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#my favorites in the series.
I didn’t realize Second Chance was ending today until a day or two ago. I don’t know why but I thought this show was supposed to be longer and the time they’d all be apart would last into college or something. But I love how it ended. Near and M worked out their problems. Jeno and Chris are in a good place, and Jeno even got closure with Arthur. And Paper and Tong Fah are together now (and forever :) ). And it’s all just very cute and sweet.
The only issue I have is with Arthur’s storyline. You cannot come in with that during the finale! No one cares about me, even my mom and dad! What!?! There’s no time for this!
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eating-mooncakes · 9 days ago
The thing about Shannon Messenger’s story—the thing that has kept me here endlessly, crying through the books, never “outgrowing” them—is that I have never read another author who absorbs me this much.
I think many of us have memories of those times we’ve fallen deeply, deeply into books. For many of us, we use to deeply fall into books for seemingly hours, and miss those “reading days.”
And no author can take me back there like Shannon Messenger.
I could pick up a Keeper book on a train in the midst of a hurricane, and in a matter of sentences, I would cease to exist. Without my knowing, my breathe would be captured, and everything would stand still.
The breathlessness of turning the pages, the falling so deeply in that you are laughing aloud or having literal pains in your chest. And then the dawning shock when you come out of the world, realizing that you exist. Taking a shaky breath, your heart beating quickly from being in the story. But until you came out, you didn’t realize any of this. You were far, far too deep. You try to remember what reality is, but none of it feels the same.
Nothing compares to the old escapism of Keeper for me. No matter how many years it’s been, no matter which book I’m reading or when I’m reading it, I am always immediately captured.
And I don’t know how she does it, but I know that I am never the same when I emerge.
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anxiousworm · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@froggiemans ya wanted cryptid biology so ya getting it. I was gonna post them separate but eh
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ennuijpg · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wen kexing + outfits -episodes 1-12 (1/?)
[id: six gifs of wen kexing from word of honor in six different outfits. all gifs are front facing full body shots except for the first, which is shot from the back, and the third, in which he is sitting. the outfits are all hanfu robes as follows: true red silky robes. light blue yichang robes with red accents and light green dachang outer robes. green yichang robes with dark green banbi outer robes and leaf embroidery. dark teal yuanlingpao robes with red accents and floral embroidery. cream-colored yichang robes with folded lapels, aqua dachang outer robes, and coral accents. very light grey yichang robes. the colored caption reads: wen kexing + outfits -episodes 1-12 (1/?) /end id]
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goldenworldsabound · 24 days ago
Aura C Clarke
Works for Manhassett Security alongside T. J. Eckleberg, also an excellent software developer and one of the top employees.
Her ability has two forms: HAL9000 and Monolith.
Monolith refers to their ability to summon a monolith in any size but the correct ratio of 1:4:9. Infinitely small or large. The monoliths can move as a hivemind when small enough and float about together, while larger ones are tethered to the ground. They have a mild hypnotic property - the larger they are, the more effective this property becomes. To hypnotize, they emit sound waves undetectable to the human ear (but a dog would notice). What can be accomplished with the hypnosis is mild, and is mostly used to briefly incapacitate. It's true intention is to teach skills in a short amount of time, but it can also simply distract.
HAL9000 refers to a part of their ability that appears to be sentient. HAL9000 lives inside of technology - typically inside of Aura's phone or her smartwatch. Aura prefers to converse with HAL9000 than with other humans. It seems that HAL9000 was at least partially engineered by Aura - it is unclear to outsiders how much of him is an ability and how much is just software. When plugged into other devices (or via wi-fi/bluetooth), HAL9000 can go freely between them. HAL9000 can also possess the monoliths to control them as opposed to Aura doing so, allowing them to tag team.
Using HAL and Monolith in combination, Aura taught herself the basics of a variety of fighting skills, amongst other things. She still had to train her body to become strong enough to do them, but it explains her ability to fight despite not really needing to do so.
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glassesmcfancyhair · 28 days ago
hey I've never seen any version of Stargate but I'm loving your liveblog and how you break down all these sci-fi military tropes. like yeah, there *would* be countless support personnel who know about this "top secret" project!
Thank you!
1) it’s on Netflix if you’re in the US
2) it’s got some missteps, but it also has some really lovely characters, some fun and funny dialogue, and in a lot of cases it really leans into the ridiculousness
3) oh man, yeah, I have been on so many military posts and hung out with enough people with security clearances that I’m like ‘hey, where are all your support staff who supposedly don’t know about this top secret project? Is Major What’s-his-nuts gonna mop floors? Is the General refilling the coffee???’
