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#nikolai lanstov
goldengoddess · 21 hours ago
it looks better on you - nikolai lantsov
pairing: nikolai lantsov x reader 
request: Hiii! I recently discovered your blog and I love everything you write, your Nikolai content deserves so much love (as does everything else)!But speaking of that cheeky bastard, would you be up for writing headcannons or in a style you’re comfortable with about Nikolai (Strumhond in this case) where reader is new to the job and packs light and forgets a coat, but Tamar tricks them into wearing Strumhond’s coat (being oblivious that it’s his) and Strumhond makes a sarcastic comment but in the end is fine with it? Don’t worry about if you’re busy - it just came to mind! ❤️
a/n: thank you sweet thing! i love my baby nikolai,,, this is so cute by the way i love the concept so much 
warnings: cursing, suggestive comments
you could not have been so stupid. 
it was your first week on this job. you were new to the crew of this ship, and you had done everything right up until that point. you wanted to make the best impression possible. strumhond’s crew was legendary. there wasn’t a single sailor on the seas that didn’t know his name.
and you, of all people, had been lucky enough to be chosen to help his crew. if you proved yourself, you hoped, you could get an actual permanent job with the crew. 
but of course that wasn’t going to happen, because you were going to freeze your ass off before you even got the chance to do anything useful.
your inability to think ahead had caused you to forget to bring a warm coat. most days at sea were warm, sometimes too warm, with the sun hitting your face and body at every angle.
but there were days like this one where the winds were too rough and the air to cold, and every part of your body felt like it could fall off due to frost bite.
you searched the deck of the ship around you, hoping to find a spare coat, but mostly to make sure that the captain of the ship didn’t see you freezing in the corner.
you’d seen him a couple of times in the last couple of days. usually giving an order or messing around with the closest of his friends on the ship.
he was cute, you couldn’t deny it. at a distance there was nothing wrong. but closer up it was easier to see that there were parts of his face that seemed.. wrong. you’d been around long enough to know a tailored face when you saw one.
you tried not to linger on the reasonings for his tailored face, it wasn’t your business and it didn’t change his ability to lead a crew. despite that, you couldn’t help but imagine what he looked like for real. he had this royal presence to him.
even though he was a pirate, sorry, a privateer, he knew how to hold command. how to get people to listen when they didn’t want to. to make deals and compromises whenever a fight broke out. to leave both sides satisfied. he was like a prince at sea.
okay so maybe the prince had caught your attention more than you wanted to admit.
but it was hard not to be interested in him when every time he made eye contact with you it felt so intense that your knees felt weak.
the sudden gust of cold air snapped your thoughts back to the reality of your situation. your arms were wrapped around your body, as if this position could make the light jacket you had on suddenly sufficient against the cold.
you saw tamar walk onto the deck from below deck. she turned and saw you huddled near the wall. you gave her a sheepish and embarrassed grin. tamar had been the first person to speak to you and though you’d only known her a couple of days, you knew she was the kind of person one trusted.
she walked over to you with an amused smile. you could practically feel the teasing retort that was about to come out of her mouth.
“you look a little warm y/n, you sure you don’t want to take off your jacket.” she sarcastically said, her grin growing on her face.
you rolled your eyes and let out an annoyed huff, “if i die from hypothermia i’m going to make sure to haunt you.”
she let out a throaty laugh. “good, i happen to like your company. you can help me scare the shit out of tolya. he could use a ghost visit.”
the two of you shared a laugh and then you looked at her with slightly sweet puppy eyes. “tamar, please please tell me you have a coat. i stupidly forgot to pack one, trying to keep my bag light.”
she nodded her head at you, “yeah i’ve noticed.” she thought for a moment and then her face broke out into a mischievous smirk. “well i don’t have a coat to lend you but i know someone who has a spare.”
you nodded your head rapidly with enthusiasm. “saints, yes. i won’t get any work done today without a coat.”
she smirked at you and some part of your brain was telling you that her smirk had something hidden behind it. an extra plan. the look of many of the criminals you’d met during your time in ketterdam.
she linked her arm through yours and pulled you towards one end of the ship where a long brown coat was laid on top of the helm of the ship.
you looked at her sceptically, “who’s coat is this?”
she shrugged, grabbing the coat and easing it onto you. “think of it as a community jacket. we all like to share.”
you grinned and let yourself slip into the warmth of the cloth. you shuffled around a little and grabbed onto the ends of the sleeves since the coat was on the bigger side.
