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thatsthewrongwallcraig · 7 hours ago
Okay, so I watched Spiderman: Far From Home this morning for the first time (I know, I'm late to the party, but better late than never, right?) and is it just me or does Nick Fury comes across like the Horris Slughorn of the MCU?
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orion-flux · 8 hours ago
I’m not ready for a live action for TGCF it became a comfort novel and Xie Lian is a comfort character, so i’m really scared to see his love downplayed by the drama..
When all is said and done, the live-actions aren't directly canon and are just a bit of glorified high budget fanfiction that we as fans can pull in to our circle of enjoyment. It doesn't change the purpose or themes that the original crafted for Xie Lian and is of no more importance for having actors. My hope is that maybe it can be given the love and understanding that Word of Honor had, even with censorship guidelines since Wenzhou does very much stand as a chaste romance on screen. Along with the direct respect given to MXTX's works that, unfortunately was not there for the Untamed.
It will still be another year or so before everything is greenlit for anything official and a lot can change in that time for what is a rough idea. And keep looking on the brightside that the TGCF donghua is another version that but a lot of respect into showing San Lang's. I can only say I have had several renditions of my literary loves made into LA's and my love of the characters still forever stands for plenty of them despite the butchered parts of LA's sometimes. We are all also here to rant away as a big fannish circle in case of a little needed comfort.
I hope you feel better anon. 💜
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guaranabubblegum · 10 hours ago
So, imagine these guys making a Avengers movie with the same style of High School Music or Breakfast Club.
Tumblr media
That's would be amazing
Tumblr media
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caps-rogerswilson · 22 hours ago
I want more dad Fury and bro clint lol. Tell me more!!! (This is secret fan artist fyi) ✏🖌
Or sis nat noticing he's scared
omg hi pal! imy
ok ok ok lets see this is just an incomprehensible list of headcanons
-At press events, it's very clear that Steve suffers
-Clint once noticed Fury watching the stage with a worried expression and he peeks over to see that Steve's like,,, pretty zoned out and pale and he's absently biting on a fingernail and absolutely demolishing his cuticles
-Nat is sitting right next to him, also looking tight and worried, but they can't really do anything under prying eyes
-Camera flashes go off and Steve jumps, but doesn't otherwise zone in but it's not until a reporter asks Steve a question that he doesn't hear and murmurs start up about him being dissociated that Fury finally steps in and calls intermission
-Clint and Nat get Steve off the stage and into a nearby room and by the time they're there, Steve's shaking
-Fury comes in with some water and he kneels down in front of Steve
-"Do you need to be done for the day, son?"
-Steve kinda jerks and shakes his head, looking pained and Fury just puts a grounding hand on his knee and says, "It's okay if you need to. I trust you know yourself."
-And yeah then the three of them excuse themselves and just go relax on the communal floor
-It took a long time for Steve to let anyone in bc trust issues, but I always imagined Nat was the first person he broke down to when he finally let himself
-He spent twenty minutes sobbing into her stomach while she carded her hands through his hair, completely out of her depth but god, she wasn't going to tell him to stop. She wasn't going to leave. She was going to be the one who stayed.
-After that, Steve goes to her when he's feeling off or has nightmares but they also hella bond other places too
-Sparring! Clint, Nat, and Steve spar in the mornings and sort of fuck around the gym together cuz all of them are hella early birds
-Afterwards, they go to Starbucks or explore Manhattan together
-Their starbucks orders are almost always the same: Steve orders an iced Americano with a splash of milk and one pump of vanilla, Natasha orders an iced flat white with two pumps of hazelnut and one pump of vanilla, and Clint orders a sweet cream cold brew with two pumps caramel
-Fury's got such a soft spot for the three of them
-Sure, they're reckless and give him ulcers half the time, but he never raises his voice and always lets them decompress when they need to
-If there's an issue, he never embarrasses them in front of their team. He calls them into his office and talks easily to them and gets to the crux of issues
-More than once, one of the three of them have cried in his office. He lets them, then offers to order their favorite takeout and they watch a movie together. Bonding.
-Speaking of movies: MOVIE NIGHTS
-If one of them has a nightmare, they'll pile in one of their rooms and watch shows or a movie on one of their laptops and Jarvis definitely brings them snacks
anyway i might add more later or maybe write a hurt comfort fic ummmmmm yeah we'll see
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caps-rogerswilson · 23 hours ago
It's when Fury takes Steve aside after the press conference that he starts to trust Fury a little bit. Not much, he has been burned by that kind of trust before so he is always cautious, but He starts to not hide his shaking as much.
yes!!! yes yes
he's not necessarily opening up more-- i imagine that he's quite internal. but he's certainly masking little tendencies less. he doesn't clasp his hands to keep them from shaking and lets himself chew at his fingernails when he's feeling antsy. he lets himself go quiet a little bit more and take time to recuperate when he needs it and fury lets him
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shyficwriter · a day ago
Temporary Home: Chapter 6
Guardians of the Galaxy fanfic | Reader x Guardians (With Yondu and Kraglin!) Guest starring Nick Fury and Maria Hill
Summary: Peter works on cracking your shell and Rocket just still doesn't like you. Oh, and Fury pays a surprise visit and you accidentally poison Yondu- Oops!
