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professor-blue-oak · 3 hours ago
Aggressive high-five? Terrible idea especially if you forget to remove your wedding and engagement ring
Totally didn’t do that with Ethan... nope! Not at all.
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professor-blue-oak · 4 days ago
This is kinda random but with my 3rd wedding anniversary just around the bend, it kinda popped into my head and I’m sure you guys would get a kick out of it.
A lot of you already know that I see as a father figure. Well, he played the father role during my wedding. Walked down the aisle, “father-daughter” dance thing.
But he was hella nervous before the wedding ha! I think I’ve got it video too but he said something along the lines of like
Lance: I think the last time I was this nervous was when I barged into the Team Rocket Base
Naomi: You weren’t nervous during our wedding? (Said with an annoyed huff)
Lance: Why the hell would I be nervous to marry the love of my life?
Naomi: Hmm, fair enough
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professor-blue-oak · 5 days ago
My cuddling card has been returned to me after what felt like forever.
Anyway, how are y’all. Sorry if I seem to be posting less. This whole league thing is taking up a lot of my time. I sponsored someone so I need to keep an eye on them
Inbox is still open
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Red and Blue do have wedding rings however they don't wear them on their fingers
The reason being that
While caring for a pokemon they could eat it and make themselves sick
The two throw pokeballs all day and it could get thrown off into oblivion
It's just not practical for their daily activities.
But they do have them on necklaces that they wear every day.
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professor-blue-oak · 7 days ago
Hi I’m kinda nervous because I’m not straight and my dad isn’t really accepting like when I was a kid someone teased me for being gay and he got really mad and defensive. Since you and Red are couple goals (and role models for me :3) can you give me some advice?
Well I didn’t come out to Gramps until I was 17. Technically I was outed by the media when I was 15.
But I guess all I can offer, is stay with a close friend that you’re already out too. Sometimes people may not change immediately. Sometimes it may take distance for them to understand you are the way you are but I’m not sure how your dad will act or your entire situation
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professor-blue-oak · 15 days ago
Don’t worry Red scared the man away. He can be pretty scary when he gets protective 😳
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professor-blue-oak · 15 days ago
Ugh Unovan men can be SUCH tools 🙄 like fr you got more tools in Unova than in a hardware store. Now...Johto men 😍😍😍 I would ask what you prefer but I have a suspicion your taste is more Kantonese ;)
My taste is getting to know someone first and bonding with them over attractiveness. But red’s muscles is indeed a big plus 👀
I’d suggest you look at Champion Ethan but he’s engaged so he’s off the table
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professor-blue-oak · 18 days ago
Video: Red v Snorlax
—Long Post—
“This is a stupid idea,” a voice could be heard off camera. “You’re going to get hurt Red!” The voice huffed
A familiar looking ex-Champion pops into frame. “Oh hello little one~ Are you recording?” Lance coos as the video does a full 360 spin. The rotom-camera moves back to reveal the group. Lance, his wife, Leaf, Silver, and Ethan were all there.
Ethan was all tangled up in between the fence planks while Silver sat on top of it, chatting with the current Indigo champion, a rare smile on his face. Leaf was just returning, handing over a older woman a cup of tea. The woman leans back against the fence, sipping her tea while Lance leaned closer and rested his cheek on the top of the woman’s head.
Ethan and Leaf suddenly erupt into cheers and wolf-whistles. Silver could be seen rolling his eyes as he sat on a fence. The camera whips around to reveal Red handing his shirt to his husband. Blue lets out a disgruntled groan “I’m not taking care of you if you get a broken wrist or some shit” he huffed, walking towards the group with the shirt
A second rotom-camera could be seen recording on the other side. The two buzz at each other happily before turning their attention to what was about to go down
Red smirks at his Snorlax, turning his hat around so the brim was behind him. The snorlax standing opposite of Red huffs, a smug look on his face. The two ready themselves as Ethan and Leaf could be heard cheering Red on
The Snorlax moves forward quickly, ready to throw a punch. Red catches both fists with his own and holds the large Snorlax back, grinning up at the Pokémon with a determined look. The camera zooms in on Snorlax’s feet, noticing it was being pushed back just a little. The scene switches to the second Roto-cam who was zooming in on Red’s muscles.
“Zipper! Stop doing that!” Blue shouts as the Camera quickly refocuses on the Snorlax
“Sweet Arceus, I knew he was strong but not that strong” Naomi could be heard saying quietly, watching the battle in awe
The Snorlax starts to push harder causing Red to slide on the grass. Red grunts and stands his ground for a good minute before letting go to prevent any injury. The large Pokémon stumbles forward a bit before catching themselves.
“Yoo! Lez go!!” Ethan cheers, standing danergously on the fence. He had somehow gotten himself untangled during the battle of strength.
