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#my tumblr notifs have never been this popping
I think me and @napsushi are playing a game of who can reblog more of the other person’s stuff and I hate to say it but I think I’m losing
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lovelivingmydreams · 8 days ago
Paper flowers: Introducing the sides
Tumblr media
The youtube debut is here. This comes with stress for mostly everyone. And  a lot of excitement for the attentive fanders.
“Are you sure?” Roman asked as he and Virgil oversaw Thomas getting ready to film the first episode of Sanders Sides. “Yes… You don’t need an antagonist for something that might be a one of anyway,” Virgil shrugged as he considered a camera test before they started on the episode proper. Maybe they’d best read through the script one more time as well to see if Thomas needed to make any changes. “You don’t have to be the bad guy though,” Roman whispered gently so not even Thomas would realize it was said. Virgil just shot him a resigned look. Clearly he disagreed. This was not the first time they’d had this conversation and the chances of Virgil changing his mind on the matter had been very low. Still, Roman felt the need to try. Well, if Virgil insisted, then Roman would do his best to make him as beloved as he could. Maybe Virgil would change his mind if he saw that people liked him even when he was trying to get them to hate him.
“My true identity!: Sanders sides…” you read curiously. The new video title has you intrigued. Youtube recommended the video to you because you watch a lot of Thomas’ vine compilations and the like, though you’d never before actually looked on his youtube channel. Still, Thomas was funny, and the video was less than six minutes. So it wouldn’t be a huge waste of time if you looked at it and didn’t like it in the end. You click on the video and get settled. At first it looks like Thomas is about to have a philosophical monologue. The introduction feels very sophisticated and serious. But then, teacher pops up? Except he represents Thomas’ intellect now. You let out a small squeal when Prince shows up too. Do you have a favorite? Maybe. Is Prince being Thomas’ fanciful creativity absolutely perfect? Definitely. Have all those crossovers been leading up to this? If so then that meant… When Dad gets introduced as the moral side you are thrilled. Sure Thomas said that this was the last one. But maybe Marcus will make a surprise appearance? It would be so fun to see him interact with all the others and Thomas this way. The discussion progresses and you find yourself laughing and awing at the screen. Every time the music intensifies you are holding your breath, sure that Marcus is about to pop up and start some fun banter with the Prince and the others. Sadly that moment never comes. Still it was very fun. You hope this isn’t a one off. You like and comment: “In love with the Sanders Sides. Can we have more please!!!!” You scroll through the comment section and it seems that everyone agrees that this was fun. Though many demand justice for Marcus/Kevin/Nemesis. Then you get a notification from Tumblr. MidnightPrincess has posted something. You click on the notification and are taken to a shared video link. “Nemesis’ secret cameo in the Sanders sides video!!!!!” What? Surely you would have noticed? Curious, and fairly sure you are being clickbaited, you tap play. The screen shows a photoshopped picture of Nemesis and Prince crossing their blades. “Okay! Hear me out! If you’ve seen the Sanders Sides video, sometime in the last eight hours, then you recall this moment.” The screen cuts to Thomas. “And that is when the Anxiety kicks in.” The image pauses. “This moment is followed by a cut to every side. First Dad, then Prince then Teach. Now dad and Teach just nod and look downward. Prince, does something different though. I’ll show it and slow it down.” You watch very closely and indeed. While Prince starts out nodding and looking down, his eyes dart across the room, landing on something to his left. “Did you see it? He looks around the room before focusing on his left, our right. That is where I belief the staircase is located. The staircase Teach is standing next to. The staircase that was empty in previous shots. But… If you look closely…” And when the clip plays on to show Teach nodding you see that there is a hoodie draped over the railing. You’d have to go back to check, but if it was indeed empty before… And if you recall it right this was a moment where the music became darker. “We all know who this hoodie belongs to. I believe that Nemesis will be introduced in a future video. And I belief that he will represent Fear. Or even…” Thomas shows up again. Just the bit of him saying “Anxiety.” “But what do you guys think?” You hope they are right. You love the nemesis and Prince videos. To have them interact for several minutes instead of a few seconds would be great! You reblog the link and check out the nightmare prince tag. It seems this discovery is making its rounds. Everyone is curious to see what role the Nemesis will play. One thing is for certain. When he does join the sides, there will be plenty fanart and fanfics.
Virgil was smirking as he scrolled through Tumblr, his headphones on and a smirk on his face. Roman had been knocking on his back door every hour since Virgil had locked himself in his room when Roman suggested reading the comments. Virgil had known he’d most likely get excited. And he’d been pretending to be upset with Roman over suggesting the thing with his hoodie last minute. And he was, a little. Roman had known that such a spontaneous decision would be hard for Virgil to get out off. Especially when he was secretly curious how the viewers would react. If they’d notice it at all. They had, and they were excited. Roman was probably checking  to make sure Virgil was happy with that and not cracking under the pressure. Or maybe he just really wanted to say ‘I told you so’. In the first case, Roman really needed to stop hovering over him so much. It was appreciated, but unnecesarry. If it was the second, then Virgil really didn’t feel bad making him wait. Virgil had decided to let Roman of the hook  the next time he’d knock. Fifth time is the charm in this case. He was kind of impressed that Roman had not gotten fed up with waiting and went to the front door to break it down if needed. “Virgil?” The embodiment of anxiety jumped as his solitude was disturbed by the presence of Janus. He took of the headphones. “Jeez Jan. You scared me half to death. What’s up?” he asked a little annoyed. Janus studied Virgil’s expression and demeanor closely. “Nothing. It’s not like I care about you. And I’m not at all worried when you lock yourself in your room after an argument with Roman,” he drawled tensely. Virgil rolled his eyes. “It was barely an argument. I just wanted to ride out the adrenaline of a new video in peace.” He was so relieved that the excitement had died down enough for him to mask it. “Virgil,” Janus sighed as he sat himself on the bed next to him. “If they push you, you can tell me okay? I’ll…” “You’ll what?” Virgil huffed defensively. He hadn’t forgotten about Janus’ idea of protecting him. “Threaten them into being nice to me again? I’m fine Jan. I would be even more fine if you didn’t interfere with my life,” he growled as he curled in on himself. His thoughts turning down a bad path. You are so pathetic. Janus knows you are weak. Roman knows it too. That’s why they baby you all the time. Making sure that poor little anxiety doesn’t ruin everything with his stupid fits. He took in a few deep breaths. It wasn’t real. Roman had promised him time and again. He didn’t fear or pity him he… He lied. He just told you what you wanted to hear to keep you happy… Roman doesn’t lie. Not out right. He might omit and dodge and distract if he didn’t want to answer, but he never straight up lied. “Virgil. I am just looking out for you. You are one of us. They don’t get that we don’t fit in their world quite so easily. They are stubborn. But I can get them to…” He lies though… “Shut up!” Virgil growled to both Janus and his own negative thoughts. “I can look after myself. I’ve been living here for years and done just fine! Now get out of my room and learn to knock!” He seethed. When Janus didn’t move right away, Virgil took out the key to the meadow. He’d already told Janus about his own corner of the imagination so it didn’t matter if he saw the door. He opened it and stormed through, slamming it shut before Janus could see it. He’d leave on his own if he knew what was good for him. “Virgil?” The dark clad man looked up from his door and saw that Roman was sitting on a picnic blanket in the meadow, writing something. Virgil walked over and let himself fall face first on the blanket. “Am I correct in guessing that this is not about the hoodie?” Roman asked carefully. Virgil would have kept distance if it was something he did that was bothering him. “I don’t care about the hoodie,” Virgil confirmed, his voice muffled by the ground. “Then may I ask what is bringing the thunder, stormcloud?” Virgil sat up and quirked a brow. “Stormcloud?” he asked. That one was new. “Yes, it fits you quite nicely I would say. But no changing the subject,” Roman smirked patiently. Virgil sighed and curled up. “Deceit is on my case again. It’s like, ever since I found out about his meddling, he is extra protective. It’s suffocating sometimes,” he complained as he studied the lavender growing next to him. “Hm, I can see how that would be frustrating. I don’t know Deciet very well on a personal level. All I know he is quite charming,” he said lightly. Deceit had almost always had nice things to say about him. And while Roman knew that he was most likely rarely honest when he complemented him, he chose not to worry about it and just take the complements if he found them truthful, rather than worry about what Deceit’s intentions were. He was much happier that way. “I guess that’s the problem. I don’t always trust him to comfort me, even if that’s all he wants to do,” Virgil confessed. Roman thought about that for a moment. “Have you talked about this with him? I know he’s deceit, but does that mean he has to lie every other sentence or something?” Roman wondered. “He doesn’t have to. But it’s like asking Logan to make an emotion based decision, or you to drop the extra. You could do it, but it would be hard, especially if you had to do it for a long time. And I get that… But with what I am… It’s hard for me to live with. Which is why I live up here nowadays. Ugh, it’s just so complicated,” Virgil said as he buried his head into his knees. “I’m sorry I can’t be of more assistance,” Roman offered carefully. He didn’t know Deceit or his bond with Virgil well enough to make any helpful suggestions. “S’ fine. What did you want to talk about anyway? You have been knocking down my door all afternoon,” the younger side smirked as he looked up. Roman let out a scandalized scoff, but soon was carried off into a long rant about the wonderful comments and how excited everyone seemed about possible future episodes and the chance of Nemesis showing up. Soon the two friends were laughing and the younger of them actually allowed the theatric one to paint him a picture of a future where he would be a permanent member of the cast. Forgetting about his worries for a while.
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dracosaccount · 17 days ago
Hiya! Thank you to everyone for my birthday messages today, I have been blessed with the people on this platform 💗
Starting this account in January I thought nothing of it, I planned to write little Draco Malfoy writings, keep to myself and interact as little as possible. Now, being in a group of the best people I have ever met, along with 630 individuals choosing to follow my account, I never imagined it and I am so incredibly lucky and feel so special.
I will return to peoples asks and messages as soon as I can as I’m spending time for my birthday just now but I am overwhelmed with the messages because I didn’t want it to become a thing here but I am a massive empath and become very easily overwhelmed and the messages I see made me want to make this post to show I appreciate everyone!
I wanted to share a little photo or two with you all on my birthday;
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is the book I asked for, The Tales of Beedle the Bard and I got a Hogwarts crest cake (it will be slander if I don’t get the Hufflepuff side to myself hehe).
I am so happy to feel so safe among this platform with people who enjoy my writings which I didn’t (and still don’t) understand, so thank you to everyone who follows and leaves the nicest comments on my works, inbox or in my messages! 
Thank you to my friends and mutuals, without you - I would be nowhere near where I am here without you and would have probably gave up this platform by now and retreated back to quiet Wattpad instead.
To the people of Wankardium - I have been blessed with you all. When I saw on Sierra’s tumblr that there was a Discord server for Draco writers I had never felt more pulled to be socially interactive and I sat with a written message to ask to be included and was hesitant on sending it until I saw Kara comment - I saw she looked nervous within what she wrote and was a fellow Hufflepuff and I thought if this girl can do it then I can and sent it and my god it was the best decision. You have become my entire comfort and safe haven of my life, I needed you guys in that moment. It’s embarrassing to be fair just how much I am there every single day (with my bestie Ellie), and night (quite literally sleeping on it with Zoe on the other side of the screen) but I feel nothing but comfort there and that’s why I am never off, I am dependent on you guys but at this point, I don’t care not to admit that. And I want nothing but the best for you guys and to be there through hard times for you all and to make sure you guys are seen, heard and feel loved, and I hope I have been able to help you feel like so. I love you all so very much and thank you for the birthday messages - @dracosathenaeum @fuckingdraco @teawiththeweasleys @cherie-draco @ginnyweasly @dracoslittlesunflower @dracosaurusrex @dracoxspencersgirl @anchoeritic @dreaming-about-fanfictions @dracosluv @malfoysstilinski @slytherinwh0re @stretchyice 
To my mutuals - To see your username pop up on my timeline, notifications or messages always brightens my day it’s amazing, your writings are always immaculate and amazing and you are kind to talk to! I need to catch up on some of your fics and I can’t wait to read them but I was very antisocial here at the start because I was shy and now to have mutuals who I talk to on a daily - or some we just interact through each others fics - I appreciate all of you and thank you for making me feel welcome! - @dracoscene @holden-caulfield @amourtentiaa @babydraco04 @hellounicorn @astoria-malfcy @eunoniaa and if I have missed anyone else I deeply apologise, I am typing fast to get back downstairs :))
To anyone who follows me and feels they need a chat, or would like to get to know me or anything - you can always message me whenever or send an ask if you want to be anonymous but they are both always open and I am very open to talk to anyone. I say I am shy but that is the initial start - if someone messages me I am more than open to talk and I am very friendly to talk to <3
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raggaraddy · 17 days ago
Sugar Daddy turned sour
Request: Hi!!!! read all of ur works its all amazing cant believe ur new.. can i request for a yan sugar daddy taehyung x reader x yan sugar daddy jungkook. they found out that that y/n have 2 sugar daddies and they lost their sanity(as if they even have that)...Thank u and YOU GOOD,KEEP GOING💜💞💞💞💞😘😁
~I don't know how to post a reply to a personal message yet because I am new and Tumblr deficient 😅 But I hope you like the scenario ^-^ thanks for the request 💜
Trigger warnings: Mentions of non-con, assault, cheating, violence.
Yandere! Taehyung
Yandere! Jungkook
Sunday.  Taehyungs day.  
You open your webcam, checking your eyeliner quickly in the startup view as you wait for the Tae to pick up on the other side. He pops up quickly a beaming smile filling his face.  
“Y/n! Baby, I’ve missed you.” He’s radiant. As happy and as bubbly he always is. 
You go along listening to him excitedly run through his past few days, telling you everything in excruciating detail as he jumps from one half-finished thought to another. He may be an adult but he certainly has a young soul. The whole while you feign attention, your fingers continually fidgeting with the diamond necklace or the matching bracelet he had sent you a few weeks back.
“How was your weekend?”  He finally gets around to asking. 
“Not so good. I always have to work so much," You complain, batting your eyes at the camera.  
“You could always quit and come live with me.” He jokes-but not really. It’s a topic he has raised 3 times already.  And you have the same answer ready as always. 
“Daddy, you know I’m a strong and independent woman. I could never let someone else pay for me.” You pout, running your tongue over your lower lip while pushing your chest up a little to draw attention.  “It’s just my rent is so expensive. I feel like I work just to pay the bills.” 
In truth, your rent is already being covered by someone else.  But he doesn’t need to know that. 
While you continue to run through the fabricated details of your weekend, Taehyung is distracted, looking down at his phone.  You know what's happening. It’s like a game. And you’re winning. Your banking app sends a notification, letting you know that K. Taehyung has just sent you a payment. 
You open it up. Yep. That's rent for the month.  Or more, money for that new TV you wanted.  
“Oh! Daddy, noo.” You whine down the camera. “You can’t.  I am okay. Really. Please don’t spend your money on me.” You frown if only to stop the smile that is fighting to fill your face. 
“I want to baby. I have the money, and I just want you to be happy. Don’t stress about bills okay. I’m here.” 
Sometimes, it’s almost too easy.  
“Okay Daddy, if you insist.”
Tuesday.  Jungkooks day.  
With Jungkook it’s a much more straightforward transaction.  He has said he wants to pay for you and he hates the back and forth pretences.  He just wants you to say thank you, smile pretty, and give him all your attention.  
“Do you need anything more for the week?” He asks through the camera.
“No Daddy, you take such good care of me. Thank you.” You smile. 
“You still have the weekend of the 14th off?” He raises his eyebrows suggestively.  Off-screen you quickly scan through your calendar.  
14th, 15th and 16th: Jk weekend.  
Hmm, that came up quicker than you expected. You try to keep your booty calls with them as far apart as possible. 
“Of course, I’m so excited! I haven’t seen you in weeks.” You say, it been less than 100% truthful.
“Months.” He corrects with a surreptitious undertone.  
“Where are we staying this time?” 
You always insist to stay in hotels. Because ‘your apartment feels too busy and mundane, and you want the time you spend with him to be magical and undistracted’. Honestly, you just don’t want him, either of them, in your personal space. You purposefully chose boys who live a few hours away.  It’s hard enough to keep them separated in your everyday life with them being far away. It could only get messy for them to know where you live and how to reach you in person.
You’ve certainly gotten smart at this. Arranging the two men into different days of the week, scheduling them into your calendar to keep them apart and unaware of the other. Both had specifically said very early on that they do not want to share you with anyone else.  And that you were all theirs. And while both of them seemed to trust you, you knew their reactions would be unpleasant, to say the least, if they found out about the other. 
Sugar Daddies can be so possessive. 
But while both these men are very handsome, money is better and more reliable than boys. And if they are stupid enough to spend it all on you, why should you care.
The week passes quickly and it’s the 14th.  Once more you find yourself in the lobby of a 5-star hotel. Jungkook arrived in town early and sent you a message with the room number. 
Time to actually work for your money. 
You knock on the door only to find it slightly open.  Entering there is a trail of rose petals lining the floor leading into the suite. All the lights are dimmed with a warmth of candlelight filling the room. This is so typically Jungkook. Pulling out all the stops to try to impress. 
Dropping your bag at the entrance, you close the door behind you and explore inwards.  
“Daddy?” You call out in a singsong voice. Your heels clack on the tiled floor as you round the corner into the living room. Jungkook is sitting on the lounge, one leg crossed over the other, arms rested up over the back. You smile at seeing him. You always seem to forget just how stunning he is in person. 
“Which one of us are you referring to?” A deep voice startles you from behind. You jolt, spinning to see Taehyung standing behind you leaning against the wall.  
Holy fuck. 
Your mind starts to jumble through what is happening. Thinking about what it was that might have given you away. Evaluating how much they may know. And planning your next move.  
Damn it.  You doubt you’ll be able to smooth talk your way out of this with Jungkook. He’s too direct and absolute. So you’ll just have to accept that that relationship is over. However, you might be able to salvage this situation with Taehyung if you play your cards right. Being defensive should do the trick.
“What is this?” You snap, keeping focused on Taehyung. “This is such a violation of my privacy! You keep smothering me Taehyung! See this is why I tried to find someone else to hang out with.” You stomp your foot. He would always wrap around your finger so quickly with the little girl act. 
“Ha!” He blurts out a short laugh in contradiction to how you expected him to react. “Wow. No, go on. I want to see where this is going.” 
“Do you think we only just found out about each other?” Jungkook pipes up, coming from the couch. 
You sigh. You had almost saved enough for a holiday to the Maldives too. But they seem to know too much. Fine. You can burn both relationships. They were starting to get too clingy anyway.  “Whatever.” You roll your eyes. You got all you could from them. Time to move on to the next.
As you shrug them off, Taehyung steps into the path of the front door. 
“Where do you think you’re going?” Both he and Jungkook start to close in tighter. There is a cold tone to his words. Something far too close to a threat for your comfort. Even in heels, both men naturally stand taller than you which usually wouldn’t bother you. But with an unsteadiness to your footing and a very short dress on, in a dark room with two men you have used and spurned, you are feeling even more vulnerable than you feel you should. 
“Move.” You order. 
A smirk on his lips, Taehyung lifts his hand up and backhands you, knocking you back a few stumbled steps. You gasp, your hand clinging to your cheek, eyes wide in shock. He starts forward, Jungkook intervening, standing between the two of you. 
You can not believe he just hit you! He has never done anything like that before.
“No, don’t do that.” He stops Taehyung as he starts to swing again.  Shaking all over, you’re relieved that one of them is seeing sense.  You take the outstretched hand of Jungkook, lip trembling from the burn on your cheek. He draws you closer and you wrap into him for protection. In the same motion, his free hand swings down punching you in the stomach, doubling you over, dropping you to the floor. “If you hit her head, she might get spaced out. I want her to feel this.”
His words send a chill down your spine. This can not be happening.
“Are you crazy!” You gape, trying to speak while gulping down air. Your head is dizzy, your lungs burning.  Kicking off your heels for better movement, you climb back up to your feet not wanting to engage either man. Eyes focused you look past Taehyung to the door, storming forward. “I’m leaving. We’ll forget all of this, okay.” You bargain through short, panicked breath. 
Taehyungs large hand slams you into the wall, pressing his palm against your shoulder. He follows Jungkooks lead, pounding his fist into your gut. And then again. And again.  His hold removes letting you free and you plummet to the ground, crying within broken huffs while cradling your battered torso. 
“You’re right. That is better.” He laughs at Jungkook. 
“Stop!” You beg, unable to raise your voice above a soft yelp. 
“What's wrong baby? You wanted two men. Now you have them.” Taehyungs bright smile returns to his face. This time with an entirely different meaning than it had ever had until it shifts into a straight, harsh look that you have never seen from him. “Didn't you always say you wished there was some way you could repay me?” 
“You said that to me too.” Jungkook joins his side, both hovering above you, trapping you between them, the wall, and the floor. 
