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#my late night poem
mojadusa · 17 hours ago
I want to be comfortable the way you are. You don’t get the grittiness that comes with being Muslim. You sit passively when your friend tells me he’s against my religion—against!—because of how we oppress women. (I sit in front of you and say, Do you see me wearing a hijab? My parents gave me a choice. You don’t give me any choice; you just decide you know my religion better. I tuck my knees to my chest and cry while you sit silently. You throw out one bomb joke after another; I’m oh so tired of them. Can’t you come up with anything better? I have jokes, too, but you don’t like them. No, it’s only okay when you target Muslims. If I call you a KKK terrorist it’s “different.” Not all Christians support that, you say. Okay. Not all Christians? Where is that empathy for me? Where was that empathy when my mom’s co-workers asked if she was going to bomb their workplace the day after 9/11? Where was it when the boy behind me in class said he doesn’t invite Muslims to his parties? You’ve never experienced that—the way your skin crawls when you realize you are hated, truly and fully. Oh, it goes far deeper than just a joke. I’ve found that people disguise their hatred with jokes. And me? I’m a far cry from brave. I’m exhausted. I’m tired of the constant slew of jokes and the hatred—sometimes I just walk away. I tell my teacher I’m not comfortable sitting next to him when everyone’s gone. She changes my seat immediately, and has a “talk” with him, one I am too tired to have. Let someone else do it for me; haven’t I done enough? No one else will speak for us; she can carry our burden just this once. She keeps me back to talk to me—about my culture, my religion—and my mother is so scared when I don’t come home that she meets me by the gate and crushes me into a hug. I don’t understand why until I’m older; did she think he would find out? That he would hurt me? The thought never crossed my mind. I have always been proud, maybe too proud. He never finds out, but I haven’t forgotten. Maybe he has, but I’ll remember. The way my skin crawled, the shame that burned my face, the bile climbing up my throat. It’s not something that just disappears—you stick with me. Day in and day out.
—a.b., “Walking with Islamophobia”
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broken-brain-syndrome · 18 hours ago
Sheltered Grave
by Andrew Kelly
Help me; Trapped.
Not dying, and still breathing. But, still fearing. Every possibility, An anomaly; A mystery, My curiosity is not wishing to visit. Staring from these walls of non-cement, Hollow and crushed; Make believe bridges eventually end, and invisible walls cave in.
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in-the-mid · a day ago
All The Things That I Love
All the things that I love
From starlit nights
To moonlit huts.
From tranquil streams
To the morning hush.
All the things that I love
From awkward silences
To my lover's blush.
From freezing floors
To the bookshelf dust.
All the things that I love
I cannot put a finger on.
I cannot seem to touch.
All the things that I love
Either fill my heart
Or leave a blood rush.
All the things that I love
Are not the things that you love,
You are the one that I love
And I am the one that you love.
So, for the love of this love
Or just for the love of merely love
Let me love
All the things that you love.
Will you love
All the things that I love?
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bilfro · 2 days ago
she laughed into the howling wind
hair, snapping and lashing behind her
arms, outstretched
hands, reaching in invitation
as another wave crashed down on her, catching her in its current
and pulling her under
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crudeverse · 2 days ago
I wish it was possible
to stop thinking about
that one person
I want to completely forget.
But my mind
is a stubborn, unruly
beast now.
No reins can tame it,
no boundaries strong
enough to withstand
its breaking force.
The combined efforts
of both the conscious
and the subconscious
failed to bury
this unwavering desire
of my mind.
What level of fealty
did my heart
pledge to her
that it never did to me?
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theneverlegend · 2 days ago
Late Night Showers
The water is nice and warm
when it flows down my skin
like standing in a relaxing storm
the water is nice and warm
the peace it brings on my form
and the bliss I become wrapped in
the water is nice and warm
when it flows down my skin
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electric-grl · 3 days ago
All the dead weight I have shed
Still has not allowed me to grow wings
As if I could ever turn into a butterfly
I always have been
And continue to be
The gluttonous, gawky caterpillar
That wraps itself away after its final meal,
Trying under great turmoil
But ultimately never transforming into something more beautiful
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darkwritingz · 6 days ago
at night it feels like the moon is watching me.
protecting me and saying that
i can finally let go of all my worries
cause i’m just another being
and even if the darkness is inside me,
the moon will help me to become one of his thousand stars
and then i’ll shine just like them.
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b1ttle · 6 days ago
Don’t know if this’ll ever become a full thing but I started coming up with some lyrics for a Madison song 😳
Lyrics are in no particular order,,,just random ideas that came to me as I played and thought I’d post here cause why not 😌✨
Tumblr media
It’s Jack’s POV cause Jack centric Madison fics are my JAM
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brehem96 · 11 days ago
Would you stay
If I told you all my thoughts would you stay
If I told you that I don't want anyone but you
If I told you that when you don't text I get sad
If I told you everytime that song comes on I think of you
If I told you when I see your name on my phone I smile
If I told you I told my mom about you
If I told you that I learned about your favorite thing just to know a bit more about you
If I told you that when you look at me I feel myself catch on fire
If I told you that my friends know all my thoughts about you
If I told you when you I'm in your presence I'm my most relaxed because I'm with you
If I told you I think about what it'd be like to kiss you, feel you on my skin
If I told you I long to just be near you all the time because it's my one true comfort
If I told you that I want to take you to my favorite coffee shop
If I told you that your smile is my favorite
If I told you that you make me happy
If I told you I write all these poems about you
If I told you that I like your abs
If I told you I want to run my fingers through your hair on a long night
If I told you how I've never felt this way
If I told you I think that I love you
If I told you I want to be with you forever
If I told you I do love you
If I told you all this would you stay
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In my head is endless summer
I‘m in my own space
My own Summer, my own paradies
I‘m looking for happiness
And I‘ll find it with you
I found my muse
I found my Inspiration
I found it in the residues you left behind
In the Last warm days before the sun fades forever
But in my head is endless summer
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