead tho as I do list their statuses and some will be more detailed than others.
Komaru Neagi: Makato Neagi’s Sister Status: Alive and with Toko Fukawa
Kenshiro: Sakura Ogami’s Boyfriend and Friendly Rival Status: Sick and unknown if he ever recovers
Yuta Asahina: Aoi Asahina’s Brother Status: Dead after being blown up by the bracelet on his wrist during an attempt to escape Towa City by swimming to the other side
Hiroko Hagakure: Yasuhiro Hagakure’s Mom and only Parent Status: Alive
Taichi Fujisaki: Chihiro Fujisaki’s Dad Status: Presumed dead after being mauled by a group of a variant monokuma (can't remember if it was junk or beast monokuma)
Kanon Nakajima: Leon Kuwata’s Cousin and Manager Status: Unknown. Last seen escaping with Yasuhiro Hagakure after having her leg broken and being molested by Kotoko Usagi and nearly dying from blood loss.
Takemichi Yukimaru: One of Mondo’s elite commanders Status: Unknown
Ayaka Haneyama: A member of Sayaka’s idol group Status: Unknown
Grand Bois Chéri Lundenburg (that's a mouthful): Celestia Lundenburg’s Cat Status: Unknown
Aloysius Pennyworth: Byakuya Togami’s Butler Status: Likely dead due to old age
Kameko: Toko Fukawa’s pet stinkbug Status: Unknown
Fujiko Yamada: Hifumi Yamada’s sister Status: Unknown
Fuhito Kirigiri: Kyoko Kirigiri’s grandfather Status: Unknown but likely died to old age
Takaaki Ishimaru: Kiyotaka Ishimaru’s Dad Status; Unknown
These people are the captives. Now, as you can see, a lot of their statuses are unknown so a lot of information is missing. Now some, I guessed, but that is due to the age of some of the characters. But the chief thing is many people make presumptions about some captives and make stuff up that isn’t true without either looking at the main material. I’M LOOKING AT YOU KANON HATERS! Y’all are one of the main reasons I made this rant. Now if you don’t like her for personal reasons I’m fine. But if you don’t like her just for the reason the fact she stalked Leon, and thats the only thing that you acknowledge about her, ya got another thing coming for ya.
Anyways we got off topic there. To be honest the misinformation about the captive annoys the crap outta me. I understand head-Kanons (hehe) but when it comes to some of the negative stuff said about the captives its annoying. Anyways have a good day/night!
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seiyaxusagi · a month ago
I don't know if you accept asks, but I'm rewatching the old 90s anime and realized one very important thing- Mamoru is only interested in Usagi because of his old memories of Silver Millennium and his "obligation" and sense of duty. After the final battle with Dark Kingdom, when he lost his memories, he didn't show ANY interest in Usagi just for herself. Moreover, he very often was embarrassed and shy of her and his relationship with her. On the other hand, Seiya fell for Usagi herself, and not some ancient past-life story or obligation. And he never showed any embarrassment when Usagi behaved childishly or was clumsy. This is why in my eyes Usagi x Seiya is and forever will be the superior ship.
Read more to not occupy too much space on my followers dashboard ( @missisjoker )
Focusing solely on the 90s anime and not on the manga and the crystal saga ( which both show a different side of Mamoru and Usagi's relationship ), I do understand what you mean and I cannot really agree more with you. I've rewatched the 90s anime more times than what I can count with a single hand and the final session really managed to show me that the relationship between Mamoru and Usagi wasn't entirely perfect and flawed on many sides - most of them are related to their age difference and how Mamoru seemed detached from the true meaning of their love and more attached to the destiny and their purpose as a couple. Sadly, that was exhibited to us in many forms throughout the sessions and I, as a viewer, and without even knowing about Star Fighter, really didn't understand and oftentimes found myself considering their relationship forced, toxic and truly disheartening. It felt even one-sided, because I honestly believe that Usagi loved Mamoru and truly believed they were meant to be. Mamoru, on the other hand, was... Rather brutish?, focused on the future and the life that was determined for them and ignored completely the important steps that they need to give to create a bond and establish a healthy relationship. Regardless of Star fighter existing, Mamoru and Usagi were not meant to be and should have ended their relationship the moment Mamoru completely and bluntly demonstrated his disapproval in practically everything Usagi did.
Star Fighter is... Special. She truly loved Usagi with all her flaws and with all her imperfections. She loved Usagi for who she was and it mattered not how she behaved more childish, how she seemed to ignore sometimes her responsibilities and how she was utterly clumsy. It was, honestly, real and raw love - and while Usagi was committed to Mamoru, I think she had a taste of that real love and that explains why she was so attached to Star Fighter - because she showed Usagi what real love was... And she felt it too, in her own way. I also feel that the love Star Fighter had was gentler, more genuine, more tender. I believe the love a woman shares, be it with a man or another woman ( any other human honestly ), is oftentimes purer, more authentic and exponentially stronger... Women are more emotionally expressive and tend to experience emotions and sentiments more intensely... And we can see that with many of their interactions. And yes, I do think they could be one adorable couple and the author could have explored it better... Instead of focusing on destiny and Usagi and Mamoru's purpose. Destiny means nothing when you can change it.
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postpunkpoetcomrade · 2 months ago
The Kin List
(first a note I found from a carrd describing the terminology:)
Core: Some people use this term some people don’t, it’s basically like the strongest level you can kin a character. It’s taking THAT’S ME to another level. (It is stronger than a selfhood)
Selfhood: ‘A character I relate to very strongly, and relate to at almost all times. It’s basically like watching a show/etc and seeing a character and thinking That’s me!’
ID’s: ‘I relate to this character very strongly, but sometimes I feel a little less connected to them depending on my mood/etc’
Reverse ID’s: An ID but only when you are in some sort of shift (you relate to this character very strongly but ONLY when you are in a shift/mood change, when you aren’t you feel little to no amount of relation to this character. Example: feeling incredibly confident therefore relating to characters that are more confident)
Minor Kins: Characters you relate to some what/a little but not enough to be an ID.
Reverse Minor Kins: Characters you relate to some what/a little but only when in some sort of shift. When you aren’t in a shift you relate to this character 0%.
Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls)  
Buttercup (Powerpuff Girls)
Blossom (Powerpuff Girls)
Veronica Sawyer (Heathers)
Misaki Ayuzawa (Kaichou wa maid sama!)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Baka and Test)
Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)
James Maguire (Derry Girls)
Barbie (Barbie)
Cloe (Bratz)
Frankie Stein (Monster High)
Fleabag (Fleabag)
Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)
Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran)
Jaq (Cinderella)
Richie (Bottom)
Rick (The Young Ones)
Smithers (The Simpsons)
Erin (Derry Girls)
Neil (The Young Ones)
Roy (IT Crowd)
Edward Catflap (Filthy,Rich and Catflap)
Jem (Jem and the holograms)
Mickey Mouse (Disney)
Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)
Spongebob (Spongebob)
Super Mario (Nintendo)
James (Pokemon)
George (Black Adder)
Haruka Kotoura  (Kotoura-san)
Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)
Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi Suzumiya)
Misato Katsuragi (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Furude Rika (Higurashi)
Lucy (Elfen Lied)
Hibari Oozora (Stop!! Hibari Kun)
Ranma Saotome (Ranma ½)
Richmond Avenal (IT Crowd)
Vince Noir (The Mighty Boosh)
Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice)
Rimmer (Red Dwarf)
Tweety Bird (Looney Tunes)
Peridot (Steven Universe)
Kirby (Nintendo)
Moka Akashiya (Rosario X Vampire)
Patsy Stone (Abfab)
Grell Sutcliff (Black Butler)
Vyvyan Basterd (The Young Ones)
Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice)
Shaggy (Scooby Doo)
Reverse ID’s:
Dennis Pennis (The Sunday Show)
Eddie Monsoon (Abfab)
Richie Rich (Filthy,Rich and Catflap)
Alan B’stard (The New Statesman)
Tomoko Kuroki (Watamote)
Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)
Daria (Daria)
Lum Invader (Urusei Yatsura)
Harley Quinn (DC Comics)
Minor Kins:
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic)
Mike the cool person (The Young Ones)
Reverse Minor Kins:
Yusuke Urameshi (Yu Yu Hakusho)
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radioactivesupersonic · 3 months ago
As someone who is more used to male dominanted/focused stories: Any recommendations for good magicial girl shows?
Admittedly it has been quite a while since I returned home to the genre, so I don’t know if I’m necessarily the best person to talk to! It’s a big genre and honestly there are a lot of different flavors that will appeal to some people more than others. Some magical girl series are more actiony, or more scifi, or more soft slice-of-life. 
I will say if you’ve never gone through it, I’d actually really recommend at least a partial skim of Sailor Moon. It’s one of the formative grandmothers of the genre and it was very dear to my heart and very influential on me as a writer. Most people remember Usagi crying and falling on her butt (which, being fair, she does on occasion, but I would say not necessarily more than a lot of #Relatable male heroes who are wimps or losers in their daily life but become badass when the chips are down)
The basic premise/formula of the various seasons boils down to “evil magic users stalk the streets of modern Japan in service of an unusual agenda that pretty much invariably involves ripping people’s souls out in one form or another, and the horror is only mostly reduced by their weapon of choice being demons who summon themselves out of household objects so you get specimens like a neon pink catgirl made of puzzle pieces or a novelty elephant vacuum cleaner but humanoid and wanting you dead”
Mostly I can say at least the bigger-budget / more emphasized bits of Sailor Moon are really pretty, like, if you’ve never watched the openings, I recommend that alone just for the visual experience. For me, personally, a lot of appeal of the magical girl genre is its focus on visuals- not that the average shonen thing like Pokemon or Naruto ‘looks bad’ on a rule, but the better mahou stories put a lot into the colors and aesthetics. And yeah, things can be a little corny and a little campy- if part of your viewing experience is sentai stuff like Power Rangers, I’d say that’s fairly close to what you’re getting from magical girls.
(That said, in my experience, almost never assume a mahou series can’t get dark. Tokyo Mew Mew is a magical girl series where the girls are dessert-themed animal girls and it has a plot involving hostile terraforming and mutant monsters)
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nessinborderland · 3 months ago
The Devil Wears Dior (02)
Pairing: Niragi x Reader
Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff, The Devil Wears Prada inspired, Alternative Universe
Word Count: 3.2k
Summary: Getting a job was supposed to make your life easier. But being the personal assistance of Niragi Suguru, the heir of a multimillion yen company, ends up making your life harder… in more ways than one.
Warnings: Developing Relationship, Boss/Employee Relationship, Enemies to Lovers, Niragi is not a murderer sociopath but is still a dick, Character Development, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Implied/Referenced Character Death, Mental Health Issues
Notes: Welcome!I'm on a roll guys, updating two fics in two days! lol Anyway, please be warned that this chapter references parental death and mental and physical damage due to an accident. Hope you enjoy! :)
AO3 Link        Masterlist
Tumblr media
You sit at a park bench, not far away from KEI Enterprises. It’s a sunny day, despite the season, and the chill Autumn breeze feels nice against your skin. The park is mostly empty, with just a few joggers and people walking their dogs. You take the opportunity to close your eyes and focus on the sound of the birds and the wind; you need to relax after that interview. Your new signed contract sits on your lap, and you run your eyes over it by the tenth consecutive time. It’s almost lunchtime, but you don’t think you can stomach a meal. Your celebratory ice cream is enough for now.
You sigh, taking another spoonful of the way too expensive dessert; you guess you can afford it, now that you are employed. You still can’t quite believe it. You weren’t confident you would get the job, but you were willing to try your best. Whatever it took. And you had, miraculously, not only got a job but a high-paying one. You could cry from happiness. Sure, you wouldn’t be writing articles, but you couldn’t say no when the Niragi man showed you how much you would get paid. And to be a personal assistant, of all things. 
His personal assistant.
That fact had put you off a little, but the paycheck had convinced you. It also sounds like an easy enough job; organize his schedule, plan his meetings, accompany him to events, etc. You can do that. You’ll work your ass off as his assistant and then maybe ask for a writing position later on. You just have to prove to them that you can do this.
Your phone rings, startling you.
“So, how did it go?” a familiar voice asks as soon as you answer the phone.
“Usagi, good morning to you too,” you say. “It went great actually, I got– well, not the job, but a job.”
“That’s great!” your friend says in between panting noises. “But...what do you mean ‘not the job’?”
“Are you mountain climbing right now?” you ask with a raised brow.
“I might…” Usagi answers in a dismissive tone, “Anyway, tell me more about that job.”
“That’s so dangerous but sure, let’s talk about me,” you roll your eyes. “I’m not talking to you until you have your feet on the ground.”
There’s a grunt and then some rustling noise. “Fine, I’m sitting down now,” your friend says. “Speak.”
You tell her everything that transpired that morning. By the end, Usagi is silent and you know your friend has something on her mind she’s unsure of sharing.
“Hmm, a penny for your thoughts?” you ask after another moment of silence.
“Don’t get me wrong, Y/N, I’m really happy you got a job, but–” she hesitates for a moment, “Don’t you think it’s weird that that man chose you based on nothing?”
Of course you did. ‘Why?’ had crossed your mind several times. You shrug and say, “I guess, but it’s still good money,” you sigh. “You know I can’t allow myself to be picky. I was seriously thinking of going back to that cafe job if this one failed. You know that’s not what I want, especially after all the time I spent getting my degree.”
“I know, I know,” Usagi says. “Just be careful.” She pauses for a moment, “Do you still have that switchblade I gave you?”
“Oh my god, I am not carrying a knife around!” you exclaim with a laugh. “Or pepper spray,” you add before she can say more, “I’m not going to jail.”
“Fine, fine,” Usagi says with a huff, “Just make sure you’re safe.”
“You know I will, rabbit.”
“So...” you’re glad she’s changing the subject. More talk about your new boss will only make you anxious. “Are you still up for our thing tomorrow?” She sounds unsure.
“Of course I am!” you say with a smile, “It’s your dad’s birthday and we’ve been doing this for years, how could I miss it?”
“Just wondering,” she hesitates, “Thank you for being here for me, Y/N.”
“We’re here for each other,” you say, “You can come by the house if you want,” you offer. “I don’t like you being alone at this time of the year.”
“Nah, thank you... I’ll be fine.” You can hear the lie, but say nothing, “Well, it’s starting to rain. I’ll see you tomorrow then,” you exchange goodbyes and hang up.
Dark clouds approach, covering the previously blue sky.
You finish your ice cream and call a Uber home. You reflect on your decision as the vehicle takes you further away from Nishi-Shinjuku; things would actually get easier now. Life would be better. You don’t even have to care about riding the crowded subway anymore. The bills, your home, your family; you can now take care of everything. You can’t help but be proud of yourself.
You finally get to your destination. 
