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#my office got SHUT DOWN
indarkdirected · 5 days ago
lmaoooo I need a new job
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delicatedragons-ao3 · 2 months ago
Just saw on the news of a police officer cuffing a five year old child! I can’t talk about this with my parents in the room cause they’ll just shut me down cause to them “You get upset by this stuff and you don’t know the whole story” which they just did a few minutes ago. I can’t talk about stuff that makes me upset with them cause “I don’t know the whole story”
If you say this to your child, stop it. You’re just shutting them down. They need somewhere to rant and they felt comfortable enough to rant to you about it. Especially if you get upset by racism being seen on the news 24/7. You’re making your child not want to be around you.
Cause to me, I feel like I am not being heard. I shut down. I don’t talk a lot with my parents cause of this and they don’t get it. They never will.
I’m sorry for ranting on main. I’m just super tired of this shit. I wish to get a good job so I can leave this place.
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lemememeringue · 8 months ago
first day done! was full of meetings when it could've been a lengthier explanation of my daily tasks. ended up rushing that part with "you're smart, you'll figure it out" which is both par for the course with every other orientation I've ever had and extremely annoying.
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munniexmuses · 42 minutes ago
Jingyoung pouted hearing how sassy and curt the other was speaking. Was this what he, himself was constantly like to deal with? He felt a tinge of sorrow for his old instructors.
"WelI, I don't know how things are now, but back in my time the blood wine is....was.... used for more more than just recreation. It was much stronger. It was energy. It was evolution. The magicks that my family had created and used could only be fully utilized with the power that came from regularly drinking the blood wine we made. There were entire machines that could only be fueled by blood wine. It was basically an arms race. And the peace I knew back then was only because we were winning it." He took a sip from his drink, a sigh leaving him.
"That brought us a lot of enemies, more than I could have ever known. I'm not...wasn't...really known for being an attentive student; I spent more time studying my tutor's body than the books and notes he wrote, so there's only so much I actually learned about everything. If I had only known how bad things were going to get for us I would have paid more attention. Maybe I could have brought some useful information with me.." he gave a mirthless chuckle before emptying his glass.
"So anyways, when things got bad my mother hid me away. She put me in a coffin unlike anything I've ever seen. And when I woke up...well, you can imagine what the estate looks like nowadays."
Love listened as the other spoke without interrupting them, his eyes momentarily flashing red color but he shut them down, opening them few seconds later and they were back to their normal dark brown color, he smiled politely at other then as they finished up talking and he indeed was surprised by information that other had given to him, he had heard about those things when he had been kid, but he never had seen any of that by himself.
"I have heard stories about all those things, but my father was very strict and never told me anything more, than he thought was necessary for me to know. I have his old notebooks and stuff on his office, which is locked nowadays. I have the key, but being Idol and leading the clan of vampires can be very busy and I simply have no time to focus on other things. But you're welcome to take a look if you want, as long as you're not planning anything nasty or you will be on trouble, I have only been this polite and nice to you, because I find you intriguing. So, don't get too cocky. Even my patience and kindness has limits." He finished up then and emptied his glass then as well -- looking over other with his dark eyes.
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waroncheer · 2 hours ago
Requested by: @ xmahnami 
Tumblr media
“911, what is your emergency? “You took a deep breath, trying to control your emotions. “I want to report a stalker,” The operator on the other line hummed, as if this were a common occurrence. It was Gotham, you reasoned to yourself, of course there were millions of people with stalkers. But did they ever expect a hero to be a monster?  “I am sorry you are going through this, honey. What is the person’s name, and why are you reporting him?” Your breath caught in your throat. You never thought you would be calling the police on Dick because, well, he was Dick. Dick was smiles and sunshine and laughter and everything good in Gotham. Or at least that is what he seemed. “Ma’am? Are you still there?” The voice of the operator brought you back from your dark thoughts, making you cough lightly in embarrassment. “Um yes, sorry. His name is Dick Grayson. Officer Dick Grayson. And I want him to be restrained because he tried to drug me and kidnap me.” A long silence followed your statement. This was stupid, you chastised yourself, just like he said. No one will believe you, Y/N… I’m the good guy, remember? You closed your eyes, trying to drown the horrible voice out. The voice of the operator once again brought you back to reality “Ma’am this is a serious accusiation….do you have proof?“ You gulped , nervously. You had been cautious enough to install cameras because you were sure he was going to do something that night. He had been very angry with you when you refused to move out with him, yet he controlled his temper when he dropped you off your apartment, promising he would see you very soon. “ Yes,” you answered , slightly more confident, “ I had security cameras installed in case something were to happen… I know that his dad would bail him out somehow. That’s just Gotham. Heh.” You tried to joke lightly. The operator sighed sympathetically and replied, “ Honey, I know it may seem like there is no good people in this justice system, but trust me, there is always someone who hears you. We may not be Batman , but we sure as hell are not Donald Duck. Now, this is what we are going to do…” And for the first time in a long time, you really did believe there was justice in Gotham . And for you.
