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#nini salazar roberts
haley-talks-too-much · 4 minutes ago
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olivia rodrigo -> header pack
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bonobos-candy-bar-2 · an hour ago
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Olivia Rodrigo At the Brits Awards
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sunshine-julie-molina · 6 hours ago
Nini: Hey, Gina, do you want me to do a tarot card reading for you?
Gina, knowing fully well Nini doesn’t know how to read cards: Okay, sure. Let’s see what you got.
Nini: *lays down cards* Alright, this one tells me you’re a precious angel. This one says you’re the most talented dancer on the planet. This one-
Gina: Nini, these aren’t even tarot cards. They’re just pictures of me.
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sunshine-julie-molina · 11 hours ago
Big Red: Hey Ricky, can I get some dating advice?
Ricky: Look, just because I’m with Nini doesn’t mean I know how I did it
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sunshine-julie-molina · 20 hours ago
Gina: I never tell people off the bat that I’m gay. I wait. I wait until they say some homophobic shit and then I laugh and am like, “You know I’m gay, right?” and watch the look of terror on their face.
Nini: I’m in love with you
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Carlos: And now for a gay update with Gina Porter.
Gina, staring at Nini: Getting gayer.
Carlos: Thank you Gina.
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Gina: Since I'm leaving, I'd like to make a toast.
Gina: Bye.
Ashlyn: That was beautiful.
Nini, tearing up: It really was.
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Ricky: Sometimes, when something bad happens, I like to play music to calm people down
Nini: What is it now?
Ricky, strumming a guitar frantically: I SET THE KITCHEN ON FIRE
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incorrect-hsmtmts · 2 days ago
*after his wisdom tooth surgery*
Ricky: I wasn't that out of it yesterday.
Big Red: You were flirting with Nini all day.
Ricky: So? She's my girlfriend.
Big Red: You asked if she was single.
Big Red: And cried when she said she wasn't.
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previously-on-hsmtmts · 2 days ago
Ricky: Dude, we have a Code Teal.
Big Red: Locusts? Really?
Ricky: Wait, no. Code... Periwinkle?
Big Red: Nini emergency. On it.
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marsiguess · 2 days ago
Ricky Bowen x FEM!Reader:
fake it ‘till you make it or whatever (chapter 1)
[. . .]
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marsiguess · 2 days ago
fake it ‘till you make it or whatever | chapter 1 - one week
Ricky Bowen x FEM!Reader (HSMTMTS)
Summary:  It's an understandment to whoever's close to you or Ricky that you're both struggling with your respective breakups that happened over the summer, but the pity looks get embarrassing after a while. You barely knew each other up until the party, but what started as venting to a classmate about a situation in common could turn into an idea.
Warnings: swearing, past relationships (E.J. x Reader and Ricky x Nini), might include some brief slight angst along the chapters, musical is on but reader is in the crew, lots of repetition and use of full names for dramatic effect lol
Word count: 500+
[. . .]
One week.
E.J. Caswell broke up with you one week before summer break, and came back with a new girlfriend right after the end of it. You would have loved to say it didn’t hurt, but it did.
You knew it the moment he started talking.
“It’s not- we’re not breaking up, it’s just- you know.”
Yeah, you knew very well how that went. And you accepted it. E.J. Caswell broke up with you one week before summer break and, as much as it hurt, that was fine. You’d be fine.
It was weird, though. You’d been together for a few months, and only after you weren’t anymore did you realize what a big part of your routine he’d become. You didn’t mind it before.
But you got used to it. It was summer, after all, and so Carlos had more time to hang out with you, which you were beyond grateful for. Carlos, though, was probably tired of it at that point, considering how much time you’d spent together. You loved hanging out with him, but it was safe to say summer break wasn’t going how you thought it would.
You were feeling fine when you left your place for the first day of junior year. You felt fine when Carlos met you at the entrance of the building and the two of you inhaled deeply, holding each other’s hands before walking in.
You felt… as fine as possible when you walked past E.J. in the hallway and he waved at you. You felt fine enough to wave back. You felt fine during your first classes and you felt fine on your way to lunch.
You didn't feel fine when you saw him hug Nini Salazar-Roberts in the middle of the cafeteria, for everyone to see.
Like he used to do with you. You didn’t have enough sense of self-preservation to leave, despite Carlos’ various attempts to get you to. Instead, you just sat there, at a table by the corner, eyes glued to the disgustingly affectionate scene that unfolded in front of you (and the whole school).
But could anyone blame you? It’s not that you were mad that he was with someone else, and it’s not that you were mad at Nini for getting with him.
It’s that it felt like you didn’t mean half as much to him as he did to you. And it sucked .
Whatever. E.J. Caswell can do whatever the hell he wants .
But he made eye contact with you, for barely a second before turning back to his friends, and you could see it- the worst kind of look you could possibly get from the last person you wanted it to come from: pity .
“I have to go,” you announced suddenly to Carlos, who moved to follow you, but seemed to decide not to. He knew you, and he knew what you needed: time alone.
You tugged on the strap of your backpack and made your way out of the cafeteria-
Not before bumping into someone, of course , because it seemed to be your lucky day. You looked up, only to see Ricky Bowen, from Chemistry and Computer Lab.
“Sorry,” you both said in unison, nodding before going on your separate ways.
A/N: yeah im writing for Ricky Bowen shut up!!! 
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