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#my stupid headcanon
snowbearyy · 20 hours ago
The brothers falling for a DN joke
This was in my drafts and I figured I could just post it since i can't write anything this week. this is just crack idk 😂
While you're helping him sort out student papers, you get a mischievous idea
"Lucifer, do you have Candice's paper?"
"Candice who?"
"Can dis dick fit in your mouth?!"
You see your life flash before your eyes
You're never going to be fast enough and when he catches you, you get a long lecture
But it was worth it
You're hanging out with Mammon as he's counting his money from his latest winnings at the casino
"You know, they've got a lot of good casinos in Sugon."
He perks up, "Sugon?! Where's that?"
"Sugon deez nuts!"
Confusion flashes over his face for a brief moment before he bursts into laughter
Now, he is going to look up every DN joke he can find
You two will be trying to get each other all week
You and Levi are hanging out in his room. Just a typical day. He begins talking about all the cosplay conventions he wants to attend and you get an idea
"Are you planning on going to Saw Con?"
"Saw Con? What's that?"
"Saw Con deez nuts!"
He immediately turns bright red
He's so mad at himself for falling for it
"MC.... why....."
You and Satan are in the library. You notice he's reading a book about diseases, so you can't pass up this opportunity
"Did you hear about the Ligma outbreak last year?"
"Ligma balls!"
He doesn't laugh for a good 10 seconds
It's kinda awkward
But then he chuckles
"You're so immature."
He plans on trying to trick Lucifer with this later, though
You're in his room. He's painting your nails, talking about this new polish he loves so much.
"Do you have the new Dragon brand, though?"
"Dragon? I've never heard-"
"Dragon deez nuts across your face!"
He looks stunned
He stops painting
"MC!" he yells
You can tell he's trying to be mad but his smile says otherwise
He playfully slaps your arm
"That's not funny!"
Beelzebub was complaining to you that he was hungry and
"Do you like Wendy's?"
"When deez nuts are in your mouth!"
He's confused
"You're... getting me nuts instead?"
"No- it was a joke"
"Oh... are you getting me Wendy's then?"
"... sure"
You didn't think he'd fall for it unless he was half-asleep, so that's when you decided to strike. You shake him awake
"Belphie? Did you hear about Bofa?"
"Huh? Bofa? What are you talking about?"
"Bofa deez nuts!"
He doesn't respond for a second
But then he sits up and glares at you
He tries to grab you but you run away
Revenge is coming
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parakosms · 2 days ago
See the funny thing about writing Cam is that he has..little to no morals most of the time? And absolutely no filter? He just does what he wants whenever he wants because he knows he's powerful enough to get away with it. One day he can be the nicest person on earth and assist people with directions or help some elderly person cross the street or donate several thousands of dollars to some charity and then the next he can emotionally manipulate and deceive those closest to him because he got bored and needed something to do. Yes, he does feel guilty for the things he does, but that doesn't mean he changes anything.
That said, he does have a genuine desire to make the world better, though it's more how he thinks it should be and less for how humanity as a whole feels like it should be. He genuinely believes that the ends justify the means, and if he has to do bad things to get a good result in his eyes, then he'll do it without hesitation.
( which makes him incredibly difficult to predict in certain verses like Marvel where he can fit into both the villain and hero roles depending on whether certain things happen when he's in a certain mindset but that's a topic for another day )
Thankfully he does mellow out and get healthier as time goes on especially because later on in his "canon" he does have kids to take care of and he actually gets his shit together– but there's still such a strong urge to cause chaos both to people around him and himself that he often feeds into anyway, admittedly in smaller ways than he feels like he should.
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keyofjetwolf · 2 days ago
oh my god is this entire next part “And this is what should have been fucking happening while Mamoru was being an asshole” AND DOES IT FEATURE REI EVISCERATING HIM
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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from-elphame · 3 days ago
Adiel was in a long term relationship with another guard at the same gate he used to work at. They worked up to there together. Went through violent and bloody battles, depressing and stressful work for thousands of years.