Tumblr media
You waited patiently in your tiny living room for the police officers to arrive , the evidence of Dick’s abuse inside the camera you were holding. The operator said that it was best for you to remain at home since she was sure Dick would be prowling around the premises , looking for his next opportunity. You heard the doorbell ring , and asked timidly, “ Who is it?” “ Gotham Police Department , Officer Girard Chase; I am here to take your report ma’am,” a deep southern-drawl replied. With a sigh of relief, you opened the door, a smile already beginning to form on your face, “ Thank you so much for coming, won’t-“ you stopped mid-sentence, frozen in shock as you came face to face with Dick Grayson. In Gotham police uniform, and the ugliest, most sadistic expression on his face. He pushed you inside quickly, taking advantage of your shock and slamming the door shut. “ Honey, if you needed protection , you did not need to call the police. I am an officer,” he mocked , as he eyes you up and down like a predator who stalks his prey. He then pulled out a radio, talking into it, “ Thank you for the heads up , Casey. My girlfriend just needs her pills. You know how she suffers from paranoia.” In shock , you listened as the voice of the operator you had confided in earlier filled your tiny living room , her voice emanating from the radio. “ Ok, Dick. Just keep this off the record alright?” “ You got it, Case. Over.” And with that, your last link to a person other than Dick vanished. You turned to see him, looming over you and looking distinctly calm. “ So,” he began, “ you have evidence , huh?” before you could reply, he snatched the camera you were holding , and hurled it against the wall, shattering it completely. You whimpered, covering your face with your arms. “ Please stop, please go, just go –“ “But honey, “ he said, in a mockingly sweet voice, squatting near you, “ you need help protection, right? And who better than I to protect you, honey.” He then gabbed you by your arms and made you stand up. You were hyper velating at this point. He then grabbed you by your jaw , making you stare at his face, “ Listen, Y/N. I will only tell you this once,” he whispered in your ear, threateningly, “there is no one in Gotham who will protect you. Not even fucking Batman, and you know why, right?” you just whimpered scared. This only angered him even more. “ ANSWER ME  WHEN I TALK TO YOU!” “Yes Dick! I know,” you wailed. You knew that he had won and it was just best to be good to diminish the severity of your punishment. Of course, your answered appeased him. “ Good girl. Now, I’ll help you pack your stuff. I wanted you to move in earlier but I guess I was a bit to excited hmm?” he chuckled, as if kidnapping you was just the act of an overzealous lover. You continued crying silently, as you simply nodded and started doing as you were told, Dick helping you as you packed and speaking of the wonderful couple you two would be, of all the things you would do together and how happy you would be with him. As you listened in silence, you knew this was a lie . Everything, including justice , was just a lie.
TAGS:  @adarksoul098@offendedfishnoises @quinxxs @vimsworld @lilaxsugar @therooftoprunner @therooftoprunner @blwckcat @dontfindwaldo @kiwi-mochi @aro-bear @secretsihideinside @16yongrs1 @choke-me-and-finish-the-job @loopiebunny @titanessthemis123 @punkfrogz @i-resent-this-hellsite @subtleappreciation @inl0vewithficti0nal-characters @celestialsartist @nightstarblue @cutelittlefluffy @jillvalentinexbsaa @stardustmonkey @hughwolvie @batman-going-in-raw @xmaybe-awkwardx @sadg0bl1n @heytheretyler @gamocity @daddysgirl2231 @wiltenpierce @kouvrmoshibami @literishdegree99 @angryempathvoidturkey @moonlight-4life @sugarfairychan @jeannylee03 @nokadokata1709 @cupcakevasastan @redhoodhoe27 @jam1e10 @lunna-does-real-doodle @arandomedcfan @6abyteeth @happyloudsheep @jassi-here @teachillvibes @elena-75s-blog @rosy2001sstuff @cubeone @uwuwitcheuwu @barnxs17 @cattyyh @iamsofuckinglostsblog @isaissafail @aguilaguerrera10 @lovelornobsession @bbraelove101 @candycrecentmoon @77006 @camrynmustdie @therooftoprunner @owl-witch-prompts @yaboiithewreck @tunnel-snakesss-rule @unicorn-mya @xhateballx @little-psycho890 @mumeiackerman @just2egg @moose-gayangelsquirrel-wayward @momofturtles @fantasticoafbailifflawyer @shrimp-pen1s @parwin-k @iamthebestrobin @animepoet115 @brebug18 @disnerd626 @coolestfir65 @loverperson123 @zanroseninja12 @bran-thecreeper-stark @paintbrushesandpanic @sweet-but-yandere @freshcolornickelwombat @atlantadias @vindanaa @angrypersonsheep @kiyoko191 @mooniefoot @marilu1230 @calcatss @the3rdweasley @teddyaddict @honey-beeuwu @wallsdreams @hopelesslylazygurl @rubybee5 @kimianostalgia @happyvintagegirl40 @nareski @bluecowboydonutnickel @ladyofdeathgods @eliza-mercer @mariechen1397 @ladyred0 @empty-box-brain @radexpertmilkshake @lovely-gianna @notyouraveragegirl17 @buntimefoxy @pickley @rarity-exe @laizylizzie @darkfairy102190 @kingy121 @honey-loona @liluzej @basicrandomness @its-barza @momothestrange642 @buckysavocados @ratbinary @idkbutlukpop @vincentluvie @screamingseraph @arielpanda1 @animefreak356-blog @ibrokemyback @lovebtsfangirl03love @ultraviolence75 @dcepic @gimmegimmedemchickentendies @they2kfangirl @corgicakes4bakes @witchymagicat @barbieslesbianfriend @yuko-mort @shina-sama @rouge-fandoms @libbieann @aries8903 @lilcandystack @brooklyn-bee  @thequitebrokengirl
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d1zzynsfw · 4 hours ago
flesh ; dream
Tumblr media
summary: dream gets rough.