Leaning down Jungkooks hand follows you as you squirm away from him. His fingers wrapped around your throat and lift you up, keeping you against the wall. He takes advantage of you being stuck, leaning into you pressing his lips to yours as you resist as much as you can. 
“Baby, you’re going to pay us back for every dollar we spent on you.” He snarls. 
Taehyung turns your face to him, also forcing a kiss on you. “Don’t worry, Y/n, you’ll see that we know how to share.”  
Tumblr media
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sailorhyunjinz · 23 days ago
Ahhhh another chapter of taking pictures of you!!!
The office numbers lahdkaksjska
Didn't read the warnings and was like,, yeahhh I'm in the mood for something cute ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😳.. 😏
I'm not complaining, tho
- horny!jisung is valid
nah you dont even know how many times i just scan through warnings and then its like “OOP SHIT THIS IS INTENSE” but me being being a whore,,,, doesnt really care HSAHJSASHADJ if its smut give it to me 
also why did this remind me to turn off my damn tumblr notifications on my phone?? I NEED TO DO THAT because holy fuck there has been instances where notifs pop up and THE TITLES ARE LIKE HELLA DESCRIPTIVE ASHAHSASH please im pretty sure multiple friends/people have glanced over at my phone when it lights up AND YOU KNOW WHAT??
i never put my phone face down?? why am i doing this to myself?? 
omg me scrolling through tumblr on the bus with the lowest screen brightness LMAO im exposing myself too much rn 
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sarinotsari · 24 days ago
The Disappearing of Sarina Grace
Was that a dramatic title? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely.
Hey guys, welcome back to yet another tumblr life update nobody asked for! Okay, so at this point we all know I’ve been M.I.A from twitter for about a month now. I left on March 23rd and deactivated on April 3rd, returning on April 11th (or maybe 10th) only to deactivate again on April 12th (or maybe 11th). Basically I had been in a really bad headspace for awhile and I just couldn’t deal with it anymore, so I left with no warning. Granted, I did make a new account for the sole purpose of dming a friend since that was the only way we could communicate, and I did have the occasional tweet of just my random thoughts (sort of like a public diary only the account was private and only one person could see it). However, I deactivated that account as well on April 16th since the aforementioned friend now has discord, which I have been using to talk to her. Now, let me back up a bit (by a bit I mean a lot). Back in early January I fell into what was, at the time, my darkest moments of depression I had ever had. This continued until about mid-February, at which point I felt myself recovering from the dark depression and was thrilled to move on and have a great year. Then came early-March, when the depression came quick - and it was even worse than before. Now, this extra-dark depression only lasted until mid-March. Which is where we get to my deactivation, which was caused by the extra-dark depression becoming super-extra-dark depression. This was an incredibly difficult time for me, and unfortunately this carried on until, strangely, April 16th - the day I deactivated the secret-public diary account. By no means am I saying that I’m fine now, because I’m definitely not, but I am back to pre-dark depression days. Light depression, if you will. Granted, it has only been two days since deactivating, but honestly I feel better now than I did in the mid-February to early-March break.
Now onto some questions that nobody has been asking and nobody wants the answers for.
Will you return to twitter?
Someday, yes. Someday soon? ... Probably not. At best you’ll see me return mid- to late-May. At worst, I’ll pop in to say Merry Christmas.
Are your other social media accounts being affected by The Great Twitter Strike of 2021?
Yes. All of my other social media are being affected, just not in such dramatic ways. Pre-strike I wasn’t that active on discord, at best I was active for a couple days and then abandoned it for weeks. Post-strike, you can find me on discord every day (granted, I’m not active 24/7 but I do frequently get on to check my messages). Pre-strike instagram I checked twice a day, once after waking up and once when going to bed (with the occasional mid-day look). Post-strike, you could probably find me once every hour, maybe every other hour... it’s become a bit of a problem. Pre-strike wattpad was starting to go a bit downhill, but I did try to write every once in awhile just to keep the ideas flowing. Post-strike, I will only open wattpad to see if I have any notifications. If I do, I view them. If I don’t, I’ll immediately close the tab. Pre-strike archive of our own (aka ao3), I read a fanfic maybe once or twice a week. Post-strike, I’m reading every day... again, a bit of a problem at this point. Pre-strike tumblr I only checked once or twice a day and never posted. Post-strike, I’m frequently on here and have been posting quite a few edits recently.
Where are you in life?
Okay, so as we all know by now, I’m newly 18 (by newly I mean that it’s been almost a month since my birthday). Since turning 18, I’ve been doing apartment window-shopping. I’m not actively seeking an apartment as of now, but I do want to see what’s available. As for jobs and moving out, I think I’m just taking some time for myself before doing anything major. For those who don’t know, I dropped out of high school in February (beauty school dropout, anyone? ... No? Just me? Okay.) and I’d like to get my GED before getting a job. But, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not really in a let-me-add-more-stress-to-my-life type of mindset at the moment, so I’m waiting until I feel comfortable with that. And, obviously, I can’t get an apartment without a job (nor do I want an apartment until I get a car, yet another thing I need a job for). So, basically, 1. get in a better mindset, 2. get a GED, 3. get a job (F: Stop attacking me, I’m sick of it. Q: Get a job.), 4. buy a car, 5. move out, 6. uh... dye my hair pink, start smoking, and hang out with a group known as “The Skanks”? Just an option.
How are you doing mentally?
Well. I frequently rewatch two gay men in wigs on a youtube show known as UNHhhh, so that kind of gives you an idea of how I’m doing mentally. Honestly though, I’m feeling the best I have all year. I’ve been better and I’ve been worse *glares at mid-March to mid-April Sari*.
What have you been up to?
What have I been up to, you ask? Being gay and doing crime. Seriously though I have been doing nothing productive whatsoever and I love it. The aforementioned friend I talk to on discord and I have been doing a lot of watching shows together. We started with Charmed (2018) and I highly recommend it. Then we moved on to 911: Lone Star (which I’ve fully seen but she stopped early in season one), but hulu hates both of us so we dropped that pretty quickly. Up next was AHS: Coven but, shocker, a show with ‘horror’ in the title is quite graphic and I became incredibly uncomfortable so we stopped that. And now we’re on Glee, which both of us have seen several times but we’ve never watched it together. I’ve also been playing a lottttt of The Sims 4 (which, by the way, I don’t even really enjoy that much. Like... it’s just something I do when I’m bored). And, as previously mentioned, two gay men in wigs. Highly recommend watching UNHhhh if you haven’t.
Did you write this entire post because you were bored?
I am shocked and taken aback by that harmful accusation... but to answer your question, yes I did and no I do not regret it.
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newtonsheffield · a month ago
Hi!! I just wanted to tell you how much I do love your stories and how much I am really into them! I even have pop-up notifications in here and Ao3 to know when you share with us more about Bridgerton and Sons - which seems kinda a stalker, now I think of it... but it's not like that! 😅🤦‍♀️
The thing is, I'm a very musical person; whenever I read or do some computer-required work, or basically anything in my life tbh, music is always present. For instance, I'm re-reading again (can't they just, magically, give us Season 2 already? 🤣) TVWLM and for Anthony and Kate's Wedding night, I cannot help but "listen to" 'Experience', by Ludovico Einaudi; and when reading/imagining the wedding in the Bridgerton and Sons Universe, Anthony and Kate are dancing to 'You & I', by Crystal Fighters (which is so refreshing, good vibes and just PERFECT).
If it's not too much to ask, which kind of music do Kate and Anthony listen to? Which is their favourite genre; would it surprise us all? I don't know why I picture Anthony completely flabbergasted to Kate's musical tastes. 🤣
Thank you in advance and thank YOU for giving us content and such a beautiful story when we're waiting for the season to come. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
PD.: thank you for not making Penelope be Lady Whistledown in Bridgerton and Sons. Despite I liked that plot in the books, I just cannot imagine in here Penelope saying nasty things about people we know she loves a lot.
(This got a little longer so I’ve put a cut in)
I’m so glad you’re enjoying Bridgerton and sons!  And perhaps it’s ridiculous, but I’m terribly flattered you have notifications turned on for both Ao3 AND this black hole of a tumblr account (makes me very curious how many other’s also have notifications turned on!) Anyway, no, I don’t think you’re stalking me, that’s why the notification system exists! 
I will own to also being a slightly musically inclined person: Fun fact about me, I’m a classically trained saxophonist! And (and this is really going to tell you all JUST how cool a person I truly am) Guys, I was the captain of my High School Jazz band  😂😂I can play guitar, ukulele and Piano to varying degrees of proficiency but I would never in a million years play any of those three instruments in front of another human being! That being said my own taste in music is cripplingly basic as anyone who has dared look at the Bridgerton and Sons playlist on spotify can attest too. It has often been joked by my friends that I cannot start a playlist without putting Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors album on and Shania Twain’s Come on Over album.  But! I love Ludovico Einaudi! His work is always so beautiful and tbh whenever I listen to it I get a little choked up!  and I hadn’t heard You & I before but I can definitely see them dancing to it at their wedding, just being sickeningly in love and happy. We love to see it. 
Also, when I first started writing Insufferable Penelope probably was going to be the writer but... the longer it went on and the crueler the things said got, I decided it just wasn’t right. This isn’t a Gossip Girl situation fam. 
Okay! Kate and Anthony’s favourite Music! 
Kate was a young girl in the mid-late 90′s so unfortunately I think we know what this means: Kate knows the entirety of the Spiceworld album by heart. She could probably do it backwards. She would never admit it to Anthony but she had a Justin Timberlake poster on her wall for a very long time. Anthony does not have the heart to tell her that he knows she love NSYNC because Edwina has showed him a video of their perfectly choreographed routine to Bye Bye Bye. She’s also quite partial to the 80′s rock that played heavily in her house growing up. And Anthony is very surprised to find a Def Leppard shirt amongst her laundry one day. While Anthony may not be partial to Kate’s music, he does think it’s very adorable when she sings along in her endearingly tone deaf way, and so more often than not when they’re cooking together in the kitchen, they’re playing her music.  
Anthony is a soft rock/indy kind of guy. He’s constantly bringing up bands that Kate has never even heard of. She gets tugged along to concert after concert of music that all sounds exactly the same to her but she really doesn’t care because Anthony is there, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist, singing softly in her ear, a huge smile on his face. And he looks so happy, and young, and carefree that her heart nearly bursts for him. 
There is one time when Kate finally recognises a song on Anthony’s playlist about 4 months into their relationship and she squeals a little with delight and amusement when it starts. “Hyacinth is getting awfully good at sneaking songs onto your playlist.” She says, smirking as she starts to hum along, but she can’t help but notice that Anthony hasn’t done anything, didn’t make a disgusted noise, his hand hasn’t even moved from hers to try and change the song, and then she notices his ears going a little red.  “Oh my god!” she says laughing brightly “You, Mr. Music is artistry Katie put this song on here didn’t you?!” And Anthony tuts and puffs his chest a little which only makes her heart burst more for him when he says, more than a little primly  “It reminds me of you.”  And god help her, as soon as they get home Kate takes it upon herself to show him that yes God is a woman      
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unrepentantgods-blog · a month ago
I have to admit, i love the way i manage to put a title to my random rambling (this is literally my mind 24/7...)
Anyways, the main thing is i tried finding @exactlyunionman which is supposed to be an existing tumblr account but you’ll see that nothing pops up because it has ceased to exist... like it has been deleted or maybe deactivated (and i pray to the gods i don’t believe in that they wont see the notifications because goddamn i am p i n i n g but in a non romantic way) but in any case there’s nothing out there. So either im a fckn airhead (i sincerely doubt it like i don’t think i made that up) and it’s because this username refers to an entirely different platform or they changed their name and i wasn’t there for it or idk man but it’s fckn shit. Like this was the last kinda link i had with them (besides yk, having their personal phone number) and now it’s fckn gone??? no matter that we never actually had a discussion on tumblr???
FCk this is deplorable and embarrassing, someone actually come here and make me work on something that will actually help my future instead of running my mouth (fingers).
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theweasleyslut · a month ago
i’m requesting a 💌 from YOU of course 🥺
Awee emmie bb 🥺💗 I hope you like this! Ilysm Xx
My beautiful & perfect Emmie,
I love you so so so very much. Seriously, there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thinking of you or wondering how you’re doing. I find myself thinking of you with the littlest of things - when a George edit or meme comes across my Pinterest; when a one direction or five seconds of summer songs comes across my playlist, even when I’m at work. You’re just always on my mind and I can’t be mad about it.
I don’t think I can ever express how grateful I am to have met you here on tumblr. You’ve been such a literal angel in my life. You never fail to bring a smile to my face, even if it is you just sending me a random message. Seeing your name pop up in my notifications or across my tumblr feed makes me so inexplicably happy, and it’s honestly kind of crazy. I don’t think there’s a single one of my IRL friends that I find myself this happy about. I love them so much, but I don’t get excited to see them in my notifications like I do you. That may be a little weird, but it’s true.
I know things aren’t always easy, but I just hope you know just how much you’re loved and appreciated. You honestly deserve an eternity of happiness. So even though things get tough and you get down, know that there is always someone wishing the best for you and hoping you succeed at everything you aspire to do.
I love you so very much, emmie, and I am so blessed to be able to call you my not-so-long-distance best friend. I hope that you can find some shred of happiness everyday and that you never forget that people love you and that you matter in this world.
With all of my love,
Holly Xx
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darlingmulti · a month ago
Infernal touch (YuMark smut fic)
Tumblr media
Description- After being broken up with, Mark decides he's ready to lose his virginity. After a couple hours on a dating app, he finds himself outside of a strangers apartment. He finally musters the courage to knock on the door, and comes face to face with one of the hottest men he's ever met.
Pairing- NCT Yuta x NCT Mark
Word count- 9.7k of pure debauchery
Genre- mxm, smut, romance, light fluff
Warnings- MxM, losing virginity, oral (both receiving), making out, neck kissing, nipple play, marking, praise, handjob (both receiving), degradation, dacryphilia, anal sex, fingering, teasing, light orgasm denial, light scratching, some negative self talk, face fucking, light hair pulling,
Note- This was such a beast to edit. I really hope you guys like it. Shout out to my friend who unfortunately doesn't have a tumblr that helped me edit this, and who also helped me settle on the title.
“What do you like?” Yuta questioned, bringing himself closer yet to Mark, his warm breath tickling Mark’s cheeks and nose, leaving him breathless.
He stayed silent as he thought over the question, feeling stupid. He had no idea what he wanted to do… he had never done anything. He definitely had fantasies, but he couldn’t act those out until he had a little more experience. He just wanted to feel someone else touch him… To feel a hand aside from his own touch his member... “J-just touch me…” He requested finally, his eyes flickering down to his hands clasped tightly in his lap.
“That… I can do.” Yuta said before forcing Mark’s face back up with his hand, his other squeezing Mark’s thigh.....
One mental breakdown later, and Mark was standing outside some random apartment room at eleven at night, anxiously debating if he wanted to go through with this.
He had just been broken up with after only a few weeks and a couple kisses, with the excuse that he was just too awkward and inexperienced.
So of course, logically, he made a grindr profile and went to meet the first guy who seemed even semi-interested in him, but was this really what he wanted?
He was nearly twenty two, and still a virgin, which just didn’t feel fair. He certainly wasn’t going to ask his friends, and everyone he dated he felt pressured by. He didn’t want to suck at it, or embarass himself in front of someone he cared about. A stranger was the perfect way to lose it without all the pressure of being the best at it. This guy had even offered to guide him through it…
He jumped hearing the ding of a notification on his phone. He pulled it out of his pocket to see the grindr notification, which read-
naka_naka_yuta95- How far r u? ;)
Mark nearly left right then and there, feeling his heart rate spike and his stomach drop. He was terrified about this whole thing now that he thought about it… perhaps he should just leave.
He scrolled through the messages again. They had only talked for maybe twenty minutes before agreeing to meet, maybe he had moved too fast..?
He shook his head and turned, beginning to walk away when his exes words popped back into his head, “I just can’t be with someone so green… It’s annoying having to teach someone. Go a couple rounds and maybe we could try again.”
He set his jaw and then turned right back around. He would get the experience tonight, even if he died doing it! Even if the guy was super ugly and old!
He knocked on the door before he could find any more doubt but as soon as he did he felt ice slice through his veins. Oh gosh… ohgoshohgoshohgoshohgoshohgoshohgosh.
The door opened after only a few seconds and his mind went blank as he looked up at an insanely attractive guy.
He had longish, shaggy, blond hair, ear rings, and a noble looking face. He wore a loose cut off tank top and skinny jeans, showing off his muscular arms and long legs. He was skinny, but obviously powerful.
“Are you gonna say hi… or?” The man asked, waving a slender hand in front of Mark’s stunned face.
“O-oh sorry, hi!” He said, lifting his hand to say hello with an awkward smile.
The man laughed, “You’re cute.” He commented, bringing an obvious rush of blood to Mark’s cheeks.
“Thanks.” He returned, eyes falling to stare at the man's feet instead of his handsome face. The guy was definitely a catch, but that was worse than him being ugly. He was way out of Mark’s league.
“Come on in, I made some ramen.” The man invited, pulling the door open wider for Mark with a grand swoop of his arm. Mark stepped inside, inspecting every corner as he entered the apartment and slid his shoes off beside the door. The stranger began heading towards the kitchen.
Mark scanned the area. It was clean and surprisingly normal looking. The living room and Kitchen were connected, only separated by the type of flooring. The sofa in the living room looked comfortable, it sat across from a small tv mounted on a table. The kitchen was small but cozy, and had everything it needed.
He looked down the hallway and saw a dimly lit room, the door ajar. From what he could make out the bed was covered in dark sheets. So far, there were no signs of the stranger being a serial killer.
“This is a nice place.” Mark commented, walking over to the man, who was generously portioning out the ramen into two bowls.
“It’s alright,” He shrugged, holding out the first bowl for Mark, who eyed it carefully before taking it in his hands.
What if it was drugged?
“I’m Yuta, by the way.” The handsome man introduced, reaching out his hand to shake. He smiled warmly at Mark, his teeth gleaming.
“Oh, uh, I’m Mark.” He greeted, taking hold of the man’s slender hand with a shy smile. It was much bigger than Mark’s, and softer. Mark released his hand after a moment and then looked back down at the steaming ramen.
It smelled alright, and it looked good.
“What do you wanna drink?” Yuta asked, turning to the fridge and opening it up.
Mark figured he should probably drink a little to attempt to calm down, “Could I have a beer?” He requested.
Yuta looked back at him with a smirk, pulling out a beer bottle while grabbing himself a coke, “One of us should probably be sober.” He joked, leaning over the counter and handing Mark the beer, “Let’s go sit on the sofa,” he suggested. Yuta led the way, settling down on the sofa. He crossed his legs in front of him as he got comfortable.
Mark followed suit, settling at least a foot away from Yuta on the couch. He stared at his ramen, distrust clear in his brown eyes. He tentatively brought some to his lips, taking his time putting it into his mouth. Mark glanced over at Yuta who was devouring his ramen without a care before taking his first bite. The ramen was delicious and he too began slurping it up as if his life depended on it, pausing every now and then to sip his beer. He didn’t want to be drunk, but alcohol was always a good confidence booster in these situations.
As he finished and set the bowl down he looked around for a napkin, realizing he had some of the juice on his chin, “Is there napkins somewhere?” He asked, looking up at Yuta who’s eyes were burning into him.
Yuta chuckled, “You don’t need a napkin. You have me.”
Without warning he reached out his hand, lifted Mark’s chin and slid a slender finger across his chin and lips. He captured the bit of juice on his fingers, spending a little too much time touching Mark’s lips before he pulled his hand away. Mark watched as Yuta brought the finger up to his own mouth, and with hooded eyes dragged his tongue over his finger, lapping up the juice in a seductive manner.
Mark’s cheeks blazed with heat as he stared into Yuta’s eyes, struggling to process what he had done. He forced his eyes away and grabbed his beer, taking several gulps before his eyes drifted back to Yuta. A cocky smile was plastered across the handsome man’s face at the reaction he had received.
“Th-thanks.” Mark stammered, clearly at a loss for words.
Yuta doubled over with the force of his laughter, making Mark feel embarrassed even though he tried to laugh along.
“You’re seriously so cute! Are you sure you’re a virgin?” Yuta asked, leaning back after he caught his breath and looking at Mark quizzically.
“I’m sure…” Mark sighed, dropping his eyes to the sofa.
“Why?” Yuta prodded. He scooted closer to Mark, closing the distance between them. His hand settled naturally on Mark’s thigh, beginning to run up and down the small boy's leg.
“It just… hasn’t happened.” Mark shrugged. His heart was pounding as he watched Yuta’s large and pretty hand gliding up and down his thigh, long fingers brushing towards his center with each movement.
“Have you had boyfriends before?” He pressed.
“A few.” Mark answered, resting against the sofa and looking up at Yuta, trying to calm down. The alcohol didn’t seem to be helping.
“Did you not want to have sex with them?”
“I did…”
“So what happened?”