The place you call home is a small apartment on the ground floor of a two-story building. It’s old and it could use some renovations, but the rent is cheap and the neighbors are nice. The area is not the safest, but you like living there. You walk up the stairs to the front door, waving to the young boy playing ball in the tiny front garden.
You are immediately greeted by a meow as you open the door. A calico cat sits at the entrance, immediately getting closer to rub itself on your ankles.
“Hey, Mika baby,” you pet her between the ears and the cat purrs. “Did you take care of Papa while I was away?” you ask the animal as you take off your shoes. You let out a sound of relief as your feet touch the ground; damn heels. You’re only wearing flats from now on.
A sound from the kitchen snaps your attention. You walk the few steps that lead to the small room, immediately at your right. You open the door to find your upstairs neighbor, Himari, cooking what you identify as chicken curry. It’s mouthwatering, and your stomach growls at the smell of the delicious food.
“Himari?” you call her attention. She jumps slightly before turning to face you, hand on her large baby bump.
“Y/N, you’re back!” she greets you with a tired smile before turning back to the small stove, still talking to you, “Hope you don’t mind me using your kitchen, but Yukio found your Dad outside and I thought it would be better if we kept him company.”
Your eyes go wide, “Oh my god, Himari, thank you so much.” You lean against the threshold with a sigh, “The meds aren’t working as they should lately. He gets confused sometimes. Hope he wasn’t too much trouble?”
“Your father is the sweetest man, it was no trouble,” she says with a smile. “He’s in the living room watching cartoons with Hina. Go to him, I’ll be calling you all for lunch in an hour or so.”
You thank her again and make your way to the small living room. There you find your dad, sitting in his wheelchair, as usual, cat on his lap. A little girl sits at his feet, eyes fixed on the cartoons passing on the old TV. 
“Hey Papa,” you greet him with a kiss on his cheek, “Hey Hina.” The little girl says hi back, eyes still fixed on the cartoons, but your father says nothing. “Is everything okay, Papa?”
“Who are these people in our house, Naomi?” he asks in a whispered tone. Your heart breaks every time he says things like this. Recently, it’s like it happens every other day. One moment he’s sharp as a knife, the other he can’t even recognize his own daughter. Sometimes he doesn’t know who you are, but other times he thinks you’re your mother. The last one hurts the most. 
“They’re our upstairs neighbors,” you force a smile, “Don’t worry, they’re very nice people. Himari is even making us lunch.”
Your father nods with a smile, “Oh, that’s nice of her,” then he says “Where’s Y/N? Is she still in her room? She should come out more often, play with other kids.”
“She’s still in school,” you say with a pat on his shoulder, “She can play with them when she comes back,” you ask how his morning was, to which he gives an exciting answer about trying to walk outside with crutches. You lightly chastise him for it, then ask. “Did your leg give you any phantom pain today?”
He shakes his head, tapping his left leg, “Nah, it’s been fine. You would expect that not having your leg would stop it from hurting though,” he says with a chuckle. “But I will live.”
You smile, “Would you like to see the Travel Book while we wait for lunch?” The Travel Book is what you call your dad’s photo album; it’s full of articles and pictures from when he was a traveling journalist. It usually helps him remember things; remember you. After the accident that took his leg and gave him irreversible brain damage, the Travel Book is what brings him closer to his former self.
You retrieve the thick book from a nearby shelf, and he immediately opens it on his lap, disturbing the cat. 
You sit on the small couch next to his chair and listen. Your Dad goes page after page, telling stories related to the pictures or the articles. You know every story by heart by now, but you still love to listen to them like it’s the first time. He goes on and on about his travel experiences until he suddenly pauses, eyes locked on you.
“Y/N, when is your mother coming back?”
You try your best to smile while controlling your tears. “I don’t know, Papa.” you say, “But soon, I’m sure.” He nods once, and there’s silence. Your father oscillates between moments of clarity, but one thing never changes; he never seems to remember what happened to your mother. A minute goes by before he focuses his attention on the little girl at his feet, now fully knowing who she is.
You sit there, hearing him gush with Hina about a particular episode of Doraemon. You did the right thing; you need that job. Now you will be able to afford your dad better treatment and a better apartment. Maybe even a nurse. Leaving him alone makes you nervous, especially lately, so you better start considering it. Himari won’t be always available to help, especially now with a third baby on the way. 
The woman in question comes to announce that the meal is ready. You set the small table in the corner and eat together. It feels nice to have a meal with someone resembling family; you have known Himari and her kids for only a little over a year, but they sure feel like family to you. You’re halfway through the meal when you decide it’s time to give the good news.
“So, I have something to tell you…” you make a dramatic pause, “I got a job!”
“Aha, I told you you could do it!” exclaims your dad with a tap on the table, “I knew my daughter could find a journalism job anywhere.”
“That’s great, Y/N,” says Himari with a smile, “Yukio, stop bugging your sister– Where are you going to be working?”
You give an awkward laugh. “Well actually, this job has nothing to do with journalism,” you say as you take another spoonful of curry. You take your time chewing, before announcing, “I’m actually going to be working as a personal assistant for Niragi Suguru of KEI Enterprises. He’s this–”
Himari gasps, “The Niragi Suguru?!” she asks, eyes wide.
“You know him?” you ask with a raised brow.
“Well yeah, everybody does!” she stands up and wobbles out of the room, returning with a magazine. “So, you know I love my gossip magazines...please don’t judge.” She opens the magazine on a specific page, “He’s the most eligible bachelor in Japan right now. There are articles about him almost every week.”
You read the obnoxious headline, swiftly passing your eyes over the photo and article below. The picture shows the Niragi man at what you guess is a club, a blond woman sitting on his lap while the two seemingly make out. The article goes more in-depth on how the couple met at the Paris Fashion Show, close sources confirming that the two have been together on several occasions.
“Of course the articles don’t actually mean anything,” Himari shrugs, “Only last week he was supposedly dating a Hollywood actress.” Great, you think to yourself; you’ll be working for an assumed womanizer. You just hope your job doesn’t include handling NDA’s or getting him a motel room at three in the morning. 
“Y/N… are you sure this is the job for you?” asks your dad in a concerned tone. “You can always find something else.”
You shake your head, “Believe me, Papa, I won’t be able to find a job this good so soon.” His expression doesn’t change when you specify how much you’re going to get paid, “This job is exactly what we need.”
He sighs. “Just know that you can always quit if you need,” he smiles, “I’m proud of you, sweetheart.”
The rest of the day goes by in a flash. It’s only Friday, and you’re supposed to start your new job on Monday, seven A.M sharp. Now that you don’t have to worry about finding a job anymore, you can take these few days to relax. Plenty of time to think about how you’re going to organize your life.
You’re now in your small bedroom, old laptop on your lap as you do the research you were supposed to have done the day before. You want to get your hands on every piece of information you can find on the Niragi family and their business. You go down a rabbit hole of Wikipedia articles, magazine interviews, youtube videos; everything you can find on them.
Niragi Keiko started as a model in the late seventies. She’s a beautiful woman even now, but the pictures of her as a young adult remind you of a goddess. She later married rich and founded KEI Magazine with the money she got after her husband, Niragi Haro, died not long after their son’s birth. After that, she came to found all the departments that today formed KEI Enterprises. She’s indeed one of the richest women in Asia.
What you find about her son doesn’t stray far away from what Himari told you. The man is a gold mine for the gossip magazines; secret affairs, pregnancy scandals (apparently fake), fights at clubs, rumors of illegal activities (also apparently not true). There are articles upon articles on him.   
What have you got yourself into?
What’s done is done, you think to yourself. It can’t be that bad anyway.
Yes it can, says a tiny voice in the back of your mind. 
You remember the moment you left the office, contract in hand, and Mira had asked you why you were called. You had told her about the job and her eyes widened before she visibly cringed. There was a noticeable look of pity in her eyes when she gave you her congratulations, a tight smile on her lips. You had brushed that aside; she just wasn’t pleased you got a job when she didn’t think you were suited for the position. That’s what you told yourself then.
Now you’re not so sure.
You decide to go to bed; you have a mountain to climb the next day, after all. No way you will be late for your best friend’s father's birthday. Not when she needs you so much this time of the year. 
You get yourself ready for bed and check on your dad one last time, making a mental list of things for tomorrow. Then you get in bed, cat rolled up against your back, and sleep.
You are suddenly awake by your phone ringing. You groggily rub your eyes and check the screen; an unknown number. It’s three A.M, and you can’t possibly imagine who is calling you at such a late hour. You click the red button and turn around; it was probably a call made by mistake.
The phone rings again.
You make a frustrated sound and pick up the phone, putting it against your ear.
“Yes?” you say with a yawn.
“Finally!” exclaims a male voice you don’t recognize. It does sound familiar though, “Why the fuck haven’t you answer my calls uhh? You have to answer my calls….”
“Excuse me?” you ask in a confused tone. You turn on your bedside lamp and try to focus on the person talking. “Who is this?”
“What do you mean who is this… who am I?” his speech sounds slurred, and the background noise gets louder. “Shut up you fucking drunk!” says the man, and the noise stops. “I’m your boss, who– who was I supposed to be? I’m your boss...”
“I didn’t call you to ask about the time,” he cuts you off. Someone laughs in the background. There is some shuffling and a grunt of pain before he proceeds  “I need you to–... to call my lawyer. Call my lawyer and he will know what to do, yes. You– you need to come get me at the Kabuki district police station, alright?”
Your eyes widen, “Mr. Niragi?” you ask, almost not believing it. “It’s– It’s three A.M and– ”
“Right now?!”
“Yes right now!” he sounds annoyed and clearly drunk, “Aren’t you supposed to be my personal assistant?” he chuckles, “Then assist me.” The call ends before you can say anything else.
You stay frozen in place, replaying his words in your head. You’re still half asleep, but you’re pretty sure he just ordered you to go bail him out of jail. You weigh your choices. It’s not like you have a choice though; you either do what he told you or you bet you can forget about showing up on Monday.
You’re out of the house five minutes later, waiting for your Uber to show up. You then realize something; you have no idea who Niragi Suguru’s lawyer is. Or which police station he’s in; there are several in Kabuki district.
Your ride finally arrives and you take that time to research for his attorney. There are so many tied to his company and his name that you can’t find them, so you decide you’ll ask him when you get there. The situation for the police station isn’t much different; there are so many police posts in the entertainment and red-light district of Shinjuku, you don’t even know where to start looking.
It takes more than half an hour of you driving around different police stations to find him. You’re tired, cold and so anxious that you almost feel sick. But you finally find him. He catches your eye as soon as you enter the building. Niragi sits in the corner of the police station, eyes closed as he leans back against a wall. The door closes behind you with a click and his eyes open to lock on you. A smirk grows on his face.
“Here she is, ladies and gentlemen,” he says while struggling to stand up, “Late, but I knew I could make her come.”
You wonder for the third time that day if he talks like that on purpose. 
Nah, it’s probably just a coincidence.
Next Chapter
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tiny012 · 3 months ago
With the 90′s anime I can only take the first two seasons with Usagi running around with her head cut off  in the MOTV episodes in which Mamoru have to save her from an attack and the girls have to say “ Now Sailor Moon” in order for her to defeat an enemy. 
Also having Rei and Luna critiquing the shit out of her gets draining as well. 
It is draining to see her acting like she still don’t know what the fuck she’s doing and need to be told to do after the second season. It’s even more draining how she finally acts like she’s knows what to do in the season finale episodes. 
They just kept her acting like each season is her first enemy and transforming her to a battle tested warrior when the plots permits. 
It’s like it’s soo understandable the first two seasons because she’s wasn’t a warrior in her past life but a princess who had warriors protecting her. She didn’t have the skills the other four and then the outers have so she have to learn. 
So it’s always this sense of they are high skilled than her and she’s trying to catch up and failing at it because some how she still save the world and then become the only one capable of destroying MOTV, Subvillan and Big Bad. 
But it has to come a point that it becomes second nature and she’s like “ Let’s do this’” where it’s no running before and after she says that. 
I like the fact that she is “ I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing”, run and people help her out in the beginning because it’s relatable but to have her almost like that for almost 200 episodes? 
Then it’s gets worse when Chibiusa comes on the scene? 
With the manga it’s not like that all. 
After the Black Moon Arc she’s knows what the fuck she’s doing. 
To the point in Infinity arc she’s like “ Well this is my responsibly to protect the earth which I’m going to do it and try to have some kind of normal life” 
This is the 3rd fucking arc and she still got like 2 more arcs to go. 
It’s so understandable when it’s her first fight in the Dark Kingdom arc she’s crying and like “ what the fuck I am doing?" and Luna is like “ Fight Girl! Use your tiara! Do something!”
I mean Manga/Crystal Luna is no where near the level of bitchness 90′s anime Luna is to Usagi and she still feel like she was harsh on her. 
As each senshi becomes into the mix, Rei is the only one who gets kind preeved at her for sometimes not taking things seriously  but not at the point she’s like “ Oh You are the worse senshi and you need to get your shit together. “ 
Manga Usagi doesn’t need to be told a million times to get her shit together because she does get her shit together anc because the fact this is a 60 act manga it happens quickly. 
The fact the four was already warriors and just got their skills back when they were awaken was never used against her.
So seeing her turn from a girl who didn’t know what the fuck she was doing to a young woman who knows what the fuck she’s doing in 60 acts and not 200 episodes is better. lol 
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eemoo1o-tmntoo · 3 months ago
Teenage Mutant Elemental-Ninja Turtles (2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles AU Headcanons)
Started: 15th of January, 2021
Finished: 20th of January, 2021
Device: iPhone, app
Suggested rating: PG
Tumblr media
Warnings: Those which are said in the show NinjaGo and the 2012 incarnation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Notes: These headcanons are based off of an AU I thought up; all respective rights reserved to the two TV Shows; I have a side blog for NinjaGo if you’re interested (here); this AU consists of the characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Elemental lore of NinjaGo with mashed-up storylines of each
Tumblr media
Many would assume this element would represent Raphael best, and it would; it was his element when on the Spirit Plane in season 3, but I find that Leo would be best suited to this element.
Some might condone Water or Ice as Leo’s element, as they are depicted as cool-tempered and graceful - or Earth, for his down-to-Earth characteristics.
However, Leo is shown to act impulsively (perhaps not as much as Raphael, but he is just as bad); in the second season’s finale, the first storyline including Karai, and the mid-season 3 episode ‘Attack of the Mega Shredder!’, Leo is shown to act so independently and hardheaded that he goes off on his own and causes mayhem for the aftermath. These are just a few examples.
Fire can be controlled and even-tempered in the sense of being contained on a wick of a candle or in a fireplace, but it can spread and act out ferociously with dire consequences.
Fire is also graceful, dancing in place or spreading along flammable obstacles with ease. Each flame moves like a ribbon, delicately and fluidly. Need I explain Leo’s ninjitsu and kata techniques?