warning: nsfw content, fem! reader
your boyfriend had been busy all day. and hell, you had needs too. you were undeniably horny and knew that what you were about to do would get you in trouble, but you didn’t care. you stood in the doorway of dream’s office, completely naked. before you could think twice, you were opening the door and stepping inside. his head turned at the sound and his eyes immediately darkened. “what the hell are you doing?” you ignored his question and walked over to him, sinking to your knees and staring up at him. he scoffed. “you really want my attention that bad?” you nodded. it was true. “well, i’m busy right now.” you rolled your eyes. judging by the growing bulge in his pants, you knew his attention was no longer on the monitors in front of him. “please daddy?” you ran your hands up and down your body, almost putting on a show for him. “that’s it. go into the bedroom and wait for me.” you nodded and stood up, practically running to the room you two shared.
excitement was running through your veins. you and dream were intimate often, but there was just something about knowing that he was about to be rough with you. you laid down on the bed, one hand slowly trailing down to your core. before you got the chance to begin touching yourself, dream swung open the door, choosing to ignore the sight of you obviously misbehaving. “on your back. now” you obeyed and watched as he pulled down his sweats and began to palm himself over his boxers. “you just never fucking listen, do you?” you shook your head. “might have to teach me how to listen.” dream groaned and pulled down his boxers. “i fucking will. i’ll teach you how to behave.” he positioned himself over you and began leaving open mouthed kisses up and down your neck and shoulders. you moaned and grabbed the back of his head, pulling at his hair. before you knew it, pain was shooting through your body.
“did you just fucking bite me?” he pulled away, his eyes dark with lust. “shut up, slut.” you whimpered and decided it would be best if you kept your mouth shut. “i’m gonna fuck you now. and i’m gonna be rough, is that okay?” you nodded, still unsure as to whether or not you should speak. he reached down and began rubbing your pussy slowly, pushing two fingers in with no warning. you moaned at the stretch. “just hurry up and fuck me.” smack. dream’s other hand met your cheek, not hard enough to leave a mark, but hard enough to get your attention. you were surprised at how much you liked him being rough with you. 
he pushed the head of his cock in, groaning at the feeling. you clawed at his back as he pushed into you, your hips colliding. “stop making noise and fucking take it.” you bit your lip as he thrusted into you, hitting your sweet spot again and again. your body shook with each harsh thrust, pleasure coursing its way through you. you were in heaven. dream reached down and wrapped a hand around your neck, squeezing slightly. you were in heaven. “i’m close.” he said, voice strained. you nodded in agreement. “me too.” smack. “i fucking told you not to make any noise.” dream’s voice was stern. “i’m gonna cum inside of you, okay? then i want you to cum.” you nodded. dream moaned and his thrusts quickened as he chased his high. the feeling of your walls wrapped around him caused him to come undone. “fuck. take it. fucking take it, slut.” you let out a moan as he came inside you, your own orgasm coming not too soon after.
you laid there for a moment. his body limp against yours. you broke the silence. “you’re crushing me.” he laughed and pulled out of you. “stay there, baby. i’m gonna get you cleaned up.” you nodded. “was i too rough with you?” you heard dream ask from the bathroom. “nope. i liked it!” you called back. he laughed, walking back into the room with a wet wash cloth in his hands. “noted.”
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thebadgerclan · 6 hours ago
Ruined News
Pairing: Lucius Malfoy x reader
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: His actions ruined your good news, not that he’d care at this point...
It was impossible to ignore at this point: Lucius was distancing himself from you.  He was far less affectionate, only pecking your forehead or cheek, not cuddling with you at night, staying later and later at the Ministry every night, and it had been weeks since the two of you had been intimate.  You’d tried not to read too much into it, but it had gotten to the point that you knew you had to say something.  And you’d planned to bring it up at dinner tonight, but when your boss entered your office, all thoughts of questioning Lucius left your mind.”
Along with letting you leave an hour early, she told you that you’d gotten the promotion you’d been working so hard for.  You were elated, practically skipping from the building before Apparating back to Malfoy Manor.  You felt like you were on a cloud, beyond proud of yourself and excited to tell Lucius your news.  You entered the house, making a beeline for Lucius' study, where you knew he’d most likely be, a massive grin on your face.  But when you pushed open the heavy oak door, your heart plummeted into your stomach, body going cold, and you felt like you could vomit.
Lucius was seated behind his desk, a blonde woman, completely naked, perched in his lap, Lucius’ lips on her neck, drawing desperate gasps and whimpers from her mouth.  You were frozen in place, unable to speak or scream or do anything.  Not even a moment later, Lucius lifted his face, apparently meaning to kiss the blonde in his arms, but his eyes met yours.  “Y/N,” he said, having the nerve to sound guilty.  The blonde giggled, nibbling on his earlobe.  “I’m not, Y/N, sweetheart.  She won’t be home for another hour.”
But Lucius kept his eyes on you, so many emotions flashing before his eyes.  The blonde twisted in Lucius’ lap, gasping when she saw you.  “I thought she wasn’t going to be home until 5!”  She leapt from his lap, pulling  his button up over her shoulders.  “Y/N,” Lucius repeated, but you held up a hand.  “Don’t,” you said, trying desperately to keep the trembling from your voice.  “Never speak to me again.  We’re done, enjoy fucking this whore.”
