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ethereallyloved · an hour ago
//On my way to work but I will totally work on a Monster Prom Verse for some of my muses on here as well as work on one on my other blog!
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the-masked-author · an hour ago
i also think red room nell is obsetress
Submit your guesses here!
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jamiexdani · 2 hours ago
you said its nell theo hours, let's gooooo. okay so the bit where baby theo thinks nell is climbing into bed with her. they keep that up for a long time. even on particularly hard days in high school, theo will come home from being out too late and find nell in her bed and just slide in. she's the first person theo really holds and doesn't mind all the emotion that comes with. meanwhile, nell is so fiercely protective of her sisters reputation. god save the person who dares call theo crain a cold bitch, even if half the time nellie wants to agree. even luke doesn't understand exactly what's between them, and shirley does but so distantly, she's been out of the house for a long time but she remembers when it was just her and theo, before the twins came into the picture and she's glad they have each other.
GODDDDD all of this. Like Theo being closed off to EVERYONE but Nell because Nell always had just the most pure intentions of wanting to bring joy to everyone and Nell being the only one Theo can touch without just getting overstimulated because Nell has this innate pure ness that helps calm her and that carrying in to even when Theo is at her most overstimulated and she’s just an absolute hardass to everyone BUT Nell. And her and Shirley used to be kind of like that but not quite cause Shirley was the oldest and felt like she had to perfect so she had this thread of feeling like she was better than everyone else and Theo could feel that so they drifted and she was drawn to Nell. And Nell goes on and on about the twin thing with Luke but she’s really the closest with Theo because Theo is the only one that doesn’t ask anything of her. Doesn’t expect anything of her. And they really are the truly closest siblings in my mind because they don’t hold anything back from each other and that’s why Theo’s loss when Nell dies hurts the worst
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outrideramber · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
NELL AND JOLIE BEING A COUPLE IN THE BONUS SHORT!!!!!! i love watching them in the background and on the side just being couple-y and stuff they're so cute <33
i'm really interested about their curses tbh
they seem really different compared to each other so i wanna know how it started >:3
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the-masked-author · 5 hours ago
I think Red Room Nell might be Obsetress!
Submit your guesses here!
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butterflymeikyuu · 7 hours ago
Note, the Minecraft: Story Mode images are just placeholders currently until I decide to get off my ass and draw their designs and the document isn't finished as I haven't gotten to other characters' personalities yet.
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owenmercers · 7 hours ago
All Eyes on Me but it’s the Bo Burnham version
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celebsinlingerie · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Nell McAndrew
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noirapocalypto · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
ᴩᴀᴏʟᴀ ᴠᴇʟᴀꜱqᴜᴇᴢ ᴊᴜꜱᴛ ᴄᴀʟʟ ᴍᴇ ᴠ
(resized and re-edited)
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ninjakitty15 · 9 hours ago
Chapter 3: Say Hello To My Little Friends (LokiXOFC Pairing)
So as it turned out Loki was pretty much my chaperone till they could trust me which probably wouldn't be for a while anyway. The mission came fast enough as in the day after the first checkup, another hydra base came on the radar and lucky for me they were built near a place of death. I opted to be the last resort as a surprise attack and watch them do their own magic first before joining the party. Loki proved to be the most entertaining to watch as he fought off the agents swiftly and precisely with a sort of confident grace while the majority of the muggles just opted as destroying their enemy with maximum power. Unfortunately for them, more agents streamed out before long, and with bigger badder weapons.
"We appear to be outnumbered here," mused Loki on the com. "Anymore toys up your sleeve, Stark?"
"I'll have you know none of my weaponry are toys, hobbies maybe but that's completely different."
"Whatever makes you sleep at night, you overgrown little boy," I muttered quietly. Loki laughed while still poised to fight as the agents surrounded them all. "Ya'll need to remember as long as you're with me, you're never outnumbered, the dead will always outnumber the living." My already pale eyes went milk white as I shifted to my calling, outstretched my arms and raised my army from beneath. Corpses sprouted right where the agents were standing, latched onto their legs and either pulled or just chomped on them before more of mine popped up and  swarmed them. One agent however caught on to what was happening and found me, I recognized him as one of the guards that stood watch while I was being experimented on. I smirked as our eyes locked and without breaking concentration on my army, swung one outstretched hand to him and the spirits of all the people he killed formed around him before all possessing him at once. A moment later, they all fled his body but they took his spirit with him as they left and the empty body collapsed in front of me. Through the eyes of the dead that followed me I could see the agents surrounding the mortals were dealt with but Loki wasn't faring as well, they wanted him for some reason so I directed my dead that were left to aid him till everyone left standing on the same side I decided to defend. When there were no agents left, I relaxed and told the dead in their own language to rest, their job here was done for now. They sunk into the ground, taking their victims corpses with them, I lowered my hand as they returned to their slumber and my eyes regained some color now that I wasn't needed. Loki was the first to greet me on the battlefield.
