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#natasha romanoff headcanon
karameki · 21 hours ago
Headcanon that
Bucky and Steve both know a lot about stylizing and brushing hair - Bucky ‘cause when his three little sisters needed help with hair, he was always the only one who had time to helpto them, and Steve because his hair was, before war, long and blonde cute waves. Anyway, they both know a lot about hairtyles and this stuff.
Who is, opposite of them, absolutely helpless with hair is Natasha. Her childhood was red room, she must learn somany things, like fighting styles, languages, shooting, hacking, psychology, etc etc... and she just never had time to just sit down and learn all these complicated hairstyles or anything else.
So, at any time when she needs help with her hair, she goes to Steve and Bucky. They both are her friends and are always absolutely prepared to help her. So, it will usually ended up as Natsha Romanoff, the deadliest Avengers ever, sitting on couch with JAmes Buchanan Barnes, the howling commando, the fist of HYDRA, deadliest assasin in USA history, brushing her hair and Steve Rogers, Captain America, America’s golden boy, the leader of the Avengers, putting sparkling rubber bands in them.
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x-hufflepuff-reader · a day ago
Hi so since fanfiction is essentially my way of coping with things.... can you do an avengers x reader (Bucky, Steve, Sam, Tony, Loki, Thor, Natasha, Wanda, Pietro, etc.) and they react to the reader scratching their car or getting into a car accident (not fatal)-A (I don’t mean for it to be ‘dark’ just like them comforting the reader bc obvs you’re a bit shaken up afterwards)
I got you babe! I did this as teen reader, who's Peter's partner.
So the accident, not that bad. You were ok, no one else was involved and the car was ok. But your heart was racing, you were shaking, and you felt like crying.
Therefore in no condition to drive, so you called Tony to see if anyone was nearby or willing to come drive instead.
The other Avengers were in a meeting so when Tony said it was you and answered they all payed attention. If you were calling right after school something had to have happened whether it be good or bad.
However, when Tony said minor accident, everyone started getting ready to come get you.
"What do you mean Minor accident? Your ok right? Are you sure? Yeah of course someone can come drive you back."
Bucky and Natasha won and got to drive you. Sam and Steve got to go get your favorite food and drink in an effort to make sure you would eat.
Wanda and Pietro were in charge of setting up a movie you wanted to see and some of your favorites.
When Steve and Sam dropped off Bucky and Natasha, Bucky took the wheel while Natasha sat with you in the back.
He made sure to try and make the least amount of sudden movements with the car. You didn't need any more stress.
When you got back to the tower, you were immediately brought to the room filled with pillows and blankets in front of a large screen, a stack of movies, and food.
Thor and Loki weren't completely sure what was going on but they both knew you weren't doing the best and since they thought of you like a little sister, there was no way there were going to let it slide.
So, throughout the whole movie marathon. You would be sitting in between the two gods.
The rest of the group kept their eyes on you to make sure you were feeling better.
If you need anything, someone would get it for you.
They were going to pamper you for the rest of the day and tomorrow if you were still nervous, they would do what they could to help then.
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multihcs · a day ago
Small #1
Tumblr media
While she has learned over the years that her dancing memories were mostly planted by the Red Room, she does miss dancing.  Ballet is a wonderful way for her to relax and lose herself in the performance and forget about the world.
Her favorite color isn’t actually red.  Or black.  It’s green.  No matter what she’s wearing, she always has something green on as well.  It may be something small.  It may even be her underwear.  Or a piece of jewelry. 
There are days when she regrets not having a traditional education.  She didn’t get to attend school like most children.  Her education came from the Red Room.  She learned everything from them.  It weighs on her sometimes that she never got to be a normal kid.
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evelyn-odinsdottir · 2 days ago
Dating Natasha Romanoff headcanons
Tumblr media
She's definitely protective
Nothing over the top but if anyone looks at you the way they shouldn't, she'll beat them up
She's comfortable with pda and flirts with you all the time
Even when you guys are dating
She can be the big and the little spoon
She really doesn't care
You guys will definitely go shopping together
You're most likely the one to show her new movies
She'll never admit it but she often has nightmares about the red room
So when she wakes you up because she had one she won't talk about it
Not before you cuddle with her
Winks at you all the time
Always has an arm around your waist
Teach you how to ride a motorcycle
She's your mentor
The best duo on missions
Help her dye her hair
If you're a girl, you, Nat and Wanda has girl nights
And when you most likely have your periods at the same time so you cuddle and eat ice-cream all week
Always have eachother's back on missions
Trying to cook together
It didn't end well
Let's just day the firefighters were called
You both are banned from the kitchen since that day
You guys play video games together and you're so competitive
Even Thor and Wanda are scared of you when you play mario cart
Matching outfits
Your sleep schedule is f*cked up
It's not even a schedule anymore
She's nit ashamed of your relationship
You bought a friendship necklace in the dollar store
Comfort her when she's sad because she can't have kids
And you keep telling her she's not a monster
My first post! Ik it's bad but let's pretend it's not. Hope you enjoyed anyway.
