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newcypress · 15 minutes ago
@electrical-banana tagged me to post 9 photos from my camera roll that represent me. This is mostly memes that I relate to. I have real pictures but fuck that this is Tumblr! No obligation to do it, but @dragonflykida @jesterfrog @nerdwitchkryss @goofyzachy and anyone else who wants to do it, tag me so I can see!
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narcisismomaterno · an hour ago
Declaration of the rights of the daughter of a narcissistic mother
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(painting not mine)
“I have a right to be angry with those who abuse me.
I have the right to be treated as an adult.
I have the right to say "no". I have a right to make mistakes.
I have the right to cut off contact with toxic people, regardless of who they are.
I have the right to live my life according to my head.
I have the right to complain about what I don't think is right and about the injustices committed against me.
I have the right to validate my story and my reality.
I have a right to protect myself.
I have the right to feel antagonistic emotions, as well as to express them in a non-abusive way.
I have the right to ask for and refuse help.
I have the right to have my own will, opinion and interests.
I have the right to change the way I act and think.
I have the right to live a fulfilling and fulfilling life. "- Michele Engelke, author of books on maternal narcissism
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alice-dont-break · 6 hours ago
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everyone freeze - does her name tag say rose? 👀
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blubfishblue · 10 hours ago
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blubfishblue · 10 hours ago
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fernsehn · 12 hours ago
When you suffer under your boss for two years only to repeatedly be in more intimate meetings with him in which he basically laments how he suffers under HIS boss and describes the same dynamics that apply to your relationshipt with him....
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fightagainnarcisist · 13 hours ago
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lisaaromano · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Look closely and what do you see?
I often contemplate the outer self being much like the crust of the earth or like the grey stone that covers the gems we are on the inside.
When someone is said to be narcissistic or codependent, they THINK they are their outer layer and they play with those in the 3D world that believe that also.
In order to reach these magnificent crystals, there had to be a BREAKTHROUGH. The tough outer layer had to be broken and shattered in order to find the crystals within, and so it is with us.
There is the subconscious mind that interfaces with the middle layer that many of us can’t seem to know how to escape.
Because we keep looking to those who remain stuck in the dead, repetitive, reactionary 3D world for what only we can find within ourselves.
Spiritual breakthroughs often manifest in our mental and emotional breakdowns. It is when we’ve been cracked open wide and forced to face the illusions we’ve believed in that the opportunity to know ourselves as the divine sacred beings we are exists.
Narcissists are fixated on things that they believe they can control, but ultimately cannot, in the 3D world. Release yourself from the need to please, seek validation and to prove others wrong and go within!
There you will discover the meaning of “I Am — Enough”.
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purplegeorgina · 22 hours ago
“After getting into a steady relationship I honestly haven’t felt the need to post selfies. I just send those to my partner 🤷🏻‍♀️”
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escapist-dreams · a day ago
Fix it ~ Invincible Fanfiction
Summary: Rex's hand gets damaged in a fight. No one is willing to help him, so he helps himself.
Warnings: spoilers for both the Invincible animated show(episode 7) and comics(issue #40) concerning Rex-Splode, injuries(nothing nearly as graphic as the source material)
Word Count: 2.3k
This is my first Invincible fanfic, and one of the first fics I've written in awhile! Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy! Feel free to tell me what you think about it! Constructive criticism would be appreciated :D
Tumblr media
"We meet yet again, Invincible!" D.A. Sinclair shouted with his usual dramatic flair. He had escaped from the government facility a couple months ago and holed up in a sewer, making more of his fucked up 'reanimen' who the new Guardians of the Globe were now fighting.
His army of cyborgs were unleashed onto the fleeing crowd, more destructive than self destructive this time. Sinclair must've taken notes from his previous failures.
While they targeted the heroes, civilians were caught in the crossfire left and right. Dupli-Kate evacuated the remaining civilians while Shrinking-Rae fought off any cyborgs coming near. The rest of the team tried to disarm the cyborgs without killing them, which Mark made them agree to do before the fight.
Invincible went through one after the other, knocking out the cyborgs, one could tell he was holding back. Monster Girl knocked out a good chunk of them, but accidentally killed one or two with the strength of her monster form. One of them slammed her against a building, sending a big crack up the wall, no doubt affecting civilians in the upper floors. Shrinking-Rae rushed to save those in the building affected by the crack, while Monster Girl slumped against the wall, down for the count.
