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#nct female oc
nctsjiho · 3 hours ago
No Chance
warnings: none
era: 2020, MAW promotion era
❀ Protective Jaehyun just knows when someone is up to no good
Tumblr media
“Could I maybe take you out on a date?” JiHo’s quirked her brow at the sudden question. She was flipping through the photobook of the album she had just received and wasn’t quite sure if what she just heard was real. “Hmm?” She hummed questioningly, urging for the person in front of her to repeat his words.
Noticing JiHo’s expecting gaze the boy lowered his head and raised his hand to scratch the back of his neck. “I mean… It’s just that I really admire you, sunbaenim. So I wondered if maybe we could get something to eat sometime.” He stuttered through his words. “Oh! And I also think you’re very pretty…” The nervous boy added quickly.
Not once did JiHo expect a confession when a newly debuted boy group entered the dressing room of NCT U – JiHo was just visiting ‘Make A Wish’ team during their promotions – to introduce themselves and hand them their first album. Jaehyun had nudged her shoulder when he noticed the, what he called, ‘longing’ stares of some of the rookies when JiHo had complimented their outfits and cheered them on with a friendly – Jaehyun would say ‘too friendly’ – smile. The older boy had told her that even though the new group looked very tired, JiHo couldn’t just be super nice and inviting towards everyone to which JiHo retorted: “I never knew ‘You got this guys!’ was being too nice”.
Now, after hearing the new idol’s unexpected confession JiHo thought back to Jaehyun’s warning, but she still didn’t regret being nice towards the group. After all they did just debut in a pandemic and knowing they were from a very small company she wasn’t too sure about their future. She wished them the best, but the group even told her they weren’t sure if they were going to be able to perform on many other music shows. This time was their first and mayhap their last.
JiHo watched as the rookie idol shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “I’m sorry, you seem like a cool guy, but that doesn’t sound like a good idea.” A sympathetic smile proceeded to form on JiHo’s face. What JiHo didn’t expect was for the boy to try his luck once more. “Maybe if we get to know each other better? We could exchange phone numbers.”
He had already grabbled at his back pocket for his phone but when he looked back at the girl he was met with a raised hand, palm facing him. “Listen, I don’t really want to date anyone either-“ “I’m sorry, we could just get to know each other as friends. You know, I’d also like that. Just friends-“ JiHo’s earlier sympathetic smile faded as she now felt bad for the guy and also slightly put off by him.
The guy stopped talking and JiHo took it as if he finally got the hint and decided to back off. He took a step back, distancing himself from the girl – which was when JiHo noticed how close he had gotten to her – and then bowed in apology. “I’m sorry sunbae, that was completely out off line. I hope you can forgive me.” JiHo shook her head. “It’s okay, let’s just forget about it.” The boy nodded, his eyes seemed to twitch and he then excused himself out of the room.
A deep sigh left JiHo’s lips and she turned her head to her left. “You didn’t have to scare him away, I’m sure he would’ve left any second now.” JiHo explained and let herself fall on the couch, her eyes fell on the album next to her. “How did you know I was here?” Jaehyun asked confused and then joined JiHo on the couch. “That poor boy’s eyes filled with fear, I saw how his eyes were shaking.”
It was silent for a second before Jaehyun started talking. “He wasn’t going to leave by the way. He was so insistent on getting you to agree with him on, well, anything. So you should thank me.” A sarcastic chuckle left JiHo’s lips at the words. “And how would you know?” “Guys can be real creeps. You don’t know how many we have dealt with for you without you knowing. I can recognise them anywhere.”
JiHo sat up in her seat, eyes wider than Jaehyun had ever seen before as she now looked at him. “What? Why didn’t I know about this? When? Where did this happen? How many times? How-“ “Okay JiHo! Calm down first.” Jaehyun and JiHo both turn to the door where they see Taeyong walking in followed by Jaemin and Xiaojun, the other boys entering a few seconds afterwards.
“So it’s true?” Taeyong sighed and walked up to her. “Well, yeah. You’re a girl and have a lot of male fans, that stuff happens. And even though I think it would’ve been better if Jaehyun didn’t tell you about this.” He glared at the younger boy, who, rightfully so, looked a bit flustered. “You know now, but you don’t have to worry about it, the managers, the staff and if necessary, we, the boys, will make sure nothing happens to you and you won’t even know of the existents of those creeps.”