Previous Chapter here | Next Chapter Here Or click here to: Start From Beginning
Author’s Note: I think I knew from the moment I read this post I knew I needed to include something like it in this fic, especially knowing one of my readers had also suggested somewhere that they thought it'd be cool to see how the Guardians reacted to Terran food lol
Word Count: 5,617
You came back inside through the back door more than half an hour later, having decided to run a quick coat of stain over the bed frame pieces. The sooner you applied the stain, the sooner it would dry, the sooner you could apply the varnish. Not that you were in a hurry or anything... You just got excited over having a project, that's all. You totally weren't stalling on going back in the house, or anything.
Peter was sitting in the kitchen with Gamora. The others had seemingly all dispersed by now.
Peter looked slightly disappointed. "Saved you some cookies."
You were slightly taken back in surprise. "Oh, you didn't need to."
"You bought them, I wasn't just not going to save you a couple." Peter said with an odd look. "Anyway, thought you said you were coming back?"
You grimaced slightly and accepted a biscuit from the package in Peter's outstretched hand. "I did come back... I just got caught up with something."
Peter eyed you for a moment, as if he were considering something. He tilted his head, a slight smirk forming. "Are you shy or something?"
You blinked at him. "What? No-"
"Kinda seems like you are. I mean, before you avoided us because you were all cranky and hated us, but you don't seem nearly as cranky today. Heck you even seemed to almost like us today. So the only reason I can see for you to still be avoiding us is that you're shy."
Gamora raised an eyebrow at him, but after a moment's thought, almost seemed to agree with him and turned her expression to you. She didn't think he really believed you were shy. Rather, she figured he was accusing you of being shy to make you come clean about the real problem. He did similar stuff like this all the time to trick Rocket into talking when something was bothering him. She often wondered where he learned it from, until she witnessed Yondu doing the same to Peter one day after he and Kraglin joined their group.
You shook your head at them. "No. That's absurd."
Peter nudged Gamora in the arm. "That's cute. I think she's shy."
"I'm not shy. That's dumb. My line of work doesn't exactly mix with shy." You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms over your chest in annoyance.
"Methinks you protest too much," Peter teased in a sing-song voice.
You narrowed your eyes at him before turning to Gamora. "Is he always like this?"
Gamora half smiled. "Yes... but he might stop if you told us why you keep avoiding everyone."
You sigh. "Look, it's just going to take some time. I'm not trying to avoid anyone, well, not anymore. Just... being around and interacting with a bunch of people is just... not something I'm used to."
"So you are shy." Peter said, his grin almost smug, but mostly teasing.
You sigh in Gamora's direction and she grins sympathetically. "I'm sorry about him."
Before you could respond again you heard a knock at the door.
You looked towards the sound in confusion at who it might be, because you never got visitors. However, you quickly switched to alarm when you realized you had a house full of aliens and no idea who was at the front door. You look out the kitchen window, but you couldn't see a vehicle.
They knocked again.
You turned back to Peter and Gamora. Preferably you'd want to tell them to get everyone to the cellar, but you were concerned on time and knew the curtain was open on the front door window and didn't want to risk whoever it was seeing a bunch of figures fleeing to behind the staircase to the cellar door. You directed Peter to go upstairs and make sure whoever was up there stayed and remained quiet, while you directed Gamora to head into the sitting room, close the door, and do the same while you checked the front door.
Another knock.
You looked at the window of the front door. It was the type of glass where it distorted finer features of subjects, but even with that obstacle, whoever was there seemed to be purposefully standing to the side so they couldn't be seen.
Once Peter and Gamora were out of sight you kept a hand on the knob and tentatively asked, "Who is it?" You eyed the small table by the door where you kept one of your issued guns well hidden. Just in case.
"Fury and Agent Hill. May we come in?" His tone was slightly sarcastic on the second line.
Dammit Fury. You rip the door open. "You ever heard of calling first?"
"No." Fury said flatly, then more sarcastically, "Nice to see you too." He looked around as he entered, seemingly expecting the house to be teeming with more life than it currently seemed. "Where are your charges?"
"I wasn't expecting company. I hid them," you say almost irritably, walking to open the sitting room door, telling those inside that it was alright, it was just Fury. You walk over to the stairs and look up to see Peter peering over the railing and nod to him in a gesture that meant that he and anyone else up there should come downstairs.
When you turn back to Fury he was smiling.
You pinch the bridge of your nose. Of course it was a test, and you complain as much. "Everything's a test with you, isn't it?"
"Not everything," he said. "You should have been expecting us for a weekly check-in."
"You neglected to mention that," you said, slightly embarrassed because you honestly should have expected check-ins even without being told.
"Oh. Must have slipped my mind." Fury said with a wry smile. He knew full well he didn't mention it.
You roll your eyes. "Nothing slips your mind," you confronted, turning now to Maria. She only offered a smile back that clearly said, 'Perhaps if you hadn't been so cranky last time...'
Peter came down the stairs with Mantis, Rocket, and Groot and everyone filed into the sitting room. You caught sight of Kraglin and Rocket again and still had to cover you mouth to fight from laughing before you turned away and tried to keep your face serious. This, of course was much to Kraglin's chagrin and Rocket's annoyance. Yondu noticed and gave Kraglin another strange look, which Kraglin only responded with a shake of his head and an expression that read, 'Please, don't ask.'
Fury spoke when everyone was settled. "This is just a routine check-in. So far your situation has not changed. As expected, NOVA is still trying to make negotiations on your behalf. We're just here to see how everyone is settling in, make sure there are no concerns or problems we need to know about."
"I got a concern," Rocket spoke up.
"If this is about the crib, we don't want to hear it." Maria replied semi-sternly.
Rocket deflated slightly before saying, "I have another concern."
