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#my hero Acadamia mermaid
story-thief · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Hey guys!! Just popping in a little doodle I did today, nothing special or fancy, just a bored with math and done with this crap concept art doodle. Ya know. The usual. Anywho I’m really liking it so far!! Tell me your thoughts, ideas and/or wants and you might get to help design him! I’m gonna be dumping buckets of him everywhere for mermay and like everything else that involves MerKiri!! .
This is my art please do not trace or repost without my permissio. But feel free to reblog it, that would be greatly appreciated!
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cyber-gothix · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
I've been working on a Bnha Mer au fic, because why not? This is for the prologue, so, no this fic isn't gonna centered about Inko and Hisashi, unfortunately. Hope y’all enjoy this preview
She hadn't noticed the tentacle wrapped tightly on one of the pilings, so tight that it was beginning to give way.
Inko gave out a scream as the dock gave way under her, only for it to get cut off when she went under the water; the cold nearly punched out her breath as she plunged into the dark waters. Disoriented, She flailed and tried to swim up, but something slithered and snagged harshly around her ankle it bordered on pain.
Snapping her head to the side to see what had grabbed her, only for Inko’s heart to plummet to her stomach at what she saw.
A pair of angry red eyes glared at her with so much contempt and aggression that the marine rehabilitator had ever seen a being express, Inko realized with sinking horror at what had its hold on her, a Mer.
A leviathan class Mer.
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wlwadora-ble · 8 days ago
Thanks for tagging me @friendly-jester 💕
1. Sakura Haruno from Naruto
Tumblr media
2. Marinette Dupain-Cheng from Miraculous Ladybug
Tumblr media
3. Adora from She-ra
Tumblr media
4. Katara from ATLA
Tumblr media
5. Kara Danvers from Supergirl
Tumblr media
6. Gwen Smith from BBC Merlin
Tumblr media
7. Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Acadamia
Tumblr media
8. Kagome Higarashi from Inuyasha
Tumblr media
9. Ariel from The Little Mermaid
Tumblr media
10. Luz from Owl House
Tumblr media
I tag @fumckinghell @rivaeren @katanakawaii @weird-incarnate @aleocalledaries @beanerbrujx @theqwertymerlin @cool-loser @pauwulin
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Hello! Was wondering what you have in progress. Like WIPs of requests you have? It’ll be interesting to get a sneak peek at some
Hiya anon, regarding what I’m currently working on there is a loot XD some i have only in dot point ideas and others i have at various levels of completion. as there is a a lot this is only the requests in my inbox. if you would like to know about the pieces i am making outside of requests or even more detail on particular one/s please send in another ask for them, I’m not adding them because there is a lot here as there is lol.
(Matchup post) 
(this is not the order that they will necessarily be uploaded/done)
{Star Wars:the Clone Wars} Bad Batch x F reader oneshot
-Platonic relationship between the Bad Batch and (y/n) who is the ‘care taker’ for the group. (y/n) has heterochrome eye’s that she hides from everyone even the team, that is until they ask about it and get to see her eyes.
{Tales of Arcadia} Jim Lake Jr x F shy reader oneshot/songfic
-this songfic was requested to be similar to the boat date scene in the little mermaid 1, “Kiss the Girl” being the song for the fic. 
{Tales of arcadia} Jim Lake Jr x F shy human reader angst/fluff Prompt’s #36 & #32
- #36 “Is that my shirt?”, # 32 “Your blushing.” (y/n) getting caught wearing one of (human) Jim’s shirts for the first time.
{Tales of arcadia} Jim Lake Jr x F shy human reader angst/fluff Prompt’s #49, #2, #13, #7 & #35 
- #49 “Who hurt you?”, #2 “Stay here tonight”, #13 “I don't let anyone hurt you, you're safe with me.”, #7 “I'll keep you warm.” & #35 “You make me feel safe.” (y/n) come’s to (human) Jim distraught and Jim spends the night comforting (y/n).