"They seemed to be after you more than the others," I noted.
"That will change if they find out you've joined our ranks. They didn't see you did they?"
"One did but that's as far as he got before I got to him, dead men tell no tales as they say."
"What did you do exactly?"
I grinned widely. "Returned the lives he stole to him and they in turn stole him from his body."
"How poetic."
"Thought I'd show those cunts what real creativeness can do."
"Language!" Steve scolded on the com.
"Fuck off, assbutt."
Loki laughed at my blatant vulgarity and looked around at the battlefield while waiting for the team to assemble. Tony was first to meet up, his metal mask propped up so he could look at us properly without a bunch of tech in the way.
"So all those zombies, that was you?"
"Should I be worried who they were before that?"
"No, I respect the dead more than the living, usually its just random people or recently fallen victims of the target that I raise up, all people that would fight and eat them if given the chance to."
"How can you tell which ones would though?" asked Steve.
"I ask them like a normal person...I might be dead inside but I'm not a monster. Loki already confirmed I speak to them, it's the reason he found me muzzled at the first base." Now if only I could get to first base with him...
Of course right when I was beginning to daydream, a bright blazing ring of fire formed around me first then another appeared  in midair and another tall man with deadly jawbones walked through it in blue and red. Unlike Loki though, he studied me with way more caution and suspicion for someone I just met. "Stay right where you are, necromancer."
"Hello there sparky sparky boom man, is this how you greet everyone?" I asked curiously and tested the ring he put around me, which turned out to be a trap of sorts as I couldn't leave it without burning or zapping myself.
Loki was the first to react seeing me confined again so soon and daggers slid into his hands out of nowhere. "Release her at once, you third rate warlock!"
"Dr. Strange, fancy meeting you here. There a reason you're ringing my zombie girl?" asked Tony casually.
"She's dangerous and on my watch list of beings bad for this planet."
"Bad for this planet? I'm on the same list as the president? Really? That's low, I'm not bad for it, I'm recycling what the rest of you use up and throw away, what could be better than that? World peace?" I retorted.
"You use dark magic to do so and that's-"
"A fucking lie! Loki back me up on that.  I use death magic which is in fact a natural form of magic if anything, spank you very much.  Someone didn't do their research." I crossed my arms defiantly and arched an eyebrow in challenge.
Strange frowned at my antics before Loki himself placed himself between my containment and the mystic, one dagger behind him and unseen to anyone but myself that was actively trying to penetrate the shield holding me in. "Why are you protecting her? All of you?"
"Finders keepers," Tony spoke up. "Her skills may be under your branch but we got her first, not our fault you're late to the party."
"I'm not nearly the only necromancer around, though if I find out you're reason some have gone missing we're gonna have a problem. But it begs the question why am I on your list?"
"You're correct, you're not the only one but you are among the most dangerous of them, from what I've gathered you have the highest power level in the region of the group."
I grinned. "It's over 9000?"
He chose to ignore my constant references. "Where've you been hiding that we couldn't observe your actions for almost 5 years."
If it was possible for me to turn another shade paler I probably would have. "I've been underground for 5 years?! Tony, I wanna come on all hydra flushing missions with you guys. I'm so far behind on current events, and TV shows! Why did no one tell me?!"
"To be fair, we didn't know how long you were there and felt it better you tell us the last date you remember before it happened," Steve spoke up finally.
"Last date? What does my nonexistent love life have to do with what year it is?"
"We found her in an isolated cell in an underground hydra base chained to the floor," Tony finally answered Strange. "That's where she's been hiding before we found her, so if you don't mind we'll take our portable zombie army with us."