And you spun on your heel, fleeing the Manor and Apparating away.  Back in his study, Lucius rubbed his face, guilt flooding his veins like poison. “You knew this might happen,” Layla, the blonde, said.  “You have no real reason to be upset.”  His own guilt along with Layla’s dismissiveness made rage boil up, and he slammed his palms on the desk.  “Get dressed, get your shit, and get the fuck out of my house.  I never want to see you again.”
Layla huffed, flicking her hair over her shoulder.  “Fine.  But you’ll never get her back.”  Lucius knew that was a very real possibility, no, he knew that she was right, but he had to try.  He quickly dressed himself and grabbed his wand, Apparating to the only place he could think you might be.  Sure enough, there was a light in the window of your apartment, the apartment that you never stayed at, living there in name only.
A thick layer of dust covered every surface, but you hardly noticed as sobs tore from your throat, tears streaming down your face.  You wanted to break everything within arm’s reach, but you restrained yourself, that would only make things worse in the end.  Only 20 minutes after you arrived back to what was once more your home, someone knocked at the door, and your blood ran cold.
You threw open the door, jaw clenched as you saw Lucius standing before you.  “Y/N, please, I-”  “Shut up, Lucius, just shut up,” you said, voice hard.  “There is no excuse for what you’ve done.  There’s nothing you can say that will ever make this right.  You can never apologize, you can never repair the damage you’ve done.  So get the hell away from me before I call the police.”  “Darling-”  “You don’t get to call me that anymore,” you snapped, making to slam the door, but pausing.
“Oh yeah, I got the promotion, like you give a shit anymore.”  And you slammed the door, bolting it shut as well as casting a few charms to keep him out.  But not a silencing charm, you wanted him to hear you cry, if he was still there.  You let more tears fall, pacing around your small living room.  Your gaze landed on a framed picture of you and Lucius, his lips pressed to your cheek, and you picked it up, hurling it against a wall, screaming as you did.  It felt good, but you wouldn’t let yourself keep breaking things.  You already had a shattered heart to fix, one broken picture frame was enough to clean up.
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kou-taro · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
title ; pressed
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wc ; 2630
pairing ; daishou x reader
tags ; fem!reader, v!reader, dom daishou, voyeurism, public sex, use of toys, light degradation, one (1) pussy spank, oral fixation, do not do this in public, dw they use a safeword, orgasm denial, so much teasing, use of the word "brat", no beta we die like men
dedicated to the my love, @shnnn
Tumblr media
You should’ve expected as much, having the audacity to stand up your date.
It wasn’t intentional; you simply lost track of time working, sending out emails and filling out forms. The corporate drudge blinded you to the passing time, and you remained in that fog until someone cleared their throat. You snapped up, finally cognizant of your surroundings, blinking for a moment as you realized you were almost completely alone in the office.
The fluorescent lights had flickered out everywhere but over your cubicle, eerily illuminating the familiar figure of your boyfriend leaning impatiently on the wall behind you.
“Shit-” you hiss, quickly saving your work and shutting down your computer. You turn in your chair, nervously smoothing down your pencil skirt. “Suguru, I’m sorry, I got sucked into work and completely lost track of time!”
He shrugs, body language much too aloof compared to the way his eyes shine with a secret mirth - hinting at a punishment you’ll soon be receiving.
“Since we’re already late, we may as well hurry up,” he says, tone smooth and dark like molasses. “Let’s go.”
He patiently waits for you to pack up your things, watching you with a predatory gaze when your back is turned toward your desk. You could feel a familiar heat creeping up the back of your neck, but you don’t know exactly why. Genuinely, you’re surprised that he’s okay with it. Usually, accidentally forgetting a date would land you a swift punishment; the thought of it sends that creeping heat straight between your thighs. You’re almost disappointed when you take a second to think about it, the memory of past punishments flashing through your mind - firm hands on your throat, sharp teeth marking your inner thigh. You catch yourself sighing as heat pools in your stomach, thinking you’ll have to wait until after dinner to act on it.
He watches you carefully, lip quirking slightly at one corner as he notices your tells, but he says nothing, taking your hand in his as he guides you away from your desk and towards the parking lot.
Most of the lights have flickered off at this hour, leaving you two in shadow as you enter the wide breezeway that leads you towards the elevators. There are tall windows on either side, one revealing a lovely view of a perfectly landscaped manmade pond (intended to make the corporate campus feel a little less cold), and the other side facing the parking lot that you assumed you were headed towards.
Suguru’s footsteps slow just slightly as he squeezes your hand. You stop to turn and look at him to ask what’s up, but before you get the chance he pulls on your arm just firmly enough to pull you into his chest and quickly walks you backwards towards the window, landing with a soft //thud// as he traps you between it and his chest. The way he peers down at you with his heavy gaze, you know this is the moment that you would pay for standing him up. Something about that thought has that prickly heat flooring back into your veins, stinging under your skin where his warm breath fans across your face.
“On second thought,” he breathes, “I think we have a few minutes.” He pries a leg between your thighs, ruffling your once-pristine skirt and making your knees feel weak.