“They wouldn’t want to sometimes… but mostly I would just get too - I don’t know… scared?” he admitted. Mark took another swig of beer, praying that the languid and hot feeling would wash over him soon.
“Are you afraid of the pain?”
“I mean a little… I think part of me just doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. I feel like I’m not very attractive and being awkward just takes away even more.” Mark said.
“I think you’re cute enough to eat.” Yuta flirted, stopping his hand at the top of Mark’s thigh. He reached out his other hand, taking Mark by the chin to look into his eyes, “Are you scared right now?”
Mark was clearly taken off guard by the question, eyes flickering from Yuta’s eyes to the wall behind him with worry. He took a moment to mull over the question before bobbing his head slowly up and down, “You’re way too hot for me,” He admitted.
Yuta chuckled and brought their faces closer, “Do you want me to fuck you?” He solicited.
“I- I don’t know…” Mark replied. He felt his cheeks flame and wished he could look anywhere else, but Yuta’s hand on his chin was keeping him frozen to the spot. Technically that had been the whole reason for coming here, but he didn’t think he could ever be so forward. Not to mention, a part of him was still unsure.
Yuta’s eyes were sultry but soft all at once, sweeping over Mark’s reserved frame before settling back on his eyes, “I won’t do anything without your permission… we can take it slow, one step at a time. We can stop anytime. I’ll be gentle with you…” he promised.
Mark had no idea what to say to that. Yuta seemed genuine, not a hint of jest in his dark eyes. Mark sat there with his eyes wide open before finally letting out a meek, “O-ok.”
“What do you like?” Yuta questioned, bringing himself closer yet to Mark, his warm breath tickling Mark’s cheeks and nose, leaving him breathless.
He stayed silent as he thought over the question, feeling stupid. He had no idea what he wanted to do… he had never done anything. He definitely had fantasies, but he couldn’t act those out until he had a little more experience. He just wanted to feel someone else touch him… To feel a hand aside from his own touch his member... “J-just touch me…” He requested finally, his eyes flickering down to his hands clasped tightly in his lap.
“That… I can do.” Yuta said before forcing Mark’s face back up with his hand, his other squeezing Mark’s thigh. He closed the short distance between them, his warm lips pressing against his younger partner's mouth. Mark closed his eyes and puckered his lips against Yuta’s, focusing on how Yuta pulled back and then fitted their lips together again.
Yuta’s mouth was hot against his, and obviously skilled. Mark began to move his plush lips against Yuta’s with care. He was unsure, but wanted to at least try to be good at it. After a few moments of the two kissing with just their lips, Yuta forced Mark’s lips open. His tongue invaded Mark’s mouth before he had time to think, brushing against his tongue. He was shocked but didn’t mind it, shyly moving his tongue with Yuta's. His face flushed as the kiss grew deeper. Mark was actually enjoying it, reaching out his hands to rest them on Yuta’s slim sides as they made out.
Yuta’s hand on his chin slipped behind his neck and curled into his short dark hair. With a soft grunt he tugged Mark’s head back by the roots of his hair, causing the younger to cry out.
Mark’s lips were glistening with spit and just a little swollen from the kissing. His cheeks were glowing a rosy red. Yuta grinned at him, “You already look like such a mess and we’ve barely started.” He teased. Before Mark could formulate a reply Yuta’s mouth was attacking Mark’s now exposed throat. He gasped at the feeling of Yuta’s lips and tongue rubbing against his throat, his stomach twisting and turning as Yuta kept his hand fisted in his soft locks.
Mark did his best to stay quiet, eyes closed as Yuta worked on his neck. He kissed all over his throat, stopping in some places to gently suck or bite the sensitive skin, eliciting soft sounds of pleasure from the smaller boy. Mark suddenly let out a groan as Yuta’s teeth grazed the skin at the crook of his neck.
Yuta paused at the sweet sound Mark let out, “Do you like this?” He teased, dragging his tongue slowly across the area again before latching onto the skin and beginning to suck on it harder.
“Y-yes,” Mark managed to gasp out. His nails were beginning to dig into Yuta’s sides as his slender neck was littered with dark red bruises.
Yuta chuckled and slid his free hand over Mark’s center before he began gently palming him through his jeans. His other hand was still tight in his hair eliciting loud moans from the adorable boy.
Mark reached one of his arms up to rest on Yuta’s wide back, his other still gripping his side tightly. His eyes opened as Yuta released the tight grip in his hair, but he quickly closed them again as the man began to kiss his lips.
This time, Mark was more prepared and kissed back just as hard. He secretly enjoyed the sloppy wetness and heat of the kiss as their lips and tongues danced. He couldn’t help but let out soft moans in between kisses as Yuta’s hand palmed the rising excitement between his legs.
As Mark let out a particularly high moan Yuta took Mark’s bottom lip between his teeth, pulling it away from his mouth before letting go. His eyes fluttered open mischievously to admire Mark’s flushed face, “You’re hard.” He stated.
Mark blushed even brighter red if that was possible, and looked down at the now obvious tent in his pants and Yuta’s hand, frozen against it. As Mark watched Yuta slowly began to move his hand again, making Mark moan and throw back his head, eyes closing. It felt good, but he was embarrassed to see what Yuta was doing.
Yuta slipped his free hand under his head and curled his fingers in the boys hair again, pushing his head up, “Watch me…” He ordered. His teeth nibbled on the edge of Mark’s ear, making him sigh. He bit his lip and hesitantly opened his eyes. He felt a knot forming in his stomach as he watched Yuta’s hand moving against the bulge between his legs.
He felt warmth spreading throughout his entire body, his mind growing foggy with arousal. His pants were beginning to feel too tight, and he wanted- no, needed- to have them off. At the same time he fretted in the last working part of his brain about Yuta seeing his private area. The lustful feelings were beginning to take over though. Especially with the added stimulation of Yuta’s mouth returning to tease the already discolored skin of his neck.
“Y-Yuta.” he gasped out.
Yuta froze against his throat, “Yes angel?” He murmured. Mark’s stomach seemed to turn a somersault at the new pet name.
“I- I need my- I need you to-” He stammered, struggling to form words in his state.
“Come on then,” Yuta encouraged, pulling away to look at Mark’s flushed face. His hand continued to palm the tent in Mark’s pants while he waited. Mark groaned desperately, his face contorting in a pained expression, eyes squeezing shut.
“My-my pants. I can’t-” he continued to struggle as Yuta’s hand pressed against him tighter, his thumb swooping over the tip of the tent with a cruel smile.
“I know you can say it… come on.” he coaxed, “Tell me what you want.”
Mark shuddered and cried out in pleasure, throwing his head back against the couch, “I want my pants off!” he begged. His body was beginning to tremble with his desire.
Yuta smirked and placed a comforting kiss on his cheek, “Good boy,” He praised, wasting no time in undoing the button and zipper of Mark’s jeans.
Mark let out a sigh of relief as the tightness was somewhat eased from his member.
“Lift your hips.” Yuta ordered, getting on his knees in front of Mark to help him get his jeans off. Mark obediently lifted his hips, and as the fabric was pulled away from him and the cool hair hit his legs he was overcome with anxiety all over again. He was hyper aware of how exposed he was now. He kept his eyes shut tight and his head leaned back against the couch, unable to look at himself.
Yuta pushed his knees apart, shuffling between his legs, and observing his impressive bulge and the dark stain on his boxers. Mark was already leaking pre-cum, a fact that brought Yuta a dark sense of pride.
“You’re already this worked up, hm?” He teased, sending a chill through Mark’s whole body.
“D-don’t look at me,” Mark begged, his voice strained.
“Hmm… I already am though. How unfortunate.” Yuta said, laughter coloring his tone.
Mark wriggled his hips a bit, waiting for Yuta to touch him again. After a couple moments of silence he opened his eyes and lifted his head to look at Yuta, who was still sitting on his knees between Mark’s legs, eyes filled with mirth.
“W-what are you doing?” Mark questioned, eyebrows furrowed.
“Waiting for my orders.” He said softly, chuckling at the way Mark’s eyebrows shot up in shock.
Mark was already growing desperate to feel Yuta’s hands and lips on him again. He just didn’t know if he could vocalize that. He opted instead for slightly shaking his hips again and letting out a low, needy whine, eyes locking onto Yuta’s.
“Use your words baby,” Yuta crooned, ghosting his fingers up one of Mark’s calves, making his leg jump.
“Hmmm, please!” he cried out, eyes filling with desperation, his fingers curling over the edge of the couch besides his thighs.
Yuta bit his lip as he watched the boy pout, “You’re so Goddamn cute…”
Mark could only huff in reply to his compliment, feeling his body quiver at Yuta’s tone alone.
Yuta stood up slowly, staying purposely between his legs. He watched Mark’s eyes travel from his face and down his body hungrily.
“Take off your shirt, hm?” Yuta asked.
Mark’s eyes widened at the request. He already felt too exposed and now Yuta wanted him to remove another layer?
“Y-you first.” he countered, avoiding Yuta’s eyes.
Yuta rolled his eyes, “I asked for your orders and you didn’t offer any, so now it’s my turn. Take off your shirt.”
Mark’s stomach rolled at the demand, and he felt a cold sweat breaking out over his body. He was still incredibly turned on, but now the lust was losing and all he could think of was how terrified he was of being judged. He figured it would be easier with a stranger, but when faced with such a sexy man he felt like he might cry if he had to take off his shirt.
He slowly sat himself up and felt a wave of nausea as he noticed the wet spot on the fabric of his briefs, this was so embarrassing.
His lower lip quivered delicately and he tried to speak, “I-I don’t w-want…”
“What are you so afraid of?” Yuta asked, lifting Mark’s chin with a finger. He took note of the way the boy's eyes were beginning to water. He looked so scared but yet so pretty. His fear was endearing in a way.
“I- I don’t kn-know I j-ju-” Mark’s eyes frantically moved this way and that, trying to look anywhere but into Yuta’s predatory, chocolate eyes. His stomach was rolling with discomfort.
“Mark.” He barked.
Mark glanced into his eyes, his breathing growing uneven.
“Do you want to stop?” He asked, offering him an out.
Mark was silent for a moment at the question, seriously debating it. Perhaps he was in over his head. Yuta wouldn’t force him to stay if he didn’t want to, and if he left they could both go back to their normal lives and forget about each other.
Mark wasn’t sure if he wanted to return to his normal life though. Yuta was hot, and actually not a bad person… Plus he couldn’t walk out with all these hickeys and nothing to show for it. After a couple more moments of debating Mark looked up at Yuta and slowly shook his head.
“What do you want to do?” He questioned.
“M-maybe we could take them off together…?” Mark suggested, avoiding his partner's dark eyes.
“Do you not go swimming? Why are you so shy?” Yuta teased.
“I-i’m sorry…” Mark apologized, he felt like he was ruining the mood. His eyes began to well up as his mind filled with negative talk. No wonder everyone broke up with him... He was such a baby.
“Hey. Mark. Look at me,” Yuta ordered.
Mark hesitantly looked up, a tear gliding down his cheek.
Yuta pulled his own shirt off in a swift movement, revealing his thin but well muscled torso.
Mark’s eyes scanned his body anxiously, but with a hunger too. Yuta was in fact gorgeous… but that only made him less confident in his own body.
Yuta’s hand came to rest on Mark’s cheek, swiping away the tear with his thumb, “Trust me, you’ll want to save that for later.” He warned before he pressed a sweet kiss to Mark’s soft cheek.
He kissed a trail down to Mark’s lips, gaining a sigh of relief from the boy who melted back into the kiss naturally. Their tongues twirled sloppily around one another. Yuta’s hands trailed down his chest, fingers running over the protruding buds of Mark’s nipples.
Yuta was growing more impatient with Mark as they kissed, his own pants growing tight.
He gathered the hem of Mark’s shirt into his fist and without warning ripped Mark’s shirt up, breaking the kiss as Mark let out an astonished gasp, eyes widening.
“Lift up your arms,” Yuta ordered, his tone icy.
Mark did as he was told, cringing as the cold air made his nipples pucker and harden.
Yuta tossed the shirt away before his eyes alighted on Mark’s gorgeous form in front of him. He was skinny but so pretty. Mark crossed his arms over his stomach, growing anxious at Yuta’s staring. Yuta frowned at the gesture.
“You’re fucking gorgeous.” He breathed, falling to his knees and grabbing Mark’s wrists, pinning them on either side of his waist. Mark’s bit his lip as he watched Yuta, anticipation coursing through his veins.
“Th-thank you.” He replied at the compliment, at a loss for anything better to say.
Yuta placed a kiss on Mark’s inner thigh, sucking the skin as he pulled away, leaving a satisfying mark on the boy's pale skin. His mouth travelled further with each hickey he left on Mark’s thighs, making the boy squirm and moan the closer he got to his covered member. Yuta held Mark’s hands firmly to his sides, using only his mouth. Finally he dusted a kiss over Mark’s clothed member, and chuckled as his hips bucked with the sudden contact.
Mark was becoming hypersensitive to everything Yuta was doing to him. He felt like he was going crazy.
“Someone’s eager.” Yuta teased. He ran his tongue along the edge of Mark’s briefs before licking his tongue over the shape of Mark’s bulge. His eyes were focused on Mark who was letting out quiet sighs of pleasure, his abs contracting under his skin with each drag of Yuta’s tongue.
Mark was startled as Yuta’s hand’s released his wrists, but he obediently kept them at his sides, trying to keep quiet. He wondered what the man had in store now as he was sitting up taller, leaning over Mark’s body, his torso pressing against Mark’s sensitive member.
Mark stayed silent as Yuta began running his hands over his stomach and torso, but when his fingers brushed over his nipples he let out a strangled cry. He hadn’t expected to gain pleasure from that but as Yuta began rubbing his hands up and down over them he grew more and more excited, eyes alighting on Yuta’s smirking face.
“Th-that tickles,” Mark panted.
“Mhmm,” Yuta hummed, gliding his hands over Mark’s nipples a few more times before suddenly pinching the two pink buds between his fingers. The action drew a low whine from Mark who’s eyes had closed at the foreign sensation. His hips wriggled upwards against Yuta’s torso and the man shook his head.
“Behave,” He reprimanded. He brought a hand down to press Mark’s hips back into the sofa before returning to his nipples. He began flicking over the sensitive buds with his fingers, at times rolling them between his fingers.
Mark did his best to be good, even as his mind was becoming foggy with this new feeling he couldn’t help but want more.
He let out a sharp cry as one of Yuta’s hands suddenly drifted down to his briefs and then drove under the fabric, wrapping around his cock. His other hand still stayed against his chest, flicking his nipple insistently.
One of Mark’s hands jumped to grab Yuta’s wrist, “Hmmm… hmmm… No, d-don’t,” Mark’s begging fell on deaf ears as Yuta’s hand squeezed the boy's leaking member.
The man laughed at the way Mark’s body spasmed and trembled in response to his touch.
Mark was going crazy now, nails digging into Yuta’s offending arm and his head going further back into the sofa. He couldn’t stop the spasms that shook his body, his abs contracting futilely beneath the skin. The feelings of Yuta’s fingers roughly rolling over his nipples, mixed with the pressure of Yuta’s hand on his cock was causing stars to dance in his eyes.
“Don’t what?” Yuta asked, slowly beginning to move his hand back and forth around Mark’s shaft. He brought his hand from Mark’s reddening nipple to tug his briefs down to offer him easier access, admiring the reveal of Mark’s private area.
“It- it feels weird,” Mark whined.
“Hmmm… just don’t cum unless I tell you,” Yuta growled, enjoying the look of Mark’s leaking cock in his hand..
“Y-you’re dr-driving me crazy,” Mark panted, letting out a loud moan, his abs spasming.
Yuta began pumping up and down, marveling at every movement Mark made. He couldn’t help the dark sense of satisfaction seeing the way Mark was unravelling before him.
He reached up again to tease one of his nipples and laughed when Mark cried out, his cock twitching in his hand at the added stimulation.
“You’re so fucking cute…” Yuta growled, adding a bit more pressure to Mark’s member as he pumped more rapidly.
Mark’s head pressed desperately against the couch as he cried out in pleasure, being devoured by the sensation. His ears were starting to ring, and there was a tight feeling blooming in his abdomen. He was desperate to let it out.
“Y-Yuta,” he whimpered, “I-I think I m-might-”
Yuta released his cock and grabbed onto his nipples aggressively, cutting off Mark’s words and turning them into a sharp gasp.
“What was that?” Yuta asked, grinning maniacally at the angelic boy in front of him.
All Mark could do was whine as Yuta’s fingers played with his nipples, making him more lustful. He unknowingly was lifting his hips, desperate to have the contact with Yuta’s hand again, “T-touch me,” he begged.
Mark was completely consumed with arousal, uncaring of anything else except for Yuta and his hands running over his body.
“I am,” Yuta teased.
He dropped his head to Mark’s chest and grabbed one of Mark’s nipples between his teeth, beginning to roll his tongue over the already swollen bud. Mark breathlessly cried out, another spasm traveling throughout his body.
Tears pricked his eyes and he drove his hips upwards against Yuta’s belly, moaning as his cock rubbed against the hot skin of his partner.
Yuta froze and surged away at the feeling, making Mark cry out in disbelief and desire.
His cock was throbbing and his nipples were tingling.
“Oh please!!” He begged, sitting up to look at Yuta who’s eyes were dark.
“Shut up.” He ordered. His icy tone made Mark’s stomach flip.
Yuta dropped to his knees and tugged Mark’s boxers down the rest of the way, pulling them off his feet.
“Let’s take this to the bedroom,” he suggested, looking up at Mark’s naked form hungrily..
“O-okay.” Mark said.
He braced his hands on the sofa and attempted to stand. As soon as he rose he realized that his body was still trembling. He didn’t have enough strength to hold himself up and began to fall, letting out a squeak of fear.
Yuta laughed and caught the boy, whisking him up into his arms.
Mark blushed deep red and covered his face with his hands as Yuta carried him into the dimly lit bedroom, kicking the door closed and walking to the bed. He laid Mark down with care, pressing a kiss to his forehead before straightening up.
“Wait for me,” he ordered. He swiftly removed his own jeans, revealing the impressive bulge beneath.
Mark nodded slowly, watching Yuta change. He knew he looked like a mess, but before he could think too much on it Yuta was climbing onto the bed. He caged him in with his arms as he crawled over his body, crashing his lips into Mark’s.
Mark kissed back just as hard, his arms wrapping eagerly around his partner's neck, curling into his soft blond hair. Yuta’s mouth abandoned his lips to adventure down his neck. He paused to suck and bite at his collarbones, making the smaller boys hips wiggle upwards eagerly.
Yuta placed a hand against Mark’s hips to hold him down, thumb gliding back and forth over his abdomen a breath away from his cock. His other found purchase at his nipples, teasing them with his tongue and finger, making Mark whine in pleasure.
His fingers curled tighter and tighter in Yuta’s hair. The feeling of his hair being pulled was making Yuta even more eager to please.
“I’m gonna fucking ruin you.” He growled out against Marks chest before biting him rather hard, making his whole body spasm as he cried out. His stomach tying itself in knots.
“P-please,” Mark begged, his voice high and alien sounding.
“Please what?” Yuta asked, his hand suddenly gripping his cock.
Mark’s body shuddered violently and he gasped out, a wave of pleasure blinding him. There wasn’t a single normal thought in his head. He wanted Yuta to make a disaster of him.
“Ruin me.” Mark said clearly, his eyes flashing to Yuta’s. They were filled with lust, nearly exploding with the desire coursing through his body.
Yuta grinned and glided his tongue down Mark’s chest slowly, causing the boy to arch his back. Yuta’s other hand pumped slowly up and down on his cock. He littered Mark’s skin with marks, kissing and biting his chest and abdomen passionately.
He paused for a moment and sat up, gaining a needy whine from Mark, but he quickly quieted when he realized Yuta was grabbing a bottle of lube.
“Have you ever touched yourself down there?” Yuta whispered, bringing his face back to Mark’s to look at him with sultry eyes.
Mark had to take a moment to figure out exactly what Yuta meant, blinking like a deer in the headlights before his mouth dropped at the question. So this was where things were headed.
“I- I’ve tried to.” he stuttered, garnering a sweet chuckle from Yuta.
“You’re absolutely precious,” Yuta crooned and leaned down to press his lips to Mark’s before pulling away again, “I’ll be gentle, so just relax and try not to get scared okay?” He reassured.
“I trust you,” he replied, grabbing Yuta’s face again to kiss him hard.
As the two made out Yuta began to play with Mark’s cock. Mark reached out to brush his hand against Yuta’s clothed member, making the tall man moan into the kiss.
“You’re being so good,” he muttered appreciatively against his lips, moving his head down to chew on Mark’s already bruised throat.
Mark began rubbing Yuta’s cock, enjoying the quiet breaths of satisfaction Yuta let out. Mark found that he got pleasure out of knowing he was making someone feel good. Mark was in paradise and wanted to stay there forever.
