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#my dad felt bad for us so he got us mcdonalds
steamishot · 25 days ago
officially back from a vacation with my parents! it was quite a hectic schedule, so i was almost depleted of energy by yesterday. they flew in thursday - i coordinated with the tour to pick them up at the airport, and i met them there. they dropped us off at our hotel in elizabeth, NJ (arrived around 6pm) without any stop for dinner. i lyfted us to hoboken, NJ to have a pizza dinner and walk along the pier. it was my first time exploring hoboken, where my new friend S lives. we then took the PATH (my first time as well) to manhattan and walked around washington square park. it was dark by then, and there were a bunch of skaters and people partying/smoking weed lol. we just took a few photos and then went back to NJ. 
friday: visited philly and washington DC. this day was packed but it was probably the most fun. the ratio of landmarks/sights to see to driving time was the best on this day. unfortunately, the congress was closed so we couldn’t do a tour like i did last time. however, we got to see it from the outside and other beautiful landmarks that i didn’t get to see previously. we also caught the sunset at the thomas jefferson memorial. our tour for this was about 15 people - mostly southeast asian (vietnamese, burmese, thai) and indian families. we were the only ones who spoke chinese. our tour guide was chinese burmese.
saturday: did the most driving this day. drove from DC area to niagara falls with stops in corning and seneca lake. picked up more people for this and had 36 on the bus. we had mcdonalds for lunch and even worse food for dinner. they brought us to the welcome center food court for dinner. by the time we arrived, there was only a couple restaurants open, and they’re all janky fast food places. we got something similar to panda express for like double the price. they sold bad boba for $8! and a combo plate for like $16! i thought it was a tourist trap made for tour buses like ours, but the building was located right across from the niagara falls state park. i found it odd that there was such a trashy food court for niagara falls. since the day was mostly on the road, my dad said it wasn’t fun. luckily, we got to go on a niagara falls night tour which was quite beautiful. it was a great way to end the long day.
sunday: visited the niagara gorge and whirlpool. we did a jet ski boat ride in the whirlpool, which felt like a roller coaster ride. my dad had a ton of fun on this haha but i didn’t particularly like it. it was too much rocking around and it made me have to go #2 afterwards. after this, we visited old fort niagara and lake ontario. then we did the maid of the mist boat ride to see the falls up close. this was the highlight of the niagara falls stop for me. it was such an incredible sight and fun to wear ponchos alongside everyone. the rest of the day was spent driving back to NYC area - we were dropped off at NJ. 
monday: NYC tour - 6 people. the day started off well with a tour around wall street and one world trade center. everyone was in a good mood. afterwards, the tour guide informed us that the boat for statue of liberty was being repaired and we won’t be able to go. everyone was deeply disappointed as it was the main thing that they wanted to see in NYC. the mood turned sour and one of the vietnamese ladies complained to the company. we went to visit time square, united nations, 5th ave, ate ichiran, empire state building, and the MET. when my friend gabe came to visit earlier in the month, he mentioned that he couldn’t find statue of liberty tickets either so i thought the tour was telling the truth. however, i checked online and found that i was able to book tickets immediately. fortunately, i was able to book tickets for tues morning. there was so much drama revolving the statue of liberty - my guess is that since the tour for that is so long (~2-3 hours), it wouldn’t be profitable for the tour guides to take us, assuming they would have to find and pay for parking and there were just 6 of us. anyhow, we ate thai food for dinner and visited central park. i had planned on taking my parents on a gondola ride but things happened with the reservation (and also my parents were not interested at all - apparently the lake looks ugly to them) so we ended up not going. instead, we took the subway to my apartment! they were able to say hi to matt for a bit and see the rooftop. they looked like they felt sorry that i lived in such a small apartment lol. afterwards, we went to our hotel in chinatown to check in. it was dark by then ~8:30pm and chinatown seemed a bit more sketchy. we stopped by a convenience store in the area to buy some water. the guy at the register (very young - late teens/early 20s) was doing a line of coke when we walked in lol. 
tuesday: this was our free day without the tour. i was the tour guide basically. we finally got to go to the statue of liberty and were actually the first to board the first boat at 9:30am! long story, but the vietnamese sisters we were with (ages 68 & 70 who were very quick and active for their age) were on the last day of their tour. their tour guide was trying to again dissuade them from going on the statue of liberty tour. my dad was kind enough to send them the info when we got to the site, and we let them know that they have ferries every 30 min and the line was not long at all. by fate, they ended up being the last ones to board our ferry and we reunited. afterwards, we hopped on their tour bus (since they “owed” us for the mishap yesterday) and asked them to drop us off in chinatown for lunch. we all ate pho at a vietnamese shop together. then, we parted ways. my parents and i walked a bit more around chinatown and then returned to our hotel. we then lyfted to my apartment and i sent them off to the airport afterwards via subway. 
i felt relief after they left haha, since my host duties were done, and i look back on our pictures fondly. i’m so happy that my parents were able to come see the east coast. they kept saying that they’ve been wanting to go to niagara falls for 40 years (and NYC/statue of liberty) but just never made it happen. as we all grow older, i feel like i’m taking more responsibilities as their caretaker. i worry about them more often, like when i sent them on the subway to the airport scared that they were gonna encounter something bad on the subway or get lost. i had to rewear some of the same clothes this trip and felt so dirty. it was also difficult bc we switched hotels every single night. too much packing and unpacking. it felt like a lot of mental work for me taking care of my parents, figuring out the food, transportation, logistics, etc. i was hungry quite a few times during our tour (could be also due to my pickiness - i prefer to eat well during vacation instead of fast or processed food). during covid, the hotel’s breakfast was very limited. overall, i think going on the tour was a good choice for my parents instead of going on a trip ourselves. they enjoy meeting new people - it would’ve been too boring if it was just us three. however, if i were to do this trip again, i most likely would want to find a car to drive myself lol. would like to go back to DC and explore more! we took a toooon of pictures. 
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jamesqueerpotter · 26 days ago
10 Favourite Female Characters From 10 Different Fandoms
(List your 10 favorite female characters from 10 fandoms, then tag 10 people)
Thank you so much for the tag @a-lil-bi-furious !! ❤️
1. Malia Tate from Teen Wolf
Starting off strong — literally, she has the strength of, like, a bear and the temper of one! My angry girl!! I just loved her from the very first second we were introduced to her after turning back. She went through so much, and it clearly had a big impact on her, and we got to see her grow through most of it (but not all of it because the writers suck a bit) and work to become a pack member instead of the lone coyote she had gotten used to being. Also, she insanely pretty and cute so she’s allowed to growl at people every so often!
Tumblr media
2. Liv Parker from The Vampire Diaries
My angry and extra sassy girl — witch edition! There’s just something about her that I love. I really understand Tyler; she could insult me and blast me across a room with magic and I would fall in love with her. But we know that a lot of her mean-girl attitude comes from her family issues, and it’s more of a defense mechanism than anything. So, it was nice to see a softer side of her around both Luke and Tyler — and Jo, on occasion. She knew she was the “weaker” twin and as much as the thought of dying scared her, she still stood strong and tried to find a way to save Luke from having to live with that guilt by finding another way — just as she saved Tyler from triggering his curse by killing someone (who was already dying because of him) for him. And then in the end, knowing she was going to die anyway, she saved him again. She deserved a way better ending and more of a chance to grow since we definitely were not done with her story, so I will be forever bitter but I love and appreciate the time we had her for!
Tumblr media
3. Hope Mikaelson from Legacies
Is it cheating if they’re from the same universe but not the same show? I just love this little Tribrid so much. She’s gone through a lot her entire life — literally, she had people trying to kill her before she was even born. She lost her mum, and then her dad, and her uncle. Not to mention the, uh, killing a bunch of people in between and also finding out your first boyfriend helped kidnapped your mum in a plot to kill her and you (that he didn’t know about, given, but still). And having virtually no friends at school. But she still tried to be so strong all the time, to a point where she really should let more people in it and see that soft, vulnerable part that’s still in there. Her anger is justified, and sometimes out of her control due to her family, and I wish they’d let her get real help for it. She shouldn’t have to be the “hero” or the “saviour” all the time and I wish they would just cut her a break, let her rest, and have a moment of happiness that doesn’t end with her feeling like she didn’t deserve it.
Tumblr media
4. Wanda Maximoff from MCU
(First of all, you don’t know how painful it was having to wade through a bunch of Pietro gifs in the process of finding this one.) The version of Wanda in the MCU is very... complex. Obviously there’s a lot of issues With the character, but if I’m focusing solely on who she is in the MCU, then I love her so much. And she definitely has some issues in her life. She starts off as the bad guy, angry and seeking “justice” (and revenge) for what happened to her parents, and in the same movie, we see her realize that the side she was working for wasn’t any better. We see her character develop quite a bit in just her first movie, and then over the course of the next ones, we see more sides to her; her guilt over hurting innocent people through a quickly-made decision, her compassion for Vision and for those other people, her grief over losing Pietro and Vision. And she herself is so powerful! She tries to live with the pain she’s endured but it takes over without her control, because both her grief and her magic are all-consuming. And I add this because I still refuse WandaVision’s change to the timeline: she went through all of this before she was eighteen. She’s so young, and in pain, but she still tries so hard to push through because other people need her, and she doesn’t want them to suffer like she has. Also, I just think it’s pretty when she does those little hand movements to possess people and her eyes turn red.
Tumblr media
5. Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter
She deserved the absolute world. Her death was unnecessary, and I hate it, because she should have gotten to live the rest of her life raising her son, happy with her husband, and just generally being alive. She was so full of life and joy, and she tried to be the source of those things in the middle of a literal war when everyone was at their lowest and felt hopeless or angry. Also would’ve loved more scenes of her and her favourite cousin, Sirius, because they would be chaotic and they both deserved that. ALSO also, she’s very pretty, can change her appearance and chose to have pink/purple hair and dresses like how tiny me wanted to dress, so I immediately fell in love, of course.
Tumblr media
6. Kara Danvers from Supergirl
She’s just so kind and compassionate despite everything the world has put her through — but she’s also angry deep down, and she’s hurt and in pain, and some of my favourite moments of hers are when she’s allowed to express that. When she’s allowed to really just lose it and lash out at the people who hurt her because she pushes it down for so long so that she can help everyone else that it finally just explodes.
Tumblr media
7. Jody Jackson from The Dumping Ground
TW: mentions of different forms of child abuse. This girl deserves the whole world but I promise you that the world does not deserve her. The same can be said for pretty much all of the characters in The Dumping Ground, to be honest, but god she has just been through so much. Neglected by her mum from a very young age, abused physically and verbally by her and (presumably) both of her brothers, and it’s implied she’s abused sexually by one of her brothers as well. Of course when we first meet her she is angry and terrified. She still is because the trauma developed and was never fully dealt with, so she still carries it all around in her mouth and fists, until one little thing happens to make her lash out. And she knows she has a problem — she is terrified of becoming her brother, and sometimes her mum, and all she wants is to not hurt the people she loves. Because she loves so much, it’s just hard for her to know how to show it sometimes because sometimes all she can remember is how her family “loved” her. But she’s grown so much since she went into care and she’s getting help at last, and I just have so much hope for her happiness in the next series to come.
Tumblr media
8. Annie Marks from Good Girls
She’s short, fiesty, will make jokes at the worst possible time, won’t stop calling a literal gang leader who has threatened her life on more than one occasion “gang friend”, was incredibly supportive and accepting of her son when he came out as trans, will punch someone when necessary (probably also when not), has a semi-friendly co-parenting thing going on with her ex, and is just all around adorably ridiculous.
Tumblr media
9. Casey McDonald from Life With Derek
Ignoring Derek in the gif — Casey usually does, too. Casey is a perfectionist, and frankly, sometimes quite annoying about it and some other things, and yes, she definitey initiates a lot of the arguments between her and Derek. And that is why I love her. She is in no way perfect, and her striving to be comes from anxiety and insecurities that are partially the result of the instability in her life. I love how, no matter how much she may despise Derek, when there’s a real problem, she tries to help. She cares about the people in her life, and I can’t wait for her to return to as a mum of four!
Tumblr media
10. Ashley Garcia from The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia
Someone give the world TO her, please?? It’s a shame this fandom is so small because she deserves so much love and appreciation. She’s a literal genius but lacks... a lot of social skills at the start of the show. But she learns from her friends, and gets to experience new things, including having a crush for the time (and the second!) and she’s just generally living life as a fairly normal teenager. While still being an absolute genius. I just love this smiley little dork so much!
Tumblr media
Tagging: @pad-foots @donnas-troia @childofsquidward @multifandomlover121 @superarrowverse @dance-is-life27 to participate if you want to, but as always, no pressure! And anyone who wants to do this but wasn’t tagged — you have been now! Go do it!
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irishseeeker · 26 days ago
                                              the story of us
summary:  Five times Kate Sheffield and Anthony Bridgeton were just friends and one time they were more.
chapter 1: if one thing had been different, would everything be different?
Kate Sheffield and Anthony Bridgerton meet at Oxford University.
They’re both studying law and business, and they’re in the same college of the many in their university. They have nearly identical schedules, which usually resulted in heated debates in most of their lectures. They’re partnered up for seminars for their first semester, which means an hour a week the two of them and a tutor spend an hour discussing readings, essays and of course, arguing further.
Oddly enough, after a month of arguing and bickering, they sort of become best friends.  
They lived in the same accommodation, a co-ed accommodation which Kate had thought was scandalous at first, but it ends up being amazing. They form a friend group in their course, and they all live together. It's sort of perfect, really. Kate had had friends in school, but she had never had a friendship group like this or a best friend like Anthony. For the first time, she felt like she truly belonged.
They still argued constantly, much to the amusement of their friends, but they also knew each other’s coffee orders and why he’s scared of bees and she’s scared of thunderstorms.
He’s the first boy-friend Kate has ever had, and she’s definitely his first platonic girl-friend as he seems to sleep with the rest of them.
They’re completely different, yet they understand each other. He’s a Bridgerton, an Oxford legacy with an actual title, and she’s a Sheffield from a small town in Somerset on a scholarship to Oxford. He went to Eton, she went to her local secondary school.
They spend their first year at university either in the library, in their rooms or drunk in a club or pub. Always together.
“So, you and Anthony,” Her friend, Anna, commented as they walked to class one chilly December day. Anthony was up ahead with some of the lads, the group of them laughing loudly and occasionally shoving each other. Kate had decided a while ago she would never fully understand the male species.
“Yes?” Kate asked, turning to raise an eyebrow at Anna. She knew what Anna was implying, it wasn’t the first time she had been asked about it and it was only December.
“You’re quite close,” She commented further, grinning at Kate as she opened up the Law building’s door.
“We’re good friends,” Kate shrugged, feeling her cheeks heat up. “That’s all.”
“The way he looks as you doesn’t seem that friendly to me,” said Anna, nudging Kate with her hip. Anna had long blonde hair, pale skin and a wide smile. She was also very petite. Kate was the opposite.
Kate was tall, around 5’10, which people oddly liked to to remind her about a lot. As if she wasn't aware of it. She was lucky she had never suffered from acne, bar the occasional stress spots, so her skin was clear and smooth. She had long, dark thick hair. It never stayed straight and was always knotted, so she usually just let it lie down her back. She had met the girls Anthony typically went for and she didn’t fit the picture.
Kate had long accepted that and wouldn't entertain the idea any further.
“He doesn’t look at me like anything,” Kate rolled her eyes, feeling her throat closing up slightly as they walked into their lecture hall and took a seat in the middle. “He saw me puke my guts out last week, so it’s fair to say he’s not looking at me like anything.”
She had gotten far too drunk on a night out last Thursday and she could still feel her hangover. It had been a particularly stressful day with a bad grade on an essay and a harsh feedback session from a tutor. She had embarrassingly burst into tears when Anthony had stopped by her room to go to dinner, and he held her as she cried and called their tutor a twat.
He then suggested they all go out. She had apparently danced on top of tables, attempted to take most of her clothes off (and was stopped from doing so) and then passed out. Anthony had carried her home. Not that she remembered anything, most of the night was a blur.
She was never drinking tequila again.
“He was the one holding your hair back,” Anna gave her a pointed look, raising her eyebrows. “I’m just saying, I think you two would be good together. Kate and Anthony has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?
Before Kate could object, she felt someone appear sit down beside them. “Hey,” A voice appeared beside them and Kate nearly jumped, looking at Anthony. He was wearing a grey jumper and jeans, his nose red from the cold outside. “What are you talking about?”
“What we’re wearing to the Law ball,” Anna replied swiftly, and Kate let out a sigh of relief that her friend had stopped talking. The Law Ball was being held next weekend, just before the term ended for Christmas and all assignments were over.
“Oh,” Anthony said, taking out his laptop and logging into it. “Well, Kate, you should wear something that’s hard to get out of. I don’t think the law society will take kindly to one of its members stripping in the middle of the dancefloor.”
“Fuck off.” She elbowed him as Anna burst out laughing, and Anthony grins at her. She can’t help but laugh too even if she’s mortified.
After Christmas, when they’re back at university and exams are over, he teaches her how to drive. Mary, her step-mother and the only mother she’s ever had, never learned, and everything had been within walking distance back home. She had never had the chance to learn. She had got the train to university when she’d moved, and you walked everywhere. Anthony always had his car with him as he went home a lot to see his siblings and mother.
When he finds out she can’t drive, he insists on teaching her. “I’ve taught two of my siblings. Including Colin. If I can teach Colin, I can teach anyone.”
They’re about ten minutes into it before they start arguing.
Kate had never thought driving could be so stressful.
“I am clutching!” She shrieked, pushing the pedal forward as her ankles began to ache.
“Fuck me-brake, Kate!”
“Stop shouting at me!”
She pulls up the handbrake so hard she’s surprised she didn’t break it, and gets out of the car and refuses to get back in. They had gone to a retail park with a largely empty parking lot to practice in. He eventually convinces her to get back in the car, after apologizing numerous times, and he’s a lot nicer as she gets behind the wheel again.
Her birthday is in March, and he gets her driving lessons. They’re ridiculously expensive, and she initially refuses to accept them for a week. They argue about it, money has never been an object to him and it’s something she’s never had much of, so their perspectives are different.
She eventually accepts them and thanks him, after he insists for the twentieth time he didn’t mean it in any way other than to help her and so he would never have to teach her. She really wanted to be able to drive, to be able to afford a car eventually and drive home to Mary and Edwina more. She did warn him if he ever spent more than 20 pounds on her again, she’d murder him.
It’s the start of May when she passes her test, and he’s waiting for her outside the centre. He twirls her around as she runs towards him, shouting she’d passed, and they get McDonalds to celebrate. She thanks him for everything, and he shrugs it off because he’s Anthony. They do celebrate with their friends in the pub later that evening, and she gets very drunk, but their McDonalds that afternoon will hold a special place in her heart.
She’s beginning to think he always will, too.
Her dad’s memorial service is on a Sunday in June. It had been five years since he died, five years of missing him and him missing everything. Her graduating school, her getting into university, her first day at university. Kate planned to get the train back home for the day and get the last one back this evening. She had two exams on Friday and Saturday so she couldn’t have gone home earlier, and she couldn’t miss any of her tutorials or lectures tomorrow. A part of her was relieved, she didn’t want to stay at home. It was too sad and university was a good distraction.
It was far too early to be awake on a Sunday, it was 7am, but she had to be home before twelve for the service and the train was two hours.
Her phone buzzed, and she glanced at the whatsapp messages that appeared on her screen.
Anthony: i’m outside
Kate raised an eyebrow at the text, grabbing her bag and heading downstairs, outside their accommodation. She walked out onto the road, eventually spotting him. “Anthony?”
“Hey,” He said, smiling at her. He was leaning against his car, his hands in his pockets. “We better hit the road. We’ll need to stop at a Starbucks drive through as well, I need caffeine.”
Kate stared at him, unsure of what to say or what was going on. He had been the person she had mentioned it to out of their friends, that she wouldn’t be around on Sunday. “What do you mean? I’m going to my dad’s service.”
“I know Kate,” He said softly, opening the passenger side door for her. “I figured I’d drive you. I don’t want you to be alone, so I thought I’d come. I know how hard today can be, so,” He shuffled his feet awkwardly, clearly very uncomfortable. “If it’s okay, that is. If you don’t want me to come, I can go.”
She stared at him. “Oh Anthony,” She half sobbed, completely breaking down and throwing herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck. It was probably the nicest thing someone had ever done for her. She hadn’t realized how much she had needed someone until she saw him in front of her. She squeezed him tightly, pushing the tears back that were brewing under her eyelids. “Thank you.”
She hadn’t had to ask, he was just there. That was Anthony Bridgerton.
“It’s okay,” He murmured, squeezing her back before she removed herself off him, half sniffling. Anthony had never handled emotional women well. “Let’s go? You have music privileges but if I hear one one direction song, they’re gone.”
“As if you don’t already know the lyrics and like them,” Kate teased, climbing into the car and putting on her seatbelt.
“I have three younger sisters,” He grumbled, flicking a glance at the rearview mirror as he pulled out onto the road. “Of course I know the lyrics.”
It’s a long and hard day, but she feels better when Mary, her stepmother, her mum, opens their front door and hugs her. Edwina squeals as she runs towards Kate, hugging her tightly.
“Hey guys,” Kate said, smiling as she stepped aside and gestured awkwardly to Anthony. “This is my friend from university, Anthony.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Anthony said, oddly formal as he extended his hand. “I’m so sorry for your loss.”
“Thank you. It’s a pleasure to meet you too,” Mary said, smiling at Anthony as she gestured to them to come inside. “Come in! We can have some tea and biscuits before we head off.” She shot Kate an amused smile behind Anthony’s back, who was being lead into the kitchen by a chattering Edwina.
Kate ignored Mary, because she knew that look and there was no look needed. There was nothing going on between her and Anthony.
The memorial is long, and quite sad. Anthony puts his arm around Kate at one point, when she can’t hold her tears, silently streaming down her cheeks. There’s a small lunch at the local pub afterwards, which Kate spends mostly talking to old friends of her fathers and familiar faces she hadn’t seen since she had left for university.
Kate takes Anthony on a walk down the pier, where she spent most of her childhood hanging out with her friends. “I had my first kiss there,” She pointed at the edge of the pier where there were a few steps that led to the sea. “I had my first drink there as well. I remember how disgusted I was about how disgusting beer was. All that hype for it to taste like piss.”
Anthony snorted, licking his lips as he tried to keep up with his melting ice cream. His face was a mess, a few sprinkles at the edge of his ice cream stained mouth. “Very romantic. So this is where the Kate Sheffield came to be?”
“It is indeed. Here,” She chuckled, stopping in her tracks as she reached up to wipe his white stained mouth softly. “You’re very messy.”
He was staring at her as she wiped his mouth, and her brain had only caught up with her actions a few moments later. She was touching his face, her hand on his cheek as she wiped his mouth.
His mouth.
His perfectly, slightly rose tinted lips.
“Oh my god! Kate!” Her old school friend, Ophelia Nixon, who had gone to university in Nottingham screeched as she ran up to Kate and hugged her. Kate introduced Anthony and they made polite conversation before Kate said they better head back as they had a long drive ahead of them.
The moment between her and Anthony had come and gone as quickly as it had happened. Neither of them acknowledged it.
Kate shook her head, thinking she was being ridiculous. There wasn’t a moment, of course there wasn’t.
“I like him,” Mary said later that evening, hugging Kate at the doorstep as her and Anthony were about to leave. Anthony had already said goodbye, and he was waiting in the car to give the Sheffields a private moment.
“I like him too,” Kate said, giving her mother a pointed look. “As a friend.”
“Of course dear,” Mary brushed Kate’s thick hair out of her eyes, winning at her. “It was lovely to see you, darling. Safe drive home. I love you a lot.”
“I love you too,” She hugged Mary one last time, before moving to hug her sister.
“I hate when you go,” Edwina murmured, wrapping her arms around her sister tightly. “You should bring back boys more. Especially ones who look like that.”
“What?” Her sister replied innocently, but she was smirking. “He definitely likes you.”
“I love you,” Kate said pointedly, ending the conversation as she pulled away from her sister. “I’ll call you both later.”
“Love you,” Edwina was laughing, waving in her and Anthony’s direction. “Bye Anthony!”
Anthony looked up and waved as Kate groaned, turning to give her a sister a murderous glare as she climbed into the car.
“You okay?” Anthony asked as Kate waved at her mother and sister’s fading figures as they drove off.
“Yeah,” She said, that feeling of sadness still aching slightly in the pit of her stomach. The years passed, and it got slightly easier, but it would always hurt. She smiled at him. “Thank you for today.”
“Of course,” said Anthony, returning her smile before focusing back on the road as they sat in a comfortable silence. Kate felt herself dozing off, the events of the day catching up on her, but as she fell asleep thinking about how much her dad would have liked Anthony.
Siena Rosso comes into the picture at the start of their second year. Kate doesn’t understand their relationship, if it even is a relationship, and deep down she knows she doesn’t want to understand. She prefers to not think about it, prefers to not think about that gut wrenching feeling in the pit of her stomach when she sees them together.
Besides, Siena is nice. She’s studying drama in the year below them. She’s witty, gorgeous, has no problem putting Anthony in his place and Kate understands why he likes her. She’s absolutely nothing like Kate.
Kate had never had much experience with boys, something she had long come to terms with in school and was once aware of again in university. It did happen, she had more opportunities in university-it just didn't happen a lot. Boys didn’t seem to gravitate towards her and she never got asked out on dates. It just wasn’t something that happened to her.
Edwina had even gotten a boyfriend long before Kate had.
She’s at a party one night in October, and Anthony isn’t there. Kate had been trying to make more of an effort with people outside of their friendship group and particularly people who weren’t Anthony. He had a life outside of her, and she would have one outside of him. She was invited by Poppy, a girl she had met in one of her history electives.
She gets paired up with Simon Basset for beer pong at the pre-drinks, and they were getting on very well. She didn’t know him at all, she only knew of him from Anthony. They had gone to Eton together, but Kate hadn’t met him until tonight. Anthony had been good friends with him for years, but hadn’t thought to introduce Kate or invite her whenever him and Simon met up.
