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heyimboredtalktome9 days ago
38, 39, 40 for the handwriting ask game?
Tumblr media
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i-dreamed-i-had-a-sona month ago
Time for another realization spurred on only by Star Trek: just figured out I only know how to make friends in hierarchical contexts
#star trek#guess who this one is about folks guess who made me figure this out that's right spock#bc i was just thinking like--i'm lonely right? pretty solitary person etc. etc. and i worry often about whether that will change#and some days i don't feel like it needs to which is also 'in-character' lol i do actually quite like solitude#but that is distinct from loneliness and that's something else spock recognizes. he is a lonely character#and i was like well why don't i make other friends? and it hit me that i *literally don't know how*#like maybe i used to? freshman year when everyone was new i made some friends but they turned out to be toxic#but now? i've got no clue. except for in a context like the fencing team which has captains and subordinates and responsibilities etc.#aka.........much like the enterprise lol but no really it's a shared committment and responsibility but not something like office work#like i have no clue how to make actual friends in an office context. or in clubs anymore. or anything like that#but bonding gradually with someone over several years bc of shared moments of tension elation and hard work? that i can do#(not @ the t'hy'la bond being hypothesized to form in people who fought alongside each other as brothers of the sword 馃憖)#so i'm trying to think of how to make other friends and it isn't working and then bam my brain is like 'you know your favorite projectable?#'spock? well yeah he doesn't know how to make friends off the ship when he leaves he just goes 'i can't handle this it's kolinahr time' lol#so he isolates which is exACTLY WHAT I WOULD DO aksksjf and who knows maybe i will but i'm tryna follow his arc be healthy and accept mysel#but anyway so i thought about why spock can't make friends off-ship and it's because he doesn't understand how to just...relate to people#he needs a defined role and something to bring them together and a mutual passion and commitment to a task#THEN he can gradually bond with them. but just interacting with people and letting them in? just trusting some rando? nahh#which is exactly how i do it of course. so in analyzing spock i was like ooh shoot that me. dang#and my only friend('s') as a kid were ALSO from the fencing team but it was also toxic so i became even LESS likely to open up#traumatic childhoods?? just another relatable trait!! anyways yeah spock be out here as a whole fictional character teaching me about mysel#kay has a party in the tags#spock#kay can i just catch my breath for a second#*f twice and also *'
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irukapnga month ago
Would genuinely love to meet someone who likes danzo. And thats not in a sarcastic way or anything. As time went on, there's been a rise in the idea that we can't like evil characters or else we are also evil. As if one can't say "I wouldn't do what this character did/I don't agree with this character but I still like them as a character anyway."
#i don't like danzo personally but its not really because hes bad.#but tbh one of my favorite video games characters is Caesar from Fallout New Vegas. in fact I like the Legion a lot#i DONT stand for what the legion does when i look at things the way i view the current world. and i prob wouldnt in the fallout world eithe#but i do genuinely think theyre fascinating and i enjoy the playthrough of choosing their side. they believe theyre right so wholeheartedly#and ik its hard for a lot of ppl to separate their own morals when looking at a world that isnt our own. that works in different ways#sometimes its hard for me too. esp when it comes to characters i like. but its often not hard. i enjoy it. looking at all perspectives#that doesnt have to negate what i truly feel. it doesnt have to negate my own morals not at all#and when i say interesting i dont mean in the sense of like a test subject or something. i mean it like...#i think a big issue ppl have irk nowadays is forgetting that at its core morality is subjective and nothing will change that#there will always be 'bad people'. always be racists and phobes and what have you. and for me 'putting myself in their shoes' for lack#of a better term reminds me that while i can be apart of something bigger im not that important and my feelings are not that impo#important.* and so theres no need for me to lose my shit over ppl that may never agree w me on things.#one day I'll die and there will be racists and phobes and such. those ppl arent going away even if we want to pretend otherwise#even if we want to just write them off as bad and hope they fade from existence. life doesnt work that way.#LMFAOOOOO I WROTE A WHOLE ASS ESSAY IN THE TAGS SORRY!!!! if there are typos oh well#g shut up#and in fact i have a bigger chance of making an impact if i try to understand. that doesnt always work because nothing ALWAYS works#these tags really ended in a while other place huh lmfaoooo
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redxriiota month ago
How draw Deku鈥檚 hair skjnfrf