Fury looked unamused, but before he could ask Rocket to elaborate, Rocket was already going into about how you were a dick and how you tossed him outside like a rag doll.
"You were attacking him," you said angrily, gesturing to Kraglin. "Was I just supposed to let you?" Of course the little shit would try to make you look bad to your boss while leaving out the part he played in the situation.
Rocket went on to say that you just had it in for him, and Mantis, who wanted to both try and calm the situation and also defend you, shyly spoke up and said, "Maybe she would like you better if you hadn't tried to poison her?"
Fury and Maria exchanged looks, hers a mix of startled surprise, Fury's one of surprised concern. Surely if there had been an attempt on your life from one of these people, you would have reported it. They turned back, Maria saying, "Excuse me?"
However, she was drowned out by Rocket saying, "That was after!" as if that were a valid defense. "And she wouldn't have died!"
"Yeah, she would have just shit herself half to death. So much better." Peter said sarcastically.
"Why do you care? She bit you!"
This earned raised eyebrows from Fury and Agent Hill. You purposely didn't meet their gaze, embarrassed.
Peter, who felt guilty at the way Rocket was doing you, then stood up for you, "In her defense I did almost break her nose." He caught the expressions of Fury and Agent Hill and added, "We were drunk, it was all just a misunderstanding," as an explanation before realizing he wasn't exactly helping either.
There was more bickering, mostly Rocket saying how much of a dick you were, and others scolding back that Rocket had been the one to start it, then he brought up how instead of helping untangle him and Kraglin you just laughed your ass off, and then others said more things that weren't really helping and everyone was talking over each other while Gamora pinched the bridge of her nose in embarrassed frustration and you rubbed a hand down your face.
"Enough!" Fury said firmly, breaking up the squabbling. "We are not here to listen to petty grievances." He gave the group a stern look. "First off," he looked directly at Rocket, "do not try to poison my agent again. We can just as easily put you in a cell for the duration of your stay on Earth, but I think you'd agree this is a much better venue."
Rocket grumbled something about how'd he'd just escape, but Fury ignored him.
Fury looked at you. "And you- Do try and refrain from getting into fights with your charges." He nodded towards Peter to indicated he specifically meant drunken fights and biting. His tone was as if he was incredulously scolding a child who didn't normally do naughty things, but had suddenly decided to moon traffic. He actually hadn't expected to hear of this behavior from you. You were one of his best agents. He had the humorous thought that this group's dysfunction might be contagious.
You look down and nod. "Yes, sir."
"Good. Now does anyone have any real concerns? Is everyone healthy? Anyone gotten sick? Are the food rations sustaining?"
Peter spoke up, afraid that Rocket would start in again. "We're all fine here. Don't listen to Rocket, he's just cranky and still adjusting. She's been a good host."
Fury grinned slightly as he looked at you. "I'd take that as a glowing review, seeing as it came from the man you apparently bit."
You felt your face grow warm and you didn't meet his gaze. You had a feeling he wasn't going to let that go anytime soon.
Mantis spoke up again, now excitedly. "Oh yes! She's been very kind! She gave me this bear!"
Oh geez. Of course she'd bring up the bear. You covered your face for a moment and wondered if she ever put the thing down.
Fury looked at the stuffed toy in amusement. He could tell it wasn't new. It was in nice condition, but worn more than what would happen with a week's worth of use. Meaning, he felt you likely hadn't gone out to buy it, he had a feeling that it more than likely came from inside the house, which, if his suspicions were correct...
"Nice to see you're making friends." he said with humor in his voice, only briefly meeting your gaze before you broke it again.
Fury kept the rest of the visit brief, asking a few more questions before he clapped his hands together and said. "Alright, I believe we're done here. If nobody has any further questions, we'll be seeing you all next week. You know how to contact us if there are any problems-" he turned and gave a pointed look at Rocket, clarifying, "any real problems."
"Same time?" you ask.
"We'll see," replied Fury, turning with Maria towards the door when no one spoke up with any further concerns.
You frowned. Clearly he intended to make the next visit a 'surprise' as well. You probably shouldn't be surprised, but you didn't exactly like the anxiety attack he gave you with this 'surprise visit,' and you weren't looking forward to another one.
Rocket watched Fury and Agent Hill as they left, biting his tongue. He considered shouting out after him that you wanted to put them in chains, but of course he knew that him simply seeing the chains wouldn't be enough proof. If he called you out now, you'd probably just make something up, or maybe you had them hidden so if anyone went to look they wouldn't find them.
No. He couldn't say anything yet. He was going to bide his time. He had a suspicion he might find answers in the attic. Why else would you have told Groot there were monsters up there to keep him out, if there wasn't something you were trying to hide?
He only needed to find time to get up there when no one would notice.
At the door Fury pushed a button on his key fob and his vehicle shimmered into place as the cloaking disengaged. You looked unamused and both Fury and Maria nodded in goodbye as they departed.
You shook your head with a sigh and closed the door.
"I think that went well," Maria said as she buckled in. "No one's been killed yet."
Fury let half a chuckle and just looked at her before driving away.
Some time after Fury had left and everyone had supper you decided to treat yourself to some reading. You decided to curl up on the armchair, something you hadn't done since the Guardians first arrived. This was because you wanted to, definitely not to prove to Peter, who was sitting with Yondu at the table, that you weren't too shy to stay in the same room with other people without coercion.
You were sat curled in the armchair reading a horror novel when Kraglin walked into the room, catching your attention. Of course, when you saw it was him you were unable to hold back your snickers, though you tried to hide them behind your book.