In NinjaGo, the Master of Fire Kai wants nothing more than to protect his loved ones, and wants to defeat Lord Garmadon (mostly in the pilot, and watered down a little in the first season) alone because of it.
Even though he wasn’t good with teamwork to begin with - like Raph - his headstrong demeanour resembles Leo more because of his lack of blind rage (even though he is a hothead).
In the beginning of the first season, Kai was so blinded by his desire to become the destined Green Ninja (who turned out to be Lloyd), that it bumped him into last place to discover his True Potential.
In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Leo always wants to prove to Splinter that he is the best, and (I believe) that bumped him into last place to find his Inner Self on the Spirit Plane.
He will wield the Katanas of Fire.
Tumblr media
In NinjaGo, the Masters of Earth do not control Nature (as that is, according to its lore, a different component with a different bloodline altogether), but rather rock an embodiment inhuman strength to crack anything open (apart from Vengestone, which cancels out power, and Chronosteel, which absorbs and conviscates it permanently).
Raphael is the strongest of his brothers, without a doubt, which could land him easily in the place of an Earth Master.
Of course, Earth has its rocky moments, with its terrain going up and down - sometimes with ease and sometimes with a boiling incline or a harsh breathtaking decline. This can easily be placed beside Raphael’s temper.
In the LEGO NinjaGo TV series, in the first season, Master of Earth Cole earned his Full Potential by making amends with his father, Lou, who had always wanted him to be a dancer and continue on his legacies in winning trophies in competitions - especially the Blade Cup, which is a rarity to win.
To quote Cole: “You can't! He thinks I'm in NinjaGo City training at the Marty Oppenheimer School of Performing Arts. He wanted me to follow in his footsteps. But when I couldn't sing or dance, well I... I ran away.”
To me, this could be paralleled by Raphael feeling overshadowed by Leonardo from Splinter’s fatherly and ‘senseily’ eye.
He will control the Sais of Quakes. When stabbed into the ground an earthquake will hit.
Tumblr media
In NinjaGo, the Masters of Lightning are usually depicted as (and are susceptible to being) blabbermouths, and airheaded. So, you would think I would choose Michelangelo.
The youngest turtle is, of course, the most energetic and chatty. His character and Jay’s are one in the same - minus the shell and the blue gi.
However, Jay also has a passion for inventing - having grown up in a junkyard.
Donatello can’t necessarily shut up, either; whether it be sarcasm or through gritted teeth, Donnie sometimes just can’t take a hint.
Imagine Donnie in his lab, tinkering away with just his own power to keep things running.
Plus, the current Element of Lightning fell for a certain protagonist rather quickly - almost like love at first sight.
He will control the Bō of Lightning. When banged on the ground, lightning will strike upon the Master’s opponent.
Tumblr media
I really, really thought this would have been Mikey. The main ninja from NinjaGo would be the four brothers from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
However, I decided against this because of Casey. [I had also considered Mondo Gecko for this role and Casey being the Dareth of this AU].
Imagine Casey generating his own ice for hockey tournaments. In the same way that Zane, the Master of Ice in NinjaGo, uses this to his advantage to sleep in the refrigerator [and because he was a robot, but more on that in a minute].
Leo’s demeanour, or even Splinter’s, matches Zane’s more, but Casey could match up with this well.
I considered him for Earth, as in season 3 of NinjaGo, Cole and Jay fight over Nya’s affection, ruining their friendship. Sound familiar?
Donnie was also considered to be Ice, as Xane was revealed to be a “nindroid” (ninja-android), something similar to what Donnie turned into in the future-based episodes of season 4.
He will wield the Pucks of Ice.
Tumblr media
Now, this plays a critical part in NinjaGo. Lloyd, the destined Green Ninja, wasn’t introduced as what he is today.
Originally, he was an immature, wannabe-villain prankster who broke out of Darkley’s Boarding School for Bad Boys because the students all considered him a good boy.
He was introduced in the first episode of the first season in Jamanakai Village, attempting to raid the village of candy. Eventually, at the end of episode 4 of the same season, the four Ninja pry a desperate Lloyd from the Serpentine army he had, unknowingly, given a rise to (in search of companionship) by becoming his friend.
At first, I considered April. She has always been a critical part in the show, so why not her? No, that would contradict my plans for her. Then, I wondered about Leo.
Finally, I came to a satisfying conclusion: Mikey.
[Fun fact: before the Green Ninja was revealed to be Lloyd, many suspected it would be Nya, Kai’s sister, who in the fifth season turned out to be the Elemental Master of Water].
Lloyd’s first storyline reminded me of Chris Bradford’s introduction. Mikey searched for a friend, which brought him to Bradford’s dojo [the Hypnobrai’s lair].
I had also considered Mikey for Lightning, Water, Wind/Air, Shadow, Light, and Smoke.
In this AU, Mikey would be raised by the Shredder, not meeting Karai once, and being abandoned for not being “bad enough”.
Tumblr media
As we know, April can use telekinesis. [Her power is very similar to Neuro’s].
I had considered Water, Wind/Air, Amber and Energy for April originally.
Seeing as April is part Kraang, I originally was going to give her the power of Sound, as well [for her natural sensitivity to universal vibrations].
I also considered adding Gravity to her list of powers.
Tumblr media
Honourable mentions:
Amber (the ability to absorb and recreate Elemental powers by touching the current master): Karai, Tang Shen (previously)
Speed: Mondo Gecko [I was originally going to choose Usagi]
Nature: Rahzar/Dogpound/Chris Bradford
Water: Fishface/Xever Montes
Light (by this, the Master-of gets to use light to turn invisible and visible at will): Bebop
Metal (abilities include ferrokinesis, metal mimicry, enhanced strength, enhanced durability, deflection, and size enhancement etc.; see here): Rocksteady/Ivan Steranko
Gravity: Kraang (including April later on)
Sound (audiokinesis and echolocation): Kirby O’Neil
Destruction: Oroku Saki/Shredder
Creation: Hamato Yoshi/Splinter
The First Spinjutzu (in this case Ninjitsu) Master: Hamato Yuuta
Savanti Romero (formerly) — then absorbed by Chronosteel leading to the creation of ‘The Time Staffs’
Time Sceptre (Time Blades in NinjaGo, in this AU they are that like the Time Staff but with a naginata blade protruding from the top of the staff:
Time Masters (currently) • Renet: Forwards and Backwards (orange and green staff) • Slo-mo and pause (lost in time, red and blue)
Hachiko and Ice Cream Kitty: Formling(s) (not an Elemental Power but a race of people from the Never Realm)
Hun: Smoke
Tiger Claw: Shadow
Alopex: Poison
Timmy: Dareth (the greatest of all -- no, seriously, they’re almost one in the same, I swear)
Leatherhead: [I was contemplating Metal] Sound
Slash: Earth
Miyamoto Usagi: Wind/Air
Dr. Tyler Rockwell: Mind
Dr. Cluckingsworth M.D.: Mind
Salamandrians: Sky Folk (not an Elemental Power but a race of people that were believed to be mythical; this makes Mona Lisa ‘Vania’)
Yōkai: Form
The “Main Elements” (all excluding Mind, Sound and - technically - Gravity) are biological.
The three that are not “Main Elements” inhabit mutagen.
Like NinjaGo, when a bloodline of a certain Element dies off, the Element finds a new host.
Elemental Powers are usually brought to light by mutagen.
Elemental Powers became extinct around a century or so ago and transitioned into being a myth.
Like Kai, Leo believes that he and Karai (in Kai’s case, Skylor) are related after noticing her use of the Fire Element.
Tang Shen never knew she had the Elemental ability of Amber.
The Kraang can naturally use the Elemental Power of Gravity.
The Shredder acts as ‘Lord Garmadon’ and ‘Master Chen’.
The Kraang act as ‘the Oni’ and ‘the Serpentine’.
Both the Shredder and Kraang Subprime act as ‘the Overlord’.
Like Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole Leo, Donnie, Casey and Raph use Golden Weapons to harness their Elemental Abilities until they’re destroyed by the Shredder who wanted to weld them into his own armour.
Mikey, like Lloyd, shares his Golden Power with them so they can use their power independently. If the Green Ninja wasn’t in their time then they would have been able to do this already.
Xever was able to use his Water Power a slim fraction before he was mutated, which had Shredder’s eye.
Like Chen used Skylor, when his plan to summon the Kraang to Earth by stripping every mutant of their Elemental Abilities by inviting them to a Tournament of Elements (plus the Fourfold Trap made out of Vengestone to those who lose rounds) backfired because he never harnessed the power of Amber, Shredder used Karai.
Wind/Air and Time are not for this spell, like NinjaGo, because they are currently-inactive Elements.
Instead of an Anacondrai tattoo on their backs, those loyal to Shredder (the Anacondrai tattoo being for Chen’s cultists alone) the Foot Soldiers will have a Foot tattoo.
Savanti Romero acts as the Time Twins, Krux and Acronix.
When they were teenagers/young adults, Splinter and Shredder teamed up with the previous Elemental Masters to defeat the Kraang in their first invasion, like Garmadon and Wu did in NinjaGo with Chen and the Anacondrai.
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viterbofangirllovessm · 4 months ago
Hi! Idk if you answered this before but why don't you like Stars? It's also not my fave, I'm just curious
Hello, hello! Thank you so much for asking! 
I think the Eternal Sailor Moon fuku is butt ugly and I hate it.
Seriously though (I mean YES I hate the fuku but there’s more than that) my dislike takes two forms: anime and manga.
We’ll tackle the manga first because it’s the easiest. First, I really, really dislike Seiya and how he (”he” because they were explicitly male in their civilian forms in the anime) horndogged Usagi when she was clearly suffering from the whole Mamoru-gone-then-sorta-dropped-off-the-face-of-the-earth thing. Super disrespectful, and a result of the director/showrunner hating Mamoru, which SERIOUSLY, MAN? JUST DO YOUR JOB, OKAY. Also, the fact that the Starlights kind of... took over. Everything. Especially the big finale. Like, excuse me what the heck?? Where are my beloved gals??? That being said, I am happy to say that the final confrontation between Usagi and Chaos!Galaxia was such a beautiful encapsulation of Usagi’s entire character, and if pretty much the EXACT SAME THING hadn’t happened in the R movie, I would probably still keep it as quasi-canon status in my head. (Related to that last, I canNOT decide whether or not I like or loathe Uranus and Neptune’s actions with Galaxia. One the one hand, it’s soooo them. On the other hand, surely they’ve learned their lesson by now, and aren’t they LIVING with Setsuna and Horatu they aren’t STRANGERS for pity’s sake they’re FAMILY what the actual hell! On the other hand... it’s SO THEM.)
I reserve my most fervent dislike for the manga Stars arc. While we are spared the Usagi/Seiya stuff, it’s actually MUCH WORSE. First of all, the scouts and Mamoru are FUCKING. BRAINWASHED. and made to attack Usagi. Just... NO. Our girl does NOT deserve that at this point in her life. But more than anything, it’s the whole Sailor Cosmos thing, whose fuku I love but whose entire existence I loathe with the fire of a thousand suns. She is Usagi alone, Usagi hopeless, Usagi despairing. Which is the complete and utter antithesis of everything Usagi IS. Yes, I acknowledge that Usagi in the manga did commit suicide twice, and there are subtle differences in characterization from the anime. But for most of us, they blend together in our heads and Usagi’s strength is always her love and her friendship and her hope and her refusal to look at the big picture when the little people are hurting. It’s what makes us fall in love with her, and to see her future so bleak and painful and hopeless... you know what? It’s just like the Star Wars sequels where we learn that 30 years later all of our heroes are miserable and their sacrifices and heroism did jack squat for the universe at large. It doesn’t matter if things get “fixed.” Our beloved characters have spent years in pain and no tacked-on happy ending will change that!
Also, thematically, I think it just makes sense to stop at the end of manga SuperS (and presumably, the SM Crystal Eternal movie.) Usagi and Mamoru have defeated foes past (Metallia) future (Black Moon) external (Pharoah 90) and internal (Dark Moon Circus.) We have even tied Usagi’s arc further into faerie tale mythos with Nehellenia’s curse on her as a baby. We have been introduced to the Waxing (Serenity) Full (Usagi) Waning (Chibiusa) and New (Nehellenia) moons. Most importantly, Usagi and Mamoru have come into their full power and access of their futures identities of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Just... end it there. Slap an “AND THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES!!!” sticker on it and LET THEM HAVE A HAPPY ENDING!
These are, of course, all my own opinions. A lot of people really like Stars and find intriguing and satisfying story elements therein, and that is totally valid! I just...
Tumblr media
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keyofjetwolf · 4 months ago
Bonus Question Answers! (anime heat 2)
I asked a silly question! You gave me incredible answers. SO VERY MANY INCREDIBLE ANSWERS. Now, I present my favourites! And really, they were ALL favourites. Mmm, headcanony goodness.
Oh, special shoutout to this unattributed one, which I suspect fell prey to someone submitting early, but as phrased, made me snort laugh: “one of my longest held headcanons is that ami“
Anyway, If your answer is listed below, you’ve earned an entry in a random draw to win a GIFTENING liveblog OF YOUR CHOICE
Q: Senshi headcanon time! Intrigue me, humour me, crush me, FEED ME.
* Michiru actually did have a guardian cat, once. It was silvery grey with dark blue eyes. It did not speak, but it was always there to provide support and comfort in a life which had little of either. The first time Michiru had a strong vision, which left her cold and senseless on the floor of her room, it was the small warmth from her cat that brought her back to the world of color and light and solidity. The cat was a friend and confidante in those early days, when Michiru was unsure if this experience was real or the beginnings of schizophrenia. The fact that her mother could see the cat, and regularly make comments about the uncleanliness of such creatures, was proof of Michiru's new reality. So when the cat entered the fray to distract a youma, saving Michiru, but being killed in the process, it became one more thing that the Moon had given her, only to steal away. Michiru promised herself to never rely on another again, or to allow the Moon to have her heart again. And she had done fairly well at this. Haruka, for all her charms, was a plaything, and not something to sacrifice herself for. But pausing outside the Marine Cathedral, Michiru found herself looking into dark blue eyes, so different, but so similar, and knew that she would do anything and everything in her power to keep from having to watch them close, again. -- @incorrecttact  [YOU ARE ALSO KILLING THESE QUESTIONS. This hit me right in the kokoro, and I welcomed its sweet sweet pain.]
*  Mako teaches Hotaru, Chibiusa, and the Amazon Quartet to cook and bake as a bonding activity. Hotaru LOVES making cakes and decorating them. Chibiusa likes cooking with noodles and even making her own; it doesn’t sound special, but the food she makes is DELICIOUS. Ves, the red one, finds cooking easy, but doesn’t like it and so never does outside of being coaxed into it. Jun, the green one, finds baking easy, but also doesn’t like sweet things, which limits her repertoire. Cere, the pink one, has no natural talent, but she very much WANTS to be good at it, so she turns out to be the best cook of her Senshi group. Palla takes to neither, but she is very enthusiastic about eating their experiments.  --  Jules  [I am an absolute slut for Mako and moments with the kids, and including the Quartet was a brilliant stroke.]
