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jaynovz · 13 minutes ago
Will Graham 🤝 John Silver
Mirror ball solidarity
#thoughts#the shows do have a lot of similarities but at a certain point they veer off#the dynamics between the two ships are I think fundamentally different in a lot of ways#ask me about Black Sails and Hannibal lit crit#at the end of the day silverflint is not anywhere near as destructive#it maybe as codependent but I think the important additions of polystuff like throwing Madi in there or throwing Thomas in there#or ideally both helps make this relationship a lot healthier if they would actually just talk to each other and work some shit out#whereas hannigram... well. it's absolutely rooted in someone doing so much bad shit to you but you literally can't cut them out of your lif#because nothing is ever going to compare to the experience of having them around even if it's a negative influence sometimes or often#like they are so Unhealthy#the zerosum game and that's why it ends with a cliff dive sigh#you love this terrible terrible thing and you hate yourself for loving it but you also can't deny it#so can't live with him can't live without him#let me try to do my last little bit to society by throwing both of our asses off of this cliff#I think they're metaphorical cliffs also because like there are no cliffs in Maryland by the way#what is it with these shows that I like in metaphorical cliffs#oh yes in the way in which silver and will are mirror balls is very different#they can both easily become different people and different personas but whereas for Will it's almost something he can't help doing#and he absolutely hates that#for silver it's something that he might do unconsciously but it's rooted in survival#though I would say they're both tormented by this tendency to be mirrorballs even if it works in a different way for each
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gltzgghln · 40 minutes ago
just remembered this weirdo british conservative guy who was defending israel and one guy came onto his show like "there are absolutely no jews in this area of israel, h//ler would love it" like. do you THINK before you SPEAK motherfucker. do you think he would treat palestinians ANY BETTER
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asoftersideofbrutality · 41 minutes ago
1, 7, 18, 24, and 28 for the music ask game please!
1)   a song you can listen to on repeat
Go to Hell - Megadeth
Fun fact: Imma get Ellefson to sign my Bill & Ted 2 cassette tape lmao 
7)   a song that reminds you of your friend(s)
We’re Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister
Because we’ve all adopted Dee Snider as our father ig
18)  a song for summer
Summer Breeze - Type O Negative
24)  a song for a lover
Although the previous could also work for this, 
TV Set - The Cramps
28)  a song you want to see live
sobs literally any dethklok song
anything from Galaktikon II honestly
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aroacedavestrider · 46 minutes ago
you ever lie on impulse without even thinking about something you know nobody would care about and then you immediately get proven wrong so you want to apologize but its such a small topic that even bringing it up would be like “dude why are you bringing it up its literally ok” so you just decide to peace tf out and you contemplate dipping for like a week just cause youre embarrassed
epic gamer momence !!
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How would zyx interact with vroomians Yan Ruizhi?
from what i understand about yan ruizhi as a character... the two of them wouldn’t interact if left in the same space. noble gases, inert to reactions. or more like, allergic to interactions
from the side-stories, we get insight into how yrz’s very distant and aloof in general (tho main story shows that it’s more like anxious avoidance, i think), and it takes unrelenting persistence to get close to him. zyx is not the type of person to go out their way to bother someone that doesn’t want to be bothered, especially if they don’t have something that zyx wants/needs.
and zyx is a bit socially deficient. the only person they’ve chosen to interact with outside of courtesy and obligation is jzx, and that was only because he was bullying a merchant making a mess in public. every other time, they would start conversation if it was appropriate for the current social environment and with the people of related standing, as appropriate.
i’m sure if forced to interact bc stuck in dire straits, zyx would be pragmatic about it. it’d be a workable team effort with respect coming from zyx’s end, at the very least. after that, zyx would be willing to expend one (1) effort each time they happen to encounter each other to greet yrz
as for how zyx would think of yrz - given what we know about yrz, it would likely be... - as strangers: there’s enough to notice on yrz’s mannerisms to immediately clock that something is off. - as acquaintances: aight guy. still weird, but innocuous enough. low effort, pleasant interactions aka not someone to 180* and avoid - as judging from knowing yrz’s personality more: no longer favorable. too passive for zyx’s taste, lacking chuan tong guan nian/传统观念/’traditional values & customs’ (or at least, the ability to adapt to them). willfully blind to their own detriment (which might be pot calling kettle black bahaha). too into books to the point it seems like he’s hiding behind them as a crutch. BUT... clever, well-spoken, witty, not lacking potential. which makes the rest of it more frustrating
none of this means that zyx isn’t willing to become friends w him. they’re aware that they have many faults, too--but there is enough similar and enough different that it would take extenuating circumstances to make them mesh on zyx’s side of things.
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demonboyhalo · an hour ago
Ranboo: I never paid attention in history. I just listened and went, "It sounds like they’re leaving something out!" so I went on the internet, and they did
ignoring the fact that this sounds exactly like a joke John Mulaney would tell, i love the way Ranboo subtly roasts America
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hegrieve · an hour ago
vent below.
today and the last week have been... really hard bc my best friend of 9 years died this last November and she was supposed to graduate today and I was there for my brother at the ceremony and it was so hard to hear her name and not be able to hug her and tell her we made it like how we always talked about.
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bombnails · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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nachosforfree · an hour ago
wantsta be cool n sexy and wear skirts and pretty dresses that are super ruffley at the bottom but an in a situation in which my family makes fun of me whenever i do anything i dont usually do so i force myself to stay in the same surface personality that ive had for years and wear the same vaguely masculine clothes ive worn for years because its safer for my mental health to be a static being ✌✌✌
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griffinkid · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Got hit with the Sad tonight, so here's a self indulgent doodle of Nkosazana and Verena that I did before bed
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