“I’m Simon,” He introduced himself as grinned at her. “I really don’t like losing at beer pong.”
“Good thing I don’t lose,” Kate replied swiftly, smirking right back at him.
They walk to the club together and he gives her a piggyback when she complains her feet hurt. She puts up an instagram story of Simon and her winning beer pong and another of them smiling at the camera.
She ignores Anthony’s reply to her story, and she drinks more.
When she's on her third drink, Kate decides her and Simon were flirting. They were definitely flirting.
“What course did you say you were in again?” Simon shouts over the music, his hands lingering on her waist.
“Law,” Kate shouts back at him, leaning up slightly to speak in his ear.
“Ah! Do you know Anthony Bridgerton?”
"Yeah!" Kate tries to contain the grin that forms on her face the minute he's mentioned. "He's one of my best mates."
“Wait,” said Simon, the grin on his face completely disappearing. “You’re Kate?”
“Yeah,” She said, raising an eyebrow slightly at Simon's fallen face. “Has he mentioned me?”
“I can’t do it, I’m sorry,” Kate looks confused and Simon sighs, shaking his head. “I can’t do it to Anthony.”
“What? Can’t do what?” said Kate, raising an eyebrow. “Oh! No, no. We’re just friends!”
“I still can’t,” Simon insisted, actually taking a step back from her. Did Eton breed these boys to be so dramatic? “Believe me, I want to, but I can’t. Bro-code.”
“That’s ridiculous. Wait, did he say something to you?” Kate asked, raising an inquisitive eyebrow at him and feeling quite infuriated. Why couldn’t he do that to Anthony? Kate was his friend, not his sister. Not that it made a difference but to boys it clearly did. Kate didn’t know what category it fell into.
Simon just winked at her, “I better go before I do something I’ll regret but really won’t regret. I’ll see you around Kate,” Simon then literally ran away from Kate, and Kate was left standing there, gobsmacked.
“What just happened?” Poppy asked, walking up to Kate and following her gaze towards the back of Simon’s head, fading into the crowd.
Kate sighed, taking a long gulp of her vodka and cranberry. “I have absolutely no idea.”
The following day, Kate was feeling rather sorry for herself as she sat in the common room of their accommodation. She was incredibly hungover, exhausted and had sat through two lectures back to back that morning. She was meeting Anthony for lunch before she went to sleep for the rest of the day.
Anthony strode into the common room, a frown on his face as he sat down opposite her. "Were you with Simon Basset last night?”
“Wha?” Kate mumbled, her hangover pounding against her temple. “Hello to you too. Oh, yeah.” She would have rather forgotten about him, the guy who had rejected her in the middle of the club.
“And?” Anthony pressed, staring at Kate rather disgruntled.
Kate sat up, rather confused at his attitude. She was more than familiar with Anthony's moodiness, but this was slightly bizarre. He looked pissed. “And what?”
“Kate,” Anthony snapped, looking oddly serious as he pulled out his sandwich. “What do you think? Did you get with him?”
She didn’t care for his tone and she glared at him as she lifted her head. She ignored his question. “Did you say something to Simon Basset about me?”
Anthony gaped at her, his mouth hanging open with his half chewed lunch. “What?”
“Ew, shut your mouth you animal,” She scolded, making a face at him. “He mentioned you last night.”
Anthony put his sandwich down, looking at her seriously. “Did you get with him?”
Kate felt her cheeks heat up, forcing herself to look at him and scowl. “That’s none of your business!”
He was not pleased in the slightest. His tone was cold with a hint of irritation, lower than usual. “Kate.”
He leaned forward as he spoke, “Seriously, Kate.”
“Not that it has anything to do with you, but no, we didn’t!” She exclaimed, not understanding why he was acting quite hostile and why he was acting that question. They weren’t the type of friends to talk about who they got with, and Kate wasn’t really that type of person anyway. She was easily mortified. “He wouldn’t because of you. Something about some misogynistic bro-code.”
Anthony let out what looked like a sigh of relief, but she wasn’t sure. She knew that she would never truly understand men, and this was another example of why she shouldn’t ever bother trying.
“What did you say to him?” Kate asked, frowning at him, now happily munching away at his sandwich. She felt ridiculous asking, but she was confused and annoyed. “Did you tell him not get with me? You better not have Anthony Bridgerton. I will murder you.”’
“I didn’t tell him anything! Jesus, Kate. It’s Bro-Code. You don’t get with sisters, girlfriends, ex-girlfriends or girls who are best friends of your friends. There’s some lines you don’t cross,” He shrugged. “It would be like me getting with Edwina.”
“Okay, I’m eating my lunch and I'm extremely hangover,” She gagged, shuddering at the thought. “That is not the same. That code is ridiculous. Women aren't possessions you can ban your friends from getting with simply because they mean something to you.”
“It would be like you getting with Benedict!” The coloured veins in his neck were sticking out and she could see his frustration. “It’s wrong and immoral.”
“Again, eating my lunch. Benedict is a child so that’s another disgusting example I won't be entertaining. You're being absolutely ridiculous,” She shook her head, “I can still get with whoever I want. I don’t need your permission or some stupid code dictating that.”
“I never said you did,” He retorted, wiping his mouth with a napkin. “Besides, Basset is my friend and all, but he’s bad news. He flies through girls. He’s not relationship material.”
“That’s sort of the pot calling the kettle black, though, isn’t it? Siena is still with you.” She felt like she had gone too far, but she was too angry to care. Siena was a sensitive topic, an unspoken topic, but she did it anyway. “I know what I can handle.”
“Do you, though?” His tone wasn’t angry, it was cold. She had struck a nerve. He looked at her with a blank expression and Kate felt like he was looking right through her. “It’s not like you know what you’re talking about. You’re not exactly experienced, are you?”
Kate stared at him, speechless, as if her ability to speak had been slapped out of her. She felt the heat rush behind her eyes and the tears that were quickly following, but in that moment she’d rather die than cry in front of him.
She just grabbed her bag and walked off, ignoring his calls behind her.
They don’t speak for three days, which frankly, sucks. It's their first big fight in the two years they've known each other. They bickered constantly but they never actually fought. It was awful. They still had to see each other, at lectures and around the university, but she sits at the back and as far away from him as possible. He had tried to speak to her and pretend like nothing had happened the following day, but she had just walked past him.
He had really hurt her feelings. Her lack of experience was a sensitive topic, and he knew that, everyone knew that and he had still thrown it back in her face.
It’s a Wednesday night and she’s in her room, writing an essay about corporate law. She had said no to going to the pub with her friends, she wasn’t in the mood. She was trying to focus on her lectures but her mind kept revolving back to Anthony bloody Bridgerton.
“Kate, I know you’re in there. I can see the light,” Anthony’s voice was loud and clear through her door. “Please talk to me. I’m really sorry about what I said. I didn’t mean it. I was an asshole.”
She didn’t say anything, twirling her pen around with her fingers. Her breath had caught in her throat as she heard his voice, she hadn’t expected him to be there. She figured he had gone to the pub, or was out with Siena.
“I hate not talking to you. I miss you. Please? I brought you those cookies you like. And those fizzy bears,” His voice was pleading, and she knew he meant it. “I’m so sorry. Please.”
She opened the door after a few seconds, staring at him, and then at the goods in his hands. Her willpower had long expired and he sounded so sad, so desperate. He sounded like she felt. “White chocolate chip?”
“Of course,” He said, standing up straight and handing her the food. “I’m so sorry, Kate. Can I-?"
“Come in,” She murmured, walking in and collapsing on her bed. She pulled her legs up, making room for him on the bed. She opened the fizzy bears, offering them to him first.
He hesitated as he looked at her, biting his lip. “We’re okay?”
She nodded, “We’re okay. I am sorry about what I said too, you know. About the pot calling the kettle black comment. You were still a bigger asshole, but I’m sorry.”
“I deserved it. You’re not wrong and I wasn’t exactly nice, was I?” She snorted, and he laughed. “I really did mean it from a good place. I don’t want anyone to mess you around like that.”
“I know, but I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself,” She replied, licking the sugar off her lips. “You need to take that toxic masculinity down a notch, Bridgerton.”
“I know, I know what I said was wrong. It took me longer than I'd like to admit, but I understand that now,” He replied, his voice soft and she felt guilty for being mean to him. He didn’t look great, he looked tired and the skin under his eyes was darker than usual. “I am sorry. Please don’t ever ignore me again. I’d rather get my wisdom teeth out again than go through that.”
“Well, don’t be an asshole and we won’t have any problems, will we?” said Kate, smiling sweetly at him as she opened up the cookies, feeling the white chocolate melt in her mouth. It tasted glorious.
“Whatever or who you want to do, I will support it. I promise,” He looked slightly in pain as he spoke. “I really am sorry.”
“I know,” She nudged him with her foot. “We’re friends again, relax.”
He looked relieved but slightly uneasy. “Is this one of those friendship moments where we should hug?”
She snorted, rolling her eyes. Affection was not something that came natural to Anthony Bridgerton but it was adorable when he tried. “Hard pass.”
They spent the rest of the evening in her dorm, chatting about everything and anything. It had only been three days of not speaking, and she had missed him more than she should have. She had missed him a dangerous amount, and it seemed like he had missed her too.
Kate shook her head, pushing those thoughts to the back of her mind as she focused on Anthony’s story about some trouble his younger brother Colin had gotten into in Eton yesterday. Ever since his father died, Colin had been acting more and more reckless. Anthony didn’t know what to do with him and his mother just coddled Colin.
Their second year is a blur of exams, parties, clubbing, more exams, assignments as winter turns to spring and spring to summer. It’s over before it feels like it has started, and Kate can’t believe it.
Anthony’s on and off relationship ends as well, when Sienna decides to study abroad in Paris for her second year and leaves at the start of the summer. Kate doesn’t let herself think about why she feels lighter, but she still brings him McDonalds and beer when he texts them they broke up. His room is pretty much packed up, unlike Kate, Anthony is very organized. Their second year was officially over and they were leaving tomorrow. Kate hadn’t even packed, but she knew he’d help in the morning.
He doesn’t talk about his feelings, obviously, because he’s Anthony. They watch New Girl instead, on his laptop, eating crisps and drinking coke, until he shocks her and talks.
“She said I was lost,” He murmured, playing with his pocket watch. It was something he always did. “That I didn’t know what I wanted and she couldn’t keep waiting for me to figure it out. I wasn’t fair to her.”
“Oh,” said Kate, gulping slightly. Kate was just above Anthony on how to deal with feelings and general emotion, and that bar was set pretty low anyway. “I think, sometimes, some of us just take longer to figure out what we want. She must know she wants and she’s not wrong for going after it, even if it means leaving other people behind.”
“That doesn’t mean she’s right about you though,” She continued, trying to phrase her words delicately. “You’ve been through a lot, Anthony. It’s okay if you need more time to figure things out. We’re still young. No one meets the person they’re meant to be with when they’re 20 years old.”
“My parents met when they were 18,” He retorted, raising a pointed eyebrow. Anthony’s parents had been madly in love since they were teenagers and they had had Anthony quite young.
“Okay, well, they’re the exception then, not the rule,” She nudged him with her elbow lightly. “I know we’re not the feeling sort, but everything is going to be okay. It hurts because she mattered, and that’s a good thing. It’s better than not feeling anything at all. And eventually it will hurt less and less, and I’ll be here until it doesn’t.”
“Thanks, Kate,” murmured Anthony, looking uncomfortable but he still nudged her back which is probably the most affectionate exchange they’ve ever had between them. “Thank god you’re you. I couldn’t handle a friend who asks me how I’m feeling all the time.”
Kate snorted, rolling her eyes. The word rang in her head, a friend, but that’s what she was. That’s what he was to her. Her best friend, really. Then why did it sting when he said it? “I mean this is the nicest way possible, you need to see a therapist.”
He smacked her with a pillow, and she kicked him in the ribs, and that was the last they spoke of Siena and anything remotely to do with feelings.
Kate ignored the mixture of guilt and relief in her chest to see the back of Siena. She didn't question why it was there.
Kate had been away for most of the summer after their second year of university, traveling abroad with Edwina and Mary. It had been a trip Mary had saved up for for years and it was finally happening. They went interrailing around Europe, from Prague to Paris, staying in hostels and traveling by train.
It was the longest Kate and Anthony had ever been apart since they had met, and it was strange. They spoke on facetime most days, well, Kate spoke and Anthony listened as she spoke about her travels around Europe with her mum and sister. She sent him the picture of her holding the eiffel tower, a picture of her at the colosseum and sunset at a beach in Mykonos.
Not that Kate would ever admit it to another living soul, as much as Edwina had teased her relentlessly about it, she had missed him a lot. She had come to the realization that Anthony was her best friend. Her first, true best friend. He was someone she had always wanted to have in a friend, one that was depicted in movies and television shows-she had had good friends before university, but no one was like Anthony. She didn’t have to be anyone but herself around him.
She was thrilled when he had asked her to spend the last month of the summer with Anthony at his house in Kent. She loved Mary and Edwina but Somerset was boring and she needed to get away.
Kate felt strange.
She had this uncomfortable, nauseous feeling in the pit of her stomach for most of the train ride on her way to Kent. Their flight had arrived in England yesterday morning and once they had driven home, Kate was gone the next morning. She had barely slept last night but she wasn’t sure if it was out of excitement or anxiety at the thought of seeing Anthony again.
She had changed her outfit three times before setting on a violet sundress with a daisy print.
It was just Anthony, Kate.
That was the problem.
It was Anthony.
The train finally pulled in at her station, snapping Kate out of her complicated thoughts and she dragged her suitcase off the baggage railing, glancing around. It was an old station, all she could see in the distance was fields and trees. It was just before noon and all the station had was a man behind the information desk and a small corner shop.
She walked out to the front of the station, half wheeling and half dragging her semi-functioning suitcase behind her as she glanced around the car park. Kate pulled out her phone, pressing the call button on Anthony’s contact.
“About time.”
Kate turned around to see Anthony Bridgerton grinning at her, a pair of black sunglasses covering his eyes. He looked so relaxed, in a simple white t-shirt and blue shorts, suitable for a warm English August in Kent.
It made her feel warm inside.
“Hey there, stranger,” Kate said, her cheeks beginning to ache as her grin matched his own.
She didn’t know who moved first, but when Anthony’s tanned arms wrapped around her, essentially lifting her off the ground and her arms wrapped around his neck, there was one thing Kate knew for certain.
It was the best hug of her entire life.
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Part 2 Part 3
let me know if you wanna be tagged please. this will be a series
word count: 1,855
person: c!schlatt, c!quackity, c!karl, c!sapnap
warnings: parents, cursing, yelling, orphans, cigars and alcohol mention (btw these are the warnings for now)
synopsis: you were loved, you were cherished, then someone left, and other people replaced that person, and you didn't like that.
Your biological parents threw you out of their home because they couldn't care for you. You were at least at the brink of 2 years old when this happened. They put you in a little stroller and took you to an orphanage. "Miss Jessica's Home For Orphans", it was a stupid place, but the place got you fed, and clothed.
On some fortunate day, you were going to get adopted. Quackity his name was. He came in, and asked for kids 2-6. "Those ages are easy to maintain", he thought in his head. He was contemplating whether or not to get a child of his own. He was lonely, no one to love, no one to care for. So Miss Jessica called everyone 2-6 years old to come.
With help from a older person, everyone 2-6 came downstairs. Quackity looked at everyone, and wondered which child he would bring home. Then he looked at you. you looked so adorable, so cute. He asked you, "Hey kid, what's your name." "I'm Y/n, how are you." you smiled at him with barely any teeth. He pulled you gently off to the side, "Hey kiddo, do you want to come with me to my house?" "Yes Mr." you answer.
You were glad to go to Quackity's house, you never had any love from anyone.
(Spongebob theme) 8 years later
You were 10 years old, living happily with Quackity. 8 years ago, he came to the orphanage and picked you up, ever since, you were showered with love and care. But there was one thing, you never called Quackity dad. You would just call him Alex or Quackity.
“Hey Quackity, what’s for lunch?”
“Ummm, some pizza with wings, buffalo right?”
Quackity felt bad, you never and did call him by dad, or any parental name. “Hey kid, can i talk to you about something.”
You put down your water, “Yeah, what’s up?” “So lately I’ve noticing that you have been calling me by my name?”
“Are you uncomfortable with me using your name.” you asked. “No, no, but it’s kinda weird, since, yaknow, I adopted you, and I’m a parental figure in your life, so maybe if you would call me dad or another parental name that would be cool?”
“Ohh, the only reason I was calling you by your name because I thought you were uncomfy with me calling you dad?”
“Oh thank goodness, I thought I did something wrong.” he sighed out.
"Could I possibly call you papa, since you-" he cut you off by hugging you. He squeezed his arms around you really hard, 'YES, YES, ANYTHING."
So after that, you would call him papa or dad, and sometimes use his real name.
6 years later, you were 16. The election happened, the calling out of the votes, Coconut2020 coming in fourth, which was last, who was lead by Fundy and Nihachu, Schlatt2020 coming in third, lead by Jschlatt, Swag2020 coming in second, lead by Quackity who is your papa and Georgenotfound, and Pog2020 coming in first lead by Tommyinnit, Wilbur Soot, and Tubbo. Also the sudden announcement of Schlatt2020 and Swag2020 polling votes, and the speech by Schlatt stating that Wilbur Soot and Tommyinnit were no longer citizens of L'Manberg now turned Manberg.
You were surprised, you didn't know that your father with add his votes with Schlatt's. So immediately after Wilbur and Tommy got banned from Manberg, Quackity and Schlatt called you and Tubbo up to the stage. "HEY YOU TWO, COME UP HERE." Schlatt yelled at you both. You both were reluctant to go, Schlatt was scary, his ram-horned self.
"It's ok Y/n, you're ok." your father told you. You stiffly went up the stage with Tubbo. "Tubbo, I want you to be the Secretary of State, and Y/n, I want you to be the First Lady, since your dad is the Vice-President." Schlatt demanded you both to be.
You didn't really want to be in a position of power. You were happy with living with Quackity, in L'Manberg, with no place of authority over anyone.
"Are you sure Schlatt, I mean, I suck at authority." said Tubbo. "Yes, I'm sure, I'm totally sure."
You were doing some paperwork for Schlatt when Tubbo came into your office, "Y/n, Schlatt and Quackity want you in their office."
"Ok, I need to finish this paperwork for Punz, he needs-"
"They said it's urgent."
"Fineee." you got up from your chair, "Thanks Tubbo, by the way, can you finish the paperwork, if you aren't busy."
"Yeah sure Y/n, just hurry up, they are really acting crazy in there." he jokingly stated. "Trust me, they're doing nothing."
You went out of your office, and walked all the way to Schlatt's. There, you found Quackity and Schlatt sitting together, talking about some random presidental shit. "Hey, what you guys needed me for?" you asked. You were desperate to go back to your office, still not used to this place. "We need to tell you something." they synchronized.
"Okkk, so what?"
"Umm, well Y/n, meet your new dad." you gaped at Quackity, then Schlatt repeatedly.
You rambled on and on until Quackity covered your mouth to stop your obsequent talking, "Calm down mi quierda, first of all, it's not your choice, he makes me happy, I make him happy, and lastly, he smells great."
"YEAH I DO, YOU TELL HER BABE, I DON’T STINK." Schlatt yelled across the room.
“But why him, like there is multiple other people who is better than him.” you whined.
“Ok kid, I like, no love him, he loves me, why can’t you be happy with that.” Schlatt told you irritated.
“No buts, just please be supporting of us, please mi amor?”
“Fine, doesn’t mean I like it.”
After that little argument you had with Schlatt and Quackity, you finished leftover paperwork so there wouldn’t be a pile of it when you came back to the office the next day.
You heard a knock on the door, and told them to come in. To your surprise, annoyingly, it was Schlatt, holding up your favorite hamburger from McDonalds. “Hey kid, what you doing?” he asked you.
You didn’t respond to him, trying to stay silent and finish the paperwork. “Your dad told me your favorite meal from McDonald’s, yaknow, as a present I guess.”
You still ignored him. "Kid, I know you don't like me, I wouldn't like me either if I found out my dad was dating-" you interrupted him, "It's not that, I want dad to be happy, it's YOU, you don't deserve his love. Do you understand Schlatt?"
He put his hand on your knee, "I know, I don't deserve him, I'm not trying to replace anyone in your life, I just want to make Quackity and possibly you happy."
You blankly looked at him, "Ok, that was a good statement, but if you hurt dad, I will make sure you live the rest of your life feeling like shit."
"We got a deal kid, you accept this partnership between me and your dad, and I'll won't break his heart, deal?"
You shook his hand, "Deal Schlatt."
"Hey kid, we're going out to a date, you want anything from outside?" Schlatt knocked on your door to your room. You were reading your favorite book when Schlatt interrupted your reading process, "Nah, have a good date."
You were kinda accepting Schaltt dating Quackity. You didn't like their PDA though. It was absolutely digusting, but it made your father happy. "Hey babe, what you doing in here?" Quackity appeared at the frame of your door. "Nothing, just talking to little ol' Y/n, isn't that right?"
"Yes, don't call me that though." "Ok then, you ready babe?" asked Schlatt. "Yeah, Y/n, don't do anything stupid while me and Schlatt are gone." You rolled your eyes, "I'm not going to do anything stupid papa, just have a great night with Jcum." "HEY, DON'T CALL ME JCUM."
"Love you both." you got back into your book, not knowing that the both of them were shocked.
Those three little words got both of them gaping at you. You didn't like Schlatt from the beginning, and you were saying to him "love you"? "What did you just say mi amor?" "I said love you both." you didn't know that those words were significant to Schlatt.
He wanted your approval of dating Quackity, since you are his only daughter. "HOLY SHIT, YOU SAID LOVE YOU TO ME, TO ME." Schlatt leaped with joy. "Don't take it too serious Jschlatt, you kinda warmed up to me these past weeks." you smirked.
He walked to your bed, and hugged you with all his might.
"What are you doing?"
"You are squeezing me too tight."
"I can't breath right now, let go of me."
You squeezed out, he was crushing all the oxygen out of your body, "Sorry, Y/n." he shyly spoke, rubbing the back of his neck. "Schlatt, we have had a lot of arguments, I didn't like you, still kinda don't right now, but you are actually a good person, and I actually, not fakely, approve you to date my dad."
Schlatt ran out your room screaming repeatedly, "YES, LET'S GOOO."
Quackity was out doing some random things for Schlatt, while you were cooking Schlatt's favorite food. Since last week you declared that you were actually ok with their relationship, you actually got comfortable with Jschlatt being near you.
It was a teasing relationship, you guys making fun of each other when the other did something wrong. To kinda celebrate the event, you were making food. You heard the door open, and there Schlatt was in his presidential suit. "Hey Schlatt, what's up?" you questioned while mixing the pasta in the pot.
He took of his jacket, shoes, and tie, looking stressed, "Nothing kid, just stresed out" "About what?" "Tubbo needs a lot of items to get something for me, but I don't have them." he sighed. "What does he need?" "He needs stupid netherite, the only thing I don't have in hand." "I actually have some, I could give it to Tubbo." you stated. "Thanks kiddo." "No problem Schlatt."
"Anyways, food is going to be ready in an hour."
"Thanks, I'll be in my room."
"Ok dad." He stopped in his tracks, "What did you just say to me." "What do you mean?" "Y-you just called me dad." he stumbled on his words with unbelief lacing them.
You smiled over your shoulder, "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't, who knows?" "You actually consider me to be your dad?"
"Well yeah, you're nice to me and papa, you take care of me, you love me, so why not?"
He hugged you from behind, "Thanks kiddo, I'll receive this announcemet with honor," he jokingly stated. "No problemo dad, just go take a shower, you stink." "NEVER." he wrapped his arms around you as much as he could.
(This is the end of this first part, this is my first time making a series, let me know what you think)
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mrs-march-ahs · a month ago
how the evans would act when they have a crush on u ^^
How The Evans Act When They Have A Crush On You & How They React When You Tell Them You Like Them Too
Award for the longest title goes tooooo... me!
Two other requests-
Could I please request how the Evans would react to their best friend (reader) admitting they're in love with them? 
Heyo! I’m not sure how this would go but how would the Evan’s react to a nervous/insecure reader confessing to them?
-I hope this is satisfactory, even though I don’t think it’s what you two wanted<3
Enjoy! :)
-Would always just be interested in you
-Wanting to help you, watch you, talk to you, just constantly be around you
-But he’d also be insecure whether he was annoying you, so occasionally he would make himself invisible and just watch you
-Whatever hobbies you had, he’d love to watch you do them, paint, draw, write, play games
-If you played any instrument he would love to lay on your bed and listen to you, no matter how good or bad you were
-He would leave little sweet messages on the chalkboard and leave little post-it notes for you to find
-They would have fun little facts about birds or other trivial stuff but you would find them cute
-The occasional fact about something romantic, like ‘Every time you kiss somebody, your heart beat increases by 10-15 beats per minute’
-He might go a little far and leave a message like ‘Your dress looked pretty’, which you would find creepy since you didn’t know Tate was a ghost
-He thought of ways to tell you how he felt but because it seemed like your family was gonna live in the murder house for a while, cause you were all settling in well, he didn’t want to risk losing his friendship with you, since you were the only ghost with whom he really got along
-You walked down to the basement and said his name in a sing song voice, “Tateeeee”, “Come out come out wherever you are!”