JiHo scoffed in disbelief. “Make sure nothing happens? What are you even talking about? Who’s trying to do what to me?” Jaehyun grabs JiHo by the shoulder. “Nothing. No one is doing anything to you. Just- Just trust me when I say that rookie idol is no good.” JiHo couldn’t wrap her mind around what had been said, but rather than asking more questions – she didn’t even know where to start if she did – she just accepted what her two friends said and let herself fall back on the couch.
“What’s this?” The newest Japanese member, Shotaro, held up a piece of paper he retrieved from the album he noticed placed on the couch. JiHo grabbed it and analysed what was written on it. On it she saw a phone number along with a name. “I hope we can get close in the future” Was scribbled on the other side of the paper.
Jaehyun snatched the piece of paper out of the girl’s hand when he caught sight of the poorly drawn heart on the note. He scoffed before ripping the paper apart. “If someone is going to even try dating you, he should at least be able to draw a simple heart.” JiHo watched the boy slack-jawed. Jaehyun reached his hand out, finger placed on the underside of the girl’s chin and he pushed it up to close her mouth. “And his handwriting sucks. This loser can’t actually think he even has a chance with you.”
Side note: I have no clue if there was a rookie group that promoted along side NCT U during MAW era, if so, that’s not the same group as the one mentioned in this writing. This group is completely made up (you might have noticed I also didn’t mention any names) and has absolutely no connection with a real kpop group. The same goes for the rookie idol, he’s completely made up and has no connection to any idol in the real world.
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nct-xx · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
name: nct xx (엔시티 엑스엑스)
members: tara, ara, gaeun, minah, chaeyeon, jieun, dasom, eunbyeol, iseul.
fandom name: nctzens fandom color: neo pearl champange (#C0D725), purple pop (#9525D7)
greeting: “to the world, this is nct! hello, we’re nct xx~”
Tumblr media
company: sm entertainment
debut date: november 20, 2018
debut song: black dress debut album: nct xx: new generation
Tumblr media
- nct xx: new generation (debut/2018) - try again! (2019) - another time (2019) - chrysalis (2020) - amortentia (2020) - blast to the past (2021)
full album
- MMXVIII (2021)
special single
- aloha (summer single/2019) - fly with my wings (halloween single/2019) - snowman (christmas single/2019) - fun! (summer single/2020) - scream (halloween single/2020) - carol (christmas single/2020) - just dance (summer single/2021)
- coming soon
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jeontaehui · 20 hours ago
How did Taehee and Chaeyoung meet. Like how did they become friends?
taehee and chaeyoung met predebut !!!! they were both caught up in the rain as they stood under the roof of the bus stop, both of their shoes getting noticeably wet as time passed.
taehee notices that the girl just a few feet away from her kept glancing from side to side, seeming anxious, as if she had to be somewhere but couldn’t afford to be drenched by the harsh splatter of the rain.
she reaches into her backpack and looks through the various notebooks and hard drives for the spare umbrella she kept for emergencies, grinning successfully when she finally catches sight of its red fabric and easily pulls it out of her bag.
“excuse me,” taehee calls with a polite tone, the anxious stranger turning to her swiftly, “would you like to borrow my umbrella? it seems like you have somewhere to be.”
taehee begins to notice the conflicted look she put on at her suggestion, and she takes a step further, outstretching the hand that held the red object, and reassures the other that it was fine if she would take it, “it’s my spare. i’m waiting for a friend anyways.”
“would it really be okay?”
“it would be nice to know i’ve helped someone get to someplace they needed to be in despite the rain,” she smiles, and the stranger that seemed to be just her age mirrors it. “thank you so much,” she says, bowing politely as she took the umbrella in her hands.
“i’ll try to repay you,” she says, and taehee thinks that there is a very small chance that they would meet again, but she agrees with a dimpled smile nonetheless, “alright.”
she watches as the girl scurries off crossing the street, keeping her eyes on her until she disappears behind the corner.
“hey, they ran out of the gummies you wanted so i got you lollipops instead,” taehee jumps when she hears someone speak next to her, and she turns sideways to see an innocent-looking mark holding two plastic bags from the convenience store he visited.
“mark, let me know when you’re near me, will you?” she says, putting a hand to her chest to calm her frantic heart down. the latter giggles at the gesture, “sorry.”
she looks into one of the plastic bags and grabs a strawberry flavored lollipop, removing its bright pink wrapper and placing the sweet treat into her mouth.