*  A Serenity is not supposed to be reborn. They are born, they live, they die, and they are done. They are not like the Senshi, whose souls reincarnate, carefully bound to Serenity blood. They are not supposed to be reborn, so when Queen Serenity sees everything fail and decides to send their souls to the future, the Senshi are easy. Serenity is not. In desperation, Serenity does something she would have never considered in any other circumstance: she ties Serenity's soul to the Senshi. What was once a one way tie, has now become an equal bond, and so everything changes.  -- @madegeeky  [Ooo, this is some lovely twists on my own reincarnation headcanons, while still keeping the “this is a mistake” flavour. IT TASTES GOOD.]
*  How about more Rei whistle antics? You headcanon Usagi would use the whistle for every mundane thing and Rei would come. Usagi would do this at 2 AM in the morning too and Rei would still be woken up and still come even in pajamas if she need be because Usagi had a spooky nightmare or "Rei-chan I fell off my bed and now my face hurts". Knowing Rei whistle antics can be funny for us and maybe aggravating for Rei at times because "Usagi you blew the whistle because you fell off the bed?" what if we can make it a pinch sad? Like what if Rei can tell what sort of peril Usagi is in by the way she blows the whistle in tone? Like when it's a sad somewhat weaker whistle, even if it's just a tiny subtle tone, Rei can IMMEDIATELLY tell "USAGI IS SAD AND NEEDS ME" and she will RUSH over in 5 seconds like in her Rei way, she might even have the mind to bring snacks, cocoa and plush to hug for the comfort.  --  Mrs. Duckling  [HOW ABOUT INDEED. I hadn’t thought about the different ways the whistle can be blown and what it might say, what a wonderful addition. THANK YOU FOR CATERING DIRECTLY TO ME AND MY NEEDS]
*  PGSM!Sailor Mars - [REDACTED] Oh. Right. You're not there yet. Awkward... Anime!Minako is a huge fan of romance manga, but for all the wrong reasons. She tried drawing doujinshi of crack ships before realizing that A) she's not really a writer and B) she's REALLY not an artist. She plans on using some of her rich idol singer money to commission really bizarre romance stories. The sort that make you go WTF?! Of course, step one is "become a rich and famous idol"... Meanwhile, Rei also buys the romance manga that Minako gets into, (partially so she'll shut up about it) but mainly just analyzes them for mood and the characters, and gets frustrated when they inevitably devolve into nothing but sappy kissing and mooning over each other. She's trying to see why Minako gets so obsessed, but doesn't want to flat out admit that she doesn't get it and have to ask. -- Peter "Pigeons!" Svensson  [I had nothing but fun with this, fantastic. ps: THANK YOU FOR THE PIGEONS NOMINATION]
* If these four* Senshi were to meet you, I think they'd each also be meeting some of their best qualities: Usagi is love, and that love is infectious as HELL. Much like a certain blogger who has amassed an international following on the strength of her love for her favourite media, wouldn't you say? Ami is very impressed by your office set-up! But when she sees you re-enter the room with a sprightly little black cat riding on your shoulder, she knows she has discovered a kindred spirit. Where can Rei-chan possibly begin? From your passionately informed and encyclopedic knowledge of their interactions ("She has RECEIPTS, Usagi!"), to your, let's call it tenacity ("She stirred that sugar for TWO HOURS, Usagi!!"), Rei finds so much to admire. And while no one could ever possibly love Rei as much as she loves herself, she magnanimously allows that you are a close second. As for Haruka, well! World Shaking? More like Toilet Breaking! You wrecked that shit and unleashed the sea. She can certainly relate *eyebrows, eyebrows* *would that i had time to write out blurbs for the others! but we're heading back into lockdown today, and i need to get to the post office to mail you a package. PRIORITIES! xo  -- @rasiqra-revulva​  [Okay look when I said “crush me” I didn’t mean WITH NICENESS. Also thank you for the huge laughs. *eyebrows, eyebrows*]
*  Minako manages to write a tell-all book (anonymously, of course, and with names changed to protect the relevant,) about their first few years as Senshi in the lull between Stars and Shit Escalating Again. Even more astoundingly, she manages to get it optioned as a film and play Sailor Mars without blowing her cover! Rei seethes. Minako’s annoyed because she tried out for Usagi. Usagi’s just happy Minako’s successful. The film manages to pick up nominations come award season, and Michiru even arranges for the rest of the Senshi to attend. Minako loses to some film from a really overrated director that manages to out-award bait her reenactment of D-Point. She’s silently fuming through his acceptance speech when he’s Burning Mandala’d mid-sentence. And that’s how the Senshi discovered that Jadeite survived getting run over with planes, joined the entertainment industry after Beryl’s defeat, and had been using it to drain energy ever since! Sailor Mars’s speech about how he disgraces the passion of filmmakers everywhere and her comrade’s hard work goes viral. -- Regalli  [LOVED THE TWIST ENDING, also Rei basically stealing the awards show stage, as we all know she would]
*  Not Senshi, but cats! One day, when Usagi is queen, she's going to decide to knight the cats. Luna thinks it's silly and figures Usagi is just acting on a whim, but Artemis has his chest puffed out and is glowing with pride. They're given tiny medals made by Endymion. -- RibbonFinale  [Oh I DID want this. I wanted this very much, THANK YOU.]
*  Makoto can't culture bonsai trees. It's not a matter of ability, or scale — she can work with tiny tools with equal facility as large ones — but she can't bring herself to push the things down, to cut and twist and bind them to grow the way _she_ wants, not the way it wants to grow.   The tiny pine she bought to try it out, years ago, is in a pot in the corner of her apartment; it's just now grown taller than she is. -- Taperwolf  [I didn’t expect this one to hit me as hard as it did when I started reading. Love it, love it, love it.]
*  You know those 'meetings Usagi doesn't know about'? the ones where the girls dive into the nitty gritty about being senshi, the ones where they decide who will take up being the Disguise Pen Decoy if Minako is killed? Usagi knows about them. it was one of those 'character A eavesdrops and hears character B talking about them' setups, but instead of hearing Ami call Usagi a ditz, she hears Ami saying 'I'm the weakest fighter, if Minako is assassinated and we need someone to be decoy it'd be easier to explain away my absence than Rei's or Mako's' In these meetings they speak very coldly about themselves, Ami is always first to call herself the weak one, Minako calls into attention her showboating, Mako will openly remind people she doesn't think things through on the battlefield, and Rei derides herself on her inability to keep her cool (heh) and they all come up with contingencies to cover for eachother to the minutest detail. Usagi only ever evesdrops on one of these meetings, but now she knows they happen. and she can't un-know.  -- Vega  [OOOOOOOOOOOOOO.]
Manga Sailor Pluto has picked her nose 2,013,417 times. -- too ashamed to say  [WHY THE SHAME THIS IS CORRECT  AND NOW RIGHTFULLY CANON]
I’ll be drawing for the bonus liveblog around the start of THE GIFTENING 2020 (currently looking to be Monday, 11 January 2021). Each bonus question is another chance to earn an entry! I CAN ABSOLUTELY AND SHAMELESSLY BE BOUGHT.
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joshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh · 4 months ago
Season in Review - Fall 2020
So I made a couple of posts saying I’d be dropping my current Season in Review format after this last entry and move towards something such as tier lists, but I just decided to move to tier lists with this very entry, so I’ll probably post the draft Season in Review of the old format I still have written. But this is the real deal, and any feedback anyone has about this format, please feel free to share. I hope people are happy with the fact that these are a lot shorter at least, so I won’t get nearly as many people complaining about read mores.
Tumblr media
So yeah that’s a very easily understood format, yeah? Like 24 shows I tried out this season, that’s pretty good imo. The intention of the rest of the post is to give what are basically just notes for each show and then I’ll do Girl, Boy and Anime of the Season at the end. I think that last one is kind of obvious just from looking at the scores, but still. Tiers aren’t ordered by the way.
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Bloom
Lowkey we had reason to be worried about this season since the show went through another studio change, and Encourage Films’ track record isn’t really the greatest.
But actually this ended up looking just about as nice as the last season, and it seems like most of the core staff were the same anyway so it all worked out.
It’s more Gochiusa, it’s cute as all fucking hell, I absolutely adore it.
That “Bloom” part of the title is followed up on, lots of the characters and their relationships have actual development this season. I mean, it’s still fairly static - this is mostly a status quo cute girl show after all - but they still feel like they grow in really nice ways.
Chino still best girl.
Gochiusa is the 2nd best cute girls doing cute things anime behind K-On at this point.
Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club
I was more excited for this than any other anime this year.
At the same time I was more nervous about this than any other anime this year.
My specific fears were that we’d see episodes so laser-focused on singular characters that the plot and group relations would suffer, a la 22/7 earlier this year; and that Yu’s presence would spell disaster either by basically resolving everything in typical self-insert manager character fashion, or having so little presence that one has to wonder why she even exists.
Neither of those things ended up being issues. We did do a character-focus episode structure, but they were almost always in service of advancing the current plot and most of the cast had tangible presence throughout the entire show rather than just their focus episode.
Yu meanwhile is just actually a character, she helps out in some conflicts but it would be weird for her to solve all of them, so she doesn’t. And then she has an arc of her own and different relationships with the different girls of the club, it’s not just an “everyone loves her because ???” thing like in SIFAS. As someone who doesn’t like self-insert characters most of the time I was much happier with this angle.
OP and ED included, we got 13 new songs in just this one season, and they all go hard as fuck, this is musically the best season of Love Live yet.
The music is enhanced by a more music video style for the performances, featuring lots of different iconography and imagery for the girls and just taking us to a new world for every performance, they’re always super fun and charming to watch.
On that note the visuals are probably the best Love Live’s looked too - it’s a slightly simpler art style that looks a bit less distinctive than what we’ve had before but it animates so fucking cleanly and is just really easy on the eyes, we don’t have any weird diamond-mouth type shit like in Sunshine season 2. Characters get to be crazy expressive without looking stupid. Also the 3D continues to improve, somehow. Shit just looks poggers as hell.
Once it moves past the single character focused episodes, we’re mostly just up to some charming slice of life and main plot advancement stuff, though we do unfortunately have to deal with a jealousy arc. It sucked the least of every big dramatic thing at the end of a Love Live thing, but it’s not that enjoyable to watch and the resolution felt fairly flaccid compared to how dramatically some elements of this plot were set up.
Other than that the biggest problem with the show was just that some of the character focused episodes were a bit boring or underwhelming, most notably the already lacklustre Kanata.
It’s nice to have a Love Live series where there’s no groping whatsoever - Sunshine season 2 did away with it first but Sunshine season 1 was still a stain on Aqours’ legacy in that regard. Niji girls are perfectly clean.
I shit on N girls a lot but seeing so many of them animated felt really sweet. 
I was overall very very happy with this and it would be poggers if we get a season 2 for them.
Taiso Samurai
Thought this would be boring because tbh gymnastics doesn’t interest me in the slightest.
And actually it still doesn’t, most of this show’s gymnastics moments aren’t super easy to understand, use some pretty bad CG, and we probably see more gymnastics from characters we don’t care about than characters we do.
While I’m criticising the show, rival character Tetsuo Minamino feels like he’s set up to be a big part of the narrative but he’s not even present for most of the show and has no development or little involvement when he is present, so that was disappointing.
Everything else about this show is great though.
Rei is an amazing character who gets so many amazing moments throughout the show and made me cry twice - I was definitely worried she’d just be “daughter character” but she becomes so much more than that really quickly and it’s great.
Her daughter moments are also great though, the father-daughter moments in this show are maybe the sweetest I’ve ever seen.
I think one of this show’s biggest strengths is in the fact that the characters feel very lived. When a character thinks back on their past to reflect on who they are or seek motivation or something, it’s basically always a different flashback, it makes the characters feel like they've experienced a lot more life than just what we see on screen, which enhances so many scenes and it’s great.
Jotaro is a very endearing lead and an absolute hunk. He doesn’t have loads of development necessarily, much of his growth comes very early in the show with him learning to listen to the people around him and push himself for their sake just as much as his own, and it’s nice how quickly he learns that lesson, makes him feel very adult. After that he’s closer to a flat character arc thing for the sake of Leo’s growth, and I think that was really good.
Leo is a twink, later twunk, who I wanna plow. And he’s also a nice character with a lot of great relationships and dynamics with the other characters and some really nice voice acting, I think his development across the show is very satisfying.
There’s a really colourful and endearing cast of extended characters that are all either really dumb or really cool, but it’s always in the best way possible. Shoutouts to Mari the gilf and Ayu the Mizuki Nana gyaru especially.
OP and ED go hard as hell.
CG aside, the visuals have a really nice, almost pencil look to them. Really enhances these already lovely character designs and gives the show a very unique style.
I’m mixed about the show’s early absurdity - the Aragakis adopting a ninja and having a witty talking bird called Bigbird in their house felt silly in a way that didn’t really feel in service of anything. Once I’d just accepted that the show was like that, it stopped being offputting, but idk, it still felt weird in terms of the show’s meta.
Maoujou de Oyasumi
This is a show that I watched the first episode of, immediately thought 8/10, and then thought that there’s no way it’d be able to maintain that quality and it’d probs go down to like a 6 or something once the premise got tired (HA CAUSE SHE’S TRYNA SLEEP).
I was wrong. It maintained that quality and never got tired.
From start to finish this show constantly feels really inventive with the amount of scenarios it can get itself into just with the premise of “hostage wants to sleep”. It’s constantly doing new things and getting you really invested in all of it thanks to a cute Dragon Quest-esque quest introduction visual that makes all of our objectives and victories really clear and satisfying.
It’s an anime with a good sense of humour, those are hard to come by so it’s worth watching for that alone.
Unironically Inori Minase’s best vocal performance. Some of the noises she makes in this show are amazing.
This wasn’t a problem later when they turned his character fully into a joke but some early episodes spent too much time on the Hero character out to save our princess when none of us care because he’s boring as fuck.
I wanted to see more of the succubus and harpy girls because they’re adorable beyond words.
Just want to repeat that the most impressive thing about this show is how consistently entertaining it manages to be despite a premise that feels like something you’d only get half an episode or so out of. Genuinely amazed me in that regard.
Akudama Drive
Definitely a show elevated by its visual style above all else, this show’s direction is strong as all fucking hell and enhances every single scene, and then the world and character designs are so over-the-top and colourful and there’s this super stylish scene transition they do with backgrounds entering the frame in partial segments and it looks great. This also isn’t a show that compromises on animation just for the sake of stylish art - it’s not the most outright sakuga show in the world but the animation is still pretty fucking clean given how complex the artwork gets.