Rex-Splode made it past the wall of reanimen defending Sinclair and shot a projectile at his torso. He stumbled as the magnet hit his side and exploded, only grazing him but doing damage all the same. He cupped a hand around the wound, and when he regained his composure, looked directly at Rex.
"You'll pay for that!" With a movement of his hand, D. A. Sinclair ordered the cyborg to target Rex-Splode.
"Sure I will, asshole!" Rex smirked and raised his hand again, aiming for Sinclair's head. The cyborg intervened, lunging towards Rex, who dodged and backed away. He couldn't kill the guy, but he really didn't want to get beat to a bloody pulp today. He made a split second decision to shoot him in the legs to slow him down. He did so, but all he received for his efforts was the sound of a small metal impact. He'd missed the human parts, the projectile only slightly slowed the cyborg.
Just as he was about to shoot again, the cyborg grabbed his hand, crushing flesh and metal alike. Rex doubled over as a wave of pain hit him like a brick. He tried to push past it after a few moments, looking up just in time to see Robot come up behind the reaniman, knocking him out with a punch. Invincible grabbed a piece of metal from a street sign that had been crushed in the wreckage of the battle and bent it tightly around Sinclair, effectively trapping him. And since the cyborgs were all either knocked out or no longer under his control, the battle was over.
"You couldnt've done that earlier?" Rex complained as Mark tied up Sinclair, wincing in pain. Several members of the team gave him a familiar look of annoyance.
"Maybe if you weren't too busy cowering we would've finished this sooner." Samson stated.
"I wasn't--!" Rex began, but he doubled over again before he could finish, another wave of pain hitting him.
The rest of the team had sustained some injuries as well, but they were able to shake it off for the most part by the time they arrived back at the guardians' base.
"Hey Robot-" Rex tried to catch him before they fully returned to the group.
"It's Rudy."
"Right. Rudy, can you uh.." he pointed to his busted up hand, the blood dried onto the metal. Rudy made a wincing sound at the sight, then looked to their friends, who were in a group celebrating the won battle.
"Hm.. That's going to take a bit to fix, if you can wait I'll fix it in a couple minutes." he decided. Rex opened his mouth to protest, but closed it and nodded in agreement. The two rejoined the group.
They spent a few minutes having conversations in small groups, some about the fight, and some about completely different things. After about half an hour passed, Mark got up from his seat, explaining that he needed to get back home, as he had some homework to finish up. Slowly the group dissolved, rejoining their everyday lives. Rex ran to catch Rudy before he and Amanda left.
"Hey Rudy, can you fix this thing before you go? If you couldn't tell, it *kinda* hurts." Rex gestured to his hand, pulling the glove up a bit to show the broken metal and bloody skin.
"Can it wait, Rex? Me and Amanda are getting lunch." he paused, conflicted, "you can join if you want." he offered politely, but judging by the looks on his and Amanda's face, it wasn't an invitation.
"I'll pass." Rex sighed, unsure if he was more angry or sad about it at this point. Rudy shrugged as if to say "your loss", and he and Amanda left the base. Rex left as well a few moments later, Kate and Rae's conversation fading behind him as he made his way to his apartment.
Rex tried to ignore it, he really did. But god, it hurt. He must've been in shock before, but now that he had time to really think about and feel the injury, the pain set in. The metal of his hand had torn into his flesh and he was afraid to move it for fear of further lodging it into his arm. After awhile of trying to ignore the injury, Rex decided he couldn't take it anymore. If no one would help him, he would help himself.
Rex knew a thing or two about robotics since he got his powers from the devices in his wrists, and had been taught a bit at the facility for use in battlefield situations. So he got some spare tools he used for small repairs on his arms and got to work fixing his hand. It took just about all night, but by the end he was fairly confident that he'd at least helped the situation.
He must've done something right because next time the guardians fought a villain, he was able to shoot the projectiles from his hand. No need to ask Rudy for help. And the next time it was damaged, and he fixed it himself again. This time his aim was slightly off. He hit several walls, the ground, and nearly a civilian before his desired target, but it was fine, right? He hit the guy eventually, he missed the civilian, and it still worked decently well.
He continued to repair it himself, using the knowledge from his previous mishaps to improve upon it. It continued to have slight malfunctions, but it worked.
Until it didn't.
He aimed, and shot, but the small explosive wouldn't budge. It wouldn't leave his hand, something blocked it. The BB lit up as he tried to shoot, but it exploded in his hand.
"Fuck!" Rex yelled, throwing a magnet from his belt with his offhand and dodging out of the way of an oncoming attack.