“Ethan! You’re going to fall!” Silver shouts angrily, trying to get his fiancé down from the fence
“Oh my, please be careful” Naomi says softly to Ethan. “Alright alright! Only cuz Naomi was so nice~” the current champion scoffed, jumping down from the fence
Red walks over to Blue and winks at the Professor as he fixed his hat. Blue blushes darkly and hides his face in the shirt he was holding
Lance and Naomi share a glance before smirking and laughing softly, the woman giggling and holding onto Lance’s arm. Lance chuckles and leans into his wife, placing a hand on top of Naomi’s
[Video End]
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professor-blue-oak · 18 days ago
Professor! I have to blame you for talking about those memes of Leon and Red - my boyfriend is simping and talking about training up XD - @pokeprofjacaranda
Blue: I’ve seen the fanart and I’ve been blessed.
On another note, my twitter and cuddling rights have been taken away from me by Red for a month... so there’s that. Totally unrelated to the comment above... totally
Tumblr media
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professor-blue-oak · 21 days ago
Mr. Red and Mr. Blue, what's the sweetest thing the other done to each other?
Red: Just being there for me when I get anxious or overwhelmed by things
Blue: Doing a dumb onesie dress-up party with me
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professor-blue-oak · 23 days ago
Mr. Red and Mr. Blue, what's your favorite memory of one another (which doesn't involve confession, proposal, wedding because they are obvious)
ps. You are both are amazing pokemon trainers and people(I was almost near battling you on the battle tree but something personal happened and I couldn't battle you but maybe in the future I will)
Red: Went to Kalos to see Blue during Christmas. Really overwhelming however when you’re suffering from jet lag. Everything was too bright and sparkly. But Blue and Sylveon were there to help me adjust. Had a lot of fun being with Blue again. A lot of cuddling from Blue back in his dorm
Blue: Yeah, I went to Kalos for the abroad study with Sycamore for a year. I got busy and my mental health was taking a toll so I kinda just forgot to reply to texts. Then my support eevee evolved into a Sylveon so Red was really surprised. We had an amazing time in Kalos. Red was right at home with the cold weather once he got adjusted to the time
Blue: My turn! Red and I both have comfort foods. Mines spaghetti and his is sorbet. We both had a tiring day and bought each other the other’s comfort food. It was a pleasant surprise to find Red in the kitchen with spaghetti just has a I got home with some sorbet.
We ended up making a sofa/blanket fortress in the living room and had a chill movie night, rewatching our old favourites
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professor-blue-oak · 23 days ago
Red what made you realize you had a crush on blue???
Red Answers:
It’s something I’ve had since I was young. Kinda never went away. I did the whole gym challenge just so Blue and I could get back to being friends and not rivals. Didn’t realise his reason was to please Oak. So I guess it’s always been there.
Still feel bad about taking the championship away from Blue. He wasn barely champion for an hour
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professor-blue-oak · 25 days ago
Okay tea time who’s more possessive/jealous—you or Red??
Me but that’s only because Red doesn’t like being surrounded or touched by strangers. I’ve trained Slyveon to do the orbit for Red
But Red had his moments back in Alola
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ihopethisendswell · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
This is the most notes I've ever got.
Namelesshipping is powerful, I learned.
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professor-blue-oak · 29 days ago
Red's a lucky man you got brains beauty and brawn 😍have you ever considered being a model?
I actually have done modeling! I take up modeling as a side-job for extra cash whenever we travel abroad. I’ll look for some photo shoots and post them later
As for brawn... I’m not that strong. I can barely lift a bag of feed while Red can carry like two. I have to drag mine
✨But go on✨
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professor-blue-oak · a month ago
Did you have to do a dissertation or thesis to officially be a professor? If so, what did you write about?
I did so I just used my invite to Alola as a research-getaway. While I was there, I studied their culture surrounding their island challenges and the power of Z-moves compared to other moves like signature and dynamaxing moves. What I wrote on was the culture and origins surrounding Z-moves and Dynamaxing and how it shaped the gym/trial challenge
It was pretty difficult finding time to relax between my research and the Battle Tree. I tend to second guess myself whenever it comes to writing papers so my anxiety was kinda affecting my health
Red however had a lovely surprise for me on our last day in Alola that seriously alleviated my stress
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professor-blue-oak · a month ago
You really love your husband. It's very sweet
Maybe when he returns from his trip with Todd, I can have him answer a few questions y’all have. I can immediately tell you he won’t answer personal life questions
But yeah, I just love Red. Can’t believe I was a bitch to him when I was younger
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professor-blue-oak · a month ago
Nightmares about Mt. Silver?! Not to pry into your personal life, mister, but is this about how Red was on Mt. Silver?
Yeah. It typically plays out the same way. I don’t really want to go into it but Red’s always dead by the time I get up there
In reality, Ethan was always heading up to Mt. Silver with items that Red needed since he (Ethan) was promised he could train alongside Red. Ethan only told me about him like 4 months after they met and Red’s been missing for like 2 and half years
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professor-blue-oak · a month ago
Red’s heading out soon for another photography trip with Todd
Guess I can’t find excuses to avoid paper work now
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