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#nico di angelo textposts
literature-and-rants · 5 days ago
Leo: I put the ‘fun’ in funeral
Nico: Dude, you’ve just crashed your own funeral
*Leo running away as the rest of the demigods chase him in a rage*
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the-ghost-princess · a month ago
Solangelo Headcanon Idea #1
Nico walked back to Cabin 13, tired after the sword fighting practice with Percy. Dang, Jackson had improved, a lot. Nico, on the other hand, needed more training. He was growing weaker by the day, eating, and sleeping rarely. This made Nico lose his self-confidence. He was just a useless demigod. Will would say otherwise though. Not like that made a big difference. Will would always say things to cheer Nico up. It was what soulmates did. Soulmates. Huh. Nico had never thought he would find one, but he now had to admit, William Andrew Solace was the best soulmate out there for him. As Nico walked to Cabin 13, he was surprised to find Will there, sitting in the porch, waiting for him.
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the-ghost-princess · 6 months ago
I'm not crying, we all are
Remember those moments when you are at a loss of words, in a good way? Like you just got your kiss - your first one, or you won a competition, or- or your favorite series has ended! Okay, that isn't something good. Or maybe it is when you get a book so good it is totally worth it.
Okay, this is the perfect time to tell you that I've officially passed the cray-cray test.
Trials of Apollo: Book 5: The Tower of Nero just got out and I am both afraid and excited to read it. I am afraid as I might run out of good books to read in the near future and I'm excited because of Solangelo, that's pretty obvious.
Anygays, I just realised that this is the perfect time to thank Rick Riordan for introducing us to a world so fantastic and yet so deadly. I wrote this poem for you, Uncle Rick:
Thank you, Uncle Rick
For introducing us to a world of ecstasy
That will forever remain a fantasy.
Thank you, Uncle Rick
For creating a character like Nico
Who shows it's okay to be a depresso espresso
Thank you, Uncle Rick
For gifting us a special childhood
Like no one else ever could
Thank you, Uncle Rick
For creating a reason for fellow gays to jive
Cause apparently Blondie doesn't want them alive
Thank you, Uncle Rick
For creating a fandom so friendly
And yet so very deadly
Thank you, Uncle Rick
For writing a book about Haley
I now worship the Greek Gods daily.
Thank you, Uncle Rick
For everything you've done
For all the lives you changed
We'll truly miss Camp Half Blood
Anyways, time for my personal message.
I started reading Percy Jackson when I was- heck, I don't know when I started reading it. All I know is, the day I entered the bookstore and saw the Percy Jackson book looking at me, I just knew I could not leave the shop without buying it. I haven't regretted that move of mine. And I never will.
I loved the Percy Jackson series and immediately bought the Heroes of Olympus one followed by the Trials of Apollo. By the time I read Thr Burning Maze, I had caught up with Uncle Rick's writing.
Back in April, I started a fan page (the.ghost.princess) on Instagram for Riordanverse content. According to my parents, that was a mistake, so all I wanna say is: BEST MISTAKE EVER cause I made so many friends here whom I trust more than my real life friends, I learnt so many things about friendship, and I had crushes on so many people! Wow, it has certainly been a roller coaster ride.
And I wanna thank Uncle Rick for this wonderful world he has created. So thank you. You're an amazing person, I just hope that one day I get to be like you or collaborate with you on some novel. I would love to work with you. Yes, I certainly dream big.
But mostly, I would like to thank you for creating a character like Nico di Angelo, from whom I've leaned so, so, so much. He taught me that most people have parent issues (tell me about it *sigh*) and we feel like we want to end it all but in the end we all get our happy ending, or at least we start seeing light in the distance.
It was a really great idea to include LGBT+ characters in the series, I didn't know anything about it till I read TOA. So, thank you once again, Uncle Rick. Thank you on behalf of the entire fandam, I'm at a loss of words, I don't know what to say. Camp Half Blood is like a part of me, I don't know how I'll live knowing I won't be reading anything new about it, but I'll manage.
Yours truly,
Katelyn di Angelo
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the-ghost-princess · 6 months ago
Nico: I am five seconds away from breaking your neck with the golf club.
Will: You've done it like, five times already. What's stopping you this time?
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i love you
Will stroke the curls out of Bianca’s face, put her down in her bed and opened her night light. Nico came out of Ryder’s nursery, which meant they had two hours on their own before either Bianca or Ryder wakes up. 
They went down to the living room as quietly as they could so they don’t wake up their very hard to calm down children. A cheesy rom-com was playing on the television but neither of them paid attention to it.
“Do you think that we are crazy?” Will asked out of the blue.
“What do you mean? In general, yes we are crazy but are you talking about something specific?” Nico said a bit worried.
“We’re both under 30, I have a very unhealthy work schedule and we have two little kids under 2. What if we don’t make it through?” Will commenetd worriedly.
“Do you love me?” Nico asked with a soft tone. 
“Of course I do. That’s not a question. It’s common sense. I love you more than anyone.” Will reassured him. A soft smile formed on Nico’s face.
“That’s a lie and you know it.” Nico joked.
“Fine. I might Iove Bianca and Ryder a tiny bit more than you. But you can’t tell me that you aren’t the same way.”
“My point is that we are crazy. But we know how to get through the bad stuff. This is no different. We’re a family now.” Nico replied.
“I love you”
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rhysanb · 3 days ago
Will Solace at 4am staring at the deep in sleep nico who is laying beside him : that jackson boy was definitely AN ACTUAL "sea weed-brain" to not crush on this muffin, but thank the gods for that.
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ambassadorofplutoo · 5 days ago
Headcanon where during the second giant war Nico takes Gaea's side because he is tired of fighting for the Olympians. He fights alongside monsters and leaves everyone from camp behind. Nico is at their base camp when monsters come back with some demigods they caught. One of them being Will Solace. Nico does his best to keep his distance when he is ordered to guard the demigods. Will doesn't try to talk to him but as the monsters were preparing to take the demigods to their leader, Will catches Nico's eye and whispers "I love you."
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yes-i-like-pjo · 5 days ago
Nico: I hate it when people ask me if I'm still gay
Nico: Like what am I supposed to say?
Nico: "No, not any more. My gay card expired last week and I forgot to replace it"?
Will: Nico
Will: It's three a.m
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draxhermes · 7 days ago
(Nico gets in trouble)
Will: If you do that again, I'll throw you out the fucking window you— what are you doing?
Nico: Checking how high the drop is, seeing if its worth it.
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draxhermes · 7 days ago
Nico eating [something]
Will: You gonna eat all of that?
Nico: No.
Will: Can I hav—
Nico: —No
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draxhermes · 7 days ago
Nico: One of these days I'm gonna kill you.
Will: Well, thats not at all comforting.
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draxhermes · 7 days ago
(Solangelo stargazing)
Nico: *sighs* Its pointless to count stars.
Will: Its also pointless to count freckles, but I know that you have 24 on the edge of your right hand.
Nico: *wtf*
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swagaquarius · 8 days ago
Percy: I’m a watermelon :D
Leo, catching on: I’m a firemelon
Hazel: I’m an earthmelon
Jason: Airmelon!
Nico: I will dropkick your melons if you don’t stfu.
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