Feel free to reblog
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crypticwanda · 3 days ago
Could you possibly do something where Steve, Tony, Bucky and Nat find out the reader has bulimia or anorexia or maybe even possibly they find out they self harm?
Also if you don’t want to write all those characters could you just do Bucky or Tony?
Hello! Just a forewarning, I haven't written much about this topic so I'm sorry if it's not that well done! Also, since there are multiple characters this will be in headcannon format :) Also I'm very sorry these are so short!
MCU characters reacting to you having anorexia
summary: how certain mcu characters would react to their s/o having anorexia
pairing(s): steve rogers x reader | tony stark x reader | bucky barnes x reader | natasha romanoff x reader |
warnings: anorexia, angst
Steve Rogers
at first, he's in shock
he starts to notice how you've constantly lost your appetite or how most clothes are too big on you
he is the most comforting man on the planet
wants to help you get better very much, but doesn't push you over your limits
he's extremely caring on your journey through this
Tony Stark
when you first tell him about it, he's in disbelief
he's silent for a moment, pondering if you were being serious or not
once he realizes you are serious, sadness appears on his face
he's always there for you whenever you need him and he's willing to get you any sort of therapy you might need
he's not well with talking about this serious situation, but he shows he cares through his actions
Bucky Barnes
this man is so sweet oh my god
when he first finds out, his initial reaction is pure sadness
he wouldn't say much at first, instead he would pull you into a soft hug as he held you close
he'd always be there for you whenever you need him
much like steve, he wants to help you through this journey but he won't push you over your limits or make you uncomfortable
Natasha Romanoff
nat's face is stone cold when you tell her at first
instead of asking questions, she reassures you the first chance she gets
she's surprisingly very understanding
whenever you have a hard time eating or doubt yourself, she's always there to kiss your head and tell you that it's okay
she would KILL anyone who looked at you wrong or said anything about your body
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whoreforbuckybarnes · 4 days ago
It was a short line. (hc)
warning: 'Avengers: Endgame' spoilers (?)
summary: Steve tells Bucky his plan on going back to Peggy.
word count: 1356
a/n: This is how I think their conversation went. I got the inspiration thanks to @daisydargan on tiktok. She wrote a song based on "It's been a long, long time" but from Bucky's point of view, so shoutout to her :)
Tumblr media
After Tony's funeral, everybody stayed in the cabin, sharing thoughts and memories about him.
Everyone was chatting in small groups of people.
There was Happy, telling Pepper, Scott and Hope the story of when they first met.
Nick Fury was telling the reasons that led him to choose Tony for the 'Avengers' project. Maria Hill was comforting him with her hand on his shoulder. Stephen and Carol were listening.
Rhodey was happy as he told the story when Tony gave him the armor and all the memories of the two of them practicing and training together. Steve was by his side, with his eyes down, mulling over what he could have done more.
The only one in the background was Bucky. He felt like the odd one and that everybody could see through him, discovering who he really was and what he had done.
He wouldn't dare approaching a group to talk, everybody would judge him. Not even Steve that was sitting on the couch, talking with Rhodey.
Not even Sam that, even if they hated each other, he was one of the few people he talked to the most, besides Steve.
The Captain finally noticed his best friend, sitting in a corner looking at his hands, and suddenly remembered what he had to do. He got up and got closer to Bucky.
"Hey," he said with his hands in his pockets.
"Hey," repeated Bucky, not looking away from his vibranium hand. He was immersed in his thoughts and could not distract himself from them.
"Wanna go outside?" asked Steve, extending his hand toward his friend. Bucky looked at it and shook it friendly.
They got outside. The sun was setting and it has coloured the sky with a warm shade of orange. They walked in silence towards the dock, where a few hours before Pepper let go Tony's first arc reactor.
"I didn't get the chance to apologize to him," Bucky finally spoke looking at the water.
Steve sighed. "It wasn't your fault," he said looking directly at him.
The silence returned to reign. The only things audible were the calming waves of the lake, moved by the breeze.
“I have something important to tell you, but I know you won’t like it,” said Steve, looking at the horizon of the lake.
Bucky was saying nothing, waiting for him to continue. “Spit it out,” he said at the end.
Steve took a deep breath, turned to his friend and spoke. "I'm going back to Peggy," he said, watching his friend stand still like a statue that soon it would have cracked.
Bucky finally looked at Steve in the eyes, in disbelief. He couldn't be serious. He couldn't do that to him. After all they've been through.
"You can't leave me," his voice broke as he spoke. "You can't leave me here, alone," he added facing his friend.