Characters and plot are also quite style-over-substance, with every character being larger than life and committing insanely hard to whatever their gimmick is - everyone is dedicated to their craft and it’s fun seeing such intense characters clash with one another.
Writing actually feels quite meaningful at times despite that, there are lots of great dramatic irony moments regarding Swindler’s character and the show can manages to draw great character arcs out of places you wouldn’t expect.
I like that the show doesn’t really shy away from its cast being horrible people either, notably Cutthroat actually is a serial killer and Doctor’s almost cartoonishly evil.
It ends up critiquing criminal justice systems and law enforcements if you care about that too, I thought those elements of the show were fine but they’re not what kept me watching.
The show could be a bit boring at times - it doesn’t always manage to maintain the exciting pace and style of the early episodes. The moments where it drops that on purpose could be pretty good - Swindler being forced to kill some bandits that are out to prostitute her was a great scene - but other times it’ll just not be as exciting as it clearly wants to be.
But I think it still does a really impressive job at maintaining its style and pace for the most part, again there are weaker moments but up to the very end of the show it’s still a super exciting neon bloody joyride.
Semifinal episode is just kinda nonsense and Hacker was definitely the weakest character of the group.
Tomoyo Kurosawa is based as fuck.
Munou na Nana
Death Note but for kids tbh.
Psychological battles between Nana and whoever she’s out to kill that week but usually it’s her against super detective Kyoya, though they’re both kinda stupid and yet constantly overexplaining themselves in ways that are a little weak.
Though honestly I think their dynamic is still exciting to watch - cat and mouse between two persistent genius characters is generally always gonna be fun even with some slip-ups.
Early section could sort of drag when it was trying to establish how Nana really operates.
Mid section could sort of drag when it was just Nana getting in arcs where she kills people as normal - everyone’s too much of a scumbag for the moral question of “is what Nana’s doing right?” to be interesting.
End section could sort of drag with the introduction of some dude in a suit who could transform who I forget the name of and I literally never understood who he was, what he was about, or why. He just kinda sucked.
So the show would frequently drag is the point, which was unfortunate. 
Not helping is the visuals - artwork isn’t really outright ugly for most of the show but it’s only really passable as just “fine”. And then there’s very little animation, colouring looks cheap, and the direction is super lame. You can like see the exact manga panel in every shot, they rarely take advantage of the medium. The main way in which they do so is that, whenever we’re in Nana or Kyoya’s mind, the screen’ll change to red or blue respectively and their expression will change. Super boring way of conveying this.
Soundtrack never really did any work either, though the ED would usually kick in at nice times.
Show was probably a bit over-reliant on cliffhangers - they’re always engaging cliffhangers on their own but it’s never consistent how well the next episode follows up on them, so some would be retroactively disappointing.
I’ve mostly said negatives though but to get to the show’s main strength - the dynamic between Nana and Michiru is amazing. My post about episode 13 goes pretty in-depth if you just want to check my tag for that or something, but TL;R is that they operate on so much dramatic irony that frames their relationship in really interesting and exciting yet super fucking sad ways and it literally always tugged at my heart seeing the so innocent and ridiculously good person have so much faith and trust in Nana despite her being a serial killer, and then that kinda worked and made Nana a better person anyway, it’s a super sweet dynamic. Michiru on her own is a pretty boring character but she draws so much out of Nana and it’s the absolute best, these two are probably my favourite character dynamic of the year.
So yeah show could be pretty lacking in a lot of ways but the dynamics between Nana and Kyoya + Nana and Michiru really elevated the thing and I actually plan to read the manga since I don’t know if I should expect a season 2.
Adachi to Shimamura
I’m a yuri cuck
This show is yuri
I’m a slice of life cuck
This show is slice of life
This is a show where we’re inside of characters’ heads a lot and they have a lot of just, thoughts about the nature of the relationships they have with the people around them, and to a certain extent the things they say are quite basic and a little overexplained but honestly I still had fun hearing them, Shimamura especially is really extrospective and nice to listen to.
Adachi’s head is fun to be in because she’s constantly fantasising about Shimamura which is a mood
With this show you kinda need to be okay with the fact that everything happens super slowly and there’s not loads of growth or progression in the narrative, but it’s still going somewhere - I was okay with this so even though we don’t even get a kiss, let alone some sort of confession, I was still enjoying myself just watching these 2 girls vibe.
Adachi is wife as fuck.
This is very much a leg anime and yo I’m good with that. 
Not much else to it really. You’re just watching cute girls be gay and think about stuff and being a cuck. Alright by me. Season 2 would be nice.
A3! Season Autumn & Winter
I only got to cover 3 episodes of Spring & Summer when I did my Season in Review for that show’s airing since it got delayed and then never did a definitive thoughts on post, but it wound up being decently enjoyable once we moved on from the Spring troupe.
This season that’s even more the case, since Autumn Troupe actually wind up being super fun and likeable characters. They’re all pretty standard characters still, kind of just stock tropes with stock character arcs, but the stock trope they all sort of embody is some sort of badass delinquent dude with arcs relating to said traits. I’m into that shit just inhernently, so I just genuinely unabashadly liked all these dudes.
I had Winter troupe hyped up to me by fans of the game who promised that they were especially well written compared to the rest, but unfortunately Winter’s 6 episodes were also devoted to being a competition with God Troupe and establishing the future of Mankai Company and doing slice of life scenes with all 20 boys. All of this to say the individual characters in Winter really didn’t have enough time to grow and develop on their own, which sucks.
I’m not the target demographic for these sorts of otome shows at all, and I’m also a secondary with no interest in the game, so it’d be easy for me to be like “hahahahaha I’m glad this show’s over now so I don’t need to think about it more” but I’d be lying if I said that. I genuinely wish this was an 18 episode series because Winter tries to do so much stuff that they genuinely deserve a full cour of their own just so they can accomplish that stuff with any degree of competence. Autumn are simple characters so 6 episodes is fine for them, but Winter should have gotten more.
Still ended up being unexpectedly fun though, I started watching A3 literally exclusively because Studio 3Hz were doing it but now I feel genuinely justified in having done so.
Kamisama ni Natta Hi
Genuinely funny as a comedy, it surpasses both Angel Beats and Clannad as one. It’s great at developing new gags and putting characters in new situations, and Hina’s absolute faith that her plans will work combined with Yota’s absolute insane dedication to playing them out despite his own doubts is a really endearing dynamic.
The early episodes also turn comedy into drama and vice versa quite gracefully, so much so that the Izanami episode became the first Maeda thing I’ve seen to make me cry.
Unfortunately Maeda anime are remembered for their drama, and this show’s transition from mostly comedy to mostly drama is a stumble at best. It’s technically foreshadowed with this hacker dude but it takes so long for that to feel even connected with the main plot at all, so it feels like an awkward divergence at most. And then when it finally does connect to the main characters it just feels sort of arbitrary and like we’ve run out of jokes to tell, so we’re just gonna get to the drama part now.
Beyond an awkward stumble to get us to the drama portion of the show, said dramatic portion just feels a bit sucky. It’s like, it feels like there’s enough material there in theory to have much more of the show be spent on it or even just have an additional cour to fill it out. But at the same time, it feels like it wastes a lot of time saying very little - it just repeats itself without saying anything new and the ending is really fake profound in an unsatisfying way.
I would say I was endeared to the extended cast as comedy characters and some of their own drama could be nice, but it’s not quite enough for me to find their words of encouragement to Yota or their desire to rescue Hina feel compelling or believable, basically these dudes all needed more actual character.
I think just from the comedy stuff this show was looking to be like, a 7 or maybe an 8 from me, but that drama stuff just, wasn’t quite it.
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
This show should be absolutely amazing because it’s about a cute girl with a really nice voice wearing a bear costume and amassing a harem of utterly adorable lolis who completely love her.
Instead it’s just really slow and boring and meandering for its entire runtime. I couldn’t have fun with the show until I started watching at 1.5x speed. 
Once at 1.5x speed though I had fun with the show so like, 5/10, sure.
Assault Lily: Bouquet
This was one of the most exciting non-sequel or spinoff shows for me this year, just because original Shaft anime with magical girls and strong yuri vibes and really great character designs that’s fucking obsessed with thighs sounds absolutely based as all fucking hell. 
It just wasn’t lol.
Writing was completely all over the place and the show would constantly introduce new shit only to have it not be relevant ever or you’d see a character be introduced, have a complete non-arc that it makes no sense for her to have anyway, and then just be killed off.
Actual best episode of the show is the slice of life one where Yuyu goes to buy ramune for Riri
Outside of that though it’s just huge plot moments out of literally nowhere, repetitive plot beats, and just generally an aimless, structureless mess of a show.
Stupid funny in how bad the writing is a lot of the time though, I laughed at many of the show’s most dramatic moments.
Honestly has super fucking great visuals still so I’d recommend the show on the basis of it being a solid production with a so bad it’s good plot and lots of hot girls.
Class S nightmare. The main characters are called Yuyu and Riri. They adopt a daughter called Yuri. Everyone says gokigenyou. Riri calls Yuyu “onee-sama”. Everyone’s job title is Lily - literally “yuri no hana” in Japanese - the yuri flower. This show is an experiment to see how far they can push every single class S and yuri trope at once without ever having anyone be in a relationship. It’s basically like the show’s just edging for its entire runtime. As a yuri cuck I was pissed off.
Ochikobore Fruit Tart
Kirara cute girl show where the girls try and don’t really succeed at being idols.
Rarely funny and you’ve seen most of the jokes before.
Main strength is in the fact that it’s a lot lewder than most other Kirara things, plays up the fanservice a lot and panders to tons of fetishes as well. These are definitely the best moments in the show.
Art’s alright but looks kinda cheap and older than it actually is.
The few idol performances in the show are entirely 2D and usually decently well animated so that’s a plus.
Ino is one of the most based MCs I’ve ever seen.
Senyoku no Sigrdrifa
Written by Re:Zero dude with character designs by Takuya Fujima so it seems like it should’ve been good.
And tbf the character designs did indeed hold up, all the girls are very cute and very hot and I’d probably buy merch of them.
Writing is disappointing though. This is some of the most technically competent on paper yet super fucking boring on execution writing I’ve ever seen.
Like every scene in this show seems good when they’re completely self-contained, you can imagine them being good scenes in a better show, but for some reason they just don’t come together in a satisfying way at all.
I’ve not played enough JRPGs to be bored of the “and then they kill god” trope yet this show’s fight with god bored me.
I don’t think planes are cool at all.
The best episode of the show is like episode 4 I think it was, everyone’s in a swimsuit the entire episode and it’s a semi-absurd slice of life comedy thing. The show’s technical execution of comedy isn’t as good as its technical execution of drama, but the comedy is a lot more appealing anyway.
I also had to watch this show in 1.5x speed for it to be tolerable.
Tower of God of High School felt like weak adaptations without even needing to read the manhwa. Noblesse comes across as adapting an already shit source material. Smh Crunchyroll if you’re gonna be doing these originals then you need to step up your game.
This is another show that’s just boring, it’s not satisfying watching a level 100 character go fight a bunch of level 30 enemies. Not even as a power fantasy either because Raizel is too boring to project onto or be in any way attached to.
Once the show starts settling into comedy a bit more it can be pretty enjoyable though - seeing all these massive bishounen dudes with these crazy designs all living in a house together and doing mundane shit or playing basketball when they’re all gods is actully quite endearing.
Favourite character was the generic shounen MC high school dude with the nose bandage but he had no screentime.
Action looked pretty good but this is definitely a much less lavish production than Tower of God of High School were.
Wasn’t always the worst but I’d be okay if Crunchyroll stops adapting manhwa at this point.
Rail Romanesque
Well dressed train lolis hang out and the voice cast goes pretty fucking hard so I was looking forward to this.
I sincerely like the designs on paper and I guess they weren’t translated to anime in a horrible way, but they still ended up looking like shit anyway, especially in the faces the artwork was just shit and ugly.
I’m not into trains whatsoever so seeing these lolis come up with railway themed merch for like 10 straight episodes was torture.
Episodes were only 3 minutes long but still felt too long.
There are some moments that are just slice of life though with a slight yuri undercurrent and I was into them.
Why does this get a season 2.
Another show that seems technically competent on paper and the writing is honestly a bit better than Sigururi but the show is even more boring.
I think this show’s good at making its characters feel like genuine adults who have to struggle on the path of pursuing their dream career.
It also has a couple dramatic moments that like, don’t suck.
Again all of these scenes self-contained would look like they’re good scenes from a good show but they just fail to come together very well so it’s just boring a lot of the time.
So this show is about manzai comedy, but there’s literally not a single comedy routine in the entire series that’s remotely funny.
Some of them are deliberately unfunny and won’t get laughs from the audience and are narratively supposed to be weak performances. Some of them are super successful and will have everyone tell us how great they were. I couldn’t tell these apart.
Looks nice I guess. Cute girls. Distinctive style.
Ayumu’s seiyuu is in it so I got to listen to more Love Live voices.
Iwa Kakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls
Anime about muscle girls so this should’ve literally been anime of the decade.
Most of the girls don’t really have much muscle at all though.
Also the artwork is utter dogshit so nobody’s hot.
Writing is cringy as fuck and it gets laughably bad a lot of the time.
The show’s surprisingly not that boring for much of its runtime though, I laughed a few times even. Not at the jokes but still.
I guess this counts as “so bad it’s good” but it’s not the most enjoyable example of that. I think this was only bearable because I was watching an episode a week.
Wandering Witch
I actually have a full review of this out already that you can read.
TL;DR is that this is the most disappointing anime I have ever seen.
Travel shows are my fucking jam so this sounded hype as hell.
Elaina’s design and the fact that she’s a witch are also things I adored in advance of watching the show.
I just really want to fuck Elaina more than I can put into words.
Elaina ended up being one of the worst protagonists I’ve ever seen - she’s too unlikeable for the dark and dramatic episodes to work and the comedic episodes suck so much to begin with that Elaina doesn’t help them either. Plus she acts so inconsistently that it’s impossible to ever take anything she does at face value.
Every dark plot is too edgy and fucked up for the sake of it, with nothing to actually say.
Every comedic plot is too much fucking otaku pandering bullshit that it completetly takes me out of the world and none of it’s funny either so there’s no value to be found.
I don’t think a single country we visit ends up having any intrigue whatsoever - their depth always extends as far as their premise and that’s it.
Just watch literally any other traveller show. Fuck this show.
D4DJ: First Mix
Started airing way later than everything else and had an episode delayed too so we’re only 8 episodes in as of writing.
I fuckin love this a whole ton actually.
Characters are super duper super duper super duper cute and appealing and I love everyone a whole ton but especially Muni and Shinobu.
This show is consistently cute and sweet as all fucking hell and the one “dramatic” thing that was set up got resolved in a really cute and wholesome and adorable way.
