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Percico 🥺👉👈
Psychical touch:
16.) kissing someone’s cuts/bruises/scratches
dialogue prompts
15.)“ I don’t know if you know this but, I love you.”
25.) “Is it that hard to believe that I love you?”
I hope I did this right Skdhsjdh
Haha, it's perfect, dw 💕
16. kissing someone’s cuts/bruises/scratches
15. “I don’t know if you know this but, I love you.”
25. “Is it that hard to believe that I love you?”
"I know I'm not as good as Will at healing, but hopefully, you'll live," Percy tried to joke, but his tight smile showed that he wasn't as self-confident as he wanted to portray himself. It wasn’t a big wound, was small enough not to need ambrosia, but big enough that the cloth he put on it to stop the bleeding started to get a pinkish color.
“It’s okay, I’m not going to die from a little scratch,” Nico smiled wanly. The hellhound that scratched him did not get him too badly, but it still hurt. But with Percy doing everything he could to provide the best care he was capable of, and gently caressing his unmarred skin, it made the pain just a fleeting afterthought.
He was more interested in those long, beautiful fingers drawing patterns on his ankle, anyway.
Percy gave a quick kiss over his wound, not even realizing what he was doing until he looked up to meet with a beetroot red Nico. He blushed, and shut his sea-green eyes tight, seemingly debating with himself what to do.
“I… know it’s not the best time to do this since you can’t leave me in the middle of our quest, and that you’ve already told me what you think about me, but I just… I just want it out of the open,” Percy rambled. Nico couldn’t follow his thought process, didn’t understand why was Percy so nervous, and what secret he wanted to say, and- When did Nico tell him what he thought of him?
(Well, he knew he shouted at him lies many times about his feelings, but surely Percy didn’t think those were true, right?)
“What are you talking about?” he frowned. Percy shot a quick look to his face, but as soon as their eyes met, he lowered his gaze and stared at a lonely flower next to Nico’s leg like it was the most interesting thing on Earth.
“I… don’t know if you know this, but I love you. I know I’m not your type, and I don’t expect anything from you, but I just wanted to tell you,” Percy confessed, face red as the blood dripping from Nico’s wound.
“What?” Nico’s voice was soft, quiet - fragile. Like his whole worldview shifted just from a few sentences.
“Is it that hard to believe that I love you? Is it that strange that I fell in love with somebody, who was there with me as invisible support all along? Who made sure I lived through everything? Who always looks so spooked when I pat his head, but I can still see the longing in their eyes for more physical contact? Who has the most beautiful, soulful eyes in the world, and the cutest curls?” Percy gently pushed aside said curls from Nico’s face.
The younger boy was shocked, but with each sentence, his eyes got wider, and his cheeks pinker. It was like a dream. If his calf wouldn’t hurt that much, he would have thought it really was just a dream.
“I… love you too?” Nico’s confession came out rather question-like, but it was enough for Percy. The love shining from those beloved sea-green eyes stole Nico’s breath away, but not as much as the soft, feather-like kiss pressed onto his lips did. It was nothing, yet everything he dreamed of.
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34 and 35 dialogue prompts
Any pairings
Thank you (in advance)!!!
34. "You were the one who walked out, not me."
35. "Please don't make me choose."
“I’m sorry,” said Nico after what seemed like an eternity of them looking at each other, standing awkwardly in the doorway.
Percy wanted to believe him so badly, he really did, but… He believed him once and look how that turned out. He looked in those dark eyes he loved so desperately, but instead of feeling the expected happiness that Nico returned, he was upset.
And bitter.
And heartbroken.
He could still clearly remember when Nico turned his back to him, and without glancing back, he left their home, their life. He didn’t give an explanation, not a word about what troubled him. He just left.
He could still hear the contempt in Nico’s voice as the younger boy answered his pleads with a single line. He never wanted to choose between them. They promised him he would not have to. Since the beginning of their relationship, his “Please, don’t make me ever choose” seemed to be respected by both his partners.
Until that day.
“You don’t have to choose. I chose Rachel for you,” Nico declared, sneering at the cuddling couple as it was the first time he saw them snuggling with each other. It was not – most of the time he ended up joining their puppy piles.
That was the last time he saw him – until he appeared in the door of their previously shared home, looking like a kicked-out puppy.
“What changed?” Percy asked, closed off. He didn’t want to break his heart once again – the heart that was only glued together by sheer willpower. He loved Rachel, he was happy with her, but every day, every night, he wanted Nico.
He still searched for him unconsciously in their bed before waking up to the knowledge that he wasn’t there anymore.
He still bought his favorite snacks from the grocery store even if both Rachel and he hated it.
He still missed him.
The smell of leather and dry roses, the calloused fingers caressing him lovingly, the concerningly cold body warming up his heart with tight cuddles… The days spent together, laughing and crying, sharing their trauma, healing each other… The passionate nights, exploring each other’s body, soft, loving kisses turning into moans of want, being devoted to each other…
He missed everything.
„You were the one who walked out, not me. You were the one who decided to end our relationship. Why now? Why did you leave?! Why Nico?” demanded Percy. He didn’t want to show Nico how much he still affected him but couldn’t stop the lonely tear gathering in his eye.
He wanted to be over him.
He wanted to be with him.
He wanted to do nothing with him.
He wanted to do everything with him.
He hated his heart because he knew – he would forgive Nico.
But every time they would make love, every time Nico would tell him he was in love with him, he would wonder: When will he leave us again?
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percys-tits · a day ago
Percy taking his shirt off
Tumblr media
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percys-tits · a day ago
Frank: Percy, why’s your chest wrapped in bandages?
Percy: Oh Nico really likes playing with my—
Percy: …tits. He likes my tits.
