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#nico di angelo incorrect quotes
literature-and-rants · 5 days ago
Leo: I put the ‘fun’ in funeral
Nico: Dude, you’ve just crashed your own funeral
*Leo running away as the rest of the demigods chase him in a rage*
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literature-and-rants · 11 days ago
things me and my friends have said as pjo quotes pt1
Situation one
Frank: My friends said you drank soapy, salty water in science
Nico: *smiles cryptically*
Frank: I am concerned.
Situation two
Piper:I just want a girl with thick thighs to choke me
Situation three
Piper: Everyone keeps on thinking I’m gay. Instagram thinks I’m gay- look, it’s asking me to be a gay ambassador.
Annabeth: We’re married you idiot
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Nico: I slept for almost 12 hours but I might still be tired so lets go for 12 more just in case.
Will: Nico, that's a coma.
Nico: Sounds festive.
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justanaveragebookworm · a month ago
Nico: Sorry, I just don't get the hype.
Percy: Game of Thrones is great!
Leo: It's got dragons!
Piper: And sword fights!
Jason: And an amazing plot!
Nico: Yeah? So does Shrek.
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a-dam-half-blood · 4 months ago
Nico: Black is the colour of emptiness
Nico: I feel it in my soul, cause I’m an emotional mess
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simpingforpjo · 3 hours ago
Nico: what in the name of hades are you doing?
Will: shut up, i can’t talk right now
Nico: did you just tell me to shut up?
Will: *opens his jacket to reveal a bunch of baby chicks* if you’re not quiet you’ll wake them up
Nico, whispering: where the fuck did you even get these you psychopath?
Will: wanna hold one?
Nico: you’re such a weirdo but obviously, give me one
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dreamfyre1973 · 3 hours ago
Will: I'm sorry, but did you just refer to a knife as a goddamn PEOPLE-OPENER??
Nico: Should I not have?
Will: *Anguished Screaming*
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heyimboredtalktome · 4 hours ago
Nico solo book but it needs to have Will being insecure about how small and inconsequential his powers are, and then maybe he saves both their lives and he's like, y'know he feels better about his powers
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chasingpj · 9 hours ago
HoO characters as conversations in my gc pt. 2
Leo: do you think if everyone in the world jumped at the same time, the planet would shake?
Percy: ... no?
Percy: wait 😳
Piper: how high are you rn Leo
Jason: do you think it would...?
Jason: no it wouldn't 🤦🏼‍♂️ what am i talking about ?
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not-the-founder-of-rome · 12 hours ago
Leo: it must be hard not being able to laugh
Nico: I do have a sense of humor, you know
Leo: I’ve never heard you laugh before
Nico: I’ve never heard you say anything funny
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shionneblina · 14 hours ago
Will: Percy is gonna do something that will have lots of bad consequences.
Nico: do you have foreshadowing powers?
Will: Nope, but i just heard him asking “what can go wrong?“
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