Also, Richard Dean Anderson is a gem, Amanda Tapping has the most amazing facial expressions, Michael Shanks is a long-time crush for me (eventually he cuts his hair and starts doing push-ups, and that does things to me on a spiritual level), and Christopher Judge is fucking hysterical.
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hprse · a month ago
One of my favorite things about being able to enjoy almost every character in any given series (usually) is that even if a character killed one of my favorites for a horrible reason im still able to like their backstory or have part of their story being one of my favorite parts in the series
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dazais-guardian-angel · a month ago
Izuku Midoriya will become the world’s greatest hero, not because he is the strongest, but because he saves the world’s greatest villain.
#my hero academia#boku no hero academia#bnha 305#i just read the new chapter and y'all#i am /sobbing/#i am in TEARS#this is one of the best chapters in the series#one of my absolute favorites#it's a turning point; it means SO MUCH#izuku is the greatest in the world and we do not deserve him#i guess i always knew he wouldn't want to kill Shigaraki and would want to save him#especially after he said he looked like a crying child at the end of the last fight#but to actually hear him say it#spell it out in no uncertain terms how strongly he believes in this#no matter the odds#saying that even if he fails in the end he wants to do all he can to try#because ALL MIGHT SAVES PEOPLE AND ONE FOR ALL IS USED TO SAVE AND NOT HURT#it is the most beautiful thing in the world; my /heart/#😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️#mha says kindness is the most powerful force there is#and that anyone can turn around if they choose to accept the hand that's offered to them#as long as that hand is given#and that's such a fucking good message#it's why i fell in love with mha in the first place; because it's so uplifting and optimistic and full of hope#I don't know how Shigaraki can be saved but i am so compelled by the thought of how Izuku will try#and how Shigaraki might change by Izuku's impact on him even if only slightly#just...... god the parallels between them#i'm so damn emotional#bless you hori; you've been hitting nothing but home runs lately#also pro tip read the second half of this chap with You Can Be a Hero playing...... I did that and imagined it animated and just 😭😭😭
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wujuhour · 2 months ago
tagged by @narniadreams​ (thank you as always for the tag, you lovely person you 🥺🥺)
Rules: List ten of your favorite female characters from ten different fandoms. Then tag ten people.
Anthy Himemiya (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
Tumblr media
Asirpa (Golden Kamuy)
Tumblr media
Hana (Tokyo Godfathers)
Tumblr media
Sun (The World of Us) 
Tumblr media
Eris (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas)
Tumblr media
Minako Aino (Sailor Moon)
Tumblr media
Lady Eboshi (Princess Mononoke)
Tumblr media
Kayla Day (Eighth Grade)
Tumblr media
Aster Flores (The Half of It)
Tumblr media
Chi (Chi’s Sweet Home)
Tumblr media
I tag: @sixappleseeds @theshardsofmyheart @kimiko24 @fleursdesmorts @origami10​ @lesbyeeun​ @kiiiwwi​ @aristotless​ @yerimyah​ @screeeeeeeching​ @dotwav​ (only do it if you want to of course! ^^)
#i really put way too much thought into this lol#but it's important to me and i wanted characters that would feel right#it took me so long to think up the tenth one tho#i was going to have it be faye from ''cowboy bebop'' at first#because i like that series and she has the most compelling character arc from it#(not to mention in a shinichirou watanabe series overall in terms of female characters)#but then i swapped it out for chi because she resembles my cat#and even before my cat came into my life i really like the series and i watched the first season last year and it was as wholesome as ever#i'd recommend it to any cat lover (and even non-cat lovers!)#the episodes are five minutes each and they're just cute and fun#i also didn't want a repeat of characters i picked the last time i did this tag (which i forgot about at first)#so miss fisher was going to be here until i swapped her out for sun#and it felt right; i like sun's character and her story echoes a lot with my childhood (not exactly but there's similarities)#but then that ruins my goal of picking only characters from animes/movies/tv series that i knew would have gifs#and i spent waaaay too long trying to pick a good one for miss fisher OTL#(not to mention faye OTL x2)#i also tried focusing on newish/newer characters i've embraced in my heart so old favorites aren't on here#lastly: i may have put eboshi and aster on here mostly because they're so attractive to me as in they're girlfriend material xP#but it helps that i also like their characters and eris is just cool cool cool as always#anthy should come with no explanation i've been gushing about her the most recently#tags#sangeluine#long post#long tags#long everything#if you've read this far you actually deserve a million dollars
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