Yuta finally pulled back and away, moving down to his partner's swollen cock.
“Behave,” he ordered before he brought his face between Mark’s thighs. He gently dragged his tongue up Mark’s cock, making the virgin wriggle and squeal at the foreign feeling.
He slowly took Mark in his mouth, feeling his cock twitch against his tongue as he began moving his tongue in slow circles over the tip. Mark gasped and closed his eyes, hands going to tangle in Yuta’s soft hair. He was already getting close to his limit again, desperate for relief. He was making sounds with no control or thought, his body tingling with the hot and wet sensation.
As Mark was moaning and sighing, Yuta was emptying some of the lube onto his finger. He began to apply some around his entrance, rubbing his fingers in slow circles.
Mark had never felt anything like this, his entire body was becoming slick with sweat, he felt like he was on fire.
He gasped and cried out, a shudder going through his entire body. Yuta hummed against his cock, still applying as much lube as he could onto Mark, beginning to slowly push his fingers inside Mark’s hot walls.
“Nnng,” Mark whimpered and moaned, “Yuta! Yuta it’s too-“ he cut off, bucking his hips up into Yuta’s mouth. Yuta tasted the sudden excess of cum and pulled back quickly, gripping his cock.
“I told you to behave.” He teased, looking at Mark’s flushed face and teary eyes.
“I c-can’t help it,” he whined, “It feels too good,” his voice was high and sweet. Reflecting the feelings of passion and lust he was being consumed by.
“It’s gonna feel even better baby,” he promised. He ran his glistening hands over Marks taught abs and cute nipples, admiring the way the lube coated his body. Mark was glistening with the gooey and cold substance, looking undeniably provocative. His eyes were hooded as he watched Yuta, his body squirming and jumping at Yuta’s touch.
Yuta continued to rub Mark’s torso, while his other hand glided down to his inner thigh to his plump bottom. He began to push his finger into Mark’s entrance carefully, wiggling his finger a bit to allow access. He watched proudly as Mark’s eyes scrunched shut at the feeling and a haughty moan left his lips.
“A-ahhh!” he panted, suddenly seeming to try and get away from Yuta’s finger. His cock was leaking cum already.
Despite the pleasure coursing through Mark’s veins he felt his anxiety rise back up with a vengeance. A host of new fears breaking the surface of his mind. It felt amazing but he couldn’t help but worry if he was gross. He felt so vulnerable and exposed, suddenly too aware of the position he was in.
Yuta took his free hand and forced Mark’s hips into the bed, holding him down against the mattress. His finger froze inside Mark’s heat. Giving him just a moment to adjust.
“Mark.” He warned, beginning to push his finger further, his thumb sliding back and forth over Mark’s pronounced hip bone. Watching the host of expressions that Mark was making at the new experience.
Mark was ready to cry, his heart pounding in his ears.
“Wait! Wait! Please wait!” Mark cried in a rush, his hands grabbing at Yuta’s wrist.
Yuta stopped again, eyes scanning Mark’s lewd body and hard cock. His chest and neck were covered in hickeys. He was clearly turned on, but Yuta supposed it was a scary feeling. Especially since he was a virgin.
“Are you okay?” He asked after a couple seconds of watching the smaller boys chest rise and fall with his breaths, eyes still squeezed closed.
“I’m scared,” he admitted meekly.
“What are you scared of?” Yuta queried, bringing their faces closer together.
Mark was quiet, shaking his head a bit as he got used to the foreign feeling. He was afraid of everything. The way he was so turned on by someone's fingers was scary. The way he was completely naked in front of such an alluring man was overwhelming.
“Mark. You have to talk to me so I know what you want me to do.” Yuta coaxed, kissing his chest. The sex fiend in him was screaming for the expressions of pain and anxiety he loved so much, especially with Mark being so cute.
With any other sex partner he probably would have kept pushing. With any other sex partner he wouldn’t be so patient. He felt different with Mark though, he was so adorable and timid it made him feel somehow protective. He wanted him to feel good and be comfortable. He wanted to ravage away any negative thoughts in that pretty head of his.
“Isn’t it gross?” He asked after a moment, his pretty eyes opening to look at Yuta. The man let out a soft laugh and Mark smacked at his arm, “Don’t laugh,” he begged.
Yuta rolled his eyes, “Mark, baby,” he addressed, “I mean this from the bottom of my heart, you are not gross. THIS is not gross,”
Mark chewed his lip and looked away from him doubtfully, “A-are you sure?”
“Considering you’re a stranger I have no obligation to tell you that you’re cute. But you are cute. You’re sexy. You sound hot… I want to keep listening to you moan,” Yuta reassured softly, tentatively running his hand over Mark’s nipples, making Mark sigh.
Though Mark was still filled with fear he wanted to believe Yuta. His eyes found his partners, searching for any sign that he wasn’t genuine. All he could get out of his predatory gaze was that he was definitely not lying. There was no disgust present in his chocolate eyes.
“Okay,” he replied, a slight tremor evident in his voice.
“Shall I continue?” Yuta asked, poised eagerly to continue.
Mark nodded, and immediately was throwing his head back against the bed as Yuta pushed inside. He went slowly with the resistance, taking his time and grinning as Mark whined and moaned out with the feeling, his insides convulsing sweetly around his finger. Yuta pushed until he couldn’t, watching as a tear slid down the side of Mark’s face.
“That’s it, that’s a good boy,” he praised, gently running his hand over Mark’s chest and down to his hips. He leaned down to kiss the soft dip of his abdomen, smirking at the quiet whine Mark let out.
Yuta began pumping in and out of him with one finger. Going until there was nearly no resistance. He dripped some lube over the area before adding a second finger to his tight bottom.
Mark was in ecstasy, legs spread apart and trembling, teeth digging into his bottom lip. He was groaning and panting without abandon. The sight alone and the feeling of him tightening around his fingers was driving Yuta mad. He began to speed up his pace, one of his hands holding Mark down, nails pressing against his soft skin.
Mark’s moaning was growing louder and more consistent, his body trembling uncontrollably around Yuta’s long fingers.
The sensation was strange but pleasurable, and he wanted more, he wanted to be filled with Yuta, “I want more,” he moaned, crying out as Yuta hit against an incredibly sensitive spot, causing his entire body to spasm. Yet again he was filled with lust and lust only. There was no trace of the anxiety he had experienced only moments before.
“More?” Yuta asked, grinning as he continued to finger Mark, ramming in and out of him.
Yuta took it a step further, grabbing his cock, beginning to pump up and down on his shaft in time with the way his fingers slammed inside of him.
Mark cried out at the added contact, watching Yuta’s cruel expression with his lewd gaze.
His muscles were burning and spasming, and he was burning with his passion and desire. He was on the brink of climax, waves of pleasure flowing through his veins with every thrust of Yuta’s slender fingers into him. His eyes grew unfocused and heavy lidded and he began babbling that he would cum, his hips moving in tandem with Yuta’s movements.
“Okay baby,” Yuta soothed, pulling out his fingers and removing his hand from Mark’s cock, making him cry out desperately as the waves of pleasure were stopped again, making him feel unsatisfied.
“Oh please,” he cried out, his voice strained.
“In time…” Yuta comforted, slowly taking down his boxers and tossing them away, his erection springing free. He sat up on his knees in the bed, towering over Mark’s small frame.
Mark stared wide eyed at his cock, making Yuta chuckle before he took Mark’s hand and guided it to his length, “Pleasure me,” he ordered.
Mark looked up at Yuta’s gorgeous body and nodded. If he could do well he knew Yuta would reward him. He pulled himself up, struggling as his legs were still trembling. Once he was steady he wrapped his small hands around Yuta’s cock, carefully starting to pump back and forth. He scooted closer to his body, one of his hands Exploring Yuta’s toned chest and abs, marveling at the hardness of his body before leaning forward to kiss his partner's stomach.
Yuta reached a hand under his chin, lifting Mark’s head to look into his eyes, “I want you to suck it,” he ordered, his eyes unwavering.
Mark nodded, glancing back down at his large member before bringing his mouth down to it. He held it up with one hand while the other rested on Yuta’s toned thigh and tentatively licked the tip. Yuta sighed softly, laying a hand on the back of Mark’s head as he took the tip into his mouth.
He took it in further, moving his tongue around the edges of his cock carefully, his eyes glancing up at Yuta’s twisted expression before closing and pulling him in deeper, careful not to let it hit the back of his throat. This was almost more fun than what had taken place before.
“That’s right baby, take it all in,” Yuta moaned, his eyes taking in Mark’s timid frame in front of him. In this position he was even more beautiful, the arch of his spine leading down to his plump ass was somehow seductive. The way his long lashes brushed against his blushy cheeks was adorable. He looked so angelic and pure, even while taking Yuta’s cock into his mouth.
Mark began to bob his head back and forth on Yuta’s length, making the taller man groan. He leaned his head back, closing his eyes. His slender fingers tangled into Mark’s silky hair, enjoying the feeling.
At the deep moans Yuta was letting out, Mark was becoming more eager to please. His eyes flashed up Yuta’s body to his beautiful neckline, beginning to move his head a bit faster, twirling his tongue around the tip with vigor. He could taste the salty hint of pre-cum, and lapped at the slit of Yuta’s cock cheekily before bringing it back into his mouth, enjoying the strained deep growl Yuta let out.
His eyes widened as he felt Yuta’s grip in his hair tighten, and he looked up with trembling eyes. Yuta was looking down at him with a grin before he suddenly drove his hips forward into Mark’s throat, making him gag and splutter on his cock as it hit the back of his throat. Mark tried to pull away, bracing his hands on Yuta’s thighs, but the pretty man wasn’t letting him go anywhere.
He began to fuck his mouth slowly, marveling at the feeling of Mark’s throat convulsing around him when ever he hit the back of his throat. He grew even more aroused as tears began to spill down the boys ruddy cheeks
“You’re such a good boy. My pretty little angel,” He praised, causing Mark’s stomach to tie itself in knots at the praise and the feeling of pressure on the roots of his hair. Yuta drove his cock into the back of his throat one more time, staying there longer than usual. He chuckled, watching as Mark’s eyes squeezed shut and a muffled cry emanated against his cock. Yuta pulled out of his mouth, admiring the drool that dribbled down Mark’s chin as he panted and coughed, dropping his head against one of Yuta’s thighs.
He took a couple more breaths before looking up at Yuta, his eyes sparkling, “What are you going to do now?” He asked, even though he had a feeling he already knew.
“Hmm… what do you think?” Yuta teased, settling back down to Mark’s level, delicately caressing his cheek with a slender hand.
Mark whined softly, “I-I want,” he had a strange desire to be filled again. He wanted to be closer to Yuta, to be enveloped by him.
Yuta leaned forward and kissed Mark on his lips, pulling away before the kiss could grow too passionate, “Say it… beg for it.” He ordered, smirking as Mark’s eyes flitted away for a moment before falling on his large member hungrily.
He felt so empty… “P-please…” He asked.
Yuta gently pushed Mark down onto his back on the bed, watching the way his body stretched out, his skin taut on his thin chest and abs, cock still erect and red, begging to be touched.
“Come on angel,” he coaxed, drifting a finger down Mark’s chest. Mark trembled at the new pet name.
Yuta began pushing Mark’s legs apart, positioning his body in between them. He reached over to grab the lube and a condom from the nightstand again. He quickly ripped open the package, tossing it away and placing it over his cock.
He opened the lube and tipped it over, smirking as Mark whimpered and whined as the cold liquid spilled over his cock and abdomen, dripping down his legs and towards his ass.
Yuta began rubbing the lube all over him, paying special attention to his hole, pushing his fingers inside easily and pulling them back out, garnering a needy cry from Mark. As he did so he began to rub it over his cock as well, making sure Mark would be as comfortable as possible for his first time.
“Mmmm, f-fuck me, please.” Mark begged, wide eyes staring into Yuta’s with desperation. He was so turned on he couldn’t even begin to worry about how much this could hurt. Just the teasing of his fingers was enough to push him over the edge.
“What a little whore,” Yuta laughed, pumping Mark’s cock a couple times before he sat up, positioning his cock at Mark’s tight entrance. He carefully began pressing his hard length into Mark’s hole, watching as his lust filled eyes filled with shock and then fresh tears.
“Fuck, you’re so tight,” Yuta growled as he began to push inside Mark.
“Ah...aaang,” he choked and his hands twisted up in the sheets.
He had expected it to hurt, but the pain that blossomed from his bottom and shot throughout his whole body was more than he had expected.
Yuta froze, his hands traveling up Mark’s sides, one going to hold Mark’s hand tightly in his, “How is it?”
“I-it’s so big,” Mark sniffled, tears dripping from his eyes and down the sides of his face. He was filled with fear, a part of him worrying that he would simply be ripped in half. He let out a sob as he felt his insides contracting around the head of Yuta’s cock.
“You can handle it angel, you’re so good,” he praised, leaning down to kiss the boy's tear streaked face, careful not to move, waiting for Mark to relax. He pressed another kiss to his swollen lips before pressing forward once more.
“Fuck,” he cussed feeling Mark’s heat surrounding his length, seeming to pull him in even as Mark was crying out in pain and pleasure. Yuta placed a hand against the crying boy's face, rubbing his cheeks with his thumb.
“Should I stop?” He asked cautiously, feeling another spasm roll through the boys muscles.
Despite his crying he shook his head, “K-keep going,” he begged.
The smaller boy was in a world of exquisite pain and foreign feelings. He was being filled up, burning with the feeling of Yuta’s cock buried inside him, “MMM, fuck!” Mark panted out, gasping as Yuta bottomed out in him, his cock fully inside the smaller boy.
“Good boy, such a good fucking whore,” Yuta praised. He littered soft kisses all over Mark’s face and down his throat, his hands running up and down his sides to distract him from the pain he was probably feeling, “How is it?” He asked.
“It hurts,” Mark whimpered, taking deep breaths.
Yuta frowned, “It will stop soon.” he promised.
“Good,” Mark replied, taking a deep breath.
The pain was emanating outward throughout the entire lower part of his body, yet it was also nice. He felt full, and hot. The pain seemed to be lessening with the rise and fall of his chest.
“Do you want me to move?” Yuta queried, looking into Mark’s eyes to see if he could discern his feelings in his chocolate depths.
“J-just go slow,” Mark said, biting his moist lips as he said so.
Yuta nodded and began to pull himself back a bit, watching as Mark let out a shaking groan, eyes scrunching shut again as his muscles contracted at the friction.
“Should I stop?”
“N-no. Keep-Keep going,” Mark begged, hands fisting into the sheets.
Yuta didn’t need to be told twice. He slowly began to thrust in and out of Mark, making sure to be gentle at first for him. His hand finally grabbed onto Mark’s swollen cock, making him moan desperately as he started to pump in rhythm with his thrusts, driving his hips against Mark’s plump ass.
The room grew filled with loud pants and whimpers, and the crude sound of skin slapping skin as Yuta fucked Mark.
Mark’s eyes were leaking tears and he had dissolved into a complete mess, hand’s desperately searching for something to find purchase on as he rocked in time with Yuta’s thrusts. His brain was filled only with the overwhelming feelings of pleasure that radiated throughout his whole body. With each smack of Yuta’s cock into his prostate he would let out a high pitched whine. Being able to see Yuta’s face, and hearing his grunts was making Mark more excited. He had only dirty thoughts, wishing to be fucked harder and harder, wanting to lick the sweat off Yuta’s slick body.
“Fuck, oh fuck, oh Yuta,” he moaned out as Yuta picked up the pace.
Yuta was in his own world of pleasure, admiring the way Mark’s body writhed beneath him as he pounded into his plump ass. He enjoyed the lewd way his cum leaked prematurely onto his hands from his swollen cock. Yuta leaned down to chew on one of Mark’s nipples, still keeping a steady pace as he did so, causing the boy's body to spasm and hips to buck at the added stimulation.
Yuta moaned out at the feeling of Mark’s hot insides contracting around him in a vice like grip, “You’re so fucking tight,” he moaned against Mark’s skin before flicking his tongue again over the pink buds of his nipples.
Mark threw his arms around Yuta’s wide back, nails digging into his pale skin as his body spasmed again, his cock twitching in Yuta’s unyielding hand. “Yuta!” He cried out. The boy wanted to be closer to Yuta, wanted to feel his body right against him.
“Yes angel?” Yuta growled against Mark’s chest, the heat of his breath alone being enough to satisfy Mark’s lust filled body.
“H-hold me… fuck me harder… fuck.” Mark gritted out, and Yuta chuckled, realizing Mark was trying to pull himself up, his nails dragging down his slick back.
Yuta slipped his arms around Mark’s slim waist and hoisted him up and onto his lap, making him cry out and his insides to convulse again at the new angle, “Good boy, such a good fucking whore,” Yuta groaned out. His hands tangled into Mark’s hair as the boy dropped his head against his broad shoulder, tears dripping onto his bare skin, making him more excited.
Yuta pounded into him harder, enjoying the feeling of Mark’s panting breath against his neck as he clung to him, nails raking across his back.
Yuta was fucking up straight into his prostate, each thrust making Mark cry out until he suddenly bit down rather hard on Yuta’s shoulder, making the man gasp softly. He didn’t stop though, fucking him harder still.
Yuta was close to climaxing, the heat and the tightness becoming too much for him.
“Oh fuck,” He panted, ripping Mark’s head back by his hair to look at his face. Drool leaked down his chin, mixing with tears and his cheeks were flushed bright red. They were both slick with sweat and desire.
“Y-yuta touch my cock, please,” Mark begged, eyes crazed and Yuta grinned at his desperate partner. One of his hands fell to his cock without hesitation, beginning to pump hard, following suit with the force of his pelvis as he rocked back and forth into Mark, bouncing the smaller male on his cock.
The two of them were close, grunting and moaning almost animalistically. Yuta crushed his lips against Mark’s sloppily, their mouths opening and tongues dancing together.
The intense stimulation was too much for Mark. His ears began ringing intensely and his eyes closed as the waves of pleasure washed over him, finally the knot in his stomach came undone.
He threw back his head to let out a loud cry as he came, viscous liquid shooting from his member and onto Yuta’s belly and hand. His entire body convulsed with the force of his orgasm, abs contracting beneath his skin. The boy let out a breathless stream of curse words and moans, head thrown back in ecstasy.
At the feeling of Mark’s muscles clenching around his cock, Yuta came right after, shooting spurts of hot semen into Mark, sending the deflowered boy over the edge. Yuta was making a low sound, growling and grunting as he filled Mark with his cum.
A loud groan emanated from Mark as his head fell against Yuta’s shoulder, nails raking down his back in an attempt to ground himself. Yuta was still rubbing his cock, and he was growing over stimulated from the continued pounding, crying out as Yuta’s nails raked down his side. Yuta was oblivious to his actions, riding on the wave of his own orgasm.
“You’re so fucking good, such a good fucking boy,” Yuta panted as he finished, his hand slowing to a stop on Mark’s cock before wrapping around his trembling body. The two stayed connected for a moment, taking rapid breaths as they came down from their highs.
“You should lay down baby,” he cooed after a couple minutes, rubbing Mark’s slim back in slow circles.
“I-I don’t know if I c-can let go,” Mark stuttered. He was worn out. He felt so tired he wasn’t sure if he could move, and his mind was still foggy from the orgasm he had moments before. He wasn’t even sure if he wanted to, he was perfectly comfortable as he was.
Yuta shook his head and gently gripped Mark’s biceps, pulling his arms away from his body before lifting him.
His cock finally fell out of Mark, and a feeling of satisfaction washed over him at the pool of cum that dripped out of Mark’s hole. Mark’s body was covered in dark marks and bruises, and there was an obvious line of scratches down his side.
Yuta carefully laid him down over the quilt and then smirked, pulling at the blankets, “Get under the covers. You can stay the night.” He offered.
“I don’t think I could walk anyways,” Mark muttered. He tried to sit up, struggling with the sheets. He found he couldn’t muster the strength in his arms or legs to get himself up high enough to get the blankets out from under his body.
“You’re too cute… jeez,” Yuta tsked, watching him struggle a minute longer before he reached out to help. He pulled the sheets down with ease, allowing him to climb under them before he followed suit. He reached out to turn off the light, plunging the two into darkness. He reached out, instinctively drawing Mark to his chest.
Technically it was against hook up culture to cuddle with your sex partner, but Mark was definitely not a normal sex partner. He was already much more.
Mark let out a soft huff and nuzzled against Yuta’s chest adorably, his hand falling against Yuta’s stomach as he made himself comfortable on the man’s wiry body.
“Thank you,” he murmured.
“You’re lucky I wasn’t some creep,” Yuta retorted, bringing his slim hand up to run his fingers through Mark’s messy, sweat soaked hair.
Mark let out a breathy laugh, “I suppose,”
He felt euphoric, his body still vibrating with the pleasure he had just experienced, and now he was even being treated like this? It was too good to be true.
“How was your first time?” Yuta asked, his voice sounding from deep in his chest.
