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#my truths
selfshipping-baby · 3 days ago
I am a simple man, I go on tiktok, I get gender envy, I close tiktok.
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xauramoon · 3 days ago
Headcanon #48; Birthday
Tumblr media
A period of personal remembrance. Sun-kissed trees towered over the lush greenery—a perfect resting spot for the older being. For even a monochrome speck shined through chromatic vibrancy on this day. No matter how foreign countless traditions and gestures remained, the simple thoughts behind one’s birth were understood.
Had the strange canine truly known the date of one’s own arrival to the world?
Consciousness began only when the newly grayed eyes cast open years past; a pair of innocent features watched over the scenery without a clear grasp. For Aura, this was the date of which the world welcomed him. While opened arms for the discolored wonder was not granted, it did leave space for one to grow accustomed to his new life. May reigned his own personal month; and the fourth day his fateful awakening.
There were no special customs—no unique activities. The gentle sequence of daily actions did not falter. The only differences made on this occasion were hidden underneath the tufts of lavender fur. A soft smile; a rare moment of internal content that stayed till his day’s final moments. Something that couldn’t be taken from him.
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00110000exe · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
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infinitians · 3 days ago
The Life​ Advice​ I have for you today is gonna change the way you think about living your life. 'Life is a Dance' Philosophy is one of my personal favorite NO-BS, no fluffy positive unrealistic philosophy, but the kind which hits the nail at one single blow. Let's see what you have to say about it.
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garbagequeer · 4 days ago
thinking about coming out as a she/they to my friends. thinking about doing it on my birthday because i love attention and dramatics and everyone telling me how much they like me <3
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cosmojjong · 4 days ago
ur not too lacking for jjong, he thought he was too lacking for us. i think its best if we all learn we all deserve the love and joy that others give us, you deserve all the goodness youre given and so does jjong and so does everyone else. pls remember this. youre so worthy of the joy and peace his music makes you feel just as he is worthy of the love you give him.
hi... firstly, i want to say sorry for replying now. thanks so much for reaching out, you must’ve seen my rambling, right? i saw this ask before, but i needed a bit to elaborate an answer. i wish i could’ve answered privately...
i really appreciate your words and you certainly meant well with the message, i know you wanted to help and comfort me. however, i was a little taken aback from this wording: ‘he thought he was too lacking for us’. i think that, as fans, it’s not our place to assume or determine these things or what the truth is. it feels a bit imposing and diluting, if these are the correct terms to be used. there are certain things that are very personal and i could never get myself to talk about them... hope you get what i mean; 
for everything else you said, thanks again for wanting to bring some help and some reassurance. and of course, learning we deserve good things isn’t as easy. it’s a challenge, it’s a constant struggle, but i won’t forget your words! this is all complicated in my brain, so i’m sorry if this reply is a mess, hope you don’t take anything personally :/ 
i hope you can listen to your own words, follow your advice and feel his everlasting love every day. i’m sure you’re worthy of everything he gifts to you and vice-versa. have a lovely day!
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anxietywhitenoise · 7 days ago
My dad: Oh it looks like your uncle doug is bringing a date to dinner.
Sidenote: I grew up with 3 uncle Dougs, my mom's brother, her uncle, and my dad's bil. This uncle doug is my mom's uncle, so like in his 90s.
Me: Sad, he has a more active dating life than I have :(
Dad: Well when you get his age, you can't be too choosy. Not many left.
At least I know where my sick twisted sense of humor comes from.
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xapriciity · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Summarized intros to the personal interpretations of my muses.
Included below:
Q / Yumeno Kyusaku
Mark Twain
Frances Burnett ( OC )
C / Carlotta Lorenzini ( OC )
Tumblr media
Q / Yumeno Kyusaku
Tumblr media
Nonbinary / 13 / (Formerly) Port Mafia / GrayAce
ABILITY: Dogra Magra
A mind control curse type ability. The targets affected are sent into a maddened state with a ravaged consciousness full of hallucinations. In order for Dogra Magra to activate, the target had to have hurt Yumeno in some manner to the point Yumeno bleeds and bruises. Psychological pain amplifies the effects upon those subjected to Dogra Magra’s maddening ability. It formerly required ripping their doll’s head, but they can now do this via merely thinking enough negative thoughts. 
The only way Yumeno’s powers can be cancelled is via power that can cancel abilities (ex. Dazai’s ability “No Longer Human”) or for the affected to be killed.
