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#my to do list
bookmarksandbonfires · 6 days ago
I feel like my to do list isn't getting any shorter this week???
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also, got (the first dose of) my COVID vaccine yesterday--so far, my arm aches a little, but nothing too awful. As a young healthy person, I feel a little gross being able to get it when there are other people out there who won't have access to one for ages, but I also live in an anti-mask city, so I know a lot of people around here aren't being COVID safe and likely won't get vaccinated. So I guess I'm doing my part for this community of assholes and protecting myself--and also making sure I'm fully vaccinated in time for camp and (hopefully) my study abroad next year. Stay safe!
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bookmarksandbonfires · 28 days ago
Happy St Patrick's Day! And here's a reminder to reach out to people you love but haven't spoken to recently--because I have a couple Irish friends whom I love but I haven't spoken to recently and I miss them.
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Today I made this lemon cake and didn't get much else done tbh. I have to figure out a topic for my senior seminar paper by next week, so if you need me I'll be freaking out about that
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haydens-moles · a month ago
My to do list for today (I’ve seen @princessxkenobi make these & she’s a damn queen 👑)
1. Read & reblog some of the fics I saved I my drafts 📖 (I’m not ignoring you guys, thank you for tagging me in your work 🥺🥰, I love you 😘)
2. Write at least 500 words for Anakin’s Peach 🍑, Part 4 (He Taps Your Backdoor — that’s not what it’s called, but it rhymes 😆)
3. Order Chinese food
4. Contemplate how I’m going to convince my husband to let me get a pet crow
5. Worry that my dogs and cats will harass my hypothetical pet crow.
6. Stress over my hypothetical pet crow’s happiness and well being.
7. Watch Naruto: Shippuden (and imagine Kakashi and I share a pet crow)
Here’s a photo a Hayden Christensen’s tongue:
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the-purity-pen · 2 months ago
After feeling like crap all day yesterday I’ve decided to take a note from @maybege‘s book and going to lay out the things i plan to work on today (one of which i’ve already done for now!
write some ptc with @creativekat
finish a frank drabble for @autumnleaves1991-blog
work on part 2 of “all my life”
start actually writing part 3 of FTRFTH
write up a prompt list for myself
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yussuna · 3 months ago
My to do list of 2021
Animate (short or not)
Get a style that can draw bishounen, like YAOI vibe man XD
Voice act better
Make a lyrics music (like music that can be sang)
Make some money with art
Draw more girl/ woman, I guess (I feel I lack to do it)
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squarebodycare · 3 months ago
I forgot to put eating food on my today to do list.... which is silly because I know I went to sleep hungry and woke up hungry and dreamt of food....  so I guess
[X] brush teeth [X] morning room cleaning [X] eat lunch [X] go for a walk [] do PT? do at least some of: [] organize paperwork [] make space on google drive [] shower  [X] vacuum [] laundry [] work on employment bonus: [X] clean portion of bathroom [X] clean portion of kitchen [X] check email [X] do math
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squarebodycare · 3 months ago
[] self care                  [] morning teeth brushing         [] eat lunch         [] eat dinner         [] brush teeth evening
        [] shower & change clothes         [] nap        
[] responsibilities                    [] access & check venmo          [] access paypal & find my routing number and connect to the bank          [] reread my contract          [] access my online banking          [] check &decide weather or not to cancel subscription  [] electronic organization          [] clear voicemails          [] make space on my google drive          [] back up videos on my usbs                               [] room organization                    [] do laundry          [] find place for further stray papers           [] paper organization          [] organize all my health insurance mail          [] organize all my bank mail [] Job search and parental peer pressure           [] log hours spent on job search related           [] log hours doing small jobs           [] create a word document or similar for job search to do list           []           [] [] bonus          [] consolidate old to do lists into my tasks app          []  add numbers to contacts list          [] create a word document of task apps lists that should not be to do list items completed:           [X] went for a walk           [X] stretched           [X] washing and hanging clothes           [X] PT             [X] breakfast (energy bar, grapes, 2 eggs, toast)
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squarebodycare · 4 months ago
I like what i’ve done with my closet. I’d like it even more if i could find even more metal hangers (as opposed to the bulky plastic ones) and find space to hang up some more of my thin shirts. Perhaps I should hang up some of those anyway using the plastic bulky ones. I’d like to ask my mom and see if she knows where more is. I’m currently experimenting with my hair (the parts that I already cut off) and I’d like to see what I can do with that.  I should rest my body on what I’ve been doing re cleaning. further, I should go back to sleep. first I need water, and to use mouthwash, adn i want to update my to do list. 