At that moment, Loki's dagger somehow broke the restraints around me and I breathed a sigh of relief. "Dobby is free!" I couldn't help but cry out. The dagger vanished and the ghosts around me constantly giving me whispered advice that only I could see and hear as a necromancer told me to grab the open hand he was secretly offering where the dagger had been. I almost never ignore ghostly advice so without hesitation I grabbed it and green tendrils of his magic swirled around me and with a whoosh I was suddenly in homebase with Loki again. "Clever boy."
"God of mischief," he reminded me.
"He's not gonna just come here with his magic rings, is he? I really hate running...or any form of exercise really."
Loki chuckled and shook his head. "Stark will keep him off our backs if all goes well."
I looked up at the my size frost giant curiously and our eyes met. "I'm aware you've been assigned to monitor me but that seemed extra what you did back there."
"Would you rather I stand and watch while he finds a way to steal you from the team?"
I shrugged in thought. "Wouldn't be the first, especially on this planet, people tend to just watch when something horrific happens rather than acting on it."
"Lucky for you, I'm not from this planet then, hm?"
"Yes, Loki for me," I replied cheekily.
His turn to arch an eyebrow at my not so subtle pun. "Something on your mind?"
"Oh a few things come to mind, that's for damn sure," I mused. "Thank you though, for helping me out even if it was under orders." Loki seemed surprised by my random politeness and gratitude, both eyebrows went up this time. "What? Just because I'm dead doesn't mean I can't be civil...does it?"
"Of course not," he mused.
"Think I impressed the team enough to not be stuck in that compound?"
"I've yet to reach that level and I've been here far longer than you have."
"This is true, but I didn't greet the team with an army of aliens run by a nearly indestructible evil alien. Also and more importantly despite how threatened human men feel around women of power, they are still hardwired to protect a damsel in distress and that's how I appeared when y'all met me. If I need protection I can hardly be considered as someone that's a danger to the world...unless you're a cape wearing mystic that thinks you're all that in a bag of chips. What should we do while we have the place to ourselves? Christ, gone for five years, if I didn't hate Hydra before..."
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jatpdaily · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ALEX MERCER ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ 1.07 ༓ Edge of Great
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bodycountgame · 10 hours ago
Since you don't want to be called an author, how would you feel about being called Director Nell? Technically, this is written, directed, and produced by you in the Body Count universe. That's how I look at it. For some reason calling you by your first name seem inappropriate? IDK.
Director Nell feels a bit like I'm running a bizarre dictatorship lmao please just call me Nell. I promise, it's fine, I'm actively requesting it.
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the-masked-author · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Meet Red Room Nell
Name: nellie in the red room
age: i’ve been 32 for quite some time now 
sign: pisces 
likes: hanging around, family gatherings, confetti cannons, cartoon cats
dislikes: aneurisms, the demonic haunting of my own future trauma, the film ‘love, actually’ 
if anyone has a change of clothes then that’d be great, sitting in a possession metaphor in a silk slip all day can be a bit rough. some therapy would probably be nice too. i’ve had a bit of a time of it
Who am I? Submit your guess!
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visionnairetv · 13 hours ago
Nell Kalonji | Ahluwalia x Mulberry
Mulberry has linked with celebrated designer Priya Ahluwalia on a limited-edition collection of Portobello Totes and scarves. The collaboration was unveiled at London Fashion Week during Ahluwalia’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection and womenswear debut, and is the latest release in the Mulberry Editions collection, which highlights the British brand’s most popular silhouettes as part of its 50th anniversary.
The centerpiece of the collection is the Portobello Tote, which is produced at the British brand's factory in Somerset using Gold Standard leather as per the Leather Working Group and sewn with recycled thread. Using deadstock fabrics and leather, Ahluwalia reimagined the silhouette in her signature vibrant, hand-crafted style, and in various sizes. In total, the collection comprises four oversized Portobello Totes, five Portobello Totes, and three Mini Portobello Totes — a new size introduced especially for the collaboration, as well as four organic silk scarves.
Tumblr media
Full article via:
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bodycountgame · 15 hours ago
Hi can I ask what your pronouns are? Lol I want to know how to refer to you in my head.
Oh, hi!
I'm Nell and I use she/her pronouns :)
Please feel free to call me Nell - I know some people find it a bit overfamiliar being referred to by name but I find being called An Author so strange lmao
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brennnesseln · 15 hours ago
//Like this post to plot something?
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alwaysthequietones · 16 hours ago
Rupert Grint FYC interviews
(this one was done at the end of March)
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