"Bucky, please," Steve tried to talk as he walked closer to him, but Bucky was pulling away. "Let me explain," he continued.
"What is there to explain? You're going back to your ex, leaving your best friend, for whom you fought so many times, alone in this new world, which I know nothing about," Bucky spat out his words like bullets.
"You're not alone, there's Sam and the Wakandans and..."
Bucky interrupted him. "And you really think they want something to do with me? But who can blame them, nobody wants to have something to do with a serial killer," at that moment, he was shouting.
"Bucky, please, don’t scream, we’re still at a funeral," Steve tried to calm him down. "Let me explain," he added.
"Do it, then," Bucky had his arms crossed to his chest, facing him with a straight posture.
"I’m tasked with taking the stones back in time, and, when I’m done, I’ll visit Peggy and take her dancing like I promised," Steve tried to explain in the best way possible. "I wanna see her, Bucky. She's the only woman I ever loved. I need to see her."
Bucky took his eyes down, again. He was torturing his flesh hand, while listening to Steve. "What about Natasha?" he said quietly.
Steve pointed his finger towards Bucky. "Don't you dare bring her in this," shouted the Captain.
"She was by your side every time you needed her and now she's nothing? What, since she's dead, she doesn't matter anymore?" Bucky's words were like knives cutting Steve's heart.
"You know how I felt about her," said Steve with tight teeth.
"So, stay for her. If you don't want to stay for me, do it for her. Stay here and honour her death as she deserves," Bucky replied quietly and accepting the fact that Steve won't stay for him.
"Bucky, I care so much about you, you know it," Steve walked towards him.
"Then, why are you leaving?" the conversation is back to square one.
"Because I love her," finally said the Captain, talking about Peggy.
After a long time, the silence came back. Steve couldn't say anything else. Bucky was speechless.
For the first time, the Captain was struggling to find the right words to say. “I deserve an happy ending, Bucky,” Steve tried to admit it more to himself than to Bucky.
The soldier looked up, facing Steve again. The both of them could tell that they were hurting deep inside.
“I really thought I would be a part of it, Bucky said, “because, you know, 'I’m with you till the end of the line', ” he quoted with his fingers and then turned his back on Steve,
“but apparently it was a short line. They were all lies?”
Steve brought his hands to his face, rubbing his cheeks and eyes. “I already got my happy ending with you, Buck,” he said, “you’re here, alive, free, I saved you...”
Bucky interrupted him, screaming. “You didn’t save me,” he spat out, “Shuri saved me, Okoye saved me, Ayo saved me, but where were you when I was in Wakanda, recovering from all the things I had to go through alone? You never visited me,” Bucky was shouting and he was gesturing as he got closer and closer to Steve.
“You fought for me against Tony, but then? You got rid of me, you lifted a weight off your shoulders, leaving me at the mercy of people I didn’t even know. But guess what? They saved me, strangers saved me, not my best friend,” Bucky was pointing his finger on Steve’s chest, looking up at him with his piercing blue eyes.
“And now, you’re getting rid of me again. You’re doing the same thing over and over. Where will I go, huh? I don’t have a house, I don’t have a family, because you were both of them for me.
You are my home and my family, Steve, but you don’t fucking care, and you never will,” Bucky was talking with tight teeth, a lonely tear fell on his cheek.
“Bucky...” Steve tried to talk.
“Don’t you fucking dare tell me it isn’t true,” Bucky was screaming again, “because if you actually cared, you’d stay here.”
Both of them stayed in silence, facing each other with raging eyes. They were furious at each other, they were stubborn and neither of them wanted to accept what the other was saying.
Steve was sure of his decision and he wouldn't change it for nothing in the world. Instead, Bucky was fighting his demons in silence, looking for the words that could break Steve and convince him to stay.
After a quick look, Bucky walked off and entered the cabin again. He was walking quickly towards the front door, avoiding any eye contact. No one seemed to notice him, since they were talking to each other and mourning for Tony.
Before pulling down the door handle, Bucky looked back in the hope of finding Steve chasing him. But he wasn't.
He opened the door and walked away. He understood that he won't stay and discussing more and more wouldn't change anything. He put his hands in his pockets and never looked back again.
He lost his best friend forever, once again.
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jammesbarnnes · 6 days ago
Avengers Headcanon: All the Avengers own a weighted blanket. Tony started it when, after listening to him talk about all his worries and his inability to sleep, Bruce told him about them. Not long after, Tony got Bruce one. They sleep with them every night. Eventually, Thor noticed and laughed because he thought, somehow, blankets were too heavy for Midgardians. Bruce let him borrow it and after that he refused to sleep with anything else. Eventually they all end up getting one in a different color for various reasons. It's all helped them a lot with sleep, with anxiety, etc and they have fun with them too, even using all of them on Hulk thinking that might calm the big guy down for a while. It's become such a staple in the Avengers, even the newest members are highly encouraged to get them. They don't know why at the beginning, but they come to understand.
