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#my garbage
widdendream5 · an hour ago
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you know what i’m gonna do?
i’m gonna finish my Fairy Tail fanfics
some of them will NOT have a happy ending which is strange for me but hey
i’m a garbage person XD
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crispdrpepper · 2 hours ago
I see you going through my fnaf tag from 2014 👀 it’s not in there bro
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keylimedye · 3 hours ago
incredibly niche au time but.
lesbian jubans. banri is a d*sney vlogger and juza (touka) is a very tired Cast Member trying to stop banri from Doing Shenanigans
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hasellia · 3 hours ago
Science Majors as RPG Classes; Earth Sciences Base Stats
Strength =       Physical Attack
Endurance =   Physical Defence
Intelligence =  Special Attack
Fortitude =     Special Defence
Stamina =      Physical Speed
Wit =              Special Speed
Geologist (Earth Scientist)
The only thing slowing their pummeling is the heavy rocks they carry.
Strength : 11/10
Endurance : 10/10
Intelligence : 1/10
Fortitude : 2/10
Stamina : 6/10
Wit : 1/10
Sedimentologist (Earth Scientist)
Attacks quickly with their knowledge of terrain and blinds foes with pocket sand.
Strength: 7/10
Endurance: 6/10
Intelligence: 3/10
Fortitude: 2/10
Stamina: 9/10
Wit: 4/10
Volcanologist (Earth Scientist)
Their patience is steadfast... Until they explode.
Strength: 7/10
Endurance: 10/10
Intelligence: 3/10
Fortitude: 5/10
Stamina: 4/10
Wit: 2/10
Seismologist (Earth Scientist)
No force upon the earth can go undetected by the mightiest of them.
Strength: 2/10
Endurance: 3/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Fortitude: 8/10
Stamina: 3/10
Wit: 7/10
Paleontologist (Earth Scientist / Biologist)
Summons the ghost of the Old Ones to defend themselves.
Strength: 3/10
Endurance: 5/10
Intelligence: 7/10
Fortitude: 7/10
Stamina: 2/10
Wit: 7/10
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hoping i magically wake up in a good enough mood to work on this thing and bang it out
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0albino-roach0 · 4 hours ago
when ur posts don’t show up in tags for literally no reason bc god hates you
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averbaldumpingground · 5 hours ago
The weather hasn't changed much since you left, there's still a rainy drizzle in the mornings. The school bus stops just up the street from here, they haven't fixed the crack along the sidewalk. I'm not sure that you ever cared enough to learn the neighbors' names, but Anna says she hopes you like Seattle. I hope you've gotten everything you wanted. There's more space in the basement now, without your boxes filling up the shelves.
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kimmalyn · 6 hours ago
Thoughts on ancient literature/literature from Antiquity (poetry, theater, etc.)?
Oh gosh that’s a large subject and I have not read much of it. Um, Antigone rules. Oh! I love Ovid’s metamorphoses, and I think Narcissus and Echo is a hugely under-adapted/retold story (it’s my personal favorite). The immense beauty, poignancy, and tragedy of only being able to echo someone you love, and the way in which the parts of his sentences she echos completely change the meaning just! make me go crazy! there’s one line that I’ve seen translated a few different ways but every translation hits me so strongly. A few different translations are
“ ‘Away with these encircling hands! May I die before what’s mine is yours. She answers, only ‘What’s mine is yours!’ “
“Take off your hands! you shall not fold your arms around me. Better death than such a one should ever caress me!” Naught she answers save, “Caress me!”
Which, yeah, fucks me up. One of my aspirations and what I may end up doing for my senior capstone project is writing a full stage adaptation/retelling of Narcissus and Echo. 
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lucky-ghost2 · 9 hours ago
As I’m halfway through my portfolio I’m realizing I could have made the portfolio around kandi which I’ve already made enough of to bullshit a portfolio
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morishige-on-the-phone · 10 hours ago
Here’s my take on @plnkest-cherub​ ‘s art for the DTIYS
Tumblr media
I tried~
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postvampirism · 10 hours ago
Ugh I got scheduled for more days to work this upcoming week than i usually do and i know i should be grateful because other people are struggling to get hours at all especially when i was worried i would get less hours and make less after being moved to a new dept but it sucks how it feels like i have less and less time and energy for anything else. i havent touched any videos games in weeks...
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helloamhere · 12 hours ago
Lately, my going-to-sleep brain has been eaten alive by this Star Wars concept which goes back to my old favorite trope, people disagreeing about what if the feelings we have in our bodies are good actually, and normally I am NOT interested in "Sith are good" AUs but imagine an AU where the Dark vs Light hinges on a fundamentally different stance towards embodiment, like in this AU the Sith aren't bad just different and this difference underlies their development of biological manipulation and other kinds of interventionist philosophies whereas the Jedi take a noninterventionist stance (this I think is not far from canon but unevenly applied) and basically the tensions between these viewpoints would make for some REALLY GOOD ARGUMENTS that's what I'm saying I'm just talking to myself and my own napping brain here, but I'm just saying
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s-n-a-k-e-p-i-t · 13 hours ago
ok im halfway through six of crows and it is so different than shadow and bone and honestly i think i like it a lot more???? like wowowow
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houppellande · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
James Clark Ross as a Minecraft skin! (based on the cool™ portrait)
feel free to download it and use it :)
@ghosstkid had this cool idea when reblogging one of my posts 
(front and back)
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fabcreature · 15 hours ago
i’m a queer person, with a queer gender and a queer sexuality, doing queer things and living a queer life, reblogging queer posts with my queer little hands, die mad about it
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