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#never again
dasfeministmermaid6 hours ago
Something I Super Hate about abusers is how they get you to do their dirty work for them.
They don't have to work hard to lie or make excuses to you because you do it to yourself! And to your family, and to your friends!
You'll be bending over backwards to make this person's life easier without even realizing that's what you're doing.
If they wrong you, you don't even realize because you're stuck in this fantasy world, and the truth doesn't even occur to you.
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rinvtaro7 hours ago
Hii!! I just wanted to know if you you write for dabi/any bnha character before I request anything :) !
ofc!!! dabi hot spicy man 馃槇
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ceeeeeereal13 hours ago
tony x pizzer part 4? :eyesemoji:
. you come into my inbox on this glorious thursday to ask about that god forsaken crackship no
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sun9rin17 hours ago
this is my first and last kinblr war
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angelicabby21 hours ago
Tumblr media
鈥... you don't have to wait for someone to treat you bad repeatedly. All it takes is once, and if they get away with it that once, if they know they can treat you like that, then it sets the pattern for the future.鈥 鈥 Jane Green, Bookends
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sugary-puffy-blossya day ago
Okay I just got done reading the sequels to Immortality Syndrome and good lord it gets way worse before it gets better.
I mean... I鈥檓 saying that as if it鈥檚 a happy ending... It鈥檚 not lmao.
It鈥檚 pretty bittersweet
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sobaluvra day ago
i adore you more :) n uhhh it was uneventful鈥 i just had iftar like an hour ago :D wby love?
lies <33 and ouuu :O it鈥檚 been alright ! just ,, y鈥檏now. trying my best during these trying times. 馃様馃挃
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bakugosbratxa day ago
Game Night Chronicles
Me: *my players flashlight goes out* fuck, I can鈥檛 move anymore.
Drew: *used his movement to help fix my flashlight and I can gain movement back*
Me: Thanks! *kills off his player*
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hetaliafuckera day ago
I made the mistake of watching the new ep at work on my break. I had to pause when Czech was jumping on Slovakia's back because I was like 'this is too weird out of context and I'm worried for the people behind me' but I love them regardless
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tetsusakia day ago
he was trying to be helpful by brushing my hair out my face but he moved his hand back down too fast and caught my nose ring and it ripped out a part between the corner of my nostril and the bottom 馃槏
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clanlessrebel2 days ago
Damn it! I do everything right and I still dont get that damn necklace from Jake and ends up in the club with Shelly. Stupid wave patrol Jake can keep his necklace then! 馃槀
Ikr? I even followed the walkthrough religiously and still couldn't get that stupid pendant from Jake! (I've seen the picture, it wasn't that impressive, so no huge loss on our part 馃お). I won't bother to do another replay on Jake's route bcos I barely got to 30 reputation points in the penultimate chapter. What a nightmare for those who came one or two points short!
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dew-droppies2 days ago
i remember being so bored because i ran out of resin that i willingly went and farmed abyss mages for like an hour
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vegetablefarts2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i bought a plane ticket to go visit one of my best best best best friends today and so i was reminiscing about our trip to london that we took right before the pandy and looking through our disposable camera pics and was reminded of this bookstore called Gay鈥檚 The Word. it was just this tiny little shop full of gay books. one of the best places i鈥檝e ever been honestly. i鈥檓 so jealous of everyone who lives in london and can just go there whenever. i bought like 7 books lmao rip to my luggage weight on the flight home
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idreamofdragons3 days ago
This is the first time I've sat through a whole Raw in so long and I am at my limit.
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master-bruce-wayne3 days ago
Wiggly will wiggle tonight
Tumblr media
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captainrogerss3 days ago
Not me getting friend zoned, actually becoming homeboy's BFF to hear him talking about other girls he's talking to and defending one of the girls bc she's too busy living her life to worry about his childish ass and him getting mad at me and telling me I've changed. Why did I even entertain the thought of having a relationship with you in the first place?
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ask-runaan-anything3 days ago
Hello Runaan. I have a rather special question. Has Rayla ever been very sick to the point of making you worried ? How did you and Ethari handle it ?
She has, and you can find this frightening tale here.聽
Ethari and I were deeply worried, and I may have gotten carried away with fear. Rayla dying and/or losing her arcanum was too much to handle, so I tasked myself with caring for her around the clock. Ethari knows how much I care for the young elfling, and did his best to support both of us as we struggled. He was a wonderful help, and I made sure to thank him afterwards.聽
We all got through okay.
Tumblr media
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