#//Mobile so I can't do much rn#//But yeah kjfnf#//I'm sketching out ideas bc I've been stuck (and I say this fondly) watching Elena of Avalor#//And my favorite storyline is giving me HELLA ideas for a au#//P much following the plot idea of Song of the Sirenas; except with changes#//Liiiike#//Kiri being the prince of the mermaids; his mother was a mermaid who fell in love with a sailor after saving him from his sinking ship#//Didn't stick around; but that's okay. He had enough of an impact that she decided to order her people to quit tryna drown people#//Kiri in turn wants to make sure the humans know too. Since he can shift between human/merman bc he's half each; he's the best too#//Goes up to the surface to try his hand at negotiations#//Instead of it being like Marisa and her brother; Marzel's role would be Tamaki basically being like Kiri's Sebastian#//Stressed af at his Foolery; but no way in hell is he letting him go alone; so he comes along#//Is also half-human for convenience; but not as good as Kiri when it comes to walking on land bc he didn't stray up there as often as him#//Fat Gum's Coco; solely bc GUM TRIO#//Also big ol' blowfish merman would be cute to draw#//Izuku prolly would be...the heir apparent to All Might; visiting this island lead by Nighteye for diplomacy reasons#//Aka; Toshi's sheepish about his and Nighteye's relationship getting awkward and Izu decided to help rekindle things bw the two kingdoms#//Mirio is Nighteye's head of the guard#//Though Nighteye has thoughts about making Mirio his own successor (since Toshi apparently chose some commoner as his heir)#//ANYWAYS#//One of the reasons Kiri wants to try negociating peace is bc while Deku & co came by boat; sailors spotted him and wanted to attack#//But Deku stopped them and deescalated shit as best he could; even after being told the merpeople were dangerous#//Gave the prince HELLA dokis and hope that this meant Deku could be reasoned with; and everyone could follow suit#//Nevermind the fact that Nighteye is the one with the wary grudge on the merpeople considering his people had been most affected#//Kiri immediately tries to get on Deku's good side when he uses mersong to hypnotize and bring him over (not knowing Mirio followed him)#//Mirio doesn't attack when he sees them bc 1) Kiri didn't actually try to hurt Deku; 2) MAN; does the dark-haired octoboi with himlook cute#//Aaaaaand that's basically the ideas I got; bc this is way too much brainstorming for what is going to be fun sketches skjfhdrgr#//But yeah; I'm a sucker for miri.tama and kiri.deku; so I'm v partial to this idea#//And could definitely be fun to develop more#//Back to watching Elena of Avalor I go sbfdkjfgf. For more inspo
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dcunofficial2 months ago
me: The "Jason Todd has glowing green eyes" headcanon is really cool to see in fanart and really works well in hinting back to his death and resurrection in character design. I'm generally a big fan of reminders of character growth, whether that be hair changes, clothes, scars, etc, to this headcanon really sticks with me as something really fun. The Lazarus Pit itself is a very unnatural thing, that much is obvious, and Jason already is sometimes given a streak of white hair, but adding this headcanon is just so cool. The headcanon is that Jason had blue eyes more akin to Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne before his death, but after he came back, the blue is mixed with green. Now, I like this because it's not immediately noticeable as the white hair. It's subtle. How long does it take for people to notice? How long did it take until Jason noticed? What are their reactions? How does Jason feel about it? And that's not even incorporating the glowing part. It just completes the headcanon. Jason's eyes glow an eerie acidic green. It's the same green the subtly hides in his eyes. The same green that colors the Lazarus Pit. It glows in the dark, maybe when he mad, or maybe when he's injured, as his body heals a bit faster than the average human. I'm just saying, it's a really interesting thought experiment to play around in but it gets even MORE interesting when you consider Damian, who grew up in the League of Assassins and logically could have been just as exposed-
Kidnapper: Oh my god shut up I'm just gonna return you now.
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mostly-vo1d2 months ago
okay but Steo soulmate au where you always know your soul mate's biggest secret
#teen wolf#stiles stilinski#theo raeken#kid Steo not having anything specific enough to know#then Claudia and Tara dying and both of them having 'I killed her'#Theo not having many secrets with the doctors around so Stiles mostly gets random conversations Theo shouldn't have listened in on#Stiles mostly trying to hide how badly his mom's death affected him and his dad#Theo being allowed to leave every so often for a few hours and Stiles getting images of his favorite places#Stiles getting his pet snake and the week before his dad finds it is the most stressful one of Theo's life#Stiles finding out about werewolves鈥 and keeping everyone else's secrets#(Theo's reaction to whatever the truth of I don't want to be like you is)#Theo figuring out it's Stiles sometime during or after s3#(maybe during frayed/motel california the sacrifice or after the nogitsune)#Stiles knowing his soul mate knows because they're afraid 'they' (the dread doctors鈥 but Theo/the secret never calls them that)#might take an interest in him#but everything still being vague enough that Stiles doesn't connect the pieces until later#Theo coming back and technically being completely honest with Stiles because he literally can't keep secrets from him#(Theo's secret is still 'he's my soul mate)#Stiles killing Donovan and his going back to 'I killed him'#Stiles suspecting something when his soulmate's secret changes to 'I didn't mean for this to happen'#just after he left the library#getting his confirmation on the hospital roof and Theo talking about his sister#everything still going to hell#Stiles not knowing if Scott's accusation or Theo's distant 'I'm sorry about this' hurts more#the staircase scene#Stiles secret being 'Theo's my soulmate'#Theo only hearing it for the first time when Stiles accuses him about scott#not doing anything about it because it's too late#Theo still dying鈥 the last thing he /knows/ is 'I don't want him to die'#Stiles never telling anyone鈥 but waking up in the train station with a new secret and鈥 maybe possibly鈥 hope
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weeo3 months ago
Tagging game
I've been tagged by the gorgeous @mintjamsblog to post ten favourite characters from ten fandoms, then tag ten people.