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october-lady · 7 days ago
AU were endgame ended all nicely no deaths. Tony builds a little town sort of thing near the compound, each Avenger claims a house and Wanda and Nat move in together while they wait for Vsiions to be fixed, the two fall in love and when Vision comes back he’s like ‘cool guess I’ll go back to Tonys’ and happy. Also giant cook outs and stupid nonsense
What do you mean AU? Isn't that what happened? No one died and they lived happily ever after!
I love the idea of an Avengers village! So wholesome! They can have sleepovers at gather at the town square around a campfire and sing and dance and eat and drink and laugh but mainly, be ALIVE!
I would love an Avengers bake off! Can you imagine the mess? Half of them would probably burn down the kitchen!
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skylander5000 · 9 days ago
NEW FIC ALERT!! *Beep Beep*
Title: Hurt And Grieve But Don't Suffer Alone
Read on AO3 Here!
Word Count: 2.1K
Rating: Teen & Up for swearing
Pairing(s): Laura Kinney/Natasha Romanov
A/n: Hey, so if you've read any of my fics before you know the drill. Timeline wise just think Age of Ultron but with Laura.
Summary: Laura has a really bad panic attack after a mission, and Charles isn't there to help her. But, luckily Natasha is.
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thebulletgirl · 10 days ago
I honestly feel so cheated that we never got Liho in the MCU. 
Endgame would have been a perfect time. Nat spent 5 years living in the compound pretty isolated, half the people she loved were dead, and the rest were split up. She spent those years running the Avengers, trying to keep the world safe, holding all that responsibility on her shoulders. 
She had her ballet shoes in her office as a classic Easter egg, would it have killed them to also have Liho asleep in a chair in the corner??? That way she wouldn’t have been so alone that whole time, she would have had another creature that loved her to keep her company 😭  Even just an off hand comment about picking up catfood on the way home, or that Clint's breath smells worse than Liho’s asdfghjsksk 
Tumblr media
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male-reader-fanfic · 11 days ago
I know you mainly write stories but I'd like to challenge you to write some avengers x reader headcanons where the reader has a 5 y/o son/daughter! (If not can we have Sam pretty please? Love your work)
Oooh im gonna go with a daughter
Head cannons for having a daughter
Avengers x male!reader
She calls everyone uncle or auntie
Tony loves to teach her about tech and will take her to his lab if you need a break
Steve will teach her about history and ww2, he won't go into too much detail as she's only young
Nat will teach her ballerina and she will always come to find you after she's learned a new pose or routine
Clint just loves to play with her. You always go to Clint if you need parenting advice.
Bruce is the one you go to when she's sick. Most of the time he tells you not worry and she'll get better with some rest
Bucky doesn't really interact with her as he's scared he's gonna hurt her. However he will never ignore her if she asks him a question.
Sam is the cool uncle who spoils her. He will take her out for breakfast ice cream or will treat her to new toys every so often. He enjoys playing tea parties and will even let her dress him up. You cried laughing when you saw him in a pink tutu.
All of the avengers are super protective of her. And will do anything to keep her safe.
Most of them will babysit her if you need them to. Like when you're on missions or you just need some R&R.
She likes to tell the kids in her nursery that she knows the avengers and will sometimes try to bring in their costumes. Caps helmet, Tony's first arc reactor, Sams goggles and many more.
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myanimefics · 12 days ago
Saying "I Love You" For the First Time
Dark content creators +consumers dni
Gender neutral
Characters: Wanda maximoff, Natasha romanoff, Steve Rogers, and Vision
Tumblr media
Wanda maximoff
She is so bloody happy, has to stop herself from jumping up and down.
Immediately cradles your face and gives you a very heartfelt kiss.
You swear you see shiny tears falling from her joy filled eyes.
She looks up/down at you and happily returns the words.
"I love you so much, дорогой"
Natasha romanoff
You guys had a long night of hanging out and shopping.
She is dozing off with her head buried in your neck, enjoying the scent of your perfume/cologne.
You take your hand up to her fire-like hair and begin detailing each strand.
Thinking that she has already dozed off you mumble the words, I love you.
You were startled at the feeling of her lifting her head from her spot between your neck, but you're met with a sweet and gentle smile from her rosey lips.
"I love you too, моя любов"
Steve Rogers
The two of you have woken up earlier than the rest of the team and decided to have breakfast together.
You make him a stack of fluffy pancakes with blueberries engraved in them.
He takes the food with a sweet smile on his face and shyly thanks you.
You guys are talking about your plans for the rest of the day and you say a little joke about him obviously having a soft spot for you.