The team made quick work of the enemy, but not before they got a few good hits in on Dupli-Kate and Monster Girl as well. Amanda was slumped against a wall while Kate Prime nursed an injury on her side.
Back at the base, Rudy was busy being at Amanda's side. She had a minor concussion, but overall she was alright. The excessive blood from a cut on her head made the injury look more serious than it was. They were thankful that she was alright, minus a bit of blood loss and a head injury.
Rex wanted to celebrate her quick recovery longer than he did, but hesitantly left after drinks were had and the party died down a bit. He knew he would have to work on his hand for awhile to get it in working order and get any sleep that night.
It was already much later in the day by the time he arrived at his apartment. Repairs went well for the most part. He had passed out before realigning the metal, but quickly aligned it before heading to the base that morning, presumably deeming it functional, which was an achievement in Rex's opinion considering how badly it was broken and lack of materials. He got hardly any sleep, but he wasn't exactly the type to usually get a full eight hours every night anyways.
The next day after training, Rudy approached Rex unexpectedly.
"Hey Rex, I noticed your hand got busted up pretty badly yesterday. Need me to fix it?" Rudy offered, glancing at Rex's barely-together hand with a hint of what might be worry. Rex scoffed.
"Oh no it's fine," he said, half proud of his work and half bitter at Rudy. "I figured it out."
Rudy gave him a curious look, pausing for a moment before repeating, "You 'figured it out'?"
Rex nodded, taking off his glove and showing off his hand, which he'd barely been able to peice back together the night before. "I figured it out."
He'd had to patch up the hand with spare metal parts and slightly off-size bolts, but it wasn't too bad of a job. From a certain angle, it'd look fine even. A bit busted up, used for sure, but functional. Now, from the angle of someone with as much knowledge in robotics as Rudy had, the sight was returned after a long pause with a vaguely annoyed, "this is going to take awhile."
"What're you two doing?" Amanda asked, walking into the workroom with a half empty carton of disguised booze.
"Rex tried to fix his hand. By himself." Rudy explained condescendingly after a pause that made it obvious he was focused on his work. Rex scoffed at the answer.
"I think I did a great job, thank you very much." And besides being proud of his attempt at fixing it, the way he phrased it made Rex sound like an idiot, as if he hadn't asked for help several times before deciding to fix the problem himself.
"You put the metal covering back in place just off enough to block the projectile, the bolts are all the wrong size, and part of it is still jabbing into your arm. This isn't even the right kind of.." he trailed off, clicking a new bolt in place before mumbling, "how did you even fight like this-?!"
"Well it's not like you bothered to help me when I asked.." Rex answered with the tone of an upset child.
"You didn't say how bad it was."
"I showed you! You saw it!" Rex nearly shouted, frustration and anger bubbling up in his chest and out his mouth.
"I would have fixed this easily if you'd asked sooner."
"I did ask sooner!"
"You could've asked when I wasn't busy." Rudy spoke nearly absent-mindedly, focusing intently on prying part of the metal out of damaged tissue that tried to heal around it.
Rex hissed in pain before responding, "When were you not busy? I asked you like three times, you told me to wait!"
"I just told you, I was busy. Why didn't you go to Cecil for this?"
"Oh yeah, like I'm asking some creepy ass guy from the government to fix my hand- No fucking way!" Rex tried to ignore the hint of fear in his chest at the idea of some shady government operative poking and prodding at him in a blindingly white room.
"You'd rather bother me than ask someone whose job it is to fix things for help?"
"I'd rather ask my friend for help!"
"You could have asked when I wasn't busy." Rudy repeated, obviously struggling to keep his cool. "I'm not going to drop everything for you, Rex!"
"Yeah? Of course not, but I bet you'd drop everything for her." Rex pointed at Amanda, who had a front row seat to the argument standing in the doorway. The two locked eyes for a moment, then Rudy looked away to glare at Rex.
"At least she offers something to the team. She's an invaluable asset and I need to keep her safe." He didn't need to shout, his tone and words cut deeper than raw anger could.
"Well pardon me for wanting to be able to use my fucking hand--"
"Excuse me?" Amanda snapped, glaring at Rudy. "Rex is my friend, and I won't reciprocate your crush on me just because you look like him and aged down for me. I don't owe you shit. And being a dick to the guy whose face you stole doesn't make you more appealing."
"But I--" Rudy was at a loss for words; a rare occurrence. Scrambling to regain his composure, he blurted out, "But I did this for you!"
