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stripeswaterkat · 29 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Here's a new preview for my upcoming Kurt and Wanda animation. You can view the short animated version over at my Patreon.
Support is greatly appreciated,allowing me more time for art and video game building. Thank you.
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silverwing2522 · 4 hours ago
Etsy listing available in my shop
Check out this item in my Etsy shop
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winter2468 · 6 hours ago
Totally not me latching onto the fact that in Kurt’s log in Way of X #2 he talks about David in present tense so that might mean that David makes it to the end of Way of X okay.
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digsyiscomics · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Nightcrawler #1, November 1985, written and penciled by Dave Cockrum
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xcaroldanversx · 10 hours ago
Marvel & religion
Okay so I was discussing this with a friend and this is by no means a definitive list just the biggest characters (in my opinion) of these few faiths, but I’d love to hear any input you guys have.
Ms. Marvel
Red Dagger
Monet St. Croix
The Thing
Moon Knight
Gert Yorkes
Omega Sentinel
Captain America (Steve Rogers)
Scarlet Witch/ Quicksilver (maybe Jewish, never explored)
Punisher (used to be Christian, now atheist)
Hulkling (went to an Episcopal school, though I doubt he’s particularly a big follower)
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asgardwiccan · a day ago
Been back to thinking of Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler, but Loki too as well thanks to his series finally out.
So now am just imaging Kurt and Loki(mcu version mainly for this) meeting and becoming friends too.
Loki tag list, if you wish to be added/removed let me know:
@winterfrostsarmy​​ @nebulousfishgills​​ @werewolfnamedraven​​ @emqueex​​ @justagayyyfangirl​​ @lucywrites02​​ @batmanfan4​​ @imherefortomhiddleston​​ @creeping156tin​​ @mylifeispainandiloveit @viva-asgardia
Once the two have gotten comfortable with each others presences. They will usually bond together with drinking some tea and reading or talking about literature.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The two will be curious on who each other are when they first meet. Loki will be hesitant on their questions towards Kurt. While Kurt on the other hand is more open to throw questions at Loki. Showing he's more eager to interact and get to know each other compared to Loki.
Loki will never say this out loud ever, but he finds some comfort to find another person like them who is blue. Yes, Loki still walks among others in his Asgardian form, he could shapeshift into his Jotun form now if wanted too. Though feels comfort in their Asgardian form. However, he envies Kurt's self confidence and pride on their own appearance, even though they look very different than others.
Loki won't forget Kurt's words about his feelings towards others who look down on him for being different. Loki expected to hear Kurt say he hated those people, but instead, said he felt sad for them. Sad they were blinded by hate or fear, or unable to see how he saw life, when it came to people's differences.
Kurt sees the beauty in differences in life, in people, on powers or no powers, having similar or very difference appearances. While Loki on the other hand, was raised with a different mindset and view on life as a whole. Loki's perspective on life will start to change when being around Kurt. Even have him look at himself more when it comes to his Jotun side, which he still has trouble coping with. For it still feels like just yesterday that he learned who and what he really was now.
Loki will tell Kurt he is of Jotunheim and Asgard, prince of both realms, but is the rightful king of Jotunheim. Kurt will be confused as to what Jotun are, and all. In which Loki would have to bring in books from Asgard, not as great with their true history now but at least can help visually describe events and things better to Kurt. However once Kurt sees a image of how the Jotun look like in a sense. He'll look at Loki and say "You are Jotun, right? Why aren't you blue like them?"
Loki will be surprised by that question, then try to say something like he can't be in his Jotun form long or just feels more happier in his Asgardian form. Kurt will still be confused as to why Loki will hide his blue form from the world, if he could shapeshift like Mystique after all. For he sees nothing wrong in it. Though worries now Loki might feel ashamed of their different appearance, in which Kurt wants to help Loki over come that shame, if that's the case.
Though in the end, Kurt is happy to learn he is friends with someone else who is blue like him too. Even though they won't show that form to him. But will be direct on asking Loki if he can see them in his Jotun form. "Do you think I can see you in your Jotun form one day?" Loki quickly says "No" to that, in which Kurt looks upset over that response, he'll try to hide it but his frown is clearly shown.
Loki will feel a bit bad on making Kurt feel sad over his reply, now saying, "Not...yet. Perhaps later on. I just need time..." Kurt will smile at that added response, nodding in understanding. Though is eager to see Loki in his Jotun form one day in person now. Even though he has yet to see it, Kurt believes already Loki's Jotun form will be beautiful in his eyes.
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andzia267 · a day ago
Logan/Kurt Wagner
Logan/Ororo Munroe/Kurt Wagner (implied)
– To nasza ostatnia noc Elfie – zaczął – Nie chciałbyś spróbować modlitwy w ziemski sposób? Modlitwy do tego w co ja wierzę? – zapytał i wziął kolejny łyk.
Kurt wyraźnie przełknął ślinę, a następnie popił piwem, po którym się skrzywił.
Wolverine obserwował każdy ruch jego ściskającego się gardła. Mokre od piwa usta, po których spłynęła pojedyncza kropla.
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616jubilee · a day ago
70’s X-Men Pokémon Team, Part 3 of giving X-men characters Pokémon team (Always happy to take suggestions to change Pokémon
This consists of the giant size X-men team, I’ll do other characters like Kitty later on as this team is big enough to work on. As of now I am not giving them any Legendaries as those are to rare and op to give to them.
Galarian Weezing
Thunderbird: This was a little harder to do because I don’t know a lot about him and had to look a lot of it up
Wolverine: He was hard to do but I figure he hasn’t had his own Pokémon since he was a child, partial due to his long life and memory issues for a while. He does catch a couple Pokémon or is given some after joining the X-men
Stoutland-He had it as a Lillipup as a child but he hasn’t seen it since his mutation manifested, isn’t technically a starter but it was his first Pokémon.