Not super into DJ style music but this stuff just ends up being closer to electro-idol so I could vibe with it.
Some of the best anime CG I’ve seen, they take advantage of the 3D space and camera in a lot of really good ways but they’ve also literally never compromised on character expressiveness, these models get to be stretched and deformed and do super exaggerated expressions and I adore it.
OP is super catchy and memorable, it’s kinda constantly stuck in my head lol.
If you like Bandori you’ll like this, it’s more consistent in quality than that show even if I like the girls and music less.
Jujutsu Kaisen
Started cool as fuck tbh, it’s one of those edgier shounen a la Bleach and it feels even cooler than that series did at first.
Then it went to shit lol.
Once Yuji dies and is brought back to life the series just loses all sense of direction, we’re 13 episodes in and it feels like nothing has happened or nothing will happen - the most eventful thing is that Yuji made a friend who died but I fail to see why that’s relevant or will matter at all.
Yuji’s cool and I like him, and Gojou’s pretty based too and it’s fun seeing him completely overpower his opponents, but these fuckin shounen fans calling him the best character in any show this year just baffles me, he’s fine but that’s it.
Every other character sucks and is annoying because the character writing is for actual babies, everyone just spells out exactly what their deal is and then we just watch them be that deal.
Like oh wow that panda talks? Crazy! How about that dude that only speaks in food names? That’s so endearing! Dude that’s gonna beat you up if you have boring fetishes even though he likes tall girls with fat asses? Inventive and lovable! How about girl? She’s a girl! Oh, and I nearly forgot girl! She’s also a girl! And I’d be remiss to mention girl, she’s a girl!
Directionless and carried by the extremely high quality production, MAPPA have been going off all year tbh.
The one thing I agree on with all these shounen fans I constantly belittle is that the OP and ED are absolute bangers, I think the best of the season for each of them.
I hope the 2nd cour goes anywhere at all.
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
I’ve never seen or read any other Higurashi thing which is important for context.
I like this though. It set itself up as being a readaptation but it’s apparently a sequel, though the story structure is such that I’m not necessarily required to watch the old stuff to appreciate this.
It has spoiled me on old stuff to a degree, most notably the existence of a character called I think Hanyuu, but I’m fine with these spoilers since they make the idea of watching the older stuff more appealing to me. And the old anime should hold up even with these spoilers already known because if knowing these things ruins them then they were bad shows to begin with. And Higurashi is so respected and adored that I don’t think that’s the case.
But anyway so far I do think this has felt a little meandering - we’re basically just in these timeloop stories that’ll follow fairly expository narrative arcs before ending in everyone’s deaths but moving onto a new timeline before we really answer anything.
The moment to moment is fun to watch but it has yet to really amount to anything like I’d expect from such a respected series. 13 episodes into a 24 episode series though so I’m happy to be patient.
It is nice learning about something in one timeline such that it can just be a part of the next timeline without needing to be explained - Oyashiro’s curse stops being explained to Keiichi early on and Shion is also just allowed to exist in the 3rd timeline after we’ve been given a fuller introduction of her in the 2nd timeline.
Mysteries are always pretty engaging and despite some goofy faces it nails the horror atmosphere.
Love Akio Watanabe’s designs and seeing the contrast in having these adorable characters get fucking drenched in blood or whatever is usually pretty effective.
Basically this is fun to watch but the structure so far hasn’t necessarily been satisfying and I’m waiting for the show to “click” so I can understand why Higurashi is so critically acclaimed.
Of course it’s fully possible this anime will fail to have that clicking moment, but just to quell any doubts I fully intend to watch the old anime once this is over and that should make it click for me it this anime fails to do that on its own. I also intend to watch it even if this anime does end up clicking for me, but you know.
This is the first show where I’ve ever heard Yukari Tamura talk in something closer to a normal voice rather than that squeaky loli thing and it’s weird but I like it. I also like the squeaky loli voice, Rika sounds cute as fuck.
Rika’s probably best girl, if not her then Satoko.
Keiichi’s a lot more based than I think I was expecting him to be so that’s nice.
Yeah fun time.
Ikebukuro West Gate Park
Dropped after 3 episodes.
Doga Kobo adapting a respected series of early 2000s gang war mystery novels sounds super interesting.
But it was just episodic task plots with lame climaxes and uninteresting moment-to-moment writing and no compelling mysteries or drama to be found whatsoever.
A lot of this show is just characters talking about how cool and competent they all are and how many useful connections they have. Whenever it would advance the plot to do so, a character will just reveal that “oh yeah I used to have a part time reporting job so I know how to get us in here. Or “oh I’m best friends with the chief of police so I can do anything basically”. The leader of the G-Boys (I can’t take that name seriously) and the Red Angels all constantly suck off MC’s cock and it’s super borign.
You’re literally just watching people talk about being cool while not being or doing anything cool at all. It’s not relatable, it’s not enjoyable, you can’t project yourself onto anyone, nobody’s actually admirable in any way, it’s just fucking words and it’s super dull.
Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima
Also dropped after 3 episodes.
Tbh this wasn’t bad actually, I had no expectations because “bishie-boy rap anime” sounds like an absolute disaster, but it was fairly competently made.
Main strength is the presentation, I kind hate the character designs but much of the world as seen in the early episodes is quite gritty and edgy in a way befitting rap, but it doesn’t go so far as to be too edgy for the silly premise.
Music performances are where the show goes hardest - aside from some poor CG implementation they’re just these visual overloads of style and flair and effects and really exciting and intense lyric integration, just fun to watch.
The rap itself also ends up being pretty good, Buster Bros especially clearly know what they’re doing and how to rap so they’re pretty exciting to listen to.
Unfortunately the charm wears off almost straight after the first episode, with much lamer visuals and tamer performances.
First episode cut between all 4 groups so none of them got tired but with episodes 2 and 3 spent on single groups each it became clear how dull these characters are. 
I’m also just not the target demographic for this and I only watched it for the novelty of anime boys rapping. As soon as that novelty wore off, I was done.
I’d probably have finished this in a less stacked season but this is the fucking 23rd show in this post so clearly that didn’t work out.
Tonikaku Kawaii
Once again dropped after 3 episodes.
Nasa’s annoying as fuck.
Tsukasa has basically no personality to begin with but then it’s all drained away so she can be a blushing dere waifu.
Them being married changes nothing about the show and they just use the same tired cliche rom-com jokes we’ve all seen before.
That’s kind of it actually.
OP starts out real nice but has a shitty dubstep bass drop that sounds like one of those 2017-ish Geometry Dash YouTube intros.
It also looks like one of those because it just has the show’s logo bounce around the screen a bit and be zoomed in on at random points and it’s so laughably cheap and shitty that I have no idea how anyone can respect it at all.
Character designs are not nearly as cute as the show wants me to think they are.
That’s it.
And hey that’s everything! Was that fun? It was easier to write, that’s for sure. More good shows than bad this season and we even got a 10/10 in there which is nice, and a 1/10 too, what a season! But before we end this newly formatted Season in Review, I still want to end with some classics.
Girl of the Season - Setsuna Yuki
Tumblr media
She’s my pfp on here and Discord, my bio here reads “Simp for Setsuna” my Discord name is “Setsuna Simp”, I really don’t think this should come as a surprise. I went into Niji super biased and expecting Setsuna to be the favourite and the anime did not disappoint at all - they really capitalised on the potential of her two identities thing with how they loaded Nana with regret over her Setsuna persona and her reconciliation with herself is super duper amazing to watch, and DIVE! was the best new song in Niji too pog. Just adore this girl so fucking much.
Boy of the Season - Jotaro Aragaki
Tumblr media
Hunky dilf with nice growth early on that becomes a very admirable and enjoyable flat character arc thing. I kinda said everything about him in his show’s section actually, he’s just a really admirable and loveable dude who I’d like to be like. Rei’s a better written character than him but he’s a perfect lead for the type of show Taiso Samurai is.
Anime of the Season - Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Bloom
Tumblr media
I realise this is kind of implied by it being the only 10/10 show here, but I want the tier list format to be how I do these from now on and with tiers not being ordered, well, some shows might both get 10 and so it’s good to outline the specific winner. And I need that consistency, yo. But yeah. Basically, I had problems with Nijigasaki, I didn’t have any problems with Gochiusa. This show physically hurt to watch because smiling ear to ear for entire episodes would tire my face muscles. If your show can make me smile that much I think it deserves to be called Anime of the Season lol.
And yeah that’s us for real now. I’ll post that draft I wrote shortly.
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steve0discusses · 5 months ago
S4 Ep37: Return of O R B S
Heyyyyy boy, look who’s back, it’s orbs!
Tumblr media
So we’ve seen a lot of orbs on this show and I fully admit that I kinda started...I started feeling a kinship for the orbs. Something about these mysterious death balls of Yugioh that we see over and over just became really relatable during a pandemic. Being trapped in a bubble and unable to get close to anyone you know is such a 2020 vibe, youknow?
These orbs that are apparently so normalized in this universe that everyone is just max chilling in an orb and just doing their best at not thinking about whether or not they’ll still have to poop in this completely transparent orb in front of all of their friends.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also, welcome back, Yugi. Apparently he was just taking a nap this entire time. That’s canon and you know what? Good for him.
And then everyone else just kinda showed up, tired, in an orb, feeling kind of frustrated because there’s literally nothing else they can do to get out of this situation. It’s basically a zoom call in 2020.
(read more under the cut)
Tumblr media
TBH if Pegasus was in a zoom call, you know he’d just be talking about wine. You know he’d just be in a zoom call with a bunch of straight-laced teenagers just going off about the weird wine he got from a subscription box that he bought when he was day drunk a week ago. You know he’d just be like “I mean is it good? Should I keep it? Should I drink it anyway?” While popping the cork on stream and just pouring it directly into a cereal bowl.
I can feel the orb life going on here. I can especially feel Seto Kaiba, who fell asleep during the zoom call without turning off the camera.
Tumblr media
On the other side of the room is people dying as they get sucked directly into their impending doom.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Long ago, about...last year I think...I recapped an episode from the beginning of the season where Pegasus introduced this blank card--that I assumed was blank.
But that card from that episode--it wasn’t actually blank. It was a symbolic blank card and the show runners were like “our child audience will surely get that we just don’t want to spoil the ending” as I, a full grown adult, completely thought this card was blank.
But like...this is Pegasus. You can’t just be tossing out blank cards like that!’s fine, because we get a little bit more about the time that Pegasus donned that quantum hat that is sometimes square and sometimes round and then just harassed a bunch of people in Egypt until one guy tore out his eyeball and replaced it with a Christmas ornament.
I freakin have the hardest time believing this guy was married once.
Tumblr media
PS, now I know that when you uh put people’s hair into strips like this, it’s a lot of effort to animate and it doesn’t look anything like hair. Glad Yugioh taught me that none of us ever need to do that. Ever again. Erase that idea from your to-do list, it doesn’t work.
Anyway, Pegasus lets us know that while he was trying to revive his dead wife and putting a cold compress on his new golden eye-socket, he was also like...obsessed with finding these three dragons.
Tumblr media
And he was like “but they didn’t exist anywhere else!” He looked in outer space?? In atoms??? all over the place (this was in the show, PS, he looked on a molecular level for these duel monster dragons) until he was like “ah! That’s because they DID never exist!”
PS...are there...molecular duel monsters?
Just asking for a friend.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media they did exist, they just had exactly the same names they do now, but were humans so I guess Pegasus just...didn’t realize that they were the same. Kinda like how when I used to read manga as a kid or watch anime and they’d go into chibi forms I thought those were different people. It’s just like that.
Anyway if dragons are turning into humans please don’t tell that to Kaiba. Blue eyes white dragon wife is much funnier as a dragon.
But like...I get that mechanically, in the game, you have to change them to human to make the cards work but...why do we care if they’re human or dragons anyway? Dartz comes from a world where most people turned into monsters. And like if no one’s trying to date them, not even Kaiba...who cares? Dartz’ wife is a freakin monster and I don’t remember seeing him divorce her at any point.
Anyway, it was an odd thing for the show to throw in there about cards we have no relationship with. It’s a complicated season, and we spent way more time on our minibosses than we ever spent with the three tragic dragon characters that are going to actually save our asses.
Now back in the soul hut, Dartz has decided to do the strategy where he convinces Pharaoh to give up. Which youknow...
Tumblr media
The show acts like Pharaoh has any idea of who he used to be and it’s like do you even know how long Marik spent trying to teach Pharaoh anything about his past? Like Marik stood there with his back exposed and was like “I wrote it down! See? That’s about you!! Read my back scriptures!!!” and Yami kind of squinted at it and was like “Nah...” and then the island exploded.
So anyway, the only way that Dartz can convince Pharaoh to kill himself is to show Pharaoh the invite code to the orb zoom call. And so Dartz like “your friends are having so much fun in death zoom right now, don’t you want to hang one last time? Don’t you want to see what they’re up to? Don’t you want to hear them complain about working from home and how small their orb is and how their back is cramped all the time because the park is closed so they never go on walks anymore? Don’t you want to hear and secretly enjoy how much weight Joey gained from eating Doritos for 8 straight months? Don’t you want that in your life, Pharaoh?”
And then he just...decided to possess his bean because obviously that wouldn't work.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Freakin Usagi Tsukino over here.
Speaking of:
Tumblr media
I’m also imagining that this scene in the big ol bathtub was the original version? Just saying that because...what’s the point of putting a shirt on the boy? Unless it was implied that at some point you saw the whole boy? Maybe I blinked and missed a shot of the whole boy?
Anyway this scene felt heavily edited, that’s my hypothesis, if it wasn’t and someone was like “yo put a shirt on the boy” then I...don’t know what to say about that. It’s a pair of shoulders. I’m pretty sure half of their cards are racier than that.
Tumblr media
Do you like the evidence that we have here that Tea and Tristan totally biffed it last episode? I do.
Anyway, as the Orichalcos shrinks and threatens to take Pharaoh’s soul, the puzzle taps into his dark powers, and the power of friendship and also all the minibosses who died kinda formed a ring around him and bumped the orichalcos back into place.
Nice that Mai got added to the friend pile, but only in death. Also, I’m pretty sure Alister is here and Pharaoh never met him? But there’s more of a reason as to why the mini bosses are here, since they have their own agenda outside of Pharaoh and being his best buddy so I won’t question that too much.
This is friendship from Yami’s perspective, and like...Yami kinda wants to be friends with most people. Hell, if Bakura were introduced this season, he’d be here, too. That’s just how Pharaoh rolls.
Tumblr media
Yami decided that, although he’s a huge mess of a human being and screw it at every possible opportunity, his core isn’t made up of a dark magic curse with a crusty soul left over from some kingdom that botched it 5000 years ago. He’s decided that he’s moving on from that sort of anxiety--becoming his own sort of person--separate from Yugi, separate from his past, and separate from the powers that he’s often defined by. And it’s about time. It’s about time he recognizes that he needs to stop clinging to the ancient past (although I’m pretty sure his ancient past will be the entirety of next season)
He should give himself a real name while he’s at it, but youknow, he's not going to. Yami hasn’t quite figured out names yet.