-He showed up and you asked him if he wanted to go out on a real date
-He was obviously nervous, because you didn’t know yet that he was a ghost, but when he hesitated and you looked upset, he said yes right away
-You ran up and hugged him and kissed him on the cheek, making him blush and laugh, and whilst you were at school, he got some things ready and got candles and a table cover so make your kitchen look like a restaurant
-He ordered McDonalds delivery and got your chicken nuggets under a serving platter for effect
- “We are dining on, nuggets of the chicken”
-Although you were a little disappointed and wanted to go out on a real date with him, you found his effort cute
-He definitely played footsie with you under the table the whole date
-Definitely walked you to your room
- “Well… this is me…”
- “Just wanted to make sure you got home safe”
-Kissed you
oh my god I got so carried away
-You would first meet Kit when you first come and move to Massachusetts
-One day you want to venture out and get an taxi to go to town, only a few minutes later to realise you don’t have your wallet
-You awkwardly tell the driver that if takes you back home quickly, you can get money and you will pay him right away
-But since Boston men aren’t usually so sweet, he just kicks you out, leaving you to wander the motorway alone late at night, far away from your home and hoping to quickly find somewhere to go
-Eventually you stumble upon a gas station, and as you walk up, a hand appearing on your shoulder makes you automatically turn around and push whoever touched you to the ground
-The man in blue uniform gets up slowly with his hands up defensively, “Hey hey, didn’t mean to startle ya, miss”
-You apologise, feeling stupid for this kind of encounter, but he doesn’t seem to mind as much as you’d think
- “It’s always nice to see a woman able to protect herself”, he smiles
-He offers to drive you home, and you thank him dearly, explaining to him that you don’t have a car yet, having only just moved here
-He offers to take you to buy one, knowing an awful lot about cars, and to convince you further, tells you that any man working in a car salon will try to sell a single lady a piece of junk for a high price
-You agree, thinking that the offer is sweet, and he takes you to buy yourself a car, to make the date even more fun, Kit tells you to pretend you’re an old married couple
- “Miss Walka over here needs a car, good Sir”
-At some point while looking at cars, Kit holds your hand and you don’t even notice
-He negotiates a good deal with the salesman, and you get a car together
- “Your husband just got you an awfully good deal, Madam, he’s a man who deserves a good meal and a cold beer if I’ve ever seen one”, the salesman laughs, signing the last of the papers before handing Kit the keys to your car. “Oh, he’ll get more than that”, you say to tease Kit, before smiling at him sweetly. Kit blinks at you, before turning back to the salesman and shaking his hand. As the two of you walk away, Kit looks at you in disbelief, the thought of your dirty words clearly plastered in his mind. “Did ya mean what you said back there?”. He says, as he opens the car door for you. “Whatever do you mean?”, you act stupid. “I was just pretending to be your wife, Mr Walka”
-When he has a crush on you, he gives you sooo many compliments
-Little dirty innuendos
-Would definitely call you and talk to you late night on the phone until one of you fell asleep (house phone if they had them)
-He’s the kind of person to tell you that he got a visit from a cute dog earlier at the gas station and it made him think of you
-Every time you go to get gas from Kit, he gives you only a little amount, so you have a reason to keep coming back
-One time when you go get gas from him, you forget your wallet again, and he teases you about it
-He lets you off and pays for your gas
- “I owe you, Mr Walka”
- “How about a date?”
-You smile at how confident he is, and nod excitedly, having been waiting for him to ask you for a while now
-Kit winks at you and waves as you drive off, completely melted inside about finally getting his girl
-Even though he’s always confident, he’s still a little shy and awkward around you when he sees you in class
-If all of his friends are in a class messing around, throwing stuff, being loud, and you walk it, he tells everybody to shut up because there’s a lady present
- “Hey careful, make sure you don’t throw it at her”
-It’s not until he sees you at a huge party, that he’s confident enough to go up to you
-Even though he’s more than happy to flirt, he’s just not confident enough to do that last step and ask you out somewhere
-He’ll bring you a drink and  talk and flirt with you, and you’ll definitely get the hint
-He slowly lifts his arm up and stretches it over you, trying to do the classic yawn move, hoping you won’t notice or mind. You look over at him and narrow your eyes in fake suspicion.
- “Didn’t you come here with a movie star? Surely you get handsome men bringing you drinks all the time?”, he says, motioning to the drink in your hand.
“You calling yourself handsome?”, you tease him. Kyle laughs a breathy awkward laugh and nods. “Well yeah”
-When you do ask him for a date, he insists that he take the initiative to plan what you two do
-Clearly wanting to make a good first impression, he’d take you somewhere interesting
-Aquarium, in which he’ll make up clearly fake facts about the fish just to make you laugh
-Bowling, just so he can tease you about how much you suck
-Mini golf, so, even though you know how to play, he can wrap his arms around you and help you put
-And if he does take you to the movies, you aren’t spending a dime
-He’ll also wrap his arm around you not-so subtly
Franken Kyle
“Whatcha doin there, hm?”. Kyle leans into your ear and whispers.
“Just in case you get scared, you can cuddle up to me”
“Kyle we’re watching the Lego movie”
-You’re a witch at the academy, and with Kyle’s very slow progress to getting better, both Zoe and Madison are getting slightly tired of having to constantly take care of him
-But you don’t mind, finding his Frankenstein state cute
-Whenever he stumbles into the kitchen by himself you always help him make food
-If he’s ever struggling with anything, he usually comes to you, knowing you’re the most patient out of them all
-Then, one night, all the teens in the academy go to a party, while you lay in bed
-But when the rain starts to get really heavy and the first thunder growls, Kyle rushes into your room, before slowly knowing and peaking his head out, clearly scared
-You let him come and lay with you, rubbing his back to calm him down
-Although no real words are spoken, it’s from that moment that you decide to take on all responsibilities relating to Kyle, the good and the bad
-He’s admired you from afar for a very long time, ever since the first time you joined the circus
-You were incredibly flexible, and always showing off to everyone and practicing on stage
-He would always come and watch you practice, cheering you on more than anybody else
-You called Jimmy ‘my cheerleader’
-It made him blush every time
-Amazon Eve always told him to just ask you for dinner, but the only thing that stopped him was the thought that you wouldn’t want to go out and be seen with a freak like him, especially since your body looked so normal that you didn’t have to hide anything
-Eve and Paul reminded Jimmy that it’s him who’s always the most confident in going out into the real world, and he mustn’t be scared
-When they all plan to go to a diner together, as a protest to being shunned from society, you find his leadership charming and happily go with them
-Even though you all get kicked out, you calm Jimmy down and take care of him when his dad beats him up
-You wipe the scars on his face and tell him how brave you think he is
- Trying to gain confidence, you take a deep breath before making the move. “Maybe the two of us should go to that diner”. Jimmy looks up at you, as if he expects you to keep talking. When the nerves hit you all at once, you begin rambling. “You know cause if the two of us go and they’re okay with that then maybe we can start going with the others one by one, and then you know we’ll ease our way back into society and stuff”. You laugh a breathy laugh, but Jimmy says nothing. With every silent second passing, your heart begins to break. But luckily for you, Jimmy speaks up. “Wait, are you asking me out? Like… on a date? To the diner?”. “What if I were?”, you quietly reply. He smiles wide and pulls you closer to him, “I’d love that”.
-James is definitely the least subtle
-Constantly giving you compliments, kisses and gifts
-Opening every door for you and listening very carefully to everything you say
-He doesn’t want you to even think about another man, so he overwhelms you with every way he can show you he likes you
-I can imagine him organising a big ball or event at the hotel just so the two of you can dress up and go together
-He is also the most confident out of them all, although he is a softie around you, he has no trouble asking you anything he wants to you
-He’ll kiss your hand a lot and you’ll eventually get the hint
- “I would be most delighted if we were to make our relationship more official, and vow fully loyalty to one another”
-You agree and he is over the moon
-Once the two of you are in a relationship, the compliments, kisses and gifts don’t stop
-He will give you your space without him, but when the two of you are in the same room together, he treats your precious time together as if it’s sacred
-He will approximately 43 seconds into your relationship begin planning how he’s gonna kill you
-You can tell Kai likes you when he’s harsher on you than he is on other members of the cult
-He’ll be pissed at you for being a distraction for him
-He’ll definitely tell you when he’s impressed with you, when you murdered somebody or helped him plan something
-Even though he definitely would not want it
-If you proved to be smarter than him in any aspect, he’d be furious
-You’d be sat on his sofa while he’s talking to you about having to kill Sally because she’s getting in the way of him winning city council
- “Samuels looked at where she lives, and it has no back doors, no nothing, it’ll be impossible to get in her house without smashing windows and causing attention”
“Why don’t you get Ally to go to her first? If Meadow convinces her to go to Sally to talk about the cult, then the front door will be open”. Kai looks at you with angry eyebrows. “We’ll sit in the car and wait for a few seconds, she’ll let Ally in, won’t lock the door straight after her, and then let them talk for a minute before we just walk right in”
-His ego won’t let him take suggestions from somebody below him, so even though he wants to be proud of you for being smart, he’s mad
-He’ll sit for hooours trying to think of any other solution he physically can think of, to not go with what you suggested
-Around the cult, he’d treat you like everybody else though
- “Y/N’s idea was brilliant, Ally just walked in and they walked straight to sit down, she didn’t lock the door”
-He’d praise you to encourage you to think of ideas, which he would later be mad that you have
-You’d find out how he felt about you during pinky power
-After being suspicious that he may have feelings for you for a while, you realised this is the only way to truly find out how he feels without him trying to manipulate you
-He’d ask you about something deep, and you’d latch on after he finishes a sentence to ask him your question
- “I have a question for you”
“Go ahead”
“How do you feel about me?”
Kai stays silent and continues to look you in the eye, taken aback by the question but not wanting to show it.
“When you’re with me, how do you feel?”
“I think you have real potential, you’re strong-”
“I’m not asking the Divine Ruler, I’m asking Kai, Kai Anderson”
He takes a deep breath before unintentionally breaking eye contact for a few seconds to think. You wait anxiously for the answer, and with every second passing you know what it will be.
“You’re special”, he starts, looking you in the eye again. “You’re valuable to the group, and to me. And I think you’d be a great… mother”. The last catches you off guard, not expecting Kai to be a family man or to think about this with you.
“You… you want me to… have your children?”
“I think our children would be indestructible, strong, powerful, decisive. They would be the seed of the better future”. Although it was a little forward for somebody you’ve never even kissed, you were beyond flattered, knowing how specific Kai is with traits in people.
“Let’s make a baby”, Kai says.
“Whoa whoa”, you laugh and unlink your pinky with his. “We’re not even dating, Kai”
“Why date if children is the ultimate purpose?”
“Then don’t look at is as dating… look at it… as getting to know the mother of your future children”
-Kai would love this and you’d soon end up dating
-And have like 6 kids
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cynicaldesire · 2 months ago
Since I’m having trouble writing, I’ll just make an update post. Maybe that’ll help me feel better, get some things off my chest.
Not much to get off my chest tho. My husband had a like 2week break and we sat around mostly playing Monster Hunter Rise for the duration.
Shortly before his break, though, I was having chest pain and a toothache. My teeth have looked pretty gnarly and my gums have been receding for a while but language barrier so we’ve been too scared to go to a dentist. But we have to now because I started have Chest Pain.
My husband’s father died from heart failure. So I kept expecting my chest pain to go away so I wouldn’t have to scare him with it. But after like day 4, when the pain hadn’t gone away, I finally broke down and told him about it. He had like 3 days of work, so we agreed that I would be super careful and we lost a lot of sleep, but I checked my heart rate using my phone and tried to take it easy until my husband’s break started. We headed to the big hospital like a block away from the clinic we usually go to just in case my chest pain was serious. We struggle our way through language barriers and I explain my symptoms to the doctor. It was mostly some burning pain at the time. Doctor has me get an ECG and some bloodwork. He tells me the ECG is normal so my actual heart muscle is fine, but the bloodwork says my liver is inflamed in response to something, but it’s not an infection, so he’s gonna prescribe me some NSAIDs and tells me to come back in a week. My husband says that I also have been having some tooth pain. The doctor freezes with a thinky face and says to get my teeth checked and to come back in a week. We ask if he has any suggestions on dentists. He says NOPE! and leaves. We head to checkout and while waiting for them to process my stuff, the doctor stops by checkout also and I’m like Hey. He nods and heads out. We spent a total of like... 4 hours there. Total. For the ECG, the bloodwork, etc.
Go home, take the meds, try to take care of my teeth, get Listerine. Sit around and try to take it easy for a week. We go back, the burning is gone and my teeth have overcome their problem. Doc asks if I’m okay now, I say yeah, seem to be, but now I have random pinchy pains. He says I should come back in a month. Husband and I can’t so the doctor is like Okay well, you’re fine, but if it gets bad again... Come back.
Due to my being broke, uninsured, and having a chronic illness, I do a lot of armchair doctoring on myself. There’s a limit to it, of course, but I try to research my own health issues or treatments after visiting a doctor. I found so much more information on PCOS on sites like fucking Reddit than by going to a doctor for years. So after the doctor told me I was okay, I looked up why I might have chest pain if it wasn’t related to a heart attack or something. And one of the options was a pulled muscle.
I thought back to the week before the chest pain started. Other than the toothache and swollen gums, I had been doing a bunch of exercise. I did a bunch of Ringfit and hip lifts and situps and stuff. And I was like Hm. Did I injure my chest muscle overdoing the Ringfit?
I, of course, informed the parents of all of this. My husband’s mother was informed and I was worried she would be deeply upset because she lost her husband to heart problems. But then both parents were like “You went to the doctor? You have medications? Well you seem to have it under control, so let’s bitch about my problems.” Meanwhile, I’m over here having trouble sleeping because I’m worried I won’t wake up. But okay. When my husband went back to work, I Skype’d with my mother and she seemed more irritated that I had interrupted her evening than happy to talk to me or worried about my Chest Pain. Also my dad has to get up at like 3am, so when I called her, she was worried her getting loud and animated as we do was going to wake him up.
(husband’s mental health doctor struggles and a story about library card nonsense under the cut)
Husband has also been seeking professional help because he believes he has ADHD. He’s been having a lot of problems, mostly mentally and emotionally, and he traced all the issues he’s having to ADHD. So he went to an English-speaking psychiatrist for medication. The shrink said he wanted to treat the anxiety before the ADHD in case anxiety is the only issue. My husband, due to his job, is very good at asking questions, so he asked the doctor how many people he prescribes this medication to. And he said 100% of his patients. Well, the medication didn’t seem to help, so on the followup appointment, the doctor said Oh, you’re just taking too much. My husband was like It’s supposed to reduce my anxiety, but instead it’s making my anxiety worse, it’s giving me mood swings, and generally making me very angry. And also sex is more difficult. Doc said I’m gonna reduce the dosage because I can’t treat your ADHD without getting rid of the anxiety. Husband came out of the appointment angry and defeated. But now he’s taking less (and it might be helping?)
Soooo yeah. I try to brush my teeth at least once a day (up from the like once every 20 years I did it before) and I use the No alcohol Listerine in place of brushing sometimes because you can. I skimmed an article about how to take good care of your teeth and it said to not actually rinse when you brush and mouthwash in place of brushing sometimes. I drink almost exclusively soda so I try not to drink any for at least 30minutes after brushing or mouthwash.
We hung out with the friends a couple weeks ago and they said we should start up a new DnD campaign because one of our friends has a roommate in his small apartment and can’t rejoin the old one. The roommate is a friend displaced by a breakup, but he seems to have a new apartment and the moveout date keeps moving. Our DM is getting tired of it and one of our other friends wants in because he’s lonely and DnD is great, so he said we should start up a new campaign so he can join. So we’re setting up for that, just in case.
In order to work on my writing, I’ve skimmed a lot of tips articles after watching a bunch of YouTube lectures and videos. I kinda hate reading and I feel like a huge fraud because if I want to write, I should like to read. But I don’t want to risk buying books I don’t like and having piles of books on my Kindle that just rot. And also, you know, I’m broke. Why spend money on something I won’t get any enjoyment out of? Just a waste at that point. Coulda bought some McDonald’s with that money. Or something. So I thought about the library. I don’t have an active library card, but I knew my Dad had one, so I asked to use his to check out ebooks. He obliged and I started getting books that everybody recommends, like The Name of the Wind and Tales of Earthsea and all this other stuff. I also got Mistborn: The Final Empire and some other Sanderson books, and the Witcher series. But not every book was available at my library. I found an app that let me look at other libraries’ catalogs and I found the missing books at the library where my husband’s family and friends are. I asked our friends if they had a card among them, and the one guy that works at the library has one but his card is always maxed out for checkouts. As an employee, he can check out like  a max of 99 things. And it’s always maxed out. He offered me something I wasn’t comfortable with, so I declined. So I asked my husband to make a card. He declined. So I asked him to ask his mom to make one. She said she doesn’t live in the city, so she can’t. She sent us an email with my husband’s sister’s name for a library that I didn’t ask for and didn’t have the books I was looking for available. Because it uses a different service than the one I was looking at apparently so I could use that one but they didn’t send actual login information.
My husband, because of the way he communicates with his family, asked his mother for help with this library endeavor very cavalierly. He was just loosey-goosey with it. Something about it rubbed me the wrong way, but I figured they would handle it. His family intimidates me, has rarely made me feel welcome, and so I usually leave myself out of conversations with them. But after they just stopped worrying about the library thing, because I felt like I was right and all they had to do was make an effort, I took it upon myself to email his mom directly. Due to childhood trauma or other paranoia, I’m always worried about being misconstrued or misunderstood, so I end up being very verbose. See above. So I made a long email explaining why I wanted the library card, why I was asking for their help specifically, and included links to the places I saw you could make a library card and how they didn’t have to leave the house to verify it because of COVID. Then, to make sure it wasn’t demanding, that it was friendly, I added some stuff at the bottom about how I wished them well and I was proud of my sister-in-laws’s weight loss journey and how my chest was doing and blah blah. I sent this email right before bed. I assumed that his family would work together to figure it out and if they didn’t wanna deal with it, they would say they weren’t interested. The worst they can do is say no and I’ll have lost nothing except time.
Woke up to an email from his mother saying, in that malicious compliance/corporate politeness way, that she couldn’t make a library card because she didn’t live in the city and she’d be happy to make one for one of the cities that did work. Also, she hoped I was feeling better.
I had had a bad day prior. The day before, waking up had been near impossible, my husband ordered McDonald’s delivery for breakfast and I wasn’t hungry so we sat and watched an anime I didn’t want to watch while food sat getting cold in front of me. I ended up not being hungry for 8hrs. We were talking to the group about DnD, but also needed to shower, so while my husband got in the shower, I said some things to the group and then hopped in the shower. Upon telling my husband what I said, he had this look on his face like he was planning how to damage control what I had said, despite not even knowing what it was. My exhaustion had left me vulnerable, so I couldn’t deal with it and cried. He apologized and we talked about it. Bolstered by this conversation, I went on to boldly converse with other people, which is what allowed me to send that email to his mother in the first place. So upon her declaration that she couldn’t help me, I decided to help myself.
So I went through the process of making an account using my husband’s name for the library I wanted and it worked, I think. It’s not verified or maybe it’s not in the city, so I couldn’t check out an ebook. So I was back to square one. Not only back to square one, now I was doubly wrong. I had pursued this process in righteous indignation, after having directly contacted his mother, and been proven wrong. So now, not only was I dumb and wrong, I had put myself out there. I was wrong on stage.
My husband, wanting to help, went and acquired the one book I was using as my litmus for me. There are probably others I could look up, but at least I have that one and it’s sequel.
But yeah, that’s what’s going on with me.
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whole-lotta-hoes · 2 months ago
Whole Lotta Hoes| Crack Fanfic Mini Series
Episode One: Zeppelin Is No More
Episode Two: Looking For A Job
Episode Three:
Episode Four:
Episode Five:
This will cause you to lose a couple of brain cells and question your sanity. It will include a shit ton of weird shit and things that don't make sense at all. Do not read if you are not ready for any of this, read at your own risk.
John Paul Jones (Main character)
Robert Plant
Jimmy Page
John Bonham
Led Zeppelin is a band apparently. It's just a bunch of horny mother fuckers put together to make songs about sex. John Paul Jones was laying in bed with Robert Plant which he has no idea how that happened. He hoped nothing weird went down between them cause Jimmy Page would be so mad. oh jesus oh god you do not want to make that mother fucker mad. He'll literally turn you into a cheeseball and eat you. John got out of bed only to see that John Bonham was standing in the corner eating swedish fish gummies. He was not going to question it.
"Want some?" Bonzo asked him and he held one in his hand.
"I don't know you what the fuck!?" Jonesy yelled. He went to the baffroom and spotted jimmy trying to swim inside of the toilet. He believed he could do it if he tried hard enough.
"the oil supply demand is sky rocketing these days!" jimmy yelled as he got out of the toilet.
"Bitch do not touch me with your boo boo water," He warned him as he grabbed a toothbrush to use as a weapon. He learned how to make a knife with it in jail.
"Penis guitar playing is totes fun jonesy, you should try it," jimmie added. Oh mother fucker he is a heterosexual lad. Or that is what he said the other day when he ate some of robert's caramel popcorn. man he wondered how he even ended up in that stupid band. who's led and why does he have a zeppelin? you know some guy named their kid zeppelin but he claims that he didn't name him after the band. wait what were we talking about?
The band all decided to head to mcdonalds to eat happy meals. jimmy tickles.
"Guys! oh my god you will not believe it but britney is such a slut! ugh! can't believe she left me for a fish lookin' mother fucker-"
"No one gives a rats ass about your weird horny ass!" jimmy cut him off by yelling at robert. God damn that shithead has a huge ego but a small dick. Jonesy never understood why people liked him so much. He once stole his favorite pair of jojo siwa socks and claimed he never knew he owned any.
"You motherfuckers we're supposed to be going on tour!" Bonzo yelled as he swooped the food off the table.
"suck my asshole bonzo!" jim yelled.
"calm down pagey, he's just a meanie," robert added as he patted his head.
"y'all need to start realizing that no one likes you both!" jonesy snapped.
"shut up you're literally ugly and small and the bassist of led zeppelin and you look like heman with that stupid haircut of yours" Bonzo said as he ate jonesys burgers. damn that hurt.
"You know," jonesy began, "i don't need this job"
"what job?" robeet askes.
"shhhhh let the weirdo speak," jimmy said as he stuck his finger into his mouth.
"without me you will all suck asshole and no one will actually like led zeppelin," he explained.
the three slowly looked at each other and began to laugh their asses off at him.
"You act like you matter so much," robert added.
"shut up cheese cream! you're literally big and ugly and you look like you are 50 years old!" bonzo said as he drank his milk. that was funny. Jonesy felt his blood boil and grabbed his happy meal and stormed out.
It was the day of their shit concert. led zeppelin were backstage preparing to cause a dismother and set things on fire. preferably roberts underwear that pretty much doesn't exist in this case. the band stepped on stage and the crowd went wild.
"hello bananas-" That motherfucker fell forward into the drum set. oopsies. jimmy ran to him to make sure his hoe isn't dead or alive. fucking bon jovi.
"oh shit! robert plant is down!" he yelled. jonesy was absolutely done with them. they are nothing but a bunch of dumb fucks who ruin everything. He took out his laser penis and shot jimmy and robert to death.
"oh Motherfucker has a fucking laser pp! hija de su pinche madre!" jimmy yelled as he split in half. robert died again. bonzo just sat there blown away by the fact that that john paul jones just killed the front man and the guitarist of Led Zeppelin in front of millions of people. he was impressed.
"holy shit man you really-"
nope sorry but jonesy shot him too so he died. damn he could've let him live. meanie. oh wait im writing this so i could've.... ah man im too lazy to go back and fix it. too bad we're going with this plot now. Jonesy stepped off the stage and headed to the back.
"god dammit i hate everyone in this bloody world," he said to himself. he decided to hit the pub that was nearby to enjoy himself.
As he was sitting at the counter drinking something that is an alcoholic beverage. he began to spark ideas of what he could possibly do since led zeppelin died. He thought about starting a whole new band but he remembered that what caused him to kill led zeppelin. that was out of the shopping list for walmart. next was to steal money from the bank so he remains rich but he then realized that he is a famous musician and will get recognized quickly. fuck. he then thought of changing his hair to look less like heman cause that insult hurt.
"aha!" he shouted. He finally thought of something that could get him a shit ton of money. He drank the remaining drink from his cup and ran out of the pub.
he put on a thicc line of eyeliner, red lipstick, a black wig, fish nets leggings, high heeled boots, and earrings. oh man this is going to be hella great. His wife walked in to see what the fuck this small ass mothertrucker was up to this time. oh man i shat my pants.
"sweetie what the fuck are you doing!?" she yelled. Jonesy turned to look at her.
"led zeppelin is no more," he responded. She was so confused and wondered how the fuck she even ended up marrying heman. she had no idea what led zeppelin is no more meant and was hella concerned for his health.
"be back in a few days," he added as he broke his ankle trying to exit the house and rolled down the hill. oops it's not up the hill anymore. guess you could really say he went down hill. i hate myself so much. he walked down the sidewalk and ended up in someone's house. Motherfucker it's jimmy page's house. he stole his nice trousers or whatever those were. my teacher walked by as i wrote that btw. turns out they don't fit him cause jimmy is also a big hoe and jonesy isn't. shit. jimmy is embarrassing asf. that was pointless of him stealing so he stole his underwear. wait he wears those? imma look it up hold on. i didn't find anything about that so im just going to assume that he doesnt.
there was a picture of jimmy when he was with the yardbirbs and golly that is one ugly Motherfucker! he stole and stuffed it into his underwear. he got out of the house full of useless shit that he did not need at all. Then he forgot what he was doing. Jonesy continued walking down the street only to break his other ankle and rolled down the steep pathway. damn he's one dumb hoe bitch.
His laser penis was out of control. he just wanted to have a little me time but instead shot a whole through the wall of the motel be was staying in. god dammit. he removed his pp and switched it out with a normal pp. that's odd. his plan of overthrowing led zeppelin stressed him out. what else do you do when you're stressed? well can't say cause i ain't gotta peener. he got so bored. his days of not being in led zeppelin have been lame and was the worst idea he could even come up with. he didn't know what to do know. he can't just eat your grandma over and over again. he looked at himself through the mirror and oh my god I'm a sexy Motherfucker oh yeah bitch im THE BITCH. he needed to find something that'll keep him entertained for while.
babysitting was a bad idea. he got bitten by a bunch of goblins and gave him rabies. god i hate kids.