Mark blushed, glad for the cover of darkness now, “It was… really good.” He admitted. He found he was struggling to keep his eyes open now. He was acutely aware of how exhausted he had become and the rhythmic feeling of Yuta’s fingers running through hair was only amplifying that feeling.
“Care to do it again sometime?” Yuta offered, his own voice was becoming thick with tiredness, they had both exhausted each other in the last few hours.
Mark was quiet for a moment, before he nodded languidly, “Mhm,” he managed to hum out before he was out just like that, quiet snores beginning to resonate from his swollen lips.
“Such an angel,” Yuta praised, leaning his head forward to kiss the top of Mark’s head before his own eyes were shutting. He focused on Mark’s quiet snores until he too had fallen into a comfortable sleep with the cute boy he had met only hours before...
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sometimesiwrite · 2 months ago
Omg 😭 tumblr is dum-dum and isn't showing when people tag me. I'm sorry I haven't interacted with you and read anything 😔. I'll make some time to read all the stuff I missed from you and other authors 💜
Ah! Tumblr is held together with Elmer’s glue and pipe cleaners. Don’t worry about me, people pop in and out all the time, so I never take is personally. I’m just sorry you feel like you have to play catch up.
If you want—and this goes for everyone who hasn’t been getting tags from me—it might be best to get notifications when I post, or just check in on my Masterlist from time to time. I update it with each new fic, and it’s pinned on my page. The Series Masterlist for my Gwennyd stories is also updated and the latest chapter is always indicated.
Hope you’re well 😘
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miraculousfanfic127 · 2 months ago
Day Four: Internet Friends
Jasonette au where they met over tumblr and never stopped
Marinette is known as ReverseSensss and mainly solves riddles and critiques clothing. She also will occasionally post about whatever game she's playing and ask for advice. 
Jason is known as MythBUstersExeptItsPoemsAndIWriteThem and mainly writes poems. Occasionally he’ll do an analysis for anyone who needs it and sometimes he’ll post random quotes ranging from Shakespeare to Star Wars. 
Eventually the two made twitters and Instagram's specifically for their Tumblr pages. This way the two could talk and make it a bit more personal with others joining in and without clogging up their timetables. 
Soon enough they were gaming while calling over Instagram. 
I didn’t really write anything, but below is how Imagine the relationship starting. warning, i didn’t get the chance to edit or have any edit so its...rough
[RS] ReverseSensss Anonymous asked: Day 102 of trying to get you to notice me, What has to be broken before you can use it?  [RS] ReverseSensss responded: An egg! 
#Riddle #QnA #I have no idea how long this was in my inbox #that's my bad #sorry #Answer #Question #ReverseSensss #ReverseSensssAnswers
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[RS] ReverseSensss  AlexanderTHEGreeet asked: Ok ms know it all, try this. The more of this there is, the less you see. What is it?  [RS] ReverseSensss responded: Miss. Know It All*, and I prefer smartass. To answer your riddle; Darkness. 
#Riddle #QnA #Answer #Question #ReverseSensss #ReverseSensssAnswers
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[RS] ReverseSensss  Anonymous asked: lol bet you fake. You probably rip the answers off the internet. [RS] ReverseSensss responded: Do you like paninis? 
#Do you #I Just Wanna Know #I Promise Their Great  #Panini #Panninis are great #Can’t believe you bully kids in your free time. #next time give me a riddle 
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[MB] MythBUstersExeptItsPoemsAndIWriteThem TakemeonTaKeOnMe asked: What prompt would go best for negative self-healing? Context, I’m writing a dark romanticism short story for English and need a prompt or photo to go with it.  [MB] MythBUstersExeptItsPoemsAndIWriteThem responded: “I am not looking to escape my darkness, I am learning to love myself there.” -Rune Lazuli
#Prompt #MythBUstersExeptItsPoemsAndIWriteThem #quotes #writer's guide #Rune Lazuli #Run Lazuli quote
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[MB] MythBUstersExeptItsPoemsAndIWriteThem posted: “All the Hardest, coldest people you meet, were once as soft as water. And that's the tragedy of living.” -TheMindsJournal 
#quotes #TheMindJournal #Prompt #MythBUstersExeptItsPoemsAndIWriteThem
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[RS] ReverseSensss posted: @MythBUstersExeptItsPoemsAndIWriteThem ; “The Devil and I get along just fine.” 
#come at me #please don't secretly be a cereal killer #whatcha gonna do #no really #please don't kill me #i was told to tag you 
[MB] MythBUstersExeptItsPoemsAndIWriteThem reblogged: “I am too insane to explain. And you are too normal to understand.”
 [[RS] ReverseSensss reblogged: “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise” -Victor Hugo
  [[[MB]  MythBUstersExeptItsPoemsAndIWriteThem reblogged: “All I want to do is cry and let it all out because its killing me inside.”   
#same #i felt this to my soul #im fine #MythBUstersExeptItsPoemsAndIWriteThem writes #quotes #prompt #dark quote
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[RS] ReverseSensss posted: @MythBUstersExeptItsPoemsAndIWriteThem same
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-some months later- 
Marinette walked around the room, her phone placed strategically between her shoulder and ear. Around her were rolls of fabric, pre-made outfits, and bagged dresses, all of which needed to be in Italy by tomorrow morning. Marinette reached down for a dark blue cloth and placed it against one of the mannequins. Her phone continued to dial, making an awkward noise as its fifth ring sounded up. 
Marinette grounded when the phone once again cut off, Jason's dumb message system filling the otherwise quiet room. “Damn it jay,” She hissed out. Throwing the phone onto her bed, Marinette began rushing around the room, placing extra fabric, needles and thread, and buttons into different boxes. 
The tour van would be coming soon to load up and Marinette was hardly ready. She hadn’t even finished packing her suitcase and Jay had been radio silent the past few days. It didn’t help that she was becoming a social outcast amongst the Parisian social scene. Why? She didn’t know. All she knew was some hot gossip rag had done a bogus article on her and some American and it blew up. 
Did she care? Not really. 
Marinette quickly finished tapping the last box closed and ran to the bathroom, throwing as many supplies she may or may not need for her European trip with Jagged. When she finally looked into the mirror, Marinette noticed how much of a mess she was. 
Her hair was ragged and choppy from the last-minute cut she had had to get and the unfortunate dilemma of not dyeing it back when her roots came back in. ‘Maybe I could convince Jagged to stop somewhere?’ She inwardly thought. Who was she kidding? He’d probably throw his, Penny's, and Lukas hair dye at her and tell her to go to town. Not that she wouldn’t look great, but bright blue wasn’t a great look on her. 
Marinette walked over to the shower, turning on the water, and ran her hair under it. Taking her, now soaked, head out of the shower, she wrapped her hair into a towel and place the brush, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash into her bath bag. So far she had grabbed everything Penny had recommended, however, there was plenty more she wanted to add. Her laptop and headset being one. 
Marinette walked back over to her desk, opening her laptop and signing into steam. When she didn’t see anything new she switched over to twitch, noticing the amount of room that had been occupied on her notification wall. 
Most of the messages had been collaboration offers while others had been challenges and likes. Marinette ignored them, instead of going over to the friend wall and checking who was online. Most of the people there were one-time acquaintances she had bet at cons or on the trending page, however, some of the people there were repeat players. One of those being Jason, who still hadn't answered his phone.
Marinette clicked on his icon, watching the character page pop across the screen. 
‘hey dip shit’ She wrote, hoping he would answer.
-ok that's all. I’m so sorry for this one. I may edit and continue it someday just so it's not incomplete but this is how it's going to sit for now. Till tomorrow, 
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novaliums · 2 months ago
spontaneous appreciation post
Tumblr media
hello everyone ! i really wanted to show my appreciation for some of the friends i’ve made on here (on my variety of past accounts because i go through them like tissues) because i just can’t say ‘i love you’ enough. these people are some of the purest, most supportive, genuine people i’ve met, and have created such a welcoming, warm and comforting environment, and i absolutely adore them. you should definitely go check out their accounts if you don’t already follow them. 
i’m doing this alphabetically so nobody feels bad about being last or anything :-)
disclaimer: if you are not mentioned in this post, it doesn’t mean i don’t care about you. i have many friends i adore, but these are the people i am talking to atm/have been talking to recently. 
bee — @svgarbees
bee! now, we haven’t talked a whole lot, but you are genuinely just so funny and sweet and you spend half the time exposing fish which is just hilarious (as you should, i mean mans spends 80% of their time peeing in the chat), and gah you’re just adorable and i adore you <3 you’re just so funny pls
emely — @l0ttadreamz
EMELY. we haven’t talked in a hot minute smh but you’re literally just so swag. i cannot express this enough. a shifting + tarot readings queen, you listened to me rant and just vent and i cannot thank you enough. you’re such a genuinely kind human who radiates such warmth, you’re like a mini sun, there’s no wonder you have so many anons because anyone would be crazy to not want to interact with you. i find it hilarious how we met over the hp drama because i was added to the gc, but while the drama was toxic, our friendship most certainly isn’t. love you endlessly <3
fish — @funtimefishy
FISH. it’s kind of hilarious that i just call you fish now, if you want me to change it i shall but i suppose this has just kind of stuck. we haven’t been talking long either, but your presence in the server is just so hilarious, you’re literally so funny pls and i’m vry glad we met through the server. if you ever need to pee on the server again, my mouth is open <3 jk, pls, no. 
lizzie — @thescarrletwitch
LIZZIRD. i fucking love you??? my literal soulmate and wife, you’re basically the regulus black to my.... well, idk who i am, cos regulus black didn’t have a s/o smh. skipping past that minor detail, i adore you, my dm’s are always open to you (duh) because any time i get a notif from you i’m like :-) instantly. i’m never gonna stop sliding into your asks cos ily ily ily. we need to watch wandavision together sometime.... and we need to find a WAY TO PLAY MINECRAFT. PLS. we just play minecraft together and my life = complete. mwuah. 
nadia — @nadseas
nadiaaaaaaa i’ve literally known you for ages (kind of). i remember yours, scout’s and celine’s accounts were the first i found on hp tumblr, and i was just admiring your graphics and everything sjsjdfksdf. you’re so supportive and the kindest human to walk the earth, you’re the kind of person i feel like everyone needs to have in their life. you’re such a light in a darkness and i love you sm mwuah!!!!
nina — @stupxfy
NINA. i literally- idek what to say, we became friends because i responded to your ‘about me’ and was like mmmmmmmm divorced parents??? seggsy! and yk what,,, it turned out to be a pretty damn good idea if i may say so myself. i’m able to be completely relaxed around you, you just have a knack for making people feel completely comfortable in your presence. you’re so fucking funny and your private stories are.... alright (IM KIDDING PLS) you just need to work on not bullying people <3 i don’t forget when you got power crazed and put me on thin ice..... well now you’re the one on thin ice..... jk.... or am i....... (/j)
rory — @arcticrory
girl idek what to say anything i have to say i’ve basically said to you so i fucking love you you’re my twin flame and what about it (i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again, you’ve literally just become a part of my life and future, you aren’t jus someone i know online i feel like i should hanging out with you on the weekend before i remember i can’t, vry excited for u to meet my seggsy ass you’re gonna fall in love immediately ugh)
scout — @peculiarwiitch
SCOUT. okay, i love you. we haven’t talked in a while, and that’s okay! because we don’t need to talk every day to be friends. you’re so caring and supportive and you speak your mind, which is something i tend to admire. you were one of my first friends i made on hp tumblr (toxic fandom but i met you through it so whatever it was worth it) and gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you’re like too cool to be friends with me i stg, i’m always gonna be here for u cos ilysm you’re such a precious human and you’re always there for other people and just wandering around this app being a seggsy iconic trio with nina and nadia like mwuah ($10 if u manage to read all that without getting confused at least once cos what i wrote is a huge mess oops BDJDJDNS) 
#the end
once again, if i didn’t mention you, it doesn’t mean i don’t greatly care about you :-) these were just people who popped into my head and i had the urge to show my appreciation for them rn rn rn
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aitarose · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hi! i’ve been so inactive lately and wanted to post something today, and i realized i haven’t made an appreciation post for my moots in a hot minute—so hey hotties, here’s some cute words about uu. oh and this isn’t all of my mutuals, just the one’s i’ve spoken to outside of the discord lol asjfdkl
Tumblr media
@hesthermay —❥ you’re one of my best friends and ilysm and i hope that we get to meet in person one day, so you can endlessly hear me talk about how much i love jimmy woo. also i want to get matching marvel bracelets or smth, gonna look on etsy later for us ajskdlf
@probablydisgusting —❥ you’re like actually so funny and sweet, whenever you pop in the gc on snap just to say goodmorning or goodnight—it really makes everyone’s day and we love having you around. plus, you were one of the first people to pop into my inbox when i was an atla blog and i think that’s so nice.
@imarizaki —❥ i literaly love you sm mari, like you’re adorable and i want to give you a hug, i feel like you give rlly good hugs. and congrats on 400!! you deserve it and i hope 500 comes rolling around fast so you can hit another milestone in the near future ajskfdl
@tsukishumai —❥ cam i swear i know your name like I SWEAR I DO! you’re like an older sister to everyone in the discord and you bring such a comforting presence like it’s so nice to have you in the chat whenever you choose to pop in. you’re quite literally the calm to our insanity
@fukurodianthus —❥ dani you’re asleep rn but when you wake up and see this i want you do know that ily wifey. pls i love it when you harass me in my inbox, i think it’s so funny AND IM GOING TO FLOOD YOUR’S EVENTUALLY I JUST NEED TO BECOME ACTIVE AGAIN ASDJKL
@missmorosis —❥ you’re literally one of my favorite moots ever and you’re always so sweet to me and everyone else around you, it’s so heartwarming to see your positivity and happiness on tumblr and how hard you work! pls ilysm
@ray-ofmoonlight —❥ I LOVE TALKING TO YOU ABOUT THE BACHELOR. i haven’t responded in a hot minute, but dw i’ll answer in a bit i have to go through my messages jaksfld. you’re so nice and fun, and literally the sweetest ever
@diorzumi​ —❥ hi rheya! i’m so glad you took the time and all that hard work to make the server, like that’s insane and i still can’t believe you did all of that. pls the amount of effort you put into keeping it up is so evident and amazing!! also ur rlly pretty, like RLLY pretty
@luvoikawa​ —❥ gigi!! my face literally lights up whenever i see you in my notifs or on my dash pls. i love your energy sm and the presence you bring to the discord. like idk, you just seem really cool to me, does that make sense? like you have cool girl energy.
@sugas-cookie​ —❥ hello rissie. you should be sleeping rn, but ily and you’re my favorite and only child, and no matter what i say i would never bring you back to the ditch. but like...the frogs? i fucking hate the frogs, abolish all frogs they make me physically cringe i cannot.
@kei7ime​ —❥ CHLOEEE!! every time i see your theme i feel so satisfied, like it’s so pretty it rlly is. you’re so fun and i love talking to you or just popping in your inbox to say hi. omg hi chloe!! ok ok ily
@pxnk-velvet​ —❥ angie your drawing of us are so cute and i love them sm, and i can’t wait to read the story that you’ve been writing of our gc as a volleyball team, like pls i’m so excited. also the line “just shut up already, angie” lives in my head rent free
@miyalove​ —❥ hi dylan! i haven’t popped in your inbox in a while but i just wanted to tell you that i love u and you’re so nice and sweet and ilysm. you give off hot girl energy dylan, like for real, you rlly do.
@iwaizoom​ —❥ HI JADE. you’re so nice and your blog is so pretty, like the light green jaskljl PLS ITS SO PRETTY. i love the vibes you give off like you’re so chill and so easy to talk to sjakljdkl pls ilysm
@kageyuji​ —❥ lore i love you. like i love you. every time i talk to you i just feel happy like idk it’s this overwhelming feeling, you just have this gift where people feel comfortable when they’re talking to you. and your blog is so pretty pls asdjl
@hikariakaashi​ —❥ you’re one of my favorite moots, firstly bc of our interactions on tumblr in the early days of the discord and now on snap too. you have rlly good style, like rlly good style—and whenever you do your voice asks, your voice is like rlly pretty! girl you have a rlly pretty voice!
@ceci-chan​ —❥ hi twinnie! pls i think it’s so funny that we have literally the exact same nose, that’s actually wild. it’s so fun to watch your blog grow and your events are so cute and ily
@nekomabvc​ —❥ i buried you in here so you’d have to search for your part. literally going to say nothing i’m tired of writing about you goodbye. you called me a whore this morning. that’s not very swag of you, i’m going to report you to mab and cancel you on corpse tumblr.
@bellesowl​ —❥ hi isa! we haven’t interacted all that much, but in the times we have you’ve been so kind. and you’re rlly pretty, just sayin. you’re blog is also super aesthetic and i literally live for it, pls the muted tones are everything ajsdlk
@gellysticks​ —❥ angela pls you’re actually so funny like you’re so funny. every time your tiktoks come up in my suggested they literally make me laugh pls—but the frogs are terrible. abort frogs. this is a frog slandering blog. me and all my homies HATE frogs.
@cafemiya​ —❥ issy you give off such hot girl energy (and you are a hot girl anyways) and your energy is so contagious, like idk how it just is. you bring this positivity to the discord just by being there and i know everyone is so thankful that you’re so interactive with us jaskfdl
@biqherosix​ —❥ DANIZA I HAVEN’T OPENED YOUR SNAP YET BUT I RLLY WANT TO HEAR YOUR BAND PLAY. pls that’s literally so cool, like i wish i was in a cool band with my friends jsakdljkl. i love talking to you and we’ve been friends for like a good three months now which is crazy
@velvetfireworks​ —❥ rach i literally never read fics but yours are so good and they live in my head rent free. PLS THE SAKUSA ONE FOR THE BROKEN HEARTS CLUB AUDHS. you’re so nice and so talented and i reread your masterlist OMG I JUST REMEMBERED THE MOB AU ONE THAT ONE IS PERFECTION.
@hajiswife​ —❥ hi gabbie! your blog is gorgeous and your so nice pls!! like i literally can’t believe we’re mutuals it hits me like a brick. i love your works and your energy sjaklfdjl i’ll probably be popping in your inbox later just to say hi lol
@svgashi​ —❥ NIKE!!! omg we’re literally sister wives. you’re the first moot i had on tumblr that understood how great sugawara is and it’s like a breath of fresh air from the constant slandering my friends give him. ILY
@sexy-bee-juice​ —❥ aja!! i love getting your messages and just saying the most out of pocket things with you, and your reblogs make me laugh so hard like you’re rlly funny. also my broken french is terrible but i’m glad it makes you laugh ajskfdl
@koutarousangel​ —❥ MICKEY PLS YOURE SO FUNNY. I LOVE YOUR VIBES AND EVERYTHING LIKE YOURE FUNNY. and ily too. just putting that in there in case i haven’t said it in a while <3
@hvnlydmn​ —❥ hi ains! congrats on 5k!! that’s literally so insane like omg you must be reeling rn jadskfl you really really deserve it tho, everyone sees how hard you work and how much content you produce in such a short amount of time CONGRATS ILY
@akaashi-bby​ —❥ victoria you were the first person i talked to teen wolf with in like three years pls. i’m listening to a song from the show atm and it’s making me sad but ilysm and i love talking to you about literally anything
@laineywritesstuff​ —❥ LAINE!! hi! you’re so pretty like you look like you give the warmest hugs and i feel like if i ever met you in person i’d just get engulfed does that make sense? you’re so nice and ilysm and i hope you’re have a fantastic day!
@kiyoalex​ —❥ you’re rlly funny. like rlly funny. and i feel like we match each other’s energy pretty well in pms. pls my insanity is too real back there BUT IT’S OK I THINK BC YOU SEEM TO UNDERSTAND IT LOL ILY
@shoutamajiki​ —❥ hi nana!! you’re so nice and i’m so glad you joined the discord! and i’m so sorry i added you to my terrible private story on snap pls it’s so bad i’m very very sorry about that jksalfjdl
@sunacity​ —❥ nea i love your works so much like literally they LIVE in my head. you’re so talented and i can’t believe we’re mutuals that’s literally insane bc i love your stuff pls. and on top of being talented you’re so nice, like the nicest jaskdflj i can’t
Tumblr media
ok ok i think that’s it for now, this isn’t all of my mutuals—but it’s the one’s i interact with the most and if we are moots and i didn’t include you pls my inbox or pms are always open to just like go insane in. ok have a great rest of your day!!
Tumblr media
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rqntro · 2 months ago
➯ notes ; megumi x fem!reader [more a/n at the end, should you care]
➯ word count ; 1,743
➯ warnings ; teeny tiny, itty bitty mentions of blood :P
════ ⋆★⋆ ════
“Are you sure you can’t just go buy you a new pair?” Megumi eyes you past half-lidded eyes, the exhaustion of taking on one of Gojo’s cast away missions on a late Sunday night finally catching up to him. You’re digging through the remains of the abandoned warehouse, pushing aside rubble and kicking debris aside with the one shoe you had on. 
