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viralnews-love · 8 minutes ago
Tim Paine names the player who could be best suited to lead Australia
Tim Paine names the player who could be best suited to lead Australia
After a 2-1 Test series loss to India in the Border Gavaskar trophy 2021, Australia has been grooming future captains who can take over the current skipper Tim Paine’s position after his retirement. At a function hosted by the Chappell foundation at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Paine announced a major decision that could turn the fate of cricket Down Under. Discussing the future of captaincy,…
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spookyboywhump · 14 minutes ago
Olive, for the name thingy :P
A small girl, like, five feet tall. She’s got short, wavy black hair, round glasses, and she likes wearing jumper skirts and platform shoes. She always carries a backpack with several Sanrio keychains hanging off it and she always has a sketchbook on her. She’s very intelligent and very artistic, and she’s known to be very kind and caring among her friends. Despite her small size and cute appearance, she can be very serious and very imposing when she needs to be. In terms of whump OC’s, she would be the exasperated but loving caretaker to an idiot whumpee
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worstloki · 23 minutes ago
I'm writing a Miles Morales (Spider-verse) fic. I'm not sure what other Avengers are canon in his universe, but I'm considering doing a Loki cameo. Like there's this guy that keeps showing up and he's kinda quirky and then at the end of the fic he's revealed to be Loki. Think I should do it?
Loki is just one of the characters that can show up anywhere (and then does) so yeah i do think you should do it
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mystagenameisangel · 28 minutes ago
Thank you nonnie I love you 🤧
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neilisbored · 30 minutes ago
So was anyone going to tell me that the original manga version of Yu-Gi-Oh was just an edgier version of Captain N: The Game Master or did I have to find that out from a TheJWittz video
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new-names · 33 minutes ago
can I have some masc name suggestions, preferably nature themed and short/able to be shortened? thank you!
sure! (you’re welcome!)
Ambrose (Rose)
Evergreen (Ever)
Juniper (Juno)
Kingsley (King)
Wilford (Willy)
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new-names · 39 minutes ago
names like corey? (but maybe less painfully 90s haha)
here ya go!
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heauxplesslydevoted · 47 minutes ago
I feel like and their mother is in Knives Out 2, and I will absolutely be watching
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theotherrookie · 52 minutes ago
📝 📝 !!
Herril Greymoth
Herril is an NPC that I sometimes use in my D&D campaigns. I don't have any art of him yet since his appearance will change as the story progresses, so let me quickly sum that up first.
Taking from his character sheet, Herril is a human wizard with very high intelligence and very low charisma. Picture the average pale nerdy guy with baggy clothes and round glasses, but without the superiority complex of the average D&D wizard. He's very smart, but also extremely socially awkward, something that quickly resulted in him isolating in his tower with his books and his brother as his only friends to avoid the weird looks of the citizens. He doesn't know what normal people like to talk about but it's definitely not rocks and minerals.
Herril is no regular wizard, though. He's the court wizard of the Imperial City, a position that grants him a great pay for a peasant, a whole tower just for himself and free access to the loyal library. He owes his position to his brother, William Greymoth, a paladin of the local order devoted to Pelor. William worked hard so that his brother could study and prepare to go study under a wizard, even after their parents died.
Being naturally gifted for magic, Herril caught the attention of the royal family and became the court wizard at the age of 17, making him one of the youngest and most powerful wizards of the region. He doesn't think he's such a big deal, but he treasures his knowledge and wishes to share it with more than a bunch of superficial nobles.
Herril can be first met at the museum where, fascinated by the most exotic adventurers (last time it was Rook's Avariel counterpart and the Worgen fighter), he will offer a free tour of the expositions. It's easy to tell that talking to strangers isn't easy for him (again, -2 on charisma) but he's passionate about the topics and does his best to be polite according to the uses of all races.
If befriended and treated like more than a walking encyclopedia, Herril will slowly open up and work to improve his self-esteem a bit. Who knows, maybe in a future campaign he'll join the party on an adventure.
Johnny Steelhand
I'm going to start this with a disclaimer: characters that aren't muses on this blog have WIP names with very few exceptions.