"hello motherfucker," jimmy said.
"Nah bitch that was just my twin brother Jamie Patricia Page," He added. "Bitch why are you dressed like a stripper?"
Oh yeah he forgot that was what he was going to do once he killed led zeppelin. he still can but now there's a little bitch with him named james patrick page.
"we should kill robert plant," jimny suggested.
"Bitch i already killed him, you're a little too late you duck whore," he responded.
turns out he didn't actually kill led zeppelin but instead killed their twin brothers.
"You want to overthrow led zeppelin into the trashcan?" Jonesy asked. "Thought that's what you and bert wanted to do...."
"Nah man.... percy is a very stupid penguin and is meanie.... he stole my jojo siwa socks," jimmy explained.
ah damn turns out robert plant is the villain of the story and should be died. he is too powerful. his hair will slice the fuck out of anyone.
"You got a plan?" Jonesy asked.
"i say we steal his pants and burn them and use them as an alternative to oil," he explained. damn science class. then this guy named bonzo showed up and began to beat them with his drum sticks.
"sorry but robert said to beat you both with them!" bonzo yelled back.
jonesy dug through his pants and took out a bunch of swedish fish gummies.
"hey look! fish gummies! come and get it boy!"
"bitch what the fuck I am not some stupid dog for you to be doing that time of shit you small Motherfucker heman lookin hoe short shit," bonzo said.
"GIMME GIMME OH SHIT!" he attacked Jonesy.
jimmy page the god of led zeppelin stood there watching while cheering them on fight fight fight! it got in here so he removed his trousers and threw them at bonzo which ended up knocking him out.
"oh shit! your pants are powerful! we can use it to kill percy!" Jonesy shouted.
"NO! JIMBERT MUST GO CANON!" Jimmy yelled and jumped out the window. all you heard was splash. that motherfucker jumped into the pool and is now wet. that's a disturbing image. Jonesy rolled his eyes and went back to doing whatever the fuck he was doing. it all of a sudden got really bright outside. oh the sun came out cause it was cloudy. but wait! Jonesy looked out the window and spotted robert plant heading towards him.
"IM THE GOLDEN GOD-" that motherfucker fell inside of the pool and sizzled. cual pinche golden god ese no mas anda haciendo puros desmadres y estupideces de mario.
that was the end of led zeppelin.
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bearseokie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
— single father! victon
request: KANG SEUNGSIK as a single father. As I type I feel like you're going to cry writing this and I'll cry reading it but what are we if not crying seungsik fans. Enjoy this dawn, I'll be back soon~
[warnings]: the req was just for sik but...ot7 victon being single dads was a requirement here. gender-neutral kids instead of specifying!, talk of being unequipped while trying their best, some angst but mainly fluff
Tumblr media
wakes up on the weekends to his kids sprawled over him on the bed because they felt bad that he was sleeping on such a big mattress all alone. the best at sneaking away to make breakfast and drink coffee without waking them for even a second.
took two days to learn how to put a car seat in the back of his car properly. didn’t leave the house for two days because of it. had to watch so many youtube videos but couldn’t focus on both the video and the seat at the same time. years later he’ll be the one installing it for his friend’s kids.
literally just a big toy for little kids. they’ll ask to climb on him or be held either way, why should he deny them such joy? is always carrying a kid on his shoulders or tossing them up over his head only to catch them.
squishes his kid’s cheek into his own until they break into laughing fits.
the single moms of his kid’s friends are completely infatuated with him. like he’s constantly getting signals that they are interested in him. his kids are never without their friends just because the moms make playdates as an excuse to see him.
the kind of dad to get on the bike or skateboard with kids to teach them not to be scared. swings them extra high. races his kids and lets them win.
extra quick to pay for his kids and their friends tickets to go to concerts or school events, but he has to chauffeur. he’s also the ride so he blasts music to get the kids hyped before they even get there and then drives back in relieved silence while they sleep soundly in the backseats.
quietly cries in the middle of the night over how proud of himself and his babies he is.
Tumblr media
has no concept of the outside world as long as his kids are around. focuses on them twenty-four hours of the day and more if he could.
his kids are never late to anything, ever. doctor’s appointment? waiting in the parking lot. school day? the kids are sitting in the cafeteria with the ones eating breakfast just so he knows they’re not late. birthday party? he’s holding it at his house, there’s no way they’ll be late.
doesn’t do the parental approach where he asks his kids what they’re doing in life, but waits for them to tell him instead. doesn’t let a day go by where he doesn’t tell them they can be whatever they want to be in life.
forehead kisses all day long no matter their age. will do it in front of their friends, whoever they're dating, in public. he doesn’t care who’s looking as long as his kids know they’re loved.
goes absolutely berserk buying gifts. not expensive ones, but useful ones such as an instrument or something the kids have been asking for so it has meaning.
has at least five emergency kits on stock at all times. one in the car, three in the house, one in his bag.
constantly googling easy recipes for parents with busy schedules.
always has a smile on his face no matter what the situation with his kids are! is literally trying his best.
Tumblr media
less than fully equipped for the position, but is still up for the challenge that only has rewards.
stocks up on food like it’s an apocalypse and is constantly giving some sort of snacks to his kids. the “let me hold this french fry in front of the air conditioner in the car while i drive so i can hand it back to my child” kind of dad.
the field trip dad that always goes with the full class on trips and brings little packed lunches for everyone to eat.
holds family game nights in the middle of the week to let everyone stay up late on a school night and let off some steam while winning at video games, board games, physical games etc.
never has to argue with his kids or scold them. there’s some type of compromise like they give up something of theirs for a week and he does their chores so everyone is equal and things go back to normal.
has more kids in his house than he has kids.
thought taking on being a single parent would need more effort but he’s actually really steady with things under control. until a kids hit puberty, then that’s all out the window and he’s resorting to parenting books out of sheer panic.
leaves his door open at night even if his kids are teens just in case they need to run to his room.
Tumblr media
the dad who specifically gets the shopping carts made into little cars just to make engine noises loudly through the entire store while receiving funny looks and laughter from his kids.
always has a kid hiding behind his legs out of shyness because they feel protected by his strong physical appearance.
is hysterical when he’s changing a baby in the bathroom and a grown man passing through has to run away because he can’t handle it. it’s also a dad-like ego boost to him.
went through second-hand embarrassment the entire time his kids had puberty because he too forgot what it was like to have acne and uncontrollable emotions.
tried teaching his kids how to drive by himself first. big open parking lot, and he still had to get a professional driving teacher a week later. his kid did fine, but he missed a pothole and realized he was in over his head thinking he could teach everything all by himself.
the dad that can buy almost anything embarrassing for a grown man to be carrying (like a huge teddy bear bigger than he is) but menstrual products make a blush run over his face! still gets them though.
can recite at least four scripts to movies by memory for at least twenty years after hearing them every day his kids were in his house.
gets a chain necklace with little charms to remember memories of being a hard working, single dad raising good kids and is still kicking ass.
Tumblr media
his kids are late to everything. like formally late. so late that whatever they were meant to be at is almost over. his excuse? “at least they’re here, right?”
you know the ‘stops at mcdonalds or doesn’t chart’? hanse is the one who goes through the drive-through just to get a coffee and nothing else.
has not and never will force his kids to do their homework alone. believes that having him sit in their range to ask questions is more effective than them questioning if something is right/accurate all alone and going in with it incomplete because they didn’t know what to do.
his kids might be late, but they’ve got the best grades.
has never had to raise his voice because his kids like things calm and uncomplicated just like he does.
accidentally influenced his kids into his style. soft t-shirts, baggy jeans with chains, don’t even ask about his piercings because that’s the first thing they asked for when they turned into teenagers.
honestly over-thought about being a dad for such a long time when they were babies that everything that comes in life (being sick, mean kids, friends parting, classes being difficult, daily schedules) all came easy to him.
high fives/fist bumps his kids in public but will full on bear hug them behind closed doors while spinning them. they’ll be adults still getting hugged tightly and spun by their dad until he can’t lift them anymore.
Tumblr media
doesn’t have a single moment where he’s alone. there’s a kid with their body wrapped around his ankle, it might not even be his own. someone is tugging at the trim of his shirt asking to be picked up, that one is his.
the dad at the park with his phone out trying to secretly film his kids playing so when they’re older he has something to look back on. also he takes a thousand pictures every day.
helmets. everyone is wearing a helmet or they must stand still and do nothing. he does not want to be the lone wolf dad sitting in the ER all afternoon with his kid suffering from a concussion because they forgot their helmet.
yes his kids are as accident prone as he is. yes he is aware of it. yes he has them all padded up and has carpeted stairs in his house because of it.
even better with his kids being older because he loves talking to them and getting to know what they’re turning out to be like. keeps them up late going through old photo books and watching home movies of when they were babies until they all pass out on the living room floor with the films still playing.
collects everything until he has more boxes in storage than storage space. baby teeth, the kid’s old homework so he can brag about how smart they are, embarrassing teenager pictures they wanted destroyed but he couldn’t part with, baby blankets, old and overused sports equipment, etc.
looks at his kids like they were just born yesterday. sparkling eyes while hugging them tight while they’re saying they can’t breath.
will hold his kids hands until they are grown adults and they start holding their own kids hands, mark his words.
Tumblr media
constantly gets told he looks like his kid’s older brother and not their dad.
coaches for his kids sports teams thinking it’s a good way to keep them close but he ends up falling in love with all of the kids and becomes a secondary father-figure to all of them.
always knows what his kids are thinking, when they’re lying, having a hard time, or just up in the clouds. and he always knows how to make things better.
the dad who bends down and gets on the kids level to speak to them instead of making himself appear bigger or more intimidating since he’s the parent.
scolds himself more often than he scolds the kids because he gives into getting them things like foods and snacks they asked for when he could be teaching them valuable life lessons about how they won’t always get what they want.
keeps up with dance choreography even if the song is more mature with his kids becoming teens just so he can dance at their school events and embarrass them to no end.
the dad that invites his adult kids back home during the holidays so he can see them sleeping in their old beds again.
is the embodiment of the :D face when he sees his kids off in the distance playing and knows he’s doing well with them.
Tumblr media
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peterandtheparkers · 3 months ago
Road Tripping
Tumblr media
1.1K words
Y/N and Peter go on a road trip to see stars
This sucks and im not happy with it but its all ive been able to come up with that isn't a part of this really long AU I've got planned
Senior year was coming to a close. Eighteen year old Peter Parker and his girlfriend, Y/N L/N had spent the last month of Senior year working and planning and saving all of their money for a much needed road trip.
Senior year had been stressful. They just needed a couple of weeks to relax and unwind and forget about the outside world for a little bit. A couple of weeks to themselves. To travel. To have one last bit of fun before college.
College. It had been eating away at the pair. Like most couples, they were going away to different colleges, splitting off. But they weren't breaking up. They were going to make it work. Somehow they'd find a way around the distance. Whether that be video calling every night, travelling to see each other on the weekends, they'd do whatever it took.
While Y/N said goodbye to her parents, Peter loaded up the van. It had cost a pretty penny to rent, but it was definitely worth it. The previous night was spent in Y/N's single bed, trying to sleep without accidently pushing her to the floor.
Y/N strode out of the door, bag full of snacks on her back. From the doorway her father glared. He'd never had that much of a problem with Peter before, but the road trip had caused some tension between the two. Peter offered a wave before opening the passenger door and helping his girlfriend in.
"He'll get over it," she said and looked back at her dad. Her hand left Peters as she pulled the seat belt over her body and buckled herself in.
Peter raised his eyebrows. "You sure about that?"
"Yes, Pete. Now, let's go before he changes his mind."
To Y/N, Peter was still a baby. His birthday was early August, making her the oldest of the pair. But he had been taught to drive by the one and only Tony Stark and he'd been able to get his drivers license first, making him the designated driver for the trip.
The two climbed into the van and drove off.
With the bag of snacks between them, they started on their journey. They had no destination in mind, the middle of nowhere would do. Peter wanted to see stars, properly see them. The poor boy had been to outer space, yet nothing could beat laying on a blanket in the middle of nowhere, looking at stars with the girl he loved.
Y/N turned up the radio and began humming along. She hadn't get gotten her drivers licence. With senior year and no job, she hadn't been able to pay for the driving lessons. But she didn't mind letting Peter drive.
They drove through Queens. The traffic was horrendous; they were stuck for at least ten minutes at one point. That was why they got the subway everywhere.
"Snack?" Y/N offered and opened the bag. Stuck at a standstill, she handed her boyfriend a sandwich. Peters fingers were tapping against the steering wheel as he watched the cars in front of him. They'd be driving through the night if it kept up like this.
Silence settled between them after their snacks, both too tired to converse. Y/N turned the radio up, listening for any traffic updates.
The cars in front finally started moving and the pair set off again. "MJ and Ned really wanted to come with," Y/N muttered as she checked her phone.
"Too bad," said Peter. "These are the only few days I can spend with my girlfriend and I want to make the most of it."
Now, McDonald's coffee was gross, the pair both knew that. Even with their full nights sleep, exhaustion still clung to their bones and Peter felt ill-prepared for a night on the road. "We can get pancakes too, Pete," she muttered and pouted.
Rolling his eyes, Peter pulled into the McDonald's drive thru. The two got their coffees and a tray of pancakes to share (Peter made eating and driving look easy.)
Most of their journey was filled with giggles and jokes, the pair now fully awake. Y/N used her gag of a Spider-Man fan page to put pictures of her boyfriend driving (the people following had no idea that Spider-Man was actually in the pictures. It was the whole reason why she started the account, to show off Peter and post the occasional Spider-Man picture along with it. Just to piss Flash off, Peter would get into the suit and go swinging around the neighbourhood so Y/N couldn't get her pictures).
The surroundings became less built up and more rural. Trees lined the road and there was a house every couple of miles. Nature was something the two of them missed about living in the city. Running through the trees and feeling the forest floor beneath their toes. It was on the list for their road trip.
By the time they got to their destination, the middle of nowhere, the sun had already set and stars were beginning to appear. "Wow," mumbled Peter as he killed the engine. Y/N whistled and climbed into the back of the van to grab a blanket.
Grabbing the food bag, Peter followed Y/N. They locked up the van and laid the blanket down on the grass beside it. At first, the two sat and enjoyed their makeshift dinner.
Eventually, they laid back on the blanket. They took turns pointing up at the stars and searching for constellations. At one point, Y/N had shuffled over and placed her head against Peters shoulder. "This is perfect," she whispered as if not to disturb their night. "It still would've been perfect if we were still on the road."
Peter turned and kissed the top of her head. "You're perfect," he mumbled, his tired eyes barely open.
"You're perfect-er."
Peter laughed and squeezed her shoulder. They grabbed the snack bag and the blanket and made their way into the van for some much needed rest. "I love you," she whispered as they climbed into their sleeping bag, bodies pressed together.
"I love you more."
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thebonggirll · 3 months ago
Chapter 9
Chapter 8
Tumblr media
It didn't take them long to pack. Percy decided to leave the Minotaur horn in his cabin, which left him only an extra change of clothes and a toothbrush to stuff in a backpack Grover had found for him. Y/N ran to her cabin and started packing her clothes and weapons (arrows and knives) in a hurry.
A girl in her cabin, Ruby, who was reading a book saw her and asked, "Wait, you're going? I thought...Annabeth was going?"
Y/N sighed and said, "Uh yeah, we...both are going."
"-not safe, I know. But...I have questions that needs to be answered."
"Are you sure it's not because of the new boy?" Y/N glared at the brunette but she continued, "Hey, we all noticed how much you were spending time with him. Are insecure? Because Annabeth is going?"
Y/N felt her heart stop for a moment. She never thought of it like that. But she shouldn't be bothered...even if they started liking each other...right? She knew there was some kind of weird tension the moment they started talking to each other. Yes, they did fight a lot but one can deny the fact that there was some tension. Or maybe it was just because Annabeth says Athena and Poseidon dislike each other, so they also hate each other, but are actually friends? Okay, she realized that this was gonna take some time, so she quickly packed up her bag and walked out of her cabin.
"You're going too?" Another voice boomed. It was an undetermined kid too, namely Harris. "...honestly, I kind of...I guess we all kind of know why you want to go so we won't stop you." He smiled looking at her confused face, "Uh, just take care of yourself. You can be a bit clumsy. And uh-" He took off a silver necklace which had a half-moon symbol and gave it to her.
"Harris?" she took the necklace slowly from his hand, questioning his motive.
"Look, I've...lost my will to look for my real parent. But it's nice to see you get a chance. I just wanted," he blushed and brushed his hair back, "I wanted you to take this and remember all of us undetermined kids. Just...find your dad, ask for answers. If you get to see him, it would feel a bit better for all of us. Maybe it would just...give all of us some hope."
Y/N clutched the necklace and wore it, "I will do it!" She smiled and gave him a quick hug. Harris chuckled as he watched the girl run away with her backpack.
She arrived the camp store where the trio were waiting for her. Annabeth did not look happy. Ofcourse she planned for only three people, and that didn't include her. So she didn't really have anything to say to her. Y/N just hoped that she would try to forgive her for her rash decision later. Percy looked indifferent while Grover looked nervous. She couldn't pinpoint whether he was pissed with her too...uh they were pissed with her too.
The camp store loaned them one hundred dollars in mortal money and twenty golden drachmas. These coins were as big as Girl Scout cookies and had images of various Greek gods stamped on one side and the Empire State Building on the other. The ancient mortal drachmas had been silver, but Olympians never used less than pure gold. The coins might come in handy for non-mortal transactions-whatever that meant.
Chiron gave the half-bloods each a canteen of nectar and a Ziploc bag full of ambrosia squares, to be used only in emergencies, if they were seriously hurt. It was god food, Chiron reminded them. It would cure them of almost any injury, but it was lethal to mortals. Too much of it would make a half-blood very, very feverish. An overdose would burn them up, literally.
Annabeth was bringing her magic Yankees cap, which she told had been a fourteenth-birthday present from her mom. She carried a book on famous classical architecture, written in Ancient Greek, to read when she got bored, and a long bronze knife, hidden in her shirt sleeve.
Grover wore his fake feet and his pants to pass as human. He wore a green rasta-style cap, because when it rained his curly hair flattened and you could just see the tips of his horns. His bright orange backpack was full of scrap metal and apples to snack on. In his pocket was a set of reed pipes his daddy goat had carved for him, even though he only knew two songs: Mozart's Piano Concerto no. 12 and Hilary Duff's "So Yesterday," both of which sounded pretty bad on reed pipes.
They waved good-bye to the other campers, took one last look at the strawberry fields, the ocean, and the Big House, then hiked up Half-Blood Hill to the tall pine tree that used to be Thalia, daughter of Zeus.
Tumblr media
Chiron was waiting for them in his wheelchair. Next to him stood the camp's head of security. He had eyes all over his body so he could never be surprised. Today, though, he was wearing a chauffeur's uniform, so one could only see extra peepers on his hands, face and neck.
"This is Argus," Chiron told, "He will drive you into the city, and, er, well, keep an eye on things."
They heard footsteps behind them.
Luke came running up the hill, carrying a pair of basketball shoes.
"Hey!" he panted. "Glad I caught you."
Annabeth blushed, the way she always did when Luke was around.
"Just wanted to say good luck," Luke told Percy. "And I, maybe you could use these." He handed him the sneakers, which looked pretty normal.
Luke said, "Maia!"
White bird's wings sprouted out of the heels, startling Percy so much that he dropped them. The shoes flapped around on the ground until the wings folded up and disappeared.
"Awesome!" Grover said.
Luke smiled. "Those served me well when I was on my quest. Gift from Dad. Of course, I don't use them much these days...." His expression turned sad.
Percy had been afraid that Luke might resent him for getting so much attention the last few days. But here he was giving him a magic gift.... It made him blush almost as much as Annabeth.
"Hey, man," Percy said, "Thanks."
"Listen, Percy..." Luke looked uncomfortable. "A lot of hopes are riding on you. So just...kill some monsters for me, okay?"
They shook hands. Luke patted Grover's head between his horns, patted Y/N on her back and then gave a good-bye hug to Annabeth, who looked like she might pass out.
After Luke was gone, Percy told her, "You're hyperventilating." Y/N chuckled lightly.
"Am not," Annabeth said.
"You let him capture the flag instead of you, didn't you?"
"Oh...why do I want to go anywhere with you, Percy?"
She stomped down the other side of the hill, where a white SUV waited on the shoulder of the road. Argus followed, jingling his car keys. Y/N couldn't help but think about it again - the weird atmosphere around them, ofcourse.
Percy picked up the flying shoes and had a sudden bad feeling. He looked at Chiron. "I won't be able to use these, will I?"
He shook his head. "Luke meant well, Percy. But taking to the air...that would not be wise for you."
Percy nodded, disappointed, but then got an idea. "Hey, Grover. You want a magic item?"
His eyes lit up. "Me?"
Pretty soon he'd laced the sneakers over his fake feet, and the world's first flying goat boy was ready for launch.
"Maia!" he shouted.
He got off the ground okay, but then fell over sideways so his backpack dragged through the grass. The winged shoes kept bucking up and down like tiny broncos.
"Practice," Chiron called after him. "You just need practice!"
"Aaaaa!" Grover went flying sideways down the hill like a possessed lawn mower, heading toward the van.
Y/N rushed behind him, trying to catch him.
For the first time, the quest felt real. They were actually leaving Half-Blood Hill, heading west with no adult supervision, no backup plan, not even a cell phone.
When they got to the bottom of the hill, they looked back. Under the pine tree that used to be Thalia, daughter of Zeus, Chiron was now standing in full horse-man form, holding his bow high in salute. Just your typical summer-camp send-off by your typical centaur.
Tumblr media
Argus drove them out of the countryside and into western Long Island. It felt weird to be on a highway again, Annabeth and Grover sitting next to Y/N as if they were normal carpoolers, while Percy sat next to Argus. After six months at Half-Blood Hill, the real world seemed like a fantasy. Y/N found herself staring at every McDonald's, every kid in the back of his parents' car, every billboard and shopping mall.
"So far so good," Percy told Annabeth. "Ten miles and not a single monster."
She gave him an irritated look. "It's bad luck to talk that way, seaweed brain."
"Remind me again-why do you hate me so much?"
"I don't hate you."
"Could've fooled me."
She folded her cap of invisibility. "Look...we're just not supposed to get along, okay? Our parents are rivals."
She sighed. "How many reasons do you want? One time my mom caught Poseidon with his girlfriend in Athena's temple, which is hugely disrespectful. Another time, Athena and Poseidon competed to be the patron god for the city of Athens. Your dad created some stupid saltwater spring for his gift. My mom created the olive tree. The people saw that her gift was better, so they named the city after her."
"They must really like olives."
"Oh, forget it."
"Now, if she'd invented pizza-that I could understand."
"I said, forget it!"
In the front seat, Argus smiled. He didn't say anything, but one blue eye on the side of his neck winked at Percy.
Y/N shifted uncomfortably on her seat. She was aware that they were still not talking to her. Did she mess it up? No, she knew no amount of personal grudge should come in between when it comes to such an important quest. But she didn't expect Percy to be mad at her. She wanted to tag along to find her father, sure but...truthfully she was afraid to let all of her friends go away on such a dangerous quest. Ofcourse she knew she would be left out but she was mainly worried about them. She just wanted her healing abilities to work on them when they needed it.
Traffic slowed them down in Queens. By the time they got into Manhattan it was sunset and starting to rain.
Argus dropped them at the Greyhound Station on the Upper East Side, Taped to a mailbox was a soggy flyer with Percy's picture on it: HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BOY?
He ripped it down before the others could notice.
Argus unloaded their bags, made sure they got their bus tickets, then drove away, the eye on the back of his hand opening to watch them as he pulled out of the parking lot.
The rain kept coming down.
They got restless waiting for the bus and decided to play some Hacky Sack with one of Grover's apples. Annabeth was unbelievable. She could bounce the apple off her knee, her elbow, her shoulder, whatever. Percy wasn't too bad but Y/N. She hit her head multiple times after which Annabeth decided in case of Y/N "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" doesn't apply, and it was better to keep it away from her. Y/N though was glad that they were finally talking to her. Maybe, she was just overthinking about it.
The game ended when Percy tossed the apple toward Grover and it got too close to his mouth. In one mega goat bite, the Hacky Sack disappeared-core, stem, and all.
Grover blushed. He tried to apologize, but they were all too busy cracking up.
Finally the bus came. As they stood in line to board, Grover started looking around, sniffing the air like he smelled his favorite school cafeteria delicacy-enchiladas.
"What is it?" Percy asked.
"I don't know," he said tensely. "Maybe it's nothing."
But he could tell it wasn't nothing. Percy started looking over his shoulder, too.
He was relieved when they finally got on board and found seats together in the back of the bus. They stowed their backpacks. Annabeth kept slapping her Yankees cap nervously against her thigh.
As the last passengers got on, Annabeth clamped her hand onto his knee. "Percy."
An old lady had just boarded the bus. She wore a crumpled velvet dress, lace gloves, and a shapeless orange-knit hat that shadowed her face, and she carried a big paisley purse. When she tilted her head up, her black eyes glittered, and his heart skipped a beat.
It was Mrs. Dodds as Percy recognised. Older, more withered, but definitely the same evil face.
He scrunched down in his seat.
Behind her came two more old ladies: one in a green hat, one in a purple hat. Otherwise they looked exactly like Mrs. Dodds-same gnarled hands, paisley handbags, wrinkled velvet dresses. Triplet demon grandmothers.
They sat in the front row, right behind the driver. The two on the aisle crossed their legs over the walkway, making an X. It was casual enough, but it sent a clear message: nobody leaves.
Ofcourse Y/N wasn't dumb. When she noticed Annabeth stopped moving and held Percy she immediately knew something was wrong. Annabeth's face showed it all. She noticed the weird three ladies get in and she could recognise the vibe - something not mortal.
The bus pulled out of the station, and they headed through the slick streets of Manhattan. "She didn't stay dead long," Percy said, trying to keep his voice from quivering. "I thought you said they could be dispelled for a lifetime."