Tumblr media
Nightmare foreshortening, that’s what this is. Like you have to just roll a dice when you do foreshortening, and sometimes you get snake eyes, the rest of the time, you get this.
Tumblr media
So not only are these guys voiced by Seto, Yugi, and Joey, they have faces that are like a blend of Valon, Raphael, Mai and Alister (yes that was four people for three dragon people, just go with it)--but the show doesn’t really focus on that, or at least not in this episode.
But, it does give the three mini bosses a reason to be chosen by the Orichalcos, if it’s inferred that they were some reincarnated version of the original dragons. Especially since Valon had the ability to just punch out the Orichalcos when he was still alive, and apparently that is the same thing this card does.
I can’t believe that him punching stuff was foreshadowing. I should have known. The answer in this show is always punching.
Tumblr media
And so the episode ends with some...something that happened, but don’t ask me about it.
Tumblr media
One of the reasons I don’t go over card games here. I mean...c’mon.
Come the freakin on.
Anyway we have some more episodes before this is over but at least this guy is at 0 hp so long can you draw out one single play of cards? (I say, knowing they can stretch this game out...infinitely)
anyway, here’s where you can read these from the top. Hope y’all are staying safe!
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flameontheotherside · 5 months ago
Learning Disabilities
Like my Twin Flame (Erik) I dealt with a learning disability. I saw a speech pathologist and took a separate reading/English and math classes than other students my age. Also been called stupid or retarded and bullied all through high school because of it. Go team...😑 I failed kindergarten nearly 2x and had to make up 9th grade classes in my 12 year.
I'm not a good student. My attention span is at nearly 0 unless it's a subject I'm passionate about and I start showing off or get real bored. My confidence also 0 because of bullying.I need to see pictures in front of me and I need to be able to concentrate harder to follow along to understand what I just read.
I'm a visual learner 100%.
I learned how to play bass like it was nothing through a video game and continue to use visual aids to learn other things like Spanish and other languages, watching documentaries sometimes with the subtitles helps me comprehend what they are saying while I see the videos.
YouTube saved my life.
I watch several channels that explain social behavior and how to do just about anything. I could be a cosmetologist in spite of no traditional training. I've had people ask me to do thier hair several times and I get compliments on my hair too.
I learned everything I know on YouTube and Google. But my memory is kind of jacked up probably from previous partying years shortly after Erik's death and giving up on relationships. When I play trivia I'm decent at it. Rick is way better because his memory is impeccable. I don't do well under pressure anyway. Unless I'm singing on stage.
English is my second language.
Its common for twins (biological) or any set of babies within the same age in the same home to develop a "language". I forgot what study it was. Dont be lazy, look it up! There are twin babies on YouTube who do this as well. Kane and I had a language. It sounded like a legit language where we kept calling our dolls who I regarded to be my children, "monas" which is kind of interesting considering a mona is:
monas - a singular metaphysical entity from which material properties are said to derive
We had specific names for objects. Mona was the only one I can remember. And we had an alien friend name Wasii. Me and Kane spoke to Wasii in this same language.
Kane grew out of the language faster than me.
I was developing at a slower rate and spoke in that language even into kindergarten. Kane understood what I was saying and I rode on his coattails through my first round of kindergarten. So on the second time, I was forced to speak English. But that came with its challenges.
I remember being frustrated with my mom not understanding me and why its was important for Kane not to help me. I understood yes and no and sounds as good or bad sounds. Certain sounds a person makes especially when they are angry still fuck me up. I completely shutdown. Crowds and crowded places are exhausting without headphones or someone to talk to for distraction.
Music became my "thing".
It still is a tool I use to remember things. Especially phone number way back then. Like 8675309 I turned my home number into a similar song. Theres a song for everything. To get me in the mood to clean I would sing the barney cleaning song. I still use music to do it...just not the barney song. Chop Suey would have been my cleaning song if it weren't for what Erik did.
When I wanted to say something, I would sing a song when I was little. My mom and I would play patty cake and sing along to music popular in the 90s. I learned how to tie my shoes with song. I would sing the stranger danger barney song when I would walk to and from school.
Talking didn't happen until I was about 4 or 6.
Even when I did eventually talk, I spoke quietly or with my friends when I figured out having friends was a good thing. Before that, I'd get into fights with others. I was kind of an asshole 😆 🤣 lol I got suspended for locking a boy in the bathroom and telling on him. Got sent home for getting my finger stuck in my wooden recorder. I slammed my hand shut on the car door when a cute boy walked past us and I blamed him for it.
My bipolar didn't show until middle-high school.
My grades were shitty, I was loud and annoying. Back then all I did was talk and it as mostly about boys, food, anime, and Manga. Kind of like Usagi and Miyaka, typical nutcase with a sweet tooth and with a crush or too. I was an animated freak who got rejected and bullied most of the time.
I picked up a culinary degree.
Already knew how to cook, I'm hands on and visual. The easiest way and the only way to higher education (even without a GED) was in culinary. I took an equivalency test and got into the school. I failed one class. Only because the teacher in meat fabrication was a hot punk kinda dude who listened to Incubus.
Buwahaha.... I'm dumb. Lol 😆 I wasn't perfect but I made sure to pass on the bare minimum because I had no real desire to cook professionally. I just wanted to not get yelled at for being a loser. I don't regret it. My internship was the best 3 months of my life! I was away from home for the first time, worked and played at a ClubMed resort, had a few flings, and it was just fucking great.
I'm like Linda and Tina from Bob's Burgers
If you ever seen the show Linda likes to break out into random songs like as if the show was a musical and Tina is a weirdo. More like a Tina is me as a kid and grew up into a Linda. Lol 😆 thats kind of why I love the show. Its relatable. My family is sort of crazy like that. I always thought spirits were laughing at us. It makes me excited to see them in January. I hope we will!
😆🎼🎶🎵 Tra la la la la la la...
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docholligay · 5 months ago
Writing Survivors and WINNNERSSSSSSS
This was an EXCEEDINGLY simple question, because sometimes Holligays deserve to get their ego stroked. As a treat! : Which of my fics is your favorite? 
the two that immediately spring to mind (aside from your friday nov 13 fluff about which i've already furiously emailed you) are roughly recalled as follows: 1) usagi invites rei out for ramen to pitch her new goal of becoming a food critic. she uses the word "zesty" to describe her meal, and i feel the precise blend of exasperated, protective adoration you describe coursing through rei. i also recall the descriptions of the setting being quite vivid, as well as coloured so well by the shifting emotional landscape of our pov character. 2) haruka is sad at a fancy event, and slips out to wallow (most sympathetically, of course). ah, but how vague! possibly an au...certainly it is cold outside? she may not be wearing more than a jacket, which i believe she may offer to usagi, who comes looking for her. the details are fuzzy, but i was so struck by your use of the word "bright" in this piece that i've thought of this fic roughly every other time i've read the word "bright" since. oh, and who could forget "we know the devil?" but i've said quite a bit about that one already, and the deadline fast approaches (i think)! TOO BAD ---- @rasiqra-revulva Oh my god I forgot that Usaig and Haruka one!!!! 
I can't remember the titles of them now, but two of my absolute favorites that you've written are the 'Imaginary Friend' one with Haruka with the ghost Michiru and 'In the walls'. Both of them deal with haunted houses, and both characters deal with them in very different ways. And that is probably why I like them both so very much. Neither of them has a 'happy' ending (although Haruka might just make it out of hers with a bit of luck) and that lack of a happy ending comes from the weakness of each character. In addition, both stories are tremendously creepy. I think about both quite a bit when I'm noodling around with horror writing. ---@shavedjudomonkey Thank you! I LOVED imaginary friends, I’m not sure I’ve ever done better.
A Stopped Clock? i am bad with titles but the one after one of the OW character reveals where Tracer had her stabilizer broken! I sponsored that one and *did not* expect to get so much out of it and the prose throughout is so good, so vivid and effective, how dare you be so good at making me care about these characters when the actual writers don't, 1000000/10 would sponsor again --- @katrani  There are parts of A Stopped Clock that are some of my FAVORITE writing. Man, I feel like this year I haven’tdone anything with tht sort of quality, but thank you!! 
An Unwanted Favor, most definitely. First off, I love the title, partially for how its meaning is only really conveyed once the twist hits, but also for how succinctly it sums up the difficult place Mina finds herself in: on the receiving end of something done as a kindness, with no say in the matter. Haruka's decision is somehow both selfless and selfish, and yet we know from her message and how she's portrayed, that even if it was a bit hurtful, it was truly done with only the best of intentions. Mina's hurt, and she can't even yell about it, and probably actually feels a little bit guilty about wanting to in the first place. It's a very tricky emotional position to be in, and it's even harder to convey in writing.
 I love too, how your strong your characterizations are of the senshi. I know I'm an outlier among your followers, but I'm really only familiar with Sailor Moon in the most basic of ways. I watched about a season and a half of the dub and played the SHIT out of Drops, but that's about it, outside of your (and Jet's) fics. But, as with the people who love your Overwatch fanfics despite never playing a moment of the game, I often find myself really enjoying the senshi purely through your loving depictions of them. I especially love the description of Rei's prodding at Mina as lancing a boil (emotional healthcare through minor emotional violence), especially the bit where the words come out before she's done formulating them (deeply relatable).
 And, this is maybe overreaching a bit, but there's one line that I always read a lot of significance into. Sometimes when I write things, I find that there's certain lines that are like keystones for me, that I'll structure entire paragraphs around. Sometimes it's because they explain things so well that the work falls apart without them, or sometimes it's just that I think they're really clever, or have great rhythm, and drive things along nicely. But my favorite keystones are the ones that, in literary terms,  "fuck me up real bad". It's when I write something that hits ME like a ton of bricks right after I've written it, usually cause it's brutally sad, and I know that even if nobody reads the thing, or has that same reaction to it, sometime in the future I'll come back and read it and go "that's some real shit right there." 
 All that just to say, that "maybe this is my reward for doing okay. I get to be with her again" always hits me like one of those lines. I read that, and it fucks me up, and on some level I imagine you writing that line back then and going "aw hell yeah" to yourself, in one of those moments one really only gets when you're totally on your game, and it makes me smile. Maybe I'm wrong! But I'd prefer not to know, if that's the case. We all have our headcanons, and that one's mine. ---- @blastoise_m  Oh my god thank you so much!! I’m so glad you loved it so much, it’s been so long since I even thought about it and this made me smile so much! 
CURRENT "Endings and Beginnings" in the MAS-verse - so many of your MAS stories are rich with emotion and pain and reality and *life* intertwined in such amazing combinations, but I first read this one at a time when I was grieving an old loss turned fresh, at a time when I needed it, and always, to this day, it makes me cry happy tears. I love it - how even grief can turn into something beautiful, and my world would be a much sadder place without this particular, spectacular story. --- @amberlilly
AND YOU DID NOT LEAVE A NAME SO YOUR ENTRY WAS TOSSED BECAUSE I CAN’T VERIFY YOUUUUUU -- ALL OF THEM but especially Ruka Hood, for being both EXTREMELY fun and for just how good the characters are and how you explore them, and A Simple Game (I think?? The senshi civil war one) because the scene where Michiru drowns her entire family in the aquarium is SO GOOD, and finally St. Ralph bc I’m a repressed catholic gay to the end
Randomized survivors under the cut!
Holligay Answers For Her Crimes
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Holligay Screams About Her Favorite Characters (any media)
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Holligay History posts (Y'all will have to actually send in questions/prompts, mind)
Outline for a more satisfying final season of She Ra Holligay style / HBO style
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silvermoon424 · 6 months ago
What is your favorite flaw for each senshi?
Usagi: Her laziness because I can relate, lol. On a more philosophical note, I like her need to save everyone and refusal to accept the need for sacrifices. I think it’d be really cool to see that play out in a more grounded series, where (as in real life) sacrifices are often inevitable. 
Ami: Her shyness, because again I can relate.
Rei: Her stubbornness, because... I can relate. 
Mako: Her inability to feel completely comfortable with herself and have high self-esteem (although this does get better as she becomes closer with the other girls). I feel that.
Minako: Keeping things to herself so as to not worry others (as seen in multiple episodes of the original anime plus several scenes in the manga). Oops, it’s me again.
Setsuna: Her aloofness.
Haruka: Her stubbornness, which is different than Rei’s because whereas Rei’s doesn’t usually come up as Sailor Mars in a significant way, Sailor Uranus’s stubbornness to accept help from the Inner Senshi is a major part of the third arc. 
Michiru: Putting Haruka at the center of her world, to the point of jeopardizing her duty as a Senshi on more than one occasion to save Haruka. 
Hotaru: Her shyness and difficulty fitting in and making friends. Hi, it’s me.
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themangaguide · 6 months ago
All three tales inside
A pure timeless love tale:
Shungiku Nakamura is famous on her most favored feature, pandora hearts manga, a pure Romance story. All three tales inside the manga additionally have some features as well as are connected. They offer a age difference between each pair and also shield the specific very same designs (envy, love triangulars, unrequited love, etc.). Even though manga utilizes the lives of 3 companions, the major set (Usagi and also Misaki) obtains one of the most track record and it has minimal renovation. pandora hearts manga might be a lot more unenjoyable if it weren't for that extra two stories.
The tales end up being clichéd one way or another. Each manga start till it's fixed with one substantial trouble that proceeds numerous areas. After that the adhering to phases nearly each entail a random concern that is fixed instantly. It's helpful in the direction of the pairs' because they experience the problems to be in a very same sex connection, nevertheless maybe great to possess even more sections with no dilemma. That is offseted by the accessories nevertheless, and additionally the most of them are humorous and also sweet. Along with uneasy minutes, responses, the feelings, and also overestimations to several scenarios can be enjoyable. pandora hearts manga The romance had a start with Misaki becoming by being loving towards Usagi on countless events, an excellent tsundere. Points went and also Misaki is primarily the trigger. Regardless of living under one top for 4 years, you will locate actually no adjustments within this link. Usagi starts his heart to Misaki and also makes the effort, yet immaturity and also Misakiis indecisive perspective set off the connection to end up being in a standstill. One minute he's currently person as well as caring in the direction of Usagi, and also the following he's shouting at Usagi to prevent being touching. Unlike an additional 2 partners, sexual intercourse between Misaki as well as Usagi is uninteresting, mostly comprising Usagi being highly opposed by Misaki and ultimately giving it comes to be challenging relating to if the feelings are shared.
Tumblr media
Their the results from when i time leaped to my second year of high school and confessed to the teacher i liked at the time consists of a huge quantity of figures, and likewise the bulk are generally there to cause difficulty within their relationship. Besides their personal events, brand-new people appear out of limbo when Usagi and Misaki are alone. This makes repeated and unneeded crisis. The same repeats itself as though absolutely nothing happened it doesn't matter just how one concern is fixed.
