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#new Pokemon snap
floridageekscene · an hour ago
#460 - Army Of The New Pokemon Snap
#460 – Army Of The New Pokemon Snap
✅► Support us on Patreon: ◄✅ In #460, PalpaKelli and I cover New Pokemon Snap and discuss Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead! Thanks for listening! 🎙 Daniel Podcast Awards 2019 || Games & Hobbies (Winner) 🏆 Podcast Awards 2017 – 2018, 2020 || Games & Hobbies (Nominated) 🏅 Apple Podcasts 🍎 Patreon ✅ T-Shirts 👕 Discord Lounge 🎮 Official Site 🌎 FOLLOW…
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shedua · 11 hours ago
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💚Professor Mirror and Dedenne💛
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pompompinkdandelions · 13 hours ago
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If Pokemon Snap was a horror game...
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fishytheegg · 15 hours ago
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How about Todd Snap’s glow up
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Bryan: Torkoal! The fire tortoise that burns actual coal inside of it. While you should always keep something flammable on hand for your Torkoal, you do not need to worry about it dying on you. They should be perfectly fine. However a low fire could mean they’re sick, so take care of them.
Amy: This Torkoal ate the fluffruit I gave it by burning it to nothing, then ate it. Very weird, but after dad’s explanation it makes sense.
Mary: I saw a video of a Torkoal running on a tredmill. Never thought I see one go over 5 mph.
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xivuuarath · 22 hours ago
new pokemon snap did not need to go as hard with the later illumina pokemon as it did
the meganium stage: oh this is nice, pretty, kind of boring
the reef stage: this is very stressful actually?
the volcano stage: this is.. getting hard
the penultimate stage: aaaaaaaaa
final stage: fuck!!!!!
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sidikokatvs · a day ago
Sharing to show family...
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So...Gale’s story....sorta just kinda an au thing in a way, basically an au thing.
Mirror adopted them on the spot when he found out she was running away from a real bad family, and they became his photo assistant as they went around the regions studying pokemon. On the side, Gale participated in different pokemon journeys, collecting new friends from each region....always ending up caught in the midsts of a legendary encounter...which always ended up with a legendary tamed to their call. Roaming free but unable to be caught by anybody other than Gale. All the professors are in Gale’s contact list, a whole set of dad figures that work alongside Mirror because their research is all important to each other’s research. 
The main things I talk about take place during New Pokemon Snap events tho.
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saltiestgempearl · a day ago
Ever feel like you’re not getting the joke? Because sometimes I swear, I feel like that sometimes when browsing photos outside my language area on New Pokémon Snap.
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[Image Description: Screenshot from the game New Pokémon Snap. It shows a photo of two Lanturn swimming upside-down and away from each other, their tails touching. The lower right-hand corner of the photo has an option to enlarge it. Above the photo is a four-star diamond level rating. Below the photo is the caption: きょうみぶかいこうってやつ? End Image Description.]
Like, I can use Google Translate but...
Tumblr media
[Image Description: Screenshot of Google Translate showing the the Japanese phrase きょうみぶかいこうってやつ? translating to “Is this the one you’re talking about today?” End Image Description.]
What the fuck does that mean?
And I know Google Translate is not perfect, oh boy do I. But usually I can figure things out with a little creative typing. For example, one other picture of Primarina singing had the caption おいねいコンサート, which Google Translate claimed meant “Hey concert.” But by adding an exclamation point to the end of it, I got Google Translate to tell me it actually meant “Nice Concert!”   I...don’t know why it translated  おいねい as “hey” instead of “nice” without the exclamation point, but I’m sure if I knew more about Japanese and/or Google Translate’s algorithm, it would make sense. The point is, there are nuances in language a computer program like Google Translate just doesn’t understand.
What’s even more frustrating is that it’s not like I can guess and put it in to Google Translate for a translation—things change a bit when you move back and forth (thus why you have those funny videos like "Let It Go" from Frozen according to Google Translate (PARODY) that people make )
For example, if I were to ask Google Translate what the Japanese translation of  “What should I do today?” is, it would tell me 今日は何をすればいいですか?  
But if I asked Google Translate what the English translation of きょうみぶかいこうどうってよう? was (which was a caption on another picture of Seviper looking at the camera), it would tell me it means “What should I do today?” They’re both correct, it’s just...different. 
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gingerweed-man · 2 days ago
Things I can do in New Pokemon Snap:
Make Pokemon push each other
Make Pokemon get stuck in an animation
Make Pokemon that shouldn't levitate levitate
Make Pokemon occupy the same space, causing them to violently eject each other
Go out of bounds
Make a Pokemon start vibrating wildly
Get Pokemon run over by me/other Pokemon
Get Arbok to break it's neck
Get Pokemon violently switching between animations
Make an entire herd of Trapinch vibrate wildly and fight each other
Land blind trickshots to get a Sandshrew hit by a meteor
Get a close up picture of a Pokemon thats so impossible to take, they didnt even program the game to be able to recognize it
Things I can't do
Get a diamond 3 Star Minior
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blueskittlesart · 2 days ago
how did the slutty GameStop trip go homie
got hit on but surprisingly not in like. the usual sweaty gamestop man way. the guy said he liked my earrings and was like generally cool and he didnt act like an incel when i told him i was a lesbian which is always a plus. also a woman who was there with her sons told me she loved my hair and i got peach ramune afterwards so overall one of the more positive gamestop experiences ive had
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