Then Adiel fucked up, and what he did put not only his job in danger, but theirs too. So when his ass got demoted and booted out of that level of heaven, things just ended. Addy tried to see them, and part of what motivates him to actually keep working and trying to get back to anything close to the standing he had before is the possibility of finding them again. Completely unaware they fucking hate his ass for putting their future in such a perilous position as well.
Tumblr media
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lovelyzukka · 4 days ago
Angsty Zukka Headcanon
TW: death anxiety
Sokka has a severe anxiety of dying after marrying Zuko because he never wants to leave him behind.
It gets even worse when they have kids, but Zuko helps him through it after he admits these anxieties.
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storfulsten · 4 days ago
so anyone got any neat and/or reasonable headcanons for voices for any of them fnf dudes? or are you like me and just shove some voices at them that makes no sense for the characters in canon to have, but you just personally vibe with?
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knightgundam · 6 days ago
throwback to 2017 when I would just speedrun lacroan heroes with no problem at all and yet still manage to have headcanons for All the citizens somehow
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transdemon · 6 days ago
Idk about you guys but its canon in my life that when a tree falls it whispers "doofenshmirtz" when nobody's around and you have no evidence otherwise
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berzherker · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Arick Tarron, Son of Aja Tarron and another Oc. Needless to say how much I love him xd,
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thesmokingguns · 7 days ago
It’s a Myth
Warning: Language, religion
A/N: I took a Mythology class a few semesters ago and sometimes I think about the class and my fucking brain melts. This is a crackfic based on what I remember from this course and how my friends all suffered with the knowledge. This is just supposed to be fun 🤷🏻‍♀️
Word count: 1064
Tumblr media
Holy Shit.
Your mind was trying to process the Mythology 101 class you were taking but it was making you question your belief in everything. You rolled over grabbing a pillow and screaming into the fabric to muffle your rage from this semester.
You had been locked in Nikki’s room all day trying to understand Norse, Greek, Indian, and all these different creation stories. All the names of the Gods and Goddesses swirling around in your mind until you couldn’t think straight. All the stories start to mold together and warp your mind. Coming together as an idea suddenly formed.
You sat up straight in the bed, grabbing your glasses as you shoved them on your face flipping through the book and reading about the different types of myths. It was all starting to click now and make sense. Flood
Myth, Creation Myth, psychological myth, and historical myth. It all started to bring you closer to understanding things.
Jumping from the bed, book in hand you rushed down the stairs following the sound of the band jamming. They had all come over for some song writing and to throw around ideas for the newest album. It was great because this college semester was kicking your ass. Having the room to yourself without Nikki coming in to distract you from studying was helping you get stuff done.
You slid down the hall throwing open the makeshift studio Nikki had set up and having four sets of eyes on you. Like a crazy person you held up your textbook, like it held all the answers.
“THE BIBLE IS MYTHOLOGY.” Tommy looked over at Nikki who was staring at you, standing barefoot in only a button up shirt he had and you hadn't fully buttoned. You slammed a hand on the book, really trying to drive your point home now. “It’s all in here.”
“Maybe you’ve been studying for too long.” Vince said, wondering if he had ever seen you wearing glasses before. He was looking at the button up shirt, that if you kept moving erratically would probably flash something good.
“Shut up, Vince, and listen.” you snapped, “So we all know Noah’s ark, right?” Nikki was standing wondering if he had left you alone too long and you were losing your mind, “Okay, so there is a bunch of flood myths like Waynaboozhoo and the Great Flood where the creator wanted to purify the world and a man saved animals to rehabite the earth, Iran has a myth where Yima has to get two of every animals on a boat to save them, Manu and Matsya are from India where a flood destroys the world but they were preserved on a boat…”
“Are you high?” Nikki asked, knowing you would take something to help you focus or you’d smoke to help calm your nerves when you were stressed out. You threw your hands up annoyed that he interrupted you. They weren’t taking you seriously.
“Are you listening to me? I’m not high; the bible is a myth. Like it’s pushed as religion but religion is all just a myth.” You looked at Tommy who had his eyebrows furrowed together as it looked like his brain was melting. Vince looked bored with the whole thing, Nikki looked concerned with your behavior but Mick had questions.