“B-but-” you stutter quietly, face flushed with embarrassment, “someone could walk by, or- or, the cameras…”
He quiets your anxious rambling with a heated kiss, smashing his lips into yours with a familiar hint of aggression that somehow calms you. He pulls back and looks you in the eyes, reading your face very carefully.
“Security is downstairs. The cameras are pointed at the doors. Do you trust me?”
You take a few deep breaths as his steady gaze keeps you focused entirely on him. You slowly nod. “Y-yes.”
“Good.” He steps back just enough to turn you around in his grasp before pinning your front against the window glass, facing down towards the nearly empty parking lot. “Because good girls don’t keep their boyfriends waiting for a date.” His words are laced with dark amusement as he feels your form tremble beneath him. Ever since you had first walked him through this breezeway he knew these windows were too good //not// to utilize- now just happened to be the perfect time. He leans down until his face is nearly flush with yours, pressing your upper body even further into the glass. “Safeword?”
“Adder.” Your voice comes out in nearly a whisper as your brain creeps closer and closer to the familiar fogginess you know and love. He has a plan, and you trust him fully. That doesn’t stop the way that a bitter mix of arousal and embarrassment bubbles in your gut as you now have a clear view of the parking lot below you - if anyone were to walk by and happen to look up…
Your thoughts are interrupted by his hand around your throat as he pulls you back into his chest, the other hand firmly gripping your hip as he continues to push your lower half into the glass. There’s nowhere for you to run at this awkward angle, your weight completely supported by him.
“Unbutton your blouse,” he growls in your ear, ever-so-slightly tightening his grip on your throat. You hurry to comply, clumsily undoing button by button with shaky hands until your lacy bra is exposed to the cool air. Your breath comes out in ragged bursts as the hand at your hip trails upwards to trace the intricate design on the cup - practically tickling you but not giving you nearly enough friction.
“You wore this sexy little number for me?” He chuckles, now tracing along the frilled edge of the cup where it meets the swell of your breast. With your head thrown back onto his shoulder and his other hand still around your throat, you try to arch your back into his touch, but he pulls away. “I touch you when I want to, brat.” The way he spits the words ignites a burning sensation in your veins as your cheeks flush from being caught. You relax in his hold as much as you can, and he continues his teasing.
Without any warning, he reaches down both hands towards the hem of your pencil skirt and squeezes the fat of your thighs, humming in appreciation. With the rush of air that returns to your lungs you’re almost dizzy, falling forwards and catching yourself on your hands against the glass as you instinctively press yourself back towards him.
He grips the hem of your skirt and yanks it up and over your ass, admiring the lacy thong you wore to match your bra. You whine as he grabs a handful of your pliant flesh and squeezes roughly, sure to leave a few bruises in the morning. He wants so badly to give you a few hard spanks, to watch the way your skin would ripple from the impact, and he knows you’d love it - but in interest of keeping quiet he makes a note to save that for later.
Instead, he angles your hips even farther back and spreads your legs just a little more until your now aching pussy is arched towards him. You press your cheek into the cool glass to steady yourself and try to look back at him. His eyes are trained at the apex of your thighs, fingers lightly ghosting over the thin fabric that separates you from him. You’re wet, nearly soaking the delicate lace you so carefully picked out.
“Look at you,” he muses, index and middle finger tracing your labia in a 'v' shape, “the risk of someone seeing you so’re practically dripping at the thought of it.” Your cheeks burn red, but you don’t deny it. “My filthy little baby.”
He pauses to watch the way your hips sway back and forth before flicking his gaze up to meet yours. Your eyes are glassy, and he knows he’s got you right where he wants you, fully submitting and his. “You want me to fuck you right here, don’t you?”
“P-Please,” you sigh, voice reedy and small, “‘need you, please-”
He’s back on you in an instant, larger frame caging you in and pressing you firmly against the glass. “Well,” he grunts, reaching up to pull your bra over your tits and up to your collarbone, “that’s too bad. This is a punishment, remember?”
You bite your lip to stifle the moan that threatens to burst from your lungs as his hands roughly palm your breasts, harshly pinching and rolling your nipples. Your skin feels too hot against the glass, your breath fogging the view where your face is pressed against it. His grip is unforgiving, squeezing and groping you roughly while he places hot kisses along the exposed dip of your shoulder. By the way you can feel his length pressing against you, hot and heavy in his pants, you know he’s enjoying this just as much as you are.
He moves his hands down now, sharply snapping the string of your thong against your hip before he ghosts his fingers along the edge of the damp lace. You buck your hips backward into his hand, and he rears back and claps his hand hard down onto the seat of your soaked panties, sending a jolt of electricity through your veins. You barely contain your whimper as your thighs begin to shake, pressing yourself further into the glass. It’s warm now where your bare skin touches it, the fat of your breasts squishing against it.
In the heat of the moment, with your brain hazy from need, you don’t notice him reaching into his pocket behind you, or the way he shuffles to pull the strings of your thong to the side to gain access to your puffy folds. No, it’s the faint buzzing of the tiny toy he hovers just above your aching clit that snaps you back to reality. It’s one that he picked out recently, ergonomically shaped to hold between two fingers. Discreet, and by the sound of it, effective.
“Stay quiet,” he reminds you in a whisper, running the little vibe gently over your outer labia, as if giving you a brief warmup for the stimulation that’s about to come.
