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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
andxrperry · 2 days ago
In silence we walk
With no end in sight
But we the strong souls
Shall never lose might
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andxrperry · 2 days ago
No matter how far we go,
How far we tread,
The truth that stays hidden,
Shall never be said.
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andxrperry · 4 days ago
the seemly beauty of a cloudy sky
Lights up the spirits soaring through your eye
You see the beauty in all that is prevalent
And never once do you get caught up in the malevolent
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njcosmos · 5 days ago
good morning besties! Here's your weekly gay content by yours truly, anderperry ٩(๑´3`๑)۶
Tumblr media
they seem to be very good friends just hugging (つд⊂)エーン lol
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andxrperry · 7 days ago
In a parallel world, Neil and Todd are listening to Fearless (Taylor’s Version), let that sink in.
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andxrperry · 9 days ago
It seems that being placed on this earth sparks nothing but the need to escape from its normality, hence we have our films and our books, other facets of sanity.
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andxrperry · 11 days ago
Do you ever spontaneously decide to buy a fancy ring binder planner to fill up with little scraps of paper and dividers in order to make it chunky and beautiful to look through, or are you normal?
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ashdreamsalone · 13 days ago
Damn it, Neil, it's Nawanda!
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andxrperry · 14 days ago
The striking similarity between “that the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse” and “we shall be notes in that great symphony” is groundbreakingly beautiful.
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andxrperry · 16 days ago
Surpass the surveilling glance Of those before you who Never once gave you a chance And wished failure upon you.
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andxrperry · 18 days ago
RIP Oscar Wilde, he sure would’ve loved Anderperry and Dead Poets Society.
RIP Charles Darwin, he sure would’ve loved evolutionary psychology.
RIP Dorian Gray, he sure would’ve loved selfies.
RIP Smaug, he sure would’ve loved learning about The Reign of Terror.
RIP Neil Perry, we love you and miss you to death.
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njcosmos · 19 days ago
hello! how are all my anderperry besties doing? I hope you all are having a nice day ♡
Tumblr media
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andxrperry · 21 days ago
History defines not the future As it has formed the past
What’s to come is yours to decide
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andxrperry · 23 days ago
But you don’t know what it meant
To see the world as a hopeless event
There’s so much bad that you observe
Yet you still claim there’s no such world
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andxrperry · 25 days ago
The words of eloquence you speak
Render me nothing else but meek
You find beauty in fragmented terror
And bring about nothing but what is rarer
Than poets who are deemed so grand
And erroneous in ways that are out of hand
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mentalthisone · 26 days ago
So people I see that Gerard Pitts doesn't receive the fuckin love that he deserves so I'm going to point out some headcanons:
He is the dad of the group ( thank you @auxctor for point for me).
He is the guy that you go when you failed the math's exam and just want to forget.
He has a little brother/sister and they have a big age difference ( seven years?). But they're so close too each other. In holidays they're always together doing puzzles or building robots in the living room floor.
He is the one that has a deck of cards with him everytime the poets go out.
"jUsT iN cAsE"
He knows how to fuckin use a first aid kit!
He is a big zero to idioms. He passed the Latin classes all thanks to Meeks.
Speaking of Meeks the two of them are platonic/romantic soulmates (I believe in both). They're the fucking parents of the group. But that's for another time.
Now unlike idioms, Pitts is the biggest nerd in exact sciences. Engineering as we all now is his passion.
He is the kinda of guy that says nothing or speaks two hours in a row.
If you want more or another character request are open people!
Masterlist/Meeks headcanons/Nuwanda headcanons
Have a great day!!
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andxrperry · a month ago
Oh the people you’ll pass and will never meet
All the books that you’ll skim through and will never read
All the paths that you’ll pass and will never tread
All the friendships you had but never did mend
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andxrperry · a month ago
The seemingly minuscule make the biggest differences. Colorful pens and highlighters when taking notes? A bright sunlit plant in a room? They add an aura and ambiance to our monotonous existence.
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deepestdarkest-secret · a month ago
I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately.
Neil Perry, ‘Dead Poets Society’ (1989)
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alivepoetzociety · 4 months ago
dps characters as random ass stuff i have written in my notes app at 4am just because
pitts: ‘overpopulation isnt really a thing but if it was cannibalism could solve it.’
neil: ‘honestly im beginning to thing im not as mentally stable as i previously thought.’
meeks: ‘imagine if like all humans lived to 100 and then when they died their child just kinda came up from the ground all like hey.’
charlie: ‘i put the chad in psychedelic.’
todd: ‘taking a shit while listening to hozier - a concept.’
cameron: ‘gods punishment to man: me.’
knox: ‘i had a dream uma thurman proposed to my mother.’
mr keating: ‘when talking with a trump supporter, dont try to argue, just start playing “i’m in love with my car” by queen and let them do the work.’
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