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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
seeing all these spm kins popping up makes me so happy but i don't have anything to say, i'm so sorry...i love you guys and i hope you're all well. especially you, count bleck. -nastasia
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where the hell is o'chunks?? - a very concerned nastasia
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why do i feel so numb? surprise! it's a nastasia shift!
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just nastasia kin things: following every single count bleck i see but never talking to them in fear that they don't actually want to talk to me :^)
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Catch me out here being kin with a Super Paper Mario character. Oh but not one of the main ones. I’m Nastasia, the one who’s been helping the Count the longest, but everyone forgets about me anyways...
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uhh i'm Nastasia from SPM and nobody ever really seems to want to find me and it's just. bleh
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