{Tales of Arcadia} Jim Lake Jr x F shy reader dating headcannons 
- headcannons for human Jim with a shy girlfriend.
{Tales of Arcadia} Jim Lake Jr x F shy reader oneshot
- (human) Jim and (y/n) get ready for a pool party and (y/n) Needs new swimwear. (y/n) asks Jim to come with her as she tries on the pieces.
{Tales of Arcadia} Jim Lake Jr x F shy reader Christmas oneshot
- Christmas oneshot with human Jim and (y/n) getting caught under a mistletoe at a Christmas party.
{Tales of Arcadia} Krel Tarron x F reader oneshot
- Krel and his sister defeat Morando and prepare to leave for Akiridian-5. (y/n), best friend of Krel believes that Krel will leave for god, and before she can confess to him. turns out Krel had Decided to stay, for her.
{tales of Arcadia} Douxie x F light magic user reader oneshot or Headcannons
- Douxie with a girlfriend who can use Light Magic.
{tales of Arcadia} Jealous Douxie x F reader Headcannons 
- headcannons expanding on my previous batch about Jealous Douxie.
{The little Mermaid} human Ariel x M photographer reader oneshot
 - Human Ariel with a male s/o who loves to have her as his model.
{Maleficent} Maleficent x F injured human reader oneshot
- (y/n) protects Aurora from getting attacked by a pack of wolves, getting injured herself. now (y/n) is in the capable care of Maleficent.
{Hasbin Hotel} Charlie x (GN) reader dating headcannons
- Charlie princess of hell dating headcannons with her s/o.
{Hazbin Hotel} Edward Ballsco [Alastor’s voice actor] x F reader oneshot
- (y/n) is a assistant artist for the series and is invited onto one of the streams. Edward makes it his priority to make her as bashful as Ashley. by any means necessary.
{My Hero Acadamia} Izuku Midoriya x F shy reader oneshot
- Izuku and (y/n) have a movie night watching Spiderman, watching the whole franchise til late into the night.
{My Hero Acacamia} Izuku Midoriya x F shy reader oneshot
- Izuku’s shy girlfriend  goes out of her way and out of her comfort zone to cheer Izuku up with lots of kisses and love.
{HTTYD: Race to the Edge} Hiccup x F shy reader angst/fluff Prompt’s #34 & #43
- #34 ”you come to my room and wake me up, to cuddle?” & #43 “you’re lucky you’re cute.” Hiccup wakes up to (y/n) crawling into his bed wanting attention.
{HTTYD: Race to the Edge} Hiccup x F shy reader angst/fluff Prompt #46
- #46 ″what if i told you I’ve been in love with you since we were kids.” (y/n) admits her affections to Hiccup while on a late night mission together.
s-so much Jim, oh lord. i didn’t realise til now XD also that took sooo long to write up XL
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ao3feed-bnha-rarepair · a year ago
Where the Sun Has a Home
Where The Sun Has A Home by ScarlettIsSexy
Mirio travels to California as a part of an educational beach clean-up crew. Turns out, two and a half months can change more than you would first think.
Amajiki has always lived underwater. He doesn't know much else. Not until the sun on legs introduces himself.
Words: 1175, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: F/F, F/M, M/M
Characters: Mirio Toogata, Amajiki Tamaki, Hadou Nejire, Original Male Characters
Relationships: Amajiki Tamaki/Toogata Mirio, Suneater/Lemillion, Hadou Nejire/Yuyu, Original Male Character/Original Female Character
Additional Tags: Mermaid Tamaki Amajiki, High Schooler Mirio Toogata, No quirks Au, Ocean AU, Coping with quarantine by pretending I can travel to the beach, be safe, My Hero Acadamia, Mermaids, merman, Mermaid male character, the beach, First Love, Summer Love, Summer, endgame miritama, miritama, Boys In Love, Puppy Love, quirkless au, slight angst, Happy Ending, True Love
Read Here:
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