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ravenwings11 · a day ago
Nico: I’m not pretty :((((
Percy, about to prove him wrong: You are not a clown. You are the entire circus.
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ravenwings11 · a day ago
Nico: *sends a text message at 2 am*
Percy: *responds*
Nico: woah woah there wtf are you doing up? Go to sleep this isn’t healthy for u
Percy: ????
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Percy: Guess what! I'm famous! I was at the store in the product aisle and a guy asked me "Hey, aren't you the guy from that Buzzfeed post?" Can you believe it?!
Nico: Where is the parmigianino reggiano?
Percy: Didn't you hear me?! I'm famous!
Percy: Okay, I forgot your stupidly long named cheese.
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percys-tits · 3 days ago
Nico: Why do you hate Percy so much?
Hades: Because he’s a whore. Like father like son
Percy: Wow “like father like son” huh? Its crazy that you say that bc—
Nico: Percy don’t—
Percy: Nico’s way into petplay so you may wanna reevaluate that statement unless…oh Hades I thought that doggie bed in the corner was for Cerberus but…if I look around will I find a collar with your name on it?
Persephone: This is why he’s my favorite.
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aristariafalna · 3 days ago
In a universe where percico happens...
Nico, showing up in the heat of battle with a giant hellhound, three angry gods, and a freaking army of the dead: Did somebody call for backup?
Percy to Annabeth with heart eyes: After this war is over I'm so gonna kiss that guy.
Percy: diss...diss the guy....cause he's late...and I'm still low-key pissed that he almost left me in a cell...
Annabeth: Let's just go after Luke. We can curse Aphrodite together later.
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Annabeth during a truth or dare to Percy: If you were a girl, who of the guys would you ask out?
Percy: That's easy, it would be Nico.
Nico, breathlessly: What?
Annabeth, shocked: What?!?
Leo: Hey! Why not me? I'm a catch!
Percy: No, you are only the third...
Annabeth: Third?! Who is the second?!
Piper: No, first I'd like to hear why Nico!
Percy: Well, his powers are impressive, the way he can blend together with the shadows and can use them to travel is amazing, and he is really loyal.
Percy: ...and handsome.
Percy: ...and he has a really nice voice.
Piper: So, who is the second?
Percy: Oh... It's... Jason.
Piper: Wait, what?
Jason: Me?
Percy: Well, he is just so... Caring and you can depend on him. But underneath, he is also passionate, so I've always assumed that he would be passionate as a partner too.
*Jason and Nico looking at each other, silently deciding what to do*
Jason: On a totally unrelated note, I need to borrow Percy and Nico.
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yanderestories-com · 5 days ago
Yandere Nicercy headcanons - 1#
Tumblr media
When Nico was younger he promised to himself that he would marry Percy when both were old enough. He got extremely upset when Percy and Annabeth started to date.
However, I didn’t stop Nico from wishing to be married to Percy and he didn’t give up on his feelings. When Percy broke up with Annabeth, Nico saw the opportunity to court the Sea Prince do they could finally be together.
Even if envolves people getting send to Tartarus for hurting Percy.
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ravenwings11 · 5 days ago
Nico, realizing he’s got a crush on Percy: Why do I have butterflies in my stomach? Aphrodite, sarcastically: Have you been eating caterpillars?
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percicosimp · 6 days ago
so it’s 2021 and I’m still shipping Percico more than Percabeth and Solangelo, and I will never stop 😗✌🏻
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Nico: Who hurt you?
Percy: Do you want the list in chronological or ABC order?
Nico: In the order of who hurt you the most.
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pornosophical · 8 days ago
Percico is the gayest ship
I see posts drifting around saying that $olangelo is for gay people and Percico is for those nasty fetishizing straights. So, as a gay man, you can understand that irks me to hell and back
Especially since I think all us Percico shippers know, it’s almost certianly the opposite ship fandom composition, and that’s because Percico is a far queerer ship than $olangelo. How can the fanon ship be queerer than the actual canon queer ship? Well let me tell you:
Because Percico is pure gay wish fulfillment
Only straight people wouldn’t see this. Only straight people wouldn’t understand the traumatic frisson of first experiencing forbidden attraction to someone of the same gender and how that impacts a person. Only straight people wouldn’t understand that writing a story where such a love is NOT unrequited would be like applying a salve to an old wound for any queer person who shared that trauma
Not only that, Percico honors Nico’s experience in a way that $olangelo doesn’t, in a way that Riordan himself doesn’t! That’s because straight people don’t understand what it’s like to have that first crush and realize that you’re somehow wrong. Glossing over all that legitimate angst that made Nico so authentic—that even Riordan, who played literal motherfucking Greek mythology with heteronormative kid gloves, decided he couldn’t ignore the queer narrative overtones of his creation—dismisses so much of that initial traumatic experience of queer desire. Not to mention Riordan’s compulsion for using humor to undercut dramatic moments so they’re not too intense for kids. Putting in a big joke at Percy’s expense for Nico’s coming out just to slide in Will for another cookie cutter PJO quip-happy couple is for the heteros who cannot stand the messy feelings of queer narratives. Riordan’s idea of kid friendly is inherently heteronormative and that undergirds his every attempts at queer narrative
I haven’t kept up with PJO, but unless Riordan has changed his writing style, Percico is the gayest ship in PJO because it speaks directly to the material reality of adolescent queer experience. Only straight people wouldn’t see this
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ravenwings11 · 8 days ago
Nico, frustrated: *starts hitting a pen on the table* Why isn’t the ink coming out?
Percy: Hey! That’s not nice, how would you like it if I banged you on the table?
Nico: I’d like that very much, actually
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biracialpercy · 8 days ago
Percy headcanon <333
He gets random nosebleeds whenever he sees one of his crushes
It gets so bad he ends up being lightheaded most of the time and even fainting at times
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