Tommy Shelby - Peaky Blinders
Alfie Solomons - Peaky Blinders
Ada Shelby - Peaky Blinders
I'll stop rn with the Peaky characters but I also love Lizzie, May, Polly, Freddie, etc.
Sean - 120bpm
Sansa Stark - GoT
Ragnar & Lagertha Lothbrok - Vikings
Grace Marks - Alias Grace
Holden Ford & Bill Tench - Mindhunter
Kim Wexler & Jessie Pinkman - Breaking Bas / Better Call Saul
The roomates of the Pink Palace - It's a sin
Tagging : @fortunetellingnonesense @deadendtracks @knivesplushearts @typinggently @nofckingfighting
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scentedluminarysoul4 months ago
Unlike some members of System of a Down, particularly Tankian, Dolmayan supported Donald Trump's presidency and regularly voices his political opinions on social media. Tankian has stated that it is "frustrating" to be politically opposite with his bandmate and brother-in-law. (Wikipedia)
Dude. You're Armenian. You of all people should know what a racist regime can and will do.
Serj is (for lack of a better word) a fucking saint for only calling it "frustrating".
Tankian is a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, as he stated in his exclusive h-pem interview. (Wikipedia)
Family meetings must be awkward. But we definitely know who the "racist uncle" is...
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xiaodaozhang5 months ago
missed me stoppp 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ for me in fanfic... abusive relationships a no go too and... i have this very distinct image in my head of some of my favourite characters and when people stray too far from that i really can't handle it... ooc but just for me haha! ok a question mm... i don't know if you like/know his dark materials, but if u do what daemons would your fave characters have do you think? otherwise/and do you have any pets? what's your favourite animal? - 馃崘
yeahh omg same!! i'm very picky with characterizations in fics oof. also, re: your last question, i simply cannot read xuexiao and songxuexiao. i get that people want to see them together and a lot of fic writers change characterizations so things don't get weird but again i don't like when characterizations stray too far from canon so 馃檰鈥嶁檧锔
unfortunately i have only heard of his dark materials so aaaah I can't answer this question 馃槼
i don't have any pets :/ given the financial stability I'd love to have a cat! i just feel like they get me lol
in general i love all kinds of cats, and birds!!!! they are so cool omg from time to time i hc myself as someone with a pet crow that just sits on my shoulder and insults queerphobes et al.
how about you?? do you have pets? what animals do you like best? 鈽猴笍
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simsliipsx6 months ago
36 & 37
36. Favorite clean word?
ma鈥檓a. . .or sir
37.聽 Favorite swear word?
probably c*nt
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evilscheme6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
THANK YOU i love them 馃槶 I still can't do pics in asks this is like. magic to me
also umm.... lemme think... probably either impressionable by taemin or nectar by wayv.. im just in this mood lately
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funyasm6 months ago
rules: you can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to! put your favorite playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. no skipping!聽
i was tagged by @salayy鈥 鈾ヂ
Time Traveler - Priest
How Villains Are Made - Madalen Duke
The Sun & The Rain - Magna Carta Cartel
I Revenge - MXMS
I鈥檓 Always Walking As Somebody Else - American Murder Song
喔福喔灌箑喔腑 濡備綍 (Skyline) 鈥 PP
President - IAMX
Your Light - Will Morton, Julie Wemyss
And Saints - Sleigh Bells
Mary On A Cross - Ghost
tagging anyone who wants to do it!
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firebirdtransam687 months ago
Tumblr media
I have not been as active as I used to be a month ago.聽 From the intense election, to death in the family, to the next decade beginning with many unpredictabilities, I thought it would be best to take a break from the Internet to decompress myself, as well as finding at least one or two hobbies to preoccupy myself.聽 Also, I may at least complete one of my items in my bucket list (one of them being able to see the Milky Way in the night sky, in person, for the first time), starting in the 2020鈥瞫.
That said, just because I am not as active as I used to be, does not mean I will be gone, permanently; it is just that I will be checking Tumblr every other day (as opposed to every day) for any notifications or other updates I believe I need to attend to.
Like I said, I am still here; just not as active as I used to be...
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