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annette-rose · 4 months ago
Ох... эти два дня меня, конечно, потрепали. Пытаюсь успеть все, но не успеваю ничего. А еще столько всего нужно сделать(
Есть сильное желание все бросить, просто лечь на кровать в позе звезды и тупо пялиться на потолок. Просто мой мозг настолько перегружен, что даже ночью его не отключить. В голове все вертится и вертится то, что надо сделать. Я же не записываю, не люблю вести ежедневники и прочее. У меня все в голове. Так удобнее, но иногда не выдерживаю.
А вы как делаете? Составляете список дел в голове или на бумаге?
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itwcp · 5 months ago
Gonna work on some OCs this afternoon.
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ladymatt · 6 months ago
WIP Meme
Rules: post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and interests you and i’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it!
🎄 Santa’s Little Helper 
🔎 Interest Detected
😈 Fighting The Good Fight
⏳ Hidden Truths
💰 Selling ‘The Dream!’
🗓️ Keeping The Romance Alive
😇 Community Spirit
🍺 Fire On The Floor
🍿 Take A Chance On Me
Feels both overwhelming and motivating to list them tbh! 
Not tagging because a lot of my friends aren’t on here much anymore, so I’m not expecting any asks - this is probably more a ‘declaration of intent’!  😂😂😂 
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semthesagaferir · 7 months ago
Silas Starters Tokyo Gray
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cheesecakebluberry · 8 months ago
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خليني عماله ارفع سقف طموحاتي لحد ما هيقع على نفوخي وشكل الدنيا هتخرب اكتر ولا هروح ولا هاجي .
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cheesecakebluberry · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
بيت تريزا ف دهب 😭♥♥
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sirladysketch · 9 months ago
Another exciting to-do list, this time for the week/month! (feel free to ignore, lol)
- Fix Notp -> otp fic
- Send out more resumes & cover letters
- Axel placements (on hold)
- Sketch spreads for Puppy Love
- Repeating pattern art for Spoonflower and Redbubble (Halloween/Autumn/Winter)
- Figure out how best to use my new Kofi Gold account-- I plan to sell some stuff in a shop, might open up for commissions, would people want podcasts or video tutorials on plush stuff?
- Finish SEA readings, leave feedback
- Furuba placement revisions
- Calendar illustration
- Fashion illustration (find new/better pose)
- Fix Axel illustration
- New ending credits for KHUX zine
- Final Demyx fixes
- Finish OTP Mermay illustration
- Finish Liable to Burn
- Print out plush patterns, cut
- Finish beta plush and give to adoptee 2 years late whoops
- More Halloween wallpapers? (may need to nix this one, sorry Noct!)
- SST seconds sale new merch preview
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girlonastring · 9 months ago
I have an outline figured out for one of the stories on my list yay!
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helpsoflizzie · 11 months ago
what i’m giffing in the next week:
chris evans in definding jacon ep 2 (capping)
rudy pankow in outer banks ep 2 (recapping / downloading)
rudy pankow in 11:47 short film. (working on)
phoebe tonkin in to 5x01. (downloading)
these will be done over the next week, i’m not going to say when as i have to work an extra night at work.