He slides the toy through your folds, starting at your entrance and slowly - so slowly - tracing up until he circles around your clit, teasing the hardened nub with the vibrations but still not giving you exactly what you want. You wiggle impatiently in his grasp, breathing staggered and heavy. He chuckles, a low and rumbling sound against your back as he presses you into the glass, pinning you there with his weight.
And that’s where you pause. Your breath seems to get stuck in your throat and your heart sinks into your toes, and he follows your wide-eyed gaze through the window and down into the parking lot. Someone in a pressed suit exits the building just below you, briefcase and car keys in hand. You’re quite a few stories up, but if they happened to turn round, angle their view just slightly higher...they would see your bare tits pressed against the glass and your boyfriend’s hand pressed between your trembling thighs.
Daishou waits for a beat, eyes darting back between you and the person outside, anticipating the safeword. You keep quiet though, eyes locked onto the parking lot and pussy practically //soaking// his fingers.
“God,” he breathes, “filthy girl.”
He presses the vibe back onto your clit, sending shockwaves of searing pleasure through you, igniting that tingling feeling in the back of your brain that submits to him. The vibrations are harsh, punishing your clit with so much stimulation that it almost hurts, but just as you think it’s too much he presses it through your folds again, fluttering at your entrance, emphasizing how empty it feels.
It takes everything in your power to stay quiet, to not draw any attention as the person outside finally reaches their car. You thank every deity you can think of that their headlights were facing away from the building as they peel off, leaving you two somewhat alone again.
You let out a breath that you didn’t know you were holding, and with it a moan erupts from your lips, piercing the quiet around you. He shushes you quickly, clapping a hand over your mouth.
“Now I know you don’t actually want to get caught,” he hisses, fingers digging into the chub of your cheeks as he squeezes your face, “so if I need to help you stay quiet I will.” You whine against his hand, too lost in the feeling of the vibrations to maintain any semblance of control. Your mind sinks back into that warm haze, nothing on your mind except for the feeling of him all around you.
“Fine, let me help, then.”
He presses into your cheeks, forcing your mouth open as he shoves two fingers past your lips, rosy and swollen from biting back your pathetic sounds of want. Instinctively, your tongue flattens against them, jaw dropping open as your breathing deepens, thankful for the distraction.
The vibrations return to your throbbing clit, and the stimulation makes your knees wobble as you hold yourself up against the window. When a moan threatens to escape, you suck and dribble spit around his long fingers pressed firmly on your tongue, eyes screwing shut as you lose yourself to the searing pleasure between your thighs.
Every second that he teases the toy around your heat, circling your clit and then rubbing it, pressing down and then easing up, you get closer and closer to your high. Your legs feel so weak, your mind on another plane as he teases and abuses your sensitive nub. The fire in your veins burns so hot you’re sure he must feel it, he has to know that he’s got you coming completely undone beneath him. The pleasure that’s rising in your gut feels like it’s ready to bubble over, like you’re a rubber band ready to snap.
And just when you think you can’t handle anymore, that you’ll surely die if you don’t release the pressure building inside you, he stops. Suddenly, the toy is turned off and the silence of the breezeway feels much too loud. The only thing grounding you at this point is the way his thumb strokes your cheek after he pulls his fingers from your gaping mouth, and the pressure of his chest against your back. You let out a pathetic whimper, head falling back onto his shoulder.
He pockets the toy before grabbing your waist to turn you around, back now against the window. His gray eyes bore into yours for a moment, your gaze watery and heavy-lidded. You release a heavy sigh as you pout, letting him adjust your skirt.
“Only good girls get to cum,” he coos, that same mirthful jeer in his tone. “So be good at dinner.”
His words sting a little, but you remind yourself that this was a punishment - a really good one, too. The lingering adrenaline rush tingles in your fingers as you clumsily try to help him adjust your bra, and then button your blouse. When you’re all adjusted, looking exactly as you did before, albeit a little more flushed and wobbly-kneed than before, he leans down to place a chaste kiss to your forehead.
“Come on,” he says gently, “let’s go eat.” He grabs your purse from where it landed haphazardly on the floor, and loops a strong arm around your waist as he leads you to the elevator. “You’re gonna need some energy for later.”
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Wisdom Removal (Tara Lewis x Reader)
Tumblr media
“Baaaabbeee!” Tara excitedly squealed whenever she saw you. The dental assistant was rolling her into the waiting area, where you’d been for the past hour or so. Tara was definitely a little more than loopy, but at least she wasn’t in pain. “You’re so hot, did I tell you how hot you are yet?” 
“I think you might have mentioned it a couple of times,” you told her. She started reaching for you, but you were just out of her reach. You knew that if she could, she’d pull you to sit on her lap. It was what she did whenever she got drunk and the couple of times she’d gotten hurt out on the job and had been given pain killers from the hospital. “Will she be taking anything later for pain or swelling?” 
“Yes, you will need to pick them up from the pharmacy. The pharmacist will tell you everything you need to know and answer any questions. Good luck miss,” the dental assistant told you. You nodded as you reached out to help Tara onto her feet. 
“Let’s go home sweetie.” You pressed a kiss to Tara’s cheek, careful to keep it high. Tara cooed as she started to lean against you, extremely happy about the little bit of affection. 
“You’re my favorite wife. If I didn’t love you, I’d still love you,” Tara told you. You laughed a little as you started walking her out of the dentist’s office. 