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boimgfrog · a day ago
fresno nightcrawler in fishnets
Tumblr media
The absolute mad dash I made for my tablet when I read this ask
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evilhorse · a day ago
Tumblr media
Betsy Braddock has never been hesitant when decisive action was needed.
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swan-creek · a day ago
I think I MAY have a thing for blue guys (this thought just suddenly randomly came to me yesterday 😅) 💙💙💙💙
Tumblr media
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maxwell-grant · a day ago
if Wolverine is on every team, would he be an agent of the Shadow in an X-Men/Shadow crossover?
It's interesting to think about The Shadow existing in the same world as mutants, because the premise of The Shadow's agents is that they are people defined as "from all walks of life", working their talents to the same cause, which would definitely include mutants. At the same time, The Shadow would be forced to oppose mutants who threaten innocents, and most likely with mutants on his side, which is a recipe for trouble. One of the major problems with the X-Men is that they are constantly forced to share a universe with a setting that's not set up to accomodate mutants on a large scale, which cripples a lot of their potential, but I think the premise of "The Shadow exists in the same world as mutants" invites a lot more possibilites than just crossing The Shadow with the X-Men specifically.
Where does he fall on the Xavier-Magneto dychotomy? Is it acceptable for him to even be involved in mutant struggles if he's not a mutant himself? How do other mutants react to him? Obviously he cannot be stopped from giving a shit and helping them, but what happens when they don't want his help? What if he is a mutant? Technically speaking, the movie version of The Shadow and Margo already are mutants, since they were born with psychic powers and we never get any explanation for it.
Tumblr media
Regarding Logan specifically: Would Wolverine be an agent? If there's any X-Man who's likely to have met and known The Shadow prior to his entry in a story, it's Wolverine. Usually it falls to Xavier or the resident telepath to give exposition on a new character, but The Shadow's older than all of them and you can bet that, in a world where telepathy exists, he would have figured a way to protect his thoughts from them, if he's not an outright telepath himself or something other. Would Wolverine be an acquaintance of The Shadow? Likely. Would they have worked together at some point? Probably, because Wolverine's worked for literally everyone. Would Wolverine be an Agent of The Shadow? I'd say no.
For one, even if he did work as an agent once, he's clearly had his hands full in the last decades, and there's hardly a point to having an agent you can't call on because he's busy fighting supervillains or gambling in Madripoor or mentoring kids and whatnot. Wolverine has the whole "lone wolf loose cannon doesn't play by the rules flips you off with one claw" routine down pat, plus the Berserker Rage making him put those around him in serious danger, all of which are incredibly poor traits for a Shadow agent, especially since The Shadow cannot have Wolverine work with another agent lest he bring danger to them (and Logan's a magnet for danger). The main thing The Shadow demands upfront everytime he enlists an agent, no matter what he's promising them, is absolute obedience. They obviously are expected to think and act for themselves and act according to their best judgment (and sometimes that judgment saves The Shadow in situations he hadn't accounted for), and they are all given the choice to refuse and back out, but The Shadow's word is final. He cannot abide distractions when lives are at stake, and Wolverine cannot promise that.
I mentioned before that The Shadow does not employ agents for assassin missions and that they are not supposed to be killing or even shooting anyone outside of gunfights, and Wolverine's whole catchphrase and job description is murder. If they worked together, it would not be with Wolverine as an agent. I don't see Wolverine accepting being a full-time agent, and I don't see The Shadow wanting him to be one. Instead, he'd be something akin to The Shadow's other allies that work with him or for him on occasion but otherwise have separate lives, like Myra Reldon and Yat Soon. Ultimately, there's a bit too much overlap between The Shadow and Wolverine for him to be an Agent.
Tumblr media
Generally speaking, while the agents come in many different types and they should be as diverse a group of characters as possible, I'd say the number one rule that should go into making an Agent of The Shadow is that they must be good, heroic characters who contrast The Shadow in some way. The light to his darkness, the presence to his absence, the POV that grounds us so he can be cool and distant, the solid, likeable friends you can always trust to carry a story when he's off slinking through the dark in a thousand faces, and all that. So really it would be preferable to go with X-Men characters that are farther from the darker anti-hero side of the equation. Some of my suggestions would be: Jubilee, because I always really liked her energy and style and she seems woefully underutilized, and she would be a great character to not just contrast The Shadow in some of the most literal ways possible but also Wolverine should they team up. Or Colossus, who's got a very lovable simplicity, is probably the most straightforward superhero in Marvel after Cap, always makes a great contrast with edgier characters like Wolverine, and whose delightful portrayal in Deadpool was by far the greatest thing about that film, and who's already got seeds for a crossover considering he's canonically related to Rasputin, someone The Shadow personally knew.
Tumblr media
Dazzler, who provides a more literal contrast than Jubilee in design and powers, and probably would be the last person anyone would expect to secretly be an agent of The Shadow, which makes her perfect for it. And Nightcrawler, who's got exactly the kind of personality and powerset that would make him perfect as an agent, perfect for working with the agents, and who I'd argue is, even more so than Wolverine, the closest thing to a genuine Pulp Hero currently among the X-Men, and who is just begging, begging, to get to star in his own separate franchise separate from the X-Men where he gets to go on realm-hopping Bugs Bunny swashbuckling adventures with a cast of misfits picked along the way. Put him in a Castlevania-esque game or something, I can't think of anything (at least, anything SFW) that would make the legions of Kurt fangirls happier than if he got to ditch the X-Men baggage and just shine solo more often, he's an incredible character and a very good bean who deserves very nice things, and he'd be my number one pick for partnering with The Shadow on this crossover.
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