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dreamescapeswriting · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
✨My Request To Do List✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Guidelines here
None of these are the titles for the fics, they’re small clues as to what’s requested so you know if yours is coming
✅  = Completed and waiting to be uploaded I did add dates but it got a little confusing because I write drabbles in my spare time 
↱ Jisung x Reader- Stressed Reader  ✅[09/04/2021]
↱ Chan x Reader Smut ✅[10/04/2021]
↱ Jin x Reader - Age Gap ✅[11/04/2021]
↱ Jin x Reader - Nasty Parents ✅[12/04/2021]
↱ Bts mystery Member - Labor Backstage ✅[13/04/2021]
↱Chan x Reader -  ✅[14/04/2021]
↱ BTS Reaction - Future Child visits them ✅[15/04/2021]
↱ Taehyung Jealous of Soobin ✅[16/04/2021]
↱Seungmin x Reader - Teachers AU ✅[17/04/2021]
↱ Hyunjin x Reader- enemies to lovers  ✅[16/04/2021]
↱ Stray Kids Reaction - Coming Out as Pansexual  ✅[18/04/2021]
↱ Stray Kids Reaction - Bratty Sub acting like Dom ✅[19/04/2021]
↱ BTS OT7 Smut  ✅[20/04/2021]
↱ Stray Kids Reaction - Cuddle Buddies, he wants more
↱ Stray Kids Reaction - He uses your insecurities against you
↱ BTS Platonic x Reader - Blamed for a scandal 
↱ Yoongi x Reader - AU
↱BTS Reaction - You catch them looking at Engagement rings
↱ BTS Reaction - You’re Faking Orgasms  ✅[26/04/2021]
↱ Stray Kids Reaction - Girlfriend Doesn’t Like You
↱BTS Reaction - Rapline taking kids to their studio
↱ Jeongin x Reader x Minho - Bet 
↱ BTS Reaction - Swearing in Another Language 
↱ Seokjin x Reader - Reader doesn’t want to get married or have kids
↱ Stray Kids Reaction - They think you’re cheating
↱ BTS Reaction - Matching Bracelets 
↱ Stray Kids Reaction Not enough attention
↱ BTS Reaction - Octopus Toy 
↱ Taehyung x Reader - Drunk Taehyung
↱ Mystery BTS Member x Reader - Hogwarts AU
↱Seokjin x reader - Fight leading to sick and pregnant reader 
↱ BTS!Member X reader - Reader is sixth TXT member
↱ BTS Reaction - bumping into their ex
↱Stray Kids Reaction - Didn’t Know you were pregnant 
↱ Minho x Reader - Doting husband
↱ Tattooist Yoongi x Reader
↱ Jisung x Reader - Arranged Marriage 
↱ Bang Chan Camp Counselors
↱   Mystery BTS Member x Reader - Framing them for publicity stunt
↱  Hyunjin x GN!Reader - Showering him with love
↱BTS Reaction - Prank wars
↱ Bang Chan -  I Hate To Admit
↱ Hyunjin Confession 
↱ Hyunjin x Reader x Felix smut
↱ Minho x Reader - dom x dom
↱Mafia ot7 fic
↱Stray Kids Reaction - S/O snapping off at their parents
↱ Hoseok x Billionaire!Reader - Fight
↱ Stray Kids Reaction - A Member Doesn’t Like You
↱ Namjoon x reader - Best friend to lovers - College AU 
↱ Fluffy Yoongi dad Imagine
↱ BTS Reaction - Teen Kids Behaving badly 
↱ Stray Kids Reaction - Waking You Up with Oral 
↱ Namjoon x reader - The Visitor by IU 
↱Stray Kids Reaction - Wisdom Teeth Removal 
↱ Stray Kids Reaction - S/O Being an author 
↱ Stray Kids Reaction - They Wear Glasses to bed SMUT
↱ Stray Kids Rection - Your first bias 
↱ Stray Kids Reaction - Getting them into something nerdy
↱ Felix x reader - Reader has stretch marks but its hella confident 
↱ Seungmin x Reader - Seungmin loses his memories
Tumblr media
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