“I love you too Tara,” you told her. Tara stopped suddenly and started crying. “Honey, what’s wrong?” 
“You do?” Tara sounded so surprised, as if you didn’t tell her at least five times a day that you loved her. “That’s crazy, I was thinking the same thing. You’re so pretty and soft, god I love how soft you are. Can we lay down please?” 
“When we get home. For now, let’s take a seat in the car.” You ushered Tara into the passenger’s seat. You buckled her up, shut her door, and then got in on the driver’s side. You started the car and started driving home. 
“Can we get ice cream?” Tara asked you. 
“We have ice cream at home Tara. Last night, we went out and bought the good shit just for this,” you told her. Tara pouted at you, tears once again forming in the corners of her eyes. “Don’t cry, please.” 
“All I wanted was some ice cream,” Tara started to whine. At the stoplight, you reached out and held onto Tara’s hand. She turned towards you a little and then leaned forward, resting her forehead against your shoulder. She stayed like that as you kept driving home, dozing in and out on the half hour drive back. When you got home, you went inside to get Tara a bowl of ice cream ready before you came back and carried her inside. You set her down on the couch and then woke her up. 
“Tara, honey, wake up.” You shook her shoulder until she started to come to. You slid the bowl of ice cream towards her, to which her eyes lit up. 
“Here, you can have the first bite,” Tara said as she shoved a spoonful towards you. You let her feed you a couple of bites before you went to call Luke to pick up Tara’s painkillers for you. By the time that he’d gotten there, Tara was once again asleep on the couch. You knew that whenever she woke up, she wouldn’t be loopy anymore and she’d probably be in some pain, even if she wasn’t willing to admit it. 
“Did you get any funny videos?” Luke asked you. “I bet she’s said some weird shit.” 
“She has been interesting to take care of, but I’m not exploiting my wife for you. Thank you for getting these though, and help yourself to some ice cream in the freezer if you want,” you told him. He gave you a smile, but politely declined. 
“I should get going. Tell Tara I hope she feels okay tomorrow.” Luke left after that and you set a couple pills and a bottle of water out for Tara. You were in the kitchen making soup for dinner whenever she came in and hugged you from behind. Tara stayed quiet, content to just hold you and watch as you finished cooking. 
“You feel okay?” you asked Tara as the two of you settled on the couch with cups of soup. 
“Yeah, maybe a little less wise than before,” Tara joked. 
“How long were you sitting with that one?” 
“Too long to honestly tell you,” Tara told you as she leaned forward to press a kiss to your lips. You kissed her back gently, glad that she was still feeling sweet and affectionate. 
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My new boss part 5
Tumblr media
We were having a conference to talk about meeting our goal profit margins , when Kathy singles me out and says (your name ) doesn't seem to be meeting the quotas . I look at her with complete disgust , i was so blindsided by her attack . I didn't know what to say. When Duke says  i have  seen the reports and (your name ) is definitely   meeting her quotas  and much more , so i don’t know what you're talking about Kathy. He completely shuts her down . I look at her and she looks like a kid who just got scolded .  I was thankful to Duke for , picking up for me and having my back , but Kathy was my best friend in the office . I don’t know why she was acting like this . I intended on finding out . When the meeting is over i rush to Kathy and say “ Hey bitch what was that all about” , she says i did it because , cant you see the way he looks at you , all the special treatment you get from him, how many times have i caught him staring  at your ass, guys always like you , and the fact that you don’t like them makes them like you even more . I wanted to see what he would do if i threw you under the bus in front of everyone and my suspicions were correct of course he had to have your back and defend you . i roll my eyes and giggle , and say “Kathy everything you just said is all in your head , no way he gives me special treatment , hes nice to everyone , and he picked up for me because you were wrong i was meeting my quotas . So let me ask you ask you a question you think Gregg was into me too because he definitely wasn't. She giggles and says im so sorry (your name ), my jealousy just gets gets the best of me sometimes , its just that hes so hot and funny and kind i really like him but he just doesn't notice me .  I say Im pretty sure he notices you Kathy he just doesn't make it as obvious as you do .  She hugs me and says thanks so much for understanding . Duke comes over to me and says im glad you and Kathy made up i would hate for two friends to be fighting . He says “what was that about though “ i giggle and say you know girl stuff , he puts his hands up in surrender and says , yea i don’t want to know . I tell him thanks for defending me in there , he smiles and says” anytime sweetheart”.
Tumblr media
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Love You, No Matter
The Gods
Life had always been harder for you, seeing as your father was multi billionaire Tony Stark. The day you were born was both the happiest and scariest day of your father’s life. You came into the world and your father held you, then you were taken away from him. You had been born with a rare genetic trait that was unnatural. The doctors, and your parents were all unsure of what it was, but your father wasn’t going to have you spend the first week of your life being tested.
Your father knew that you were healthy and you were not sick. He and your mother got to take you home three days later. When you turned six, you started showing unusual signs. Your father ran a very quick test and he found out that you had superpowers. You had a mutation that allowed you to manipulate other powers whenever you wanted.
He started to work with you on how to control them, using basic technology, tools, and methods. By the time you turned seventeen, you had control over your powers, but your father would still do tests every other month. It started making you suspicious when your father kept disappearing in his new tower he had made for his new super team, The Avengers. You had never met or seen any of them, but girls at your school were always talking about them. What made you mad the most was when guys at your school teased you about being Iron Man’s daughter.