Kraglin's eyebrows knitted together. "It's not that funny!" he groaned.
Yondu, who was growing more curious and amused asks, "What's so 'not funny' that she laughs every time she sees yer face, boy?"
Kraglin gives him a pitiful look, but before he can open his mouth to again beg him not to ask Peter answers for him, retailing the whole embarrassing story while giggling, to Yondu's delight as he starts laughing right along with Peter once he gets to the part about Rocket getting tied to Kraglin's butt.
This, of course, makes you laugh harder, and you're now shaking behind your book.
Kraglin looks like he wants to die before his expression switches to mischievous. Sure, you said you weren't ticklish the other day when Mantis was trying to make you laugh, but he was sure that was obviously a lie. He also knew from dealing with a bratty Peter through the years just how to teach you a lesson. Kraglin approaches you. "You think that's funny? I've give ya something to laugh at, brat!" he says, lunging for one of your feet and scribbling his fingers over the bottom.
This lasts all of half a second before you let out a high squeak, which is then followed by an "OOF!" by Kraglin when your other foot connects with his ribcage.
"Ow! You kick hard!" Kraglin whined, rubbing his ribs where you had just donkey-kicked him.
You blushed slightly, peering over your book. "Yeah, well... I suppose it's in your best interest if you don't try that again." You try to sound intimidating, but it comes out sounding more squeaky than you'd have liked.
"Yeah, no shit." Kraglin replied, still rubbing his ribs as he walked over to sit on the far end of the couch, as if afraid to sit too close to you now.
You muttered into your book, "I'm not even ticklish."
Kraglin just rolled his eyes at you, picking up the remote to turn on the television.
Peter and Yondu just kept laughing.
The next morning the novelty of having encountered Kraglin and Rocket tangled up had mostly worn off. Mostly. You didn't burst out laughing every time you saw them anymore, but Kraglin was still slightly annoyed that you still couldn't glance at him without cracking a smile. If you had just been happy to see him he wouldn't have minded, but because he knew it was only a result of yesterday's incident, it was slightly embarrassing.
However, it did make him feel a little better to tease you and Peter for jumping when the toaster popped.
You were buttering your toast when Yondu pulled a jar from the pantry. "What're these?" He hadn't tried much Terran food yet, aside from the few times you had cooked and when Peter beckoned him to try something, and today he was feeling adventurous. Might as well. He had the feeling they were going to be here awhile.
You look over to see him already opening the jar of pickled jalapeños and your eyes widen slightly. "Those are jalapeños. I recommend trying one if you haven't eaten them before, they're hot."
"They ain't hot, the jar's cool?" Yondu said, spearing three slices of jalapeño on a fork. Whatever it was, he was sure he could take it. It was only Terran food, after all. What's the worst that could happen?
Seeing the oncoming tragedy that was more than likely about to happen in his mouth you tensed, "No, that's not what-"
Too late. He already ate them.
It was maybe five seconds before his mistake hit him. To his credit, he swallowed, but he also immediately closed the jar. "What the hell!?" he said, looking at you as he tried to suck air into his mouth to cool it down. "What the hell are these things?! My damn mouth is on fire!" He wasn't panicking, to your relief, but he also wasn't happy.
Peter laughed at him. He had thought he remembered jalapeños from when he was a kid, his grandpa would put them in his tacos. However, he didn't try to further warn Yondu with you, wanting to see what would happen. He wasn't disappointed even seeing Yondu glare at him for laughing as he sucked air through his teeth and wiped his now running nose on his sleeve.
You look at Yondu half-apologetically. "I tried to warn you! I told you they were hot- I mean spicy, that's why your mouth burns. Um... here..." You pull down a glass and pour him some milk. "This will help."
He eyed it. "What is it?" He thought it looked like the same white liquid Peter and Kraglin would pour into what Peter called cereal, but he had never bothered to ask them what it was.
"Milk." you answered, getting a very strange look from him in return, a mix of 'What the fuck?!' and near disgust.
Peter spoke up from the table. "It's from a cow. It ain't hers, dude. It's fine."
Your eyes widen, scandalized, as you look to Peter. "Excuse me?"
He looks at you apologetically. "Sorry, I know this is normal here, but uh, on most other planets... you won't really find 'milk' ...unless you're uh, feeding a baby."
A high, "Hmmm..." is all you respond, not sure what else to say to the implication that the blue man thought you were somehow offering him your milk. Your eyes were still wide and you could feel your face growing warm at the uncomfortable information but you still offered out the glass, setting it on the counter between you. "Well this is all I have to offer for the burning. Otherwise you're going to have to wait it out." You cross your arms over your chest self-consciously.
Yondu looked like he was considering for a moment, before hesitantly reaching out to take the glass.
"Drink it slow, it will help with the burning." You then add, mildly scolding. "Next time listen."
He grumbled, but took the glass and sat down at the table next to Kraglin to drink it. Kraglin covered his mouth with his fist, trying not to laugh and looking like he wanted to say something, but Yondu glared at him, grumbling. "Not a word."
Kraglin managed to giggle out a, "Yes, sir." before returning his attention to his cereal, a new food Peter introduced to him a couple days ago that actually wasn't half bad.
Everything was fine for about half an hour or so. You finished your toast and had some juice, and the guys had finished their food as well and the four of you sat in the kitchen talking. Well, they were talking, you were mostly sitting and listening, mostly just making an effort to sit for more than five minutes so Peter would stop giving you that look that said, "Ha, knew you were shy," that he had recently taken to giving you.
