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#no lives matter
Watch "Live - Lightning Crashes" on YouTube
On Ma Wake Up☝ ☝ ☝
Look What Came To Me ..
In A Dream.... Right ???
Naw Dummie .... Body Sensor Google...
Point Was Dig DA 3rd VERSE Especially...
SomeBODYs Pissed...
I Hate Homelessness The Same As DA Next...
Only Temporary..... 😎 😎 😎 😎
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ninablackfox · an hour ago
"It's just a phase"
Yeah maybe it is. But people change all the time that's just how it is. But shouldn't we live in the moment? And maybe I'm like this or that in the moment.
Maybe I wanna dress in all black rn, and what if its just a phase? It's me, right now.
And what if I love the same sex? It's me! I can already know who I love, young Kids can kinda know what they're sexuality is with 4. A young Boys maybe just likes a another boy.
Maybe sometimes something is a phase, but so let it be. You are you now, how/who you will be in the future, is still open.
Stop making people down with saying that it's just a phase.
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raginggrannies · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gobookmart · an hour ago
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the Rain
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outlastingthestorm · an hour ago
so let me get this right
I'm -white- enough to be considered privileged and to be held accountable for the actions of some insecure dumb american assholes.
I'm -white- enough to be told i have no culture of my own.
I'm -white- enough to be told my ancestors colonized and pillaged and appropiated cultures.
I'm -white- enough to have to worry about being told -what would you know about struggle you're white-
when I've been struggling all my life.
But I'm not -white- enough to avoid being mocked as -thief-, -beggar-, -whore-, you're just here to steal our jobs-, -fucking [nationality]!!- and -go back to your country-
I'm not -white- enough to avoid being sexually abused by an old english guy.
I'm not -white- enough to be considered nor treated as an equal
I'm not -white- enough to get help when my parents beat the shit out of me.
I'm not -white- enough to be this spoiled guy with money from mama and papa who has had it mostly easy and is going through life in a lancha motora while the rest are rowing.
In fact while many people in this country are rowing ||being of colour gives you an advantage in Europe now because people are afraid of being mean to you in their bad days, in case they lose their friends, job, and everything else, unless they're racist in which case they don't give a damn||
But some people are swimming instead of rowing, they're being discriminated against for nationality/ethnicity they didn't choose to be born as and cannot do much to change it and they can't even prove much about it because they're not considered POC in America's skin tone radar.
What the fuck is wrong with you all
Please I'm begging you
Acknowledge discrimination in all of it's forms, not only when it's done to people with dark skin tones.
Just because I'm -white- doesn't mean I'm privileged, check my background and how my people are treated in your country first. Because i assure you, many of those who pretend to love us are fetishists.
Being on the Extremes of either hate and looked down upon or being fetishized is NOT what privilege looks like and you know it.
Why isn't our pain acknowledged too?
Black lives matter but that doesn't mean that you should be nice to a person of colour then turn around and bash an eastern european.
Be nice to both goddamn it!!!!!!!!!!!
I refuse to feel guilty for someone else's actions when i can't prevent them.
And i refuse to feel guilty for existing as i am, my skin colour doesn't determine whether I'm privileged and sheltered or not. My skin doesn't determine what i went through and it doesn't tell what I've been through.
Without knowing anything on both people's backgrounds.
People of colour are discriminated against in the usa but the usa isn't the entirety of the planet. And the way some of you act makes me boil.
Why is it that if a poc stands up for themselves or wrecks havoc many of you jump to defend them, justifying their actions or saying -don't generalize-
But when it's a person with light skin doing it ya'll immediately generalize, saying shit like -white people amirite- and -lol, bitch got what (he/she/they) deserved-.
Not to mention the "BBC" trope i heard people talking about
apparently now it's about a nsfw Poc power fantasy.
You may be fighting to be treated equally, so am i, other Poc might just want to enact -revenge- on -white- people due to the perceived slight.
Be careful, the media and the sjws(real sjws not people who advocate for other people's rights) are allowing a slippery slope that may descend you into a supremacist system again, although with the roles reversed, still doing harm to those noticeably different from you.
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savedbythegirl · 3 hours ago
Surveillance without crime prevention isn’t freedom. Surveillance is the confiscation of our human rights and the gathering of our private information without deliverance or progress! As a queer, trans, gay, youth, I am not my internet history, I am not a pawn and I am not an undiagnosed mental illness. If foreign nations and homophobes alike can gather all of their information from us without listening to what we have to say or getting to know us as people, what can we do? Representation in media is already everything we have. Not only are actors just now learning this, they are inaccessible because of this corrupt tech, propaganda and lack of legislation in our country. We are separated from them. Even if we could vote, engage and interact with celebrities more than we already do, that is not civil engagement. At least not compared to community action, protest/political demonstrations, equal rights advocacy, unions, etc. Please see that without defending diversity, we are just having having all of our freedoms and privileges taken away from us. They didn’t ask for our consent and they won’t. That’s what the government does. And it will be the same when we finally earn equal legislation! You can count on it. Capitalism and socialism are not even in the same category. You are literally just begging for federal assistance and favoritism and shaming and threatening the people who actually need it and use is responsibly. The adult world doesn’t work like that. You are reading between the lines. You could be censored. You are exploiting privileged information. Hungary is threatening to make LGBT+ education and relationships ILLEGAL for everyone under 18, and taking away so-called “propaganda” like Harry Potter. Think about it! Think about the real-life implications of that! When are you going to understand that sympathy is a gift and you need to use your conscience - whenever it’s called for? If you think the answer is “ALWAYS” then you need to be educated, not an extremist! ??? We need gun reform. This is about the protection and conservation of human and natural life. You are arguing with yourself. You want to be in survival mode. You want everybody to stop moving forward so you can catch up. That’s what it’s been like for the entire world, forever. The same apathy that you preach to thinking and feeling human beings, is the only thing that you have to overcome for your own success. Healthy adults don’t feel sorry for sex offenders, homophobes and racists. I’m not a robot. You’re exaggerating. I am done telling strangers what to think. I have my own life. There are things that need to be discussed. This isn’t about you. You’re not in charge of the government. I’m not a piece of property, I’m a human being. Back off. PEACE.