▸ VERY CANON DIVERGENT! Branches off during the part where Dazai and Chuuya go to retrieve them from Steinbeck and Lovecraft. Q awakens sooner and manages to free themselves somehow before being intercepted. From there, they’re on the run to parts unknown. They also have slightly more control over their power and are actually some sort of lesser deity.
▸ One ominous little kiddo. Also a sassy lost child with a morbid sense of humor. Likes to gleefully say they're the embodiment of hell itself, but is actually afraid of encountering anything of the sort in real life. Lovecraft’s “daschund” balloon animal still haunts their consciousness. No more balloon animals, please oh no.
▸Has no family to call their own so they end up talking and playing with whoever and whatever they feel like. They carry a doll for comfort and for the sake, but, at the end of the day, its just a child’s toy. Yumeno’s tried again and again to get rid of it, but it always reappears (and they feel bad having to abuse it further).
▸ A tiny, confused, ticking time-bomb who feels there is no future for them, yet, somewhere in the tangle of madness and confusion, Yumeno longs to at least have a happy ending -- a happy ending where they can live in peace without having to meet an early end. So, even if they must walk the Earth forever, as long as they’re no longer someone else’s doll, they’ll keep searching.
Tumblr media
Mark Twain
Tumblr media
Male / 21 / Member of The Guild (Hitman) / Hetero
ABILITY: Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer
Mark’s ability summons doll-like creatures he named Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Attaching either of them to one of his bullets allows Mark to pinpoint a target’s location and shoot said target with absolute accuracy. Huck and Tom are telepathically linked, enabling Mark to perform long-distance surveillance using them. This ability can be utilized together with other machinery, though this increases the likelihood of the ability being jammed.
He’s still a very skilled marksman without it, but for near-impossible operations and tasks, he’ll utilize his two buddies to the fullest.
▸ WEEEEEEEEEEELCOME TO HIMBOOOOOOO INC.! HOW MAY HE EAT YOUR ORDER AND COMPLIMENT YOUR FACE TODAY, SIR OR MA’AM?? Though, more accurate term he likes to use is "Not shootin’ your fuck bucks into the wrong fuckhole”. Mark is more than human, yet somehow neither a god nor demon. He’s more like a cryptid that appears at the local supermarket sometimes. A contender to the non-elusive F.lorida Man.
▸ A young man who works for a secret band of merry menaces as a hitman extraordinaire. Loves to humblebrag about how many bullets he shot per minute per every opportunity he gets. Quite the madman, but a seasoned one with all the sides of a fast food menu (sometimes literally) in his shirt. He’ll put a bullet between a person’s eyes just for sport, he says, it might be fun, he says also.
▸ He can’t quite stray from the border of life and death for a quarter of a second on some days, yet he’s quite the professional. So, somewhere out there in the big, bright multiverse, he was blessed with two fairy god brothers to make sure he doesn’t turn himself into an elder god or greater cryptid lord over not getting his cheesesteak and fries last Wednesday.
▸ Proud, humble boyo from the American South, comes from a big family, but left that life behind for his own reasons. He’ll send money home time to time, but he’d rather invest his bucks into meals that would feed ten or more families within his paycheck budget. Food is a must for the hungry hunter, after all. He believes his family is better off without him anyway.
▸ His hobby is homing in on the nearest person and secretly tethering himself to their schedule (possibly for a few hours, maybe until the end of time). Hard to get rid of, you will be buddies one way or another, and don’t try to run away because he can track you somehow. Your and the crumbs in your inventory~!
Tumblr media
Frances Burnett
Tumblr media
Female / 25 / Member of The Guild (Sr.Secretary)/ Surviving Guild Forces Member (Verse Dependent) / Hetero
ABILITY: The Secret G.arden
An unusual yet potent Ability that was once thought to be simple duplication of inanimate objects via touch. Now, it appears its user allows more to know some of its secrets.
The Secret G.arden takes the form of invisible ivy and briar vines rooted in her body. These vines allow Frances access to a small array of powers such as replication of broken items via touch or regenerative durability via her vines wrapping around her. It is a symbiotic (formerly parasitic) ability that remained a secret up until recent mainly due to Frances taking all possible measures to remain in control. 
Although, trying to maintain this Ability alone -- an Ability that has a mind of it own like a pet on some leash -- cruelly tears apart her mental fortitude under her content gaze. One temper tantrum could lead to heaven rending yet again.
▸ A sweet, friendly and hard-working little lady that speaks with a whimsical little accent. Though seemingly scatter-brained, she’s actually quite skilled a bit in a number of practical skills (ie. gardening, smithing/tinkering, outdoor survival, archeology, mental math). Has quite the resume for her age. Plus, she not only cooks, but knows where all the best restaurants and food stands in town are!