“What am I going to do with a single shoe?” Complaining with a slight frown and brows knit together, Megumi would definitely get a punch to the gut if you found out how he thought you looked adorable in the moment. You hop from one collapsed wall to another, peeking underneath every now and then. 
You were determined to find your missing mary-jane, much to Megumi’s dismay. It had flown off your left foot when you tried to land a kick on the grade 2 curse, almost knocking out Megumi in the process. The building had collapsed shortly after the curse had been exorcised, leaving you with no time to retrieve your favorite shoe. “Gojo-sensei treated me to these shoes, they’re expensive! I’m not spending my own money on a new pair when it’s literally right here, it can still be perfectly fine.” 
“You think it’ll be ‘perfectly fine’ even after being crushed by an entire building?” Megumi continues to watch with wary eyes. All he wants right now is to be back in his dorm in your arms, being lulled to sleep by your heartbeat. Leaning against what remains of a wall with a sigh, he watches you pick your way through the rubble, pausing every other moment to pry stray pebbles stuck to the bottom of your thigh high socks. 
“Plus, new ones are a bitch to break in. I don’t want blisters on my heels, especially not during a mission.” You hum in response, avoiding his initial question, crouching over to look underneath a collapsed beam. 
Instinct tells Megumi to look away as you lower yourself to the ground, your skirt struggling to cover the curve of your thighs. The fabric rides up your thighs, exposing the handful of scars you’ve accumulated through many missions; The same scars that you endlessly whine and complain about whenever Megumi’s shirts aren’t long enough to cover and the same ones that leave him breathless, as he traces them with feather light touches as you doze in his arms. A crimson blush spreads across Megumi’s cheeks as he helplessly stares at your exposed skin, while you continue to hum a quiet tune, searching for your missing shoe, unaware of your boyfriend’s lingering eyes. Who was he to stare at you like that? Definitely didn’t seem like the same person who made the bold claim that any person with a strong personality was more than enough for him and that physical appearances weren’t a top priority.  
That reminds him. 
To any other student, customizable uniforms may seem like a dream; It certainly was one for you, who prioritized fashion above anything else. You probably had five different variations of the navy blue uniform, if Megumi had to take a guess. Nobody had ever had the heart to tell you how impractical your uniforms actually were. The outfits you proudly flaunted and insisted were in style, always had you more injured than necessary and always had some sort of flaw to them. The short, pleated skirts exposed too much skin, thus the plethora of scars specifically on your thighs. The thigh high socks were always slipping down during the peak of the mission, and you insist on pausing with whatever you were doing to tug them up to tightly hug your plush thighs once again. And of course, this isn’t the first time your chunky, black shoes have flown off in the middle of a fight (Gojo accompanied you last time it had happened and felt bad, hence buying you a new pair). Megumi always thought he should be the one to break the news to you, but the words always caught up in his throat. Maybe it was because his heart always tugged at the way the skirt had a tendency to ride up ever so slightly, how the elastics to your socks seemed to squish your thighs in all the right ways. How he always knew it was you dashing down the school hallways by the tell-tale clacks of your mary-janes against the wooden floorboards. 
You click your tongue in annoyance, having checked every nook and cranny for your lost shoe, but to no avail. Maybe I do just need to fork over some money and buy a new pair. Shaking your head, you rub at the imaginary blisters on your heels that are bound to form in the coming days. “Alright then, we can go-” 
“God, thank you. Let’s go.” Megumi cuts you off before you even finish your sentence, pushing himself off the wall and allowing his arms to take home around your waist. He pulls you close, hips bumping against yours as you make your way out of the demolished warehouse. “We’ve left Ijichi waiting long enough.” 
“Tch,” Lightly elbowing his side where you know the curse had landed a hard hit on him, Megumi winces in pain, lightly doubling over to your height. Having left the dark and dusty warehouse, you could fully admire Megumi’s features in the moonlight. Even with a slight scowl, a few scratches, and dried, streaks of blood down the side of his face, you still thought he was the prettiest person to grace your life. His pale skin, a stark contrast to the maroon blood, seemed to glow under the moonlight, long lashes casting the faintest of shadows on his cheeks; There was no way to put his beauty into words, but the closest you could think of was a pearl, the types in cheesy, terribly made movies that glow so bright and magnificently it was almost laughable about. The lashes that you are so jealous of, always curled and brushing against the side of your cheek when he peeks over you shoulder to scan your paper when you’re doing homework. You’re about to open your mouth, to say the three words that you thought perfectly encapsulated your thoughts on Fushiguro Megumi. You’re so pretty. “Yo-” 
“I’ll treat you to a new pair.” He’s quick to cut you off again. 
“Gojo got them at that one shop down in Shibuya, right?” Megumi gazes down at you, head slightly tilted. 
You can only stare at him, eyes wide and mouth agape, for a moment before finding your words to respond. “Something like that,” Waving to dismiss his offer, you trudge ahead, Ijichi’s black car coming into view. “There’s no point in you spending your money on something you can’t afford.”
Popping the door open and getting in, you lean over the middle console to reach the dashboard, turning a few knobs. Before Megumi could even close the door behind him, hot air was blasting out of the vents. Settling back into the leather seat with a sigh, your hands rubbed aimless circles on your exposed thighs to ease the goosebumps that had popped up from the cool, night air. 
Another flaw in your uniform, Megumi thought to himself. 
Ijichi gave an expectant look to you from over the rim of his glasses through the rearview mirror, the seatbelt neglected, not buckled in at all. His eyes quickly flicked over to Megumi’s who could only give a shrug as a response. The fatigue and adrenaline had finally worn off on you, your eyes heavy with sleep. With the gentle hum of the engine, warm air that fogged up the windows, and Megumi’s jacket that had somehow found home on your shoulders, fighting off sleep was impossible. 
Megumi shamelessly watches you, your drowsiness making you unaware of your surroundings. Had Kugisaki or Itadori been in the car, the harassment and teasing would see no end. Your head dipped as you tried to keep your eyes open, body gently swaying with every turn Ijichi made on his way back to Jujutsu Tech. It was almost entertaining to Megumi, how the drowsiness made your limbs limp like a rag doll. 
“No, but i’m serious,” Your words are soft and barely audible as you’re on the brink of slumber. Megumi, more than aware, slowly eases your head onto his lap, fingers tangling up in your hair. “Don’t get me the shoes. I can just beg Gojo-sensei again. Having you in my life is more than enough,” Those are your last words, before you slip off into dream-land. 
“Mmm, overslept.” You groan, stretching out your limbs in your bedsheets. There was no point in even trying to get to class, they started hours ago. 
Falling back into your bed, you scroll through your phone notifications. A plethora of texts from Itadori asking where you were and if you were coming to class. A few texts from Kugisaki asking if you were okay and if you wanted to head to town after class to go shopping. And a singular ‘good morning’ text from Megumi that he has never failed to send in all the years you have known him. 
You’re slow, getting ready for the day, taking your time getting everything done. The memories from last night’s mission were hazy in your head, only a few exchanges of words and fights coming to mind.
 With your uniform on and ready to head out, the only thing in your way was picking a pair of shoes. You stare at the shoe rack at your door. Every pair was well, in a pair, except for the mary-janes that you honestly wore with every outfit. Only a singular shoe was hastily thrown onto the rack. 
Oh. I lost it. 
Staring at the lone shoe, wallowing in your own thought, the knock at your door startles you. Expecting either Gojo or Principal Yaga to be there, scolding you for missing classes, it’s a shock to find Megumi there instead. In his hands, a plain cardboard box. “Here.” 
The present is practically shoved into your arms, Megumi refusing to meet your gaze. Gingerly taking the lid off, you’re met with your own reflection off the surface of a new pair of shiny, black mary-janes. There’s the vague memory of you insisting he not buy you a new pair, yet here you are, mary-janes in tow. “What am I going to do with a single shoe?”  
author’s notes;  AWHKAFHAKFWHIA first work on tumblr is so scary😪 everyone here has such high expectations fpfppfpf also very bad at coming up with titles lol
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lunarthoughts · 2 months ago
Okay so this post is going to be super long. Its late in the day or even the next day for some so apologies. Today is Valentines day and I want to show love to all of the people who have impacted my life here on tumblr.
@profkenobi - I just want to start by saying you've been such a helping guide the past almost 8 months. I cherish the hell out of you. We relate in more ways than one and its honestly so weird having someone who relates to a lot of the struggles I have. You're like a sister to me and I don't know what I would do without you.
@cyroku - Roku you have been a constant streaming light in my life. You always do whatever you can to make me smile and I am so grateful for you. I enjoy the random photos I get of your cats and our talks about the differences between American and Canadian slang (that was a fun day). You also always support my writing even if I don't post anymore you always root me on.
@iloveyouwhiskey - where do I start, you've been such a big part of my everyday life for a while now. I couldn't be more thankful for that. Its been so amazing getting to know you and being able to shout at you about my current celebrity crush (recently Jason Statham). I've told you some of my deepest thoughts. I adore you very much and look forward to the future of our friendship.
@rentskenobi - Liv you were one of the first people I considered a friend on this app. I'll continue to cherish you forever. And I have enjoyed being able to get to know you and see you be a better you and I enjoy being your friend. I watched Trainspotting for the first time because of you.
@chogisss - I haven't heard from you in quite a while but you make me smile so big with your random asks full of love. It always makes me so happy when you do it and I look forward to seeing you pop up in my notifications.
@star-whores-a-new-hoe - I can't even really remember when we became friends. Thats kind of how long it has been. We don't talk as much as we used to but I adore you and I'm glad to know you.
@keeper0fthestars - I don't know what it is about you but any time I hear from you I get the biggest smile on my face. We both started out as people afraid to reach out and begin conversations but I feel like that has changed and for the better of course. You are so so kind and I adore you so much. You've really made my life better and I can't express with words how grateful I am.
@ezrasarm - the first time I reached out to you I was terrified. Your page was one of the first Pedro blogs I ever discovered. I remember reading as many of the fics who had written as I could. You're a good soul and I like talking to you. Especially when you just randomly decided to send me Pedro pictures to make me feel better.
@im-not-looking-for-forgiveness - we've followed one another for a long while now. I remember I didn't reach out for a long time. That's changed recently and I couldn't be more happy. I am glad to know you and look forward to seeing our friendship and love of peaky blinders grow!
@beskar-tano - you are one of my newest yet most cherished friends I've made through tumblr. I enjoyed freaking out over Cobra Kai with you. It's definitely been really fun. Its always so interesting to find a person who shares the same interests as you and I definitely enjoy that about you.
@ohpedromypedro - girl you are something different. A whole new level of friendship. One I've never really had with anyone before. I love and adore you with my soul. You're my thirsting buddy and I'll never have it any different. You get to witness a whole other side of me 😂 and I think that's a good thing. Our friendship makes me happy and I wouldn't have it any other way. Hopefully one day we finally get to hang out in person. That'll be a chaotic day for sure.
@all-hallows-evie - my wine drunk aunty (as you like to call yourself, or perhaps just basically my mom 😂. I adore you. You make me laugh. And today you really hit the nail on the head with the little valentine you sent me . You're the only person to call me Oakey Dokey and I wouldn't have it any other way.
@littlefreya - I love you Freya. You're like a big sister to me and I enjoy the little talks we have. You're a truly awesome person and I adore the hell out of you. I hope we continue to be friends and stay that way for a long time.
@yespolkadotkitty - you've been so kind to me. From the very beginning you've been in my corner and I thank you so much for that. Its crazy that we became friends through your story Fighting Blind and I wouldn't change that. I still love that story so much to this day. You're a special person to me.
@autumnleaves1991-blog - you're a cool cool person who i adore through and through. I enjoy being able to talk to you. We've both been busy lately and haven't been able to talk much but hopefully it changes soon.
To all my other people I adore you all just the same. The lot of you are what keep me going on the worst of days and I couldn't be more thankful for all of you. I cherish every ask, every message and every like or reblog. You all really keep me going and I love all of you. Thank you for being the cool group of people who follow me or just overall support me.
Love Oak
@miraclemoreno @thewayyoutasted @justrunamok @honeymandos @sciapod @criminaly-supernatural @coralinejones @dinthisisthe-wayson @sin-djarin @sunsetkenobi @penfullofwordsaheadfullofstories @ithinkhesgaybutwesavedmufasa @andormeddows @themangolorian @amandalove @is-it-madness @opheliaelysia @xxidontwikeitxx @martellthemandalor @filthybookworm @tcmnikova
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meganrozalie · 3 months ago
It’s 2021, and for everyone who thought that the ball would drop and cause and end to the shit storm that was 2020, I’m sorry to say you were wrong. I wish I could be an eternal optimist, but eventually we all have to sucuumb to the reality. Usually, I post a year in review on my blog, but I’ll be honest, I already filmed the video version of it three times after much disaster and reflection on my part to get the video that felt honest and good to my soul. I would like to talk about it, but today I am plagued with other thoughts and instead of taking a pen to paper I thought I’d throw it back to the good ol’ days of having a “problem” and typing it all out on the blog. For good measure, I have my ultimate throwback playlist humming in the background. Currently, it’s playing MMMBop, a perfect jam.
Clearly, I am not a very private person in regards to certain aspects of my life. I put this blog out in the world for anybody to read, fully aware of what that means and what goes along with that. That also being said, I am never asking for a response. I consider this a place to write things that I dont care to put in my journal.
About two months ago, I decided to private my Facebook. How dramatic, right? Not really. I look at Facebook as my way to interact with my close family members or other people in my distant life that I’m cool with seeing what I’m up to, thus why I literally have fifty friends. I decided to private my Facebook for those reasons, though it wasn’t just for me. It was also for my own family, because there are plenty of people out there who use Facebook stalking a sport, and I was no longer interested in being that option for other people. I’m not trying to hide my life (have you seen my instagram stories?!), but I also want to make sure that the people in my life are being considered, because a lot of the people who are looking at me are also looking at them. I think you get the point!
Recently, an extended family member of mine has friended me twice on facebook, despite me deleting the request the first time, they attempted to add me again a few days ago. I mentioned them in my last years wrap up, and how I wished that instead of blocking me on social media and ignoring my attempt to talk over the issue we were having, that they would have given me the benefit of the doubt. I let that situation go quickly, because to me there is absolutely no use in dwelling over a person who would rather be childish and ignore me instead of having an adult conversation.
So, lets talk it out, old school Tumblr style! I can’t remember how many years ago this was, maybe three or four, and I won’t get into the specifics...but ultimately it came out that this extended family member had mentioned my family in a negative way to someone who works closely with an immediate family member of mine. It rubbed me the wrong way, so as I would do with anybody, I texted this person and asked them if we could talk when they got off of work, no big deal, no drama. I wasn’t aware of their schedule, or I would have waited until I knew for a fact they weren’t busy. Instead of waiting, they heavily insisted that we talk then and there, which was my mistake. I should have said “no, I’ll call you after work, what time are you off?”, but on their insistence, I asked them the question. Is there an issue going on because I heard they were talking negatively about my family, in specific, my parents? I couldn’t get the point across to this person that the way things were portrayed was quite off-putting, they were deflecting, and I couldn’t get to the point of it for them to understand. Both parties were frustrated, me because I was literally explaining the same thing in five different ways, and them because they felt attacked despite me saying I wasn’t angry, just trying to get perspective and wondering if it was all a big misunderstanding . I asked them to call me later, and instead I got no response. And when I called later that night it didn’t go through because my number was blocked. I checked Facebook, and I was blocked there as well. There was no way for me to contact this person, and I was actually pretty hurt that the interaction went so South. I blamed myself for texting them, for not ending the conversation and calling, but overall it was what it was, and I knew I wasn’t coming from a place of hate.
To put my relationship with this person in perspective, which I have before, they were very close to me growing up. I looked to them like a brother, and despite the other tumultuous relationship issues that occurred within our families, the two of us always got along and made a point to separate whatever else was going on around us from our relationship. We wouldn’t talk too much about the issues, because they weren’t between us, and I respected them for this, so much more than they’d ever know, but like all things...they change. I would have thought as we got older, that way of dealing with things would only improve, but instead, it slipped in the other direction despite my efforts to stop it. There had been few other situations before the one I mentioned in the paragraph above, but this was the only one that I ever addressed, and as you can got me nowhere. Well, I guess somewhere...left in the dark, forgotten about. It freaking sucked, but what was I going to do? Nothing. So, I let it go.
Fast forward, I privated my facebook. And let me just say, the amount of people that try to add you as a friend because they can no longer watch you for free is absolutely ridiculous, not all of them bother me, but a select few really had my eyebrows raised and my eyes rolling. Much to my surprise, this person added me, and the little request sat in my notifications for a day, staring at me, until I decided to delete it.
I was actually shocked to see the request. I am not the type of person to hold a grudge, despite what some may think, however whenever something ends on not so great terms with someone, I do believe it needs to be talked about completely. I think it’s only fair that BOTH parties get to talk about how they felt, what they were thinking, and overall have the chance to speak their peace. However, in this situation, I was left feeling very sour, and in no mood to rekindle or talk through any of what had occurred (not that they had even approached me to talk about it) - I’ll explain why. Two times prior to this friend request, they reached out to other immediate family members of mine saying things such as, “I don’t get why she is so mad at me,” and “I don’t even understand what happened.” Bringing me up in conversations that I was never involved in, just to prove what?
Lets get this straight, again. They were the ones who blocked my phone number, and on EVERYTHING else when all I wanted to do was talk out what even I thought was to be a misunderstanding. Can someone possibly explain to me how any one person can act like a victim that claims to have no idea what happened, not to say I am the victim AT ALL, whilst also choosing to shut the other person out when they want to have an adult conversation? If I was mad, wouldn’t I have been the one to do all of the blocking before they had the chance? Wouldn’t I have gone off on them, leaving no curiosity as to what the issue was? I don’t need to block people to get my point across, by the way. All in all, it is absolutely ridiculous (not for the reasons they claim), and these things have been said as recently as December 2020. I won’t lie, this was very annoying to me...but I wasn’t mad.
Then we land on today. I had yet another request for a facebook friendship sitting in my notifications, and I didn’t know what to do with it. I knew that if I deleted this one, another one would surely pop up, as it has in the past, so I clicked on the profile and hit the messenger app icon, wanting to get my point across while also being kind. I’m never someone to act first with anger in these types of situations. I still hurt, and I still feel...apparently that is not reciprocated.
Hi, enter name,
I know you have requested to be my friend a couple of times now since my page has been private, but out of respect for me I am asking you not to, and hope you can understand. I wish you well.
Short, sweet, simple, right?
Fifteen minutes later:
“Ok. I dont understand cause it’s ridiculous but I’m glad you feel ok.”
Let’s address this response first and foremost. For anybody who reads my blog, for anybody who knows me, knows that the situations that have occurred between myself and past family members are not “ok” with me. They never have been, and never will be. I will never be able to have relationships with people that I truly miss, solely based on the fact that I will never be able to fully express what hurts and bothers me without causing bigger issues, or be called a liar. The reason I can never fully trust, isn’t just because of one person, its because of a tangled web of complication that has been weaved since before I was born.
I was never the one who made this situation out to be what it turned into, and I would own it in a heartbeat if I made the mistake. The mistake I made was not saying no and insisting that it be a phone-call-only conversation. I will take ownership of that. However, I never made the situation ridiculous. I heard you were speaking ill of my family, I asked if it was a misunderstanding, and I got blocked. Where in that is it me? Okay, fine. I’ll take it. I’m not going to argue with someone in an attempt to get my point across when they clearly dont want to take it out - how that works when they were the ones that had to hit the “unblock” button in order to friend me, I don’t know. But here it is readers...
At this point, I have to laugh. I can’t not. For someone who claims that they don’t get it, or that it’s ridiculous, why are they so mad? The only answer I could have is guilt, but I’ll never know. It’s another person, another situation where I will never be able to have closure on because pride gets in the way of sitting down and having a conversation, not that I was interested in that this time around. It’s disappointing as hell, but how many times have I put myself out there for people only for it to end in catastrophic disaster? It’s too many times, and I am so far past dealing with that kind of drama in my life. I refuse to be gaslit by anybody.
From the age of 19. From the moment I realized my worth. From the moment I realized I didn’t have to forgive and allow people to come in and out of my life as if it were a revolving door, I have become the enemy multiple times. All for sticking up for myself. All for using my voice when I’ve been hurt. All for wanting to be an adult and just talk, and feel seen, and be heard. They have hundreds of quotes that follow along the lines of, “once you find your voice they won’t like you so much anymore.” And I hate to say it, but that “saying” is brutally true to it’s core. People like quiet compliance. It’s easy. It’s easy because they get their way, they are allowed the comfortability to do and say as they please without getting any flack for it, because they have hand picked the people around them to run their narrative. People who wont step out of line, because they convince you of their friendship, or even their love. You feel you have a loyalty to them, and that loyalty doesn’t involve calling them out on their shit, which is manipulative and wrong.