“i like it”
tamar smirked and motioned for you to spin, “it suits you. like it was made for you to use it.”
you narrowed your eyes and her words but before you could say anything she was walking back below deck.
the rest of the day went by without a hitch. the cold stopped bothering you and completing your daily task were actually easier. the coat smelled of the sea, the feeling of the sun, and an oddly familiar cologne that you couldn’t quite place.
it was too late before you realized how badly you’d fucked up.
you were on the right end of the ship, tying knots as the sunset around you. tamar was sat on a box talking while you worked quietly.
“nice coat y/n. i didn’t know we were at that level in our relationship just yet.” you heard a voice say from a couple feet away.
your head jerked upwards at the voice and you met the eyes of the one and only strumhond. he wore a smirk on his beautiful face and he was leaning against one of the beams of the ship.
you looked down at the coat you were wearing and had grown fond of throughout the day and your eyes went wide. you snapped your head to the girl sitting next to you, only to find her laughing silently into her hands. you threw her the most menacing glance you could manage before turning your attention back to your captain.
you got up and started wiggling out of the coat, “i am so so sorry. i was freezing and i under packed and i knew i wouldn’t get any work done today if i was cold so i asked tamar and she gave me this one and i never would have borrowed it had i known that-”
you paused your rambling and the sound of strumhond’s laugh. he took a couple steps forward so that he was closer to you and tamar.
“y/n, sweetheart, it’s really okay. we wouldn’t want you to freeze now would we tamar?” he shifted his attention to the girl next to you, throwing a teasing threat.
she hopped off the boxes she was sitting on and began walking away. “nope.” she said, popping the ‘p’, “we wouldn’t want that.” and then she was gone, leaving you and the privateer alone.
you gave him a small, embarrassed, smile. “i really am sorry. i wouldn’t have taken it.”
you finished taking it off and tried handing it back to him. he grabbed it and opened it up, an invitation to step in.
you looked at him curiously. “what are you doing?”
he nodded his head, motioning for you to step into the coat. “just use it. it’s cold. plus.” he paused and slipped the coat onto you, popping the collar. “it suits you.”
you blushed and turned to face him, suddenly aware of the closeness between the two of you.
he looked you up and down. “yeah,” he said in a breath, “it looks better on you.”
your breath hitched and your blush grew down onto your neck.
he leaned forward, his mouth closer to your ear.
“but it would look better on my floor.” he teased before walking away.
oh fuck.
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acosmis-t · a day ago
Tumblr media
* indicates smut
the epilogue
nikolai lanstov
Daisy Crowns
bucky barnes
Of Men and Monsters
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storytelers · 2 days ago
I think a lot about the fact that there was probably a point when Nikolai was around sixteen/seventeen that he considered escaping his heritage and leaving. Going to Ketterdam and restarting his life there; no one would find him, he would make sure of that, change his face, change his accent (but not really change who he is -- it’s not like anyone who works for the palace ever knew him). Nikolai receives a letter, its biting and it hints at his bastard lineage, it shouldn’t cut him anymore but something about the words flare the wounds he has inside and he just charts a plan and he is almost going but then he remembers: he loves Ravka, he loves his country and he wants to stay. He wants to do something good, somehow.
So he abandons all those plans and never thinks about them again. But there is a small part of him, a teenager who was tired and angry, that went away to Ketterdam.
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greenbriarc · 2 days ago
One thing I really hope they'll change in the show is Zoyalai.