He chuckles and shakes his head while saying, " God, I love you, Y/n."
You take a sip of your orange juice with a slight smirk, visible from his angle of your face.
"And I love you too, Mr. Rogers."
You guys were doing your usual Friday night tradition, and that was having a movie night.
The two of you were under a soft blanket together while a rom-com played on the big screen.
He is obviously a robot but he is one that is willing to learn, especially for you.
You laughed at one of the jokes that one of the characters made, making him look over at you and smile.
He laughed, mimicking your action in a way to seem more human.
You realized this and snuggled even closer to him while slightly giggling
"Gosh! I love you and your sense of humor, especially you though."
He knows what love is and what it is like to feel it so in an eager manner he says those same magical words back to you.
"I love you aswell, my love."
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redspiderling · 13 days ago
Crossover Headcanon
If Marvel is moving on to a new Widow, can they like, make Natasha Romanoff part of the public domain? I think she’s the sort of Deus Ex Machina that can be inserted into all sorts of franchises and just make them better.
Nat in Star Wars as a rebel trooper infiltrating an Empire base and fucking things up like a champ.
Nat in Snowpiercer the movie. She could be part of the back of the train, and mindfuck Wilford so badly.
Nat in Big Little Lies. She’s the secret weapon of the group. She could fuck up Renata’s husband so badly. She’d have caught on Celeste being abused and that dude would have been 6 feet under so much earlier in the series.
I feel like women in fiction have such a hard time getting a win out of the situations they find themselves in. There’s always a catch, there’s always something that takes away from their victories and I don’t like that. I want to see women win, I want to see them escape an abusive environment and not to have something that forces them to relive it in any way. That’s the kind of story I want for Natasha. I want her to be getting herself and/or others out of tough situations and not even breaking a sweat.
Just give her to us Marvel, we’ll take so much better care of her 🥺
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myanimefics · 14 days ago
How they would react: holding their face
Dark content creators +consumers dni
Gender neutral
Characters: wanda maximoff, pietro maximoff, vision, bucky barnes, sam wilson, Thor, Natasha, T'challa
Tumblr media
He is a bit shocked at the sudden display of affection. It takes a few for him to get used to it and he sends a light smirk your way, "And what is this for, my love?"
Wanda maximoff
She loves the fact that she's finally receiving love and affection. Her childhood was just tragic and full of loss. She leans a bit more into your touch and kisses the skin of your hands her lips can reach.
He shows a small smile and puts his hand over yours and kisses your hands. These are his most favorite moments when the two of you are vulnerable together. He makes eye contact with you before leaning in to give you a soft kiss.
Pietro maximoff
He immediately gets a bit smug about you holding his face, but he genuinely wants you to know that he appreciates it. "Your hands are so cold, my love. Let's warm them." He puts his hand over yours and has a wide smile on his face.
Bucky barnes
He hasn't felt this type of warming love in a very long time. He doesn't want this to end and leans into your touch. He asks what's wrong because something must be wrong if you're caring for him. You say nothing is wrong and to let him let you admire him. "Oh, okay. Thank you so much."
Sam wilson
As soon as your hands land on his smooth skin he chuckles. He leans in to kiss your forehead and tease you a bit. "Don't get too distracted now."
He gets so so smiley!! Smiles and chuckles at your loving action and calls you by his nickname for you. "How are you today, dear?" Thor gets so happy at your action because in all honesty he is touch-starved but he might not be aware of it.
Natasha romanoff
She sends a gentle smile your way and says a simple hi. She acts casual of the situation and asks what you want to eat for dinner.
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tinyyoungblood · 15 days ago
how ab a headcanon where the avengers all take a trip either to disney world or on a disney cruise? i’m a whore for the idea of everyone, especially peter and y/n, just acting like kids again
pairing: peter parker x avenger!reader
a/n: i like this prompt so much!! i’ve never been to disneyland, but i hope this is accurate enough lol. i also turned this into a vlog bc someone had to record this mess and since it can’t be me, i’m giving filming privileges to bruce
              ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
the avengers in disneyland
everyone is very very excited and the days before they leave pass in a flurry of excitement, but peter has never been to disneyland, so he’s THRILLED beyond means
peter’s jumping up and down while everyone’s loading the van and he keeps asking them if they’re ready for this “life-changing field trip?????”