I’m here to say that you should never be compliant to other people’s needs or expectations of you. You are your own beautiful, wonderful you. Your voice deserves to be heard. You have no obligation to be or act any other way to spare someone else’s feelings. We were not put on this Earth to people please, and we are born with no obligation to anybody, blood or not. If you are in a situation like the one I mentioned right above, remember that you don’t have to continue living in that mold. You may lose people along the way, but that only shows that they weren’t your people.
So I will leave this post on that note; feeling a bit lighter.
And I think next we’re going talk about growth, because honestly, can’t get enough of that these days.
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yumeisha · 3 months ago
Love In Print [Masaru] - Episode 1
Tumblr media
“But Mari, I don’t WANT to go read this on Wattpad, I want to stay here on Tumblr!” Listen, my friend. Let me help you. Here’s all of Episode 1! (But the rest is over here if you decide you want to read it!)
 She’s started to think of it as the summer of weddings. Like purgatory, but with more flowers.
Reiko sighs. Another Saturday, another charming garden venue. Soft, flickering tea lights float in shallow porcelain bowls. It looks like something lifted straight out of Pinterest, and it’s pretty in all the right ways, hitting every obligatory aesthetic beat. The music is loud and many of the guests are amiably drunk, swaying in slow circles on the dance floor or queuing up for one more lap around the buffet.
Alone at her table, Reiko hides behind the towering lily centerpiece, nursing a headache. She fishes her phone out of the tiny, mostly useless evening bag she’s bought to go with this dress and takes refuge in her work inbox.
She’d love to go home, but it’s too early to make her retreat. Another two hours, she coaches herself. You can make it for two more.
“Come on,” says Ren, prodding her in the shoulder. Reiko jumps half a mile and nearly drops her phone, not that her cousin notices. “We’re missing a cake opportunity,” he whines.
As usual, Ren resembles a figure pulled directly off some runway in Milan. Impeccably attired, hair artfully tousled, a Rolex gleaming from his left wrist. Reiko plucks at a tuft of fur caught on the cuff of his tuxedo.
“You know, there is such a thing as a lint roller. You have one somewhere in your apartment.”
Ren peers down at the wad of cat hair slowly drifting down to the grass beneath their table. “Lint roller? What lint roller?” And then his face lights up. “Oh! You mean that tape-on-a-stick thing from the last time you came over?”
“Yes,” Reiko answers patiently. “That tape-on-a-stick thing. You use it to make sure you aren’t leaving the house dressed in cat fluff.”
Suzu pops up behind Ren. “He likes for everyone to know that he’s more complex than he appears. An insufferable playboy and a sophisticated cat bachelor.” She loops her arm through his and makes a show of sniffing at his clothes. “Ah,” she breathes. “The smell of too much money, layered over eau de too many cats.”
“I have three. How is that too many? And why aren’t either of you interested in getting some cake? This is a wedding. You go to weddings for cake.”
“That’s definitely the primary reason for attending weddings.”
“It’s from Fujiwara’s, you know. They never do weddings anymore. You’re missing the dessert event of your lives.”
Suzu straightens his boutonniere. “You accosted the Fujiwara grannies for these people?” A low whistle. “Wow. Dad must really like them.”
Reiko follows her twin’s gaze. Their father, Ryuuki, is busy holding court at a neighboring table. He laughs raucously at someone’s cheesy anecdote and is having the most fun out of all of them. “It’s all business, I suppose,” she says, unable to keep from smiling despite how little she’s enjoying herself.
Suzu snorts. “Of course it’s all business. Isn’t it always?” To Ren, she says, “Hey, how long before we’ve done our duty for the family market stall? I still have ten pages left to write on a research paper and it’s…” She grabs his arm in order to check the time on his fancy watch. “… 9:34. With half an hour’s drive back to my apartment.”
“You can spare ten minutes to have a slice of legendary cake, Tachibana Suzuna.”
“God, okay. But it better not be weird like that sheet cake you ordered for the charity auction last month.”
“Not weird. Avant-garde.”
“Uh-huh. Also, it tasted like beets and had radioactive magenta icing. So gross.”
“You and Reiko just really have no appreciation for the finer things in life. Let’s go, the line’s only getting longer.”
“Don’t want any,” Reiko pipes up. “I’ll have a slice vicariously, through Suzu.”
“Twin powers,” Suzu concurs, initiating the special handshake they invented when they were six. Almost twenty years later, they’re still augmenting the sequence with new moves. “Anything I ate, Reiko also ate. And vice versa. Page 2, Line 21 in the Twin Manual.”
“The worst plus-ones anybody ever brought to a wedding,” complains Ren. He pours Reiko a fresh glass of water from the pitcher on the table and gives her a pat on the head, a gesture of silent sympathy.
She watches Ren and Suzu as they stop to tease Ryuuki along the way. And then she blinks back the onslaught of unwanted tears, reaches for her phone again, and taps the newest e-mail notification. Three unread messages beckon through Reiko’s blurred vision. She scans the subject lines, head bowed over the glowing screen. Slipping into the steps of a familiar dance, she starts at the bottom with the oldest message first, because that’s easier than confronting her emotions.
PRE-ORDER CAMPAIGN - SPS OMNIBUS EDITION. A reply from the manufacturer about a shipment of Star Princess Sanna enamel pins she asked about on Friday afternoon. Delayed for another two weeks. Not ideal, but better than never getting them in at all. Reiko marks it for a response later.
TENJOU DELIVERY WEDNESDAY. Timestamped a mere ten minutes ago. She isn’t the only one working on a day off. Reiko notices right away that the message has been flagged as important, which is odd. This e-mail appears, without fail, every Monday of her life. Throughout the long history of this exchange, the message has never been flagged as important. At least, not that Reiko can remember.
She almost opens it, curiosity triggered, but then she sees the subject of the next e-mail and momentarily forgets everything else.
A thrill dances through her, momentarily displacing the throbbing ache in her skull. The sounds of the reception fade away. She taps the message and it unfurls into a calendar invite. Representatives from every department at her publishing house will be expected to attend, including Reiko and the other senior marketing staff.
Most meetings are a dreary prospect, especially when scheduled for first thing on a Monday. At these quarterly gatherings, it takes hours to discuss things like sales figures and future business plans. But this one is special, because they’ll finally present the twentieth anniversary plans for DUCHESS Magazine’s most iconic franchise to date: Red Thread. The first manga she ever read all the way through, start to finish. The reason why she applied at Yumeisha in the first place, as soon as she’d graduated.
Reiko accepts the invite and adds it to her burgeoning, meticulously color-coded calendar. She can’t keep from breaking into a smile. She’s still beaming at her phone when she hears the grass crunching softly under someone’s feet and looks up to find that she is no longer alone.
The someone is tall, just about as impeccably turned out as Ren, and wearing a pair of dress shoes so highly polished that Reiko can see her reflection in them. He’s shed the jacket and rolled up the sleeves of the crisp white shirt underneath.
There is only a bowl of tealights to see him by, so it takes a moment for Reiko to recognize the man now seating himself across from her. But if the head of blond hair hadn’t given it away, the green eyes and trademark smirk would have made it very clear within the next two seconds, anyway.
She blinks at him. “Oshiro?”
“Um, hi. What are you doing here?”
He leans back into the chair and stretches his long legs under the table, instantly making himself at home. “Attending a wedding,” he replies. “Chatting with the bride’s aunties. Waiting for you to pay attention to me.”
“And sending e-mails?”
“No rest for the wicked, as they say.”
Reiko puts her phone down. “It’s weird seeing you outside of work. This is the last place I’d expect to run into you.”
“Why? Because you figured that I live at the office and camp out under my desk on days off?”
She laughs. “I mean, yeah.”
“To be fair, I’d expect the same of you.”
Well, that really is fair. Sometimes Reiko looks up from the endless loop between work and her apartment, her apartment and then work, and realizes that her entire existence can be summed up in three boring sentences or less. And then she’ll go back to her computer screen, her half empty coffee mug, the pathetic little granola bar that will have to serve as her lunch. But that’s just the way of things, isn’t it? At least she genuinely loves her job. It would be much harder to bear, otherwise.
“I’ve considered just packing myself a bag and living in my cubicle,” Reiko admits, without any real shame. In the background, the band segues into their much livelier cover of a depressing breakup anthem. Over the noise, she adds, “At least it would save me a commute.”
“So dedicated.”
She shrugs. “So lazy.”
“Anyone truly lazy wouldn’t be checking her inbox at a wedding reception,” Oshiro points out.
“Guilty as charged. Have you come to scold me for not participating in wedding activities?”
“No, I’ve come to ask you why you haven’t opened my e-mail.” He waves his own phone at her. “I checked three seconds ago. It definitely still says unread.”
“It’s flagged important and with a read receipt? Seriously?”
“Seriously. It’s high priority. Read it right now.” He angles a covert glance over her shoulder, in the direction he came from earlier. “Oh, and if you don’t mind, don’t reply until I’m back over there.”
“Wait, you want a reply, too? What am I supposed to say? You send me the same four lines every week. I have the thing memorized by now.” To prove this point, she clasps her hands behind her back and recites, “Heading to Tenjou on Wednesday. They need endcaps, window decals, sticker packs, blah blah blah, for insert-manga-title-here. I’ll stop by and grab them on my way out. Thanks. Oshiro Masaru, DUCHESS Sales, 81-4-8914-1111, extension 822.”
His demeanor shifts, now part bemusement and part blatant self-satisfaction. “Look, Tachibana, I’m beyond flattered that you hang onto my every word like this. Not surprising. I’m extremely eloquent in my digital correspondence.”
She rolls her eyes. “There it is. I knew it was coming.”
“You even know my extension by heart,” Oshiro continues blithely. “It’s like my wildest dreams coming true. But what I really need right now is for you to open that e-mail and write me a timely reply. By timely, I mean don’t hit send until I’m at my table again. And then I’ll read your response and write you back. So on, so forth, rinse and repeat, until this torture is over and we can both leave.”
“Ah.” Reiko crosses her arms. “You want a prolonged reason to be on your phone.”
“Because you don’t want to be here.”
“Also correct, but needs clarification. I don’t want to be at this wedding. I do want to be at this table with you.”
He tips his head towards his original seating arrangements. Reiko risks a covert glance and notes that Oshiro’s vacated chair is surrounded by chattering ladies ranging from middle-aged to elderly. Somehow, without ever speaking to a single one of them, Reiko can tell that they’re the problematic aunties who don’t get along with any of the other aunties. Consequently, they’ve been placed where they can ostensibly do the least damage. From the looks of it, they’re having a fabulous time.
Reiko bites her lip, smothering a surge of laughter. “Wow. How did you end up with the best seat in the house? Like, who did you offend?”
“Ha ha. I owed the groom a favor and he cashed in, majorly.” Oshiro leans forward. “They’re a nice bunch, don’t get me wrong, but if they set me up with another of their nieces, I’ll be double booked from today until Christmas.”
“You’re welcome to sit here instead,” she offers. “We have an extra chair. My dad prefers to migrate between friend groups.”
“Thanks, but I can’t just abandon my post. I wouldn’t put it past them to follow me over here, or else I’d take you up on that suggestion. I figure random texts to my brothers will seem rude, unlike important work e-mails. So play along, won’t you? And keep in mind at least one of them will be reading over my shoulder the whole time.”
“What’s that supposed to mean? What on earth do you think I’d be putting in that e-mail?”
“I’m just saying, don’t use this as an opportunity to confess your undying love or anything. Maintain professionalism and all that.”
“Gosh, what a tall order. How will I ever comply?”
“Dig deep, Tachibana. Find that inner strength.”
Reiko pulls a face. “You came all the way here just to make me do this?”
“Yes,” says Oshiro. “You’re welcome. I’ll look for your thank you note in the mail. I also like gift baskets. The ones with baked goods are okay, but no edible fruit bouquets or artisan cheeses. Nobody wants those.”
“But why me?” she persists. “Don’t you have anyone else you can trade fake work e-mails with? What about Ueda? Or your boss?”
“Hey, take it easy. I’m not used to outright rejection.”
“I’m not rejecting you, I’m just confused.”
“What’s there to be confused about? I don’t want to be here. Neither do you. Let’s help each other out.”
Neither do you. Reiko feels very, very obvious, now.
He watches her expectantly. She can tell that he’s fighting hard not to break into one of his insouciant grins. Reiko can’t decide if she wants to smack him or bask in the infectious warmth of his attention, like a deprived houseplant straining to soak up every drop of sunshine it can get.
This conflicted reaction is more embarrassing than being caught on her phone. For God’s sake, it’s just Oshiro.
Their departments — Sales for him, Marketing for her — are often flung together, which means running into him at Yumeisha is pretty normal. They take the same elevator from the lobby and frequent the same break room on the tenth floor. He stops at her desk most Wednesday afternoons, as promised in his e-mails. Once in a while, if she stays even later than usual, Reiko might see him striding ahead of her through the lobby’s sliding glass doors, crossing the street to catch the same train. They never talk much, though, unless it’s about work.
Still true, she concludes, as Oshiro stands up and pushes the chair into place, preparing to return to the Island of Matchmaking Aunties. He walks backwards away from her, hands in his pockets. “Talk soon,” he tells Reiko, smiling as if he’s guessed all her secrets. And then he’s gone, threading his way through the crowd while she stares after him, utterly bewildered.
Read more episodes on Wattpad!
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anxiouslyfred · 3 months ago
fluff prompt: janus getting all the cuddles from whoever you like
I hate tumblr. I had pages typed out in reply to this, clicked a notif that popped up and it decided to take me off the page and delete it all.
Meh, I’m gonna carry on writing from where I was with a few sentences to explain what I’d written before.
Really not sure this is what you expected from the prompt but it’s what came to my head
/\/\ In the time after the wedding, Janus focused on getting positive or at least functional relationships with the sides but only relaxed when away from them after getting Roman and Logan to practise self-care
/\/\ Once Roman was mostly getting along with Janus he realised he seems lonely and wanted to help inviting him to the imagination to see Chicago performed cause jazz music + murder + musical = good evening for both of them
Janus finally agreed after suggesting Virgil, Remus and Logan would all be better invited and assuming/ being corrected over Patton telling Roman to do this/\/\
Janus was prompt to arrive outside the imagination precisely half an hour after talking with Roman, just as he agreed. Logan and Virgil were already there, turning as he approached.
“Hey, it’s Serpant Mom. What musical has been dedicated to looking after you?” Virgil remarked, glancing back at the door.
“Chicago, and what do you mean, looking after me?” Janus’s brow furrowed as he took in the implications of the words.The door opened itself as he spoke so he half expected the question to be ignored.
Logan indicated for them to enter ahead of him as he answered, “Well Roman likes to make sure we are alright with him if there’s been an argument or he thinks one of us is upset in someway and usually that comes in the form of a night at the theatre.”
“Yeah if you can call the one he makes for me a theatre. More like a hall filled with those giant bean bags to lounge on.” Virgil snorted, already heading for the building they could see.
“Well, when it’s for myself it is actually a Theatre. I suppose Roman also changes the location to suit the person he’s trying to look after.” Logan mused.
Janus was concerned to understand that either Roman was still trying to make up after the diaster that followed the wedding, or Roman thought he wasn’t taking care of himself in some way. Those thoughts niggled at the back of his mind even as they entered the theatre and were directed up the stairs to the balcony seats.
Correction, balcony sofa, singular.
Remus and Roman were already sat on it, watching the entrance for them while chatting together. At each end of the sofa there were tables filled with snacks and drinks they could help themselves to and many of Janus’s favourites were among the selection.
“Sweet, we get to have a cuddle pile and watch Chicago. Janus if Roman ever needs to make up with you again invite me along.” Virgil decided as soon as he recognised the set up, grabbing one of Janus’s hands to drag him to the centre of the sofa.
Roman snickered, quickly shifting left as Virgil tried to oust him and Remus from their spot. All he achieved was sitting on Remus’s lap while Janus was between them and Roman. “I wasn’t aware you were so desperate for affection, Thundercloud, but welcome to Janus’s theatre.”
“I’m desperate for Jay to stop worrying over new ways to be part of this family so he can just accept that he already is, Princey. Plus cuddle piles are always the best especially with the added wrestling including Remus in them adds.” Virgil countered easily, never releasing the hand in his grasp.
Logan had come over and taken a seat the other side of Roman while they spoke, quietly waiting for their conversation to end and the performance to begin. As soon as Roman realised that he waved a hand to start the show.
Through the performance and some odd moves as Roman sang along Janus found himself being hugged from both sides, with Virgil and Logan intertwining their fingers after a while.
Janus had never thought that would be how his theatre would appear but to his surprise he was the most relaxed he’d been in months. Just part of the group for the evening.
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lady-bakuhoe · 3 months ago
Live Show: Birthday Girl | Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday, @katsukikitten​! You have no idea how hard it was trying to keep this a surprise for you, so I hope you enjoy it! And I hope, despite everything, that you have a wonderful birthday!
I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any of my writing on this Tumblr account, but thank you for sticking around! This is based on my Live Show camboy!Bakugou series. I kinda picture it taking place between 2 and 3. A special thank you to @trafalgar-temptress​ for reading over this before I posted it!
Warnings: 18+, camboy!Bakugou, squirting.
Word Count: 5500.
Tumblr media
You woke up with a smile on your face, replaying the previous night’s events in your mind. If someone had told you that you’d end up having a private show with Dynamight, and he’d do it for free no less, you wouldn’t have believed them. Picking up your phone to check through your messages to make sure it hadn’t all been a wild dream. Sure enough, Dynamight’s personal cell phone number sat in your recent contacts.
Your phone chimed with various texts from your friends, wishing you a happy birthday.
You groaned at the realisation. How could you have forgotten that it was your birthday today?
Clearly, it was because it was destined to be an awful day. You’d already written it off as being one of the worst birthdays of your life and you hadn’t even experienced it yet.
It sounded overdramatic, but it really was. Often you weren’t one to make a huge fuss of your special day, usually still going into work and then arranging drinks with your friends to wrap your day off but of course, this year was different. You’d almost prefer to go to work than spend the entire day alone in your apartment, but since you’d already decided to take a day of holiday, you were evidently going to have to spend the entire evening alone.
The only silver lining to this awful Birthday? Tonight Dynamight would be streaming a special weekend live show. Possibly the only thing right now that could turn your entire day around, and it was the only thing you were looking forward to.
You’d promised your friends that no matter what, you’d try your best to enjoy your birthday even if you were spending it alone. Although you didn’t tell them exactly why you’d be enjoying it so much. As if fate had owed you a favour, the Dynamight live show was sure to fix your bad day. You’d already set the reminder on the app for Eight o’clock, excitement bubbling inside you even though there was still another six hours to go. Feeling giddy at the prospect of seeing Dynamight again, even though it hadn’t even been twenty-four hours since the private show you’d had with him. You debated whether you should send him a text to let him know it was your birthday, hoping that you might receive something in return, or maybe just a birthday message but you didn’t want to annoy him already and ruin the connection that you’d just built.
Trying to think of something to do to distract yourself for the rest of the day, you went into your kitchen. Pulling out a large wine glass from the cabinet as you grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge. Pouring the liquid into the brim as you held the glass up to your face, holding your cell phone in front of your face as you took a picture, immediately picking the ‘Birthday’ filter as you pressed send on Snapchat. Letting your friends know that if nothing else, you were going to try and have fun today.
Randomly scrolling through your phone as you settled yourself on your couch, checking through social media and replying to the birthday messages from friends. You debated texting Bakugou to let him know that it was your birthday, but the thought of annoying him weighed heavy on your mind. It hadn’t been long since your last live show, still replaying the night in your mind as you remembered the end of the conversation. Where he told you his real name and sent you the money you’d paid him back.
You’d see him tonight anyway, the only good thing that your birthday still had to offer. Already feeling excited over the selfies that you knew Dynamight would share on his premium accounts before the stream. Hoping that you’d get the notifications soon that he’d posted something new, already trying to imagine what he’d be doing. Picturing his face smirking into the fogged up mirror after his shower as he held a towel up to cover himself, his chiselled abs on full display and dripping with moisture. Already feeling yourself heating up at the thought as you sipped on your wine, deciding to go through your messages from him the last time you spoke.
Not even fifteen minutes had gone by when you got a notification from the live streaming website, a banner flashing on your phone screen from Dynamight’s official account.
‘Dynamight Live Show cancelled’.
What the fuck? How was your luck this horrible? It was bad enough it was going to be one of the most boring birthdays you’d ever celebrated, but now the only highlight of your day was cancelled? You felt like crying as you re-read the notification to make sure you hadn’t got it wrong, but he had really cancelled his show. Reading the comments coming in from all his disgruntled fans, begging him not to cancel and offering him ridiculous amounts of money to try and get him to reconsider. Hopeful that he might see some of those messages and decide to do it, it’d definitely be a profitable decision for him. You debated whether to message him privately, he’d already added you as a mutual. Maybe you could offer him something to reconsider.
Another banner flashing against your cell phone screen as you noticed it was from Bakugou’s private account, your heartbeat increasing as you rushed to click the notification.