Then Yondu suddenly bent slightly and held his stomach with a stifled grunt.
You raised an eyebrow, as did the other two. "You ok?" you asked, seeing his pained expression.
Yondu glared then tensed again, grunting out a "Dammit." before pushing his chair back and making his way quickly from the kitchen without another word.
The three of you shared confused glances.
Then you heard the bathroom door loudly close, and not too long after that began to hear loud noises of the... smelly variety.
Peter half-stifled a laugh, saying. "When ya gotta go, ya gotta go, I guess."
You could hear the sound of the toilet flush a bit later, but Yondu didn't return. Instead you started to hear the "smelly" noises again, followed by muffled cursing.
Gamora entered the kitchen, holding her nose. You knew that wasn't a good sign regarding the smell of your hallway, and you were only grateful it hadn't made it into the kitchen yet, though you were now less than eager to leave and risk facing it.
"Is he alright?" she asked Peter.
"He'll be fine." Peter laughed in response, receiving a look from Gamora as she sat next to him, no doubt seeking a reprieve from the odor.
A few minutes passed and he still remained in the jacks, but the smell had its own travel plans.
"Oh hell," you choke out, seemingly the first one of the four of you (aside from Gamora from before) the smell decided to assault. You motioned to Peter. "You- windows- help- please? Now?" you say, gagging as you stood and made your way to open the closest window.
"Right behind you!" Peter said, standing and quickly making to open any window in the kitchen he could find. Kraglin stood with Gamora and they left the kitchen, stating that they were going to open the windows in the sitting room and see if that might help. You could hear gagging from the hallway when they left the kitchen. Peter made his way further down the room and gagged as he opened the back door, a cloud of stink having unfortunately pooled down that way as it was the end closest to the bathroom.
He braved the stink just long enough to shout, "Damn, man! What did you eat!?" He only got a, "Oh, grow up!" in response from Yondu from behind the bathroom door.
You exited the kitchen from the other end to open the front door, coughing as your fears were confirmed and the smell was much worse outside the kitchen. You wondered if you should open the upstairs windows as well.
This thought was confirmed when you could hear the sounds of Mantis gagging at the top of the stairs and Drax asking if an animal had died in the house, then going on to confirm it wasn't Rocket as he was with him and Rocket indignantly yelling, "Hey!"
You made your way upstairs, Peter taking your lead and following to open the windows upstairs to help air the house out.
Yondu had only just exited the bathroom when you came downstairs, not looking too pleased. However, he only made it about a meter outside the door before wincing as a cramp told him he wasn't actually finished and spinning on his heels to return to the toilet.
Now Peter actually seemed mildly concerned. "Dude, you ok in there?" he called from a 'safe' distance from the door, as if anywhere was safe from the smell anymore.
There was only more embarrassing noises in response to Peter's question.
"Yondu?" Peter called out.
"Leave me alone, boy! Can't ya see I'm a little busy at the moment?!"
"I can definitely smell it!" Peter shouted back.
"I'm gonna head outside," you choke out, looking at Gamora. "Care to join?" It was less of an invitation and more of a hint. If you value air, maybe get out of the house.
"Way ahead of you dorks!" Rocket called as he ran out the front door with Groot clinging to his back, gagging.
Everyone else followed out the front door, not willing to risk walking toward the back.
"Fresh air!" Peter cried out once he was outside in such a funny way you couldn't help but chuckle and shake your head despite sharing the same sentiments.
After a couple moments of taking in the fresh air, you decided to walk around back. While you were out here you might as well fix the swing.
"Where you going?" Drax asked after you.
Before you could answer, Peter replied in teasing voice, "She's running away 'cause she's shy." Gamora elbowed him and told him to quit.
You rolled your eyes but didn't turn back, flipping him the bird. "I am not. Knock it off."
"Then you won't mind if we join you then, huh?"
You shrugged as you continued walking. "I don't care what you do." you say flippantly, turning the corner of the house.
Peter grinned mischievously. "Oh! So you won't care if I do this?" He jogged after you and all the others heard was a squeaky yip that likely came from you, Peter crying "Ow!" and you responding with, "Then quit that!"
Drax called out, "Mister Fury said no fighting!" as the rest of them followed after the two of you.
"Then Gamora, please come get your child!" is what response came from around the wall.
Drax gave a confused look to Gamora. "Does she really think Quill could be your child?"
Gamora shook her head. "No, Drax. She's just insulting Peter for acting like a child."
You glared at Peter as he rubbed his arm.
"Did you really need to punch so hard?" he asked, laughter in his voice despite the pain.
"Don't startle me next time." You warn, crossing your arms and turning back to keep walking.
Peter smirked. "Oh sure. 'Startle.' Looked a lot more to me like that tickled."
You look back to him with a glare.
Peter held up his hands in a defensive gesture and laughed, and you saw the others rounding the corner and decided to just walk away and let him live for now. Definitely wasn't because you were slightly worried he might try to prove his theory in front of all the others.
You unlocked the shed, grabbed the items you needed from where you had placed them on the workbench the previous day, and shut the shed door and locked it back up all before the others really got near. You hadn't told anyone about the bed frame yet and you didn't intend to, at least not until it was finished.
You dropped the chains by the old swing and walked back towards the shed to grab the ladder leaning against the back wall so that you could cut the old rope away from the large eye hooks drilled into the branch that had been embedded in the tree so long they were now a permanent fixture.
