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#my job here is done
obeymematches · 17 days ago
yoyo!! is it oke if i can request a matchup? my pronouns are she/her. im very calm, caring and very motherly!! im natrually very soft spoken even when im not trying to be but ive been told my voice is very soothing and nice to listen to. im also very goofy, optimistic and excitable. i also tend to get emotional if im happy or really calm, and i'll end up crying a little. (if a dog or cat wants me to pet them ill cry a bit or if i see a very nice scenery like a waterfall in person) i have a habit of putting others before my own well being. it's also extremely hard to anger me and i'm very patient. i do however have a tendency to over analyze and overthink certain things though not as much. i have some light freckles but they get hidden under my glasses so they're only noticable up close and i also have really deep dimples on my cheeks and they show when i smile!! i really love to draw, paint, and i really love poetry as well and i do cosplay occasionally. i also have this weird guilty plessure thing with classical music ( i love all types of music but sometimes beethoven don't miss 💃😌🤚) ah!! also i do have a very big habit of giving many gifts!! bc i feel like words aren't enough to express myself, and how much i care about to the ppl i care about. ahh idk what else to say so that's enough outta me please take your time and i hope you have a wonderful day!! and remember to eat and drink water my friend!! ^u^💚✨
hiii you have been waiting for so long i’m not sure if you are still into this game or not- sorry;
anyways i’m doing 1 match-up for now & we’ll see when i’ll get to the rest <3 (i had a sudden urge to do match-ups but this won’t last for long so gotta make the best out of it ghjk)
ok so i decided to match you with Lucifer and let me elaborate why!
Tbh I think the best matches for him are optimistic and excitable ppl like you! Also being goofy is a nice bonus you have going on. It is important because like this you can became his light, you know he has so much to deal with but all you ever do to him is brighten his day? (and you don’t even have to try) like ok queen how can he not fall in love- 
I think he’d find your crying tendencies adorable but he is probably concerned a little bit under the surface. Like it’s cute how you have soo many feelings but also! don’t waste your tears! though i don’t think this would lead to any fights so that’s fine
okay so this dynamic is about taking care of each other because you both put everyone before yourselves and that’s no good-  though when you want to do so don’t make it way too obvious because he has an ego to keep up. 
I think you being calm and patient are also a good foundation as there are no fights due to impatience. Yes he can get impatient sometimes though... but I think he’ll have so much respect for you for keeping your calm when he can’t. With him respect is an important part of a relationship. Like instead of raising your voice you keep your soft spoken adorable one and that reminds him that uh. he needs to do better than get impatient when it’s not called for. help him improve girl!!!
You being patient is also an asset when it comes to him being a tease with you- he means well but in case he crosses a line it’s better to simply&calmly let him know. it’ll be fine.
When it comes to expressing himself Lucifer is as simple as a man can be. Like if he doesn’t like you, you will know. You won’t have to analyze anything. Same when it comes to him liking you!!!
He is one of the 2 demons who were confirmed (as far as i know) to like glasses on their partner / being a fan of glasses. (the other being Levi) listen this is so silly and minor but it’s important. it catches his attention right away. (i have to mention this because. i’m still processing the fact that my bf of 2 yrs told me the first thing that made him like me were my friendship bracelets and my glasses. i---)
 I think your hobbies are something he can support, like nothing too wild, in fact you might get him to indulge in some of them w you! <3 
finally he has someone to enjoy music with in peace <3 get ready to dig deep in the classicals!
As for his love languages, I’m not sure if he is big on recieving gifts but obvi he is smart enough to realize / talk to you about love languages so there aren’t going to be difficulties if they aren’t on par. 
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boo-topia · 18 days ago
what if hypothetically you got me to ship perryshmirtz (note: you totally did. im not sure how i feel lol)
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dramabooksandco · 22 days ago
I talked about skam with my therapist this morning and she thought the concept was absolutely excellent
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benot-may · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ultimatebottom69 · a month ago
Me : *reblogs an asexual bingo for lols and accuracy*
Some of my followers : Am I ace ?
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helloamhere · a month ago
Tumblr media
taking a lunch break to nervously check your ao3 inbox and finding that someone Gets It with your fic is the best feeling! laughing-in-the-middle-of-crying is 100% what I was going for with this chaotic monster of a chapter, bless
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ari-leah-arts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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is-writing · 2 months ago
I love making to do lists and then do nothing of what I've written on it 🙂
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whipbogard · 2 months ago
First you made me like JayDick and now you’re making me like BruHarvey too. You’re a menace!
That was my intention all along
Tumblr media
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catsfilm · 2 months ago
🔥 autism 🔥
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zhongli · 2 months ago
zhongli my beloved reached its target audience
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lonelystarbuckslover13 · 2 months ago
My best friend doesn’t listen to much mainstream music at all but literally the only mainstream artist she had in her top artists of 2020 was taylor swift ugh my influence
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misskitka27 · 3 months ago
*definitely doesn’t snitch a single puzzle piece when starting a puzzle to watch people wreak havoc over a small cardboard item*
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flynnpaff · 3 months ago
my sister is watching atla for the first time and we’re watching episode 1 and she already told me she cant wait to see sokka and zuko together cause they’d make a cute pair
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liathgray · 3 months ago
i made another shitty meme bc you were correct this chapter absolutely. destroyed me i am an emotional wreck
anyways i’m gonna go cry now
Tumblr media
Mission accomplished ❤️
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bebxos · 3 months ago
dont get me wrong i love your art but i also follow you for your funny tags in your reblogs lmao
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