"I said if you're lucky," Annabeth said. "You're obviously not."
"All three of them," Grover whimpered. "Di immortales!"
"The what?" Y/N asked nervously.
"It's okay," Annabeth said, obviously thinking hard. "The Furies. The three worst monsters from the Underworld. No problem. No problem. We'll just slip out the windows."
"They don't open," Grover moaned.
"A back exit?" she suggested.
There wasn't one. Even if there had been, it wouldn't have helped. By that time, they were on Ninth Avenue, heading for the Lincoln Tunnel.
"They won't attack us with witnesses around," Percy said. "Will they?"
"Mortals don't have good eyes," Annabeth reminded. "Their brains can only process what they see through the Mist."
"They'll see three old ladies killing us, won't they?"
She thought about it. "Hard to say. But we can't count on mortals for help. Maybe an emergency exit in the roof...?"
They hit the Lincoln Tunnel, and the bus went dark except for the running lights down the aisle. It was eerily quiet without the sound of the rain.
Mrs. Dodds got up. In a flat voice, as if she'd rehearsed it, she announced to the whole bus: "I need to use the rest-room."
"So do I," said the second sister.
"So do I," said the third sister.
They all started coming down the aisle.
"I've got it," Annabeth said. "Percy, take my hat."
"You're the one they want. Turn invisible and go up the aisle. Let them pass you. Maybe you can get to the front and get away."
"But you guys-"
"There's an outside chance they might not notice us," Annabeth said. "You're a son of one of the Big Three. Your smell might be overpowering."
"I can't just leave you."
"Don't worry about us," Grover said. "Go!"
"Just go, we know what to do!" Y/N said. Oh she didn't know what but the boy looked like he was about to cry. The least she wanted is to calm him down so their plan could run smoothly...yeah, it's gonna be hard.
Percy took the Yankees cap and put it on. When he looked down, his body wasn't there anymore.
He started creeping up the aisle. He managed to get up ten rows, then ducked into an empty seat just as the Furies walked past.
Mrs. Dodds stopped, sniffing, and looked straight at him. His heart was pounding.
Apparently she didn't see anything. She and her sisters kept going.
Percy was free. He made it to the front of the bus. They were almost through the Lincoln Tunnel now. He was about to press the emergency stop button when they heard hideous wailing from the back row.
The old ladies were not old ladies anymore. Their faces were still the same but their bodies had shriveled into leathery brown hag bodies with bat's wings and hands and feet like gargoyle claws. Their handbags had turned into fiery whips.
The Furies surrounded Grover, Annabeth and Y/N, lashing their whips, hissing: "Where is it? Where?"
The other people on the bus were screaming, cowering in their seats. They saw something, all right.
"He's not here!" Annabeth yelled. "He's gone!"
The Furies raised their whips.
Annabeth drew her bronze knife. Grover grabbed a tin can from his snack bag and prepared to throw it. Y/N pulled her bow and arrow, just in case the knife in her pocket doesn't work.
The bus driver was distracted, trying to see what was going on in his rearview mirror.
Still invisible, Percy grabbed the wheel from him and jerked it to the left. Everybody howled as they were thrown to the right, and heard the sound of three Furies smashing against the windows.
"Hey!" the driver yelled. "Hey-whoa!"
They wrestled for the wheel. The bus slammed against the side of the tunnel, grinding metal, throwing sparks a mile behind us.
They careened out of the Lincoln Tunnel and back into the rainstorm, people and monsters tossed around the bus, cars plowed aside like bowling pins.
Somehow the driver found an exit. They shot off the highway, through half a dozen traffic lights, and ended up barreling down one of those New Jersey rural roads where you can't believe there's so much nothing right across the river from New York. There were woods to the left, the Hudson River to the right, and the driver seemed to be veering toward the river.
Another great idea: he hit the emergency brake.
The bus wailed, spun a full circle on the wet asphalt, and crashed into the trees. The emergency lights came on. The door flew open. The bus driver was the first one out, the passengers yelling as they stampeded after him. Percy stepped into the driver's seat and let them pass.
The Furies regained their balance. They lashed their whips at Annabeth while she waved her knife and yelled in Ancient Greek, telling them to back off. Grover threw tin cans. Y/N was already swinging the knife she kept in her pocket.
He looked at the open doorway. Percy was free to go, but he couldn't leave his friends. He took off the invisible cap and yelled, "Hey!"
The Furies turned, baring their yellow fangs at him, and the exit suddenly seemed like an excellent idea. Mrs. Dodds stalked up the aisle, just as she used to do in class, about to deliver his F- math test. Every time she flicked her whip, red flames danced along the barbed leather.
Her two ugly sisters hopped on top of the seats on either side of her and crawled toward him like huge nasty lizards.
"Perseus Jackson," Mrs. Dodds said, in an accent that was definitely from somewhere farther south than Georgia. "You have offended the gods. You shall die."
"I liked you better as a math teacher," he told her.
She growled.
Annabeth, Y/N and Grover moved up behind the Furies cautiously, looking for an opening.
Percy took the ballpoint pen out of his pocket and uncapped it. Riptide elongated into a shimmering double-edged sword.
The Furies hesitated.
Mrs. Dodds had felt Riptide's blade before. She obviously didn't like seeing it again.
"Submit now," she hissed. "And you will not suffer eternal torment."
"Nice try," he told her.
"Percy, look out!" Annabeth cried.
Mrs. Dodds lashed her whip around his sword hand while the Furies on the either side lunged at him.
He stuck the Fury on the left with the sword's hilt, sending her toppling backward into a seat. He turned and sliced the Fury on the right. As soon as the blade connected with her neck, she screamed and exploded into dust. Annabeth got Mrs. Dodds in a wrestler's hold and yanked her backward while Grover ripped the whip out of her hands, Y/N shot her bow at Mrs. Dodds which she aimed at her heart, but because she moved around too much, it struck on her shoulder instead. Along with a string of curses she also heard a deafening screech from it. Yes, it injured her, but the arrow was supposed to work like Percy's right? She was supposed to turn to dust but she didn't.
"Ow!" Grover yelled. "Ow! Hot! Hot!"
Mrs. Dodds was trying to get Annabeth off her back. She kicked, clawed, hissed and bit, but Annabeth held on while Grover got Mrs. Dodds's legs tied up in her own whip. Finally they both shoved her backward into the aisle. Mrs. Dodds tried to get up, but she didn't have room to flap her bat wings, so she kept falling down.
"Zeus will destroy you!" she promised. "Hades will have your soul!"
Thunder shook the bus. The hair rose on the back of their neck.
"Get out!" Annabeth yelled. "Now!"
They rushed outside and found the other passengers wandering around in a daze, arguing with the driver, or running around in circles yelling, "We're going to die!" A Hawaiian-shirted tourist with a camera snapped his photograph before Percy could recap his sword.
"Our bags!" Grover realized. "We left our-"
The windows of the bus exploded as the passengers ran for cover. Lightning shredded a huge crater in the roof, but an angry wail from inside told them Mrs. Dodds was not yet dead.
"Run!" Annabeth said. "She's calling for reinforcements! We have to get out of here!"
They plunged into the woods as the rain poured down, the bus in flames behind.
Y/N who was running confused, wondered if the gift from Chiron really worked. It was supposed to right? He wouldn't lie to her ofcourse. Was she not using it correctly?
Questions filled her mind, as the path before them had nothing but darkness ahead.
Tumblr media
Chapter 10
BOOK I :The Lightening Thief
Percy Jackson x Reader Series
Tumblr media
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Things I’ve Had to Deal With as a City Librarian: This Again
The library continues to be a vexing place, and so I continue to chronicle the madness. This is my burden. My curse.
- A teenage girl (probably at least 14) kept coming in and checking things out on her mother’s card. The card expires, and we tell the girl she can’t use it until the mother comes in to renew it. Our director received a call a few days later from the very angry mother, telling him she would, under no circumstances enter our library to renew the card. She would do it over the phone, but she refused to come in. The director thought it was due to covid concerns (valid), but before he can say a word, the mother, completely unprompted, went into a tirade about how she hates libraries and books and thinks that ours should burn to the ground because it was a waste of space and money. The only reason she got a library card at all was because her daughter begged her to, and she refused to let the daughter get her own, because “children don’t need library cards”. Finally, the director let her renew the card over the phone, simply to get her to shut up. Tellingly, we haven’t seen the daughter in about two months now.
- A woman came in to print something from our computers, and asked for help because she wasn’t very computer savvy. Not too out of the ordinary, except for one thing - this poor woman had a horrible ear infection and could barely hear a word. I managed to help her get what she needed in a relatively short amount of time, despite having to practically scream at her to be able to hear me. 
- A woman with a 23-page fax came in. It was front and back, so I had to do it manually on the glass of the copier. Right as I finished the last page, she got a phone call from the people she was sending it to. After she hung up, she told me that I could go ahead and cancel the fax, they’d rather she send it via e-fax, and she had a scanner at home, so she could do it there. She didn’t even apologize for making me do all that work. 
- An elderly lady came in asking if someone could help her set up an email account. Since I had nothing to do, I decided I could help her out. I ended up spending about an hour helping her because she knew nothing about computers. She didn’t know how to type, how to use a mouse, or what an address bar or browser or password was. I had to help her through every single solitary step to finally produce a useable gmail. When I finally had her ready to go, she revealed the reason she wanted to get an email account - an old flame from when she was young had come back into her life, but he lived in Florida. So they wanted to keep in touch. They probably exchanged emails for about a month after she first set it up. Then she came in one day, slid a candy bar into my hand, and told me she was leaving to go down to Florida to be closer to him. I hope they’re happy.
- An elderly couple came in with a tree branch they’d found on their property, and asked if we had any books about identifying Missouri trees because they’d never seen one like the one they had before. Most of the ones we did have had been checked out, so I decided to google it for them. They were very impressed by this, and were even more impressed when I found a picture that looked exactly like the branch they’d brought in. Turns out it was a persimmon tree. We spend about half an hour after that talking about persimmon trees and how messy they could be and how the husband and his friends used to steal persimmons from their mean teacher’s yard. It was utterly adorable. 
- A little girl and her dad came in, both equally excited about getting library cards after recently moving to the area. The chattered about all the books they were going to get, even more so after I told them they could have up to ten at a time. When they were done, the daughter sheepishly asked if we had any books about ancient Egypt. So not only did I make sure to load her up with books and show her how to use the card catalogue, but I also discovered she didn’t know anything about King Tut, so we had a long discussion about mummies and archeology. Her dad clearly wasn’t as into it as her, but he tried his hardest to be enthusiastic, and actually said, “Yeah! Mummies! Woo!” at one point. I had to go in the back after they left because I was so overwhelmed by how cute they were. 
- We check our phone messages every morning. It’s usually just people who forgot to renew their books before we close, but occasionally we’ll get weird ones. Like the guy who left us a long, rambling message about how his oven wasn’t working, so he tried calling city electric, and they gave him this number, but this was the number for the library, so why had they given him that one? And why weren’t we open? “Doesn’t anyone in this town work?” It went on for twenty minutes like that. My coworker Rachel initially listened to it and pulled me over to listen to it too because she was laughing so hard. We hope that guy eventually got his oven fixed, and that he realized he called us on a Sunday. 
- Rachel was out policing and a man came in with a bag from McDonald’s. He sat at one of our computers and proceeded to burst into tears. I wasn’t there for this, so I don’t know what happened after, but Rachel did say she felt so bad for him she didn’t even tell him he couldn’t have food at the computers.
- A woman asked me to make some copies for her, and I had walked a bit away before I realized I hadn’t asked her how many she needed. She didn’t hear me at first, and proceeded to pull down her mask and lean her ear in to hear me better. I still puzzle over the logic there.
- One night, near closing, Lori went to check the men’s bathroom and found clothes strewn everywhere. Pants, shirts, a few pairs of underwear, and even a belt were hanging from the stalls, the sinks, and even the urinals. A JC Penney’s bag was in the corner, which was presumably what the clothes had been in. No one who was still in the library claimed the clothes. I have no idea what the director decided to do with them. 
- My coworker Rayne was helping a lady print off some tax forms. The woman was older, and told Rayne this would be her first time doing her taxes on her own since her husband died. Rayne expressed her sympathy, and the woman decided that was an invitation to tell her about finding her husband’s bloody corpse in their shed, and how it had gotten everywhere and stained her shoes a bit. She didn’t tell Rayne exactly why he was bloody before she paid for her copies and left, wishing Rayne a nice day. Rayne needed a good sit-down after that.
- I was cleaning our study rooms, and when I walked into the last one, I immediately gagged because it smelled like someone walked in, farted like a machine gun for an hour, then walked out. It was vile. I had to grab a bottle of air freshener and just blast it for a solid minute to cut through the smell. 
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Happy Valentine’s Day Daddy
Warnings: none! A/N: This is my valentine’s day entry for @cherrymaybank ! Back to back posts about Charlie, Riley and little Emerson! We do talk about the potential to having another one in the family, but I’m not sure if we like the trio as it is... do you guys want to see Dad!Charlie with a new born and an 8 year old daughter? Disclaimer: This is a FICITONAL writing piece! In no way do I claim characters in this piece act this way in real life.
Masterlist *now taking requests ;)
Happy Valentine’s Day Daddy
Riley emptied the contents of her stomach into the toilet, Charlie rushing into their ensuite to help hold her hair back. He soothed her back and got her a glass of water from the sink. They had gone to the clinic yesterday to confirm whether or not she was pregnant, since she had been nauseous and throwing up a lot lately. The drug store pregnancy tests were negative, but then again the same thing happened when Riley was pregnant with Emerson. She was normally irregular and active, but grew up with the doctors always saying she would have fertility problems. Emerson came to her as a shock.
“Mommy?” they heard their little girl call out from the hallway, and Charlie got up to intervene before she saw her mother.
“Hey Princess, bad dream?” Charlie scooped Emerson up from the hallway, feeling her heaviness set in. Emerson was 7 and soon to be 8, but Charlie wouldn’t pass the opportunity to pick her up. He didn’t want her growing up too fast, although mentally that ship had sailed.
“No, I had a weird one” she hugged his back and laid her head on his shoulder. “Can we have a midnight snack Daddy?” that’s when Charlie noticed the clock in the hallway read 1:13AM. He contemplated it for a moment, thinking about how Riley wouldn’t approve, but she wasn’t there to stop him and she would appreciate him distracting Emerson.
“Sure, you get the cookies and milk. I’ll be down to help with plates and stuff.” he set her down and kissed her on the head. Emerson looked up inquisitively at him and then back at their open bedroom door. Charlie noticed, and turned her around, gently pushing her towards the kitchen. “Mommy’s fine, just a tiny upset stomach. I’m gonna go make sure she’s good, so don’t eat all the cookies without me” 
This made the little girl giggle as she made her way to the kitchen. Charlie went back to check on Riley, who had her back to the wall adjacent to the toilet. She looked better, less pale, but still exhausted. “You want me to help you up?”
“No, I think I’ve got another round coming in a moment or two. Emerson okay?” Charlie nodded, taking the glass from her hand and refilling it. “Let me guess. Another round of Gillespie’s Midnight Munchies?”
“What can I say? She’s super persuasive” He passed her the glass and she scoffed before taking another drink. “She’s got me wrapped around her fingers”
“Well then don’t let me stop you! You’re princess awaits!” She made a flamboyant gesture of hands referencing her daughter, grateful for her acceptance of Charlie in her life. Riley had to admit that it was helpful to have Charlie around! 
Since the wedding, Riley had made the decision to homeschool Emerson. It meant that she could play with kids in the neighbourhood, but do schoolwork at her pace. Riley was able to work a lot more from home and with Charlie’s acting hours, it meant that he could be home a lot more too. She was often in charge of setting up Emerson’s curriculum, but it helped to have Charlie around. She knew Emerson was learning because she would hear her daughter teaching Charlie the concepts that she went through that day when he would get her ready for bed. Emerson often expressed that she liked doing this more than what they had been doing before. Occasionally, she would go to a daycare program when both of them were busy, but Charlie often brought her to set when he could.
Riley smiles fondly the first time Charlie brought her to set on a project he was working on. She snapped a picture as they walked through the door, Emerson wearing a pretty dress, Charlie in his comfy clothes and a pink backpack that was way too small hung over his shoulder. They walked hand in hand to the car and waved goodbye to her. The time that the two spent together did include a lot of shenanigans and sometimes being outnumbered or out voted, but Charlie never let it get out of hand.
Emerson’s lip quivered as her mother shook her head no. She wanted ice cream, but Riley had refused because of the cotton candy she ate earlier. Emerson didn’t take a nap and woke up early, and more sugar would mean a bigger problem later that day. Not wanting to take no for an answer, Emerson asked Charlie, who also agreed that she should forego the ice cream. 
That was the straw that broke Emerson’s back.
Riley had never seen Emerson tantrum so bad before, especially since her toddler was known to be very mature. She was used to her daughter clamming up and refusing to talk to her until she was ready, but that day was a completely different experience. Here she was screaming and crying, insisting she deserved ice cream.
Charlie sensed Riley’s flusteredness and tried to calm Emerson down. When she screamed and cried louder, she flailed her arms about, hitting Riley and Charlie. That’s when his usual sparkle and mischief that was normally present in his eyes disappeared.
“Emerson Gianna Gillespie. That’s enough.” Emerson was in shock at the tone of his voice. He didn’t yell, but he wasn’t quiet either. She could see that his eyes meant business, and he had never used her real name. She sunk to the ground in a last attempt at defiance. “Please stand up, or we are going home.” Emerson refused to stand. Charlie motioned for Riley to pack up their stuff quickly, as he picked up Emerson and brought her to the car. He didn’t say a single word, even as Emerson started to cry softly on their way to the car. She had started to realize the errors of her actions and felt awful.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be a bad girl” she sniffed as Charlie buckled her into her booster seat. “Can we still get McDonalds?” she wiped away a few more tears as Riley got into the passenger side. Before she could reply, Charlie quickly answered the little girl.
“We are going home. We will talk about this when we get home” and with that he shut the door, and they drove home in silence. Emerson walked over to her time out corner in the house, a place where she rarely sat, but knew it was meant for her to reflect upon her actions. Emerson didn’t know that Charlie felt awful about being stone cold to her and was upstairs whisper venting to Riley, who patiently sat and listened. 
They made up over dinner that night and this was the first time that Emerson saw Charlie acting like a Daddy and not like a Charlie.
“Take all the time you need. I got Emmy” he kissed her head and went to join his little one at the kitchen island. As directed, the jar of cookies was on the counter, along with the jug of milk. She sat on the stood and swung her legs back and forth singing a song, waiting patiently for him. “Ready for some late night snicky snacks?”
“Mommy okay?” the little girl sat there waiting patiently but worrying about her mom. Charlie grabbed two dessert plates and two glasses for the milk and cookies. Charlie nodded and dished them up some cookies and poured the milk into the glasses, humming to himself. They clinked their glasses together and enjoyed their food in silence, only the sounds of the cookies crunching.
“Are you going to tell me about the weird dream you had?” he asked, a few crumbs spilling from his mouth. He wiped the corner of Emerson’s mouth with his thumb and took a sip of his milk.
“I had a dream that I had a baby brother” Charlie spat out his milk and choked, coughing at her comment. Emerson patted the man on the back, something she often saw adults do to other adults when they choked and something her parents did for her. “Isn’t that why mommy has an upset stomach?”
“Who told you that?” Charlie wiped his mouth and the counter of his mess, moving to dispose of the paper towel in the kitchen garbage. Emerson quietly munched on her cookie and took a drink of milk. “It was Uncle Owen wasn’t it?” she nodded, knowing that speaking with a full mouth was rude. Charlie made a mental note to chastise Owen later. Emerson was smart and perceptive but she was still a kid and who knows what the giant told her in his panic. Charlie gave her another cookie.
“Is this meant to keep me quiet? Uncle Owen did that last time. He said adults like to bribe children with things so they behave and don’t expose them. Didn’t anyone tell Uncle Owen that he’s not supposed to keep secrets or lie?” The little girl greatly accepted the cookie from Charlie and took a big bite, sipping on some more milk to help wash it down.
“No, it’s not a bribe. I’m giving you another cookie because you’re so tiny! I have to fatten you up if I’m going to bake you into a pie!” he joked as he tickled the girl. She laughed and dropped her cookie as Charlie attacked her sides and blew raspberries into her neck.
Even though Riley was 5”2 and her mother was short, Emerson seemed a little too much on the tiny side. She was still the height of your average six year old but she was thin and weighed very little despite the amount of food she ate. Her pediatricians worried that she wasn’t growing as healthily as the other children, but found no problems or illnesses within her. She was simply a late bloomer. It didn’t help that she was twice as smart as kids her age either, but Charlie made sure she knew that was something to be proud of. Both parents always told her that real friends would like her despite her differences and that being like the other kids is boring. 
“Seems like you two are doing fine without me!” the two froze in their act as they realized that Riley had walked into the kitchen. She smiled and grabbed the cookie off Charlie’s plate, sipping on his milk.
“Yup. Definitely pregnant. I guess I am getting a younger brother” Riley’s eyes were as wide as saucers and Charlie rolled his. She looked to Charlie for answers.
“Daddy? I think I’m ready to go back to bed” Emerson rubbed her eyes and hopped off the chair. Her mother smiled and gave her little girl a big hug, she couldn’t believe that Emerson would soon be 8.
“You and mommy go upstairs. I’ll clean up down here” Charlie gave both of his girls a kiss on the head before they retreated to Emerson’s bedroom. He began to pick up the plates and wipe the counter down, not bothering to wash the plates. He was supposed to be cooking breakfast for everyone in the morning, so he thought to wash their dishes then, but seeing as they were up so late, breakfast might be brunch. Just as he was putting away the milk and cookie jar, he heard soft footsteps rush into the kitchen. When he closed the door, he saw no one except a little red present box on the counter.
To Daddy
From Emmy
He smiled and carried the tiny box over to the bedroom. Riley was just tucking Emerson in, when he popped his head into the bedroom and shook the box. Emerson blushed and hid under the covers and Riley turned around seeing the box that Charlie shook.
“Is that where you went? I thought you were going pee!” her mother prodded, poking her daughter who was trying to hide. “Why are you hiding Emmy? There’s no need to be shy about it!”
“Did you know about this?” Riley shook her head no and peeled the blanket off her daughter. She hid her face in her hands, blushing a deep pink. “Emmy, come on, I wanna share this moment with you!” Charlie sat down at the foot of the bed and Riley sat beside her. Emerson lowered her hands from her face.
“Uncle Owen helped me with this when he babysat me last week” she smiled, avoiding eye contact. Charlie opened the box and instantly felt his heart grow big. Seeing his reaction, Riley peered into the box and understood the man’s reaction.
In the tiny red box lay a plastic guitar pick which had a picture from their wedding printed on it. It was a photo of the three of them, a stolen shot, between professional takes that encaptured their family’s dynamic. They were all smiling and laughing. It was Charlie’s favorite picture and it was his phone background. At the top of the pic was a tiny hole that connected it to a chain that he could wear around his neck.
“I haven’t been to daycare in a while, so I missed the Valentine’s day crafts. I’m going to a tea party with Aunty Savannah and mommy for Valentine’s day, but I didn’t have anything for you” Charlie opened his arms and beckoned for the little girl to crawl into his lap and hug him back. He rested his chin on her head and sniffed back the tears that had formed. “Did you read the back?” he pulled away and flipped the pick around.
Happy Valentine’s Day Daddy!
“Gosh Emmy, you are just so smart” he pulled the little girl in for another hug, a tear escaping his eye and he kissed her head again. “You didn’t have to do this Princess!”
“It’s my first Valentine’s day with a Daddy. Every year, the girls at the daycare got to have a Valentine’s day date with their Dads and would make them stuff at craft time. This is the first year I get to do it, so I wanted it to be special” she smiled up at him, happy that he liked the gift.
“I love it Emmy. I’ll never take it off” he placed it around his neck and fiddled with it again. Charlie really meant that he never wanted to take it off. Everything precious to him was represented on that pick. He made a mental note to thank Owen and probably not chastise him as bad as he wanted to before.
“Does that mean I get to spend Valentine’s day with the both of you?” Charlie and Riley shared a confused look, wondering where the question came from. Sensing their confusion, Emerson clarified her question. “Uncle Owen said that on Valentine’s day, you guys were going to play hide the zucchini, so he’d probably babysit me again. I thought it sounded like fun”
Cancel that. Charlie was definitely going to kill Owen.
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surveys by seachaange
What do you do when someone is talking to you about something you don't care about? I listen and try to ask questions or add my own input so that they can see that even though I personally don’t care about the thing they’re talking about, I’m invested in them.
What is the best pizza place in your neighbourhood? Erm, we don’t really have a lot of independent pizza joints, actually. Most of the ones I see are chain restaurants like Pizza Hut and Domino’s. The best pizza I’ve had is from Vu’s at Marco Polo, but it’s been a whileeeee since I’ve had their food. Mama Lou’s pizza is also good.
Do you have Photoshop installed on your computer? I do but I only had it installed for school. I have no personal interest to learn it.
Are there any teachers you have that you are close with? I wouldn’t say that. I’m kinda chummy with one of my English teachers from high school - like he knew about me and Gab and supported us, I show my support for his art, we greet each other every now and then, etc - but we’re not ‘close.’
Do you have friends that play field hockey? No.
What about soccer? Not friends but I do know a number people who play football, yeah.
Do you think homosexuals are leading a bad lifestyle? This question aged like milk, didn’t it...
What do you think of the iPad? I remember when it blew up like crazy. It was such a revolutionary thing back when it was new, so much so that my dad even felt the need to buy one. It was fun when the hype lasted; but nowadays I don’t know people who would still seek out an iPad other than artists and law/med students, lmfao.
Do you put lotion on after you get out of the shower? I don’t.
Do you have any concerts on dvd? A lot, but they’re of concerts from a time when DVDs were still a thing. I haven’t had a new DVD in around 7-8 years.