“ Hey Robo-Girl!”
You kept walking through the hallway, as the school jerk Isiah Brown and his goons followed you. He put a hand on your shoulder and you shrugged him off.
“ Robo-Girl! You listen when I’m talking to you!”
You caught view of your best friends Peter and MJ, waiting for you at your locker. You saw Peter tense up, MJ putting a hand on his shoulder.
“ Robo-Girl!”
Isiah touched your shoulder again and you snapped. You grabbed his wrist and twisted it back, flipping him backwards. You let your long ponytail fall to your shoulders, your blue eyes shifting colors.
“ Don’t call me Robo-Girl! Unless you wanna do that again, you better shut it.”
You walked away and towards your friends. Peter smiled at you as he gave you a quick hug.
“ Mylee , that was insane!”
“ Thanks Pete, my dad taught me, can’t tell you how many times I’ve hurt my dad on accident practicing that.”
The overhead speakers made a static noise.
“ Mylee Stark, would you please come to the front office.”
Peter looked at you.
“ Got to go, my dad said he was sending someone to pick me up for something. Bye MJ, bye Pete.”
You waved to your friends and walked down to the front office. The drive was long, especially since Happy didn’t really talk to people. He dropped you off at your dads tower and you made your way up to your other room your dad put for you. You were about to fall asleep doing your homework when you heard the elevator open. You tapped the screen of your watch your dad had made for you.
“ Friday, drop in above thirty-fifth floor elevator.”
“ Dropping in.”
On your screen, people came out of the elevator. You didn’t see their faces, but you knew you didn’t know them. You double tapped the screen on your watch and peaked out your door. You creeped out of the door, making yourself blend into the walls. You heard the people stop talking.
“ Someone’s here.”
You switched to the other wall, but you accidentally lost concentration and revealed yourself.
“ Now!”
You felt a bullet graze your leg. A woman with red hair charged at you and punched you in the gut, but you used the force against her and she flew backwards. A man with a bow and arrow shot at your shoulder, but you deflected it with a special bracelet you made. You knocked him to the ground, leaving him dazed. Then there was a sharp pain in the back of your head and the next thing you knew, you were staring at the ceiling in pain.
A man with blonde hair and blue was starting down at you, his foot pinning you down by your chest.
“ Who are you?! Who sent you here?!”
He demanded that you give him a answer. You saw the man with the bow and arrow say something into a com-set as he helped the red haired woman to her feet.
“ Kid, T, we need backup in the tower on the thirty-fifth floor.”
Seconds later the elevator door opened. Inside you saw your dad standing in his suit next to a person in a blue and red spiderweb suit.
“ Dad!”
You started squirming, trying to get free.
“ Sweetheart!”
Your dad ran over to you, pushing aside the man on you. You coughed, trying to regain your breathing. As soon as the boy spoke, you know who it was.
“ Mylee?!”
You held onto your dad tightly and watched as Peter took his mask off and ran over to you and your father.
“ Dad, what’s going on?! Who are they?!”
Your dad cupped your face in his hands.
“ Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, calm down. Calm down sweetheart, breathe, just breathe.”
Your dad took some deep breath’s with you, calming you down. He stood up and motioned for Peter to help you up.
“ Honey, this is some of my team. Meet Clint, you already know Natasha, and Steve, or more commonly know as-“
You cut your dad off and spoke.
“ Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Captain America.”
Your father looked at you in surprise.
“ Actually, yes. How did you know that?”
“ Well, since Natasha is the only woman in this room besides me, she’s obviously Black Widow. Clint over there has excellent range and is a good shot, so that would make him Hawkeye. And it’s no surprise that the tall broad shoulder guy who thinks he’s better than you dad, is Captain America. Dad I have context clues, it was easy.”
Steve looked over to your dad with a scow on his face.
“ First of all, I don't think I’m better than everyone else, and second, who is this kid Stark?”
“ Oh right, guys, this is Mylee, my daughter.”
Clint and Steve exchanged looks.
“ You have a kid? Stark, are you making this up?”
“ No, he’s not making up guys.”
Steve and Clint look at Natasha.
“ And you know this how Nat?”
Nat looks at you with a big smile on her face.
“ A girl knows what her own god-daughter looks like, I was a big part on her life whenever she didn’t want to do stuff. Tony would call me and tell me what the problem was with her so I could help her work it out. Also, sorry I shot your leg sweet tooth.”
Your dads head snaps to you. He speaks alarmed.
“ You got shot?!”
“ Dad, it’s fine, it’s not even-“
Before you get the chance to finish your sentence, a surge of pain goes up your leg and your head starts throbbing. You drop to the ground, holding your head, crying out in pain. Peter catches you before your head hits the ground. You can feel your father examining your leg.
“ Mylee?! What’s wrong?!”
You feel Peter touch the back of your head and you cry out again.
“ Mr. Stark, her head! We need to get her to the medical wing!”
“ Friday, get the rest of the team here, now!”
“ Right away sir.”
Your father grips your hand tightly.
“ Stay with us sweetheart, stay with us.”
Your vision starts to get foggy and heavy. You feel faint and can’t stay awake for any longer. You feel yourself be set down, as your father pleads you to stay with him. Before you black out, you see several people rush into the room, then, you’re out.
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