On your way back with the ladder Kraglin asks, "Whatcha doin'?"
"Fixing the swing," you say, not looking at him as you set up the ladder.
You grab the two lengths of chains and start to ascend the ladder when he speaks again. "Would ya like some help with that? Those chains look heavy."
They weren't. Well, they were heavy enough to support a person, but not heavy enough, or you weak enough, that you couldn't hoist them up the ladder. "I think I can manage," you say, slightly irritated. Last thing you wanted was some "Let the man do the lifting" crap.
"It's just that-"
You look sharply at him, "Just what?"
"Nothin' ma'am." His voice cracked as he spoke and you turned back to carrying the chains back up the ladder.
Rocket, who kept an eye on you the moment he saw the chains, but tried not to make a show of it, came over and stood next to Kraglin, Mantis following close behind.
"Are you fixing the swing?" Mantis asks shyly.
"Yep." you say, clipping one chain to the eye-hook with a locking carabiner.
"I'm sorry I broke it."
You don't look down, reaching up to attach the other chain as you say, "Already told you, wasn't your fault. The rope was old. Don't worry about it."
"Oh, so if she breaks something you'll replace it." Rocket said bitterly.
You climb down the ladder and look at him in annoyance. "There's a difference between the rope snapping on her, and you almost throwing the remote through the TV screen during a tantrum."
"I was not throwing a tantrum!" Rocket said indignantly.
"Close enough. Fighting with Peter over it, better?"
Rocket doesn't answer, just crosses his arms and glares at you before taking off. Truthfully, he was less mad about that and more surprised that he saw the chains were being used to fix the swing instead of being used to tie him or his team up. But this didn't mean you still weren't a dick. Just because he was wrong about this one thing, didn't mean he was wrong about you probably hiding some dark plans or something. He just had to find it. He certainly wasn't grasping at straws or anything just 'cause he didn't like you...
You reach down and pick up the wooden seat of the swing. You cut off the rope still attached to the eye hooks running through the board and repeat the same process to attach the chain as you had above.
When you were finished to turned to Mantis and said, "Wanna try it out?"
She giggled excitedly and nodded before hopping on the swing.
You smile and pick up the scraps of rope you had thankfully tossed out of swing-range and noticed Kraglin was gone. So was your ladder.
You turned to see him returning it back to where you had gotten it from and you called after him, "You didn't need to do that!"
He replied back with, "I know!"
You shook your head and started to walk back towards the shed to toss the scraps in the rubbish bin, wondering how long it might take for the house to be inhabitable again.
Gamora and Peter watched as you had finished repairing the swing and smiled. Peter internally noted that you seemed to have a soft spot for Mantis. Of all of them, her and Groot always seemed to get your softer side, even when it was obvious you were trying not to make it obvious. He grinned, sure that there were some advantages to be had from that.
By the time you had met back up with the rest Yondu could be seen exiting the house from the back door and walking towards the group, no doubt also seeking refuge from the smell.
Peter grinned cheekily and asked, "Everything come out ok?"
Yondu just glared at him before grumpily turning to you. "I think that milk stuff ya gave me went bad."
Peter spoke up, "Inside of you, maybe. Kraglin and I ate it and we're fine."
Kraglin nodded in agreement, saying he felt fine. He then suggested that maybe it was those spicy things he ate that didn't agree with him.
Your eyes widened and you crossed your arms nervously. You remembered how Rocket had attempted to poison you with the xanti-berries, and think you just realized what happened. You had accidentally actually did what Rocket had tried to do to you, to Yondu. You wince and say, "I'm sorry."
Noticing your change in expression, Yondu asks, "What?"
"I'm sorry," you say again, "I didn't even think that the milk might make you sick."
Yondu made a grouchy face but said, "Whatever. Guess I know now."
Rocket, who had been listening in not too far off came up and said, "So when I try to do it to her, I'm an asshole, but when she actually poisons him, everything's just dandy!?"
You narrow your eyes but before you can spout off Yondu speaks up irritably. "If I didn't even know it would happen, how the hell is she supposed to know, Rat?"
"Yeah, she was only tryin' to help him." added Kraglin. "Ain't her fault."
Rocket huffed and skulked away. "Whatever," he said, waving you all off, "Screw you all."
"Ignore him." Peter said, annoyance clear in his voice, and changed the subject to something less likely to piss everyone off.
Eventually you all were able to re-enter the house again without gagging.
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juneyse · a day ago
for all we know: tony could of pulled a nick fury and be chilling
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caps-rogerswilson · a day ago
Steve would be to untrusting of Fury at first to admit what get to him, afraid it will be used against him like others have done before. So he denied everything, it takes months for him to get Steve to open up. Even then it's a very fine line that they are both scared one will cross. Clint keeps an eye on them both though. He see s the signs and knows when to step in or hint to stop
i raise you steve barely even opens up on his own. clint found out by accident-- a panicked admission after a nightmare that steve was certain wouldn't plague him anymore because he's been to war now and surely all the hell he went through before that would be overtaken but god, it doesn't work like that and clint wasn't supposed to know but now he does and he has to live with that.
and then fury freaks him out a bit and clint tells him that its okay, he can trust him, but shit steve's not going to believe that. but eventually, very slowly, he lets it go. lets fury know in not so many words-- doesn't deny the questions and lets him in to help.