Do you still have a VHS player? I think my parents have thrown theirs out already.
Has anyone ever given you a promise ring? No.
Do you send postcards to people when you go on vacation? I don’t. But aw, this made me remember when Jo did a summer exchange program in London and she sent postcards to Aya in the few months that she had been away. I thought that was sweet.
What do you think is the most comfortable shoe? Out of the pairs I have, my Onitsuka Tiger shoes for sure.
Have you seen Lady Gaga's music video for Telephone? That was suuuuuuch a big deal when it came out. Yes, I definitely have and I must’ve watched it a thousand times. Also rude, Beyoncé was in there too lol
If so, what do you think of it? It was so creative and a lot of fun to watch, especially for 2009 when artists weren’t exactly daring with music video concepts yet. I can’t believe they never collaborated again since.
What do you think of the septum piercing? It’s great.
Do you frequently skip class? Depends on my interest in the class/the professor, OR how tired I am that week. I skipped my psychology elective a lot because I didn’t think the instructor was all that great; and as much as I loved every single one of my history classes, there were a few sessions I voluntarily had to skip because I wasn’t doing mentally well. It really depends.
When you're really thirsty, what do you enjoy drinking most? Water. Anything else wouldn’t be able to quench my thirst as well.
What do you find inspirational in the world? I think it differs based on what I need to see at a given time, I guess. At this point in my life, I like hearing from people who have risen from their trust and abandonment issues, because it’s what I’ve been going through as well. I probably never would’ve found something like that inspirational, say, 6 months ago, so it really depends.
When hanging out with your bf or gf, what do you like doing most? I’m a very ‘let’s spend time in silence’ type of person. I cherished it the most when my ex and I would go to a coffee shop and work for hours, in complete and comfortable silence; or when I would be driving and no words would be exchanged for nearly the entire ride. Even though I stay quiet, in those moments I’m actually very happy. Of course new experiences are great too, but I personally enjoy the conventional ‘boring’ stuff the most when with a partner.
What do/did you think of your high school? Teeming with homophobia, bigotry, and just your typical Catholic gatekeepy judgmental environment. I look back at high school fondly because of the friends I made, not because of the toxic environment they nurtured in there.
What is the dirtiest rap song you have ever heard? I don’t listen to a lot of rap. But as an 11 year old listening to Nicki Minaj’s Itty Bitty Piggy, I was immediately traumatized lmao. I still can’t listen to that song.
What about a dirty song in any other genre? Uhhhhhhhhh probably Drunk in Love?? Lmaoooo I’d die for Beyoncé a million times but I always skip that song. My asexual ass just can’t deal.
What is a genre of music you simply can't stand? One of them is techno.
What is, in your opinion, the best way of dealing with a break up? Being kind to yourself.
What flavour of Doritos do you like best? I’ve only ever tried the nacho cheese flavor, but I love that one.
Where do you do your grocery shopping? I don’t do the grocery shopping in the family but my parents usually do it at SM or at this local store we have nearby.
Would you ever go to a comedy club? Yes, with a friend so I’d be more comfortable.
Do you think Victoria's Secret is overpriced? I haven’t been in one of their stores in a while, so I can’t really say.
Do you still have a VHS player? Again, I don’t think so.
Do you have a tumblr? :))))))
Why is it that photography is becoming a trend? So this survey was made in 2010 and I can definitely confirm it was a crazy huge trend lol. Even I got into it and asked my parents to get me a DSLR back then. Anyway, I think it was because during this time, DSLRs had been slowly becoming a thing? and they were kiiiiiiiinda cheap - at least cheap enough to be accessible to a large amount of people - so it allowed people to play with different styles that were very unfamiliar at the time, like light painting, fisheye, close-ups, etc. And then at one point everyone had DSLRs and it just wasn’t as enjoyable anymore because everyone was doing the same kinds of trendy shots lol.
What is the funniest movie you have ever seen? I’m gonna go with The Proposal - Sandra Bullock was gold in that movie.
Did you watch American Idol this past season? No. Do they still air new seasons of that?? I stopped watching when the same guitar-playing, country-singing white men kept winning.
If so, how did you feel about the winner? It’s been more than a decade since I last cared for the show.
Don't you hate it when one of your earbuds stops working? Sure.
Do you have a normal landline, or do you use MagicJack? Holy shit I have not heard of MagicJack in a goddamn WHILE lmao, what a throwback. We had one, I’m pretty sure...but I never knew what it was for.
Do you even use a house phone anymore? Landlines are still common in the Philippines. Are they not in other countries? Hahahaha.
Would you ever consider dating someone who lived across the country? If I loved, trusted, and was committed to them enough, yes.
What was the most expensive restaurant you've ever eaten at? I wasn’t able to track the name but I’m pretty sure it was the fine dining restaurant in our cruise trip that my parents treated me to for my birthday.
Do/did you take foods classes in high school? My school didn’t offer such a class, but we had home economics and we were occasionally taught how to cook and bake certain dishes.
Do you have a tattoo? No, not yet.
If you do, describe the pain you went thru when getting it done. Eugh this is what I’m scared of :((((
Do you enjoy making hemp necklaces and bracelets? I’ve never tried.
Have you ever watched the show Strangers With Candy? I’ve never even heard of it before, I’m sure.
What is your favourite bookstore? Fully Booked, because their collection is expansive, always complete, and they let you take a book of the shelves and read it if you’d like.
Have you ever used torrents? Mostly throughout high school. I did use a torrent to download Midsommar recently, though.
How can we tell if you are in a bad mood? I go quiet.
How are you when you're in a really good mood? Complete opposite - I will be bubbly and chatty, especially in instances when I’m not really expected to be.
Are you nice to everyone, even people you don't like? Yes.
When you're bored in class, what do you do? I seldom found myself bored in class because I’m constantly furiously taking notes. But if the prof themselves are very boring and there’s nothing to take notes about, I go ahead and check my social media either from my phone or laptop.
Would you rather go to Lollapalooza, Warped Tour, or Bonnaroo? As a teenager, I had always wanted to go to Warped Tour. As I’ve gotten older, though, the lineups for Lollapalooza have appealed to me more. Plus it’s in Chicago, soooooo a million more brownie points for that.
Do you have anything that is autographed? By who? Yeah, I have an autographed poster of AJ Lee. It was my most prized possession and I even placed it on a big picture frame and had it up on my wall for yearsssssssss, and then my mom had to take it down because of course it’s my mom and of course she had to do it.
Can you sleep when it's really hot? Welcome to summer months in the Philippines.
Do you know anyone who works at McDonald's? I think Carley does, but idk if that’s changed in the last few months. I don’t stay updated about her life, haven’t been for years.
Do you have a debit card? Yes.
What bank do you (or your family) use? I am not sharing that lol.
Would you ever hitchhike? I think I’m mostly open to it, though I will say I’ve read enough stories about murders that involve hitchhiking that make me a little scared of the idea, hahah.
Have you ever been kayaking? We did a boat thing in Palawan a few years ago but I’m not sure if that was kayaking or canoeing. Anywho, the experience was breathtaking.
Do you have a problem with swimming in a pond or lake? In the context of my country, yeah, because our natural bodies of water aren’t exactly...the cleanest, lmao. I’d feel much more comfortable swimming in a private beach.
Does anyone in your family go hunting or fishing? Nope. But maybe some of my relatives living in the US do?? Idk for sure.
What do/did you do when someone you barely knew asks you to sign their yearbook? We don’t really practice that. Only the really expensive, bougie, international schools here that have foreign students to begin with do that, I think.
In high school are you/were you in the plays and musicals? No.
Do you have a birdbath in your yard? No, we don’t.
Is the house you live in old or new? It’s fairly new; we had it first built in 2005 and we officially moved in 2008.
Where do you go when you need a new pair of sneakers? Depends on what brand I’m in the mood to buy.
Do you make New Year's Resolutions, or do you not even bother? I typically don’t.
Most annoying commercial? Haven’t been paying attention to them lately.
What does your favourite bathing suit look like? It’s just a simple black bikini but its overall shape and design is super cute and chic.
Do you like Silly Bandz? No.
If you do, how many do you have and what are your favourite shapes?
What do you think of My Super Sweet 16? I never watched it because I feel like I’d only get stressed if I did.
Do you have mini-blinds in your house? I have pull-down window shades in my room, not blinds.
Do you rent your home or do you own it? My parents own it.
What is your favourite song right now? Trigger by Hayley Williams.
Do you use Firefox? Nope.
Do you have a pool in your backyard? We don’t.
Do you have a gym membership? No.
Favourite field trip you've ever been on? Freshman year of high school when we went to two museums :)
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unloved-cadillac · 4 months ago
Mr Ackerman: Chapter Three.
Y/n L/n is a single mother and the new CEO of Sina Enterprises. She and her son JJ had moved to the city after Y/n’s promotion. JJ is enrolled into Sina Elementary School and things start getting interesting after Y/n catches feelings for JJ’s form teacher, Mr Levi Ackerman. How will things play out?
*playboy smirk* haha. This shit is long over due, haha. I’m sorry, haha. But you cute tho.
𝖤𝖽𝗂𝗍𝖾𝖽: 𝗇𝗈.
As the days went by, Y/n started to get piled with work. So many things of the company needed to be addressed and she needed to stay longer than she liked. And JJ hated it. Even though he knew his mom worked like a dog, he tried not to be so angry. But he was a kid who still needed his mom’s kiss goodnight and not a phone call.
It was the day before his field trip to the Overlook Aquarium and Y/n had made sure that she got his forms filled and money paid for it. Sitting at her office desk, she stops writing and looks at the picture to her right. Her little boy with her and his dad. She missed him. She really did. But she knew that Mikoto wouldn’t want her to sulk over him for forever and JJ needed a good father figure in his life. As she looked at the picture she started thinking about all the things JJ had told her about his teacher. Levi Ackerman. JJ seemed to really like how he was such a grump and preferred things a certain way. “He makes us clean our desks as well. Just like how you tell me to clean, Mama.” She remembers JJ tell her. Y/n checks the time and starts to go back home. “If I rush, maybe I’ll make it in time to tuck him in bed.” Y/n mutters to herself and hops into her car and drives home.
When she pulled up into her driveway, Nanaba’s bike was still there. Y/n takes off her heels and unlocks her door. The house was dark as usual but the TV was still on. “Nanaba?” Y/n whisper shouts as she flicks the light switch on. Nanaba doesn’t answer so Y/n goes to the couch to see her sleeping. Gently shaking her shoulder, Nanaba wakes up. “Oh. Ms Y/n. You’re back.” Nanaba says and yawns. “Yeah. I’m home. You should go too. Thank you for coming her on such short notice. I’ll make sure to include it in your paycheck.” Y/n smiles while Nanaba scoffs. “Don’t be ridiculous, boss. I’ll see you tomorrow. Oh no. I’ll see you on Monday. Don’t forget you got to go with JJ on his field trip.” Nanaba says while putting on her shoes. “Thanks, Nana. Goodnight.” “Night, boss.” When she left, Y/n make she ready to JJ’s room.
She opens it and sees him fast asleep, with his back to the door. Y/n quietly walks up to him and leans down to kiss him. “Mama?” JJ mumbles. “Hi, baby. I’m sorry I’ve been working so long.” She says while he turns to face her. “It’s okay. I forgive you.” He yawns out. “Good news, though. I’ll be with you tomorrow for your field trip.” Y/n says and JJ sits up, shocking her. “Really?! You’re gonna be with me?” He asks excitedly. Y/n nods and he wraps his arms around her neck. “I’m so happy.” He says into her neck and Y/n hugs him tighter. “Me too baby. Now get some rest. Don’t want you be tired tomorrow.” Y/n puts JJ down and tucks him in. “I love you, Mama.” “I love you too, baby.” “I can’t wait for you and Mr Ackerman to meet again. He asked about you.” Y/n cocks her eyebrow to the question. “Asked about me? What did he ask?” “Just if you’re okay. And he said that he hopes you aren’t overworking.” JJ says and closes his eyes. Y/n giggles and kisses JJ’s forehead. She exits his bedroom and smiles as she closes the door. Mr Ackerman, huh?
“Mom! We’re gonna be late! I wanna see the sharks!” “JJ, we’re not gonna be late.”
JJ puts on his jacket and shoes while Y/n fills two water bottles for them and grabs her bag. “Mama, can we have McDonald’s today?” He asks Y/n while she puts on her jacket and toes JJ’s shoes. “I’m hoping we can. Unless we have to buy from the aquarium. But I’ll make a plan.” She winks at JJ and he smiles. They go outside and JJ stands by the car door while Y/n locks up the house. “Mama!!” JJ says. “Alright, baby. I’m here.” She unlocks the door and he hops into the back seat and puts his seatbelt on. Y/n stands and watches him. “You’re growing up so fast!” Y/n says and kisses his cheek making JJ laugh. “Mama!! Let’s go!!” He laughs out and she smiles. “Yes yes, my king.” She says and shuts the door. She goes into her driver’s seat and goes to the school. From the school, they would be assigned to certain buses and then off to the aquarium. “So, JJ,” Y/n begins and looks at him through the review mirror, “Is Lily coming as well?” JJ nods enthusiastically. “She says that she had been there before and that she will show me the sharks.” Y/n hums and smiles. Few minutes later, they pull up to the school. Y/n parks the G-Wagon and hops out and goes to JJ’s door. She unbuckles him and he jumps down and stands by his mom while she got some stuff. “JJ!” A pretty voice calls out for him and Y/n turns to see the Ackerman girl run up to them. Her hair was in a pathetic excuse for a ponytail which made Y/n look at her. “Hi, Lily.” “Hello, Ms L/n. I like your jacket.” She points to it. “Thank you. Lily, who did your hair?” Y/n asks. “Daddy did. Well, he tried.” Lily giggles making JJ and Y/n giggle. “Come here. Would you like me to put a ponytail for you?” Lily nods. “Yes please!” “Ok. Turn around.” Lily does as she’s told and Y/n carefully takes out the twisted hair tie and combs her hair. Nearly gathering it up in a high pony, Y/n wraps the hair tie around and neatens the back and front. “There. All done. Do you like it?” Y/n asks and Lily faces the van to see her reflection. She gasps and hugs Y/n. “Yes. Thank you so much, Ms L/n.” Y/n pats her back. “Oh, Lily. Call me Y/n.” Lily pulls away and smiles. “Y/n.”
“LILY!” A fierce voice calls her and she turns to her dad who was looking for her. “Daddy! Daddy look. Y/n did my hair!” She runs up to him and shows off her ponytail. Levi looks up and sees Y/n with JJ. She shyly waves and he nods. “Lily, do you want me to have a heart attack? Don’t run away like that.” He says and Lily cuddles into his chest. “Sorry Daddy.” He sighs and Y/n and JJ walk up to them. “Hi, Y/n.” “Hi, Levi. Long time no see.” “Yeah. Long time.” It’s quiet and JJ and Lily share a look but then the bell is sounded followed by an announcement:
All parents, teachers and students going to the Overlook Aquarium please gather by the front gate so you can be assigned to buses. Thank you.
Levi puts down Lily and Lily takes JJ’s hand. “Let’s go, JJ. The sharks are waiting.” JJ smiles and looks at his mom. “Don’t walk too far away from us.” She tells him and Levi nods at Lily. The young pair talk and laugh while the grown-ups walk side by side. Hands brushing against each other sometimes. “So Y/n. How’s work?” Levi asks after a long silence. Y/n exhales and chuckles. “Hectic. I’m hardly at home and it kills me. I’m pretty sure JJ is mad at me because did that too.” Y/n scratches the back of her neck. “Well you do have quite the job so it’s gonna be hard. But don’t worry. JJ isn’t mad.” Levi says and puts his hands in his pockets. Y/n looks at him. “How do you know?” “He’s more...worried. He told me that you might be overworking. So don’t push yourself too much.” Levi says the last bit softly but Y/n caught it. “Thanks for caring, Levi.” Y/n says and Levi steals a look at her. Her hair was awfully pretty today. It framed her face perfectly. Levi clears his throat and looks ahead. “Y-Yeah. Whatever.” They all made their way to the front gate and JJ and Lily looked ahead. “JJ! Lily! Come here!” Y/n shouts and they turn around and run to their respective parents. JJ stood in front of Y/n while holding her hands and Lily carried Lily while she wrapped her tiny arms around his neck while they waited to see who’s where.
Many names were said and many buses assigned. “Ackerman- Bus two. And L/n-Bus two. Go to your buses and be safe everyone. Kids stay with your parents and drink lots of water today.” The administrator says and waves them off. Lily and JJ smile at each other and y/n and Levi walk to the bus. “Daddy, can I sit with JJ?” “Mama, can I sit with Lily?” The parents look at each other and Y/n shrugs her shoulders. “Uhm, if it’s alright with Lily’s dad it’s fine with me.” She looks at Levi and he nods. “We better go first then so we can get a four-seater.” The two pairs rush to the bus and JJ pushes through the tall people and made his way to the back of the bus and finds the perfect seats. So to book it, he laid across it. Waiting for his mom and friends to join him. “JJ!” Y/n chuckles and looks at her boy. “I saved the seats! Can I sit by the window?” “Aww, JJ. I wanted to sit by the window.” Lily says and JJ smiles. “Don’t worry Lily. If you sit next to me, you see too.” So Lily went in to sit next to JJ and Y/n sat next to Levi. This feeling...was weird to Levi. But not in a bad way. It was just something that he hadn’t felt in a long time if not at all. He wanted to reach over and take Y/n’s hand in his but he stopped himself. He didn’t even know her, for gods sake. But when he subtly looked at her hand, the ring was gone. “I see you aren’t using your ring anymore. You okay?” He asks softly so the kids wouldn’t hear. “Hmm? Oh. Yeah. I realized it was time. You know. To let go. Not that it was easy but it had to be done. I can’t keep dwelling on the past.” Y/n says and smiles softly. Levi looks at her and hesitatingly places his hand on hers making her look up at him. “If you ever need someone to talk to. I’m here.” Y/n eyes widen slightly and smiles at him. “Thank you, Levi.” She says and they look at each other. “Mama! Look at this cloud! It looks like a mouse!” JJ’s voice makes Y/n quickly pull her hand away from Levi’s and looks at JJ. “Where baby?” Levi sighs and rest his head on his fist. “It looks like a dolphin, JJ. Daddy! Doesn’t it look like a dolphin?” Lily calls out to him and he leans towards the window, pressing his front to Y/n’s back making her blush a bit. “I don’t know how that’s a mouse or a dolphin. It looks like a shit.” Levi remarks making Y/n chuckle. But her bright blush was clear on her face. “Mama? Are you okay? You’re red.” Y/n looks at JJ and clears her throat. “Y-Yeah. I’m fine.” She sits back into her seat and avoids looking at Levi who hid his smirks behind his hand.
They had finally made their way to the aquarium and having energetic 8 year olds really were a pain. “JJ. Wait!” Y/n shouts while she got her bag. “Come on, Daddy!” “Lily. I swear to God..” Levi mumbles while he waits for Y/n to tie her lace. “You good?” He asks and Y/n shyly smiles. “Yeah. Let’s go before our kids get lost.” She walks ahead of him and Levi chuckles. When they entered the Aquarium, Lily and JJ were so damn excited. JJ was understandable since he has never been here before, but Lily has been more than 7 times. “Mama! Lily says there a corn dog stand here. Can we have some?” He asks Y/n. “Later. Let’s see some fish first.” She tells him and takes his hand. Levi comes and picks up Lily. “Daddy. We’re gonna see the dolphins again.” She says excitedly and Levi kisses her cheek. “Yeah. We will.” The tour guide comes and speaks to everyone and JJ listens to everything he says while subconsciously playing with his mom’s hand. Something he did when he was nervous or excited. Levi looks at Y/n and JJ and then at Lily. He hair was perfect. If only he could do it like that. He really messed up in the morning. He cringes at the thought. As the crowd starts to walk Lily is set down by Levi and she holds his hand while looking around. “Is that.. Lily?!” An excited voice rings through the place and Lily turns around to see her favorite aunt. “Aunty Isabel!!!” Lily runs up to her and Isabel catches her. “Oh I missed you so much, Lilykins. How are you?” The bright woman asks the little girl. “I’m good. We’re here on a school trip.” Lily says and Isabel smiles. “Yeah I heard.” “Isabel.” Levi says and Isabel smiles at her brother-in-law. “Levi! How are you, bro?” “Okay, I guess.” He says as Lily jumps into his arms. He turns around when he heard JJ’s voice. “Mama, look! Sting rays!” “I can see baby. They’re pretty, aren’t they?” Y/n leans down with JJ in between her legs and points to the various sting rays. Levi smiles softly at them and Isabel catches it. “Who are they?” She asks. “The kid is in my class and that woman is his mother.” Levi says while moving the hair out of Lily’s hair. “Must be pretty special since they’re making you smile, grump.” “I’m not smiling.” Levi says. “Yeah he was, Aunty Isabel. Even in the bus. It’s weird.” Lily says confused and Levi pinches her cheek. “Oi, cool it brat. My smile isn’t that bad.” “So you admit it!” Isabel exclaims while Levi continues to pinch Lily’s cheek. “Daddy! That tickles.” Lily laughs and Y/n looks behind her to see. It was cute. Levi caught her eye and she quickly turned around making Levi smirk. “So, I gotta go back to work. The penguins need feeding. Bye Lily.” Isabel kisses Lily’s forehead. “Bye Aunty Isabel. Please tell Uncle Farlan I said hello!” Lily waves and Isabel yells out a “of course!” Then leaves. Levi walks with Lily to Y/n and JJ who were mesmerized by the rays. “Lily! Look!” JJ points to the rays as Levi sets Lily down and Y/n wakes up. She walks to the the benches with Levi and sits down with him. “So you’re friends with the manager here?” Y/n asks and Levi scoffs. “Friends? Try related.”
Y/n looks at him, with a tilt of her head. Cute. Levi continues, “She’s my married to my brother, Farlan. It’s how Lily was able to come here so often. Isabel would bring her here sometimes.” Levi says and looks at Y/n’s smile. “That’s nice. And about your wife? Surely she must want to take her to aquariums too?” Y/n asks. Levi moves hand to ran through his onyx strands. “I’m not married. Lily’s mother walked out on us when she was two. She was too shit to raise her. But I can’t bad-mouth her too much. She gave me the brightest light in my life.” He says as he looks at Lily playing with JJ. Lily looks at her dad and waves. Levi lifts his hand up and returns it. “I’m sorry to hear that. Lily is a good kid.” Y/n assures him and place her hand on his lap. “You doing great in raising her.” She continues and smiles at him. Her hair falls over her face and Levi moves it and tucks it behind her ear. Y/n breath hitches. Mikoto used to do that. But she doesn’t pull away and nor does he. “Y/n.” He quietly says her name. “There’s something I want to ask you. Will-..” “DADDY!” They adults tear away from each other and look at Lily who was running towards them with JJ. “We’re hungry.” JJ says and places his hands on Y/n’s thighs putting on his best puppy face. “Yeah. My tummy is growling.” Lily tells Levi and he kisses her cheek. “Fine. Let’s get something to eat then. There’s this good restaurant here. Come on.” He wakes up and looks at Y/n. “Well? You coming or not?” Y/n snaps out of her thoughts and nods. “Oh yeah. Come on, JJ.” Y/n says and walks with him.
They all entered the food court and go to the restaurant Levi spoke about. JJ eyes widened at the food. They were huge portions and Y/n laughs at his reaction. “You okay, baby?” Y/n asks him and he nods and starts to eat. Levi and Y/n sat next to each other and JJ and Lily sat next to each other. “Mama. After lunch can we go see the sharks?” JJ asks with a bit sauce on his mouth. Y/n gets a napkin and wipes it off. “Sure. But I have no idea where they are.” “I’ll take us there. Do you like sharks, JJ?” Levi asks while sipping his soda. “Yes. They’re my favorite. Did you know that the average shark has about 15 rows of teeth?” JJ’s eyes lighten up while asking. “Whoa. I did not.” Levi replies. “I want to swim with them one day.” JJ whispers and Y/n smiles. “What if they eat you, JJ?” Lily worriedly asks him and he pats her head. “They won’t harm you unless you harm them. It’s like walking past a person. If you don’t pick a fight they have no reason to.” JJ says and Y/n’s breath hitches. Levi looks at her with concern. “You okay?” Levi asks quietly. Y/n nods and sniffs. “Mikoto told him that.” Is all she says and looks back at Levi. He smiles and holds her hand underneath the table.
After lunch, Levi takes all of them to the sharks tanks. There, JJ’s eyes widened and he stood right by the glass. He put a hand on it and a huge shark swam past, making Lily grab onto JJ’s jacket and hid behind him. “Lily. Look. There’s no need to be afraid. I’m here.” He says and takes her hand and places it on the glass. Lily giggles and they children talk and smile while they adults were by the other tank. Not far away from them. Y/n looks at the fish and reads about them with Levi close by. Y/n was fascinated by the variety of fish and it showed on her face. Levi watched her and man, he could feel himself fall for her. He walks to stand next to her while she watches the fish. “What were you gonna ask me, Levi?” Y/n asks then looks at him. The light illuminated the pair of them making each think how beautiful they were. Levi had his black turtle neck on with his ear piercings and Y/n just wore full black. Levi turned and looked ar the kids first, to see that they weren’t listening, and then back to the fish. “I, uhm. go on a date. With you.” Levi says while avoiding her gaze. And because he was blushing like crazy. Y/n’s eyes widened but she kept quiet. Like she was thinking. It was silent for a long time and Levi got a bit anxious. So he quickly looked at her while she was lost in thought. “No. Wait. Y/n. Shit, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked. I didn’t think. Just forget it. I’m sorry.” He rambles on but shuts up when he feels her hand lace with his. He looks at the intertwined hands and then her face.
“I’d love to.”
“Whew. Long ass chapter. I’ll put the keep reading when my laptop comes back. Comment or message if you want to be part of the tag list.”