sam is genuinely afraid that if peter jumps any higher he will bounce off earth, so he grabs peter by the middle and carries him horizontally into the car
steve gave a whole lecture on not getting lost the day before and since tony couldn’t resist it, he is dressed head to toe in neon yellow and grinning cockily
nat steps into the van, sees him, and turns around with her hand over her eyes like she’s been blinded
bruce brings his video camera with him and records everything. first thing they do is hit up a gift shop and it is better than any oscar nominated movie
everything they pick up is subjected to a thorough label reading and some kind of commentary
“steve, show them what you’re getting!!” “slippers” “what kind of slippers” “uh...soft”
thor on the other hand takes it very serious and his commentary ends up being very ~shakespearean~
peter and y/n get matching friendship bracelets for everyone
loki: “i’m not wearing that”
y/n: “that’s alright-“
loki: “no tie it on for me”
bucky wouldn’t have come along if it weren’t for steve and sam, but now he’s taking it upon himself to make sure that everyone stays in good condition so they don’t miss out on training
the whole team gets hourly text messages from him in the group chat
bucky: “There’s a water leak in Mickey’s Toontwon. If any of you slip and hurt yourselves I will kill you.”
y/n: “love you too buck”
(they know it’s his way to express his love for them so every message almost makes them tear up)
loki really wants to go on splash mountain but since he doesn’t want to get his clothes wet, he asks the guards how ~splashy~ splash mountain gets
they don’t take him seriously and it infuriates loki because it’s a perfectly reasonable question but it quickly turns into a passionate argument that holds up the entire line
*cue y/n and nat dragging him away while bruce runs after them to zoom in on loki’s pouty glare*
they get him a green rain poncho with black polka dots from one of the gift shops, and he’s still glowering but he puts it on without protest before each ride that involves water
normally the avengers would easily get recognised but since everyone is walking around in costumes, people approach them for several other reasons
thor is just peacefully standing in life, staring at the incredicoaster like it’s the love of his life, when a little kid tugs at his cape
“excuse me sir, why are you so tall?” “good question, why are you so short?” “hmm” “hmm”
they find a micky mouse whac-a-mole and everyone is having Fun but something possesses tony and clint and they are really going for it
tony is a 5 foot tall ball of stress and competitiveness and he is yielding that plastic hammer like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do
clint on the other hand is starting to feel the numbness in his arms
y/n, with sarcasm: “you can do it, clint!”
clint, with spite: “i cannot do it, thanks”
*y/n stares into the camera*
they also make up a rule that if you are in a 5 meters radius of one of the theme park characters, you HAVE to snap a picture with them
steve, who gets constantly shoved nudged by bucky into some character’s path, ends up taking a picture with almost every single disneyland character
at some point, he’s just downright sick of it and there’s a 7 min video of steve zooming across the lot while goofy and woody run after him with wide open arms
bucky is doubled over with laughter in the background while sam is standing beside him and wiping away his own tears
the avengers also buy all the pictures that are taken of them on the rides and even stop at some photo booths so they can send them to wanda and vision who are both vacationing on hawai’i <3
thor, peter, and y/n run themselves ragged and their legs almost give out but they will not stop until they have been on every ride that disneyland has to offer
the others think it’s obnoxious but they follow and join them without hesitation
tony is secretly trembling with fear. doing loops in the air at the speed of light is fine and so is battling aliens, but getting on a rollercoaster ride is just heart-stopping horrifying
it’s not that he doesn’t like rollercoasters, (that man has no self-preservation skills, anything that resembles plummeting to death will be gazed at with big heart eyes) but he just doesn’t trust them
if he didn’t build it or prove it, he doesn’t trust it. period. but the avengers are just so excited and happy that he can’t find it in him to sit out
that quickly results in thor and tony re-enacting very impressive Shouting Contests on each ride without fail
tony is screaming and clinging onto whoever is sitting next to him for dear life because he’s Petrified™️
and thor is screaming, because he’s having The Time Of His Life
he’s feeling the wind in his hair, his heart in his throat, and if he’s not shredding his vocal chords and flinging his limbs around, what’s the point of it all
after 20 different rides, tony is sick of pretending and just trudges through disneyland, the happiest place of earth, like it’s the sole cause of all suffering in the world
nat rejoins the group after she mysteriously disappeared for a moment and her hair is tossed, there’s ash on her face, and half of her clothes are wet
bruce, startled: “where have you been??”
nat, beaming: “there was a ride that spat fire from all sides and people jumped out of nowhere to scare you while the whole place was filled with hot water!!!”
bruce, concerned, zooms in on nat’s excited face
“nat i think you went to hell”
sam is big on merry-go-rounds so he drags everyone with him and while some one them first don’t seem to enjoy it, they change their mind once they see bucky’s little smile
(they go on at least ten more rounds until it starts to get dizzy)
a little girl trips over her princess gown and falls close to where steve is waiting in line, and steve immediately abandons his spot to rush over
bruce zooms in on them bc steve has always been kinda awkward with kids, but here he is, crouching down and comforting that little girl, and it’s so unashamedly soft and sweet
they can’t hear what steve is saying but she’s BEAMING now and even giving him a wobbly courtesy while he claps proudly
bruce turns the camera around and both he and clint are lowkey in TEARS like “why are we crying?? we didn’t even fall down” “i KNOW!!”