“mark,” the dark haired boy hums in acknowledgement, “mind if we share umbrellas?”
taehee meets chaeyoung a few weeks later in a convenience store (different from the previous one) and they recognize each other right off the bat, but they don’t approach each other right away.
they eventually pay for their items at the same time and chaeyoung finally offers to treat taehee out for a meal! they exchange numbers and the rest is history.
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jeontaehui · 21 hours ago
Hi ! I freaking adore your blog like seriously you’re amazing and I can’t wait to see more of Markhee 🥺. And I wanted to ask you if Taehee was friends with Enhypen or if she’s already interacted with any of them ?
Sending you lots of love <3
hey bub !!! thank you for the support :( sending you hugs from taehee and i mwah <3
taehee hasn't really interacted with enhypen but she jams to their songs from time to time !!!! she definitely knows the choreography to their songs too ,, she was dancing a bit of 'fever' when jeno was introducing ‘drunk-dazed’ for mubank despite his cute little slip-up lmao
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havenocs · a day ago
Tumblr media
WOO YEWON (korean: 우예원), also known by her stage name TARA, is a south korean singer and songwriter. she’s a lead vocalist of the south korean boy group NCT and is in the subunit: NCT DREAM and she’s the leader for NCT XX.
Tumblr media
requests: CLOSED
profile — family — fashion — aesthetic — visual
Tumblr media
dream — 127 — wayv — u —xx
within sm — outside sm
‘00 line friends
Tumblr media
instagram — twitter — bubble — menpa
viral moments — iconic moments
Tumblr media
news (regard music career) — scandals — rumors
Tumblr media
one shots — timestamps — hypotheticals
Tumblr media
solo work — tara answers — incorrect quotes
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nctdream-minji · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
‘ViViD’ is the first single by South Korean idol singer and songwriter JEON MINJI who is better known as a member of the South Korean group, NCT. 
ViViD is a part of the company digital music project ‘SM STATION’. 
The single was digitally released on June 9th, 2021 under ‘SM STATION’ youtube channel where it gotten 10M views.
ViViD is an colourful-playful EDM and lo-fi track which shows MINJI in an colourless world and a colourful world.
"ViViD" is an EDM track, that i wrote to tell of meeting a person who to love in a repetitive and colourless Déjà vu routine, and only then they themselves start finding a vivid colour within them.” - JEON MINJI  
Tumblr media
MINJI wrote ViViD with MARK on her mind.
She shot the ViViD MV in France.
The song went viral for its TikTok challenge which many idols and fans participated in. 
It gained 10M in 24-hours.
MINJI made the choreography with the help from her dance instructor  and TEN of WAYV
She had to dye her hair brown for ViViD
MINJI showed her vocal skill in ViViD
MINJI hit 150K listeners on Spotify in a few hours.
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sosoramin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
sora snitching on jeno to doyoung about him ripping his shirt off during boom at dream show
sora popping up in the trunk of nct 127's van while they were doing a vlive and scaring the absolute shit out of every single one of them. ( "sora, what the-" "i was bored and manager unnie said i could" )
sora sneaking up behind johnny really closely and scaring the shit out of him when he turned to see her so close to him
sora and haechan staring at each other, bursting into uncontrollable laughter, managing to stop and then glancing at each other only to start laughing again
sora in the background of one of johnny's videos, breaking something and staring at it in shock before looking around to see if anyone saw her before making it look like it was fine and putting it back down again
sora snatching the twice lightstick out of haechan's hand with a giddy look on her face while running away to give it to twice
sora grabbing the toy hammer and slamming it on coni's head on idol room and smiling smugly after
sora spoiling dnyl before it was even announced and jisung covering her up from the camera
sora saying "i will gladly keep the mark disease if it means he stays with dream"
"i dont share a room with anybody but if i did, id be on the top bunk because if it breaks at least im not the one being killed"
"he's not here now but i'd choose jaemin to take with me to a deserted island because at least i'd die knowing i was loved"
the entire awsaz episode with her and yuta "do you come here often?" "what do you do for a living?" "do you get good pay?"
there's literally a compilation of sora sitting next to a member and putting her leg over theirs (if she's not wearing a skirt or dress)
"if something happened to jisung i would kill everyone in this room and then myself"
literally the whole sora and hrvy friendship
yangyang tells her "i can't live without you" as a joke and she responds dead serious "then die" before bursting into laughter
sora jumping on jaehyun without warning
the look of annoyance every time the seats are all taken so she has to choose between sitting on the floor or on someone's lap (the floor wins, every time)
how could we forget her dragging a sasaeng by her hair because she touched jisung?