"I don't owe you shit for that." she repeated firmly. "And if how you treat Rex is any indication, I wouldn't want to be with you, if this is how you treat a long time friend who needs help."
"Exactly!" Rex agreed, relieved that Amanda stepped in. Rudy glared at him before catching himself and looking back towards Amanda, who sighed angrily.
"He couldn't have asked Cecil!?" Rudy reiterated, grasping at straws trying to 'win' the argument he'd already lost.
"He's obviously uncomfortable with that, or he would've done it already. Something you would notice if you bothered to give him a second glance." Amanda snapped back. "He came to you for help, and you lectured him for it."
"Let's go, Rex. This asshole isn't worth our time." she decided. Rex followed her out the door to rejoin the rest of the group with a satisfied sort of pride in his chest. It felt nice to be defended by someone other than himself.
The door slammed shut.
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byebyetoxicmen · a day ago
Introduction Post
Hello sisters and brothers,
I’m currently crying my eyes out sprawled on my bed. It’s that ugly crying, I can’t do cute tears. My relationship of three years is over as of five days ago. Another girl is in his bed and it was just confirmed to me.
I’m dumbfounded. I did everything for him. I’m sure if you’re reading this you’ve done the same. I couldn’t hurt him that way, even for a million dollars. So, instead of wallowing in self pity I hired a therapist, went NC for the most part and it’s felt ok. Until I heard he had some girl in my bed. He told me before if i left they’d be 20 waiting to fill the spot. She’s a hooker.
I realized that I’m not in that scene. I don’t have a record and I don’t commit crimes. We have nothing in common and I was living in an fantasy. Thought with enough love he would want to change because he wanted too. What ended it with us was him getting mad at texting him. I am allowed to text him as much as I want and as his gf at the tune, he should have been ok with it.
He’s a chameleon when it comes to whose around. When it was hun and I we were great. Almost like homebodies. Then someone comes along and bam he’s tough Chris. I guess I have to be happy it happened. Because now I’m motivated to actually do the work.
This blog is going to share my journey. I’m going to share my daily journal, articles and beautiful imagery to keep us positive during this hard time. We can do this.
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{Self-Counselling Post at 4:30am}
My ex was an emtional abuser and manipulator.
I broke up with him on a Sunday. The Friday, 2 days earlier, I had invited him out to meet with one of my friends for a couple drinks.
Through out our relationship his parents were strict (we were 17 and 18), and when I and my friend met up with him he was in a bad mood, and wore a pitiful face. At first I tried to have a good time, but he remained reserved and depressed, and it was hard for my friend and I to ignore this.
I asked him what was wrong, and he told me his parents were not happy that he was going out so late, and that they told him that if he was going to go out at this time, they would lock all the doors and not let him back in. He then asked if he could spend the night at my place.
My mum has never wanted me to bring my boyfriends around our house, and I explained this to him and I explained that he had to make peace with his parents.
He tried to call them but whenever he called they hung up, so I let him borrow my phone to call them. He argued on my phone, in Polish, his first language, with his parents. Afterwards, he explained to me that they were not happy, and would not let him back in the house tonight. All this happened in front of my friend, and he and I even argued between us.
I then called my mum and explained the situation, and put him on the phone to my mum. My mum advised him that all what his parents really wanted was for him to be at home.
The night ended with us taking a taxi, I was dropped off home, and then he was dropped off at his home. On Facebook he messaged me to let me know he was in the house.
It was not the first time this sort of stressful situation had occurred in our relationship, and I realised that I couldn't take it any more, so I broke up with him on the Sunday, after 9 long months.
It wasn't a clean break up, and many arguments followed. When we were able to talk and have a conversation, I explained to him the impact of that Friday on my realisation that I couldn't be with him anymore. He explained to me that his parents had never really got angry with him, and that he had lied because he wanted to spend the night in my bed. I checked my caller history, and the numbers he had dailed that night were not real.
This is one of many examples of the type of emtional manipulation and lies he would put me through, albeit, not one of the successful ones.
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hoopsthighsbuttocks · a day ago
J called Grandma on Mother's Day and complained about how I didn't send a birthday card and probably won't call her that day because she hung up on me. She didn't mention the name calling, she just wanted sympathy. Of which she got none from her. Since she's not going to call anytime soon, and I'm never going to get the apology I deserve, I'm going to call her tonight to tell her we're eloping this weekend and to cancel her rooms.
Wish me luck.
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