▸Grew up in the UK as Frances Hodgeson and moved to the USA after losing her parents in an earthquake during The Great War. She was raised by an elderly couple, The Burnetts, that worked with a local museum and pursued  a number of others sciences (which also seemed to include the supernatural). Frances "inherited” some of their enthusiasm and keeps their work close to her heart even though for safety purposes she’s destroyed and burned much of it. 
▸ She seems too happy, too optimistic, and one would be right to be a bit concerned and worried. Literal bullets and blunt trauma are never enough to stop her. There is definitely layers of mysteries to this woman, and not even those in The Guild have excavated deep enough to realize how potentially dangerous she is. Beware the short people with shorter tempers. Though it seems hard to anger her, its not impossible. If she blows up, it might be hard to see her the same ever again.
▸ A young lady afflicted with accursed power that's gradually sapping at her life and sanity no matter what she does or who help(ed) her. She's a mudblood in HP terms — A human with supernatural powers born into a family where no one possesses such “sorcery”. She's had to live in a world where she not only can't attend a Hogwarts but refuses to because she just wants to live a normal, comfortable life. 
▸ She keeps finding/summoning monsters and, while not 100% clueless, she naturally wants to befriend them (or at least sit down for tea to hear them out). Perhaps going “a little mad” and “being not quite human” has its benefits, she says. She wants Ability Users and regular people to live in harmony, but even as she fights, she understands that may be just another one of her distant delusions. 
Tumblr media
C / Carlotta Lorenzini
Tumblr media
Female / 18 / Port Mafia/ADA (Verse Dependent) / GrayDemi
ABILITY: P.inocchio.
A seemingly simple ability that requires the user to make physical contact (via handshake). Its an Ability that transforms the target into a wooden toy if they’ve lied beforehand. The only way the victim can turn back to normal is via damaging their own body enough (basically committing suicide). Though, due to language barriers and poor control on her end, C can almost never uses it. She seems reluctant to use her Ability in place of brute force.
▸ A quiet girl that’s surprisingly prone to violence and deceit when needed. Vicious as a hyena on the outside, but timid as a rabbit deep down. Her ability to curse a liar a cruel fate as a wooden toy bolsters such a cruel image.
▸ Would (and has) cleaved someone’s skull in over pretzels and clothing, but simultaneously hates that “things have to be this way in the world”. It’s not fun, but she thinks anything else is better than being locked away or writing the same sentence across multiple chalkboards.
▸ Born in Italy, Carlotta’s childhood was filled with grief, mischief, labor, and devoid of any hope someone like her could live with any closure and comfort. She’s also quietly coping with the fact she might not be human at all because of one man’s desperation to bring back his child. Human or not, Carlotta continues on in life wondering what the point is when she’s just someone’s faulty toy.
▸ She made it all the way to Japan via countless instances of trying to escape her previous imprisonment. The Port Mafia scooped her up after her attempted suicide and she was thrown into Ace’s division. Karma was the only person she considered her friend in such a hell. Depending on the verse, she’s either one of/ the sole survivor of Fyodor’s attack and ends up in Ozaki’s division or she escapes and joins the ADA. Either way, she’s quite the violent, resilient little ally to have.
▸ She’s learning more and more Japanese, making it easier for her to use her Ability. However, she’d prefer to clobber someone’s skull in with a baseball bat or her own fist than shake anyone’s hands. She’s also come to accept that she can never truly be a lone wolf while in the company of those who seem to want to protect her in return... but she still keeps to herself in a corner.
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honeycomb-loving2 · 10 days ago
A nice quality of mine that I value is my ability to look at things from different sides, different points of view, trying to understand the different motivations. Something my grandmother used to say was "there's always 3 side to every story. His, hers and the truth" I appreciate that my brain tries to understand all three of those sides
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lucifersmullet · 11 days ago
im learning WAY too much about the catholic church cause for some reason im obsessed with a satire satanic band that uses them for reverse-inspo
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panchostokes · 11 days ago
pros to writing multichapters: can take breaks, allow both you and the reader to breathe between segments, no pressure to get it all done at once, can get feedback that alters the course of the story as you write it throwing in new twists and turns you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise
cons to writing multichapters: if you don’t make an outline/notes on what you want to do in the fic and you go back to finish it months or years later, you’re just like ?????the fuck was I doing?????