Before you jump at my neck, they are my otp so hear me out.
I hope they'll start developing their relationship in season 2 because there is a big chance we won't get to see the king of scars duology on screen and I'll riot if I won't see Zoyalai. Their dynamic is so amazing and the way they just understand each other.. God I love them so much! (I can't say anything else cause I am afraid I'll give spoilers so yeah). We also (if i remember corectly) never got to see how these 2 met and I'd love to see how they would interact in the begining.
Also, I don't think Alina needs a third love interest. The love triangle was already more than enough (for me at least) and I hope we'll see the more platonic part between these 2.
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starfleckedsky · 4 days ago
Listen I agree the ship is toxiqué but I just find darklina more interesting. but pls the show darkling made several points and was actually a better written character and a completely different person with humane traits
While the book darkling was a lot worse written and I get the intention of making the immortal having lost their humaness after centuries of trauma loss and grief plus the basic factor of death being taken away. But it felt a little like a cardboard person and made and uncompelleing villain. Like I could already could predict most of the story after half of book one.
Also every version of Baghra is annoying and I have beef with that old woman
Check out my leftist discord server y'all
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beautydeathandwaffles · 5 days ago
Despite Nikolai giving her a love confession, Zoya is still nervous and scared to ask him to be her s/o after he declares her queen, and I think that's adorable. There were so many moments in RoW where Zoya and Nikolai are confronting the feelings they have for each other. If that's not love, then idk what is.
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storytelers · 5 days ago
what color are you?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and icarus said to aphrodite- so this is what i'm for. you have a distant awareness that the day you fall is the day you change. change is so very difficult, isn't it? watching everyone leave? you want the light so desperately, but you fear it. one day it will come for you. one day you will stop mourning the future and start mourning the present, and it will be peaceful.
Tumblr media
you want badly to be kind, to be loved, to be precious, missed when you're gone. you are terrified of being the thing you fear. you want people to come looking for you. you aren't and never have been one dimensional, even when everyone else insists it would be easier if you were.
Tumblr media
what are you mourning? where will you put the sky when your shoulders give out? atlas, quick-tongue, kind and kind and kind and how, you wonder, will you make them love you? there is a line between manipulation and everything else, and to get the things you needed (shelter. food. a hand off the ground.) you twisted things until you forgot how to do anything else. stop laughing, love. someone will hold you when you run out of clever words.
Tumblr media
you are angry, aren't you. how apt. you laugh and show your teeth when you smile and never ever let your audience forget that you are dangerous, and then when your theatre clears you do not stop performing. you have not stopped in a very long time, because when you do someone is going to see you as a person instead of a pedestal, and that is not an option. when you are vulnerable again, you will be held.
Tumblr media
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roseestuosity · 7 days ago
The darkling revives so many times its so annoying honestly
Giving me very much the witch trio (icy, darcy, stormy) from winx club, vibes.
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Happy Mother’s Day to the oyster who birthed a pearl and named him Nikolai <3
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avenger-witch · 9 days ago
I was re-reading Crooked Kingdom and-
Tumblr media
Milo is the name of a Dreg from *that* fight scene (page.374)~~~Someone draw this but with the goat please...😭
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saintprivateer · 10 days ago
Dominikolaisaak: We sparred with the letter openers but Dom almost cut his finger so we got some tea and talked about feelings on the ship :)
Zenyalina: Genya hit me so hard with a snowball I almost started celebrating Roennigsdjel. I HAD to show her what was up and that’s why we HAD to make it snow inside the palace. Genya deserves swift justice. There will be no survivors until I get to personally—
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luciejackson12 · 12 days ago
Genya: I’m not afraid of Zoya.
Nikolai: You should be. I think of it as a healthy fear.
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s-ankta · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Stop punishing yourself for being someone with a heart. You cannot protect yourself from suffering. To live is to grieve. You are not protecting yourself by shutting yourself off from the world. You are limiting yourself.”
King of scars ; Leigh Bardugo
( Inspo)
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