🤍🖤 special tags(thanks for being so patient): @cucumberfingers @whore-for-anime @averysinclaire🖤🤍
🖤🤍Thanks for reading🤍🖤
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thiccbrohs · 4 months ago
“The COVID-19+” - Chapter Two
(Part Two in a series covering the story of a thin guy and a chubby guy stuck together during quarantine)
June 2020
- Click here for Chapter One - 
Dillon woke up to the sounds and smells of Matt cooking breakfast the first Saturday morning in June. He loved that his roommate was such a good cook, especially in the morning, because he never was in a mood to cook that early. 
In the kitchen, Matt’s back was turned to Dillon. Matt was just wearing boxers and a tank top, riding up slightly to expose a thickening pair of love handles. He scratched his ass a few times, then flipped a few pancakes, not noticing Dillon was watching him. 
Neither boy had been out much since quarantine began, everything they needed was delivered, and Dillon began to feel a panging lust for intimacy - slowly becoming more intrigued and engrossed in an affection for Matt that he preferred to ignore. 
“Good morning buddy,” Matt said, turning around and offering Dillon a smile. Matt started wearing his old silver septum nose ring from college again, and while Dillon usually didn’t like that look, he thought it looked good on Matt’s cute nose and complimented his face. 
“It’s so nice out today,” Matt said. “After breakfast do you want to head out for a walk? My legs are starting to feel like Jello after all this time not going anywhere.” 
“That would be great,” Dillon said. He meant to start jogging with the warmer weather, and this would be a good day to begin working off some calories. 
The boys put the news on and ate their breakfast, and then went to their rooms to change. 
Dillon grabbed a pair of khaki shorts and after putting both legs through the openings, he struggled to get them above his thicker ass, thighs, and waist. In this moment Dillon started to really feel the effects of all the fattening foods he ate with Matt lately. 
Anxiously, he stepped on the scale in his bathroom, and was surprised to see ‘190′ flash and then hold steady in green eyes. 
Since March, Dillon was up 20 pounds. He inspected his shirtless body in the mirror, and pinched himself here and there discovering fat in spots that used to be skin tight and covered in toned muscle. Dillon didn’t mind that much of the weight went to his butt, but his small belly, newly spreading love handles, and slightly chubbier chest were a strange sight to him. 
He became a bit upset, blaming Matt and his bad habits for rubbing off on him. At 5′10, Matt was probably around 230 pounds by now, if Dillon had to guess. He questioned how he ever let his roommate’s eating habits become his own. He looked at his body in disgust, but noticed his dick starting to get hard. Dillon grew a bit angry, then sighed, took a few deep breaths, ate a cbd gummy and put an old t-shirt on, which clung to his body more than it used to. 
Matt was ready in the living room in a pair of exercise shorts and a t-shirt, wearing a baseball cap, tortoise-shell Ray-Bans, and Adidas sneakers with ankle-high socks. Dillon decided he couldn’t be angry with his roommate, who’d been so good to him, his only companion since quarantine began. 
About an hour later, they were well into their walk, and Dillon felt tired and exhausted. They were 5 minutes from home when Dillon’s foot slipped, caught a hole in the sidewalk, and he tumbled down. 
Matt knelt down to him, worried, and helped Dillon get his shoe off to inspect his foot. 
“I don’t know if it’s broken or not, buddy, I’m so sorry this happened,” Matt said. 
“Just my luck,” Dillon replied. 
While Matt was still crouched down, the boys met eyes and kept their gaze for several seconds. Matt then reached down and kissed Dillon on the lips, then parted quickly. 
“Ah, uh, sorry,” Matt said. He grabbed Dillon by the shoulder and helped him onto a park bench. 
Matt told Dillon to wait there and went ahead home to grab his car, so Dillon wouldn’t have to walk. They went to a doctor’s office, where Dillon was told he had a fracture and was given a medical boot to wear over a light cast they applied. He had to wear it for a month, stay off his feet as much as he possibly could, and limit showering and bathing to avoid getting his cast wet. 
On the way home, Matt went through a drive through, and they both got a decent helping of McDonalds. 
Later that night, Dillon sat on the couch, feeling defeated. 
“I’m sorry this happened, buddy,” Matt said. 
“It’s okay, thanks,” Dillon replied. “I was just happy to finally be exercising again, now I can’t for so long.” 
“I know, and hey, I’ll help you out as much as I can in the meantime.”
“You’re a good friend, Matt.”
Matt then surprised Dillon with a joint, and got up to make them some dinner. Dillon’s mind kept racing back to when Matt kissed him, wondering what this meant, and whether he should bring it up, or ignore it.
After dinner, Matt sat next to Dillon on the couch, and they watched a movie together. About half-an-hour in, Matt’s hand shifted and lightly brushed Dillon’s thigh. Dillon waited a moment, and inched his hand above his thigh, ever so lightly brushing against Matt’s hand. 
They looked into each other’s eyes again, and kissed passionately, their hands caressing each other’s bodies. Matt frequently grabbed a handful of Dillon’s ass, and sucked on his nipples after removing Dillon’s shirt. Dillon got Matt’s shirt off and caught full sight of how chunky Matt looked. He smelled a bit too, but in a very musky, guy-ish sort of way that intoxicated Dillon’s olfactory senses in lust. 
Matt kept placing a hand on Dillon’s belly and grabbing a handful, and while Dillon would shift his hand away, Matt persisted. 
“No, my belly is disgusting, Matt,” Dillon said.
“I think it’s cute,” Matt replied.
“I like a boy with a dad bod.”
This turned Dillon on unexpectedly, and reminded him of when he had a hard-on the last time he saw himself in the mirror. Dillon took a hold of Matt’s love handles, and lightly nibbled on Matt’s puffy nipples. 
The soft, yet manly figure was an interesting change from the rake-ish twinks Dillon usually slept with, he thought. 
Matt flipped Dillon over, and began licking his asshole, inserting his tongue in gently then more forcefully. Dillon was overcome in ecstasy. 
“I want to go all the way,” Matt said.
“Please,” Dillon moaned, begging for it. 
Matt slowly began fucking Dillon, as both boys moaned in pure joy and sexual tension. 
“I fucking love your ass,” Matt said.
“Yeah?” Dillon asked.
“I love a nice thick ass to fuck, feels so ..goood... on my ...,” before Matt could finish his sentence, he blew his load into Dillon, who came in unison, all over Matt’s belly...thick goblets of cum dripping from his belly button. 
They boys snuggled, kissed, and fell asleep. 
August 2020
While Dillon recovered for a month, Matt took special care of his roommate, doing all of the cooking and cleaning so Dillon could rest his leg on the couch or in bed.
Ever since the day Dillon broke his leg, his relationship with Matt shifted, and they began having sex daily. On account of Dillon’s leg, Matt had to take the role of top exclusively, but Dillon couldn’t wait until his leg would be better so he could top Matt. 
After only a week, the two became official boyfriends, and started only wearing their underwear around the house, or hanging out naked. Their sexual encounters became a near constant factor. 
Matt decided he wanted to learn to be a good baker, and consistently supplied his new boyfriend with sweet treats to eat while he rested his leg, which took a number on Dillon’s figure. By the time Dillon’s cast came off and he no longer needed his boot, he was up another 15 pounds and hit the scales at around 205 pounds.
The boys went to the grocery store after Dillon had his cast removed. He was wearing gray jogger sweatpants and a millennial pink tank top, Dillon’s favorite beach and workout shirt. 
Matt left Dillon with the cart to use the restroom halfway through their shopping excursion, and while Dillon was selecting some ice cream cartons, he heard a familiar voice call his name and he turned around to see his ex-boyfriend, Franco. 
“Oh my gosh, Dill,” Franco said. “It is you. I can’t recognize anyone anymore with these stupid face masks, and you look a bit...different,” he said, his eyes fixed on Dillon’s chubby belly, which poked out decently in a nicely rounded form against his tank top. 
“It’s nice to see you, Franco,” Dillon said. “How’ve you been?”
The two talked for a few minutes, which upset Dillon. He noticed Franco repeatedly look at his tummy snidely, and wished he could smack that cocky smirk off his face. 
“Well it does look like you’ve been eating well at least,” Franco said amused, as he reached over and grabbed Dillon’s love handle.
“Hey, stop,” Dillon said.
“Haha, I’m sorry,” Franco said. “If you ever want to work out together, I think my gym might reopen soon, let me know.”
Just then, another boy appeared beyond Franco and hugged him from behind.
“Oh, Dillon, this is James,” Franco said. 
James was a thin, slightly muscled twink, really cute and very thin. Dillon was flustered.
Franco said he and James had to run, and left Dillon there, anxious and upset with himself for the extra weight he was carrying. He was so embarrassed. 
Matt came back from the restroom, and the boys checked out and drove home. Dillon didn’t talk much on the way home, and Matt got into a bag of chocolates on the drive home. 
Back home, Dillon helped unload the groceries and rushed into his bathroom, took his shirt off, and inspected his body. 
He’d become so fucking chubby, he thought. Stretch marks covered a few spots on his belly, near his belly button, and he could see baby stretch marks coming in on his love handles, which formed a soft and chunky spare tire over his underwear. He looked at his ass and thighs, thicker than ever and stretching out his underwear. Even his chest had softened and plumped up, and his biceps and triceps were replaced with a soft layer of fat. 
His dick started to get hard... “Do I ... like this?” Dillon wondered. “What the actual fuck.”
Then, Dillon looked at his face, and realized for the first time that he was starting to get a double chin. He looked closely in the mirror at his brown eyes, then while he was washing his hands in the sink he began to cry. He then felt Matt’s hands reach across his belly and give him a gentle squeeze, as Matt began kissing Dillon’s neck.
“What’s wrong honey,” Matt said. 
“I saw Franco at the grocery store, and his new rake of a boyfriend,” Dillon said.
“Why are you upset though, did seeing him bring back some old feelings” Matt asked. 
“He made me feel badly for this gut I’ve grown,” Dillon replied. 
“Oh,” Matt said. 
“I look disgusting,” Dillon said. 
“Not at all,” Matt said. “You’re such a hottie.”
“I used to be, now I’m becoming a fatty,” Dillon replied
“Well... then do you think I look disgusting?” Matt asked, taking off his t-shirt and showing Dillon his own overweight figure. 
“No, of course not, you know you turn me on babe,” Dillon answered.
“Well, we both know I’m fat, and that doesn’t seem to bother you. And Truthfully, I like the way you look a lot more now...with the extra weight. Looks masculine on you, Dill. You could gain more weight and I’d...think you’re just hotter for it,” Matt said. 
“Be serious,” Dillon said.
“I am serious, Dill.” ... “I’m kind of into chubbier guys.” “When you started gaining weight, it really turned me on, and made me want to cook all sorts of food for you. I love eating you out, and feeling this fat ass of yours when we make love, and I’d love you if it was even bigger,” Matt said. “I ... Love ... You.”
This was the first time Matt and Dillon ever had the “Love,” talk, and Matt’s talk of Dillon’s body turning him on made Dillon get hard again. He had a boyfriend who just told him he loved him.
“Matt, I love you too,” Dillon said, blushing. 
“I don’t think you mind it very much either,” Matt said, taking hold of Dillon’s hard on with one hand and grabbing a handful of belly with the other. 
The two looked each other in the eyes, and kissed passionately, as Matt led Dillon back to his bed. Dillon finally topped Matt, and enjoyed the feeling of all his flab surrounding his dick as he went in and out of his fatboy boyfriend. 
After the boys finished, they shared a few beers and sat on the couch, Dillon sitting with his back to Matt as Matt spooned him and held him tight. 
Dillon took a swig of his beer, and burped, making Matt laugh. 
“Good one, boy,” Matt said, kissing his neck. He belched a little bit into Dillon’s ear shortly afterwords. 
In that moment, Dillon sank his butt into Matt’s crotch, and he was very relaxed and happy. In truth, he realized, Matt had been so good for him. He’d never been this relaxed, his anxiety was at its lowest in years, and he felt loved by his boyfriend. Dillon decided not to worry about his body anymore, and got up to make milkshakes for him and Matt to enjoy. He brought the milkshakes back to his chubby boyfriend, and when they both finished, Matt patted his tummy and belched a few times, before grabbing his boyfriend by the waist for more snuggle time. 
“Would you do something for me that would turn me on?” Matt asked. 
“Name it, babe,” Dillon said.
“Can we get your nose pierced, I know a place that’s being very safe and taking all the precautions with COVID,” Matt said. 
“Why’s that,” Dillon asked. He knew his parents would never approve of anything like this.
“It would turn me on,” Matt said, then nibbled on Dillon’s ear for a moment. 
“I’ll do it,” Dillon said, turning around to kiss his boyfriend. 
(Stay tuned for Chapter 3!)
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bymyside-fic · 4 months ago
Apart (~3240 words) read on AO3 // AFF
- June 30, 2010 -
Even though he knew he wouldn't be able to see Kibum, Minho still walked to the window, staring out at the night. His grip tightened on Kibum's t-shirt, which he had yet to set aside since he apparated away.
"I should pack it," he said aloud to no one. Before Dad got back to check if he was ready to head out.
Reluctantly, he turned away from the window, the glass orb Kibum had given him years ago catching his eye. He picked it up too on his way to his suitcase, wrapping the t-shirt around it. He placed it gently inside, surrounding it with his other clothes to cushion it.
Just in case. And just in time, too, since Dad came up as soon as he finished rezipping his suitcase.
He nodded, still not trusting his voice, and grabbed the handle of his suitcase, joining Dad on his trek downstairs. Both Mom and Minseok were waiting for them at the front door. His heart sank as he drew closer to them, and he averted his eyes as Minseok took his suitcase for him, heading outside to the car. Mom slipped her arm around him as they followed Minseok, and Dad flicked off the light and closed and locked the door behind them.
The drive to the train station was somber. Subdued. And not just because they were awake when the rest of the world wasn't.
"Call me when you land," Mom said, giving Dad a quick kiss before she turned her attention to Minho. "Keep in touch with us as much as you can. I know it can't be as often as I would like, but don't go silent on us like you would at that school."
She said it with a wink and a smile, but Minho didn't feel up to returning it. He barely felt like returning her hug.
Minseok ruffled his hair when he stepped away from Mom, grinning at him. "Enjoy it while it lasts, kid." Minho rolled his eyes, allowing himself a small smile as Minseok hugged him. "You'll be okay. It's not as bad as you're imagining " he whispered before he pulled away, clapping him roughly on the shoulder.
Mom pulled him into one last hug, kissing him on both cheeks before she let him go. He trudged after Dad and hopped onto the train behind him, sitting beside him after he had stowed both of their luggage.
The new day was barely starting to dawn as the train carried them from Manchester to London. Hopefully, they'd pick up breakfast before boarding their shuttle to the airport. He glanced at Dad, who was snoring loudly beside him.
Kibum was probably asleep right now, or at least he should be...Even so…
Minho stood, digging around in his backpack for the notebook and a pencil. He leaned away from his still sleeping father, covering the page of it with his arm. Dad is snoring really loudly. He glanced around at the others in the compartment. People are staring.
I was just gonna ask.
Why are you still awake???
He could imagine Kibum's loud scoff filling the quiet compartment. Because I'm still thinking about you, why else? Minho smiled, pulling his open notebook closer. You're not upset that I came over, right?
Minho's brow furrowed. Why would I be?
I don't know...
Sweetheart, don't worry about it. I'm really glad you did. "I just wish you could have stayed…" But that didn't need to be said. It was understood. You really should try to sleep, though...
You should, too, but you're probably waiting for the plane for that, huh?
Yeah. Kibum started to write something but scratched it out before Minho could get much of an idea of what he was going to say. Go ahead and sleep. I'll still be here when you wake up.
Okay. Minho pressed the head of his pencil, forcing the lead back in as he tapped the tip of it on his thigh. I hope your flight goes well. I love you!
I love you, too. Sleep well~
You too~
Minho closed the notebook with a small smile. He tucked it into his backpack again and stored it overhead once more.
Dad didn't wake until they were five minutes from King's Cross. They gathered their luggage, getting swept up with the crowd on their way to the street. Minho caught a glimpse of Platform 9¾, but the bustle of the morning crowd shifted, hiding it as Dad asked him where he wanted to go for breakfast.
They grabbed a breakfast sandwich from Kiosk on their way outside to where the Heathrow shuttle was waiting. There were several other people in there with them, plus all of their luggage. An Extension Charm would come in extremely handy right now, but, sadly, it was impossible. So they all sat crammed together, the American tourists boisterously talking about their exciting tour of London.
They were stuck with the tourists, which ended up being quite a large family, until they were through security at Heathrow and up until they reached the massive wall of screens depicting the arrivals and departures.
"We're arriving in Incheon, right?"
Dad nodded, not taking his eyes off the screens. "We'll be staying with my brother until you're enlisted."
Gulping, Minho looked back up at the screen, scanning the I's. He pointed at Incheon when he spotted it. "Gate A25." Minho glanced around, glancing at all the signs for the different directions. "This way," he said, pointing to the right. "Looks like we have to take the train."
"Let's go, then."
They arrived at their gate with about an hour to spare, giving Minho enough time to nod off for a few minutes. Dad woke him to watch their stuff while he used the restrooms and then insisted that Minho go as well before they boarded. Everyone was already starting to line up by the time Minho was coming back, so he joined Dad in line for boarding.
Once they were situated in coach, Minho opened up his backpack, grabbing his notebook and pencil. He scribbled Boarded now, I'm gonna go to sleep for a bit before he stuffed it away again.
"Is that your journal?" Dad asked.
Minho's eyes widened as he froze mid-zip. "Yes."
"Good idea. It's good to document this new chapter of your life. I'm sure you won't regret it." Minho looked up at him, offering him a small smile. Dad sighed into a smile of his own. "Go ahead and sleep, you look exhausted."
Minho finished tucking his backpack under his seat and made sure he was buckled before he made himself as comfortable as he could in plane seating. Dad was saying something to one of the stewardesses, but with everything else going on, Minho could barely hear him.
It wasn't until he had almost drifted off that he realized what it was his Dad had asked for. A soft red blanket was being draped around him, and Minho's eyes barely opened to see Dad tucking him in.
"Go back to sleep," he whispered, softly ruffling Minho's hair before he sat back in his seat. Minho's eyes slipped closed again, the stewardess's instructions lost on him as he finally fell asleep.
* * * * * * * * * *
July 24, 2010
"Kibum, wake up. We're almost there."
He squinted, rubbing his stinging eyes as he looked over at Mom. “What?” She repeated what she said, and Kibum turned, pulling open the window of the plane to peer outside.
The Atlantic Ocean stretched out before him, though not as far as he had been expecting. There, on the not too distant horizon, lay the sprawling coastline of America. New York City’s city line was not quite distinct, yet, but it was unmistakably there. Kibum sat up combing his hair out of his eyes.
“Is my bag up top?”
Mom shook her head. “It’s under the seat in front of you.”
He grabbed it, unsurprised to hear fluttering pages. Hopefully, he hadn’t kept Minho waiting for too long.
Good morning~ Having to wake up at 5 every morning is so weird, hopefully I’ll get used to it. It’s only been two days so, I guess that’s too early to expect me to be used to it by now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’d better go now, though. Obviously, the Marines are pretty strict when it comes to schedules ㅋㅋ Hopefully, I can talk to you soon! And I hope your flight went okay and that you were able to sleep! Love you! ♡
“How is he doing?” Mom asked as she dug a pen out of her purse for him.
“Okay, I think,” Kibum said, scrawling a quick I hope training goes well for you today! Love you, too~ before he snapped his notebook shut and stuffed it back into his bag.
The pilot soon spoke, telling them the current weather and time in New York City, where they would be landing shortly. Kibum gathered his garbage, waiting for the stewardess to pass by with her bag. He caught a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty as he sat back in his seat, his brow furrowing. That had been the last time he had been out and about with Dad--their day trip to Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty. They had been planning on going to Staten Island as well, but Dad was getting tired, so they went back to their hotel.
Maybe coming to New York wasn’t the best idea…
He tensed as a scraping sound filled the air, relaxing when Mom patted his arm. “It’s just the landing gear, hon.”
As they drew nearer to the runway, he winced in preparation for touchdown, bracing himself before he was too jostled by the landing. He groaned as he stood when it was finally their turn to exit the plane, stretching away some of the ache from the seven hours of sitting before he trailed after Mom. “Baggage or customs first?”
“Baggage,” she said, a touch distractedly, since she was reading the signs. “We’ve got to register our wands before we leave.”
It turned out to be quite the process for both the Muggle -- or No-Maj, as he heard some of the witches and wizards in the wizarding customs line say -- and the magical customs. Between exchanging their money and certifying his student visa for the Muggles and registering his wand and getting his temporary open carry permit that he would have to renew by the beginning of next year, they didn’t leave JFK until night had fallen.
Mom hailed a taxi, and they were on their way to Times Square. They got a quick bite at McDonald’s before Mom, to Kibum’s surprise, took him to a cell phone store and told him to pick out whichever one he wanted. He wandered the store, half-listening as she discussed the phone plan with the employee behind the counter. It took him a few minutes to find it, but he stopped in his tracks when he spotted a phone that was nearly identical to Minho’s.
“Mom! This one!”
They left the store soon after, heading then to their hotel for the night. “We’re just here for tonight,” she said as Kibum fell back on his queen bed after plugging in his phone. “I’ve rented a flat in Salem Boulevard until you start school.”
Kibum sat up, frowning in curiosity. “Salem Boulevard?”
“You don’t remember?” Kibum shook his head. “It’s basically New York’s Diagon Alley.” He squinted, wracking his travel-tired mind for any hint of a recollection., and shrugged. “No matter, you’ll become very acquainted with it pretty soon.” He sniffed a laugh, falling back on his bed again. “Do you want to shower first?”
He shook his head. “I can go second, I don’t mind.”
Kibum opened his eyes when the bathroom door clicked shut and locked, sitting up when the water started running. He reached for his bag, pulling out his notebook. His heart sank when he opened it to find no new messages from Minho. He probably hadn’t come back to his room yet since he had sent the first one.
Kibum grabbed one of the pens from the nightstand, smoothed the page on his knee, and wrote, Made it to our hotel room for the night. Mom got me a cell phone, which will be nice. My number is... His brow furrowed as he tried to remember, but he ended up having to grab the box to see what the employee had written on the back. …(212)326-4936, so if you want to text or call me when you get your phone again, you can. He stared at Minho’s last message, sighing heavily. I hope you’re having a good day and you’re not too stressed out.
He stared at the page, debating what to write next, knowing that what he wanted to write would only make himself and Minho sad. He looked up when the bathroom door opened, steam billowing out as Mom emerged, towel-drying her hair.
"Your turn."
Kibum set aside his notebook and gathered his pajamas, heading in. He showered quickly, the warmth of the steam and the massaging water pressure reinforcing just how tired he was. He dressed lethargically, half-heartedly brushing his teeth before he returned to his bed.
Mom was already sound asleep in her bed, curled away from the light on his side of the room. He slipped under the covers, checking his new phone to see if it had enough charge to turn on. It did, so he held down the power button, watching the screen come to life.
No calls, no texts. What time was it in Korea, anyway?
Kibum sighed heavily, reaching over to switch off the light before he tried to relax enough to fall asleep. It didn't take him too long, despite the few hours he had gotten on the flight over, though it seemed like he was woken a moment later to loud vibrations and an obnoxious ringtone.
"What the--" Kibum blearily sat up, squinting in the dim morning light as he fumbled with his phone.
The screen was lit up, the number +82325309434 displayed. Kibum frowned, hitting the green answer button.
"Hello?" he said in greeting, glancing over at Mom, who was somehow still sound asleep. The line was nothing but static. "Hello?" he asked again.
Just as he was about to pull the phone away to hang up, Minho's soft voice filled his ears. "Hey."
Kibum's eyes widened. "Merlin's beard," he murmured without thinking, his heart somersaulting when Minho chuckled. "I...hi…"
"Were you not expecting me to call?"
"Your call woke me up, that's all. I'm still not quite awake yet."
"Oh shit, I'm sorry."
"Hey, dumbass, if you think I didn't want to wake up to the sound of your voice you're very mistaken." Minho laughed. Kibum couldn't help but grin at the familiar, welcome sound. He cast a glance at Mom, who was starting to stir. He slid out of bed and crossed the room to let himself out onto the balcony overlooking Manhattan. "How was training?"
"Okay. I'm very sore."
"I can imagine."
Minho hummed in thought. "I like the, uh, the physicality of it though. It's a nice challenge."
Kibum snorted. "You would."
"Shut up."
"Make me."
Minho sighed, his longing painfully evident. Kibum worried his bottom lip, resting his chin on his fist as he surveyed the street below. "How was your flight?"
"Not as bad as I was imagining."
"Which one do you like better?"
Kibum's eyebrows rose in interest. "Hm?"
"Muggle planes or broomsticks."
"That depends, would you be with me on the broomstick?"
"Of course."
Kibum slowly started to grin, anticipating Minho's reaction to his answer. "Planes, then."
"Hey!" Kibum threw back his head, laughing out loud. "That's fine, I didn't want to fly with you anyway!"
"There's no need to lie, Min."
"Whatever," he said drolly, but there was still a smile in his voice. "What time is it there?"
"Uh…" Kibum pulled his phone away from his ear, checking the screen. "Seven-fifty. In the morning."
"Oh, shit, okay. It's nine-fifty at night here." Oh, damn. "We have to turn in our phones in ten minutes."
"Do you need to go?"
"No, I called my parents first, since they were waiting up for me to call them."
"Got to talk to Minseok, too. He's dating that girl. Felicity Spinnett?"
Kibum's brow furrowed. "I don't--"
"Remember? That girl he was talking to before we boarded the train? She was on Ravenclaw's Quidditch team."
"Oh yes, because I paid such careful attention to Ravenclaw's Quidditch team."
Minho huffed a laugh. "Yeah, well, anyway, he still hasn't told Mom and Dad."
"Can't say I blame him."
"Me neither." There was a long stretch of comfortable silence. Kibum closed his eyes, blocking out the noises of the bustling city below as he tried to focus on the sound of Minho's quiet breathing. "Will this be an okay time to call you?"