“This is just the flood story. What else do they have in common? Could all these Gods be the same and just different characters in different stories. Is Jeusus the equivalent to Hercules?” the guitarist asked. You pointed at him, liking the way that he was thinking.
“A myth is a fable or a story of something to explain events that actually happen. So you have three main points. There’s the historical myths to explain events that are proven to happen, psychological myths to explain why problems are ether way they are and then aetiological myths which explain why something is like it is now. So the Bible had all these stories that explain why we live by the rules we have now and why problems are supposed to do things. But all of these link so the bible is just a glorified mainstream myth that people still believe in. If you think about it -”
“Don’t think anymore, pretty girl.” Nikki said, rubbing his face as he tried to think of how to calm you down. When you got stuck on a topic there was really no talking you down. You pouted, shaking the book that he was reaching out to take away from you. “Why don’t you go start a bath and I’ll be up in a few minutes? You’ve been locked in that room for over twelve hours. Maybe it’s time to take a break.” he was kind, trying to talk you down from all of the excitement you were feeling about making this connection.
“Wait, I have questions!” Mick protested but one look from Nikki had him shutting his mouth and looking back down at the guitar, strumming the chords.
“I’ve been studying all day, Nikki. It makes sense.” you said and he wrapped his arms around you kissing the top of your head. It felt so good for him to hold you and you did realize that you were exhausted.
“You’re so smart, pretty girl, but even geniuses need to take a break.” he whispered into your ear. He was moving you out of the room, guiding you up the hall and back up the stairs. “I’m going to start the bath for you and when the guys leave you can explain everything to me.” you gave him a look.
“Promise you’ll listen? And let me read you the myths?” you asked, watching the way that he smirked and kissed your forehead again.
“Of course, pretty girl. I’m going to have to. You’ve made Mick curious and I’m going to have to answer his questions.” Nikki unbuttoned the shirt and nudged you slightly towards the bathroom. He knew once you had calmed down and got ready for bed by the time he came up you’d be asleep and hopefully wouldn’t wake up hyper fixated on the topic. Little did he know you had already started an outline for the thesis you were going to write on the bible being a myth. This was just the first night of the next year of the topic.
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revasnaslan · 8 days ago
half my headcanons exist only because I find them funny and that's just the way its gotta be
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transdemon · 9 days ago
Broke: human!perry's middle name is something random
Woke: perry didn't have a middle name until he came to live with his brother, then the boys found out and after much thought came up with Bartholomew. Of course he legally changed it
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fiddlefucks · 13 days ago
MMMM I have so many feelings about post Stan getting kicked out Ford...
I hope this isn’t totally ripped apart because it’s mostly my own dumb useless headcanons, but I’ve always wanted to write my own interpretation of the days after Stan was kicked out, because I refuse to accept that Ford was okay with that, that that was the outcome he wanted. No way. That was his best friend, his twin, the person he loves more than anything, and now he’s gone and Ford for all his intelligence can’t do a god damn thing about it.
He’s angry at first, maybe even feels justified, vindicated, and then there’s the moment where he speaks as if addressing Stan in their room and he gets silence in return. And the realization crashes over him like a god damn tidal wave, because no he didn’t want that, he never wanted that.
I like to think he fights with Filbrick and to a lesser extent their mom, and in the wake of the fight comes this dreadful realization that, at the end of the day, even though he knows he was favored out of the two...It really was at least partly just because he was smart and destined for a school and career that would make them money.
And I guess in my own personal interpretation of things, I like to think he CHOSE to go to Backupsmore out of spite, because I don’t know...I have trouble believing that was his ONLY option given how gifted he was? Why wouldn’t he just set his sights on one of the other fancy shmancy schools out there? West Coast Tech couldn’t have been the only prestigious school he could have gotten into given his record. Doesn’t mean he’s gonna admit that, or maybe his perception was skewed and he’s just an unreliable narrator, I don’t know.
I dunno I might delete this at some point my anxiety sharing my thoughts is through the ROOF. But I kind of wanted to gettem out there..
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