nat gets a hold of the camera and she’s on a mission to get the most embarrassing greatest footage possible
“bucky, go stand next to moana” “why?” “it’s moana go stand over there” “but i don’t know-“ “bucky.” *cue bucky, awkwardly standing next to moana while nat grins broadly*
when he’s back with the team, sam just stares at him blank-faced, clearly waiting for bucky to ask why he’s looking at him
eventually bucky caves in with a long sigh
“what” “i can’t believe you don’t know who moana of montunui is. she restored BALANCE to the WORLD. put some RESPECT ON HER NAME”
no one knows why but there’s footage of y/n, thor, tony, and loki strutting up and down in the middle of the lane in minnie mouse plush shoes like it’s a catwalk
sam, bucky, and nat are holding up their fingers to score them while steve is staring at them like he’s analysing their fighting stances
bruce, clint, and peter are standing on the sidelines and cheering them on as they should be
they end their day by digging into an unholy amount of fries that even steve can’t resist because they’ve been walking the whole day
a questionable amount of cotton candy also end ups in their possession and the footage of that is just mostly everyone trying out each other’s cones while the camera is passed between them
soon after, the avengers are back in their van to drive home and bruce zooms in on the row of seats where y/n has her head on peter’s shoulder while the others are also half-lounging on each other, and everyone is asleep <3
* * *
guess what i’m about to say?
stay hydrated pals
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tinyyoungblood · 17 days ago
OOO OK hear me out: headcanon of midnight fast food runs with all the avengers. somehow everyone’s awake at 3 am so everyone gets piled into a car, half asleep, peter driving and y/n playing the best music, just to walk into like mcdonald’s and getting recognized and it’s just the best thing ever
a/n: you creative child, this is brilliant!! thank u for sending it in :’) here you go, another headcanon bc this is how i cope lol enjoy
pairing: peter parker x avenger!reader
the avengers + 3 am midnight runs
              ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
it’s 3:30 am and it’s one of those nights
no can sleep, everyone is awake for various reasons and they’re all sick of blindly tossing around. then they hear the elevator ding from out the hallway and they immediately perk up
they all get up at the same time and open their doors at the same time
bruce: “we have to stop spending so much time together”
then they silently shuffle toward the elevator to see who it is
thor, peter and y/n step out, all holding a venti iced latte and a mcmuffin and everyone acts like it’s grossing them out because it’s too early for food
but their eyes meet and it’s one of those moments where you know you’re about to do something careless and stupid but you do it anyway
they all squeeze into the elevator in their pyjamas without uttering a word and wiggle their way into the 10 passenger van they always use for bonding trips
y/n, peter and thor follow without protest bc Sleep Is For The Weak
peter somehow ends up in the driver’s seat while y/n gets to drive shotgun and no one notices bc everyone’s too busy fighting tooth and nail to get some room but then the car almost hits a lantern and someone screams
(it was loki)
“sHIT eyes on the road stark!!!” “wilson, i’m sitting right next to you?” “then who’s driving”
y/n, cheerily: “peter is!” “yep! and i think i’m doing a pretty good job too! can you believe i’ve only driven in parking lots and once in a car chase? funny right” “yOU WHAT-“
y/n switches to random stations to have it play quietly in the background but then ‘driver’s license’ comes on and peter whoops and rolls down the windows while y/n yanks up the volume
the avengers are flabbergasted because why are the younglings getting so excited about a song that is about heartbreak?
30 seconds later, they get it
sam pulls up lyrics, tony and nat chime in on the chorus with peter and y/n, and the others pull out flashlights and lighters to hold them up
bucky tries to wipe away his tears without anyone noticing, and steve smirks at him because ofc he saw it. he’s not impressed when bucky hisses at him
and then the bridge hits and everyone loses their minds
safety is thrown to the wind, everyone rolls down their windows and sticks out their heads and arms while screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs
it’s too cinematic to be real tbh but it’s GREAT
and that’s how the longest night of the year starts. not technically, but it sure feels like it because so much happens
mcdonald’s is lawless land and the avengers are on a mission to wholeheartedly contribute to the vibe
some guy waiting in line: “hey aren’t you the god of thunder? you’re an avenger right?”
