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#my hero Acadamia
delta-s-joe8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Breakfast at Tiffany鈥檚 and bottles of bubbles馃
This is an old drawing but the first of my Vintage US!BNHA AU. I thought Momo was perfect for Audrey Hepburn鈥檚 little black dress
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wild-pussycats15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hey huns!! I鈥檓 still looking for roleplay partners!! Check my pinned post :D!! Feel free to DM me any good servers too!
Tumblr media
鈹 鈹 鈹 鈹 鈹 鈹
鈹 鈹 鈹 鈹 藲鉁 鈰嗭健藲 鉁
鈹 鈹 鈹 鉁
鈹 鈹 鈽笌鈰
鈹 鈯 鈹
鉁 鈰 鈹 . 藲
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nerdygurl0517 hours ago
Tumblr media
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hun-bun-beea day ago
Tumblr media
Who would鈥檝e thought I鈥檇 be back on tumbler in 2021 huh, here鈥檚 a funny little mha clown oc I have!!
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plantmommyyy2 days ago
Hello author san!! I saw that you are taking requests, so I am here to place one. I am pretty insecure about my weight and I'm trying to be positive about it but... it makes me sad at the end of the day... been trying to lose it, but this world is not so nice. Always making me feel insecure. So could you make write comfort drabble/HC what ever you like with Denki/Shinso/Sero please.
OH MY GOODNESS DARLING you are so cute *screams in pure happiness because you called me author-san*
before i start i just wanted to tell you that you have absolutely nothing to be insecure about, every body is beautiful, no matter how big or small. please do not think badly of yourself, i鈥檓 sure you are so beautiful the way you are, you don鈥檛 need to change yourself. also please come to me if you ever need me to tell someone off or if you need any more headcannons/comfort i鈥檓 so glad to do it for you. anyways, on to the writing. i hope you enjoy it, feel better <3
饾殤饾殜饾殫饾殱饾殜 饾殰饾殠饾殯饾殬
- feels really bad that you feel that way about yourself :(
- youre so pretty, why would you think that?
- i honestly think sero loves chubby girls
- the more the chub, the better the hug聽
-constantly reassuring you that he loves you for you in any way he can. always throwing out compliments to make you feel just that much better.
- he can tell when you dont like a certain outfit on yourself and go out of his way to compliment it.
鈥渢hat shirt looks super good on you鈥
鈥測ou should wear those jeans more often, they look so great!鈥
- sero is definitely a touchy guy, hes always huggijg, holding, and cuddling you.
- squeezes you tight and draws small circles on your back.
- leans down to give you a kiss on your fohead and piches your cheeks
- sero cannonly wears baggy clothes, so he will die if you take his shirts, itll probably still be baggy, and if its not, its just that much cuter. you look so cute in his clothes :,)
overall you won鈥檛 even need to feel insecure because he鈥檚 always letting you know that you are perfect in every way <3
饾殟饾殠饾殫饾殧饾殥 饾殧饾殜饾殩饾殥饾殫饾殜饾殯饾殥
- insecure? with denki? no. not happening.
- he thinks you are literally an ethereal god, like OMG did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
- constantly telling you just how much he loves you and how beautiful you are
- 鈥淵OU LOOK SO SO SO GOOD TODAY!! just like always.鈥
- 鈥測ou could run me over with a bus and i鈥檇 say sorry.鈥
- pickup lines for days, even if he messes them up a bit :,)
denki - if you were a vegetable, you would be a cute-cumber
you : ...denki a cucumber is a fruit...
denki : WHAAAT-
- kisses you in every place you say your insecure of just to assure you he loves everything about you
- i headcannon that this boy has a thing for stretch marks like really finds them attractive, so if you have those, he is gonna love you even more the he already does.
you are never going to feel insecure with him, he鈥檚 always making you smile and feel positive
饾殤饾殥饾殱饾殬饾殰饾殤饾殥 饾殰饾殤饾殥饾殫饾殰饾殬饾殲
- he feels so bad that you feel that way about yourself oh my god
- he has insecurities himself, so he knows how it can feel doubting yourself, but it鈥檚 really sad for him to have his partner think of themselves like that :(
- he was surprised you even wanted to be with him, he felt so lucky, so why do you feel like that when you鈥檙e with him? he thought he was the one way out of your league?