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caps-rogerswilson · a day ago
Once Fury knows about Steve's past he starts noticing the signs of his distress more and more. He will step in and try and ease the situation before Steve has really noticed it had begun. The only time he can't help is when he is in q press conference and the interviewer is getting angry
oh oh OHHHH press conferences and events are sooo hard for steve
god, the interviewer getting angry would only exacerbate the anxiety steve already feels from the crowds, the noise, the flashing lights that are a little too bright and a little too close to all the bombs bursting in the war and shit, his senses are enhanced and everything's too loud and too close and too much and he can smell all the goddamn alcohol they're serving and that already puts him on edge, because shit, his dad's drinking really did him in and he can't clock all the exits and keep track of all the threats at once.
and fury notices this-- notices the stress that already plagues him and pair that with an irritable interviewer? hell. it's hell and fury takes him aside afterwards and lets him take a few moments to breathe.
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i-writes-things · 2 days ago
Avengers x reader
Summary- Y/n and Peter prank Natasha
Warnings- Swearing, alcohol
(+) platonic story
Tumblr media
Not my gif*
"Don't. Y/n you better be hearing me. It's a horrible idea, ok?" Steve says hoping you wouldn't do it.
"Ok." Knowing you were going to do it anyway, you walk out to meet Peter in his car, Tony gave him.
"Where to, Y/n/n?" Peter asks happily
"Target. I'm pranking Nat." you say steadily.
Peter slams on the break in the middle of the parking lot of the Compound.
"What?! No you must be joking?"
You laugh at his stressed face.
"No I'm not, I'm actually pranking her."
Peter smirks "I want in, but the blame is on you."
"mm, one condition, you do my chores for a week."
"Ugh, deal."
You make him shake your hand and your off to Target for supplies.
"Ok go over the list again." Peter asks you
"Really Peter I just told you. TWICE!" You say annoyed with him.
2 Water guns
1 gallon of water
duck tape
Peter's stuff to make more web fluid.
Confetti canon and red and black confetti
"Ok when do we set up?" Peter asks nervously
"Tonight after dinner, we can set up most of it but the rest will have to be set up tomorrow morning." You noticed his nervous face
"Don't be so nervous spidey-boy. We'll be fine." You say reassuring him and yourself.
(At Dinner that night)
"Tony told me, you and Peter went out to shop. What did you guys gets?" Natasha asked, eating dinner.
"Uh- I don't not much, some snacks for movie night, right Peter, What did you pick out again."
"I- Uh, I picked out some, uh water guns-" you elbow him in the ribs "P- pretzels for movie night, yeah."
"What'd you get water guns for? The pool?" She asks you feeling something was off.
"Yeah me and Peter were going to have a water gun fight tomorrow so..." You say defending you and Peter.
Thor chimes in annoyingly "Hahh, they brought in Confetti earlier!" he takes a drink of his beer.
"Confetti?" Tony asks suspiciously
"Yea-" Peter cuts you off
"We were going to get to shoot confetti on the loser of the water gun fight."
"How do you 'win' a water gun fight?" Bruce asks the two of you.
"Well whoever gets wet first, obviously." You say adding a fake laugh at the end, hoping that would help your case.
Which it did.
Once dinner was over you and Peter went to sneak things down by the conference room that Natasha had told you she had a early meeting in, the next morning.
You and Peter set everything up that you could and hid it to the best of your ability.
Sneaking back to the living area from the office area was much more difficult though.
First you had to get past the common room and the kitchen.
Peter and you walk past Steve and Tony not even being noticed as they were watching "Back to the future"
Next was the kitchen, which was a bit more populated at this time of night.
You are sitting right outside the door in the hallway in between the Kitchen and Common room waiting for Peter to come back.
"Psst- Y/n." You look up and over at him
"What did you find, Petie?" You ask him as he sits next to you.
"It's not Petie." He said quickly "Wanda and Clint are talking and Fury walked in to talk with Natasha."
"Damn, Nat's in there, really hoping she would be somewhere else."
"Where else would she be? Hiding in her room?"
"Ok, fine nevermind."
"We could just say we were watching the movie with Steve and Tony." Peter suggests
"That the movie was getting boring, so we're going to bed now"
"Yeah sounds perfect!"
"Let's go then, Mister Tingle!" You exclaim kinda loud
Peter stops infront of you and turns around
"It is NOT peter tingle, or Mister tingle or Petie its peter my name is peter." He says in a mad whisper yell to you
You are trying so hard to hold laughter back.
"C-come on." You grabs his arm laughing and walk right into the kitchen
Wanda and Clint are the first to notice you two
"Hey Y/n/n, when do you and Peter get out of school again?"
"2:15, why?" You say to Wanda
"We were planing to go out and do something, fun!" Clint says to the two of you
"Well, goodnight Wands, night Clint!" You hug both Wanda and Clint, Peter does the same after you.
"Thanks for telling me Nick." Natasha smiles at the man, he pats her shoulder and goes to leave.
Peter and you walk as fast as possible trying to leave the room before Natasha notices you.
"Y/n. Peter?" Natasha says which makes your and Peter's heart's drop to the floor
"Hi." You say turning around a few steps from the door, Natasha walks over to you and she has her arms crossed on her chest
"Hi!" Peter says, quite a delayed response from him.
"Hi, Peter." She says smiling at him
He awkwardly smiles and shyly waves at her
You roll your eyes "What you two, up to?" Nat asks you
"Well, I don't know about Peter, but I'm going to sleep." You nudge Peter to talk
"I- uh. I am also going to sleep, early morning, um tomorrow." Peter says nervously
"Oh? really, where? In Y/n's bed?" Natasha asks smirking at him
"What?! no- No I- we aren't together- " You cut him off
"Goodnight Natasha, see you in the morning!" You do your best to hide your laughter and give her a hug goodnight.