"i tried to dance to wap but jaemin dragged me away by the ear"
sora struggling not to laugh at the silence as arin forgot her lines and soobin didn't know what to say during hot sauce era
mark asking her and jisung a math question and she says “why are you asking the two middle school dropouts?”
miss professional signaling the staff to turn her mic up without anyone noticing until fans pointed it out during her fancam
her, jisung, and chenle getting left behind at an award show and her just accepting it and sticking her hand out to hitchhike before jisung pulled her hand down LMAOO
haechan and sora starting to 'argue' (playfully) during 90's love promotions and mark trying to help and they both turn to him and yell shut up at the same time
"mark can you transfer some of your butt to mine" "WHAT?" "my butt is flat i need some please"
some boy group member complimenting her during her time as a mc and she just straight faced said "i know" and continued on like nothing happened
"can we talk about me now?"
other members were talking over her so she just looked to the camera and said "thats fine ignore me all you want ill talk to myself then" and continued to talk like she was the only one talking
her havana dance cover
also her positions dance cover .. wow
a hyuna fansite literally taking pictures of sora at a hyuna fansign
her flirting with every single fan during video call fansigns
on esquire's "nct dream reacts to nct dream on the internet", hers was a tweet about how different her outfits were on and off stage and she was just like "but i look good either way so" with a shrug before bursting into laughter (tweet below)
Tumblr media
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nctmae · 2 days ago
The Article
[Part 1 of a series concerning Mae’s old company]
Tumblr media
Time: 2018, Post Black on Black, Pre We Go Up
*June 13, 6:33 p.m., Somewhere in Seoul*
A lone woman sat in her bedroom, scrolling through social media and stopped at an article.
“NCT Continues to Wow Everyone!”
“NCT Dominates The Charts!”
“NCT’s Mae is SM’s Ace!”
“NCT’s Mae-”
The woman threw her phone across the room, cracking the screen. She let out a scream of frustration.
“It’s not fair! That’s supposed to be me!”
The woman paced around her room in anger. She was more talented, she worked harder.
How could that little brat make it big at SM?
A idea popped into her head.
She picked up her phone, dusting off the dust and typed in a number.
“Hello is this Dispatch?”
*The Next Day*
DISPATCH: NCT’s Mae Bad Behavior Reveal
An anonymous source “H” reported NCT’s only female member, Mae, was a former trainee of an unknown company prior to joining SM. She stated that Mae was the most disliked person at the company, for both staff and trainees.
“ You would think a kid like her would be so sweet and kind, but she really was just a little terror to everyone. Nobody worked well with her. She always had problems with everything, sometimes cursing.”
“H” continued to tell stories of Mae’s behavior, telling how SM’s it girl displayed terrible behavior to staff and trainees alike. shedding tears as she remembered her time with said girl.
“Whenever we had practice, she always laid on the floor, sometimes refusing to get up when the instructors told her too. I had thought she acted like this because she was a kid, but it only got worse as time went on. She stayed at the company for a few months, but it felt like it was longer with the way she was.”
According to “H”, Mae was at the company for five months in 2013 and left early 2014, joining SM Entertainment around the same time period. “H” had left her unknown company sometime after, irritated at Mae’s success.
“It makes me so angry that someone like her had become so successful in such a big company. I remember seeing an article about her and was like “Are you kidding me? How did someone like her be so famous?” I was so frustrated at the time I almost cried.”
SM Entertainment has yet to respond to these reports. 
Mae had finished promoting with NCT 2018 and their title Black on Black, and is currently preparing for NCT Dream’s new comeback, “We Go Up”.