- he鈥檚 all ears for you, always listening to what you鈥檙e feeling.
- he tries to reassure you through words of affirmation and physical touch.
- 鈥測ou鈥檙e perfect for me鈥
-鈥渋鈥檓 glad i鈥檓 with you鈥
- 鈥測ou make me the happiest i can be鈥
- 鈥渋 love you so much鈥
- constantly latching onto you like a cat
-cuddle up close and listen to what he has to say about you because it鈥檚 just so sweet out of his mouth, he means every word.
you best know any of these guys will not hesitate to tell of or fight anyone who makes a comment about you. they want to protect you, you鈥檙e just that perfect :,)
i really hope you liked this! i love you please take care of yourself. drink some water and eat something if you haven鈥檛 already. bye darling <3
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huffle-puff-ego2 days ago
Tumblr media
I finally got them done. Took a little bit but I happy with how they turned out, and now I'm gonna find a place to hang them up I can't wait for the next glass painting.
(Click for a decent quality)
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fandomclutterr2 days ago
oh hello!! would u mind giving me a student matchup for bnha? male or female doesnt matter to me <3 im 5'2, with shoulder length brown hair, and green eyes. im also very pale to do physical illness. my zodiac is scorpio, im an esfp and typically described as kind, funny, and supportive! but i do have a habit of being brutally honest, which hurts ppls feelings :( im kinda insecure about my personality also. i constantly wory about the future, and im dramatic and can get hyper and overwhelming, but always try to stay smiling!! my hobbies simply include shopping and playing games with my friends *cough cough* roblox is the only thing i can play *cough cough* i wouldnt wanna be matched with anyone super mean, or too sensitive. i wouldnt wanna hurt them!! thatd be rude of me. thank u so much have a great day/night
My top matches for you are Tokoyami and Momo!
Tumblr media
This dude does *not* care. Tbh he likes how honest you are, so it shouldn't be a problem. I don't really know what he would do about you being worried about the future, but I think he'd just let you vent cuz he doesn't know what to do either. He doesn't mind you being hyper, but he does tell you to simmer down when needed, of course. Other than that, he doesn't care what you do, have a ball for all he cares!
Tumblr media
Momo absolutely adores you. She loves how kind you are and that you can stand up for yourself. It always lightens up the mood. She likes how honest you are, it makes it easy to ask for your advice. She likes to go shopping with you, and she has a good sense of style as well so she may suggest stuff if you let her.
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ohlookanotherbnhablog2 days ago
Iida: I thought you said you were going to take care of the racoon under the porch?!
Uraraka: I did! Her name is Strawberry and she likes mice.
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story-thief3 days ago
Tumblr media
Hey guys!! Just popping in a little doodle I did today, nothing special or fancy, just a bored with math and done with this crap concept art doodle. Ya know. The usual. Anywho I鈥檓 really liking it so far!! Tell me your thoughts, ideas and/or wants and you might get to help design him! I鈥檓 gonna be dumping buckets of him everywhere for mermay and like everything else that involves MerKiri!! .
This is my art please do not trace or repost without my permissio. But feel free to reblog it, that would be greatly appreciated!
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universe-assemble3 days ago
Tumblr media
Universes, Assemble!
An up and coming comic book crossover site set after the events of Snyder's Justice League and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.
__ *Due to the awesome power of the crisis and the infinity gauntlet the multi-verse was broken causing all Earths to meld into one. Some didn't make it to Earth Prime, others came over as multiple versions of themselves.* Discord Come reserve a face or canon.
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fandomclutterr3 days ago
hello! could i have a romantic mha (and jjk if you do it? if not just mha pls!) matchup please? :') 鈾
gender - female (afab)
pronouns - she/her
zodiac - aquarius
mbti - infp
appearance - long (usually wavy) lilac/pastel purple hair with bangs, blue eyes, curvy, 5'3, pale skin.
fashion - usually all black, or black & white but sometimes (rarely) will wear some pastel colours. a lot of skirts + thigh highs, platform boots (demonias). i guess the term could be 'e-girl', maybe slightly toned down.
hobbies - playing with makeup, playing video games, watching anime/TV shows, spirituality (astrology, tarot, crystals, etc.), listening to music.