"6:36?" Your alarm clock blares into your eyes
You get up and go wake Peter up with water.
"Ahh- wha. Y/n?" Peter looks at you sleepily soaked in water
"Babahhahah" You laugh as he gets up and changes
"Thanks, for waking me." He says monotone shaking his head to get some water out of his hair.
You both walk downstairs and decide against breakfast because of the time.
7:30 flashes on the oven in the kitchen as you and Peter leave quickly hearing Rocket and Peter Quill yelling at each other coming into the kitchen.
You were hiding behind a curtain on the wall almost excited to prank Natasha, and so was Peter right next you setting up the up the water guns as you filled them with water.
The next thing you knew was that Peter had you suspended in the air right above the middle of the hallway holding the confetti canon.
The canon was to big to hide behind the curtains so this was your only other option.
If peter let go you would fall canon first on the ground.
Now you waited, she was supposed to come out any minute.
The time was going by too slowly and the canon was starting to get heavy.
*click* The door unlocked
You and Peter both at the ready
Your hand hovering over the go button and Peter had made something so he didn't even have to touch the water guns.
People flooded out, couldn't see Natasha. Hearing her instead, laughing.
She said goodbye and walked out stopping to look at her phone, getting a call from Tony.
You had asked Morgan to call Natasha when Peter texted her too.
Natasha talked with Morgan for a few seconds noticing it wasn't Tony.
So many thing happened at the same time.
The water guns went off soaking Natasha's work suit and her whole body
You hit the canon button and got pushed back up to the ceiling then went back down letting go of the canon and Peter wasn't expecting it. The web holding you up left his hand. You fell at Natasha's feet crushing the canon but just burst out laughing once you got the site of her.
her whole body soaked and dripping in water with confetti sticking to her all over her wet work suit.
She stared down at you.
You got up quickly and said "It was Peter's fault."
Peter comes out of the curtains "It was not me." He pouted
She pulled you close to her face still with confetti on it, there was anger in her eyes, but you couldn't help but laugh at the site
"Go to your room. Now." She said scarily calm
"Sorry." You said and she eyed you, next Peter
It looked like he would shit himself on the spot "Tony can punish you, I'm not your mother." she said angrily at him
"Sorry, Miss Romanoff I-" Natasha cut him off with a stare and he gulped scared for his life.
You still hadn't left yet, wanting to see what would happen to Peter.
She turned to see you standing near her.
You instantly turn around the second you make eye contact with her, going at a run to your room.
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caps-rogerswilson · 2 days ago
Tell me more about Steve being scared of fury and clint noticing, please please please
yes! so dad fury was a thing introduced to me on a marvel discord i am in so creds to all those lovely folk
but essentially,,,, i kind of imagine that like,,, fury has the vibe of that high school teacher who realizes a kid is acting out because they are scared or hurting, not because they want to be a trouble maker. for instance, steve's reckless self endangerment on missions might come from a place of trauma based suicidal tendencies, or if he's in a debrief getting chewed out and he acts back intensely in retaliation, it comes from a place of fear, not actual defiance.
cue steve's past: joseph rogers was not a cool dude. in the comics, we see that he was an alcoholic abuser that hit sarah and steve and shouted a lot. i imagine that probably left lots of scars and little trauma reactions in steve-- including him not being a fan of men raising their voices, shouting, or even regarding him with much disappointment or anger.
so fury is a wonderfully patient mentor to all his agents and understands that a lot of them come from harder backgrounds, but that doesn't stop him from human moments and i imagine there's one mission debrief where maybe steve made some reckless choices or a few mistakes and fury is understandably stressed and upset and loses a little sight of his temper. he isn't shouting-- he doesn't like to shout-- but he is being firm and it's clear that steve's tense. he isn't sitting, for one thing, and he's got his arms crossed in front of his chest even as he shoots back increasingly irritable counters to what fury is saying and clint clocks it. he clocks it, because he gets it. gets that fear-- that fear that if you give in and stand down, the adults you were supposed to trust in your life are going to pull that right out from underneath you and play the power card and he can tell steve's trying to stand his ground. it's a misplaced defensive response. old trauma, creeping in.
finally, when fury does raise his voice a little, clint catches steve's wince and he easily cuts in with "okay, we're off topic, sir. steve, you look like you need water. go get some water." aka: go take a breather.
i imagine after that, there's a gentle conversation where clint discloses that he thinks the steve was getting freaked out by the situation and id looove to think that fury lets steve know he wants to talk when he's feeling up to it and asks steve what he can do to make him feel safer and basically yeah. dad fury. siblings nat, clint, and steve. its. its my fav
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Carol: I love women
Fury: In a feminist way, or in a gay way?
Carol: Yes
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mjmate · 2 days ago
Fury: Last time I trusted someone I lost an eye!!!
Tumblr media
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romancemedia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Top 10 X-Men: Evolution Episodes (9/10)
A mysterious female assassin terrorizes the X-Mansion, knocking out the X-Men one by one. Wolverine teams up with SHIELD and learns HYDRA wanted the ultimate weapon and acquired that by creating Wolverine’s clone, a young girl who was deprived of everything: a childhood, love and family and is now after the person she blames for her misery... Wolverine.
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academy13 · 2 days ago
The Hitman’s Bodyguard is chaotic AF and I love it
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