The art of Shinguku shows just a little advancement in volumes. the areas became better after dark 15th quantity, although the art in earlier sizes are really challenging. Reactions as well as Characters' feelings are drawn in to a superb information. The sex scenes satisfying and also are really visual. The chibis offers some illumination towards the history and also are adorable. This simple computer animation makes the characters appears comparable, making some minutes complex to comprehend. You can see on your own be reading pandora hearts manga manga.
General, it's positive thing that Shungiku involved three records. Every one of them have their issues, but Egoist and Terrorist are much more enjoyable contrasted to primary account. The figures actually continue, as well as dilemma isn't pressed. Feelings are undoubtedly shared, in addition to their associations enhancement whilst the numbers be far more available with each other. However, the primary account with Usagi and also Misaki is dramatically different. If Shinguki released much more sections of Enemy and also Egoist or confirmed some enhancement in pandora hearts manga formerly (4 years is much also lengthy), this manga could be a whole lot a lot more eye-catching than many free manga nowadays. Check out also this related topic:
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shazzeaslightnovels · 7 months ago
Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai 5
Tumblr media
Author: Touki Yanagimi
Illustrator: Kippu
Label: Fujimi Fantasia Bunko
Release Date: 20 August 2013
My Score: 4/5
Content Warnings: Gore, Child Absue
This is basically Takeru’s volume but it also gives us a proper introduction to Kiseki, Takeru’s younger twin sister. We got to see Kiseki very briefly in volume 1 when Takeru came to visit it her but this our first real introduction to her. Bascially, 5 years ago, there was an incident where all of the residents in a village were murdered overnight by Kiseki. Kiseki’s power is a little bit hard to explain but she’s immortal and is able to kill anything she touches. She doesn’t want to kill anything but, when she wants something to happen, her body goes out of control trying to fulfill that wish. As a result, Kiseki lives at the academy but is put to sleep most of the time and she undergoes horrifying experiments as the academy tries to research her immortal body and Takeru rarely gets to visit her and he doesn’t know about the extent of these experiments. The other thing about Kiseki is that she wants Takeru to kill her. She doesn’t want to kill others and her life in the lab is pure torture and she begs him to kill her but he won’t do it because he just wants her to be able to live happily. In other words, I sure hope you enjoy angst because this volume is a goldmine if so.
What I really like about this series is the fact that it always feel like things are developing. Not just in regards the characters and the story but also the writing and art. It never feels stagnant. And the character work in this series is particularly amazing and you can really see that in this volume. We’ve spent the past 4 volumes getting to know the characters and having them develop and it’s immensely satisfying to see the pay-off to all those developments in this volume. Especially with regards to Ouka who does some amazing things in this volume that I really loved. The characters are all just so interesting and likeable and I really think that’s the selling point of the series. Also, I absolutely loved seeing each of the other platoon members develop a unique relationship to Kiseki in this volume. They were all so distinct from each other and I wish we had gotten more interactions between them because they were so cute.
I really enjoyed this volume overall and it’s probably my favourite volume so far. I wouldn’t quite rate it a 5/5 because I think Kiseki as a character could have been fleshed out more. She’s a pretty interesting character but she ends up feeling like more of an accessory to Takeru’s character arc than a character in her own right. That being said, it was a still a really good and satisfying volume.
Adaptation Notes:
So, I missed this when I was checking out the adaptations for volume 1 but I think that both the manga and anime adaptations skipped over Kiseki’s first appearance. I don’t really want to go back and check but I don’t remember it being there and I feel like I would. I understand why the anime cut it out because it doesn’t really get brought up again until the events of this volume but I feel like it would have been good to build anticipation towards the climax of the show. I’m also pretty sure they cut out Kyoya’s scenes that set him up as a sub-villain for this volume but I really don’t care about him enough to notice.
Okay, episode 9, the anime original beach episode. The plot starts with the gang finding out about a new mission where they have to recover a magical item and they infiltrate a hostess club to do it. Ouka fucks up the mission because she’s too trigger happy but they recover the magic artifact anyway which turns out out to be a ring which, when activated, makes all the girls act drunk. The second half the episode is where they arrive at a beach that’s rumoured to be summer all year round. They play and have fun and I was starting to think this episode wasn’t too bad... until a tentacle wrapped itself around Mari’s legs and rubbed against her crotch. I did get a good laugh out of Usagi trying to communicate with Takeru underwater using charades and seeing his CGI armor flail around though. So the episode wasn’t all that bad but I really would have preferred it if this episode tried to incorporate scenes and ideas from other volumes that they missed and it feels out of place after the events of Ikaruga’s arc. And, yeah, the tentacle stuff was disgusting and unnecessary but at least it wasn’t as gratuitous as some other stuff that I’ve seen. I have more of an issue with this plot taking up an episode that could have been used for something more important than I do with the plot itself. It should have just been an OVA instead.
Disclaimer: this is definitely not all of the changes that were made in the adaptation. There were several minor ones that I didn’t note due to length and some scenes that I missed at the time but later thought back to them and was like “huh, I don’t think this scene was in the anime” but was too lazy to check for sure so I didn’t note them. This goes for all of the volumes covered in the anime btw because I am sure that I missed some cut scenes in each of them.
Unlike the previous volumes, volume 5 gets a whole 3 episodes to itself, which is a good call because it’s when the story really gets going and it’s also longer than the previous volumes by about 50 pages. They cut out the detail that Takeru is not allowed to talk about anything related to the academy while he’s meeting with Kiseki so, if he even mentions the word “platoon” or such, he is censored and Kiseki can’t hear him. I was surprised that they blanked out Kiseki’s words after she met Takeru. In the light novel she asks “Why won’t you kill (save) me?” with “save” being written in furigana. I was curious they would go for kill or save and I guess that was one way to adapt it. The scene where Takeru meets Nagaru and she tells him about her sister who had a similar affliction to Kiseki and advises him that he should probably confide in his teammates about Kiseki soon is cut. Ouka’s conversation with Takeru after he finds Kiseki is a lot more cute in the light novel as she’s very nice and says that Kiseki is as cute as she Takeru said she would be. Originally, Kiseki wore an academy uniform as part of the dress-up scene and I wanted to see that because we didn’t get an illustration in the light novel of it. Takeru’s flashback about his bond with Kiseki is cut so much that it loses it’s meaning. Takeru’s life basically had no meaning before he met Kiseki and he was always on edge but her presence calmed him down and meeting her was the first time he began to be able to connect with other people which is why rebelled so much against his father’s wishes for them to not meet. That being said, the flashback of Kiseki getting killed over and over by her father was such good stuff. I loved the way that Kiseki’s “save me” distorts into “kill me”. Haunted’s appearances in the last two episodes of the anime are anime original. This means that Kanaria’s role is reduced and we miss the fight between her and Takeru because it all goes to Haunted. I understand why they did this since they knew they likely wouldn’t have another season and it makes more sense to give the climactic battle to Haunted given that he’s appeared more than Kanaria has but it’s a shame we didn’t get to see badass Kanaria. I love Ouka’s battle armor after she forms the contract with Vlad in the anime. We didn’t get to see that in this volume so that was great. In the light novel, Takeru didn’t realise that he didn’t want to give up until he was just about to kill Kiseki. Almost everything after he recovers Kiseki is anime original and I can’t say that I care for the anime original ending in this case. I feel like they would have been better off adapting the light novel ending because it is so much juicier and more impactful and would have been better to sell more copies of the light novels.
Overall, I have mixed feelings on the adaptation. I understand why they went for adapting the first 5 volumes because ending it at volume 5 leaves for a much bigger impact than they would have gotten by ending it at volume 3 or 4 but I don’t think that excuses the anime’s habit of cutting out characterisation and keeping in fanservice and wasting an entire episode on a pointless plot that doesn’t go anywhere and isn’t even that funny. I also hated that they cut out so much from the flashbacks to the extent that they miss the point of them. The flashbacks are meant to explain the characters’ behaviour and what other characters mean to them but they end up not really doing that in the anime and make them fairly pointless (Ikaruga’s flashback is the one exception to this. They actually did a good job with her arc overall). I’m not sure that I would have picked up the light novel if I had seen the anime first because I think that the weird ecchi scenes and the genericness of anime!Takeru would have stuck in my mind.However, it’s not like it was the worst adaptation I have ever seen and that was some stuff that I liked. I just wish it had been better because I know that it could have been. Personal highlights of the anime: Kanae Itou’s performance as Mari, CGI Armor Takeru’s dancing in episode 9 (yes, even though I think that episode shouldn’t have existed, this was still a highlight for me) and Kiseki’s flashback.
Volume 6 should be Lapis’ volume and I know I’m going to get some awesome Mari stuff in it as well so I’m excited to read it.
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shazzeaslightnovels · 7 months ago
Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai 1
Tumblr media
Offical English Title: Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon
Author: Touki Yanagimi
Illustrator: Kippu
Label: Fujimi Fantasia Bunko
Release Date: 19 May 2012
My Score: 4/5
First off, I absolutely adored this series when I was a teenager and was reading the fan translation. It was my favourite light novel for many years so I’ve always wanted to revisit it and I’m glad I finally get the chance to do so (thanks BookWalker and your Kadokawa subscription!). This being the case, I can’t promise that I will be able to look at the series in an unbiased light and I can’t promise that I won’t accidentally spoil things without realising so keep that in mind.
Story & Characters:
Genre: Battle School, Dark Fantasy, Action, Harem, Found Family
Premise: The Anti-Magic Academy is a place where students learn how to fight and kill witches and are hired to take on magic-related missions for money. Ouka is a high-ranking soldier who is stubborn in her world-view that all witches should killed, regardless of their morality. Due to this, she has a tendency to put others in danger and kill criminals without orders and no team really wants her so the principal assigns her to work in the low-ranking 35th Test Platoon. Takeru is a member of this platoon who, unlike everyone else in this world, much prefers to use his sword over a gun, leading to him being mocked and the other platoon members aren’t much better. Will Ouka be able to find some happiness in this oddball platoon?
This series biggest weakness is it’s lack of originality. None of it’s concepts are particularly unique and I can’t think of a single one of them that hasn’t been done elsewhere. There are also a couple of annoying cliche moments, like the part where Takeru falls on top of Ouka, accidentally groping her in the process. It’s stuff like that I can see turning people off from the series and I don’t blame them.
That being said, I’d argue that the series makes up for it in other ways and I really enjoyed this volume anyway. The characters are very interesting, the action scenes are exciting and there are some quite dark moments in this volume, particularly the part where you find out why Ouka is the way she is. Plus, I am a sucker for found families and I love the dynamic between the 35th Platoon that we saw in this volume. There’s a real closeness to the way that they casually tease each other about their flaws but it’s made clear that they will always have each other’s backs. I paricularly enjoyed the part where Takeru, Usagi and Ikaruga try to figure out a way to get Ouka to open up to them. It was really cute.
Takeru is an excellent protagonist. He’s skilled with the katana that people mock him about but he can’t help but get angry when he or people he love are insulted. There’s actually a small moment in this volume where he gets furious at Ouka for insulting the platoon and would have lost it if not for Ikaruga stepping in. He’d also happily sacrifice himself for others but refuses to sacrifice the people he loves for the greater good. Ouka herself comes off as cold and angry at first and even she would describe herself as a bomb waiting to explode but it’s hard not to empathize with her when you learn what her deal is. She ends up being a pretty interesting character by the end of the volume and it was nice to see the others slowly melt through her defences. The other two members of the platoon are Usagi and Ikaruga. Usagi is a sniper but her clumsiness and tendency to crack under any sort of pressure lead to her making stupid mistakes, such as shooting at the wrong location. I didn’t like her at first due to her clumsy personality but I warmed up to her when I learnt more about her vulnerabilities during the climax. Ikaruga is the reasearcher and technician of the group and she has no qualms about breaking the law to achieve her goals. She takes on the “teasing perverted onee-san” role.
We get brief glimpses of the 4th and 5th heroines, Mari and Lapis, in this volume, as well as some of the major villains. They don’t get much of a chance to shine here but we do already get a good idea of their characters as Mari shows off her gullibility and Lapis doesn’t speak with any emotions in her voice, leading to a scene that I found amusing where she deadpans as she congratulates Takeru. Mari was definitely my favourite character when I was a teen and I assume that I will still love her just as much now but we shall see next volume. As for the villains, Haunted is a disgusting creep that I couldn’t help but find entertaining anyway so I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.
Recommended for:
If you don’t mind formulaic stories and want to read something with a found family and a darker tone, I’d recommend this.
Adaptation Notes:
The series has had some really bad luck when it comes to adaptations and both manga adaptations concluded after only adapting this volume. The first manga adaptation lasted for three volumes and is illustrated by Sutarou Hanano. While it does closely follow the story and character beats of the light novel, it ends up being ruined by the constant panty shots and the truly baffling decision to strip Ouka during the climactic fight (she spends most of the last chapters of the manga in just her bra and even that bra ends up getting torn. This does not happen in the light novel). If I’m just looking at how it handles the story, it’s fine but the tone ends up being completely distorted due to the increase in ecchi scenes. The second manga lasted for two volumes and was illustrated by Youhei Yasamura. I haven’t read it but the art does not look great and, given that it only lasted for two volume, I wouldn’t expect much from it.
The anime is 12 episodes long and adapts the first 5 volumes and has it’s own anime original swimsuit episode. From what I remember from the 5th volume, I fully understand why they decided to use it as the climax but it means that a lot of events are compressed or skipped entirely. This volume was adapted in the first two episodes so some stuff was cut and I was particularly frustrated that the anime didn’t include the scene where Takeru, Ikaruga and Usagi follow Ouka around to find out what she likes and find her loving anpan and milk which actually becomes relevant later when you find out her backstory which the anime skims over the details of. While I did like the flashback for Ouka’s backstory on a visual level, it loses so much detail that I can’t imagine it making much sense to anime-only watchers. It’s hard to really get into detail of all the small changes here but there are a lot of them that make Ouka come off as a lot more cold and Takeru come off as more of a push-over when it comes to her. This is a shame as it just doesn’t feel nearly as rewarding to see them slowly start to understand each other. Usagi also misses out on her big moment during the final battle where she overcomes her anxieties. And yet they still found the time to include the scene where Takeru walks in on Usagi wearing a bunny girl outfit so you can really see what the anime staff’s priorities were. I’m really not impressed with how the anime handled all of the character beats of this volume but it’s still better than the manga since at least I don’t have to deal with constant panty shots.
I do plan on hopefully reading the first 11 volumes in the series before the end of November because the series is only available through the Kadokawa Subscription until then and I already own the last 2 volumes and the two side volumes in the series so expect to see a lot of this series until then. I’ll be reading volume 2 very soon.
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