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enduringcycless · 4 hours ago
ive always been fascinated by the fact that ff7′s cast are not prophecy-foretold chosen warriors. they are not even heroes. sometimes they arent even good people! most of them are woefully unequipped emotionally to be the ones to shoulder this burden. and yet, they do-- because of necessity. the naked reality is that no one else will or can rise to meet this threat. no one else will dare shoulder the burden of saving the world. they are not righteous and wonderful, out to protect the lives of people they never have and never will meet. they are gloriously imperfect, selfish beings that are doing this for personal reasons. grudge matches. to protect the people special to them. to finish what they started. to repent past mistakes.
the game is almost cynical in this way. the people who truly embody the classic trope of the bleeding heart hero who want to save the world to protect, to truly save the lives of everyone, everyone they’ve never met and everyone they never will, both die. they die protecting what the loved most, they die trying to save the world, they die on their knees, praying. and they do not die in vain, but they die all the same.
and its left to the selfish, the rough, the redeemers, the emotionally whittled down and war-wearied to finish what they started.
and cloud is the hero of this story because, in a sense, he is both of these things. he is not always kind, but he is compassionate to a fault. he’s broken and whittled-down and war wearied but he never lost that spark of the child that was dipped in the mako tanks, young and nervous and determined to do good. he looks to his team, his friends, his family, and he says, “remember why you’re doing this. remember what you treasure most.” and it is breathtakingly simple and deceptively kind in its equal parts manipulation tactic and unsubtle offer out. he shouts, bald faced, at his most dangerous enemy, “there is not a thing I don’t cherish!” and its so achingly present in everything he does, in every pyre he hangs himself on, in every act of compassion he offers to those around him.
the game is so unapologetic in how he, and the other saviors of the world, are not perfect. by all rights and purposes, they fail at their goal in more ways than one. but because of this, the game posits something that i think is very real-- the people who step up, who find the strength to face crisis, are not always going to be kind, selfless people. but, in order to truly “save the world”, they have to care. whether its for their friends, their family, their parents and their children or the memory of those they’ve lost, they have to care about something.
#i dont know what this is im just thinking and i cant stop thinking#and the autism gods decided i was going to be able to articulate my thoughts 2night so you get. this? i dunno man#i got thinking about cid and vincent and barret and tifa and *why* they follow cloud into the endgame#and its never for completely selfless reasons#cid wants to do right by the people who helped him realize his dream#vincent wants to make lucrecia proud even if shes long dead in every way that matters#tifa wants to protect cloud to protect the world aerith died to save#barret wants to make-up for the lives lost during the reactor bombings and to protect his daughter#cloud for all his wonderful compassion for the world and his want to save it has a very personal grudge match with sephiroth#the only ones i would call truly selfless in their motivations are zack and aerith#and. well.#not that either of them are perfect-saints-who-can-do-no-wrong either cuz theyre NOT lmfaooo#but in terms of purely their motivations theyre the only ones who would move to save the world if for no other reason to save the world#the only ones who would do it even if they had no other motivation pushing them forward#but the game doesnt demonize the others!!!! it really presents their motivations as NECESSARY#most people arent amazingly selfless! most people are scared and territorial! and they *need* those selfish motivations to push them forward#to push them forward enough to do the truly selfless thing!!!!!#i love all these characters genuinely i do and i love how they use the compassion in their hearts to step up and save the world#its not pre-ordained its a CHOICE#and the motivations that push them to do so are painfully imperfect and *human*#and choosing to do the right thing is what makes someone a good person#idk im just ramblinh now
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moonzdrop · 4 hours ago
Watch "Palestinian journalists wear bulletproof vests during their wedding" on YouTube
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seaquestions · 5 hours ago
my sense of time specifically in relation to how often i post art is..... incredibly skewed. i always feel like i havent posted art in way too long but i look into my art tag and there’s been at least a doodle every day, and it hasnt been that long since the last “big” art stuff. there’s something very damaging about the shelf life of things on the internet.
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cielpansyhive · 5 hours ago
After not having any treatment for migraines for a year, I finally got to see a neurologist and hopefully I can get my meds and start them tomorrow!
If this works, pleeeeease work, that means maybe I can actually write and read and comment on everyone's works! I've missed it all so much! 💖
Plus it will be another health issue I can tick off my list. The more I get figured out the more I can focus on trying to get top surgery.
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Tumblr media
It is evident that the capitalist US is unwilling to concede coal production to the people of world, who would benefit from such reforms.
"But the Biden administration — fixated on cultivating the Democrats’ razor-thin Senate majority and the coal mining sympathies of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin — was wary of any language specifically clamping down on coal."
It is humorous that the Biden administration is obsessed with prevailing in US politics, considering the broader implications which would arise from the end of coal usage. Imagine the possible benefits to the earth and reduction in pollution if the Biden administration and capitalist lobbyists were able to renounce their short-term goals of competition and profit, to pursue long-term goals of preserving the earth and the future generations who will inevitably inherit this soil with no say on the circumstances surrounding it. To conclude, Biden's promises to incentivize green energy were shallow and false promises, and Joe Manchin dictates the world usage of coal, which displays the pure corruption and decay in the American system of governance.
Those who seek reform should refuse the democratic party and the republican party. Instead, a communist party led by a vangaurd party will be able to foster true democracy and reform according to the revolutionary theory devised by Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.
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