"Yeah, I think so. Do you call your parents every night?"
"I mean, it's only my second day--"
"I doubt I will every night, though. If you're okay with it…"
Kibum chuckled, opening his eyes again and squinting in the morning light. "Why the fuck would I want my boyfriend to call me every morning? What a terrible thought. I can't believe you'd even suggest that."
Minho was smiling again. "Yeah, sorry, I wasn't thinking. We'll never speak again."
"Works for me." Kibum cracked a smile when Minho laughed quietly, only for it to wane a second later when a bell sounded on Minho's end. "Do you have to go?"
"Yeah, sorry."
"It's okay. I'll be back in my room soon and we have about thirty more minutes before lights out comes so…"
Kibum let out a relieved sigh. "Okay." As nice as it was to actually hear Minho's voice, the notebook would give them a bit more time every day. A bit more time that he would savor every second of. "Bye for like two minutes, then."
Minho smiled again. "Yeah, be right back."
The line went dead and Kibum lowered his phone, swallowing thickly. The world was so loud, now. Car horns honking, people a floor or two above him yelling, construction going on a block away. He stuffed his phone in his pajama pants' pocket and went back inside, crawling into his bed again and sitting up against the headboard. He grabbed his notebook and the waiting pen, opening it to the page where he and Minho left off on.
They could do this, he was sure of that now.
It would be hard, he would never deny that. But they could do it.
He doodled aimlessly on the page, waiting for Minho's familiar scrawl to appear. What's that? Minho eventually asked, and Kibum immediately stopped drawing.
You know the rules~ Guess~~
He started drawing the blob again, adding inconsequential details here and there, waiting for Minho's guesses to pour in. Just like they used to do in school.
The Black Lake
Kibum smiled. No
Come on, give me a hint!
No ♡
Minho scribbled his frustration, and Kibum covered his grin with his fist as he added a series of unconnected lines to the doodle of absolutely nothing.
Yeah, they'd be just fine.
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lovemesomesurveys · 4 months ago
Do you weigh less than 130 pounds? Yeah, quite a bit less.
Do you straighten your hair every day? No. I haven’t straightened my hair in years.
What kind of car do you drive? I don’t drive.
What’s your favorite kind of ice cream? Strawberry, mint chocolate chip, birthday cake, and cookies and cream are good. I haven’t had ice cream in quite awhile, though. 
Do you wear earrings daily? No. It’s been awhile since I’ve worn earrings as well. 
Do you prefer purple or green grapes? Green.
When’s the last time you got your eyebrows waxed? I only got them waxed once and I was like 14.
Have you ever been in a tanning bed? No. Talk about claustrophobia. And I have no desire to do so anyway. 
Did your last kiss mean anything to you? Yeah.
How’s your hair right now? It’s up in its usual messy bun.
Have you ever wanted to go to Australia? I would love to.
What’s your favorite fast food restaurant? I’m not as into fast food as I used to be, but the ones I go to when I do have it are Chick-fil-A, Carl’s Jr, McDonald’s, and Jack in the Box.
When’s the last time you washed your hands? A few hours ago.
Who were you with the last time you were drunk and where were you? I was with a group of friends in a hotel room I rented for my birthday back in 2013.
What is one thing within the last year that if it had gone differently you feel might have changed things now? If I had done some things I should have been doing and managing things better regarding some of my health related issues.
What is something that you associate with summer? The miserable heat.
Have you ever ran around outside completely naked? Uh, no. Absolutely not.
When you’re hungry, does your stomach hurt? Sometimes. My body is super dramatic like that. I’ll feel weak sometimes and it’s like omg stop acting like you haven’t ate in days.
Would you say that you have a nice smile? No.
Have you ever walked in on your parents doing something kinky? Ahhhh, no.
Do you use mouthwash? No.
Do you eat anything out of a box? Yeah.
When’s the last time the fire alarm in your house went off? It’s never gone off. The only time it has made noise is when the batteries need to be replaced.
Can you be trusted with secrets? Yes.
Pill to make you braver or one to make you smarter? Braver. I’d be able to get some things taken care of that I’ve put off because I’m anxious and scared.
Are you in a hurry to grow up? I am grown up at 31 I guess, but I’m in no hurry to get older. I was never in any hurry.
When was the last time you used a bar of soap? Yesterday when I showered.
Do you keep notes, drawings or letters that people give you? Yes. I’m big on that.
Have you ever been locked in a car with a bf/gf? No. How would we be locked in the car?
Have you had a bf/gf that you never kissed? No. 
How many true best friends are present in your life? No friends, but I have my family.
Do you currently have a significant other? Nope.
Do your parents approve of the people you hang out with? They never had an issue with any of my friends.
Would you be able to stand being in the same room as someone you hate? I don’t hate anyone, so.
Have you ever lost a close friend? Yes.
Think of your current or last bf/gf. Do you/did you love them? I did.
Has anybody criticized the way your significant other looked like? I’m single, but no one said anything about the way my exes looked.
Have you ever stayed up late talking to a bf/gf on the phone or online? Yes.
Do your friends like the people you date? Do their friends like you? They had an issue with Joseph because they saw what I didn’t want to see, which was that he was using and playing me and wasn’t treating me right. I haven’t had an issue with their friends.
Do your parents let you date, or do you sneak around? I’m 31 years old. I can’t blame my non-existent dating life on that haha.
Have you ever felt backstabbed by a close friend? Yes.
Do you have any handshakes with anybody? No.
Do you feel you can rely on anybody to always be there for you? I know my family will always be there.
Have you ever regretted ignoring anybody? I’ve pushed people away and messed up good things. :/
What has been the stupidest reason someone has broken up with you? Joseph just didn’t want to commit. He wanted me when it was convenient and when he felt like it.
Have you ever kissed someone in their bedroom, or in yours? No.
Has a friend of yours ever confessed their love to you? No.
Have you gone out with someone, then ruined the friendship you had before? My first boyfriend and I were good friends before we started dating and yeah it definitely changed things after.
Can you trust any of your friends at full capacity? No friends. I trust my family, though.
Is the word 'love' even in your vocabulary? Yes.
Who do you think is more confusing, males or females? People are confusing.
Have you written or drawn anything for somebody else? No.
Do you have any pictures of yourself with a bf/gf? I have photos of myself and my exes.
Do your friends know how to make you smile in tough times? My family does. My doggo always can.
Has anybody said they loved you, but you didn't love them back? Yes.
Is there anyone you don't like that always seems to be everywhere you are? No.
Is there anyone you care about more than you care for yourself? My family.
What/who do you take the most pictures of? My doggo.
How long did you spend in a vehicle today? I’m not going anywhere today. 
When you make a mess are you more likely to clean it up right away, or do you get to it later? I clean it up right away.
Who do you blame for your bad mood today? I’m just annoyed because yesterday I slept until 6PM and today I’ve hardly slept at all, I kept getting up like every hour. It’s 10AM now and I first fell asleep around 6, so yeah not much sleep going on. :/
By what age would you like to be married? I don’t plan on getting married.
What are you looking forward to right now? Nothing at this moment.
Do you have any split ends? Yes.
Is there a book you're currently reading? Yeah, I’m finishing up this book called, “Anything for You” by Marissa Finch.
Did you ever want to be a fashion designer? No.
When was the last time you went to the dentist? It’s been awhile. :/
The last time you cried, what was wrong? Oh ya know, life.
Do you sleep with a fan on? Yes, even now in the winter.
What's the last video game you played? Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 
What do you usually drink at meals? Coffee or water.
Are you going to a library tomorrow? No.
Do you sleep better during thunderstorms? No, but I do enjoy them.
Has anyone pissed you off based on their actions recently? Yes.
What language did you take up in high school? I took Spanish all 4 years.
You’re single, correct? Yep.
Is the last person you texted good looking? My mom is beautiful. 
At this very moment, what exactly are you doing? Besides the obvious I’m listening to an ASMR video.
How do you feel about girls smoking? I don’t care what gender is doing it, I personally don’t like it.
Have you ever been in a perfect relationship? No. Perfect relationships don’t exist.
Is the person you last texted in a relationship? Yeah, my mom is with my dad.
Do you think someone is thinking about you right now? Nope.
Do you like “good morning” texts? I don’t get those.
Last movie you watched? Wonder Woman 1984.
Name something you like about winter: I love Christmastime, the weather, the clothes, the colors, the smells, the coziness...all of it.
What’s your favorite color? Pastels, rose gold, sea foam green, coral, and yellow.
Would you rather be called hun or baby? I don’t really care for either one.
Is there someone that you miss being close with? Yes.
Have you ever fallen asleep in someone’s arms? When I was little.
Does anyone completely understand you? I don’t think completely. I certainly don’t completely understand myself.
In the last 12 months can you say you truly cared about someone? My family.
You were single last month, why? Uhh, because I’m not interested in or talking to anyone in that way. Like, there’s literally no one right now. No one is interested in me either.
Would you rather get 1, 12, or 24 roses? I’d appreciate any amount.
What is something you like to do when you’re down? Cry and one of my go-to activities I do normally as a distraction.
Do you believe teenagers can fall in love? Sure.
Have you ever received a text message that made you cry? Yes.
Did you enjoy your summer? Last summer was even worse because I wasn’t able to go to the beach, which is the only thing I like about summer.
When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights on or off? I tend to just keep ‘em on.
Do you think relationships are even worth it? Yes.
Is any part of you sad at all? All of me.
Do you like your first name? Sure.
What’s most stressing right now? Health and life stuff.
What are you listening to currently? An ASMR video.
Have you done anything embarrassing lately? Not recently.
Dark hair or light hair in the opposite sex? Whichever.
Do you judge people you don’t know? Not to the point that I don't want to get to know them, but yeah. <<< That’s a good way of putting it. Like, I think we all judge people to some extent and that’s normal and not always a bad thing, but some people are judgmental people and they make up their own assumptions and opinions without getting to know a person. They have their mind made up and it stops them from getting to know someone. 
Would you date a boy/girl if you knew they were capable of cheating on you? I guess anyone is capable of doing so, so it’s something that could possibly happen in any relationship. However, if I knew someone had in fact cheated before or was known for that, then no I would not. Even if they had cheated once it would be something I’d worry about happening to me.
Did you sleep alone last night? I always do.
If you could have one thing right now what would it be? I’m kinda hungry, but meh.
Would you rather have ten kids, or none? None, hands down. I don’t even want one kid, let alone TEN.
Do you tell your mom or dad everything? I tell my mom a lot.
Does it matter to you if your boyfriend or girlfriend smokes? It would absolutely matter to me if they smoked cigarettes.
Have you ever been hurt by someone you never thought would hurt you? Yes.
Do you have siblings? I have two brothers.
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qwdcgyko · 4 months ago
I honestly don’t know
I’m posting here because I doubt many people will see it and its the only website where I don’t know anyone personally. I just don’t know what I’m doing. This post/blog is just being used as a place to vent. The reason I’m not making it private is because of the off chance that someone might feel the same way I do and needs some kind of validation or offer some words of encouragement or maybe some advice. I’m going to try not to edit and keep typing to feel better.
I think I might be depressed or maybe I’m just over dramatic, or maybe I’m just childish, or maybe it’s just part of being an adult. Every now and again I just stop functioning. I just don‘t want to exist. Like I don’t really want to die, I just don’t want to exist - or at least exist as something else. I’ll just type until I feel like I reach a point where I feel better. (tw: anxiety, blood, suicide, depression. self-harm)
There won’t be a filter, nor any intent to offend nor is this any attempt to fish for compliments/guilt; if you don’t care then just move on please.
there are times that I feel like no matter what I do it’s not good enough, or I don’t do enough, There are times I forget what I’m doing or what I have to do and I go and do something else. I won’t always finish a task completely all the time, I just feel like “It’s not my job, it’s another persons job so why should I do it in its entirety when they should be doing it”. But other times i feel “If I don’t do it, it wont get done.” . Sometimes this is true, sometimes not. Maybe it’s because of my upbringing (Parents were authoritative/authoritarian conservatives when I was growing up - they have gotten more “lenient” especially with child #4). They still do a lot of what they did when I was growing up. My dad has anger issues - with us “kids” (Ive graduated college but live w/ parents b/c of prices of homes, i don’t have a job). My relation with my dad for most of my child hood was punished and punish-er, he was emotionally absent except when he was mad. Now I see him more often since he works mornings instead of afternoons (when I was out of school) and most of the time he is “hands-off” with things at home unless someone is asking for help or he needs to do something. He is still very much assertive about things - Cabinets need to be closed unless someone is getting something out of them, the stove should be cleaned etc. Basically he “tries to run a tight ship”. I have become somewhat of a caretaker/house keeper since getting out of college. My older brother left and lives with my grandparents since he didn’t feel like he had much freedom even if my parents hardly ever told him he can’t do something (If they did it was a “not now, maybe another time/day). He would chauffeur the kids to school, go to work/school and take care of the kids at home. For a long time I thought he was just being ridiculous that all and all the things he was doing were just chores or because someone else couldn’t do it (picking up Child #4 from school while parents were at work, or driving someone somewhere because my dad - the only other driver- was busy doing something else or was too tired from working 9-12 hrs a day). Now I realize it wasn’t just a few things, my mother feels dismissive about things that upset or doesn't follow her beliefs. She has purposefully upset/annoyed a co-worker by refusing to listen to facts and just saying “they don’t say A, they are saying B” without saying or showing who “they” are, or by just using logical fallacies because she finds it funny. She has also told me when I get overstimulated by my family or when my anxiety (Think I have bad anxiety but not an anxiety disorder since I have passed out due to stress-indued hyperventilation, mood swings, or I would shutdown, and once had an anxiety attack so bad that it activated my acid reflex causing an ulcer and making me throw-up blood. I was never officially diagnosed) that I shouldn’t feel the way I do and would tell me to pray over it. I find praying does help me somewhat but it doesn’t feel like it helps me recognize symptoms as they arise or to calm down enough that I can go on like it wasn’t a thing. I have passed out in front of her once due to hyper ventilation (or maybe it was just exhaustion - I was 15) when my homework got too much for me (I spread myself too thin in an attempt to get more credits and make my transcript look better). I was out for ~3-5 minutes and though the “nap” helped me calm down, this happened with my mom in the room and she was trying to help me with my work. When I woke up my mom acted like nothing happened.
I have also tried to run away twice. The first time I brought nothing with me and ended up just waling around the neighbor hood before coming back (I was roughly 13). Neither parent responded. The second time I tried to run away was because I felt my parents cared more about my siblings then me, that their expectations for me were too high, I was tired of being compared to my brother and other people, and because I was tired of being brushed off/ being yelled at (I was 14-15). I packed an entire box of pop tarts, my e-reader, my phone, some loose change (Roughly $10) and a few water bottles; all of which was put in a bag and hidden in the garage for like 1-2 weeks. One day after getting the mail my mom said something about my grades needing to be brought up and how a friend of hers had a kid who had a girlfriend, a job, and still had straight A. After that I put the mail on the counter and as she read through it, I walked into the garage grabbed my bag and walked out the front door. No one stopped me, I didn’t say anything since I already asked her to stop comparing me to others and I knew no matter what I said it would become a lecture or an argument, I would be smacked (Either on the mouth for screaming at my parents or on my butt as a spanking) ad it would do nothing but make me more upset. I let the door slam shut and I walked down the road. after going around the corner and hiding behind a mailbox, I sat down and ate a pop tart. For 20 minutes I just sat their thinking about what I was doing. I was a child who was afraid of fighting, standing up for myself to people I didn’t know, I couldn’t protect myself, we lived with in a 5 minute walk from the school, I didn’t have a job, no shelter (didn’t want to go to my grandparents since they were stricter then my parents but they at least didn’t compare people to one anther and plus that would only stir up more drama), I would need to go to school and at the time there was a girl I was interested and I thought about how I would remain clean/do laundry. I thought that I could just towel wash in McDonald since they had WiFi, I could also do my homework there or I could shower at school after PE. I could also get a job at Walmart or McDonald's until I made enough to take care of myself. However I also thought of the fall out and how there was still some family that I wanted to be in contact with but I didn’t want more drama. So after eating my pop tart and drinking one of the bottles of water, I went back home. As I walked in my mom was still in eyesight of the front door, in the kitchen reading mail. I dumped my bag in the garage and emptied it out later. No one knew what happened or at least they acted that way.
After a while the girl I was interested in said she was interested in me but didn’t want to date until she could drive. When that time came around and I tried to approach the topic she said she only sees me a friend. I tried to act like I was okay with it since it made her happy. But instead I was an asshole and childish, when I asked what happened, if I did anything to upset her - she just said she didn’t feel that way. I would continuously try to get on her good side and when I wasn’t I would shut down and not talk, I - as she put it before- was like a lost puppy, I wanted to follow her. I got better at being just a friend, she eventually started dating someone else and would tell me about it time to time since I tired to be a shoulder to cry on. During this time I thought about suicide and at one point I was abusing pain killers for a short period to “numb” my pain. I would take up to 20 a day, and this went on for a few weeks (my parents never noticed) until I broke and just tried reaching out to someone - happened to be a mutual friend of mine and hers (mostly if not completely her friend). I told them I was taking pain killers and she just told me to knock it off and I’m just making things worse. Not the best reaction, nor what I wanted to hear but it was enough to make me lean off of it. Took 2 weeks for me to stop since I found myself mindlessly taking them when I let myself act without thinking. I was fine for a while until I developed a habit of scratching my arm / running my nail over my wrist. It would break skin sometimes and I wouldn’t care. It felt like since this wouldn’t kill me and since I wasn’t using a blade or anything that would cause bad scarring I was fine (I do still have scars, faint but still there - I know they are there). I would wear a jacket to school and act like nothing was wrong. I would smile and laugh, all while trying to get closer to that girl. I tired a few times to make new friends and she would eventually come over to me or eat lunch with me (I think now it was just out of pity or something but I don’t really know). This continued well into May and I still wore a thin jacket even though it was like 80-85 deg F. No one said anything until someone noticed me mindlessly rubbing my wrist. They helped me somewhat, it was enough to realize that this was hurting me and that I needed to stop before I took it to far. Towards the end of the junior year I developed a biting habit where I would bite my hands or dig my nail into my hand/finger to stop myself from talking since I once said some things I shouldn’t. When the girl I liked saw me biting my hands she just handed me a marshmallow from a bag she was eating from and said “stop it, that gross”. For the next few years until I was 19 this went on, I would be her “lost puppy” helping her whenever she needed it, coming whenever she asked even if I needed to wait for a few hours because she forgot to cancel plans. We went bowling one night and she invited one of her friends that we went to high school with, he lived 2 hours away. At first I thought nothing of it, then as we are heading over I went with him to the bowling alley since the girls went in one car and the guys in the other, and he said that she broke up with her boyfriend because of some reason and he drove up purley for the fact that he wanted to try to date her himself. She apparently liked him in HS too (one of like 8 guys) and just never said anything. At the alley she took his flannel shirt and a hair tie like it was nothing even played with his hair between frames. I decided that it was not my place to question her actions and decided to tunnel vision in on bowling (Bowled my best game ever at a little over 200). At some point in the night I learned they had a jukebox that had a bunch of songs (it was one of those digital versions that was like a dollar a song) and I put a few funny songs on (pokemon, and one from her favorite band). She wanted me to go put a song on for her and to get my attention she put a hand on my chest. Took me a second to come to reality before I asked her for a dollar for the song - she hasn’t even taken out her wallet. When we got back it was like she wanted the other guy to flirt with her, at one point he said something and reached for her hips before pulling his arms back. This made me rile up. I put down the controller for the game I was playing and just acted like I was rage quiting and moved over to the couch. I was told by her that I should just keep playing - I felt like a child. I left after that and didnt speak to her for several days, I even avoided her until I snapped and asked to talk with her in person. I told her everything - even what I did to myself in highschool (now I realize I might have tried to guilt trip her and that was not an okay thing for me to do). I avoided her for a few months after that until the end of the semester. She was going abroad and I wanted to give her a christmas/birthday/congrats gift. I didn’t stay, I delivered the present and when I was asked if I wanted to stay, I said I had stuff I needed to do and walked away. After a few months I decided to end the friendship, she was abroad and I already took her off all social media sight and took her number out of my phone. I broke down that night alone in my dorm room. I feel like I have grown since then
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el-im · 5 months ago
its just that i got home last night and i felt almost angry about how dinner had gone. i watched my friend sit next to me taking selfies with the filters on snapchat, having gotten tired of talking to me, listening to her family’s conversation about how they just didn’t want to give money to homeless people because they just ‘don’t know who to trust anymore you know?’ and how the ‘wish there was some way to tell who really needs help and who will just use your money for drugs’ and a ten minute story about how this woman (who works at the jail up north and who knows from her ‘girls’--because they’re ‘like my sistas, haha!’--that you can make more money panhandling than you can working a nine to five) saw a man who looked so despondent and who had his head in his hands, pulled over to offer to buy him a burger, some fries, and a coke from mcdonalds or something, only for him to respond that he just wanted someplace to sleep because he was cold--much to her chagrin, she said. working there, she knew all the resources around town and directed him to a shelter that was just a few streets away where he could stay, only for him to be completely disinterested, which just ‘confirmed her suspicions’. the heartlessness of it all. the way everyone nodded solemnly as she spoke, but not in empathy, instead agreeing that there’s just nothing than can be done about those people who are looking for handouts to buy more drugs. it occured to me, coming home that night, that maybe i don’t care about my friends as much as i’d like to imagine i do, and i know it. it’s all so frivolous and performative, maybe because i hear from them so often over the phone and have been seeing less of them in person but its so hard for me to care about people. i feel like i am polite to everyone unless you catch me on a really bad day, where i might be curt and unsure of how to respond to things... but even then in being clipped i am not outwardly rude, and perhaps that is why i am able to forgive myself for so much. because i never lash out, and because i never yell. i guess in my mind that makes me better than my dad, who would scream at us, though it’s not as though i’m any less angry about things than he ever was. actually, now that i think about it i’m probably more rage filled and frustrated than my dad ever was. not that that’s the point. but it’s all just so ridiculous. i am beginning to realize that i really don’t like abe, and that i am growing increasingly annoyed with re-washing dishes, or putting his shoes away, or hanging up the jackets he leaves out, taking his socks off the counter where he left them and putting them in the laundry room, for me to wash later. i am so fucking tired of opening cabinet doors to find things where they don’t belong, though anyone with half a brain could put something back where they found it originally, or where they know something to be. i am tired of opening cabinet doors and not being able to find the thing that i am looking for anywhere. i am angry that he can’t pick up after himself and i am angry that i have to do it instead. i am angry that if i said this to mia she would tell me that i don’t have to pick up after him, but the thing is, i don’t want to live in a dirty house. i don’t want to trip over his sandals when i’m walking into the living room, and i’d like to have the dishes washed so that i can have a cup when i make tea. it’s not like his being messy exists in a vacuum, or that his actions only affect himself. i am angry that he used the brush for the dishes to clean his golf clubs, that he took the hamper in the bathroom and left it in the backyard. i am angry that he keeps asking me why the mats that used to be in the kitchen aren’t there anymore. i feel insane. i was putting dishes away earlier (after having re-washed all the ones he left on the drying rack with food still crusted on them) and understanding the anger my mom always had when she found dishes in the sink in the morning after waking up, having gone to bed the night before after getting home from a long day at work and doing all the ones in there from the course of the day. i think to myself, ‘good lord, is this it? i wash dishes every day for the rest of my life until i die?’ and what kind of a setup is that. i don’t want realism. i don’t want monotony. i feel so heartbroken and so frustrated and i start crying about the dishes but it’s never about the dishes. i was scrubbing rice from the bottom of a pot and i got angry again about my mother and sister repeatedly arguing with me about suicide being selfish and thinking again about my realization that they will never understand me. that if they can’t wrap their minds about why anyone would ever want to die because it would cause the people in their lives grief, they’d never understand the grief it takes to get you to that point. the frustration. it’s so infuriating to think that they could see my suicide as something deserving of condemnation. i need sympathy, i need love, and they’d be doling out scorn in ladles. who thinks like that? who lacks that much compassion? can’t they see that that would be the last thing in the world that would be about them? i wish they could stop thinking about themselves for a minute and think about me. ‘selfish??’ i keep thinking, as though i were hissing it at them. how could that ever be selfish? it’s not about the self at all, it’s about quality of live, environment. i don’t care about anyone. i don’t care about anyone. it’s so frightening a thought but its true! i keep thinking that maybe i need new friends or that maybe i need to rekindle friendships with old ones but no one matters to me! i don’t care about other people at all. i don’t care about my sister, and i feel so awful about it. like i should be devoting more brain space to her health especially after this new diagnosis, but it’s like it doesn’t even cross my mind. i wish i were normal, because normal people seem so attuned to all this stuff, they seem so touched when i talk about her and what she’s going through but i just cant muster up enough care. like the well is drained. there’s nothing there to pull from. i don’t care about my future or my career or school, (i used to care so much about school). i don’t care about my garden or the dogs or the new kitten. (i thought to myself when i saw it and was unmoved ‘this is it. this is how you know.’ because no one in their right minds can see a kitten that small and that precious and not care). i don’t care about anything, least of all myself. i just know that whatever this is, i don’t want it. i feel fucking terrible, and i can’t sleep at night. my bed is uncomfortable and my head aches all the time. my advisor returned my email and it made me think that everyone is so incompetent and incapable and why am i bothering with this at all? i don’t like it, and i don’t care about it. it isn’t important to me and it’s not going to be useful (what in the name of fuck would i do with a biology or english degree?). i just want to sleep all the time. i want to dream. i get so frustrated with those messages you see about why you should “keep on keeping on!” and why life is worth living and all that. people are so weird about suicide that they’ll message people they dont know and dont care about saying to hold on hope and that things get better and they people love them but... firstly i don’t know why its anyones business what anyone else does with their own lives and secondly... things literally do not get better. there’s not an uptick that makes any of this worthwhile, or any good proceedings that come without grief. i understand that that’s kind of how things go but like... that fucking sucks. why would i want that. 
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