Johnny has been mentioned before by Willow herself. His look is rather standard; big guy with a buzzcut, leather jacket, kaki pants, combat boots and, as the name suggests, a skinless cybernetic hand to replace his right one.
What makes him special then? Well, he's the leader of the Steelhands, one of the major street gangs of the outskirts and direct rival to the Panthers (Willow's group), his signature weapon is an electrified sledgehammer that can destroy a vehicle in literal minutes and loves to task his runts with very elaborate and gruesome executions.
In the grand scheme of things, Johnny isn't very high up on the food chain. He can terrorize half the outskirts with his name alone, but his reputation cuts him out of any major international traffic. He's just too volatile to be more than a delivery guy for the big organizations.
He's however the first to talk business with Willow and look like a fool after she takes over his little empire of terror. Johnny doesn't take this well and takes her arms in return. I won’t go too much in detail with this, we already know who won anyway.
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cowboy-anon · 55 minutes ago
For that oc name ask: freddie
CW: Crying, forcibly stripped (non sexual), frightened whumpee, kidnapping, pet whump (?), whipping with a belt
Okay, I’m going to describe Freddie (he/him) as if he were my OC, meaning the boy would suffer big time. Lol.
Freddie seems like he’d be hecking adorable. The first thing that comes to mind is the stereotypical curly red-haired boy with freckles. He likes wearing colorful scarves, even in the summer, and autumn is his favorite season. He makes dad jokes and likes crafts and is in his early years of college with an undecided major because decisions are too big a commitment. He’s thinking of studying botany though. His mother used to garden with him and in his apartment, he has over a dozen houseplants.
Now, onto the good stuff. He’d be a frightened whumpee, kidnapped from inside his apartment because he’s too trusting and thought that noise was probably the neighborhood cat in his room again.
The first time his whumper goes to punish Freddie for not shutting up, ripping his shirt off his body, Freddie cries out, “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?”
His whumper simply tells him to be quiet. And then he strikes him across the back with a belt and Freddie screams. They go until Freddie loses his voice and all he can do is cry. When the punishment is done, not soon enough, he’s shaking and sobbing and he flinches when his whumper crouches down next to him and pets his head.
From then on, when he’s going to be punished, he begs with his eyes and a barely audible, “Please no.” And when his whumper doesn’t respond, he does as he’s told, sniveling and trembling but obedient all the same, hoping every day that someone will come to save him.
No one ever does.
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jaded-tisay · an hour ago
Any warriors fans who DONT hate Spottedleaf for liking Firestar or getting in the way of Firestar/Sandstorm? She’s not even my favourite cat but I feel like the reason she gets so much hate is petty and it’s sad. Spottedleaf lovers pls interact
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dangitsbrightinhere · an hour ago
Changing my name again so if anyone has any good gender neutral names let me know plz and thanks
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blueskittlesart · an hour ago
misread that as "dogs preordered" and i was baffled
this happens every single time i post something with the acronym dgs in it but i refuse to start using tgaa or whatever the new acronym is. its always gonna be dgs in my mind
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blusargento · an hour ago
this is my last post of the night but. you guys realize it is not only possible but more than likely that john mulaney meant everything he said about his ex? that he loved her completely and thought he would share the rest of his life with her, without doubt? it's just crazy to me how y'all are holding statements he made years ago against him, or like. judging him for making jokes about a person he didn't know he would separate from in the future. yall are like, retcalling your experiences of watching his comedy because "now it feels weird, like why would he joke about her if he would end up leaving her?" ummmm maybe because he didn't know that that was what was going to happen?????? maybe this whole scenario would seem absolutely insane to him years ago, and then life... happened? that's not enough reason to demonize him. it's just life. people fall out of love, shit happens.
i dunno, i keep going back to the fact his addiction was so bad he had to check into rehab. i can't imagine the toll that takes in a relationship, and on the people in that relationship. not only on anna but on him too. it's not that he made this persona only to reveal he was actually full of shit, it's that he made statements he meant with his whole heart, and over time he stopped feeling that way. it's not that he's a bad person, it's just time passing. god.
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nugs-art · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Petal and Fox's mother is a tabby she-cat.
- same eye color as fox
- please no comments about “ohhh her face is gone!” or stuff like that
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