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ncthyorin · 2 days ago
nct’s love  ༉‧₊ joo hyorin ༉‧₊
Tumblr media
birth name | joo hyorin
stage name | ren
nicknames | rennie, swan, joojoo, earthling, joe(usually called by the foreign line)
birthdate | december 31st, 2003
ethnicity | korean-mexican
nationality | korean
emoji that fits her |
group | nct + superm
agency | sm entertainment
training period | 2 and a half years
debut age | 13 years old
sub units | nct 127 + nct dream + nct u
height | 159 cm
allergies | lactose-intolerance (but doesn't care)
a very soft spoken bby
dies to drink an americano every time she gets
whenever she is asked to talk about her life before nct, she quickly pushes the topic aside
LOVES TAKING PHOTOS. 99.99% of the time you’ll see her snapping pics of everyone and everything. johnny is a proud dad. 
has terrible eyesight. as she was born premature, it has affected her. when she isnt wearing glasses, she has contacts in. 
has a very broad music taste
she really cares about her mexican heritage so you can see her always celebrating that
can’t stand school
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nctsjiho · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
NCTzens tweets ‘Villain’ [June 10, 2021]
Side Note: The timestamp on SM’s second tweet is wrong, it should be 11:04 am. Just don’t pay too much attention on the timestamps, likes, retweets and stuff it’s really not that important. This was a bit rushed because I planned on doing a style of post but midway realised that you guys probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it much because it has very little to do with other NCT members (but I might use some of those parts in a future post if it fits).
Also the song ‘Villain’ is the K/DA song ‘Villain’ if you’ve never heard it. In this au it’s JiHo’s song and K/DA never sang it.
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nct-nari · 2 days ago
REACTION to '맛 (Hot Sauce)' with Pinkfong REDREX | NCT DREAM Reaction
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As soon as the MV starts Nari reacts by saying "woah cute!!"
Nari sits there with a massive open mouthed smile on her face as the song starts playing and she just keeps saying that she loves it
When they show the dance in the MV Nari gets shocked
Nari laughs with Renjun when the dinosaur experiences how hot the hot sauce is
Nari looks so happy and her eyes go wide when she sees their lightstick in the MV and she just yells out "NCTzenie!!!!"
Nari gets even more excited when she says the dinosaurs are nctzenies too
Let's go learn the NCT DREAM family tree:
Tumblr media
Velociraptor: Carnivorous, quick, predator = Like Nari's intense/powerful dance skills
When reading this out Jisung comments "it looks like Nari" to which Nari just shoots her head around and stares at him with a confused face before laughing
Initially the members are like huh? Nari a Carnivorous, quick, predator? But then when they read the reason they all make sounds of understanding
Finally when the dinosaur mascot comes out Nari has a cute smile on her face like the rest of the members and she just asks "wait, is it okay if I hug you?"
When the Dino nods Nari gives it a hug and she has a really cute smile as she does so
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nct-nari · 3 days ago
Nari's Bubble Updates During Hot Sauce Era
Spanning from approximately the beginning of April till the beginning of June.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
April 11th
April 13th
May 4th
May 5th (morning around 12 a.m. KST)
May 5th (later in the evening sometime after 6 p.m. KST)
May 6th
May 10th
May 11th
May 19th
May 20th
May 21st
May 22nd
May 23rd
May 26th
May 27th
May 28th
May 29th
June 3rd
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nct-nari · 3 days ago
Nari Bubble Update
Context: NCT DREAM win on M Countdown making it their third win and achieving a triple crown (no performance as promotional period has ended)
Recently I've been getting some rest and today NCTzenies surprised me because you are all still working so hard!
Triple crown and 8 wins?
NCTzenies work so hard for us it makes my heart warm 🥰
We made some really fun memories over this month right? I am very happy!
y/n you are happy too right?
I'll send you an older photo because I can't take one right now. I hope this gives you some more happiness.
Tumblr media
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nct-nari · 3 days ago
Nari Bubble Update
Context: NCT DREAM performance on Music Core and Mark as a special MC
Mark was cute today right?
Seeing him as MC brings back many memories
I was very young in 2018 right? I should go watch some videos with MiMaNa*
NCtzenies should stop being sorry!
2nd place makes me very happy! Lets all celebrate and smile together okay?
*(abreviation used for MC's Mark, Mina and Nari)
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nct-nari · 3 days ago
Nari Bubble Update
Context: NCT DREAM performance and win on Music Bank
It's already getting close to the end of promotions ...
Time really went by quickly didn't it?
y/n can re-watch our performances many times if you miss me!
I'll keep watching NCTzenies reactions as well ㅋㅋ
Today NCtzenies got another award!
Let's all keep smiling together 🥰
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