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eats-the-stars · 11 days ago
so i’ve decided to write a naruto fanfic. well, a lot of them. and in the process i’ve been making OCs and...i forgot how much i love making OCs and going wild w/my original plots. especially for a world like naruto where you can get away w/basically anything. like right now my fav OC is a little girl from shimogakure. i gave that kid a feisty little talking nin-goat for a bff. why? because i could. they both exist to get escorted back to Shimo but i still put a lot of work into them. they’re not interested in making anyone’s life easier and it’s beautiful. iruka, kotetsu, and izumo are all children of refugees from Uzushio (they were on the same genin team bc i love them. also i made an OC jounin-sensei for them and she’s just...perfect. trap master. summons ninja weasels. expected her genin to die in like week 1. likes to ditch them randomly. doesn’t show up to mandatory events and ppl are like ‘did they even give u a jounin-sensei or?’ sometimes she sends a weasel w/them instead. half of konoha thinks their jounin-sensei is an actual weasel. might throw in some confusion where they’re like “...Itachi? The Uchiha? isn’t he...too young? and not a kunoichi?” (because his name means weasel lol) iruka’s grandma left a nin-cat behind and she (the nin-cat) decides to teach iruka and his pals the art of fuuinjutsu. iruka/izumo/kotetsu get more instruction from random ninja animals than actual people. izumo can see ghosts and they pitch in. nobody in konoha knows who/what their jounin-sensei is. w/the exception of Anko and Hayate. Ibiki is done. he keeps walking in on things and walking right back out). i made a whole plot about ppl from Konoha treating refugees n their kids like shit. Kotetsu gets a cool uncle. Izumo gets shitty parents. there’s an Uzushio district in Konoha. iruka’s grandma was a dragon. he adopts naruto. the peeps from Uzushio are more chill about the jinchuuriki thing. naruto gets lots of stories about his kickass mom. iruka teaches him how to summon seagulls and immediately regrets it. plot things happen and the uchiha massacre doesn’t go down. instead madara ends up getting his ass kicked by iruka’s grandma (the dragon one). itachi doesn’t defect. sasuke is just like...a teenager with a helicopter bro. still got dead parents tho. danzo’s plans keep going to shit. no breaks for him. team 7 is semi-functional since sasuke isn’t as messed up and naruto has tons of support and doesn’t need to go so hard to prove himself. i mean he still goes hard and he wants to be hokage but sasuke’s not a massive dick to him and there’s a good chunk of the village rooting for him already. plus sakura isn’t crushing on sasuke. since he’s not ‘the last uchiha’ there’s no girl craze over him. i just realized that a ton of my OCs are animals. also relatives of characters + jounin-sensei for characters that never got those fleshed out in canon. but yeah this fic/AU is slowly spiraling out of control but i’m just gonna let it at this point. 
#naruto#fanfiction#i swear i just keep thinking of 'oh wouldn't it be sweet if?' and then running w/it#since we know basically nothing in canon about iruka and kotetsu and izumo as genin#i basically just went wild#and now in my AU nobody knows exactly what happened w/them as genin#the biggest mystery after 'how did iruka get his scar?' is 'who was their jounin-sensei?'#the scar theories are all absolutely wild (but i do have the answer in my fic and it involves his early rivalry w/Anko)#and jounin-sensei theories include: a weasel / a nin-cat / the ghost of various shinobi / one of their future selves / a spy /nobody#ppl who guess spy think that it must've been a cover-up and for security reasons#T&I sealed all the info and erased everybody's memories or had them replaced w/ridiculous ones#Anko loves coming up w/increasingly improbable explanations for things#Hayate knows all the secrets and bluntly tells ppl the truth but nobody believes him#they think he keeps getting duped and he needs to be less gullible#like 'hayate you gotta think critically my dude. you can't just believe anything ppl say'#and he's just like 'no but iruka's grandma really is a dragon and her cat taught him fuuinjutsu and izumo can see ghosts–'#and they're just like 'hayate. it's sweet that you believe all of that's true're being duped. this is another mind game.'#and i know in canon Ibiki and Hayate were on the same genin he'd hear all the truths#but then be like 'mmm. no. that's ridiculous buddy. lol. like really? he couldn't come bc his grandma's cat was teaching him fuuinjutsu?#and then like ten years later he's just walking along minding his own business#and he sees Iruka and Naruto at Ichiraku and he can hear them talking to somebody but there's nobody else there#and there's a gruff voice saying 'your sensei here took a whole month to master that seal.'#and ibiki pulls back the flap#and sitting on the 3rd stool w/its own bowl of ramen is a literal cat#it makes eye contact w/him#he drops the flap. walks silently all the way back to T&I and promptly has a minor mental breakdown#he spends the next 3 days flashing through every crazy think hayate ever told him
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