thor, literally carrying mjolnir and very obviously traveling with the team: “never heard of them”
clint is an old man and it’s clearly past his bed time but he refuses to be left out of this, so he fluctuates between napping the moment they sit down and trying to drag everyone along to wander around
steve is 100% that one super super nice stranger you start a super deep conversation with and it leaves you in a great mood for the rest of the night
he even ends up exchanging numbers with a nice lady that does art workshops so now steve has a new place to flaunt his artistic vein :)
it’s literally 3 am but nat and loki look flawless. it’s ridiculous. they’re sauntering through this place, looking like the gods of hell, and leaving other insomniacs utterly speechless
they’re all turning their heads to stare after them because have they officially lost their minds? how does one look so intimidating but so magnificent
tony is the king of insomnia, he’s INVENTED it and it’s his city now, but once he’s out he’s out and no one has the heart to wake him up
he falls asleep in the most uncomfortable positions/places all night
he’s literally on top of a stranger’s car and they really have to go and the avengers are all shoving each other to be the one who has to interrupt his precious sleep
eventually bucky ends up carrying tony and he wakes up as they’re walking back
tony, patting bucky on the cheek before hopping down: “thanks buck”
peter being a class one protégé and passionate insomniac himself follows in his mentor’s footsteps and falls asleep everywhere, and although it’s kinda concerning, the team understands it shows his trust in them
he gets used to waking up in steve or thor’s arms
one time sam tossed him over his shoulder to get back to the car and peter is aghast, he is appalled, how dare he not carry him bridal style like the rest of the avengers, he deserves it-
they go get frozen yoghurt and steve only wants the healthy mango sorbet but y/n convinces him to try some of hers, which is vanilla chocolate fudge and oreo pieces
“that’s awful” “you want another bite” “yes”
(steve rogers is a whore for chocolate but you’ll never see him admit it)
nat challenges clint and bruce to fill their cups as high as possible so now they’re all stretched out on their stomaches on the floor by the yoghurt machines, ankles crossed, and navigating their cups to make the highest frozen yoghurt tower the world has ever seen
this starts a whole series of competitions in the middle of the store including who can leg press the most people
it ends up being a tie between steve, bucky, thor, and peter. they each had nat, tony, bruce AND loki and didn’t even break a sweat
“y/n, close your mouth”
but the night eventually does come to an end and everyone is huddled inside the van, some are already lightly snoring, and tony’s driving
once they’re back at the compound they don’t feel like parting ways though, so they wordlessly go to their rooms to grab all the pillows and blankets they can find
once they’re all sprawled on the ground in the living room, sleep comes easily especially after a night like that <3
* * *
stay hydrated pals
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marvelfansince08love · 18 days ago
1K Celebration!!!
Hey loves!💕
I can't believe we've made it to 1000 followers!! AND we've also reached my first year anniversary of running the blog a few weeks ago, I'm honestly shook! Thank you all so much for following, reblogging and commenting on my works💖 it honestly means so much to me! So to celebrate I'm going to be opening my requests for one shots/drabbles/headcanons from my series's (completed and ongoing) or my other requested story prompts! I'd love to see what you guys send in💓
Tagging: @imnotasuperhero @canarypoint @natasha-danvers @waitingfortheendtocome @the-obscurity @cruelsummerindeed @the-enamorando-deity @chewbacca0805 @coconutlipss @saucy-sapphic @creepingwolfberry @grilledcheeseandguavajelly @nat-romanoffdanvers @nervousspiderling @minavenable @missmonsters2
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myanimefics · 19 days ago
Mornings with Natasha headcanons
Dark content creators +consumers don't interact
Gender neutral
Tumblr media
She wakes you up by gently shaking you and kissing your shoulder.
The record player the two of you bought is playing soft 40's music .
You can even smell a hint of bacon in the back.
"Come on, I fixed you some breakfast." She says as she smiles and gently kisses your nose.
You happily wake up hand in hand with her and see the table set up with pancakes, eggs and bacon.
The two of you sit down while you both talk about your plans for the day ahead.
Whether you want to visit the new store around the block, walk in the park, go to a coffee shop, or just hang around the house.
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tinyyoungblood · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
a collection of headcanons ft. the avengers that no one asked for ✰
i’m a whore for the found family trope and the avengers are lovely people, so join me in wholeheartedly ignoring endgame’s existence to have a grand time <3
feel free to send in ideas for this!
              ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
peter parker x avenger!reader [⍟]
a good week at soccer camp
ugliest, strangest, and most magnificent
3 am midnight runs
the avengers in disneyland
peter parker x stark!reader [⎊]
courting is a gambling game
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myanimefics · 19 days ago
Polyamorous relationship with Wanda and Nat
Dark content creators +consumers don't interact
Gender neutral
Tumblr media
They both love you very much, and they show that through actions.
You guys go to museums together and also aquariums.
Wanda points at the fish she finds cool and Nat is just blankly staring at the frogs.
Most dates consist of going out to parks, aquariums, and museums. Places where you can find cool stuff.
You guys make cuddle piles and watch studio ghibli movies.
Nat cries while watching My neighbor totoro but tries to deny it.
Going to a nearby gas station at nightly hours and getting snacks.
Wanda enjoys to tease the two of you while trying to teach you how to speak her native language.
You probably wake up last in the mornings, they make breakfast for you to wake up to while you sleep.
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