Hey Dumbass.
I saw your snap. You hadn’t even realised that you’d sent it to him too, immediately regretting it. You looked awful in that picture, you didn’t have any makeup on and your hair was a mess, Why the fuck didn’t you tell me it was your birthday?
I’m not sure. You typed back. You hadn’t even thought to tell him, you’d just started speaking to each other and even though he’d shown some interest in you, you weren’t sure he’d care. I mean, he was a borderline famous camboy and you were just… You.
You wanna act like a fuckin’ stalker but you can’t even tell me it’s your birthday? You should’ve fucking said something. He typed back and you felt your heartbeat increase, he cared about your birthday.
I was going to tell you tonight during your show, but it’s cancelled :( You hoped that he might reconsider and still go ahead with the live stream now he knew it was your birthday.
I ain’t doing a stream on your birthday. A flurry of emotions erupted inside you, at first you were elated that he didn’t want to do a show on your birthday, obviously caring more about you and your special day than the amount of money he could easily make from the stream, but on the other hand, you wanted to type back and tell him that it was okay, that he should still go ahead with the stream.
But I was really excited for the stream :( You gave him another sad face, hoping that you’d see another banner flash on your phone to show that his show was back on.
What? Where are you? 
What did he mean?
At home. You typed back in confusion, why was he asking where you were? As though you’d watch his show anywhere but at home. Why?
You kept looking at your phone waiting for another message from him to come through, but it never did. Your heart dropping as you looked at the two blue ticks showing that he had left you on read. Taking another large gulp of your wine as you contemplated just taking an afternoon nap, your birthday already feeling like a disaster.
Deciding that you weren’t going to let it ruin your birthday as you made your way towards your bedroom, wine in tow as you climbed into your bed. Tugging the sheets up around your body as you opened your laptop. Your glass of wine sat on your bedside table as you opened up Dynamight’s premium live show page, deciding to watch the same stream from last night one more time and at least try to enjoy your birthday. Grateful that he kept his old streams up for all his fans to enjoy, but you still wished that you had a way to watch the personal video chat he’d had with you the night before. Pulling out your vibrator and placing it on the bed beside you as you settled down in front of the screen.
“Hey Dumbass.” The sultry sound of his voice fills your room and instantly you feel yourself succumb to him completely, your body sinking back against your pillows as you watched him.
“Shouldn’t be surprised you’re my first donation, hah? You fuckin’ stalker.” Remembering the way he acknowledged you last night, feeling flush at the memory.
An incoming video call broke you out of your trance, the notification bar popping up in the corner of your laptop as you paused the live stream, eyes widening as you noticed who it was from.
There was no way you could accept the call, you looked even worse than yesterday. You hadn’t even bothered getting changed out of your pyjamas today, since you were spending the entire day at home. An old oversized shirt covering your frame paired with a pair of boy shorts and thigh high socks. Trying to contemplate whether you could run and get changed in time.
But you were desperate to talk to him, already missing him and it had been minutes since he’d last text you. Liquid courage helping to make your decision as you accepted the video call. The screen illuminated as Bakugou came into view.
He looked perfect. It was obvious he’d just got out of the shower, his hair damp and sticking to his forehead, some wisps falling into his eyes as he towelled it dry. Moving his head forward in motion with the towel as you recognised the undercut at the back, he looked so good. He sat at his computer desk clad in only a pair of black Calvin Klein boxer briefs as he smirked towards the camera.
“Another private show?” He smirked into the camera, “Must be your lucky day, Kitten.”
You felt your entire body shiver at his words, your cunt throbbing neglected between your thighs as you imagined his face between them. The same look across his features as he had on your screen now, your eyes fluttering shut at the image as you rocked yourself against your mattress. Your hands moved to try and flatten down your messy hair, wishing that you’d made more of an effort with your appearance. Something that you would’ve spent hours on if you’d known that he’d have initiated this impromptu video chat.
“Oi,” Dynamite growled, vermillion eyes watching as your eyes glazed over, “I’m still fuckin’ here, you know?”
You felt your face flush at the realisation that you’d almost forgot that you now had an audience, so used to being the voyeur and Bakugou had no shame in calling you out.
“You really are such a slut, hah?” He grinned, leaning back in his chair as he watched you, “Can’t go five minutes without thinking about getting yourself off.”
“How much do I owe you?” You murmured, getting ready to send him money for this private show.
“I told you last night,” He growled, “You don’t have to pay me for shit.” His eyes stared directly into his webcam, as though trying to stare directly at you.
“I know, but-”
“Consider it a birthday gift from me to you,” He smirked, cutting you off, “Can’t have you alone on your birthday, it’s fuckin’ pathetic.”
You should have felt hurt at his words, however true they were, but instead, the sound of his husky voice sent a throb of need straight to your cunt, your tight heat clenching around nothing as he watched you through the screen.
“Should’ve told me you were going to be alone for your birthday, would’ve cancelled this show and met up with you instead.” His words made you feel special, important. A swell of pride now growing in your chest at the thought that not only had he just cancelled a busy Friday night show for you, but he actually wanted to see you today.
“But you did cancel the show.” You felt bad that he was losing a source of income because of you. Weekends were always his busiest nights too, people coming home after a long week at work to indulge in him, so he would surely be taking a big hit for you.
“Yeah and, Dumbass?” He rolled his eyes, dropping his towel to the floor beside him.
“Are you sure?” You chewed the inside of your cheek nervously, already feeling guilty that he was wasting his time on you. There were probably loads of other fans just as disappointed as you that he’d cancelled the show.
“Yeah, I’m fuckin’ sure. I can make that money back in no time.” He boasted egotistically, smirking into the camera, his large hand moving down to palm his thick cock through the thin material of his boxes as he leaned back just enough for you to see the sheer size, “But this means you’re gonna give me a good show too right, Princess?”
Your teeth worried against your lower lip as you tugged at the bottom of your oversized shirt, you couldn’t give him a show too, could you? You’d done it before, but now it felt different. It felt more personal, he’d cancelled his source of income for you, what if you couldn’t make him happy? There was no way someone as plain and simple as you could ever satisfy him. Especially not with the other girls that probably slid into his direct messages all the time. The little seed of doubt growing larger inside your mind as you heard Dynamight growl in the background.
“You fuckin’ ignoring me again, Kitten?” His nostrils flared, the dark look in his eyes making you shiver in anticipation.
“No, Dynamight.” You mumbled sheepishly, your fingers digging into the fabric of your shirt as you bit your bottom lip.
“What about the money though?” You had to ask, the number of comments from disgruntled fans had you nervous that he’d really be losing out for wasting his time on your birthday with you.
“Doesn’t matter.” He muttered.
“But I don’t want you to waste your time on me when you could just do the show-”
“Shut up.” He snarled, “You ain’t a waste of time.”
“But-” Of course you’d love another private show, especially so soon after the last one. But guilt ran through your veins at the thought of him losing money because of you, there was no way you were this deserving.
“Don’t worry about it.” He smirked, “Got them wrapped around my little finger, babe. Same as you.”
“Shut up.” You threw back at him, pouting.
“Oh, feisty today, hah?” Bakugou leaned forward in his seat slightly, his damp hair slowly drying as he stared into the camera, “I thought I told you to take your top off.”
Your fingertips curled underneath the fabric, taking a deep breath as you pulled it up and over your head to expose your chest to his view. You heard Bakugou take in a sharp breath as he caught sight of your breasts, shyly holding your shirt in your lap as you watched his reaction.
“That’s my good girl.” He shifted in his chair, “You really are perfect, you know that?”
His words of praise made you feel more confident, or maybe it was the alcohol in your system as you raised your hands to massage your chest without being prompted. Your fingers pinching and tugging your nipples as you heard Bakugou groan on the other side of the screen.
“Didn’t even need me to tell you what to do next, did you?” He sneered, his hand still palming his cock through his boxers, “What a fuckin’ slut.”
“You like me watching you, don’t you?” You bit your lip as you nodded, feeling your neglected clit throb underneath your boy shorts.
“What was that, slutty girl?” He growled, pausing stroking his cock as he watched you, “I didn’t hear you.”
“Yes.” You sighed blissfully, rolling your pebbling nipples between your thumb and forefinger as you tried to imagine it was his hands touching you instead, you lips parted in a low whine.
“Yes, what?” He sneered.
“Yes, Katsuki.” You used his real name, the name he’d given you the night before. The name catching him off guard as his hips arched off the computer chair.
“Fuck,” He threw his head back against the headrest as his vermilion eyes focused on you, “That’s it, Kitten.”
“God, I want to see those pretty lips wrapped around my cock.” You groaned at his admission, thoughts flooding to how it would feel to have his fingers card through your hair as he held onto it by the roots, pushing you down on his thick girth as you gagged around his length. The fat head of his cock hitting the back of your throat with each rut of his hips.
“Are those thigh highs?” Bakugou motioned to your cosy socks that were hugging your thighs as you angled the laptop screen forward so he could see them properly, stretching your legs out in front of you to give him a full view, “Fuck that’s hot.”
You keened at his praise, the sound giving you more confidence as you moved to lay back against your pillows once more, your eyes still completely focused on his body glistening in the afternoon sunlight in his bedroom.
“Show me that slutty little pussy.” Bakugou commanded, a grin on his face as he waited expectantly.
“Show me your cock.” You didn’t know where the confidence had come from, instantly blaming it on the alcohol you’d drank, but an amused grin appeared on Bakugou’s features.
“Where did that come from, Princess?” A surprised tone in his voice as he eased his hips up just enough to tug his boxer briefs down his thick, muscular thighs, “Since it’s your birthday I’ll let it slide.”
Your eyes instantly focused on his thick cock now exposed to your gaze, a large bead of pre-cum pooling against the reddened, angry tip. Thick veins running along the underside that just made him seem even bigger as he gave himself a teasing pump, licking your lips as you imagined what he tasted like, wishing that he was in front of you in the flesh so you could find out.
“You better not forget who’s in charge, Kitten.” The words were spoken as more of a promise than a suggestion as you rubbed your thighs together in anticipation, “I’ll have to put you back in your place.”
“Do I get to see that pretty little pussy now?” You watched mesmerised as he leaned forward, hovering over his cock as he puckered his lips, spitting onto the tip of his cock. The wetness sliding down his length with ease and pooling around his fist as he moved his hand up to swipe his thumb over the head of his cock, collecting his pre as he smoothed it down his thick length, the moisture glistening as he gave himself another languid stroke.
“Oi,” He growled, pausing his motions as his red eyes glared at you through the camera, “I asked you a fuckin’ question.”
You mewled as you slipped your thumbs into the hem of your panties, tugging them down your thighs as you watched a string of your slick stick to the crotch of the fabric, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Bakugou as you heard him grunt on the other side of the screen.
“Fuck yes,” He groaned when you threw your boy shorts to the side, “Show me.”
Your entire body felt flush as you spread your legs on either side of your laptop to give him a good view of your dripping cunt, your labia glistening in your slick as you slid a solo finger through your folds.
“Shit, you’re so fuckin’ wet already.” You could hear the cocky tone to his voice, “Been thinking about me all day, hah?”
You silently nodded your head as you circled your neglected clit with your finger, a light whimper leaving your lips as you alleviated the tension in your body with the movement. Your palm stroking over your duvet to try and find your neglected vibrator, trying to satiate the desperate need inside you.
“Oi, I asked you a question.” You could hear the amusement in his tone as his eyes watched you trying to find your toy.
“Y-yes, Katsuki.” You murmured, rubbing slow circles around your clit as you tried to imagine it was his hand touching you instead. Feeling the smooth plastic to your vibrator as you picked it up, turning it onto the lowest setting as you ran the tip between your folds.
“Didn’t get enough last night, did you? Still fuckin’ desperate for more.” The husky tone of his voice made you keen as your hips arched off the mattress, grinding yourself down against your fingers as you watched Bakugou through your lashes. His own hand continued to stroke his cock as he watched you play with yourself for him, rolling his palm over the swollen head to gather more of the pre that leaked from the tip as his other hand came down to fondle his balls.
“Is that why you were so excited for my show today?” Bakugou continued, your eyes focused on his every move as though stuck in a trance, he was your drug and you were completely addicted, “Wanted to watch me play with myself.”
“Katsuki.” You whimpered, your lips pouted in a moan as you pressed the tip of the vibrator against your tight hole, inner walls fluttering as you slowly eased the toy inside you. Your slick more than enough lubrication to help it slide inside you with ease.
“I bet you had plans didn’t you?” He paused to spit down on his cock again, the sound heightening your arousal, “But you’d rather stay at home and be a fuckin’ slut.”
You gasped at his tone, your puffy clit throbbing at the sound as you imagined what he would look like spitting down onto your cunt. Blown out pupils gazing at the laptop as you watched him continue to stroke himself, his own eyes meeting your own even through the screen.
“Fuck,” He grunted, his hips arching off the chair as he watched you slip the length of the toy inside you, watching the way your body sucked it in as he imagined what it would be like slipping his cock inside you to really stretch you out.
“What are you thinking about while you’re playing with that tight little pussy?” He questioned as though he didn’t already know the answer, it was clearly evident exactly what was on your mind in that moment.
“You.” You murmured, slowly easing the toy in and out of your tight heat, your hole fluttering around it as you pulled it from your cunt before slowly plunging it back in again, feeling it drag along your inner walls as you let out a blissful sigh.
“What about me?” He teased, leaning forward in his seat to get a closer look at the screen.
“You..” Trying to think of the most cohesive way to say what you wanted without sounding foolish, “Inside me-”
You cringed at how naive you sounded, wanting to do the same thing to him that he was doing to you effortlessly. Bakugou’s words turned you into a puddle with ease, each syllable that left his lips ignited a fire inside you and sent a bustle of pleasure throughout your body.
“My cock inside your pretty little pussy, Princess?” He grinned, “Is that what you mean?”
You knew he knew exactly what you meant, but he was trying to make you say it.
“Yes, Katsuki.” You whined, “Want you inside me so bad.”
Your confession ripped a hiss from between his gritted teeth, his hand pausing on his cock as he tried to calm his body down, not wanting to cum before you’d even gone once.
“Yeah? Wish I was there stretching you out on my fuckin’ cock.” His words made you cry out as your hips arched off the bed, giving him the perfect view of your breasts as he languidly began to stroke his cock again.
“Please, Katsuki. I need-,” You could feel the familiar signs inside your body of your impending release, your toes curling as your inner walls began to pulsate around your vibrator, your other hand stroking slow, precise circles around your clit.
“You need what, Kitten?” He replied cockily.
“Need to cum.” You let out a breathless moan as you tried to stop yourself from flying straight over the edge, wanting to prolong the blissful sensation as long as possible.
“You need to cum?” He mocks, “How bad?”
Of course he was teasing you, your lips curving into a pout as you stared straight at the webcam, “So bad. Please-”
“Better fuckin’ cum then, slut.” He cut you off harshly, venom in his tone as you felt yourself come undone at his request. White lines blurring your vision as your body convulsed with your climax, his name spilling from your lips as you rocked your hips against the vibrator, your chest heaving as you tried to regain your breath.
“Shit, you’re so fuckin’ hot.” He growled, watching you writhe against your bedsheets, your head pressed into your pillows as your hips continued to rock against the toy still whirring inside you.
“Don’t you dare take it out, Princess.” He snarled as he watched you begin to slip the toy from your quivering inner walls, your eyes focused on him as he watched strings of your slick stick to the plastic as you pulled it from your sex, “I know you’ve got one more in there for me, pretty girl.”
“Katsuki, I can’t.” You move your hand away from your body, the vibrator still buzzing in a low thrum in your hands. His gaze distracted for a moment as he took in the sight of your tight hole fluttering around nothing.
“Yes, you can. Look at that sloppy little pussy.” You moved your thighs from either side of your screen as you closed them together, moving the laptop to your side as you tried to ease the throb as you caught your breath. Your mind hazy from your climax as Bakugou got the perfect view of your heaving chest. The new position of the laptop made it easier to see Bakugou stroking his thick cock, even more of his pre-cum leaking from the tip as he used it as lubrication along his length.
“Did I say you could fuckin’ stop?” You shook your head pathetically as your lower half continued to throb in the aftershocks of your orgasm, slowly moving the toy back towards your cunt, “Sit up so I can see you, pretty girl.”
You moved to sit on your knees, feeling your legs tingle as pleasure still flowed through your veins, the vibrations coursing through your body as you lowered yourself down on the toy once more. Your hypersensitive cunt clenched around the intrusion as you slipped the toy back inside you, your inner walls tighter around it in the wake of your climax. The low hum of the toy already working you towards another release, “Good girl.”
“You’re so fuckin’ perfect.” Bakugou swallowed thickly. His voice was quiet, barely a whisper as he spoke to himself more than you, but you heard it. The words fuelling you as you slowly began to pump the toy in and out of your heat, “Bet you wish I was there playing with it instead, hah?”
Already feeling another orgasm swiftly approaching, his words coaxing the sensation out of you as you worked yourself against the vibrator. Vermilion, lust filled eyes focused on your every move as his palm mimicked your motions on his thick cock.
“God, I can’t wait to ruin that pretty little pussy.” His promises, whether they would ever become reality, had a thrum of carnal desire running through you as your hips rocked against the toy.
“Come on, Birthday girl. Tell me what you want.” Bakugou teased, but he knew exactly what you wanted.
“Fuck, Katsuki.” You cried, already feeling your inner walls quivering as another harsh climax surged through you, your toes curling as your eyes rolled back, your hips continuing to rock against the vibrator as you let yourself go once more.
“Look at you, my good girl.” Bakugou grinned at the screen, continuing to stroke his cock as he watched you come undone because of him, “That’s it, just like that.”
“Thought you said you couldn’t cum again, Kitten?” You could hear the smugness dripping from his voice as he watched you pant, pleasure rippling through your body as you tried to calm yourself down. Moving your arms up above your head as you relaxed against your mattress.
“Don’t you dare stop, keep fucking that slutty pussy.” He snarled, the sound of him stroking his cock frantically filling your ears as you continued to bounce on the vibrator, the angle causing the toy to rub against your spongy inner walls perfectly, the vibrations spreading through your entire lower half as your fingers continued circling your puffy clit, “You gonna cum for me again, yeah?”
“I can’t.” A sob wracked through your overstimulated boy, your legs trembling at the thought of another climax.
“Yes you fuckin’ can.”
An unusual sensation taking over your senses, the harsh throb niggling your cunt as you felt the sudden urge to pee, your toes curling as you tried to fight the sensation, trying to hold it back and focus on the pure pleasure.
“Come on, Princess.” As if sensing you were holding back Bakugou continued speaking to you, “I wanna see you cum.”
You tried to ignore the unusual sensation inside you, trying to put it at the back of your mind as you continued grinding yourself down against the vibrator, angling it towards the same spot inside you as it pressed against your spongy walls with each downward thrust. Your fingers still drawing sloppy circles on your clit as you allowed yourself to succumb to the pleasure inside you. A squeal leaving your lips as you let the pleasure take over you, your body almost falling forward onto your laptop as you cried out Bakugou’s name in a garbled whine. Clear liquid gushing from your body as your cunt clenched around the vibrator, splashing against your inner thighs and bedsheets. Your fingers still rubbing against your puffy clit making an even bigger mess as more of the clear liquid escaped your body in the tremors of your climax.
“Holy shit,” Bakugou howled out on the other side of the screen, lust filled eyes watching your every move as he worked himself towards his own climax. Your vision hazy as you slowly began to come down from your release, the vibrator slipping from your sopping cunt as it buzzed against your soaked sheets. Your tongue almost lolling out from between your lips as you settled on your calves, your chest heaving, the relisation dawning on you that Bakugou had made you squirt without even touching you.
“My messy fuckin’ girl.” You moved back against your pillows to watch him touching himself for you, uncaring that your sheets were now drenched with your release, your body already slick with sweat, “Good lord, That was so fucking hot.”
Your body keened at his praise, watching as he stroked his own cock frantically, a few more harsh pumps before he was cumming all over himself. Hot, white ropes of cum coating his hand and chest. The mixture glistening against his skin as you licked your lips, imagining licking it off his sweaty skin.
“Fuck,” He lay his head back against the back of his desk chair, his cum glistening against his abs as he caught his breath. Wiping his brow with the back of his hand as he smirked at the screen.
“Didn’t even get to use this shit.” He smirked, reaching forward to pick up something from the desk, holding up the shiny butt plug to the light, the green jewel glistening as he held it to the camera, “I know it’s your fuckin’ favourite.”
Your cunt throbbed almost painfully at the thought of him slipping the toy inside himself, it really was your favourite and the fact that he remembered made a foolish grin spread against your cheeks. Almost wanting to ignore how spent your body felt as you imagined him slipping it inside himself for your eyes only.
“Don’t worry,” He sat back in his chair, grabbing his towel from the floor as he wiped the cum from his chest, “When we finally meet I’m going to make this birthday up to you, Kitten.”
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