personality - usually quiet but not really timid? i just prefer to listen instead of talk, but if I click with the right person i probably won't shut up lol, i'm often perceived as 'cold' or 'mysterious' (bc of my rbf + the quietness) but honestly I'm really friendly and can be friends with anyone, no matter their gender, age, race, etc. i'm quite sarcastic, and a little bit goofy, people have told me I am effortlessly hilarious bc of my dry sense of humour. I love memes. I also LOVE animals, any kind. I can be assertive if needed in a situation, and I will stand up for my loved ones. i suffer from anxiety (not as bad as Tamaki since I do a good job at concealing it, but on the inside it's similar to his), hate crowded places, cannot stand feeling vulnerable (i never cry, if I do then never in front of other people), i'm a bit aloof but deep down a hopeless romantic, so I'd definitely be affectionate with the right person once I'm comfortable (i have never been in love before huhu 銋犮厾).
thank you! 馃挄
Sorry, I don't write for jjk, but I'll do the bnha matchup lol聽
聽My top matches for you are Mirio and Todoroki!聽
Tumblr media
聽How did someone which such dark style get wish such a bright, smiley person? Please idek. Anyway, he does try to quiet down around you a little because he realized you wouldn't open up as much if he was so...outgoing? Maybe that's the word. He loves that you're effortlessly funny, but he's so annoying about it. He's the type of person to say "you silly goose" when you make a super sarcastic statement please shut up sir. Anyway, he totally plays video games with you when he has time. Since you don't like to be vulnerable, he does do daily checks on you (whether it's just a "you doing ok?" text, or asking how your day was). Also he finds either the most cornyass memes or just the funniest shit known to man聽
Tumblr media
聽Todoroki s t r u g g l e s at first. He's a lil dense when it comes to emotions sometimes so you'd have to be patient with him. He's also another person who is effortlessly funny. You can tell he takes a lil bit on interest in spiritually, specifically. He won't do anything, he'd just watch if you allow him to. He also has the nicest smile, it's so satisfying to see him do so, since it's not a normal reaction out of him. Even if you don't like to be vulnerable, he does kinda check on you. You know that slightly concerned face as if to say "you good?" That's what he does. Y鈥檃ll confuse class 1-a sm, king and queen of rbf
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jream-236 days ago
requested by the one and only @mel-bigia04 thank you for always sending me requests! my first request thats not one piece since im expanding my account, hope you all enjoy this :)
shigaraki with a m s/o:
Tumblr media
- shigaraki loves when you touch his hair, whether youre fixing it for him, playing with it, or even styling it he accepts it all
- i feel shiggys primary love language is quality time. gift giving is nice too but he doesn鈥檛 always have the time to get you nice nice things and acts of kindness are kind of weird since you all the lov - this isn鈥檛 saying he isn鈥檛 nice.
- he鈥檇 be incredibly scared to touch you with his hands a lot because he doesn鈥檛 want to risk anything
- speaking of touch his way of holding hands is locking pinkies with you 鈥 cheesy but necessary for the two of you
- he鈥檒l also enjoy sitting down and feeling you drape your arms around his neck/shoulders while you stand behind him; he never realized how much he loves being in your chest
- seriously like quality time, you and him, planning the leagues next evil moves he appreciates your intelligence and input for what they should go about doing
- genuinely loves your villain like tendencies and ruthless ways of crime, its admirable for someone like him
- if you鈥檙e background is a serious and/or not so heartwarming story he likes to hear you talk about it and tries to think of ways to bring YOU closure
- favorite pet names are babe and love but it took him a while to call you love simply because he never thought someone like him could experience something like it
- toga loves to watch the two of you act couple like and always tells you how annoying shiggy is when you鈥檙e not there (of course shes only playing with you she doesn鈥檛 find shiggy that annoying)
- dabi fake gags whenever one of you makes a move though and it鈥檚 always a good time making him 鈥榙isgusted鈥
- you two are just one hell of duo
GAHH OKOK i am finished w my first bnha request and im thrilled with it. im personally not a shiggy SIMP but these hcs 馃槼 also IM CLOSE TO 200 FOLLOWERS WHICH IDK HOW THAT HAPPENED I J U S T HIT 100 BUT THANK YOU ALL <3
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